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30 Aug
Magic DosBox

Posted by bruenor in Tools | Aug. 30, 2016 | 76 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

A highly optimized and fast DOSBox port for Android with unique control system for playing anywhere you are without need of external hardware. Play favorite DOS and Windows games with full mouse, keyboard, sound and gamepad support with friends through IPX network.

Please visit our website for widgets and other documentation. It helps you with start. You can find there info how to add game to collection, how to create on screen buttons or virtual dpad and how to style them.

NOTE : Games are not included. It is emulator which can run your own dos games. Screenshots are used to show Magic Dosbox abilities and functionality only in truthful and non-deceptive manner !!

NOTE : Games used on screenshots

- Wacky wheels

This game is licensed by company 3D realms ( I want send my thanks to 3D realms for letting us use their in-game screenshots from this game.

- Spellcross
- Quadrax

These games are licensed by company Cauldron ( and we use this screenshot with Cauldron agreement. Thank you.

Thanks for these great games.

Features :

- game collection, every game profile can be highly customizable
- possibility to create game shortcut on desktop
- export/import/duplicate profile with whole designed layout. Serves for sharing layouts between friends
- multi-language support (slovak, english, german, russian, french)
- 10 types of various on-screen widgets/buttons with dozens settings (3 widgets in free version)
- On-screen widgets : Key, Mouse, Absolute and relative switch, Dpad, Widgets grouping widget, Notes, Walkthrough, Combo, and more …
- various modes, main are design mode and play mode
- unlimited number of on-screen widgets/buttons with custom image, text, background image and custom position on screen. Text and Image inside widget can be resized and positioned by your needs
- dozens painted images and background images for widgets styling. Possibility to add your own
- absolute and relative mouse
- support for samsung stylus include its button
- support for x360 joystick, nvidia shield controller and other external gamepads
- support for physical mouse
- support for sound blaster and pc speaker
- mappable swipes gestures
- longpress, double tap, two-point gestures
- support for *.iso, *.gog, *.inst and *cue ogg support
- in-game screenshots with gallery. Useful if you need something remember in adventure or rpg
- fast emulation with plenty optimizations
- orientation lock to landscape or portrait
- resizable screen with custom position
- support for networking - IPX and serial modem.
- forum and website
- support for android 2.3+

It all happened so suddenly. Massive disasters from the sky above and from deep below has been scorching our southern land. Rivers have turned red and sky black. And than they appeard. Nobody saw them centuries...orcs, devils and alien forces. And even more! Messengers brought news about people deceased long time ago which had been risen from their graves. This night, I have seen dragon with my own eyes . Despair is everywhere. All brave heroes are being called to arms by our king. Join his mighty army to fight for the glory. I have to admit "Magic has returned to the earth!"
Magic Dosbox is dosbox port for android. It is result of hard work.You can look at our website for more information. It is still under development, but can help you to orientate.

It was originally developed by DOSBOX team and allows you to run games and applications for DOS platform. This port is highly optimized for touch devices. The main focus is to play your old games anywhere where you don't have external hardware with you.

This is donated version, it has all widgets to disposition and without limit on number of games in collection. But please check the free version first.

Please refer to home page for details.

Whats new

    Version 41: bugfixes
    Version 40:
    Main changes:
    -added zooming functions (widget + double tap) (donated)
    -added search to journal widget (donated)
    -rewritten gamepad mapper (voodoo control). Please see app help for all changes.
    -improved tilt
    - German language will affect application help. Heinz, many thanks for your hard work with translation of the application help to German language.
    Thanks to everyone who supported this project. Special thanks to Alex, Heinz, Josip Prekratic and Elv.

bruenor part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 97.1765. Current verison is 1.0.41. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download magic-dosbox.apk 11.0 MB


Jan Kotala

Bought this for two reasons... First of all, unlike other dosboxes, this one seems to be still actively developed and the devs listen to the gamers community. Second reason: supporting our Slovak brothers :) Greetings! Honza

Chris Chatterje-Doody

Good out of box still allot to learn Works better out of the box than other emulators combines the functionality of dos box turbo and manager. for games like fallout it's great. Still has issues with in game sound and more importantly I can't figure out how to mount my sd card as c: in the setup menu the box remains greyed out

Brian Kirkpatrick

Best DOSBox Frontend It's worth buying because of how much you customize the interface for each game. The features unique to Magic DOSBox are really worth it, particularly the Absolute Mouse manual correction (was needed to get the mouse in Might & Magic 4+5 to click exactly where I was tapping). I have on-screen buttons for almost all my games. It's really necessary to customize each game if you want to play with just the touchscreen. I also don't get the sound cracking I was getting in DOSBox Turbo.

