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16 Sep
San Antonio Basketball Rewards

Posted by Influence Mobile in Social | Sept. 16, 2016 | 62 Comments

Apk file size: 14.0 MB

CALLING SAN ANTONIO SPURS FANS! Are you staying up to date on Spurs news? Do you like to read about Kawhi Leonard and Tim Duncan? Have you been checking out Manu Ginobili and the WHOLE team’s Instagram?

We will let you do all of this and give you FREE gear for it!

That’s right! Earn awesome San Antonio Spurs gear, game tickets, and player jerseys just for keeping up with the Spurs. We consolidate the team's and players’ news, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and give you points while you stay caught up.

Notice: This App is developed and published by Influence Mobile/ creators of the Louder Rewards app franchise. The app is not endorsed, licensed or sponsored by the San Antonio Spurs or National Basketball Association.

Influence Mobile part of our Social and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 16, 2016. Google play rating is 77.3394. Current verison is 3.21.0. Actual size 14.0 MB.

Download louder-rewards-spurs-edition.apk 14.0 MB


Neal Bhakta

Was a great app. Points weren't hard to get now just impossible.

Kayla Streeting

Can't do anything App cuts off words on my LGV10. Can't do or read anything. Worked great until all the updates.

Amanda Fakkema

Not good anymore They have totally messed up this app. Don't waste ur time, data, or memory on this!!

Han Nah

Love free stuff! Thank you for the cool prizes!! App is still glitchy with the new lay out (points aren't registering or totaling correctly) but I still enjoy the articles!

Carla Villarreal

Could be better Shouldn't have messed with a good thing. Having a lot of issues with this app. Played trivia for over an hour and realized it didn't give me any points!

Mario Romo

They broke was was awesome about the app. You now have to spend an absurd amount of time to get points. The app is always crashing and freezing. Installing apps is the fastest way to earn points, but the amount of points you get for 3 day use is absurd. Used to be 5 stars, but now 1, I'd give it less if I could.

Sandra V

Needs another update Ever since the new update all the words in the menu and trivia are cut off. I have to click everything to find out what it is. It's annoying when it comes to trivia because I have no idea what the answer choices are since I can only see the first 3 letters or numbers. I just updated it today hoping it was fixed and it's still not fixed! I used to use this app every day but I agree with other people, it just takes too long now to get points. I find myself using it only about once a week, if that.

damien salaz

I hate this app I never recieved a reply like other people did. This gets worse and worse. Another update. How much memory do these guys think I have. Why didn't the app stay the way it was in the first place.

Alison P

. They will delete your account for being in a Louder Rewards Facebook Fan Group.

Charles Thomas

Waste of time, and space on phone! The original version was perfect. New update sucks. You fill your memory with downloads and get chump change for them. You will never be able to reach daily goals of 5k. Then they have the nerves to not even let you pick which gift card you can redeem after a certain point.

Christina Frost

Old version was awesome, I bought a backup for my daughter's phone from an ad and still use my wish app and my cartwheel app, but louder reward stinks now. Can't get to 10000 points and have to download a bunch of apps which slow up your phone and points don't show up. Three of my friends and I have deleted it already

Jennifer Trinh-Ng

From AWESOME!! to Very time consuming and frustrating. Depending on who answers you for tech support you can get someone nice or someone w/ something up their rear decaying. Apps that were downloaded & you got pts for downloading it, disappear off your apps list & you can no longer collect on it. Yet it's sitting on your phone. It is especially deceitful when they put 2k pt caps on each for reading articles and ads/high fives. So if you don't download the apps you will never reach even 5k in pts. Let alone 10k for the bonus.

Mel Ches

Time to uninstall Point caps now, apps still don't give credit and there's no way to reach the daily goal of 10k. I haven't even reached a 5k entry but 2 times in 30 days. Not to mention all the data it uses. 250 mb a day!!!

Hannah Landrum

It's improving At first I hated the update. I still like the old version better, but I have learned to work with this version. Two negatives that have come up: 1- my message window in support has disappeared so I can't get help anymore. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it still doesn't work. 2- Apps sometimes disappear. I downloaded an app worth 12,000 points yesterday. I went to use it again today via the app and the option to use it was not there, but the actual app is still on my phone.

Jenn H

Better before Near impossible to get points. When app first updated to the new format, it was actually better than before. But now, I struggle to get to 3000. App downloads don't bother me too much, because I understand the reason for then, but 300 points for 3 day use is ridiculous. If I'm installing an app, then I should have an incentive.

