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16 Oct

Posted by Amanita Design in Adventure | Oct. 16, 2015 | 150 Comments

Apk file size: 237.0 MB

Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventure game developed by the makers of Samorost and Botanicula.

Help Josef the robot to save his girlfriend Berta kidnapped by the Black Cap Brotherhood gang.

* Pinch-to-zoom (small screen friendly)
* Supports both Phones and Tablets
* Better Graphics
* Achievements
* Cloud Save
* Support for Android TV and NVIDIA Shield devices
* Support for gamepads (Android 5 or newer)
* Localization to 14 languages

"Absolutely Fantastic" - TouchArcade
4/4 - SlideToPlay
9/10 - Pocket Gamer

IGF, Excellence in Visual Art Award
Gamasutra, Best Indie Game Of The Year, Best Indie Game Of The Year

Whats new

    * Hotfix of the previous update
    * Android TV and NVIDIA Shield support
    * Gamepad controller support (for Android 5)
    * Localization to 14 languages
    * Updates and fixes
    * bugfixes
    * added optional cursor driven input controls
    * Sleep mode fix, small gameplay issues fixed
    * Immersive Mode (Android 4.4 and up)
    * Updates, fixes, optimizations

Amanita Design part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 16, 2015. Google play rating is 92.2003. Current verison is 2.0.39. Actual size 237.0 MB.

Download machinarium.apk 237.0 MB


Rick Zevering

Cant sign in anymore, application error. Launching this game gives me an error each time i start it. "The package is incorrectly configured." The game launches but cant save games to google play games. I am waiting for a developer to contact me. Until its fixed I cant give it more than one star.

Adil Hamm

Super hard, walk through is needed You won't make it on your own, unless you want take a month to finish it, or might be you would if your IQ is above 280.

Lwood Hudog

Great game but Way too short took me 3 days to finish ? it only needs the walk ? threw twice not that hard u people just arent useing your head be smarter than the tool u use

Brandon Stalte

Amazing Best adventure game out there. Only draw back is that I found myself requiring the walkthrough hints within almost every area due to not being able to clearly see every single item that may need to be touched. Such a great time playing this game!

Benjamin Durrant

Fantastic game! Hard, and gives you very little direction, but keep plugging away at it and it will reward you. Don't use the walkthrough hints - you'll get there! Charmingly made game.

James Gruenbacher

Amazing game This game is super creative and challenging. The puzzles are difficult, but all can be done without using the hints and walkthrough. Loved it!

Emy Cleary

WOW! I'm a really big fan of super challenging games and this is by far THE best one I've ever played!! Realllly really hard, definitely need a walk through but SO worth it. Only thing I wish was different was that it was longer... Busted this out in less than half a day :) make more games like these I'll buy them!!

Kevin Wathen

Great game If you like puzzlers this is for you. I like being stuck and this game delivered. However it will provide a hint if you need it. If you need more than a hint the game provides a walk through as well. Do yourself two favors...pick up this game but don't use the hints. Work for it!

Debbie Ruddy

Good, but difficult! Had to use a walkthrough on several bits. Sometimes for guidance, and sometimes a move I'd previously attempted to make was correct, but hadn't registered, so needed to be told to go back and try again. Good fun though!

InsaneGiggles EmKat

Samsung galaxy tab Loved it. If i could give 6 stars, i would. Me and my guy played together figuring things out. I have been searching for more games like this. Wish there was more. Was challenging and loads of fun. Thanks for such a great game.

Laughlin Kurucz

Fantastic Yeah it's hard but it should be, you're paying for it. I have been begging for a point and click - puzzle adventure for years, something like the King's Quest and Police Quest series. My dreams came true. Such an amazingly realized world and story line. The art is this game is worth the 5 bucks on its own.

cesar caro

One of the best games I played and I'll ever play!!! Sometimes you get stuck but it doesn't matter because that's why we bought this game.....we wanted a game that was challeging and cool at the same time.....I hope we get some new levels or maybe somthing like machinarium 2 , that would be awesome!

Sarah Dyke

Really hard but georgous graphics! Thank god for the cheat pages on the Web! I really liked the game but I just wasn't clever enough to figure a lot out on my own. Very intelligent game!

Brianna Johnson

I love it! No it isn't super easy but that's why I like it you have to get creative and think out of the box it's silly and lots of fun not super long but personally totally worth it I keep playing it anyways even though there's no real replay value.