Joseph Hines

Great port Dev listens to players and the app is stable, with features galore. All that is missing is MIDI support and emulated/real 2 button/2 axis joystick support for games like the wing commander series... and MAYBE IPX support over local wifi. I miss playing Blood and its multiplayer.

A Google User

Unreal I can't believe I'm playing Bard's tale 3, Crusaders of the dark savant and Eye of the beholder 2 on my note 3. Great app.

david buzdygan

the Best! Absolutely awesome app. I am currently enjoying designing key,mouse widget layouts for my favourite old dos games on my Lenovo tablet.... Brilliant!

Jason Vidal

Great emulator The mouse emulation itself is so smooth compared to other dosbox ports and I found the battery drain to be quite good. The developer has fixed the icon menu scaling, thanks! The double click mouse tap doesn't seem to work, is there a special setting? I've been trying with Master of Orion 2. Edit: despite the developer stating double tap in same place working, it still doesn't seem to be in master of orion 2.

Richard Lloyd

Great app Only didn't give it five stars due to lack of a virtual joystick. Would love this feature to be added. Would also like to see the ability to be able to group games into folders and also to add shortcuts to the app drawer in the same way as it adds shortcuts to the home screen.

Jesse Fry

Perfect! This is my absolute favorite android app! I have been playing Wasteland and Elder Scrolls: Arena every day on this. It runs smooth as butter, and you have the ability to create your own custom controls for every game you play. I had a few problems when I first downloaded this, but I emailed the developer and my questions were answered right away. I am so glad I was able to find this app. If you want to play old DOS games on your phone with the best emulator you can find for Android, download this app now!

Kelvin Soh

Awesome app Any plans to support bluetooth gamepad? Old - If there is a way to map the individual games profile as a shortcut icon on the desktop would be even better.

Eric Wirsing

Pretty close to perfect I love this app! If you love old DOS games, then definitely get this. I've got Ultima VII - The Black Gate, Wizardy VII - Crusaders of the Dark Savant, Might and Magic IV - Clouds of Xeen, Ultima Underworld, Eye of the Beholder, Witchhaven, and Conan the Cimmerian all running in this app. I donated so I could play more than one game. The ability to add keyboard and mouse widgets to your screen is awesome, and specific to each game! So don't sit here reading this -- get it!

Matúš Lesný

Best dosbox emulator Awesome, everything works just as it should, no problems at all. Got few dosbox emus, but this one is best ;-) and its from my homeland :-P

Mike Rogers

Its way better then dosbox turbo none of that sound crackling good work

Chernarussian OnSonY

Looks great although idk how to use it Hey I never used dosbox before. I bought this so I could play fallout 1 cuz I never played it. So I got the download link and downloaded it and extracted it to the app. And ran it but it wouldn't launch the game. Plz help I was using a nvidia shield tablet.

stephane p.

Amazing! Good GUI, very easy setup and fast emulation.

Ian Cohen

Great Emulator I love the widgets and ease of use. You can see this developer worked hard to make this a great experience! I think it's only going to get better as it's updated to allow easier creation of widgets, but it's still 5 star application.

Can Sönmez

Incredible! I've been very impressed so far. Previously, I've used WinUAE, which has worked, but normally the interface ends up clunky at best. With MagicBox, for almost every game I've tried so far, that interface is beautifully smooth. It perfectly emulates 'Bards Tale', 'Menzoberranzan' and 'Strahd's Possession' (the three I've tried at length so far). In fact, it does better than just repeat the functionality of the original: you can create your own on-screen keyboard, combining multiple actions at a touch. So, in 'Bards Tale', rather than laboriously hitting c for a spell, selecting the character, typing out the spell code, hit return, select where I want to cast it etc, I can do all that with one click. Amazing. The only problems I've run into up until now are dodgy mouse emulation when trying to play 'Battlemaster' (perhaps due to the age of that game) and some issues with the CD on Daggerfall. MagicBox seems happy enough to install from CD and it will load if I then immediately go into the game from there, but attempting to run the new install off the main MagicBox screen brings up 'can't find CD' errors (though that's could be an issue with the game rather than MagicBox).

