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2 Nov

Posted by LinkedIn in Social | Nov. 2, 2016 | 244 Comments

Apk file size: 35.0 MB

The LinkedIn app makes it easier to connect to the people and things that matter in your professional world. Build and nurture your professional network, stay up to date with the latest business and industry news, and find your next dream job.

It all starts with your LinkedIn profile. It’s more than just your professional resume — it shows the world who you are and what you’ve accomplished in your career. But that’s just the beginning:
● Search for people, jobs, companies and groups
● Get updates from the people, publishers and companies that matter to your professional success
● Tell your story with your professional profile and build your professional brand
● Update your professional profile right from the app to polish your resume wherever you are
● Grow your professional network and keep in touch
● Reach out to people and view their professional profiles
● Share articles to establish yourself as a thought leader
● Follow companies to get job postings, business updates, and suggestions to connect with people you may know
● Upgrade your account to LinkedIn Premium from right within the app

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Whats new

    - Bug fixes and performance improvements

LinkedIn part of our Social and have average installs from 50000000 to 100000000. Last Update Nov. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 84.2251. Current verison is 4.0.84. Actual size 35.0 MB.

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slick redrocket

Rate this app?? I'm sick of being asked to rate an app just after I download it. How am I supposed to magically know all about it and what I'm going to experience with it in the future? I'm not and I can't! Stop asking us to rate apps before we even can use them.

Dana McCall

Customer service & "Free" trial for Premium Accepted the free trial, wasn't able to get an answer on why there were no differences on the Premium. Then got charged $60. Many messages to Support, they are not helpful, won't answer direct questions and STILL se no difference in the application. Can't even confirm I won't be charged again!

Vess Nedevski

Enough with the permissions I will never update or will remove the app until the invasive permissions are gone! I'm sick of apps mining my information. At least pay me for it!

amit singh

Useful but slow Good app but its slow..ĺoaded with many useless things need to develop more connection details like link to social sites

Jose M. Castillo Jr

It can be better... If it weren't for the fact that the mobile version is really limited in its functionality, this would be a more pleasant app to use. The fact is, that you can't even apply for jobs using the mobile version. Which to me kind of defeats the whole purpose of the app itself.

Rohan Videkar

This app sucks.... Linkedin website is way better and convenient than app doesn't allow me to edit my profile properly, and it keeps on showing me the connection requests that i have already accepted. While editing, 'skills' can't be removed neither can new skills be added.....quite frustrated.

Trish Rempel

Good but lacking in some areas Not as feature-rich as the main site, and it is difficult to try and use the main site on a mobile device. Sometimes new flagged notifications in-app don't go away, you can't view sent messages, and some notifications you think would take you to a person's profile don't, forcing you to search for the person by name. Otherwise a useful app.

Marvin Elizondo

Best thing since sliced bread. Doing my job search is a snap. The jobs practically come to me. It's my first day looking and I've got 20 local jobs lined up ready to be applied to. Awesome!

Steven Sundstrom

It's come a long way This app went from being pretty useless a few years ago to extraordinary now. I am able to access the essentials and more from the app, and get in touch with people while on the go.

Marc Bergkristal

Professional social network app Handy, quick and always up to date. Only one time hacked in five years use.

Sharad R. Gupta

Lack of features in Application ! The app doesn't support fully editable features for even necessary information such as 'Adding Skills'. It is totally a disappointment as compared with the website. Also, it frequently crashes.

A Google User

Works well; finally! Used to be terrible, and now it's a smooth experience with the most necessary features available via the app. Keep up the good work!

Sandeep Chakravarthy

Unable to view profile details of anybody For whatever reason, I have never been able to view details of people who, either I am already connected with or who I want to connect with. I click on the name, it seems to load the profile details page and then, bam, back to home page. Never worked before, does not work now. I am surprised people are not reporting this and if they are, why is this not getting fixed. Update: Just checked. I am unable to view my own profile also.

Angela Melito

Tricks you into sending tons of requests. Just accidentally sent out a huge amount of connection requests. It showed me suggested connections, I selected the ones I wanted to send to send to and clicked the big blue button at the bottom that said something like "send to all" which I THOUGHT meant to all the ones I just clicked on and were highlighted not all of the entire list! I think I did the same thing with the invite to LinkedIn list. I don't even know most of these people and unconnecting with people is a huge pain with LinkedIn. Ugh.

Pranav Vaidya

Best way to network professionally Easy to use. Great way to manage my professional profile on the go. New version has vastly improved the app experience. All in all, great professional networking app!

Gabor Erdei

Good opportunity Good opportunity to find contact to new companies. The app is a bit slow sometimes despite nexus5.

Mark Hazeldine

Great, but groups functionality needs improving I love this app, but there are three things I still want: 1) Ability to search group discussions. 2) For the app to remember where I left off after turning the screen off and back on 3) For group discussion comments to not be hidden behind loads of "read older comments" buttons. Returning to long old threads is a pain.

James James

Doesn't do well for multi tasking You can update your profile, check notifications, and approve/decline connections. App is as functional as a beeper. When you try to reply to messages, their message is hidden. If you try to go look at it again, your message is wiped out. If you switch apps, your message is wiped and you get taken to app homescreen. Works best for on demand changes or notices. You also can't edit comments when you make posts on articles, so be look out for autocorrect.

