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4 Apr
M&A Game

Posted by ansarada in Simulation | April 4, 2016 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

Be the world’s greatest deal maker. Join more than 38,000 players from around the world as featured in the New York Times and Wall St Oasis.

This game allows you to pit your deal-making wits against the business world. Packed with new features and challenges, the ansarada M&A Game Version 3.0 is bigger, better and bolder than ever before.

Developed by leading Australian play agency 3RDSENSE, the M&A Game has been specially designed to test the deal-making skills of investment bankers, analysts, lawyers and accountants.

Players create their own customized avatar, design their corporation, and start building their empire with a portfolio of companies from across industry sectors by buying, selling or merging.

The ansarada M&A Game creates M&A scenarios where you get to pit your business wits against hostile sellers and fiercely competitive bidders.

Amass a global fortune and work your way up the coveted leader board.

Whats new

    - Security improvements
    - Multiplayer leaderboards bug fixed which caused app to hang
    - Session token fixed
    - Multiplayer Leaderboards now filter out inactive users.
    - Small bug fixes
    - Classic leaderboards and social media sharing fixed.

ansarada part of our Simulation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 4, 2016. Google play rating is 72.2922. Current verison is . Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download m-a-game.apk 28.0 MB


Stuart Taylor

It has potential..... ....but at the moment is rather poor. Needs a clock to mark the passage of time. Needs offline gains/losses too as at the moment it is far too slow and tedious. Requires a vast improvement to hit even 4* however, it does have potential to be absolutely brilliant. Lets hope the devs have the skill to make the potential a reality.

Mason Estep

The Profit - The Game If you like the show the Profit on CNBC, you're going to love this game. Similarly if you're involved in private equity, corporate acquisitions, or small business you'll enjoy this game as well. I will hold off on giving it a five star rating however until the passage of time is visualized. I understand the short-game, long-game nature of the game, but aside from yearly updates it'd be nice to have a simple monthly clock at the bottom of the interface. If this is addressed I'll add five stars and share it

Abdool Jhumka

no concept of time. gets boring very quick buy a company then what? there's no way of knowing how time goes buy. when do you make a profit or loss.

Syed Ali

Great concept needs to work out kinks 1. Faster Pace of earnings 2. Instruction Manuel.

Jarod Miller

Blocked out. Was playing and got Blocked out of game. Of course that was once I started progressing in the game.

Reuben Davies

Good A not daunting at first but once you get use to the ins and outs it is a very good game.

Sri Ganesh

Awesome! Guys who need to start a startup company this game is useful to enrich your tactics and business strategy.

Matt Crabtree

Have to register? Why do i need to register and submit my email in order to play? No thanks

June Bug

Kinda hard to get capital...

Frederick Finter

Slight glitch When I go to look at the events affecting my company, it says it's loading then goes to a bank white screen this happens about one half of the time but still a great game

Bujar Mamudi

INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO BEAT THE GAME Change the date in android settings while playing the game. You'll get more money that way towards beating the game in 20 minutes or less.

vahn chong

crash cant register on samsung galaxy mega 6.3 the crash

Traci Bland

I like it... but... There should be a way to make cash while offline... say like a percentage of what you earn online. Then buy items within game (not extra creds or anything) to increase that percentage. I really like the game but it's incredibly slow :-(

Stephon R

Crashes clicking events Crashes every time i try to look at events fix please!

James L

So many probs... could have been great Pros.1 original game tons of potential. Cons 1skills aren't explained and most seam useless.2almost no instructions.3phone calls n events are random. U get a call pick from 2 options without strategy if right you get a unnoticable boost. Wrong and the companys ruined forever. Like gambling your life saving to try and win a dollar.4U get paid really slow like ever 10 mins if game is open. Screen locks u get nothing.5. Upgrades do nothing..basically a game of luck. Buy company cross fingers. Sell. Repeat

Chris Jackson

Instructions PLEASE!!???? Well this game is alredy so nuch fun ans super interesting! But where or how to i find instructions for playing this game??? I am very unfamiliar with any of the lingo in this game. Some study material would be worth while. I would play this game constantly if i could learn something about what it is i am doing here!