Ascorbyl Palmitate

Exactly what I wanted I've been playing Wasteland and Warcraft II perfectly. This is the best DOS emulator on the playstore. I used the free version and immediately paid the 5$ for the full version because it works so well. Much thanks devs!

Peter Johnson

Excellent By far the best DOSBOX port on Android. Unlike others this concentrates on playability on a touch screen. It is possible to define multiple on-screen "widgets" which enable to play the DOS games as comfortably as possible. It requires a bit of initial effort, but it is far better than recommending various separate keyboards (as do the authors of other ports). Also developer responded very quickly when I encountered a small problem.

Jay Dubz

Magic! Great for war craft, this app is a must have for old school gamers! - jay

Chris Gabb

Amazing! The best Dosbox port for Andriod. I've been using Dosbox Turbo for almost 2 years now, but it's finally been topped. So far, every game I've tried on this runs at least as fast as DBTurbo, with most of the games running even faster. The mouse movement is superior. It's very smooth and precise. I have yet to experience even slight pointer lag. But it's shining feature is the the custom widgets. They offer so many control options. You can use them to set up buttons with assigned keys or macros anywhere on screen, all of which can have your own text labels (or even custom images as icons) and can be resized and moved individually. So far I haven't run into a limit to how many I could add, which is very useful if you play the old school RPGs that use a ton of keyboard keys (I set up 26 around the edges of the screen for Ultima 5). There are several additional widgets that add other really nice control options as well. Highly recommended for any classic gamer. I also wanted to add that the developer was quick to respond and very helpful when I emailed him about an issue I ran into (which simply turned out to be a wrong setting on my part).

Sean Crowe

Great Honestly the best DOS port for Android. Running Master of Orion 2, Master of Magic, and Warcraft 2 on default settings without a flaw. Beats DosboxTurbo hands down.

Juan Antonio Herrera

The best of the best This is THE dos emulator, I can mount cd images, I play my old school windows/DOS games, this app is truly amazing, 5 stars but it deserves 6...

Алексей Беседин

Great work. bruenor , thank you for this magic.

Anton Samots

Stylus support? I know that Samsung Note 4 stylus is partially supported but is it possible to map the stylus button to act as a right click like in Dosbox Turbo? Would be cool to get this feature in your port too.

Timur Kovalchuk

Best Dosbox port! Please add gamepad support! Thanks!

Куркин Дмитрий

Super Thank you for dos box with builtin keyboard

Greg Steele

Great! Tried the free version first. It worked great, so I paid for this one. Worth every penny.

Joseph Hines

Great port Dev listens to players and the app is stable, with features galore. All that is missing is MIDI support, joystick support for games like the wing commander series... and MAYBE IPX support over local wifi. I miss playing Blood and its multiplayer.


Unreal I can't believe I'm playing Bard's tale 3, Crusaders of the dark savant and Eye of the beholder 2 on my note 3. Great app.

Dan Alden

The best Hands down the best way to play old dos based games on android. The customisation is thorough and essential to set up controls the way you want to play. It has run every game i have thrown at it so far. I am impressed. Thanks dev!

Signis Irie

Best Dosbox app Great app, friendly dev. If your games run slow try changing frameskip, soundcard and memory size settings (search on google for best settings for your game). I just wish the app icon was more fitting to Material design but thats not too important. Dont forget to check out magic dosbox youtube channel for tips.

Joseph Hines

Awesome Dosbox Port Dev listens to players and the app is stable and fast, with features galore. All that is missing is joystick support for games like the wing commander series.

Ryan Meyer

Powerful, customizable, dos emulator I was able to install ms Windows 3.11, and several dos based games. Graphica, sound, and mouse support, with custom hotkeys. Only thing missing a a way to create complex macros (simple macros are possible) and key chords. I needed to press and hold alt+rShift+~ at the same time but was unable to emulate the key strokes.

Gary Kuyper

Full of options Setup is very intuitive and hard to screw up. When in-game, the button mapping takes time, but is full of options I almost wish I could apply this on other systems. The developer was very thorough with step by step instructions throughout the app so your never lost. Ironman super offroad was the only game I couldn't boot up since that required a win32 program.

Brett Wiens

Excellent Runs extremely well, I've copied 10 games and they all work. The virtual controls and customization are critical and excellent. The developers website has lots of information on how to set things up and from the comments, he is active. If you have a collection of old school games or want to, this is great to play on the go. I recommend Betrayal at Krondor.