Can't sign into Google play it keeps saying package is improperly configured. Nexus 6 Android 5.02

Helen Dombrowski

I have tried and tried to get the oil can to give the dog the control room and set to what it says and the oil can won't move getting frustrated with it now thats why its in the app sale grrr

Saleha Zainal

Challenging kind of fun. I was attracted to its art design and bought the game cos of its game play after trying it out online. The storyline was simple but the puzzles were quite challenging. Despite giving hints and having a walk-through in the app itself, I felt that it was quite expensive for a game you would play for probably a round, plus I felt that I heavily rely on its walk through (hints weren't enough) - but it was worth it. Nonetheless, kudos to the team ?

Felix Kremen

Broken game The game deletes own save games, thus this is a broken, non-functioning product, not to say fraud. For five euro I expect at least basics to work.

Oliver Andersson

Incredible point and click One of the best games in the Android Market, possibly one of the greatest puzzle games I've ever played. The game is challenging, entertaining and beautiful!

Alex Williams

Machinarium is awesome This is one of the best puzzle adventure games ive ever played. I didnt have one single problem with it. Worth every penny. Wish more games were this good!

Laurie Yandrich

Really great game But without the in-game walkthrough it would not have been possible. I am definitely NOT stupid but this was hard. The concept was awesome, graphics were awesome, game was very original. I am sad its over *frowny sad face*

Blair Fountain

Great game. You won't be able to put this game down. With a little out of the box thinking and a small amount of help from the walk through, completing this game will be lots of fun. Only problem I had with this game was, it was too short.

Riese Devan

Fabulous Game Endearing little robot character, challenging tasks and puzzles, not so short that it is unsatisfying. Loved it and recommend it to others.

Elia Traore

Cute but... The best thing about the game is its looks - the animation is cute and fun. But that doesn't make it worth a while, not at its current price at least. the story the quite boring, the touch is not intuitive (you have to be super specific on how you tap or it doesn't count), and most of the mini games are tedious and annoying. Not to mention the lack of map & "quick travel" which are desperately needed. So, unless there's a discount I won't recommend.

Leslie Munday

Wonderful Android Game Best graphics I've seen with an Adroid game. Lovely storyline and cute characters. The puzzles are not so difficult, but with a touchscreen I found it necessary to often resort to a walkthrough, only to find that I was looking in the right place, or had the right idea, but didn't have the sequence of commands correct. User interface aside, this is a beautiful game and one I am sure I will play again when complete. (I already want to go back and run through the opening seuences again.) As I'm still playing, no opinion on game length yet.

Dominik Mecko

Perfect The best game I've ever played on mobile phone. Beautiful graphics, pefect music, stunning story and characters. Only one disappointment: there aren't more levels to play.

Alexander Rex Evensen

Just completed it. A stunning adventure game with smart and quirky puzzles to solve, great humor and amazing music and sound design. This has as much atmosphere as anything I've ever played. Highly recommended!

Topaz Emerald

Nice graphics but poorly designed. 1. Why can I not stop him from going somewhere when I clearly gave him the wrong direction? You will have to wait untill it waddles all the way to the wrong place that you mistakenly tapped and then tap the right place. 2. I cannot reverse steps!! Once you make a mistake, you're game over. Restart all of it. 3. Why can I not start another paragraph with my touch keyboard? I know it has nothing to do with this but I am forced to comment my thoughts in a big blob of writing with no spacingshdbduebdb AHHHHHHH

Alexandre Dias

Great game, beautiful graphics. An intense experience with intuitive actions that will take you into an amazing world!! Hours of fun awaits! but it is not an easy game...

Michael Gartlan

Fantastic game! *Ignore negative reviews* The game is incredibly hard and many negative reviews may be based on being stuck and mistaking them not doing something right, as being a glitch! Great artwork, great little story. I would rather pay what is actually a small amount, rather than a free game that charges you repeatedly for extra lives/hints/upgrades etc. Buy this game.

Shane Sivers

Unbelievable For 79p it's a must have!!! Visually stunning great qwerky music and sfx. Lovely little story line and I just ended up losing myself in this game. Please make another one and i'll be sure to pay full price. This is what game apps should be like to show off its incredible capabilities!!! Amanita you are a clever little bunch of geniuses thank you

Eric Kimber

Don't be fooled Very pretty to look at but the incredibly buggy gameplay will disappoint you. It seems like a very talented artist handed over some great work to a junior high school coding class. I can't believe it originally cost $20. I feel cheated that I paid $5 for it. Run away from this one.

Mark Speranza

Wow! Amazing game I never write reviews but I am taking my time to write this one. This game is worth every penny I spent on it. It's challenging, clever and the game worked flawlessly. Thank you to the creators you guys did a wonderful job making this beautiful game.