Nicholas Yribarren

Bugs got fixed Events page stoped saying what they were. Now it works.yay

Jen F

Can't make money without running the game.... I loved the game a lot but I can't keep my phone running this app for hours to make money. Either make the game faster, or let us gather money when not playing.

Christian Kopecki

Love it but It needs to move faster. Maybe a next month button or something at the bottom of the screen to make it faster. Other than that, I love it.

Eddy Lopez

Is there any way to make money without being in the game?

Daniel Darwish

Great game Cool for more than a month and still playing only one problem the game crash and become blank after 10 minutes or if I touch Manu...this is suck coz I like this game its suit me,please fix this

Armin Durakovic

Inreresting game, but a bit repetitive

Boon Juan

Event Page Once you go to the event page it just hangs. Please solve the problem. I can't see what is going on with my company.

Ryan Garza

That's as best of a rating I can give It would be a good game if you fix the following: 1. The negative impacts outweigh any good business decision you make. You cannot do anything to prevent those negative events. 2. The phone calls with 2 options only. There is not an option to get more information before you make a decision that tanks the company. 3. No way of making money when not playing.

Currey Pasuco

It's an awesome concept I like the idea of the game but it is stupid. I just lost 90% of revenue for no reason. Pointless to do anything because there is no reason for the stuff that happens.

Randy Prasetyo

Luck shouldn't be the largest factor in succeeding in this game It's nice that now I can invest and do things with my company, but luck-based decisions? Please. Choices like "The stock market is undergoing a change, choose A or B and see where luck takes you" is a bad idea. There's should be a strategic aspect there, like a chance to weigh the pros and cons of choosing an option, or presenting players with some data, for instance. This game needs improvement on the strategy part.

Ben Newman

Awesome.... But. This game is seriously awesome. Technical, difficult, and has satisfying depth for a mobile game. The UI is absolutely beautiful and simple. I score it a four instead of five for a couple reasons. 1) none of the screens auto update. It would be really nice if when a month passes, it would update funds automatically. Currently I have to visit the portfolio screen and then hit back to refresh my cash in hand. 2) I would love to see an advance month or advance quarter button rather then a passive timer(?).

Stella Tucker

Great game, but buggy I think this game is great and I love the strategic decision making. It's a little buggy though. The other day my events stopped working. I can't see anything at the bottom of my screen. Also, any capital that is given daily is credited, but not spent seems to disappear the next time I open the app.

James Bailey

Fun but slow The game is fun and I like how you can name your merged companies. It starts out a little slow then it's got a period of fast paced buying and merging. Then it slows down at the end. Once you get a couple hundred billion and you are making a couple billion every time you sign on it gets a little boring. Overall it is very fun, I just wish it would explain what all of your vet skills do. Putting points on strength and x factor have to do something. A HELP SECTION, GUIDE, OR TUTORIAL WOULD BE NICE.

Jon Robbo

Would be 5 if bug free Brilliant game. Nice idea's but ive got to a point in my savedgame where every positive and negative decision i make leads to a negative impact on my company in question's finances. Please fix. Cheers

Peety Poppers

Good Game I have no flipping idea what is going on in this game. As long as I get cash in the end. Like no guide and very reliant on luck. Lastly extremely slow, there is no pace at all. A snail can move faster than this game. I know, I have a tank with 5 in it.

Francis Ofori-Peprah

The idea is great but changes need to be made The concept is great. I feel like I have been waiting for a game like this to come out. But I have a few problems though. Finally figured out how to increase money faster but took me a couple tries. You should be able to grow money while app is closed. Second my company always appears to tank after a certain length of time even with upgrades. How is that possible if your improving the company? I also agree with others in the belief that luck shouldn't be the major factor.

TJ VanWagner

Great Game I am waiting for my resume request. Challenging game that is fun to work through.

Jovan Galovic

.... U need to make a timer, i never know when ill get money, and sometimes i have nothing to do, so....

Leland Lewis

Like the game I love this game and it's challenging. Just keep it updated and bugs free

Patrick Moorhouse

Absolutely amazing Most fun you can get, and it's a real like virtual business game that is highly addictive and highly recommended

Christopher Scalcucci

Buggy Concept is great and the game is designed well. But no matter what decisions you make, it seems impossible to make linear progress. I spent 3 hours with companies that drop from $11 million to $2 million for no reason. Value seems arbitrary, and events are luck based. Very unfun to watch everything tank and you have no options to prevent it.

