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9 Sep
Mystical Ball

Posted by alexplay world in Casual | Sept. 9, 2016 | 148 Comments

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The famous Mystical Ball!
Fun way to predict the future.
You can not make a final decision? Shake the Mystical Ball and trust his answer!

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Shyane Carrillo

It was awesome Its like real magic i ask him ? That i now and it was all right its the best thing i ever had lik amazing i want to play with it for ever and ever i just loved it so much trust me you.ll love it so much like i do it awesome get it everybody wow i just love that thing is so amazing wow you need to get it and go in to try it its awesome okay i come down get it everybody you need to try it and neeeed to love it okay thank you everybody i mean anybody why loves this cuz im with you thank you who made it

Ellie Turner

But... It don't really know what it is a saying because I a asked something and it said something mean so please fix. I will put five sytars when u let me know you have fixed it

Lyric Pabon

Huyclkfkfckdkdkckckdkxk Ckfkfrkkxfk!mmncsjkcbdjhigbjk high ytuigrfhurfvbr tbvtgybugtjgmhn you'd be like the other than that the new one r it to is this one email from try to it's been a good time

Lillian walding

Pretty cool I bought this app because I had some things I wanted to find out at the time I thought it would lie and not be true I open the app thinking it won't work and find out it was amazing so I told this odd story that makes no sense what so ever in world of history and rated it 5 stars

Dayne Pabillon

So awesome Becuz its like true magic ball I don't have this in true life but I wanted that so I download this so cool 5 stars

MIchael Hill

Pretty cool The app is beautiful designed, but when asked "is this app right?" It replied "no"... therefore the app is not right, but if the app is not right and it said it is not right, then it must be right... right? Which, of course means it's not right.

Megan Taylor

Loved it Three words. Funny. U must try it. Need to download now

Lisa Mcfarland

It's okay I mean I do not even now if this is a toy PR if it is even real. Let me give me you guys an a example " will me and bla bla bla bla " and it says "dought it" you don't if it is telling the truth.

Sarah Bardsley

Magic ball It's not telling you the truth about what you ask the ball so it's just fake

Brooklyn Bell

I have no idea of it works I asked it if four boys would ? me on the ? and it said yes to three so I am waiting. I am only eight though so I am scared.Edited version. It doesn't work and it's stupid but I am not being a hater

Shaina Tomlinson

Love it.I always ask it something and it comes true

Deanka Straughter

Don't work I asked it the most simple question and that was is my sister my tru sister and it said no and I ask am I moving it said no but I did

Ionna Dorsey

Fake I ask it I was 10 yrs old and it said no but I am

Pk Lol

Ohh there is nothib if I tell anything it will repeat fuuuuuuuuuk

Tom Pattison

what do the statement's mean???!!!! like most likely 'n' stuff!!

Abbi Diaz De Leon

Awesome Awesome game 5 stars

Sophia Barbosa

Don't like it Because all my brothers wishes came tru but my did nit

Jamie Varnado

Loved I have a real magic 8 ball and it works fine and so does this app I love it so much everything is true

Alaina Lewis

I love it I rate 5 stars

David Lewis

Awesome Wen I grow up it sed that I will be a youtuber

Urooj Akber

Loved it Everything comes true

Lee Smith

Lies It lies a lot

Arrianna Vaca

I love the magic 8 ball It fun I love it

Mollie Conrad

Rubbish I hate it and it is rubbish


Biggest load of crap ever

Manuel Lopez

hated it not tru

Judy Phelps

AWSOME!!!!!! I love magic 8 balls

francisco aponte

|:( This THING is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3

Karolina Mancha

It is cool

noah Deal

Awesome I know its a joke app but some things you ask might come true. People just think its stupid and its not. And the picture that says "touch me" sounds really weird.

Kylah Stubbs

The day I will get my wish I love it so much I got a new game

John Heredia

I dont like it i love love love it I ask it if i will get a video game to day my mom just told me to go buy one

Carla Bezuidenhout

Love it It is a very cooooooool game please instal

emo nikki

Its scary Okay so I asked will I have sex today and it said yes just yes then that same day my husband came home I pulled me to my bed and gave me it all.

Bea Watson

I'm not sure It seems a bit random to me. Tho if I get a boyfriend it will be my best friend

Alexia Martinez

Alexia martinez I hate it it sucks I said something and it won't give an answer I am going to delete it

Larry Dennis

Screw this game I asked it anyone fat it said definitely not #screwthisgame

kaitlynn smith

I'm not quite sure what to think I don't know what to think it seems too random. How does this even does it know??