Gerald Dawson

A thinking game This game is tough but logical and I didn't use any hints until the very final puzzle (I'm tone deaf). It took a couple of weeks... every time I got stuck I slept on the problem and the next day a moved forward. Nice challenge and good value.

Greg Main

Brilliant !! This is an EXCELLENT game/app !! Really enjoyed solving this story. great artwork, great music and great atmosphere. Wish there was more , Machinarium 2 perhaps ??. give the little robot guy and his robot gal some more adventures !. hats off to you Amanita!

Eric Dinkins

Very challenging adventure/puzzle game Picked this up during the Christmas sale. I was a little reluctant to play, but once I started, I was glad that I did. This game is uniquely designed, and the story is clever and engaging. As most have said, this game is super hard to figure out sometimes. Luckily, the designers developed two ways to help players progress through the game when stuck. It is very easy to abuse these "shortcuts" so the challenge is to only use them when you have exhausted every ounce of brain capacity. Buy it!

Ali Nooshin

Wow - it's good Great and challenging game. The story line is awesome and there are enough challenges to keep you going for days! Well worth the price. On s3 some parts look small but you can zoom in so it's fine.

Neil Peters

Great fun Really awesome, great look and design. Takes a while to complete and had to use hints frequently and consult a walkthrough a couple of times. Well worth installing if you like these kind of games - top notch! !

Dustin Davis

Excellent game, very well done This game is amazing, from the graphics to the puzzles and level designs. The puzzles were not simple, but solvable with effort. Some of the tasks I had to look up because it wasn't intuitive on what I needed to do or because the controls didn't respond properly when I attempted to do something which made me think I was doing it wrong. I was disappointed at the last puzzle being a sound puzzle since I always have sound disabled. What if I were deaf? Finished in 3 days. Hope there is a sequel.

Carl Castro

It's a challenge. Countless lunch breaks were dedicated to this game! The visuals in this game gives you a sense of a dark but quirky setting. It's an oppressed world run by robotic thugs and they have your woman slaving away in the kitchen. The people in this world help you along the way but they'll be expecting something in return, usually some sort of special item. Solving puzzles is the whole idea here. Solve a puzzle, you get an item, and someone helps you. Great game, visuals and story. Kudos to the developers.

Francoise Dennis

Fantastic Game This game is absolutely fantastic, graphics are great. Very challenging, had to use the hint on every level the first time I played it. You even have to earn the walkthroughs. I usually delete my games after I've finished playing but this one I've kept. Wish there were more like it. Highly recommend it.

Alexander Rogers

Nuts and bolts puzzle is ridiculous Solved every stage up until then and even with youtube vids and walkthoughs cant be beaten. Great game but that just makes it worthless

Bill Finch

Fun game in a creative world! Is a fun and at times challenging game that has many hidden elements and all help the story grow.

Anna Ryan

Beautiful story Really enjoyed it. hope you make more like it!!!

Samuele Catuzzi

Nice! Something doesn't work at the first try even if you guess right, anyway it's very good graphics, sound and overall it's a good adventure

Spencer Abdo

Play crashes when I push install Help. 5 stars for a fix. Fixed

Chris Neale

Great game Fixes make it pleasurable again

Amin Jones

I cheated

Keith Fitzroy

LG G4, Absolutely love this game, but i originally purchased this game a few years ago now and for some reason i have to buy it again not sure why please explain?

Mat Cooper

---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~--- I played this game on the PC when it was first released. Can't believe the whole thing was written in Flash! Beautiful graphics, great music and sound, utterly charming characters, amazingly memorable and astoundingly atmospheric locations; just a joy to behold. I play with a mouse via a micro-USB adaptor which I bought from eBay for 99p - it's far superior. Happy to buy again to support this great, great game!


So freaking adorable!!!! I love this game. It's challenging, intelligent, and fun. Great concept, great scenery, and worth every penny. I'd have paid twice if I had to. Not one glitch worth whining about compared to the constant entertainment it provides. I purchased this game for my boyfriend because he's super smart and likes challenging games. It came through. This company does it right. Great game for everyone.

Matthew Gurney

Amazing What a game. Had me puzzled for days, rele satisfying when you don't use any hints to get through. Very thought provoking and a beautiful game all round musically and game play as well as rele addictive. Get it!

Jason Traweek

Brilliant! This is an outstanding game. Creative, unique graphics and an excellent music score by the composer Floex. It can be just challenging enough to be interesting, but not overly so. Highly recommended.

Mark Federkeil

Wow This game is probably the best game I have ever played. I don't have to have WiFi or 3G like most other games. Don't listen to everyone who say its insane hard because I have got very far yes it takes a little bit to get but its worth it. Don't and I repeat don't use the walk through I haven't yet or even any clues trust me you will get it the walkthrough will make the game boring. Its really not as hard as people say I'm only 14 and I'm doing fine.