Krzysztof Lewiński

Convoluted messy and unpredictable This app has so much going on that it would benefit from much more clear structure and more predictable behaviour. Pressing back key takes you to a screen that you weren't expecting. For example opening an email link from LinkedIn newsletter opens an intermediate page and then you get to open actual link. But upon pressing back key you eventually return to home screen whereas you should get back to mail application.

Dave Wastall

One sided ui design Asks you to select which contacts to connect to but then has a big invite all button at the bottom. Easy to mistake for the next step but actually quite different. Not a win win attitude..

Marcus Wennrich

Stop trying to do an auto fill in for names When I am trying to write a comment you always show me names that I might want to use or not. Just give people the option to turn that madness off and go like Google+ does it, in order to add a name you need to use a plus sign in front of a name. Better than seeing names and profiles every time I use the word "the"

Pete Thomond

Clunky but useful If you're used to Facebook/Twitter usability then you'll find this app slow, clunky, and unreliable. I use it still simply because LI is such a useful website for my job...simple tweaks would make this app an everyday tool, alas I only use it if I have to.

Hanlin Xu

Very. Bad. UX If it is a social network for professionals and the sharing function doesn't match Facebook (generate content immediately after entering the url), it will be uninstalled from every (at least Android) phone.

Jason Almeida

A generally poor app Still an average best. Opening discussion links via email is still a poor experience. Please add an option to turn off the use of the internal browser. I prefer to use chrome where my page is stored when I navigate away from the app. Focus on making the core app work! Then think about adding bells and whistles

Rob Stitt

Terrible interface One of the worst apps I've ever seen. Not intuitive, hard to get around, many things I want to do I can't. I'm trying to recommend a connection and add skills--can't see any way to do it. There is simply no way to do anything worthwhile with this horrific excuse of a waste of storage on my phone. For something that has been around for years, the incompetence of the app developers is unbelievable. It is almost like they intentionally strive to limit this app to utter uselessness...

Viktor Vajda

arrogant, annoying, disgusting I am sick of the arrogant "HEY WHY DON'T YOUR ADD _ALL_ OF YOUR GMAIL CONTACTS WITH A PRESS OF A BUTTON" popups, which just keep coming and coming up. I just started the app, this piece of crap popped up and I accidentaly pressed it, now I sent invitations to my thousands of gmail contacts WHO I NEVER CONTACTED FOR A GODDAMNED REASON BEFORE. Now I am getting notifications and bounceback emails from hundreds of people/automatic addresses. Shame on you for being intrusive like some garage-based spam company, THIS IS EFFECTIVELY PROMOTING SPAM. AT LEAST MAKE IT SUBTLE, HAVE A CONFIRMATION BUTTON.

Marcelo Filho

Rethinking Hi, I'm changing to one star because the app is really outdate. What I mean is the usability is really sad and I don't known what kind of framework you made this app but I really recommend you take off it and make with native Android code and stuff. A big social network like you can't keep this poor app, I want use more often but is really hard to post, we what's happen and etc... Please, rethink!

jai x zze

Paid-up Premium Edition lost? Also Lame 'Messaging': Incoming phone call deletes draft reply ! What happened to Premium Edition when I reinstalled ? Also 'Messaging' is unfit for purpose as Incoming phone call immediately deletes draft reply! How can this possibly be an 'Up to date' version? Pfft! What did I pay for? To have my editing time trashed?

David Torres Jiménez

Display error I've changed my current status (description), but it keeps displaying my previous job on it. This only happens in my Android app. If I enter my profile using the browser (on my phone) it displays ok, same thing with the Android app in my wife's phone, my iPad app, etc. My phone is a Moto G 1st gen. I really don't understand why it happens. I'll be glad if you fix it. Best regards.

Ericandmiranda Rivas

Needs massive improvement Downloaded it thinking it would be a more convenient way of connecting to LinkedIn, not the case. Its extremely slow and does not even remotely offer the accessibility of its smartphone-compatible website counterpart. Save yourself the frustration and just pin the website on your home screen.

Earle Gregory

Would be good if it would load Won't load up on my galaxy s5 on wifi. Wifi works perfect on everything else....useless to me since I'm mostly on my phone.

Andy Whillans

Frustrating re-designs I've never seen an app change its interface as often as linked in. I don't mind change, but they seem to always add annoying quirks. The latest change tricked me into inviting all of my email contacts, something I've purposefully avoided ever since I joined. I plan on uninstalling the app and only using the website.

Leslie Champaign

Not impressed Slow app with a very disconnected and restricted flow to move about or to use....with very limited functionality. Plain LAME app. Needs much more functionality. Boring to use. Definitely no competition/threat to twitter nor facebook etc.

Jarred Miller

Limited functionality Business networking is way more important than I realized and LinkedIn is a great place to do it. The app is wonderful for on the go updates but is limited. For example: I found a friend and wanted to ad her. While on the app I clicked connect but it took me to my address book in my phone. I had to wait until I logged in on a computer before it would let me add her. Other than that it's a handy app to have.

MP Kan

Can't even delete posts It's ridiculous that you can't perform basic functions like delete your own posts or likes in LinkedIn mobile app. Seriously?

Dave Grego

Crashes Another piece of crap android app. I've had it crash on several occasions. Very annoying when right in the middle of a long detailed message!!! Reinstalled the app, but now it won't let me sign in right from the get go!!!!

John Miller

Setup won't save Everything I open this app, it keeps wanting me to setup connections. I've done it 3 times now, it's getting REALLY annoying. Please fix this.

