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30 Jul
Magic Ball

Posted by Alexander Barbyshev in Entertainment | July 30, 2016 | 80 Comments

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Traditionally, "Magic Ball" made ​​of plastic, inside which there is a container with a dark liquid, such as ink, which floats figure with 20 faces - icosahedron, which marked the answers.
In this, Android version ball predictions to get an answer to your question, you need to shake the phone or click on the menu item. A moment later the ball and score on the surface appear to answer your question formulated.
If you are undecided, do not know what to do in this situation or another, this guessing - just for you.
Responses are plotted in the format of " yes ", "no ", "exactly ", etc. A total of 20 answers.

★ Ability to select any color of the ball.
★ Support and development. The application is constantly updated and customer feedback into account when developing.

• This application is a complete analog paid application "Magic Ball Pro, except for the presence of advertising.
If you liked the free app, you can support the project by purchasing this application.

Alexander Barbyshev part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 30, 2016. Google play rating is 62.5461. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 313.0 KB.

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leah sutherland

Scary I am having a mid life crises. I didn't know who to talk to so I turned to my ball. It said horrible horrible things. Then I gt the app and I gt the same answers. EVIL. Don't trust it. It could ruin your life.

Jorge Anderson

Old school fun! This was always one of my favorite childhood toys. And this one works just great in an Android setting. I highly recommend everyone to try it.

skyler smithsith

amazing I love it so worth your time your outlook you will enjoy this!!

tahnoya daley

Hate it It is a lier and how i am sure I ask it a question more then one time and it tell me different answers, and I ask it something and it tell me but it didn't work

Jeffery O'Donnell

Is the magic ball awesome? It is decidedly so! Outlook good! Yes definitely! It is certain!

Sandra Jade

Magic ball When I did not ask a question ad I press the button it answered and then I pressed and pressed until it answered even though I still did not ask I thought that it was real and it will only answer if I asked a question. And I don't think that is real cause I asked that ''Is the magic ball fake''and it answered'' yes ''

Danielle Anthony

It said thing when you didnt even ask so its not real or magic just a big fake

Madison King

Good but... Good but I asked it if it was fake and it said yes without a doubt

Alexa Pinkston

Magic 8 ball I liked magic 8 ball a little because it doesn't tell the truth.

Toriah White

I asked were you fake He/she/robot said without a doubt im sitting like I got to delete this piece of crap

Baylee Pembleton

Not fun It didn't work but some of them were true I will rate 1⭐do you people really think this will work magic isn't real

Doselin Carrill

You suck Ask it a question and then I ask it again and it gave me a different answer

Talia Johnson

Hate it I asked it if I will I ever become famous and it said full of doubt like what

shanthini k

It is indeed an eight ball Wonderful vibration sensor used and random solutions....on the whole it is the same old eight ball

A'mynee Harrington

This game is This game is awesome. It help me with what I decide

Robert Van Beek

Loved it Thisis app said i will live till the year 2525

christin varner

I like it I asked it if this guy was going to ask me out 10times and it said yes if he does I'm going to freak out...

Sonya Hess

Dose it work Well I ask if you will get a boy and it said yes but I ask what name is it it said ask your mama why

Zoria Williams

Don't like it If you don't say anything and just shake your device its going to just say anything random

Bonnie Fountain

Cool It got all the questions right but i dont like that it vibrates

Lillybee Silva

Bad I ask a question and all it says. Is suppose so

Chloe Dutcher

Hi It is so cool like I could play it evey day if I could because it is so cool it like cinda reads you mnd .

Kaylee Byers

Try it!!! I always wanted a Magic 8 Ball, this one is AMAZING!!!! ;)

Naomi Sampson

Weird It won't let me ask a question what do I do

Hailey Gregory

Love it to death yes omg I went to own this game

Louisa May

Good So far it is ok and I also like it

Michelle Heisler

I like this one better a much complication of doing it

Kelsey Myers

Its alright It keeps saying stuff over and sometimes it doesnt match the question you ask it

Samuel Colt

Funny I asked if it was fake it said yes then I asked if it was real and it said no then I asked if it was stupid and it said yes LOL

Angel Green

The worst I asked was my name Alfred and it said yes

Daniel Ream

Nice I ask if my girl should live here. It said yes. Things are good. I wonder if I will some tonight. I'm gona ask the ball. We ask it about everything. Lot of fun. 5 stars if she gives me some.

Tyriana Hughes Johnson

Magic ball Its somtimes it speaks tha truth and sonetines it dont

lilyan schoo

I'm scared now I asked if was going to die tomarrow and it said signs point to YES

Kee Wms

Sooo Stupid I am mad because ehen I shook the phone and didn't say anything it answered anyway

Tianna Gregory

Not that I don't entirely agree with the whole magic eight ball thing, my life is terrible now so I need answers

Josh C

Its beter than most. Thanks for app

Kyal Muller

Its true When I asked a question I t was true because ciara dose like me

Isobel Sorell

Hate it It says the same thing like 3 or 4 times then changes

Sara Jarrell

It is true because when I said that I was cute I was

Emily Brissette

Wow wow wow, back up I asked is this a hack and a lie, and guess what, it said yes! Wow.