Paul Mealor

Beautiful This is a lovely game. Amusing, beautifully drawn, great sound and music. The puzzles all make sense - you don't have to resort to trying every one of your items with everything on the screen. Even accessing the walkthrough is fun.

Pete Mahon

Brilliant Difficult at times, awesome audio and sweet storyline. My idea of a perfect game.

Elzo Salloum

So Excited The best action game I ever get

Ashok Dhakal

Amazing This is a very beautiful game. The quality is amazing and the idea is just brilliant.

Steve Goscinski

NOT designed for phones The game looks pretty cool. The graphics are nice. The puzzles seem pretty good but the game is clearly not designed to be played on a phone. The small screen just doesn't show the detail making some of the puzzles very difficult. I'm sure it would be more fun on a larger screen

Valentin David

Best point and "touch" adventure game on Android.

Brice P.

Cannot complete Match 5 crashes before it can be completed. Tried like 30x, crashes every time. GS5.

Clare Tomlinson

Magic Great fun and good challenge

Mohammed Alfaouri

Very nice but short

Nadine Keyter

Machinarium Difficult. But brilliant

Bethany Offenbacker

So much fun! Certainly challenging, but loved every minute of it! Superb graphics, soothing audio, smooth game play, intriguing storyline, this game has it all. Needed the walkthrough help only a few times, hints were a great help.

Amy Newsome

Great game! Beautiful, interesting storyline. Controls are slightly buggy, otherwise I'd give it five stars. Also, I have been stuck on one puzzle for days...I am playing from and earlier spot to see what I missed.

Сергей Сологуб

Last puzzle may be impossible If you have no ear for music, it would be realy impossible to complete the last puzzle of the game. It was the only puzzle I couldn't solve in this game without passthroug cheat - because there is nothing to solve here and it's necessary to have an ear for music. That's only one reason to give it 4, not 5. In all the other aspects this game os one of the best quests (and surely the best for Android platform) I have ever played.

Chelsea Bell

Crash and burn Fun puzzles, interesting story with no dialogue, but crashes CONSTANTLY. Make sure you save after pretty much every screen or you'll randomly lose most of your progress.

Andrew Schulz

This is the most beautiful game I have ever played. The graphics are spectacular and I find the gameplay very smooth and enjoyable. Worth every one of the 5 stars

Michael Nicholls

Superb Great puzzle game, beautiful, works really well, a few tiny annoyances, but this game is definitely worth 5 stars. I only hope they make a sequel.

Marc Piscaer

Great But Have A Problem In the episode where you exit the lift into the lobby the lights are off, the vacuum cleaner is standing in the middle of the lobby and the lever on the left side of the lobby is suppose to move the vacuum cleaner but has it no effect on the vacuum cleaner. If I had known this I would not have wasted my money - What's the point of it all if I can't complete it! If you have a bug fix please send it!!

Anne Truong

Beautiful yet crashes a lot The biggest drag of this android port is the crashing which occurs quite a bit. It takes you out of the immersive world and is really frustrating. Hoping they can fix this soon.

Hillary Strilko

This would probably be a great game, but it just doesn't translate to a standard Android phone screen well at all. You can't see many of the items you are supposed to collect or the buttons & control details to play the game without having to resort to hints and walkthroughs. Cute robot and clever game scenarios, but not fun to have to read walkthroughs to figure out every scene.

Sandy Aiello

Nice Challenging Game ...with one exception: The space invaders type mini-game requires hand eye coordination which I don't have. The walk through hints have to be earned this way as well. I play these type games because I don't enjoy time limits or shooting style games. That said, the story line was cute. I actually got my daughter interested in it because she played the one mini-game/puzzle which I could not. Thanks to the designers and I anticipate others like this!

David Rovelo

Amazing game On my Samsung A3 beautiful experience, nice grafics, amazing sound! It was one of the greatest game I've ever played... just one thing, is there a second part of the game? I felt it a little bit short jaja! Just one day to finish it, lol...?????

Clive Gorman

Beautiful But Frustrating Gorgeous but lacks a satisfying logical approach to the puzzles. Too cryptic to be truly rewarding because you feel like you're progressing through dumb luck and trial and error.

Alexandria Graves

Impossible oxo pc I was enjoying the game up until i had to play oxo with the robot to get the bolts. The pc is impossible to beat, so now im unable to move forward in the game and very unhappy. If the robots difficulty is brought down to a beatable level i'll be happy to give five stars. Until then only two for a game i paid for that has become impossible to progress in.