Finnbogi Ásgeir Finnbogason

Great! But... Annoying nags to import email contacts, couldn't find a way to turn it off.

sanath krishna holla

Waste app You cannot edit your profile, you have no access to sent item option in the app. Also if you login through google chrome from your mobile it again opens the app. . sick of it.

Winston A

Awesome Nice app. Well laid out and very intuitive.

Aidana Narkulova

It works clearly, all options are useful

Vladimir ShChur

Can not edit my profile Can not edit my profile at the second time. First time it worked fine.

Anatoliy Chikirev

Good but need some improvements in UI

Sveta Pozdnyakova

Good Looks good, but I can't see my message history and sent messages

Versa Nisan

Good HR tool Enjoyed it

Юрий Смирнов

I from Russia Why is there no Russian language in the application and in the full version there?!? I resent and therefore 1


Too expensive for premium services.

Viktor Kovalov

SMT-241 please do the application for tablets. I have a Samsung Tab 4, thank you.

Пользователь Google

Terrible experience It is unbelievable how LinkedIn provide such terrible services and still the famous social network. Tablet app is even not adjusted to tablet format, no synchronisation of contacts etc....

Max Tsepkov

Invite rampage On screens where you want us to invite all emails we ever sent a message 'invite all' button is happily sending emails without confirmation. One could tap it by accident. Sending mails to each of your contacts is a big deal!

Ajeet Singh

Amazing One!! I can access my professional network from anywhere. Thanks for developing this app.

Arturo Rodriguez

Migrant Advocate Nice way to stay in touch with colleagues.

Sanjoy Ghosh

A door to Universe A best way of professional communication

putra kesuma

Good App Nice...helpfully to find out friend from other field of work

Fem Oyez

Nice App The application is nice and easy to use.

Adam Ostrowski

Good stuff Well written and nicely stable. More unification with the website in terms who you connect to and the definition of the personal message to the new. Connection would be useful.

Naveed Sheikh

Won't accept my login First installed the app and logged in without issue. I changed my password on the website. Came back to the app to logout and log back in but it's not accepting the new credentials. Verified the login and password multiple times but the app still wont let me login. Also tried reinstalling the app but still not working.


Not able to see sent messages How can I see the sent messages in the app?? There is no option or tab. Only incoming massages are shown in the app. Can you fix the bug?

Rodin O'Hagan

Should be much better This app is chaotic in its layout and functionally. Keep in mind this could well be your first method of contact for a new job! But it's not possible to use it reliably as a communication tool. The mail/communication function is an afterthought. Finding people and the presentation of people's profiles works. Everything else is either located in non intuitive places so you have to trawl the app each time to find things or the functionality just isn't there. Others are making the same observations.

Dweebie Eisenhouwer

It's okay I guess.. But it lacks some essential functionality; like sent messages. This app could be improved.

James Willbanks

Cannot login I have reset my password and still cannot login. All info is correct. After clicking submit, I am sent to a screen to submit the "word" which is really street house numbers, not words. Any help?

Matt Smith

Version 3.5 LinkedIn is a fair social media in itself and this app delivers well on a lot of features used on browser. However, editing your profile is complicated, buggy and often the "Save Changes" button doesn't save my changes. Other than that, it runs well. Should probably have a little redesign to look a little more modern.

khaled deedo

Major Issue! I recently updated my position and i wanted to modify its details but the app wouldn't let me either save nor remove that position with a message saying "please, fill in the required fields..." which I've already filled!.. That's so disappointing! :-(

Arun R.

Unable to view sent messages. No equivalent of a sent items section or outbox. Not exactly sure why this feature isn't available. Also, the ability to "de-friend" users is very limited (probably done on purpose but I would like to have an easy way to remove spammers). Otherwise a decent app.

Nick Tetzlaff

Too much pestering Every time I open the app I have to skip through the 5 steps of trying to beef up my profile and add every email contact I have. Otherwise it's alright

Neil Scory

Neil S. I agree with the other comments on the system. Updating with pictures is difficult to accomplish without jumping through hoops.

Ankur Bawa

Submit issue I am facing a concern. Whenever I try to submit a job, I cannot enter my phone number. It will not allow me. Kindly fix d concern.

Jofre Furtado

Atrix HD... Needs better integration with system. If I get an email from someone asking to link with me or they want to endorse me, why must I still login to browser site? Should pull up app instead. New complaint: the app shows 2 messages with envelope icon on upper left, yet I tap it and no messages are available. Never goes away... wth? Okay... Can't delete links in app.

Louis Horsley

SO MANY FAULTS I find it unbelievable that an app supposedly meant for the 'professional' is so terribly made! Not only are features such as viewing sent messages and network invitations not possible, but regular crashes and failures to receive push notifications make this app a complete joke!

Behnoush Sorkhpar

Keeps crashing! This app is so slow in loading and scrolling down and getting my inbox messages are very difficult. And every once in a while I get a notification that I had 20 unread messages where all have been read. Updates: if possible this app has gotten even worse. Every time I open it, it crashes and I have to restart it.

santosh tannu

Design Looking for a material design update.. Don't like the current way its organized...

Michael Ginsburg

Usable but LOTS of functionally is missing For a behemoth like LinkedIn, it's unacceptable! Amongst all the major social networks (and most of the smaller ones as well), this app is without a doubt the worst with regards to both usability and design. It seems like LinkedIn weren't really interested in having an Android app and were kinda 'forced' into releasing one. Really painful to use.