Michael Hancock

I'm loving the ability to play the old games again and the YouTube Chanel with helpful tutorials is a nice touch. I am still struggling with how to move screen shots to a place where I can use them. All in all I love this App.

Kelvin Soh

Awesome app Still awesome, but if it could have a save state option like those snes emulator will make this app awesomeness shoot through the roof.

James Moore

Best I've found So far all the DOS games I've tried are working great. Very intuitive, excellent range of customisation options for controls. If you want a DOS emulator on Android, look no further. Excellent work.

Dmitrii Filatov

Best dosbox port. Great dev support. This really is the best dosbox port. Very stable. Constant updates. And the only one to support trigger buttons on the Nvidia Shield. Small suggestion, it would be cool to assign icons to games from JPEG files, instead of just seeing the C:\> prompt. Thanks again for helping people bring back great memories.

Charles Poullet

Best DosBox Best DosBox on the market, a lot of work has clearly gone into it and much better than DosBox Turbo. Support the developer and give it a go!

Nick Burkhart

This is the best x86 emulator currently available for Android -- and I've tried all of them. It simply works, and the front-end interface makes it very easy to manage and launch DOS and Windows applications. Speaking as a developer who has ported emulators to mobile devices, I'm very impressed by the emulator's performance as well as by its ease of use / accessibility for less experienced users. It worked immediately and without any specialized configuration on my Nexus 6, while the more popular x86 emulators all had issues and required lots of effort to fine-tune. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get up and running quickly with the best x86 emulation available on Android today. Congratulations to the developer -- I hope this outstanding emulator finds the popularity it deserves!


This App is Incredible! Magic Dos Box does everything that all other android emulators should have done! The visual interface makes it incredibly easy to set up any dos game. One question.. How can I remove the recently played games list? How can I customize the layout?

Pauli Laatikainen

tl;dr; This is simply the best, fastest and intuitive DosBox for Android. I've tried most of the other ones: Aemula, aDosBox, AnDosBox and DosBox Turbo. ******************************************************** Seriously, try the free if you don't believe me. This is the best dosbox port to Android I have encountered. While the UI isn't always the most intuitive it's still massively better than the competition. Still it's fairly easy to set up your UI for the games and being able to make your own button layout and move them around in easy manner is simply great. Lot of attention to details in the user interface like color-coding of the buttons and having all the necessary things in one place and organized well unlike in the competitors is a huge plus as well. ******************************************************** It's also fast, responsive and has many things in it that show the creator's love towards the product. Hopefully it'll keep updated and that things like auto-resize for text boxes and other little improvements are done. Too bad about the limitations on external SD cards though, but that's not this app's fault.

Adam Buchanan

As great as this emulator seems, the internal on-board physical controls (not external) on my GPD XD device aren't detected, nor can they be used. I was hoping to configure the joypad buttons to the face buttons, but only the D-PAD is detected.

James Garretson

i love this app! praise to the dev/devs. This app is so amazing it will play any game i throw at it perfectly. Thank you for possibly the best app i have ever seen.

Sergio Rodriguez

Really love it... But... With the last update I lost all my preferences, my configuration... Is there a way to backup this for the next update?, because you can't save to SD Card ?

Kippy Kip

Best Dosbox on the app store This runs Windows 3.1 extremely well! Good job!


Great And thanks for support!

jeffrey sturgis

Best version of dosbox! Is there/ will there be glide support?


Thank You! With so many crappy "free games", playing a real game is a breath of fresh air! Thank you for making this possible and for all your time and effort!


best dosbox emulator ever , thank you for the good work .

Lorenzo Di Sabatino

Many thanks for this great app. It's fast, has a great interface and it's heavily customizable. Hands-down the best dosbox port on the store. I have one little issue though. I'm using a bluetooth keyboard, when it reconnects from standby mode the game resets itself, why?

Michael Hancock

I'm loving the ability to play the old games again and the YouTube Chanel with helpful tutorials is a nice touch. A problem I've found is it doesn't work right with my cleaner,if I clean this App it clears all my games and widgets so that I have to set everything up again . All in all I love this App.

Bogdan Gordin

The Best of Them All. Out the many DOSBox emulators that exist on the Play Store, this one stands out to be the greatest one. You Mr. Bruenor are amazing!