Julian Milne

Inferior to PC Version, but pretty good port! A pretty short game, but well worth what you pay for! The art style is beautiful, the animations are fluid, the story is portrayed in a fantastic manner, and the sound design and music is wonderful! Aside from the controls being somewhat frustrating if you have a small screen, I definitely don't think it would be a hassle on a tablet. All in all, I prefer the PC version more, but this is an amazing game, and a decent port!

Ammy Rayne

Excellent game, challenging puzzles. This game is gorgeous, first of all. The art style and interface are unique and aesthetically pleasing, and the tone of the game is very well conveyed. The puzzles are challenging as well, and force players to think of new ways to do things that might not be obvious at first. It is a very intelligent game that is both accessible and (often frustratingly) difficult. I would recommend making the arcade minigame controls easier like the walkthrough spider game's.

tom o'd

This game is great but I hate space invader kind of games and since the game is a touch screen game, the constant hitting the screen to move and fire the missle launcher is not good for the screen, sometimes it moves and sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it fires, sometimes it doesn't, then you tap the screen harder.

Thomas Globig

Incredible! I've never been the biggest fan of phone games but this one is the best I've ever played. It's beautiful, creative, and highly entertaining! I highly recommend it to everyone.

Jocke H

Great game, 3 problems I love the game, however I have three problems. 1. The game does not want to load ingame updates on a cellular data connection. 2. Google play says APP_MISCONFIGURED and cloud save and progress is not recorded. 3. On my Android TV box I cannot select mouse mode, it defaults to controller mode.

Edwin Ramirez

Beautiful game. But it's crashing too much. The load screen says it's on level 12, the game crashes everytime I cross the bridge between the floor with the street musicians and the clock with a fountain.


Please help I absolutely love this game! It's one of the best out there! It's brilliant with it's quirky humor, mysterious challenges and creatively fun design. Thank you! For some reason, on level 5 with the cat, bird and electric fence, I cannot grab the puzzle piece from the inventory and insert it with the rest of the puzzle in order to complete it. Every time I try to grab the puzzle piece from inventory the puzzle closes out and doesn't allow me to. Do you have any suggestions?

Samuel Vaughn

Love it One of the greatest mobile games I've ever played. Challenging, intriguing, and overall, beautiful.

Bo jo

What the hell I get towards the end of the game. I exit the elevator and no lights on in the lobby ,I need power to finish the level. I've watched many walk through and all the power is on when they exit the elevator. I have only been saving in one spot on the save board so I do not want to start over. I guess that's why you have so many save spots because it has bugs?

anylec rainbows

Make it longer. I really wish the game would have been longer. Like made it so people playing could help them find new land or a new place to live and some more adventures, I think that would make it a lot more fun. Since I paid 4.99$ for it I thought it would have had more adventure than just one basically, or is the 9.99$ an even longer version? Would have given it five but it to me was to short now I'll be looking for another game like it.

Craig Raeside

Brutal Torturous, mind bending, agonising, engaging and fun.

Łukasz Żebrowski

Fantastic journey Great puzzles, challenging enough to get you going. Simple yet engaging story. Music and graphics are simply enchanting. My girlfriend loved it.

Nikki James

Glitch? Refund please........Completely stuck on fernace level the crane is picking up the critter but not swinging round so I can jump onto the shelf I've researched walkthroughs and the lever sequence is correct my guy is just stuck in the crane next to the shelf....very frustrating I've seen many people say this is a fault with the game.

John Foster

Beautiful... But ... Pretty much unplayable on mobile phones. You need to wear magnifying glasses to see anything.

Steff-Annie Lyn-Memo

Love, Love, Loveeeee! I played this game on my laptop before choosing to purchase it on my phone, and I must say, the graphics are just as great as they we're on my computer. The storyline is amazing and highly addictive. The puzzles range between easy and medium with hints if your stuck. I highly recommend this game ^^

Vlad Gabriel

Last update The game is great and after the last update it doesn't crash constantly anymore.

Christopher Pilot

Best Game Ever First bought this for my Windows tablet, but loved it so much I got it for my Android devices as well. Just a superb game in all aspects. Console quality graphics and game play. Just incredible.

Julian Kennedy

Love this game The quality and atmosphere of this game is amazing. I've spent so many hours on it already. Highly recommended


Great game Really enjoyed it, i just finished it yesterday. I want more games like this.

terry ayers

Best money I ever spent 10 stars I played a lot of games, but this is the first one I was ever disappointed to finish. Wish it went on just a bit longer. My thanks to all involved in the development of this game.