Mike Scaglione

Rotation Issues Screen will not auto rotate on my freakin tablet so I look spastic trying read it on the train...other than that, all good.

Anuman Consultant

Too slow and too heavy to start takes too much time to open notifications does not go away even if attended and cant figureout what notifications are on peope icon.. it opens anything! !!

carol ferebee

Retired ECE Educator I do not understand the rankings, or why it is necessary. I am considering returning back to the workforce, and my ranking on this site seems to be poor! Why?

Julian Currie

Keeps asking to add the same people This app has a great UI but I keep seeing the same people asking me to to add them every single day after I've already added them. This has been going on for a long time. VERY annoying. Fix and this will be a 5 star app.

Regina Pietroricca

Please Fix the App Notifications The LinkedIn app and mobile site informs me that I have new messages, but I cannot read them until I check through the full site. Please fix this egregious bug.

Matthew Petersen

LOVE LinkedIn, hate the app 1. App unplugs all the time. It's the only app on my new Note 4 that locks up my phone frequently (my phone is up to date with software updates). App freezes every ten minutes a least. 2. No sent file for messages. 3. Endorsing people is not user friendly. At all. You should have a quick tab at the top to see all skills. 4. Not as many options to edit your profile. Awards/honors/volunteer tab is missing. Please fix. When fixed, 5 stars for sure!!! I truly love LinkedIn and am excited for these changes :D

scott henderson

Abysmal Older jobs notifying as current. Cannot add people on android. This a year after I first tried the app...With the same issues. The word I am thinking rhymes with grit...

Muneeb Rabaney

Annoyed The developer that created the mobile version of this should hang himself, if I'm viewing the this on my mobile why would you kick me out of the article I'm reading if I were to minimise the app that's dumb! I mean I want to be able to multi task that's the whole purpose of a smart phone. Please fix this annoying issue. Shot man. Peace

Scott B

No better option unfortunately there is no better option out there. Mediocre app with subpar syncing capabilities (lucky if you get more than 75% of contacts with accuracy) but better than nothing.

Kate Matovina

Best professional networking app I've used LinkedIn for several years now and have had a very positive experience to date. Great for networking with other professionals, useful resource for group discussions and other business tools. This has also been a great app to allow other companies the freedom to review my portfolio and previous interpreting experience. Layout is very streamlined and easy to navigate.

Oliver Schoenborn

Good bit one annoying flaw It's a good app, but it has one really annoying flaw: it does not open when a URL pointing to LinkedIn is clicked in emails. This is a basic feature of any mobile app and it is really strange that it is still missing after this long a time on the market, and given that so many people ask how to activate it, only to be told "not implemented". I'd give the app 4.5 stars if that feature were there; this shortcoming is in my face every day and really affects usability.

Vinyas Shreedhar

Fake and Outdated Jobs !!! The main purpose of LinkedIn is to build your networking in order to try new opportunities. Neither people help you find the right job for you nor LinkedIn. It is filled with outdated jobs which you will never hear from.

Elizabeth Cipar

Needs a lot of work Has a good amount of functionality, but it's surprisingly clunky to use, especially for such a well known brand. The WORST thing (for me, a job seeker) is that after I apply for a job, I can't go back and re-read the job description! WHY is that blocked??! Please please please fix that. It is very frustrating to have to search elsewhere for the job description before an interview.

Sheena Downey

Was wonderful Now it freezes daily and is completely unreliable, it regularly fails to open links to articles and seems to be getting worse

Carolann Pearson

Not able to edit profile Whenever I try to edit my profile information the app won't load or claims there is an error

JJ Persaud

Getting worse I grow steadily more disenchanted with LinkedIn's app. What was once not too bad is gradually becoming an annoying devoid of functionality thing.

Aminata Jalloh

CRNA Connects with people I haven't seen or heard from in a while with an update on their current status! Good networking

A Google User

I hate it for tricking me into giving access to my contacts. Did it many times, always surprised. Why can't I give less than one star?

Beau Johnston

It would be nice if I could change (or remove) the notification sound or vibration without having to change the phone's default settings

Siva Prasad

Best professional social networking site Its is help me in building my relationship with customers and Vis- vZ...

Mirhane Ahmed

Useful Very useful app, but what's wrong with the groups. Each time I add a group I find a message telling me "something went wrong . Try again later".

pravin jha

Unable to join group It keeps on giving me something went wrong, please try again later updated the app issue remains same. Please fix it

Adonis 1989

Great app Everything if fabulous about the add i can make connection very easily with great companies

Jijin M

LinkedIn icon seems disgusting Hi.. i'm an Asus ZenFone user.. My LinkedIn icon doesn't seems good after the update..

Rajesh Yadav

fail to send invitation please try later... Any time i try to send an invitation to any one i get a message something went wrong..also not able to verify my email id a message appears ...Sorry Something went wrong.

Deborah J. Johnson

Gets me there fast I get updates quickly. Always know what's going on with my connections

Elias Sayegh

Must Have Quick and mobile access to your LinkedIn account. The application is easy to use and navigate. Good job !

Liew Tien Rui

For self profile, the course section doesn't fully shown the courses as listed in web version. Please fix it.

Vikram Raj

1. Tries tricking you into getting your contacts in various ways. 2. Cannot set notification tone and whether or not the phone should vibrate. 3. Search is a joke.