Travis Buckley

Super Fun For business simulation fans! But kinda stops working after awhile.

Joseph Mclain

Great idea poor execution Negative impacts far out way the positive impacts. Upgrades are literally pointless gives you no benefit. Plus the major "decision" making is done by a 50/50 chance of either negative or positive money for your portfolio.

Nuri Aydinel

Could be a great game But the game play doesnt make much sense.

James Oconnor

Good game needs improving Like the other complaints, no way to tell when time is passing. Very slow pace. Buy a company and that's it. Needs a way to fast forward through months.

Валерия Райз

Good! But, please, add Russian language. Because a lot of specific term

Ka mid zu

Boring Need more action, do something with time.

Евгений Квасов

Everything is good( but you need to think how to display or speed up time in the game

Максим Щеголев

Cool game! Very interesting game!

Christoper Greene

Great If you make a clock and go by faster definitely a 5

David E. Ramirez

Love the game. I just love the game. As a learning tool is incredible, as a game, its fun but maybe a tutorial or perhaps a guide for us "the non CFOs" would be great. Either way it's an amazing game.

Benj Deck

It has a big potential to be great. Maybe the game is exclusively built for Ansarada employees, I don't know, but it would have been awesome if ever I exit the game, the company I am managing will not be in suspended animation. Guys, you need to upgrade your game, what happened to the companies we took over, the startup companies we invested? This game has a lot of ways to be great. We hope you pay attention to the fans of this game.

Musketeer Desmond

A grade but could be A+ Good game. The pace of the game is good. Its better than Monopoly. If the turn button is provided than it would be awesome, but in present shape also its good. I would love some simple pictorial graphic update, a bit of hint mechanism while doing buying and selling. If anybody from developers is reading this then they should see how WCC (a cricket game) improved 180deg, into WCC2. What they did was that they openly asked for comments on fB and took playstore comments seriously. DEVELOPERS plz listen...

Fakhrul Azwar

So great It was so fun and it would be best if you can add a NEXT TURN or Month button so it will be easy

Charles Harris

Love it!!! The game is great, but if you were to add a turn button or a faster way to gain money or a way to speed up time, it would make this game Better!!!

Ehsan Babu

Love the Game One suggestion, you may add the total sector value of each sector, add the market share of each sector and the % of share I hold to a sector. One more thing is the time bar day by day... Even though I loved it...

Jordan Hinkle

Turn base or timer needed Please add a timer or turn base. I csnt tell u how long i stare at screen waiting for update. I like the game, but would really like to know. Because of this i dont play as much as i would like as sometimes just feels like big waste as i feel soemtimes it doesnt update.

David Cunningham

Why no turn button???!!!??? Good game but it really really really needs a turn button

chad conner

Needs a time skipper This game runs so slow without it that is bores me and I'm contemplating uninstalling it if it's not added soon.

Frank Kancir

A little slow at first But great in the long run. A next day button would fix that.


No tips or hints It hasnt any tips or hints to improve & develope my companies & also a little hard to make money by buying then selling companies or make profit whit them(or all in one by merge all of them)__ but its still a damn reallastic game__ go for 5 stars with adding tips

Sumeet Bharankar

Very slow and boring The game is left to the same time when exit it the company doesnt work nor the profits go up instead it goes down also the upgrades are of no use I trained my staff to see a downfall in my staff turn over. This is something which all the players are bugged of Creaters please pay attention to the review here or else the game would trash soon!

Raphael Joshua

Great! But some improvent and suggestions Its AWESOME! Like how you have to think before making decisons on what to invest in etc.One thing though,I dont really like the choices that u have to make if your COO or CFO calls u cus its always random. Sometimes I get cuts in value while sometimes I get gains.Pls change that.Also,may i suggest that it be made able for us to earn a profit from companies we takeover? If these improvements are made, this game would worth more than five stars!Cheers!

