Download Magic Dosbox Free apk 1.0.41 free for Android smartphone

30 Aug
Magic Dosbox Free

Posted by bruenor in Tools | Aug. 30, 2016 | 83 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

A highly optimized and fast DOSBox port for Android with unique control system for playing anywhere you are without need of external hardware. Play favorite DOS and Windows games with full mouse, keyboard, sound and gamepad support with friends through IPX network.

NOTE : Games are not included. It is emulator which can run your own dos games. Screenshots are used to show Magic Dosbox abilities and functionality only in truthful and non-deceptive manner !!

It was originally developed by DOSBOX team and allows you to run games and applications for DOS platform. This port is highly optimized for touch devices. The main focus is to play your old games anywhere where you don't have external hardware with you.

If you find this application useful you can support further development with buying donated version. In free version is possible to have one game in collection and three base widget types - for controlling keyboard, mouse and system functions.

Please visit our website and youtube channel for all documentation and tutorials..

Features :

★ game collection, every game profile can be highly customizable (one game profile in free version)
★ possibility to create game shortcut on desktop
★ export profile. Profile with whole designed layout. Serves for sharing layouts between friends. In donated version you can additional actions : import, duplicate
★ multi-language support (slovak, english, german, russian, french)
★ 10 types of various on-screen widgets/buttons with dozens settings. Free version has 3 allowed widgets
★ On-screen widgets : Key, Mouse, Special. Additional seven in donated version.
★ various modes, main are design mode and play mode
★ unlimited number of on-screen widgets/buttons with custom image, text, background image and custom position on screen. Text and Image inside widget can be resized and positioned by your needs
★ dozens painted images and background images for widgets styling. Possibility to add your own
★ absolute and relative mouse
★ support for samsung stylus include its button
★ support for x360 joystick, nvidia shield controller and other external gamepads
★ support for physical mouse
★ support for sound blaster and pc speaker
★ mappable swipes gestures
★ longpress, double tap, two-point gestures
★ support for *.iso, *.gog, *.inst and *cue ogg support
★ in-game screenshots with gallery. Useful if you need something remember in adventure or rpg
★ fast emulation with plenty optimizations
★ orientation lock to landscape or portrait
★ resizable screen with custom position
★ support for networking - IPX and serial modem
★ forum and website
★ support for android 2.3+

It all happened so suddenly. Massive disasters from the sky above and from deep below has been scorching our southern land. Rivers have turned red and sky black. And than they appeard. Nobody saw them centuries...orcs, devils and alien forces. And even more! Messengers brought news about people deceased long time ago which had been risen from their graves. This night, I have seen dragon with my own eyes . Despair is everywhere. All brave heroes are being called to arms by our king. Join his mighty army to fight for the glory. I have to admit "Magic has returned to the earth!"

Whats new

    Version 41: bugfixes
    Version 40:
    Main changes:
    -added zooming functions (widget + double tap) (donated)
    -added search to journal widget (donated)
    -rewritten gamepad mapper (voodoo control). Please see app help for all changes.
    -improved tilt
    - German language will affect application help. Heinz, many thanks for your hard work with translation of the application help to German language.
    Thanks to everyone who supported this project. Special thanks to Alex, Heinz, Josip Prekratic and Elv.

bruenor part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 88.3753. Current verison is 1.0.41. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download magic-dosbox-free.apk 11.0 MB

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Denis Seal

Bad Unfriendly user interface and hard to configure.Uninstalling..

Greg Steele

Works great! After a little kajiggering I managed to get Akalabeth running with a custom keyboard layout. I couldn't be happier with how it runs. I will be upgrading to the paid version in the near future, so I can add more games.

Dejan Nesic

Working nice You have to use a lot of intelect to make right click working.

Seth Harrison

Better than the rest!

Adam Burningham

DOSBox Turbo is better, IMO They're attempting to make an Android DOSBox port that's easier to use, but the clunky and ugly UI ruins it. DOSBox Turbo runs faster in my experience, and using it is as easy as editing a text file - which PC DOSBox users should already know how to do.

A Google User

What's going on here? Where's the donate version I purchased. It's not on the playstore anymore.

Iron Javelin

About the games I think this app is good but i don't know where i can safely get compatible games for this app so if you can show what file format this app uses i wont be able to do much i think its isos but i don't want to unsafely run around downloading or buying isos and then finding out i cant use them

Glynner Me

The holy grail Master of Magic on my smartphone says I'm not getting out of bed today. Or tomorrow. Let's be honest... Edit: I'd gladly buy the full version but it seems overpriced.