Kenneth Alolor

FUNNY this game is so funny i questioned are you a fool and it replied yes is this random or not.

Yanna Roundtree

Not sure It's says something before u even ask the question

Angela Newcomer

Stupid Asked it the same question different answer each time its a waste of time

Damali Alleko

Funny and also creepy I ask it "am i a carrot? And it said most likely! And I ask if am a girl and it said " don't even think about it" so funny but the creepy thing is i ask "r u lieing to me?" And it said most likely! It's mostly saying am a boy when am a girl and am a carrot LOL funny app must download!!!! I did it again today and ask am I a carrot? And now it said yes just yes LOL ha-ha

Lily Skipper

How does it know?! I asked if at school playtime will be good and it was brilliant!?

Maria Zakaria

I ask my name is mark no and i ask my age is11 yes It correct

America Navarro

works but just creeps me out

Jayden Branham

:) It knows everything!!!

Janya Richardson

Janya I will be in the?

Kelli Campbell

This game is totally not cool

Edith Bello

Its fake!!!! This is fake i asked it what was my name and it said my sources say no!!!????

Kaitlynn Glass

It is stuip

Tim Giere

Cool apps Easy to use and fun like I remember the real thing.


Do not download When I ask a question it say don't worry about it ??

Ash of Astora

Magic 8 Ball Magic 8 Ball-Sama has never misguided me. All heil 8

Hannan Canada

Omg Know matter what I say it turns out good.

Juliette Gonzales

It is a waste of time Dont even bother to get this app every time i asked a question it keeps saying reply hazy do me a favour and buy the real thing

LPS Brandon

This app I really cool and iteresting This I s cool

Breonna Terven

The uglist game ever

Sankaran Mallari Rao

Very gooood I use it frequently its so good to judge yourself I love it

Lorna Leon

I had a boyfriend I asked the magic ball will I have a handsome boyfriend . And it said YES the next day I got the popular boy in my school I actually really loved him ??

Kadynce Morgan

Stupid . Do not download, please tell me how to work this.

Kaylagidds Gibbskayla

Omg this thing sucks This thing says the same thing every time I shake it.??

Marylou Burnside

8ball Love it. All the background pictures. Very cool application.

John kenneth S Billones

Niceeee. Now join in my clan in coc name :orani heroes5

tyler miller

truth every time I ask it a question it tell me the truth

babykaelyrapper reyes

It is good i tried it the next day my sayin came true install it yall lol It will work ask somthin good you can count on

Josh Normoyle

Its cool but they should add more backgrounds,more magic 8 balls like b-balls and footballs

None Ya Business

I like its pretty cool.

Estevan Encinias

Awesome U need to get this its awesome

iTryLife AtItsHardest

This is a lie Shake it without saying anything and I would just give you a random answer that is so not true thinking about things anything and it just gives you no answer how is that telling the future I'm pretty sure that this app is pretty overused and stupid magic 8 ball stuff is not existing it cannot predict unless it really has like some magic technique by God.

Jd Harvey

Stop The app is joke not real stop complaining and if you really think it would work you need help

Matthew Olson

Awesome Just so everyone knows, this is based on a physical toy from the 80's called Magic 8 ball. It's not supposed to be real. That said, this app has cool skins and backgrounds. Plus it has the same responses as the original toy; 20 responses: 10 positive, 5 negative, and 5 neutral. A fantasy football must :)

Vera Morton

Magic 8 ball This game is whacky because I shake it and nothing shows up even when I do talk in the speaker

Donna Robertson

Well of course it's a lie this isn't fancy happy magic land idiots, its a app not a wizard, of course it is going to tell lies, its a app made for fun. So, get your idiotic minds in the real freaking world and realize this isn't A magical wizard with powers.

Sheriya Tomlinson

BORING!BORING! BORING! BORING!BORING! So boring it's not a game all you need to do is tap the ball boring tells a lie


Works great! I'm superstitious, and this 8 ball hasn't steered me wrong! With only a 75% accuracy in my questions. The others were questions I stuttered, got distracted or incorrect grammar. Like I said. I'm superstitious.