Shannon Ethridge

This is crap I asked "Is this bs" and it replied "yes definitely " people get your mind out the gutter the only person who can predict your future is you and how you go on about life

Bella Lou

Epic The magic ball was really nice and answered a lot of questions :)

Maryann Teri

Better than asking your friends and family for their opinions!

Mackenzie Fowler

Its ok I a lic idyllically freshen function must web WBAL

Josefina Hernandez

Love it I put in am i going to be a famous YouTuber when i grow up it said as i see yes want to be a YouTuber i have made some videos my YouTube channel name is Josefina Hernandez if you're trying to look for it it's going to be hard because alot of people have the same YouTube channel name as me

Roula Rizk

IT LIES I asked real questions but the answers were all wrong I do not recommend this app?

Doris Hendrix

Supper nice when I go back to school is anyone going to tell me I can't do anything because I'm a girl it says don't count on it and I am 7

Naiyah Vinson

Sooooooooooooooo fake. I figured out how this game works. THIS GAME IS A FAKE. :O. Sooo mad i got this game

Jakayla Jones

Stupid This stupid mystical eyeball app doesn't even answer your questions

roger henderson

Some of you people just scare me This is supposed to be just a fun app, and it is just like the real magic 8 balls I grew up with, no it doesn't tell you the real future nothing can, have fun and don't take it so serious, it's just a game.

Jayda Green

LIER I asked the same question it said different things I asked were it lying it said yes oh heck naw DELETE

poetry midnight

Stupid I asked do I have a Iphone (clearly I got a Android) and it said " certainly yes"

Naim Colston

I love it It's like my whole life depends on it this

Lucy Martin

What the It's mean. I put in am I stupid? it said yes. I also put in am I nice? It said no. I am very nice and smart. If you read this, don't buy this app.

Allenessa Sosa

Its fine i gess Will it's fine if you don't want a real anser I asked it some thing it gave me ask agen.Iseaid it very clear.I know it can't hear but its a goke to me.

Chloe Edgington

lies it is a lie it tells me i will have dume

Charlotte Holmes

Alright Alright until you ask the same question quite a few times. I asked will I work in dogs trust when I'm older it said yes but about on my fifth go it said "my sources say no" I would not recommend it.

Alyxandria Ward

Hilarious I asked if the magic 8 ball was telling the truth and it said very doubtful

Gabriel Barrios

Funny and sayying my future I sed do my crush like me and we will be together forever? It answeres yes and it become true after 3-4 months its funn because i sed are you gay? It answered yes! Will you mom slap u in ur but? It answered im countin on it ahahahahahahhaha it's so funny

Roblox Girl

WONT EVEN LET ME TALK When I say something they just answer WHAT I DIDNT EVEN SAY

Robbie Eachus

This is terrible You ask it a question and the answers do not even make sense

Jalice May

Negative reviewers are idiotic. This is a fun little app. Love the shake feature, just like my Magic 8 Ball toy. Ads are barely noticeable and unobtrusive. Seems to me the nay sayers don't have any problems with the functionality of the app, they just foolishly expected it to actually predict the future? If I had to guess, I'd say most of the neg reviewers are adolescents or younger. ..

mu za

Is dis a joke I tried it ,I do not even ask question and it answer.not recommend

rylan lucas

DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!!!! This app does not work at all for me

Beth Newton

Love this game so much wish I was in that world??!!!

Ari Wassmer

Omg Leah sutherland is right. I asked it if it was evil and it said yes!!!! Oh no! Lol. Still, fun game. It said it is planning on killing me!!!!! It said my family is FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It said my family is cursed!!!!!!! I still don't believe it though lol


I said I said who are you? He said no I was like wat so I still love it I said am I 8 yes I'm really 8 he's right

Shenika Bodie

Tells no truth i ask it you think i should this no i said delete it said yes i ask if i was 28 yes no i am not

Evie Smith

Like it I first started playing at my friends house and now i really like it. I sooooo recommend it.

Michelle Hernandez

Awful It isnt even magical

Rachel Gergely

Don't know how to play

lee the pro gamer

Junk junk junk and junk

Lyla Navarro

I love that app

I hate the lg2 I just did this to say the lg2 sucks if I wanted this app It would take 3 days to. Download lol no joke

Savanna Obregon

Wooww Peoples are ridiculous ? of course it isn't really magic. What do they think? This is a fun app, people are just idiots I guess..

I.V.R. Campbell

Dumb game It do not listen to me

stuipid fuuny

Stuipid funny because I like undesd Okay well I said are you real and I got ask again later stuipid I hate it


FUNNY I asked it if my 6 year old cousin would die next week and he cried

Blackic Con

IIT is funny my dad said is he ugly and it said with out a doubt me and my mum and friends we laughing

Keith Traci Kowal

It is awesome I asked if I (DJ Owie) will be the next big rapper and it said YES!!!!!! I'm going right now to hire a manager!!!!

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