Anuj Kejriwal

Can't see recommendations on app Please fix the bug as we are unable to see recommendations in android app. Thanks

Jason Clarke

Good app The app has improved significantly. Well done LinkedIn.

Candace McCabe

Great Love the simplicity of communication with LinkedIn! Keep it up!

Hansel Ospino

Good but... It's good, but it needs to improve the sharing options, because I can't share a job announce with some person instead every contacts.

Akinyemi Ogunsanya

Better responsiveness The app is very responsive and easy to navigate. Better design from LinkedIn.?

Pankaj Tyagi

Good App. Good app.. can be further improved.


I don't like the permission it ask for Too much that should have nothing to do with the linkedin

Vardhman Chavda

This is too much Can't upload a profile picture !!! Help me

Beryne Kittrell

Beryne Kittrell Buisness owner at The Timberline Co.

Pat Thacker

It's working again! ! I hope it continues! !

Randolph Vernette

Passport to the universe The only way forward

James J. Brown II

Please keep this from becoming another FB...

Brij Patel

Usefull app for business purpose.

vishal jagasia

Good way to build your network

Ken Eynon

Great app They spared no expense. This app works well on all devices and is very helpful in sales.

B Fergen

LinkedIn Great way to network.

Mohammad Feyzian

Awesome This is the best app, you can find any job that you want, and contact to everybody for business...

Alexi Sonza

Vibrate Permission Please add option for vibrate ON and OFF thanks.

Anil Kumar

It is opening new ideas

Mohammad Badru

I just looking its ok or bad

Icilma Isaac

Great for business Allows you to network with efficiency and speed. Fabulous for people on the go.

Carol S Lloyd

Connect to people This connection to people is a opportunistic way to network with others . It also expands your business to a greater business community!

Carolyn Sanders

Needs improvements The filter should include new to old listings for jobs posted. In addition, if I live in IE why does the app send alerts to jobs 2.5 hours away. There should be another filter to omit jobs according to the distance a candidate is willing to travel.

Phillip Barone

Just ok Used to love the app, but lately it will not load any of my pages. Keeps saying "retry" and nothing happens. It's useless now. As an aside, when it does work, I think the job search tool should be automatically integrated into the main app.

Chungtak Taing

So unstable app Very bad. It suddenly log me out from the app while I was writing some messages. Also, it didn't even happened one time but many times already. I hope you guys fix it well. Facebook app is very stable and very user friendly.

Ryan Crowley-Hughes

Keeps telling me my login is invalid even after I changed my password and put in the new one

Micheal Goh

All's good except... The apps seems to be unable to resend or send the account confirmation email. Believe me as I say that I've clicked the resend confirmation email about a dozen times but the button only seems to only trigger the confirmation email sent message without actually triggering the server to send the said email. I left no stone unturned as I search through all my gmail folders including the spam and junk mail folders. Please rectify this problem asap so that I can start sending messages to my contacts. M.H.Goh

Anne Hartikka

How do I unlink myself I have not been able to find a way to get off of this I do not want to be on it anymore I didn't know anything about it when I signed up

Naim Imtiaz

Something is wrong I have recently changed my phone, now i m using a xiaomi handset. I have downloaded the english version of the app, but the problem is after couple of logons the app is changing automatically to chinese version and crashes everytime once i try to start linkedin. Very dissatisfied.

Remi van Dongen

High suspended for pornography I never had such content on my account. I hosted an important anti-communist group with support from various governments. I cannot even log in with mobile app. It says invalid account. They are insane at linkedIn and cannot be reasoned with, I had a premium account.

eesha Dattani

Can not access my account What this nonsense of recaphta it shows again and again eror plz try again. How many time shd I keep on trying. Fix this ASAP

Jonathan Hartley

Bring Post views back on app view. Please let the number of views made be seen again on POSTS that I've written. Only likes and comments shows on current update. Have to use PC if I'm to see how many have viewed. Frustrating. If we could see how many have read, then we can gauge how well or not a POST is doing.

Darren Edmonds

Does not work Will not wrk after i verify im not a robot just uninstalled it then rein and its worse just a blank screen using samsung s6

Nicholas Passaro

Sync issues The app will not allow me to remove it from sync. When I remove the account from my phone's settings, it just comes back seconds later

Yulia Mamchenko

Icon moves by every update Every time the app updates, its icon moves and therefore all icons of my apps get mixed. Extremely annoying!

Alisse Nieves

Fine until a week ago... Everything was fine but a week ago i started getting a sad face error and it wouldnt load. I uninstalled and installed again and now its not recognizing my password. Changed my password and now its saying invalid. I dont know what is going on but its frustrating.

Donna Robb

The latest update is almost always down. Wish I had not upgraded. This version is down roughly three out of five times I use it. Gave it two stars because I like LinkedIn, just not this update. // Just updated again. Still doesn't open. Most recently it only opened perhaps 1 out of 8 times I tried. That's not very helpful. Changing to one star.

Thomas Overton

Broken app Don't know what happened but I can no longer log in. Says my browser isn't supported and I'm using Chrome.

Sina Marandian

Such a mess! For such a huge platform, this can't be the official app. Updating my status, it closes itself out of nowhere and BOOM! everything is gone! And it happens again and again.