Will Graft

Omg incredibly stupid people 1 starring!?! Wow I cannot believe in the magnitude of incredibly brain dead morons leaving 1 star posts? Like they thought it really had magic answers? Please for the love of God don't Breed. We don't need more idiots in the world! Just because you're stupid does not mean its a bad app!

Brian Sayre

Mean don't download it People who are about to download this don't cause I asked If anyone likes me It said impossible but if nobody likes me y do I have a girlfriend????

Kathryn Lambert

Wow I'm surprised at all the reviews surprised that this is fake. Like, that's just sad. I'm downloading so it can make decisions for me when I cant make up my mind on stupid stuff, like if I should go out for a smoke or not. If you downloaded this and actually thought it'd be real, I've lost hope.

Jordan Carter

Hate hate hate¡!!!!!!!!¡ I hate this game and I'm 9years old and I ask if my dream of being an actress will soon come true and they said no what a bad thing to say to a 9year old don't download this game

Michele Fasceski

This is an idiotic game This game is so stupid I asked if I like a boy and it said its better off I don't tell you and it also said its my sources say no that's really mean so like this guy but I ain't going to say his name this hole game should be off Play Store before I text the person who made it and I know the person who made this game so if you want it you have to text me back thanks bye bye by the way this game is stupid idiotic it's a freaking piece of garbage and crap I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this game.

Carlie Blake

Nice it's OK so far??????but it is also a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked it if I like gravity falls and it said no!!! I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love loooooooooooooooove gravity falls !!! by the way gravity falls is an awesome tv show?? ?

Miya Carlisle

Lies It's like stuuid every time it tell you to shake doesn't do nothing i never want to talk to it again stupid i don't even see why i downlode this stuff i'm deleding this stuff every body delet it and nobody put it on your phone cuase this stuff stupid if you put it on your phone you'll be real stupid a when i say stupid i mean real real real real stupid so don't do that i don't know why i put it on my phone in the first place when i ? all theas bad rate so.stupid people just stupid. Whoever stupid ok.

Yvett Najera

It is so dumb As most of u said when we shake it, it just says a random answer and mostly everything we say is just a lie and here r a few more reasons why it is dumb. #1 It is dumb #2 it is dumb #3 it gets dumber #4 it gets even dumber #5 becomes so the dumbest, Finally #6 ITS JUST A BIG LIE‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼?

Jk Parrish

Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate I asked it if I should tell a guy how I feel and it said no

David Airoso

Love it I think this app is great,all the people who hate this app are just angry because it gave them "wrong answers" ,c'mon it's a joke app made for funz...

Swaggerjet06 Faiththekey0630

NO GOOD Ikr just shake it and don't say nothing it said Yes and OutlookGood.

Nyasia Brown

This magic 8 ball is lying I ask it will I have great life it said no this thing does not tell the truth

Drake Britton

Thank you for this wonderful app:) I havnt used an 8 ball for years. I like the vibrations and sounds when I shake my phone to find my answer. Again thank you. And for those who says this app is bad because its always wrong. Are you retarded ?

Virginia Hamlin

I think that this is dumb it is a liar and just have same answer every time does not change and does not have mic or maybe so this is just a faker it is using up the people's data and it is just wrong whoever made this is stupid they should of did better right now I have thumbs down but if it was real thumbs up for time

Ayla Balona

I hate it This is to alexplay... First if you don't like saying the things out loud ( which I don't) you should put typings too 2ndly this is fake I said is it Monday tomorrow really loud and said yes but its wrong tomorrow is Friday so please change it this is really frustrating. Thank you for your game I'm sorry for being to bossy?

Charlie Smith

Fun ball of lies so ridiculous I'll ask you a few questions. Some with no demerits at all I simply asked does it lie. lol reply YES..

Gabriel Velez

Really? You guys believe it to be true ? It's just a game for little kids to believe. They'll even know if it's not true. They'll ask a math question like 5×2 it'll say yes, no, maybe, certain and stuff like that.

Travis Usrey

Ummmm To all that thought this app was magical there is no hope left for humanity. Go ask your mommy bout the magic 8 ball hope she smacks the crap out of you. SMH

DJFlareFox 25

Eh. Guys we know i shows lies. Duh! It's a toy. Don't make a big deal out of it. Morons. I saw so many complain and one was SO stupid i got irritated. Geez ppl.

Gabriella Flanagan

Mystical ball Does not work doesn't give you the right answers says I'm not a girl which I am

Tammy Porchia

Total fake I did not say nothing and it said true.