Regia M

Application disable My application is being disable and i don't know why help please

Ms. E. Franklin

Not a good App anymore Used to be a GREAT App. The new update brought my 5 stars rating down to 1 star. Now the points are so low, it will take you a VERY long time to get enough points to get one of the low points gifts. You have to download a bunch of games and apps just to get big points. How can one enter the 5000 points daily drawings when it takes FOREVER to reach 500 points. Not recommending this App anymore and it's now uninstalled. App is not worth taking up space on my phone. ANYMORE!

Ale Balderrama

Ok Took 2 stars. I can barely get 1,000, how they expect I get 10,000

Melissa Tavarez

My downloads dont show None of my downloaded applications show under my applications. How am i supposed to get my daily points?

Valerie Knickerbocker

Loving the update! I love this app. The page is a little harder to navigate, but not impossible. HATE the point cap. Still my favorite apps. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

Alexandria Ramirez

Doesn't show everything. When I do the trivia I can't see the answers fully and I seem to have a harder time get my point and my point never transfered over.

tamerial shealey

The new update I really really loved this app before the new update but now you get a mere 1 to 53 points to look at 30sec videos and you dont even always get the points. Its darn near impossible to reach the 5000 points a day let alone the 10,000 for gold status and where are the bonuses we used to get for that? What happened to looking at the adds that got us 300 points? This new update ruined my whole experience

Rafael Alsina

Update screwed the app big time Update @1/25/2016, the new update got better but still feeds very very bad. I have to download tons of apps to get some points, it really sucks and now is a derivative of other apps out there with the difference being able to collect gift card or team gear. Also it looks exactly like a tweeter feed with bigger pictures. What the hell happened? It was so nicely done and now is just a pure copy of others. Love the Spurs but hate the new update. Bring back the 300 pts and maybe I'll be back.

Joseph DeLaCruz

ABSOLUTELY HATE NEW UPDATE!!! I use to ABSOLUTELY LOVE this app until this new update. I was always recommending the app to friends and family but now since the new update I will be deleting it once I redeem my points. Earning points has become difficult and confusing. I have no idea how anyone with a normal life has time to earn 10,000 points in a day with this new update. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beatrice Jimenez

New update I loved it before it was one of my favorite apps. I'm sorry but please go back to how it was. I lost all my just about 40,000 points and this new layout and point system just is not fun. Please fix :(

Homero Garza

Bigger jerseys please! Can u please get bigger sizes on the jerseys for men at least upto 3x ......on the kawhi black jersey it only goes up to Large...

Tina Ward

Spurs fan I'm trying my best to work with this new app but it takes forever to get 5k points. The app keep freezing. Maybe the old app was giving away too many points. Put the 20K cap on the old app.

Kristin Kaczmarek

New update horrible New update is horrible. Don't understand new layout and setting. Points jump all around. Not explained well at all. Forces shut down alot and not worth the hassle. Think of users first

Anita Munoz

Annoyed You get 50 points but you have to sit through a stupid 30 second commercial? ??? What a rip off!!!!

Tina Johnson

This app was great, now it sucks. I am doing good to get 3000 points daily. Look at things, don't get points, high fives have no points on them, read stuff get no points. Went from being half way there to getting a jersey 2 weeks ago to still half way there. I have been on this app for 4 hours tonight and only have barely 2000 points. REALLY!!!

tina n

When do they give you the points for installing games?

Laura Moreno

Spurs app Need to fix the freezing of app. Other than that it's awesome. Free stuff.

Evelyn Mercado

love the new update perfect love it thank you and costumer service always so helpful

Roman Villarreal

I hate the new update totally unistall

naomi ramos

Hate this I've been using this for months and I dont like the update. It's so hard to earn points.

Cristina Rodriguez

Awesome app This is such a great app!! I have already redeemed for 4 items. Yes there are sometimes some problems, but customer service is quick to fix any. I hope this never ends!

Brittany Fage

I don't like the new update the updated is going to sucks you can't earn points like u used too it says down load apps but some apps don't work it says u have to wait three days until u get ur points and the apps I have downloaded and played I have still never revived my points it's been well over 4 weeks now they need to change ge it back to the old one yall will be discussed and probably won't even play on the app any more I am more if a spurs fan the other two apps I have us because my daughter n husband likes the other teams

Yvette Calderon

Amazing customer service and support for the app I was having a major issue with some of my points not showing up and I contacted customer service and received and immediate response and solution. I have already redeemed two shirts and won some perfect Spurs earrings. I'm telling everyone I know about this app. I use it daily! Thank you so much!

Adriana Rose

What's wrong with this app ? I use to love this app so much but now the whole top part of the page is gone , can't redeem any points at all . App has been very glitchy lately . Sometimes the app freezes & many times it states that no adds are available . Will give back 5 stars when app is back to the way it use to be because right now it's not running like it's supposed to .