Mohit Sakarkar

Hated Nthing is change after given the feedback. Lots of bug is there in the app but no one is varied in Linkedin team top of that telling to upgrade into premium user. Worst part of that no one respond, blindly take feedback from the user's without any proper response.

Jake Yardas

Remodel connect button I would really like it if you could add a feature to the connect button so that before you connect with someone it lets you add a personal message like they do on the website.

Walter Quick

Works for me! ? Having LinkedIn on my phone with a easy to use interface is what I've needed for some time.

Beckett Baldwin

Great Marketing tool This is a great brand marketing app, that integrates well with the original LinkedIn profile and site. I can now be able to look at this fantastic new interface and keep up to date as well.

Sami Porokka

New version sucks I was just writing new post when suddently app restarted and lost my post. Also automatic login doesn't seem to work at all. Also when you actually manage to get logged in there is error page and when you go to homepage page is shown in desktop mode in phone. I understand that HTML 5 is nice and usefull but when it destroys the app it sucks.

amol chavan

Can't able to update profile info Each time while trying to update my profile it says Update failed, try again. (Redmi 3 ) lollipop

Mirza Ismail Baig

Pretty good. Good for a standalone app for LinkedIn. Also the new updated design is kinda interesting.

Fabian Buckley

Good application My messages do not always go through once sent from this app. If that can be fixed it would be much better. Thanks

Stepan Shurygin

Application is crap, Service excellent! I do not know what the design team and QA team do at this company but it's obvious that mobile is not a priority. However the service itself is excellent and has been crucial to the success of my career, so I'm adding a star. Fix your apps before your competitors eat you ;)

Bradley Sawler

For such a big company Such a huge user base and money you reckon you could have something great. I get to see one unread message for years. Come on and fix that bug, it is just annoying.

Isaac Torres

Contact photo sync finally fixed! Last update appears to have fixed contact photo sync. Stoked to have contact photos back on my Nexus 6P

Felita Fabricius

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I got logged out, and when I try to log back in, you take me to a so-called security check, which I've passed 10!!!!! times, and it won't let me log in! WTH!

Vaibhav patel

Please make functions work properly Cover page editing is not working properly , not directly change profile pic , bad functions , not user friendly app.


App crashes upon selecting icon Unable to access the app as it crashes everytime I try to load it

David Sassoon

Quick and painless It downloaded fast and easy, we shall see how it works.

Dusan Vujic

Better with every update New design is superb. It is real joy to use app. Great work!

Matthew Clancy

Such an annoying app Constantly tries to coerce you into doing whatever LinkedIn thinks you should be doing.


Cannot Access contacts I have a brand new Samsung s7 edge and i have reinstalled the app three times and the linked in contacts don't come up.

Shakun Bhandari

It doesn't let me sign in saying bad name or password every time I try to sign in but signs in at browser

Hey Hey

Broke with the most recent update Asks to verify I'm not a robot but then hangs forever after that. Same result after restarting app

Kenneth Leung

Tired I am getting tired of having to log in all the time. What is the problem? Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Peg Bigoness

Horrible since last update. Since last update I can't even login from LG G4 android and password change. It keeps looping between password and picking pictures for security check. What the heck? I've tried changing password and still can't get in. Please fix.

Ben Ibell

App will no longer start App stopped running on Samsung galaxy alpha a few days ago. Now won't start at all. Have updated OS to latest version but still not working. Please fix

Found jobs dont apply to me There isnt a way to specify wether im willing to relocate. New york or florida job finds would be awesome if I wanted to move but seeing they found 10 jobs that may interest me and all of them are 5+ states away doesnt help me at all. Should have a filter to fix this.

Brent Anderson

On a Much Better Track When you do a major change, you fumble. But, to your credit, six months later and your app is right where it needs to be with helpful features, intuitive and a great resource for users. Groups are critical and I wish they were not downplayed as your development teams prepare for a major new release. The current state of this app is very good and I appreciate that very much.

Robert Oldershaw

Keeps failing - free isn't worth the price I have had to install, remove and re-install about 12 times so far and 6 times this past week. You lose all you linked Linked in contacts and then have to rejoin when and if it decides to sync with phone. And now the contacts have dropped from 500+ to 190m. After a week or two it will inevitably stop opening forcing me to reinstall. Very poor performance.

Thomas Traynor

How about short description on changes? Said this for Facebook and others. Tell us at high level what fixes and changes are. I am a developer (32 years) and I reject a change description like that for devs under me submitting updates with that description. Why should we bother updating?

Gibert Beilschmidt

Some features don't always work, such as uploading photos. Also, why would the Job Search be a seperate app? Make it a part of this app, it would make using it easier - no downloading 2 apps, no switching between them. The in-app search feature is not very good. "Link to media" button doesn't work AT ALL.

Imran Ali

For any Pulse users reading this, you know how Linkedin destroyed that app. Literally. It's not the same app and was co-opted to put their data mining app on my phone. People I contact once on my cell or email (linked (pun not intended!) to cell) show up as recommendations in Linkedin! Blessing in disguise as I found the Feedmesh app which is a far better replacement.

Victor Kum

Linkedin keeps crashing last 2 weeks My linkedin in samsung android A8 keeps crashing for the last 2 weeks, even after i installed the latest version yesterday 8 Sep 2016. Need fixes fast.

Charmaine Dudley

Prefer logging in online! I.m not much of a fan of the LinkedIn app - i find the browser application better and easier to navigate. It's not totally un-user-friendly I guess it just takes time. As far as apps go its not bad at all.