Logan Davis

Nailed It! I am a huge fan of business games--it is really my favorite type of game. There seems to be a lack of good business games, and I really tried to love this one. I've put hours into this game, and it just...doesn't do it. Firstly, the gameplay is basic and boring. Secondly, it seems like the destiny of companies you run are predetermined, no matter what actions you take? On top of all of that, the gameplay is way too slow and you can't toggle it. This game was entertaining, but now it's just boring.

M.obaid Aamir

Nice but need to work on it The time of 1 month should go faster and when we are low cash there should be a bank from where we can have loan . Need lot of work .

Mark Elegeert

No passage of time Game does not pass time in the background. There is also no visual of time progression.

Solomon Okoronkwo

Soooo Slow It's the definition of a just ok game. It would be a lot better if it was faster

David Patel

Anoyying please update When I try signing in I have to delete the app then reinstall other then this fault it is awesome

Michael Cedeno

Your game eat battery! Please, fix it for update!

Kagome Kato

Awesome game Can we get faster income and more options and notifications on something

neal niugal

Everything works exept the shop froze when i bought stuff now it just loads forever

Thomas Walker

Seems OK but it is very slow and doesn't tell you how to play

Imran Rafai

Looks stunning, bad very bad game play

Jay Choksi

Games trash. Not going to spend time explaining why. If you want to waste some time go ahead.

Ananda Fandi P.G

NOW I REMEMBER WHY I UNINSTALL THIS APP! Because it won't work in background.. My company funds will stay still.. My profit won't come untill i click something.. Pls fix!!

A Google User

2 updates and Still Slow and boring. Still no start or end of year time it just says the year. Give us a moving clock. If I get $513k profit why don't it get put on my $346k? I only get $130k it doesn't add up. Game is s**t.

Ron Denenea

Make an Advance Button and a clock When a user is done there should be a clear way to make the game advance. A clock would help also.

Charles Harris

Love it!!! The game is great, but if you were to add a turn button or a faster way to gain money or a way to speed up time, it would make this game a lot Better!!!

Zeek Maclone

App running Does anyone know if this runs in the background in real time? Or is it a must be on at all time app?

Pradeep Kumar

I like this Very nice game which leads me to know about the strategic of business. .

kayvan farivar

Love it It makes you think before pushing any buttons. It would be awesome if it came with a help or guide or manual or something really. Thank you people.

Carlton Bentwood

Good game but needs improvements Like if I have 5 million and i wanna spend 3 million buying a company plus another 1.1 million in lawyers, data room Etc. Etc. I can't do the deal cause for some reason the game acts like i have 1 nillion dollars less then what i actally have, It didn't do this at first but after a couple hours it started and on top of that the management gets anoying with much they come and ask me about something and it seems like no matter what option I chose with them I always get a multi million dollar penalty.

Sankaranand Balaradjou

i cannot login to my app after the M&A update. Even doing a reset password shows only loggin and then nothing happens

Nebil Ben Aissa

No password recovery So, I technically liked the game, but somehow the programmers think that it should have the security of an FBI application... Again, remind me why I need a password to play this game on my own cell phone?? ...anyway, if you lose your Vital password to this application, then the only way to get it back in is by asking the app to reset your password via email... Problem: their email servers are offline and don't send you the password, so you're technically locked out for good!!

Mr Joseph B

... How do you make money!?!

Ketan Patkar

Nice concept. Good game. Few tuneups are required in terms of purchase of companies.

Akash Parakh

Great concept that needs better execution Too slow and repetitive. Needs to be more informative


Good but Needs to be a turn based game - too slow without

Kevin Luca Tonino Leiser

Good idea but not more It is actually a fun concept. The problem is just that it doesnt have enough features and you can't take much influence. As soon as you bought a company yoy just have to wait till u got enough money. This process is very slow and transparent. I like the game idea but it definitely need further development, quickly! I would give more stars but till now its not worth more than two stars.

Michael Elftman

Too many glitches The game is fun, but there are too many glitches that completely stop play and crash.

Yaroslav Birchenko

Not so fun Or life like. Aaaand development has come to a stop.

Joshua Rivers

Was fun but development stopped and now boring It was a good concept but it needs more features and there's nothing new.

Matt Kosin

need a way to make money fast amd easier on the company's you own

Charles Harris

Love it!!! Trying to reset my password but not getting the email!?!?!?!? Help!!!

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