Stephen Parker

A must have! Hours of absolute torment...but a great feeling completing levels without cheating. It really is a must if you want to go a bit mad!

Simply Cody

Good game I absolutely love this fun little game. I've played and 100% it on my PS3, Vita and my friends Vita. Wish it would come out for the PS4. So I can 100% on there too. Love it a lot!

Stephen Waters

Crashes It's a great game, unfortunately it keeps crashing on my Xperia, a shame. A real shame considering it cost me over $6 to install.

Lorant Koszegi

Amazing! One of the best games i've ever played on mobile! It has everything you would want from a game: awesome puzzles, story, funny moments. Worth every cent, on my way to buy the sequel.

Tugkan Batu

Fun! It was great fun! Enjoyed, even with the occasional tricky puzzle. At the end, I wanted more.

chris bird

Yay For Puzzles! This game has good puzzles and some took a number of tries to work out. Looks good, sounds good, plays good.

Joshua Ball

Lots of depth Very well done. Very creative world, and the nostalgic minigames are fantastic.

Melita Lee

So good! Loved it so much. From the adorable bots to some ridiculously tough puzzles. Was such a joy to play. The lack of words meant the communication to the player had to be (and is) very instinctive. Great game overall!

Roberto Valle

Beautiful and fun, but... Ok, its a veeery linear puzzle game, and there is only one way to solve the game. Personally, i like more creative games, and this makes you feel trapped sometimes. But its a puzzle game! Its supposed to be that way. Had a bit of frustration with the clicking, particularly with levers. Kicked me out to desktop a couple of times. Save your gaame after each puzzle. Poor ending. Zero replayability.Gets three because its beautiful art and original concept. Oh, and its on the short end. Do buy it if curious.

Samuel Vaughn

Love it One of the greatest mobile games I've ever played. Challenging, intriguing, and overall, beautiful.

Heidi Korhonen

Would love it but... Nice game, humoristic, beautiful output, nice music and atmosphere. Difficult controls and sometimes a little unlogical puzzles. Giving only two stars because I'm stuck in catching the cat. The game is not allowing me to put the missing piece in the electricity box and so I'm unable to move forward. Very frustrating. Bad coustemerservice. I asked them to fix the problem or refund. No reply...

Eva O'Donnell

Really absorbing and amusing game. Controls were sometimes tricky but it didn't get frustrating because it's not really an action game.

Mark Jordan

Don't Miss This Great Adventure/Puzzler! Galaxy Note S Pen Compatible. Now Works With Moga Pro In HID B mode??? Game is best on larger screen phones & tablets. This review Galaxy Note 5 running 5.1.1, works with S Pen, Moga Pro and Moga Pro Power in (B) mode. Beautiful graphics, good sound track & FX. Took me around 6+ hours to finish the game. I wish the game was longer because it's that GOOD! Please make a sequel to this great game????

Hayden G

Not a Cake Walk Only gripes are slow movement and problems that sometimes seem completely impossible to solve without dumb luck. Overall though, great game.

Tim Simmance

Looks good. Gameplay could be slicker. The art looks really good. Puzzles seem engaging (have only played a short while). But there's no feedback when you click, and as everything is in the same colour palette, it's difficult to know if you've just tried to select something (and missed) or if there's nothing there to select. Oh, and can developers include a "move to SD card" option for larger games (unless there's a good reason why not that I'm missing).

Chad Sharp

Unplayable on Hudl 2, I'd like my money back. The lvl where you have to tempt the dog out with a squirt of oil, dog comes out but gun will not latch onto the dog. Watched online video but no success copying gameplay.

Robyn Laing

Unplayable The puzzles themselves seem pretty ok (a bit too tedious for my taste) but it's nearly impossible to accurately click on the right objects to properly interact with them. I find myself completely stuck and using the walkthrough only to find that something I tried to click on repeatedly was indeed what I should have done. This has been the entire first few chapters for me and I can't stand to play it for another moment.

Dave Sacerdote

Not good on my Android. Beautifully designed game with some clever puzzles, but game controls are just completely broken on my Note 5. I don't regret buying it because I know it's awesome on other platforms, but had I known it was this screwed up and virtually uncontrollable for me, I wouldn't have bought it for my phone.

Richard Riley

Lovely ambience But pretty tricky without resorting to the built-in walkthrough. Simply couldn't be bothered to finish the maze shoot at the end. Super music, presentation and humour but I get the impression some of the more obscure stuffing is there to provide longevity.