Stephane Dumais

Stupid . Paying for something you can get for free is not buisness sence . It is failure. This useless app is going to ask you for money. For no real reason at all. Nobody uses it and nobody smart pays for the premium version to this app. Furthermore there are several attachment apps to acquire before someone can figure out..It's completely useless. The positive feedback is donated by linked in employees.

still needs improvement, it can be much much better The app is not as wide as the web version, e.g, I cant see the recent updates+When I add a new volunteer experience, it should be the first by default not the last one. People want to see your recent activities, when they become the last ones by default, people would have to click "see more" to view my latest activity. IMO, the first thing that appears should be the last thing you post. I know that I can change the order, but the default setting is not like that, and I can change the order only from a PC!!

Ok Can't block people not even related to work without the premium package. It tell me that I can on the online site but you can't. You can't view or retract invitation you hit by accident either without the premium package. These things need to be fixed. Or I'm computer illiterate Everything else seems ok

Quinn Martin

Professional Hate! Yea! New way to ignore people who you don't know or like! Professionally, of course.... I still don't know you. Wait! You have money? Can we discuss business? A car? A mortgage? Your wife??

Ahmad A.

F*cking Privacy Inavder I clearly disabled the stupid contact syncing option since I installed it, yet after some nonsense update, it re-enabled it without my consent. Fortunately, knew the doofuses at LinkedIn were no better than those at facecrook, so, Privacy Guard + XPrivacy on my OnePlus One never allowed this spyware to access my contacts.

Rizwan Arab

Worst ...! App still indicating update notification but they have read or responded already.. Problem in getting real time updates in news feeds and in connection also..

Diwakar Katarmal

Keeps crashing after latest update After latest update apps keeps crashing while scrolling thru newsfeed n other things...when i get notifications from apps all it shows black patch with no info snd when i touch it to view the app just kerps loading n i hv to close n reload app again...pls fix

Aniket Tyagi

The app crashes a lot The app has started to crashes or starts to lag if you try to add a comment to any of the posts. Then there is the problem of the posts not loading. There are no new posts even after refreshing for hours. It has been the same page for the past 10h+. Please look into it

Keeps crashing Was working fine up until the last update. Since then, all it has done is to keep crashing. Cant use it at all. Please come up with an update to resolve this soon

Aren Atkinson

Needs work My phone (galaxy 5) does not consistent open articles. They have a hard time loading

Mohit Goyal

Not able to login After the current update its saying me unable to load ur data.....then i uninstalled n reinstalled it says invalid still says invalid login on app where as able to login on website.

Jeremy Hamer

Annoying feed behavior Posts that I mark to remove from my feed continue to show up in my feed, over and over and over and over... Incredibly annoying!

Samira S

I expected more It woukd be good to have info on how many people have seen each of my postings and shares. People also start to use is as Facebook :-( could they be prevented somehow?!

Federico Guarda

Keep crashing Impossible to keep it open more than 3 sec, every time I try to do a search it crash, others it crash when I try to open the apps really impossible to use. Please fix. Thanks

Sriram Kuravi

Update - Keeps force closing every time Can't attach images from external apps, can't share posts to group directly. These are basic functionality and I don't know why such basic features are not implemented

Abdullah Ali

Unable to post new updates. This issue almost reaching a month long without any solving from your side...

Chris Williamson

Deceptive "add contacts" trickery So I have a list of people from both my personal and professional correspondence that show up under the list of people to connect with on my LinkedIn account. That list included my ex in-laws which I really want nothing to do with. I select the ones I and and hit the top blue button that said "Connect". Turns out the full text of that button was "Connect with all of these people" instead of the small little link below it that said "Connect with selected". Zero confirmation, it just did it. Gee, thanks.


Unable to post anything We really respect the facilities provided by linkdin but what if we are unable to post the most important thing is on the Wall? This seems unexpected and is asking the tech team to provide a sure solution!

Pankaj Kumar Gupta

The app doesn't open after update Yesterday I updated the LinkedIn app from playstore and since then unable to open it. Whenever trying to open, it says not responding.

Shibi Chakravarthy Kanagarajan

Good app but some bugs present I am unable to change my profile picture in Lenovo K4 note running Android Marshmellow

Barry Graham

Change Notification Sound I love this app except that I want notifications silently and there is no way to change the notification sound for the LinkedIn app. This has been raised in the LinkedIn community too. Simple to fix, please fix it. At the moment I have to turn off notifications and I don't want that.

Abubaker Salih

I paid mony and never received call I subscribed for 4 months I paid money and never ever received any call or message telling me sorry we didn't select you. I applied for 89 jobs I have m9r than 15 years experience.

Jaivardhan Chauhan

Giving one start for recent update. After getting recent updates the aap is crashing everytime!!! Please fix the issue ASAP.

Deepen Soni

Crashing after the last update Why is the app crashing after the last update. Does barely open and soon crashes thereafter. Kindly rectify the problem

Kushal Kochar

What have u done guys...? Crashing everytime i open it... some prob with new version...previous version was better....pls fix it asap...

Manish Menghani

Crashes every time with new update The app just doesn't launch.

Zoid_16 '

Bad After the last update, the app always force to closed,, i will update my rating if this problem fixed,,

Feroz khan

New got some problem From last two crashing what's the problem please solve it.old version was good.