Nicholas Albino

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid Dumbest thing in the world i dont shake it says you must rely on it so dumb its magic NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pauline Martinez

Those is stuped It ancwers my question that I didn't even ask who ever enventid this game is stubed?

Hayley Dunham

Omg So I was fooling around and asked if niall horon from 1D was going to be my husband and it said yes you may rely on it

Wien Sigua

So surprised Its like science of random things heard to questions.from my questions its 99% acurracy its almost perfect but right now its turning real things just like 'does anything good will happen' I said then the ball say yes and then it happened

cookielove cryer

Maybe it only for kids that think that true it's a lie and if you don't answer it tells you stuff kids don't play this its a lie hate it very much way do they make this cind of games that stupid only 1 star

Joel DeWit

Great product Lots of fun! Gives great answers. Very customizable.

Adaisyanna Johnson

Only a idiot will think this is real. And you people are stupid thinking this is a "great" game.?????. I wish I could give this game a big fat 0

Marcus Brown

NOT the game for me I hate hate hate hate hate hate this game because it just say things??

Kaylee Guillory

Hate hate hate hate So stupid I hate this game I wish I knew the person that made this dome game

selvan chetty

Come on People if you think think an app can give you real life answers then u need help. Any person can tell you it gives u random answers

Lilly Stock

Magical 8 ball I hate this game its not true like I asked if Dolls are real but it said yes that totally not true dolls are not alive so don't buy this game please its a terrible game ???

Amber Frame

It is fun I like it. like if u ask it if someone likes u it said" without a dout ?

Abbie Spencer

You a not good at making games ! This game does not tell the truth ! I am telling all my bff not to get this game

Golden Skills

This app is super fine. Are you people serious ? This app deserves a better rating. It is doing what it is supposed to do without any problem.


Better than the other ones. I like this one better than the other kinds on the play store because you can ask it put loud instead of shaking it. Giving you the option to choose how you want to ask is cool. And it's neat to be able to change backgrounds and colors

Star Witherspoon

Awesome and fun This game is so cool this game is on fire girls and boys who played anybody can play like anybody can play that game is so so cool you can play it but everything like you don't have to go to school like you're just playing play games play games I just like playing games games are so cool with me now maybe why maybe we can talk or to play games with stuff like this I played basketball and soccer and when I was in when I was 18 and I was 21 fun fun things to make you really happened and I'm really happy


Legit app 5/5 downloaded it to see what's up. I knew I had a big dick so I asked it if I had a big dick and it said YES straight up. This app is legit don't know what the other people are talking about. They probably got paid to bashed on the app. I will recommend this app to my friends to see if they have a big dick as well. I doubt it will say yes. Cause I've seen pics and they aren't that amusing, they look like a dried up glue stick from the 99 cents store. But overall this app is legit and I left happy knowing I actually do have a BIG DICK!

Casie Price

Brilliant I love it, it tells the truth because when I shakes it and said " will I do good in my maths test, it said " yes defently ?

Simon Fraser

Fake. FAke.FAK.FAKE!!! This app is FAKE. A total waste of my storage!! !!!#? Shake your phone. Do what ever this app just gives you random answers. Answers that do noy make sense. They might fo in Japenese but not in ENGLISH!! A FAKE APP!!?. Not ment to be a real app. How can you predict the future now. It is impossible at this moment in time. But why does it not say that?

Sylvia Martinez

Boring and lies I shook it and said am I smart it FIRST said signs point to yes and then I said are you sure and it said without a doubt, and it is also BORING who ever made this game sucks

Fairy Dust

Seriosly So you think its ok to tell peaple they nseed help.if so, you need help! So stop trying to make others feel bad or i will call the agency on you.jd harvey

Kayla Wiley

FREAKING REAL!!!!!! so i had this crush on a guy and my friend asked if i did or didnt and it said i did. Then i asked the ball if he was gonna ask me out then he does like hours later. Then the next day i asked theball if he was coming to school and it said yes then the next second later he came in. I had more truths that happened too. But darn this thang knows everything!!!!

Selena siggers

Awesome! people keep saying it's fake, that may be true, but so is the REAL magic 8 ball and 99% of "fortune tellers" and other things similar! I am pretty sure this app was made for fun, or may be even a prank! so I give it 5 stars

Dee Peterson

Hated it I hated this game I asked it is my house a 1 story it said yes but my house is a 2 story then I asked it was I sick it said no but I am and then the part I liked I asked I'm I pretty it said yes so I'm rating it two stars I would of rated it 0 stars but then I can't write a letter so 1 star for lieing and 1 more star for I'm pretty well I'm deleting it!!!