Martin Burne

Feature request So I plugged in a wireless mouse for better control in Terror from the Deep. Selected physical mouse. Still have regular pointer in addition to the in-game pointer. If there's some way to hide the regular pointer that would be great! :)

Paul Lemay

Trying to get Albion to work but the absolute mouse setting is not so absolute.

Ken Fisher

It deserves more than 5 stars !!! Incredibly impressive performance once configured. Easy to use UI.

Laura No

Responded immediately Very responsive helped me fix my issues even though they where the games fault.


So far better than dose box turbo Absolute mouse works on this. Fast. Cool GUI.

Lathan Stanley

DosBoX + MoM on my phone Works like a charm, great frame rates, stable, saves, everything. Took a little figuring out to get right mouse click to work as desired, but after that, hell... This is perfect!!

Iskander G.

Great Doom is working fine. And this app is free while others doing just the same for money.

A Google User

An excellent work Works flawlessly with no issues so far. Great alternative to all other DOS emulators out there.

Junior Delay

Great-Hustý! incredible ms-dos for real, perfect customization for touch input...Commander Norton, get ready!

Dušan Lamoš

Good performance The UI is a tiny bit clunky, and the emulation crashes from time to time but overall speed is really impressive especially comparing to aDosBox.

Tristan Shockley

Great thus far. Works well, this is an excellent alternative to all other DOSBox applications available

Gary Harry

Good job This is a very good dos emulator keep it up

Peter Johnson

The best DOSBOX on Android I use myself the paid version of Magic DosBox, but since there are no reviews for the free version yet I write one here as well (the old free version was removed and had to resubmitted as a new program, so the old reviews are lost). This is by far the best DOSBOX emulator on Android. Unlike the other ones it enables extensive configuration of controls (in the form of on-screen widgets). No need to hunt down for a good keyboard with transparency or thinking how to map the game controls to a few buttons of a hardcoded gamepad. Here you can configure your own on-screen controls precisely how it suits you. I strongly recommend buying the paid version (it has more widgets and also the developer deserves the support). The Magic DosBox is miles ahead of any other DOSBOX port.

Federico Dossena

Works very well If you could use standard android graphics instead of your own it would be better

Jeffrey Lyons

Good but not best Andosbox maybe 4$ but it runs more games smoother than this one but I like how you can make a list of games and just load from that list to play and it actually works unlike dosboxmanager..

Bree Duvall

I just don't know!! ? How can I even do anything?!?! Could you please at least put some instructions? ?

Rob Eijgelshoven

Do(e)s what it says! As a child I played a lot of Master Of Orion. So happy I can play that fantastic game now on my tablet, even while I'm traveling! Thnx

Mike Rogers

SD card problem's Its a very good DOS emulator much faster then any of the other's but i can't play games that are stored on my SD card due to permission problem's and my phone's internal memory is to small to store any. please fix this in the future

Brian Kirkpatrick

Best DOSBox frontend It's worth buying because of how much you customize the interface for each game. The features unique to Magic DOSBox are really worth it, particularly the Absolute Mouse manual correction (was needed to get the mouse in Might & Magic 4+5 to click exactly where I was tapping). I have on-screen buttons for almost all my games. It's really necessary to customize each game if you want to play with just the touchscreen.

Skyrim Nexus

Good emulator Seems great but my biggest question before I decide to purchase, is can it run games like Half-Life 1 and fallout, or Diablo 2 on this dosbox emulator.

Артем Грибовшенко

Please help I don' t understand how add games and what type a file needed

Arseny Volgin

tell me how to install the "unreal gold"! really want to play on the phone !!!

Александр Малышев

Widgets are hard to find; odd RMB Started a game in EOB, met the first enemy and realized I can't attack him! After a while I found the widgets menu, so it's ok now, though the RMB implementation is not as comfortable as it could be. Anyway, the emulator is amazingly fast - the only thing almost without sound lags on One S.

Аарон Эйдельман

Best dosbox emu for android But how could I swap discs in multidisc games? Ctrl+f4 doesn't have effect.

Александр Симкин

Good enough. Usefull. Good. Works properly. Thanks.

pratyush mishra

Keypad won't work I cant type anything except for spaces ?