MCSAS-HEARTS OF LOVE NEXT With can simply get connected in a twinkle of an eye!

Pradeep Joshi

Constantly crashing Crashing constantly for the last 3 days.uninstalled nd tried again.not happng.very dissapointed

Hendra Gunawan

Halts most of the time Yikes! Recent updates remind me earlier Facebook app, with all the blank screen looks and bugs

Umaru Idi-Catteau

Sync contacts & calendar not working I have enabled the sync contacts option, but every time I check the account settings it is disabled. I turn it back on and a while later it is again disabled. I also have no way of locating the calendar on the app, nor do any LinkedIn events show up on my device calendar.

Kenny Attison

Absolutely frustrating app So many things that frustrate me about this app! I have to continuously setup my profile and contacts every time I use the app. It always tries to make me invite my phone contacts to join. The purpose behind this app is useful, but poorly executed.

Edward Thian

Sneaky buttons Misleads unsuspecting users into giving access to their contacts which leads to all contacts being spammed with invitations. And some of these contacts are then displayed as 'people you may know' as suggested contact you might want to connect with.

Charles Samuelraj

Connection request spam The app opens with send invitation to all contacts button, since I hadn't locked my phone,I spammed all my contacts recently! Worst update ever.


Love the platform, but the app doesn't work Unfortunately I cannot get past the "Just a quick security check" screen. As soon as the message pops up, I cannot do anything, I see a box but without any further text and I cannot tick it.

Andrew James

Are you even trying? So many issues. With all the information available you'd think the people you may know might actually be people I may know. Constant crashing and freezing. The app looks nice that's pretty much it...

Sai Kumar Bochkar

worst app ever - can't give less than one star people develop it coz just there should be app

Worst after update even can't open it It was best app before these so called updates which downgrade it. I can't open this app even for second after all these updates tried on other devices.

gopal gopinath

Requires a new update. I love the app but the new update hasn't helped much. It crashes within 5 seconds from opening it. Hope you guys will sort out this issue soon.

Neil Harwood

Crash after crash Think this is the 4th update and all crash, not one update has it opened. Was a great app before these updates!

Mohammad Marei

Issue Linkedin new release left bad impression. Most of the times closed automatically with an error of not responding

srujana u kumar

unable to change profile picture profile picture is not getting updated... app is not so great..

A Google User

Great Social Network Support Latest Android ver. (N) Optimize app to look and feel great on smaller and larger Android Devices Displays (AndroidWear Smartwatch Tablets Android TV Android Auto)

Brilliant App! I'm a dryliner, fixer who uses linkedin to post pictures of my work it's just like an online CV & portfolio of my work.

Sue Nelson

Owner operator of Nufloors Full service floor covering store for 33 years! The professionals I can connect with here have become an invaluable service !

Kenny Reth

I need help. Someone used my email to create LinkedIn account and I keep getting more emails everyday. Can you do something about it?

Sean Allen

FIX THE BUGS! Fix the dam app! It still crashes every time I try to open the app!

ted varglien

COSI Intergraded network system discription - capitial infrastructure needed refinement security service and privacy not IP commanded diversed solely to an escalation of uncontrollable intelligence maintained by operating initial management team of breech of humanity trusts aggrement sanctions

Suman Ghosh

Very slow The app is very slow and hangs every time. Kindly fix the issue its very annoying.

Unique Queen

Doesn't work I installed it before and it worked in perfect way but now it doesn't even work it still white screen nothing appear on the screen.

Kamal Kaushal

speechless apps its working outstanding, people find job as well reputation. 99536374**

simarjit singh

Network Map Please bring your network map thing back please. It was so useful.

Hitesh Karkar

It Sucks I have updated my profile and DP and when pressed save it shows submitting please wait for last one and half hours. Issue persisting since last one month. Any solution please.

Ravi Jangra

Crash on Splash screen Blank screen is coming everytime after open app.

Sharvil Birodkar

New update Sucks ? ? Crashes all the time, Programmers Sucks

Lance Kiarsis

Buggy, just good for references Super buggy, can't always update new or old information. So take information you see with a grain of salt

Agil Cahya Pamungkas

Not supported .xyz domain Linkedin not supported .xyz domain? Please add and fix it

Tze Jin Loo

Crash after crash Is this app built to crash? It crashes within 5 seconds...

Nathaniel Minta Fynn

I find it difficult loading my profile picture

Siddharth Shah

It continuously crashes It continuously crashes while linking with the company website

kevin wampler

Waste of space LinkedIn is a website, why do you need an app for it? So they can steal data from you.

Jieke Pan

It keeps crashing on Android 7.0 Since the last update 4.0.84, the app keeps crashing on Android 7.0. Please get it fixed. Thanks.

Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson Guitar and latitude one the Hot"s R&B Band on the planet IF you haven't see them yet be sure to do so soon


Waste app. Always asking security questions again and again. Not worthy to take 1 star.

A.A. Olusanya

Facebook I just love this app, but I don't know if it's possible for me to get connected to face book cause I would love to share some posts with this app

Roman Korb

It's a battery drainer. Eats up a lots of resources. F FOR EXECUTION


Awesome App Great app to connect professionals from around the world.

Ning-Jia Ong

OnePlus 3 blank white screen

Vikas Kumar

Helps shape your career to new height.

Sai Krushna

Ya I hate it Can't login properly! To many issues!

Vinh Hoang

Crash more often on Android 7

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