Samantha Steeves

Ur all idiots Seriously? You guys really think that the magic 8 ball works? Wow. OF COURSE IT GIVES YOU RANDOM ANSWERS. jesus, you people.

Charlotte Beim

No It doesn't even give you a chance to shake it and it gives you a random answer please fix!! Then il rate you 5 stars

Chloe Covarrubuas

Ppl...its a joke, its not really going to work like u hoped...cuz its not real! So stop with the companies.


Doesn't even work This thing doesn't even work it says to shake it but if I try to and it won't. So I'm not kidding this it's a total troll.

Elijah Reid

(UPDATED)Indecisive Person As one of those people who can't a decision wether it's do I get a dew or a Pepsi to should I cut the red wire or the green wire I would like to thank Alex for makeing this wonderfully designed application: ) (Update) The new update has improved the magic 100% the new designs are flawless and the functionality is as smooth as butter! Could there be a widget in the future?

Karla Margarita Ruiz Velasco de Grandjean

Very very bad update This app was a favorite of mine, but it was updated this week and it doesn't work properly. Now it even has spelling mistakes. I had to uninstall it. I hope it gets fixed. Edit: spelling issue 'As I see nit, yes'. 'Better not to tell you now' should be without 'to'. Turning off the sound or vibration does not work unless it's restarted, and sometimes not even then. It didn't crash on my tablet, but it does on my phone.

Alisa M

Very bad update the old version is better. I like it and it 100% right but I just don't like the update they just did at all cause their is missing spelling and it doesn't vibrate it actually pulsates. They should of left it the way it was cause it was working fine till they updated it. Please fix it.

Abbie Mcpadden

I word FAKE ? It doesn't even work, I don't know why ye all are saying it's real wen it's a big fat fraud

?I want to die?? I toke like 10 shakes to do it and everything that i siad to it was 2 0/0 ronge and it toke 3 hours to unstill it.??

Emoji Barcenas

Bleh? Its so bad i didnt say anything and it would say yes or no even i will answer that later

Daniel Sadler

It's just like the normal one Funny the first 3 times, then boring EDIT: Adding new answers makes it a lot better, since you can personalise your experience.

Edgar Adilkhanian

Don't like the update. The update spoiled everything: sound, vibration, appearance of the ball and the background... In addition, it freezes and can't be closed.

I almost dropped it on myself and I almost broke my nose I'm only 8 and I almost dropped my tablet on myself

Aiden Mellinger

Stupid Doesn't work right I asked a question and it didn't do the right thing

Maxim Pepelyashkov

Good advice Asked "am I going to uninstall this app" and it obviously said "yes"

wow luver

Lies It lies to you it randomly picks an answer and then gives it to you dont install or uninstall it.


I dont get it It ok i guess

mariska norval

I asked am I pretty and it said yes definitely . Like the new themes , pretty cool

Rusty Bissell

Why won it work Why won't it work

Erica Pietracupa

Used to like it Liked old design better and background options better

AcroAdi360 /Adi

Because it takes longer then I thought

Brianna Vreede

Good I like it it is ok but didn't really make sence

Like A love it OMG get it JUST Do it


I this is amazin Without any doupt class

Laura Smith

It's totally real I don't need help and if you shake it duh it will give you answer whether you ask it something or not because it's supposed to. I went on a vacation and the whole way home I asked it a billion questions and everything it said was 100% true

Courtney Rogers

Just for fun anyway Guys you got to just under stand it doesn't have to get everything exactly right every time it's like OMG it has to be right! Then you come on here and say its fake if you were smarter you would have already knew that

Bobbie Ruiz

Loved the app OK instead of being childish and putting things on here like the ball said he doesn't like me and crap like that did you think that this is a play app and it is meant for kids not 30-40 year olds like all the people that posted!!! So be mature and get a life!

Diane Wood

Mystcal Ball aka 8 Ball It reminds me of the old eight ball of long ago. The people that say this app if fake just do not undestand. It's a fun toy. It was never meant to be taken seriously. They need a does of reality or just need to mature. Nothing is wrong with the app nor game. It's a sad look at how people reacted now a days . So sorry for human kind & society. Things & people were not always like this

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