Bogdan Gordin

Plenty Screen Space for LGG3. Even considering on buying the full paid version :)

Matt Lee

Why does it need microphone access? Please explain. Edit: Thanks


What's going on here? Where's the donate version I purchased. It's not on the playstore anymore.


Awesome! This is a really awesome, I got the original elder scroll running and playable on my tablet! Only problem, the app don't want to use my sd card anymore, and I don't know why. Great app otherwise!

Signis Irie

Great app but.. Is it possible for you to enable real right click (instead of back) on phys mouse?? Keep up the good work!!

Isaak Carr

I'm sorry I just can't do it It to hard also why can't someone make a dos emulater that is truly for android no PC required also is extremely confusing why can't you do the select file thing like how most GBA emulator and the select stuff before startup you would set a default of that stuff when you create a file I think if you would do this than you would have the most user friendly and highest rated dos emu on the app store seriously that would get rid of so much confusion So please

Josh Valentin

Meticulously Programmed, Bad UI You can see a ton of effort and detail was put into this app. If you have time, you can customize everything to your liking. However for a simple DOS emu to get a game up and running quickly, this app needs desperate work on revamping the interface. Very complicated but 4 stars anyway. 6/5 on development and 2/5 on UI.

Jeff Odgis

I love it, it's amazing, I'd have kids with it if I could. Now, on a more serious note, the reason I have not bought the paid version is simple: I can't seem to get it to mount a directory from my SD card, only the main memory, which right now is full and giving me app install errors. I need my main memory which is being consumed by too many games. Is the full version able to mount SD card directories? PLEASE get back to me so I can decide whether to purchase... thank you

Gary Kuyper

Works on Kitkat The only dos emulator that seems to work without having a major issue with space on C. Was forced to use "small" installation for Daggerfall at first, but later found that typing installation /u in cmd will bypass D drive scan for space. This is important so you can use a "large" installation, allowing much smoother gameplay. Too bad Bethesda didn't include that in their pdf, but only in-game troubleshoot.

Charles Cain

Not sure yet Can someone please tell me the optimal settings for duke nukem 3d

Kylo Ren

Question Can I play A exe game from the internet that is compatible with Windows 98

james villafuerte

Tnx U made my day dude keep it up haha i love it

gofish gamer

I would like it if you could increase the memory size to over 64 mb

Martin B.

Best DosBox port on Android! And it is nice, that it's made by Slovak :-)

Christopher Wahyu

Best Dos emulator ever It runs Windows 98 lite at no lags at all compared to dosbox turbo, although it froze for a few minutes

Rick Seigh

Best out there This is by far the best emulator out there. The customization aspect tinkers to your every need. This basically makes every dos game playable.

Kyle Wendling

Help! LoL Okay so can I get a link or something on how to install say maybe Fallout 1 with this please? I recently bought the game digitally really wanna have it mobile:) just tell me where to go pleeez

Black Falcon Down

Thank you. It works perfectly fine, thank you very much.

Rastislav Jancuska

Perfect Love old games and this app brought simplicity. Thanks for this.

Charles Wallace

Crash It crashes whe n I try to play shadow warriors. I am running Android 5.1 on a nexus 9 with htc

Prajna Sariputra

Does what it says it does But, it keeps forgetting the gesture settings, which is quite annoying. It does work well, though. (Edit: Ah, I didn't see that option before. I suppose I'm just used to not needing to press a save button after setting up an app, which is how most apps work nowadays. Great support from the dev, a quick response like this is rarely seen.)

Ian McLane

How do I work this I just got this for my android and I don't know how to set up a key board and like special keys I just want to play elder scrolls arena but I can't because I'm stuck it seems like a great app I just don't know how to use it

Gary Odell

Thanks for help realy great app if you like old dos games you should get it. Great fun

Korpse Grynder

Good Stuff This is by far the best, easiest to configure version of dosbox out there that i know of. Keep working on this.


Thank you Need fix: Google keyboard is untouchable when brought up. My xperia keyboard does work.

Spors Maal

It works! Old dos games running on android, ace

Алексей Иванов

So, i can run some dos malware here... But what will happen exactly if i run, for example, master boot overrider? İ don't really want to try doing this, but maybe someone here knows\tried it before?

Daniel Warr

Easy to setup and great performance. (Just remember to save any setting/input changes!)

Bogdan Gordin

LGG3 User, L2/R2 Problem. This app is incredibly, though there is one concern. I am using the Moga Pro Power, the L2 and R2 sadly aren't responding, I will defiantly consider on buying the whole version. Everything else is awesome.

