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2 Sep
Love Test

Posted by Acogame in Entertainment | Sept. 2, 2014 | 93 Comments

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A small FREE Love test app, it can tell you how much you love someone. It's funny and it can make you happy with your result
* Feature *
* Love test - it's a good love tester *
* Easy and funny with magic Love calculator*
* Share your result to FACEBOOK, let your love know it*
Now let's get fun with LOVE TEST

Whats new

    More accurate
    Lovely interface
    Fixed Cannot open error

Acogame part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2014. Google play rating is 79.6407. Current verison is 1.0.4. Actual size 1.6 MB.

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Shanice Griffin

Great gam I love this GAM I did me and my crush it was a good result then is girlfriend and it was bad thank god not a mach with is stupid girl yeah reiht

AiEyLah 0028

I like it but..... I reaLy like it .. awsome app ! But somtimes it says 'LOVE TEST HAS STOPED'

edsen tapado

Loves it!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) happy thoghts..... I like it so much!! Now Juvy knows if she love Gerardo then they can become the best couple ever!!! Every one loves him but he loves Juvy better

Gabrielle Rodriguez

Ticci Toby plus Gabby It's really cute I really love ticci toby he protects me if anyone bullies me or makes fun of me he will kill that person i hope we will be together forever!!!!!!!!!!!I actually feel bad about the kids who bullied me but i'm just happy that he is the one and he loves me one day I hope we get married and have a kid xD

Touty Crosby

Sweet heart I love this app i found my true love and i never tried it on any else because i love him better than ever

shahinaz Abdulrahman

Awesome Love it amazing test all lovers should try it but only if you lovers know alot about eachother cause they will ask questions about your love one

Katlin Rutledge

Get real This game does not even know my crush and what if I lied to it than it would be wrong its stupid and I love him more than 78% try 100%

Chris Schultz

Love This My crush is very bashful, so I never knew if my crush loved me. So I guess its says he loves me 75%!!!!

Autumn Keyer

Really.......,,, This stupid game told me that I and my crush jalen Watson are only a 76 percent. I mean I don't know if he really does like me but if he does then it has to be more than a mere z76???????IT isn't Really all that terrible but it definitely isn't the gr8est game of all time either

Hayley Toms

Best game ever If u have a crush and u Want to find out if your perfect for each other well this game is for u

James Jackson

Really good it's fun to play and it's great to pass the time rating 4 out 5 AWESOME SOOO much fun

carlosmanuel cabreradieguez

Awesome By the time i played my girl already had her results and mine was 81%... im sure is about right....

Kumud Kumari

Nice aap... I liked there is one problem ..what if i don't know his/her zodaic sign?

Hailey Payne

true love sucks they don't know aidan(my crush)like I do:-\

Landri Campbell

I did not like the game it dose not tell the truth it said i only like him 78% but it is not true try 100% this game is the worst im daleting this app it is the worst !!!!!! Litterly the wotst it is wrong it dose not know it dose not know my life it is the worst i love him more than they say

Blake Dunkeld Hosier

True Love My crush is; Bloom Rose Peters. And she doesn't even know I have a crush on her!! I wonder if maybe, she has a crush on me!!

Yasmina Benmassaoudi

Absolutely right I do love him but how will I be able to see if he does too ? Anyway this game is really hopefully :p

kOaLa BeAr

AWESOME I have 2 crazy crushes? one was 68% and the other 72% but I love the 68% one wayyyyyyyyyy more then 68%??

Kaelyn McFarland

Stupid And my boyfriend loves me so much he invited me to the bathroom

Kylie Wilson

Love It made me feel that i love him more than anything and we are ment to be I love him allways and forever I love him soooo much I cant say how much

Johnson Saintfleur

Cool Funny and cool and loving

Tasha Isaacs

I love it This is the best love test game ever try it its so fun and it tells u the correct results

OneGirl OnePc

I USUALLY Don't believe in this stuff... But... I really hope for the best when I ask them out q.q

Makayla Krystal Carriere

Liahnee I love the game l just love it I can say so much but if you're reading everything good I will waste your time I just love it

Alyssa Arnold

It is pretty cool I like it cause you can type any name in you want and get the scores

Olivia Anderson

:-[ Kaitlyn rated and said she got 78%and so did I stupid test's


Good But..... Its A Good App But, I Wish It Told You More Things About The Two When The End Results Are In!!