Bill W

Excellent Love this game on pc and more of the same on my tablet :-) A must have if you appreciate great artwork/graphics, and the gameplay isn't too hard if you only have but a few brain cells. All puzzles in the game can be completed, EVERYTHING works so if you have a problem, it's either you or your device. Excellent work and thanks to the devs at Amanita Design

Rob Makin

Amazing visuals but difficult game play. This game looks great, but the game play is not very user friendly. Controls are not easy and hard to direct character at times. Game play takes a lot of getting used and I originally gave this game a very low rating, but I persevered with it and im glad i did. Eventually i got used to game play and really enjoyed game once i did. Visually it's excellent and has great touches in the game play. It's close to being perfect, but game play let's it down.

Tony Moore

Very unique! Imaginative, funny, puzzling, relaxing, immersive, and funky! So.....give me more, thank you!

Jacques Combrinck

There's not one game that can compete with this. It hit me so deeply, the game and the soundtrack. Soundtrack fits perfectly and.. so beautiful.. the best. with it and it's just beyond words how I can describe this. Bravo

Giorgio Mariani

Unplayable and unpleasant Nice aesthetic, but this game is sub -Myst turd in terms of the puzzle design. Unintuitive and unclever solutions with a poor sense of interactivity throughout the levels.

Charles-Philippe Bowles

Cute animation and unique universe Overall, it's quite enchanting in a fun and original world. Unfortunately, I had to rely on a walk-through far too puzzles. Maybe I'm just not used to these brainteaser point and click adventures anymore...

Claudia Garcia-McIntosh

Quirky, glitchy Only made it to 2nd level, little robot stuck on light pole, won't move at all. Hate the stupid game you have to play to get instructions. Too bad, because the concept and graphics are outstanding. Sigh, uninstalling it for the 2nd and last time.

Bill W

Excellent Love this game on pc and more of the same on my tablet :-) A must have if you appreciate great artwork/graphics, and the gameplay isn't tear your hair out hard, but you do have to have patience and use a few brain cells. That is if you want a challenge and not a gimme game. All puzzles can be completed, EVERYTHING WORKS so if you have a problem, it's either you or your device. Excellent work and thanks to the devs at Amanita Design. ☺☺☺

Josh T

Good Graphics Spoiled by Klunky Control It is a beautiful and enjoyable game. What a special ambiancs.But awkward and klunky controls really take away. Took an hour just to get past first screen. The unforgiving XO game is ludicrous. Why? Had to beat it by using another computer. There needs to be a balance between playability and challenge. However glad to support independent developers.

Trevor Hosek

Good game, bad software This review was going to be 5 stars. Machinarium is a beautiful game. The puzzles are challenging enough to be fun but not too hard. The art style is amazing, and I loved the world i was in. The characters, even with such little voice, were interesting and unique. However, this game suffers from terrible software. Very often, the game would crash randomly, resulting in lost progress. This makes the game almost unplayable, and resulted in me permanently losing an item necessary for progression.

Sina Nejad

Fantastic game. The story, animation, and music are all sublime. Can be very challenging with some puzzles but is ultimately rewarding and enjoyable. The only issue I had was lag in certain areas that had a lot of rendering, taking away my immersion into the game at times. Overall a wonderful game that requires critical thinking to escape Machinarium.

Jesse Berardi

Loved this game! An absolute brain challenge start to finish. Literally looking for a sequel on Google Play

Kevin Rucker

Amazing on Android TV Great game - hard to pick up and often hard without using the provided guides in every area, but the plot is great and the minigames you stumble across are fun and have surprising depth. Fun puzzles, great art, worth it.

Jeremy Kosick

Pretty cool, just hard to see the details needed to complete the puzzels due to small screen size and limited zoom.

Mark Jordan

Don't Miss This Great Adventure/Puzzler! Galaxy Note S Pen Compatible. Now Works With Moga Pro In HID B mode??? Game is best on larger screen phones & tablets. This review Galaxy Note 5 running 5.1.1, works with S Pen, Moga Pro and Moga Pro Power in (B) mode. Beautiful graphics, good sound track & FX. Took me around 6+ hours to finish the game. I wish the game was longer because it's that GOOD! Please make a sequel to this great game????

Elizaveta Matveeva

A great adventure, funny, heartwarming and downright beautiful. If you believe they don't make good adventures anymore, play this. (One gamebreaking bug though: when you have to get 3 red wrenches it is possible to flood the room first, and then you never get the third wrench, neither from the book nor from elsewhere. I had to load. Would be fair enough in a Sierra adventure from the 90s, but not here... 5 stars anyway, the game is too amazing, and that will be fixed soon I guess.)