Roman Rhyse-Klecanda

I'm trying to run Destruction Derby 2, which works and everything, however one minute the game will run fine, next minute it slows way down to about 5 FPS and unplayable. Messing with CPU options only makes it worse. Is there a way to fix performance for this? EDIT: In reply to bruenor, thanks for the support. I tried what you said, but am still receiving the same issue, where the game runs too slowly or choppy. I've tried both dd2.exe and dd2hires.exe...and I'm also using the disc mounted as a virtual cd rom. EDIT2: What's your email or where may I find it?

Leet Bongmaster

Soild app Installed birthrights on my phone with ease..this app is easier to use than dosbox on my pc I love runs slightly choppy but I think if I tweak some settings it will smooth out..but the game is 90% turn based so it works just fine for me...hats off to the dev..this app is great and would highly recommend anyone to give it try..just need some msdos knowledge and bam your playing your favorite game

Tom Kobalt

Solid. Better than other emulators, but terrible in design. I would suggest material design standards.

Derek Frost

Very nice. Thanks for giving support for control keys. This is important to me and other apps don't support this.

Axel Gaming

Perfect I apologise for my ignorance, thank you so much. The best Dos emulator on Android for sure!

Tamed Shozzie

Can't quite figure it out Of course I gotta keep goin through menus and stuff but it seems pretty awesome so far B)


Just last question Just last question i wanna ask, is this app supports old 1994's ALADDIN game, of Virgin developers?? Its is dos game. I want to play that. So please ans

Jon Bailiss

Mouse/touch click sensitivity! The touch sensitivity is very high. It seems almost impossible to do a single click. I presume this is deliberate to force the paid-for purchase (where this setting is changeable). Otherwise though a very promising DosBox emulator - good work!

Matthew Derrick

First, I can't assign actions to the trigger buttons on the moga pro and nvidia shield. This app doesn't detect the trigger presses at all when trying to set up these controllers (for reference, neither does dosbox turbo). Also, the interface is downright awful. The menu icons make no sense whatsoever, and it's incredibly hard to find the setting your looking for because everything is set in runescape icons which is utterly baffling. I've honestly never seen anything like it, and that's not a good thing.

Ben Page

Android TV! Please make this available on Android TV devices! I have to sideload it at the moment :(

Anwar Raza

How can I emulate turbo c on Dosbox I want to use this doxbox to emulate and execute turbo c for programming it can be emulate.please help me. I tried all andosbox and not succeed.please help me.thanks for cooperation.

Dennis McCunney

I'm not using Magic DOSBox Free for games. My purpose is being able to run MSDOS character mode business applications under Android,. The first target is Eric Meyer's Video Display Editor, a freeware MSDOS text editor modeled after WordStar. I tried several other Android ports of DOSBox, but they did not pass Ctrl-keys through to the application. WordStar and VDE make extensive use of Ctrl-key combinations as editing commands, and aren't usable without them. Magic DOSBox free passes Ctrl-key strokes through to the app, and VDE works. It was relatively easy to get things set up and working, and the onscreen GUI is a boon. VDE is installed here in an MSDOS directory on an external microSD card in the tablet, not the internal card. That works fine. 4 stars instead of 5 for one reason: the free version of MGF only lets you configure one application, but you don't find that out till you try to add another.. If you want to add more or create collections, you need the donate version. That's fine, but the limitation should be *documented* somewhere on this page. It should not come as a surprise to the user when they try to add more.

Peter Urfer

Free restrictions ? Does as advertised. Many great options. Can play games with Note 5 stylus. Tho, when I close the app and reopen, the game setup is gone. Is that a restriction of the free app? Else 5 stars.

Thomas Fitzhugh

Doom 2 help I do not know how to get doom 2 to run could you help me?

Gerhard van den Heever

Mouse How does one get to hold the mouse button down?

Len Mike

Is there a way to automount cd? Trying to also figure out the mouse to be like two buttons

Steven Sutler

Great idea This is a great idea but freebie needs work


Runs WAAAY better then DosBox Turbo Bruenor, you are a drug dealer! You give one shot (one game) for free, and then demand payment for more! It's not fair!

Ben L

Fantastic! This demo gives me the perfect amount of substance needed for me to say that I want to buy the full version! This is a phenomenal dos box emu, and just some of the great features that I adore are: not having to type in any command to start a game, being able to make a custom screen controller, and to be able to play these games fast!

Gary Harry

One of the best

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