Ellie Weatherill

They don't know anything They don't know about our life its stupid game don't install it because its rubish and plus u know about who u want in ur life and heart so dont trust a silly game like this so dont get it or ur a idiot plus its not that bad I put my name in (Ellie) and then my boyfriend's (jaydn) and it was 99%

Jace E

Testing Love Connection A game that analyzes what is right & what is eventually wrong and correct in ones own relationship. Must answer the questions with a purpose & may not be 100% right.

shania broomfield

OK but... If you don't know their zodiac sign theirs no point

Mackenzie kenney

Wow How it ask quest. I don't know about u but I think it is true

Sandra Escobar

Love it Now I know how much me and my boyfriend like each other

Brooke Rose

Uvf!?guyfu No,I hate my answers and I really like him!

Jaykiva Burney

Marquaya Gordon It was fun but I don't 100% think it is true

Mya Peel

Loved it It was so better than sitting at the back of the class just doing nothing I told him how I felt about him

Madisyn Rutzen

Love Test It is a great game and it is the first time I ever had played!!"

Surgeons ladyoo

How rude I love him so much now that thing here is telling me that it is 73%

Colleen West

Liked It Love Testers are really good to know if your true love is really 'your one & only true lover'

Chloe Elia

Its ok My name is chloe and my loves name is Gabe I got a 90

Alex Schroeder

Brandon ???? I love a guy, Brandon Gavett, and it said that I only love him 78%!!! ? I love him alot! ? But I know he loves me back! I have a feeling. ?

Nadaria Lopez

I really like You guys gotta get this app! Please! Its really accurate! So try it but if you don't like it then uninstall it

Enoma Ebose

Is a very nice app but there suppose to be a place we're you can still drop some message.

Vaitai Rees

Liked it It OK not like it Rilly telling me the right things.

naomi Franklin

Love I never felt better when I tryed this app and I am officially great. ??

Paige Ernest

I think this game is cool I put my crush in and it said like 80 something but I still think it's true because latly my crush hasn't bee n so nice to me... tho last year he told me he loved me so.... now I'm sure we are meant to be... all comes in good time

Sophia Perrott

Love it It really is good because I did my dad and mum and it was 100 it tells the truth If I was you I'd install this app and you will get some good stuff and every time I go on it when I'm sad I get happy and sometimes I laugh to much and then I start going crazy install it! It will make your life even better then it is INSTALL!!!!!

Katie Lambert

Hmmmm Well, it's okay but I think they should do different questions. I also think that its a bit weird because I got 90% with my crush but it said not very good. Weird, but I think its pretty good overall.

Nicholas Huffman

I tried several different tests, all with different answers, and they all came up 72%!! Even when i did the terrible answers, it still came up 72%. It's stupid

Kayla Mayer

Its Great Its not the best it can have maybe a better look to it and it lags a few times here and there but its absolutely wonderful!

Dancing4 Ever

Loved it It was so cool and just cool I will talk to jacob(boyfriend) thank you so much for this app! :) @[email protected]

Faith Lawless

Cool This is awsome at the same time of being fake.

Kaylee Gould

Love it I think it is a awesome game for teens so much fun at those sleepovers or even just hanging out . I LOVED IT!!!!!!

mixie trixie

Awesome but... I like it its just it doesn't have a lot of purpouse to it but it is ok so three stars is all I'm gonna put for now

Ninja chicken

Its ok Its all right but its not true I asked my cruch if he like liked me and he said not a chance

Amanda Moss

Love game It is cool and Amanda is my mom my name is Karlee (this is her old phone) and this game is great and it tells you about how you guys love each other.

Alexis Walters

Awesome Definitely good and accurate me and my sister like the same person and he liked me when im going out with him and it tells me the truth

Ms. Jones

Its kinda of domb This app is kinda of dolmb because how do the app knows how much u like your man. Mine said I love Seyi %70but I actally love %100 . And that's my reasson why this app osnkinda domb. Maybe, if I told my friends to get this domb app they would say the DANG thing.

A Priestnall

Could be better I think of the questions are a little blunt and well you never really know what to answer if that makes sense

Tess r

Wow This is not accuret at all. I played with it and put all results and nothing said anything but not good or good.

Sophia Basta

:-) I have this boy in my class and i like him but he hates me so I'm hopping this game tells me we ate alike

R Woods

Real It said 100% and me and the girl actually got together because of this app, PLZ DOWNLOAD it is real no joke.

Kaci Frost

I like it but...... Its OK but they could improve the lagging and make it stop saying LOVE TEST HAS STOP that's kinda annoying

Mary Cox

Awesome I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me with any questions

euros thomas

Amazing Me and my boyfriend are 100% in love best game ever I always wanted to know if we were a really good couple and it turned out that we were madly in love. I don't know why but I was starting to think that he was cheating on me and I was going to ask him but now I don't have to what a relife


Laggy, but great!! Simple, And great! Just a bit laggy.