Lisa Runa

F $!#ing Fabulous. Throw your money at the screen people. Well worth it. Also highly recommend Botanicula. I was a bit sad when I beat this game, just wanted to play forever. It's such great art and music, funny, cute and challenging! I really hope there will be more amazing games by Amanita. ^.^ *also wish there were live wallpapers and notifications/ring tones from this game! :)

Sjoerd van Hinthum

Unique style Loved it. I'm a long time fan since the early Samorost flash games, but this game takes it to another level. I had to save often, I experienced a lot of crashes on my Oneplus One when going from one room to another. But nothing game breaking. 5 Stars despite the crashes. I'm stoked for Samorost 3!

Daniel Crook

Part way through, ruined it I like the game so far but the controls are pretty rubbish. My biggest problem though is the main menu. Don't accidently hit new game!! There's no going back :/

David Rovelo

Amazing game On my Samsung A3 beautiful experience, nice grafics, amazing sound! It was one of the greatest game I've ever played... just one thing, is there a second part of the game? I felt it a little bit short jaja! Just one day to finish it, lol...?????

Cara Maassen

Expensive for what it is Quite short overall. The things you have to complete for the story are quite random/not very logical. Pretty much have to use the in game hints and guides all the time. Don't think it's value for money.

Heather Slawski

Well it WAS really fun I love these types of games and this one is quirky and fun. At least it WAS, until I got to the 5 in a row mini game. Played for hours and can't beat the computer and no online patters and strategies help. I want to keep playing but I can't get passed this stupid mini game. What a waste of a beautiful game


Great variety puzzle game Good: Interesting art style, fun story, difficulty seems just about right. Bad: owl breaking cable was unintuitive, I still don't know what the Moon time for the clock did, and sound puzzle was too hard (or I'm tone deaf). Ugly: port needs control indicator so I don't exit when I want something by a door

tom o'd

This game is great but I hate space invader kind of games and since the game is a touch screen game, the constant hitting the screen to move and fire the missle launcher is not good for the screen, sometimes it moves and sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it fires, sometimes it doesn't, then you tap the screen harder, now it takes 30 to 40 seconds to load the game after it's been turned off.

B Lawson

Challenging, dare I say very hard Probably my 5th time reinstalling this over the years, I'm a casual gamer and find this very challenging, but an enjoyable puzzle game and it plays and looks great, so I keep coming back. This time, the slime I'm going to beat it....

Dafydd Jones

Brilliant game but...... On the level when you have to catch the cat and have to put the puzzle peace in the electricity box it won't let me do it!!! It's driving me mad!!! And I can't moove on till I've sorted it! if this doesn't get sorted I'd like a refund.......

Jeff Peake

Pure frustration Bought this on the strength of the reviews, but I wish there were a free level or two to try it out first; if so, I never would've purchased it. Imaginative artwork, but it doesn't make up for the fact that it is incredibly frustrating even with a walkthrough for guidance.

Joseph Carpenter

Brilliant but I can't play the lock mini games! £4 and I can't play it. I'll have to give it the missus. She appreciates games like this, you see, whereas I think it's great fun but a major setback that I can't get anywhere in it! It's pretty too! Shame. (This happens to me a lot) now I have no space left on my tablet but hey ho what the fudge eh?!

Clayton MacKnight

Beautiful game terrible controls I love this game and the story is cute and funny at times. But, man o man the controls! So many times I've gotten. So frustrated not because of the puzzles but because of the ridiculous controls. Some of them are really tiny. I have a galaxy s7 and this game is unplayable at times because of that. Specifically the space invaders game. If you hit the screen of the game it exits. Even if you are in the middle of game (and about to score the necessary amount of points!).

mark palmos

Works very well on the Nvidia Shield Android TV box and others should take note how well point and press can work with a console. Much too hard, and I gave up after the second puzzle.

Kim Brouer

Like a particularly frustrating old school point-and-clicker without the charm. Graphics look great on a hi-res tablet, but touch un-friendly controls, and a total lack of logic to several of the puzzles, make it a tiresome experience. Far better puzzle adventures exist.

Neko Mom

Bought and won't load. Black screen Wasted money on a non functioning game all I get is a black screen. Refund. No reply or response to email. No customer support. Install at own risk you won't get refund if it doesn't work.

steve clottey

Best puzzle adventure ever It's like one of those dreams where you wake up thinking 'what was that' but hope you can go back in to finish it off. Waiting for more titles to hit the store

Laura Bridge

Great graphics but a bit fiddly I had this game for a while played it on and off but could not get used to the controls. You could work out what to do but getting the character to do it was sometimes very awkward. Once I got used to it though I was hooked. Great puzzle. Will there be another one?

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