Jenny Sanchez

Love it till now Please get this fixed I can't redeem anything now the whole top part where it would show my progress is gone, I want to redeem my prize already

Melissa Tavarez

Waste of time. From great to a waste. Sorry, but I am joining the rest by leaving you... I am sure that's what you want because could not afford to give so many prizes.

Mario Romo

The app is absolute trash now! I kept using it to give them a chance to fix all the bugs, but instead they keep making it worse. With point caps, its impossible to get to 10k a day, you'll be lucky to get 2k after spending 3 hrs on the app and using all your data. Then they have the nerve of rendering your points useless by not letting you cash them in for $5 cards. You have to get a $50 card that will take you over 200 days to get at this current speed. Super frustrated over what used to be my favorite app to now my most hated.

Valerie Knickerbocker

Used to live it I used to love this app, would spend all day on it, now it is pointless, it's impossible to get the 10,000 points for the bonus. 2000 point cap on reading articles and only able to download 3 apps a day. I don't even bother anymore

Ale Balderrama

Ok Waste of time. Can barely get 1,000, what makes you think I can reach 10.

Ale Balderrama

Ok Little better, still difficult to earn. Also it's draining my battery more.

Kandice Maxwell

Downgrade Stop with the awful updates! You can't expect people to be on this app full time to earn pennies.

Alexandria Ramirez

Doesn't show everything. When I do the trivia I can't see the answers fully and I seem to have a harder time get my point and my point never transfered over.

Adam Smith

Why (Mocking the app creators) were making a totally cooler app that involve trivia games and other bs that's worthless and we're shutting the app down (that you all love) for a month for a brand new shittier version. Thanks bye!! PS I used to think that this was the coolest app now ...I think you know better!!!

Mario Romo

The app is absolute trash now! Decided to Uninstall the app. You will never reach you daily goal. You'll be lucky to get 2k a day if it works for you. Be ready to give up your data from your allowance. They keep updating the app to make the reviews seem old, but they don't fix anything. My guess is that they couldn't afford to keep giving out prizes like they used to so they decided to not give anyone anything anymore.

Raimund Green

Newest update is the worst yet. Can no longer get points by trying new apps. More apps than ever are available to try but give no points. I have received several prizes with past versions, now it takes forever.

Tina Johnson

This app was great, now it sucks. I am doing good to get 3000 points daily. Look at things, don't get points, high fives have no points on them, read stuff get no points. Went from being half way there to getting a jersey 2 weeks ago to still half way there. I have been on this app for 4 hours tonight and only have barely 2000 points. REALLY!!! Update: 6/11/2016. How do you give us items to download then say it isn't available? REALLY!!!!! As soon as I get the points I need, I am gone. Your answer is always sorry you are disappointed, blah, blah, blah. You are not sorry, otherwise you would fix the problems with this app.

Dano Langley

Updates keep making the app worse Won't confirm the apps I download. Great new update!

Carloolis Aboccees

Gospurs A lookingat one more .runfor therings.rewardsspurs

Mel Ches

Time to uninstall Thought I'd give it another try and see if they fixed it. NOPE!! Worse now. 1 point for 30 second ads. Insane!!! Uninstalled again... Point caps now, apps still don't give credit and there's no way to reach the daily goal of 10k. I haven't even reached a 5k entry but 2 times in 30 days. Not to mention all the data it uses. 250 mb a day!!!

Irasema Fraga

Nope. Done. I'm going to earn my last 5 bucks from Amazon and then I'm deleting this app. You should be ashamed at what you did to this app.

Matthew Peacock

Used to love!!! Go back to the older version!!! To many ads!

Brooke Overman

Great! This is the best app!! I've gotten a lot of great things from this app!! I recommend it to anyone and everyone!! If you have a problem or even just a question they are there to help you anytime you need them. Also it's fun to read the stuff they have on their app!

teresa longoria

Spurs Fan Love this app

Laural Jenkins

Well I still love it!! Complain complain complain. Its still an app that gives you stuff just for playing games or trivia....and it doesn't take too long. I bet if u started now u could redeem a few items before the sound of squeaky sneakers is heard on the court!!

Adam Smith

Points are rigging!! Now it wants to speed up the counter for trivia it skips from 18 to 7 and ..I still will get my 100 points damn scammers!! I submitted four questions and didn't get my 4000 pts for them y'all are making me angry ?

Homero Garza

Bad- No Good Jersey's I had requested a female duncan jersey and they closed my account... they set it back up i installed the new version and now there is no good jerseies at all

Hannah Landrum

It's improving Deleted. Not wasting another minute on this app. Prizes are not worth the amount of time and effort it takes to earn them.

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