Yahira Rodriguez

Idk I do like it but how does it tell u how much he likes you? it just say the % so ...oh and also it is a lier because when I did the same person 2 times the first one was 75%and the second one was 99% so that thing is a fake and a lier

Dawnyae Cartwright

Awesome I did it on my crush but now I'm not seeing him any more

Elly Thomas

Wrong It said we are not a good match and all I can say is this game us WRONG...I like him,he likes me...end of story.This Game IS BAD!!!!!

Sadie Deeds

Love test This thing is awesome. I think it works really good.??????

Cadence Conklin

Love it! I love this game it is perfect! I am did it with my cousin and the score was 86% and that is how much I love him. p.s. sometimes he is a little mean??

Addison T

Some flaws It doesn't have a variety of answers to pick from and not the best questions

Hope Swor

This is a piece of crap Guys really a game can never tell if you are the perfect match! Be true to your self. Life can never really be predicted. Especially by some game. So please don't buy this. You need to find out if things really work out with a person by your self. Not t by listening to some game

Rochelle Alston

Grate app It said that. I had a 99%chance and then 10 months later boom married and then 4 mouths later 2 babies 1boy 1girl I had twins and. Because. Of this app I told him about it and the shocking new is he used the same app and we have been together for 6yaers and are kids are growing and getting. Big and beautiful. Thx for this app .it Really works

Brayden Whitton

Ahhh I put my name in and my crush and it said not good. Then I put in my friends name and it said perfect mach. I have always hated her anyway plus she hates my chrush

Justin beber

Best app to get You should buy you will find out if the boy u have a crush on might have a crush on u but the only thing I don't like Is u have to answer a lot of questions so it takes some time

Autumn Keyer

Really.......,,, This stupid game told me that I and my crush jalen Watson are only a 76 percent. I mean I don't know if he really does like me but if he does then it has to be more than a mere z76???????IT isn't Really all that terrible but it definitely isn't the gr8est game of all time either

Lauren Wilson

Not accurate I put the answers I did because I'm only so old! Love isn't really the main topic. It said 'not good' when I did me and my crush. I'm pretty sure he likes me too, so ha game! Not accurate.

Abigail Nispel

Horrible! When I first installed this app, I was SOOOO excited. But then when I got into it, I was very disappointed. All it says for results is NOT GOOD! I just wish I could scream. Please, help yourself, and don't install this app.

Mike Mock

Great game ever I put me crushes name in and it said 100%

Katie Lister

Not good I did loads of different one's and I got a higher percentage then what I got on this one

Willard Wells

Love it BTW this a girl I did me and my boyfriend and I got 83% but we haven't talked since Wednesday cause I was busy.

Jason Miller

Love tester Dumb and the spring solstice approaching the spring solstice approaching the same thing babe the wings need to do that dad love you all to and I will lol I know the feeling of being a part of the south clashed the spring solstice approaching the spring solstice y the spring solstice approaching the spring solstice approaching the spring solstice approaching the same time as a result of the south clashed the spring solstice the same

Galactic Girls

Ok Not bad but not real. Helps to pass time and my friends always get good results and I get very bad results. Im kinda jealous of ALL the people who got good results

Dylan Gilmer

I thought it was gonna be different Poorly made. Not enough answers to the questions.

Morgan Shepherd

WOW LOVE THIS LOTS???? Me When my boyfriend Get on like peas in a pod. We tell each other everything including what we want in the future for example, kids and marriage. Yeah We're only 13&14 and you're thinking "oh it's just a phase". My previous relationships haven't felt like my current one. I think we are just like the new Romeo and Juliet. I got bored one night and decided to do this. It came up 85%. There are a few wobbles in our relationship at times and some are yet to be fixed but I definitely recommend this. 100%?

Camille Curry

Camile curry So I enjoyed it. But I got a75% it was stupid a lot stupid.

Natashas blog

Love big Hate this app it's a waste of time

Sunny Gurjar

veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice i can't say my feeling but i just love my girlfriend more than me .Thanks for making this app

Alexandra Holmes

It was all right I like it but I don't like how hard it is just to get back to the home screen bar from that it is a good game :-)

Kyerra RaNaigh Toney

Love test It is a stupid game and u peeps who download this game is aslo stupid

Rally Thomas

I love someone I like someone and I think he likes me so it will work and hailey you just can't get a girlfriend right IM 76% WE ARE SOPOSE TO BE TOGETHER YAY!!!!!!

Samantha Mark

Dumb comments People if you truly want to know if your crush likes you ask. Love tests are fake duh.

Nicole Shavor

Love test It kept saying 35% to ever person I selected and it was not even me all the time.

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