Joseph Hines

Joystick support Ive been waiting 4-8 months for joystick support. New features aside from this have been added, but a joystick is CRITICAL to play wing commander games. I was told joystick was coming, but apperantly that is on the back burner

Phil Hampson

An amazingly superb DOS Emulator - the best there is. Wish I could give it 10 *s, rather than 5

Humptydumpty Volz

LOVE IT!!! Easy to use and awesome customisation. Geat work guys!

Austin Anderson

Great dos emulator, equally great developer Quick responses and updates that actually make the software better

Marek Samec

Great emulator! Thanks, really good work. Virtual joystick works well in Wing commander. Previous version of app worked with x-wing but new version is not working well. After calibration the joystick moves constantly to the left turning the ship around. Any advice for that? EDIT: Fixed that with unticking "Timed" in the joystick settings. But still when I move joystick it takes 2-3 seconds for the ship to actually respond, but looks like this is normal xwing behavior because on my pc it is similar.

Andrew Pritchard

Probably the best purchase I've made On an Android platform. Incredibly easy to use and powerful interface, allows all sorts of jiggery-pokery to be done with on screen controls. I love being able to programming my 8BITDO PRO and have a Bluetooth keyboard hooked up on my tablet. As a retro enthusiast I can't rate it high enough and a must buy for anybody that loves gaming. There are 100's of abandonware (free!) titles out there to download and play. I'm playing games I couldn't afford to buy back in the day. Well worth it.

Faizi Crofts

Pretty neat and a lot of fun Got ultima 5 running without much trouble. Would be nice to have video and sound testing options and also a setting to have a keyboard come up right away both globally and per game/program. But very nice. Also I'd love more widget images to choose from for custom buttons. Permissions on SD is something I have to re-request very often which is unfortunate. S-pen could use improvements. Best DOS experience on android by far.

Nichole Hawkins

Super easy to use. You set up the game's path ONCE! No more trying to remember the right file path every time. Definitely worth the money for the full version. ?

Christopher Torok

All my favourite games! As the title says, now I have all my fave games from the old days in my pocket. Got MoO2 working after reading other people's posts on the forum!

Matt Weilenmann

best dos emulator was a fan of dosbox turbo but this blows it out the water.

Joseph Hines

Best on the market Joystick support (real/emulated), Midi support (mt32/soundfont), video filters, customizable widgets, performance, quality, stability, wifi play, and profile backups!... if this was the last word on features for this app I'd still be 100% satisfied... but theres probably more on the way! The final feature I think anyone could want on this would be gui supported voodoo emulation... something even I dont yet need. This version of dosbox is the best on the market, the easiest to use, and worth the price 100%.

Angela MTF

Loved it is an understatement! The best app I've ever bought! PLEASE keep up the fantastic work!

igor Chervakov

So far the best dos emulator! Great work,man!

Miguel Bojorquez

Love it Omg the best

The best.

Daniel Salazar

Only dosbox that ran Ultima7 Wanted to run Ultima7 et al. The other dosbox ports crashed or just didn't work (at least I couldn't make them work after a couple of hours trying). This one worked almost right away. After minor tweaking had the mouse and sound working as well, and playability is sane. Also works with a physical bluetooth mouse. Nough said, bought the paid version :)

richard g

Love it! Does what it says and can set up games no problem. Runs mostly everything. But if it's possible get 3D acceleration put in for those later games in win95. Hope your thinking about it! Also I haven't been able to figure out how to get back to the main menu after exiting a game. When I push my phones "back" button it completely exits the program.

aaron bott

Best dosbox emulator for Android out there This is a fantastic port of dosbox! It's so heavily customizable that you can fit it to suit any kind of game to play great, right on your phone. The help files are very good too. Overall it is a job very well done!

rizky hartawan

Top Class DOS Emulator The best DOS emulator on Google Play, hands down. widget options add versatility for controlling the game. One suggestion though, could you add "find" function for journal widget? I think it will help us a lot for searching keywords in the walkthrough (if the walkthrough is wall of text that we often find in GameFAQ) Maybe the function exist but i dont know about that. Thank you very much!

Aaron James

I have no idea how to run this :( I'm not the most tech-savvy person, would be great if it had a way to simply download and open the games without any real technical knowledge. If it can be made more self-explanatory and simpler to operate I'd use this often and rate 5 stars. Obviously some people have figured it out, but I can't do it. Sorry mate.

Chris Seifrit

Support is great!! If you need help they will go above and beyond.

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