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10 Nov
Like Quiz

Posted by Appavate in Entertainment | Nov. 10, 2015 | 89 Comments

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Wonder if that girl or guy next door actually likes you? Take this quiz of 13 questions to find out whether you should ask them out! Whether it's a classroom crush or a love waiting to happen, this app will help you decide!

Have fun with your friends, and interrogate them about their crushes =P

We've consulted with expert social scientists from the University of Auckland on the best 13 questions to ask. So you know it's accurate. Just take a look at the hundreds of reviews from people who used the app and are now dating their crush!

If you have any questions, suggestions or advice, feel free to contact the Appavate team at [email protected]

Whats new

    Version 3.0:
    - Better algorithms from social scientists
    - Performance improvements
    - Cleaner UI
    Version 2.1:
    - Now available to all Android devices (API 1+)
    - Removed unnecessary permissions
    Version 2:
    - More ACCURATE Predictions
    - Completely revamped UI

Appavate part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Nov. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 85.6304. Current verison is 4.0. Actual size 3.4 MB.

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Bernice Brown

Yesss It tells the truth I have a boyfriend and well it made it seem so it really actually described him tho I'll give it 5 starw

Sophie Fellows

Slflorida63 This game is awesome it tells u whether ur crush likes u!!!!!! Mine says he more likely likes me to so tomorrow I will find out

Jakalyn Bernoudy

Helpful??? This app is fun to quiz my friends with,because like you really get to know your friends better and closer. But the main thing is that when your wondering about someone or that person......this app has the answer .?this app is not the best of any of my other apps but I clap for it.??? ? ?!

Blanca Centeno

Like quiz My friend told me to download it so I did and do a quiz on the boy I like so I did and I think this is an amazing app because the boy does like me my friends told me because there Friends with him

A Google User

I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥him!! I don't know if he do but when i asked him who he likes he said it was my friend Alexia and my sis told me that he was lying because Jerald likes sis checked he's phone and she saw my name with two hearts a nd he put it as favorite .. What does that mean? OMG ♥♥♥♥

Hannah Rush

It Works I took this quiz and did answers that point to no and then yes both results different!! This app works!! ♡♥♡♥ :-) ;-)

Chi Joyce Robles

Idk I just dowload it and it said I should ask him out but I am too scared what should I do please comment down below

Lupr Lopez

Mystery person I really love it and it actually says the truth and I told my friends and they also loved it very much and its said that I should ask him out but I am shy so I don't think I would ask him out but one day I am going to but at least I know he likes me : ) ; )

Russell Parker

It's neat. So, I took it, and I'm impressed with this. It's way better than those type in their names and see a percentage pop up. I answered these as truthfully as possible about this girl I like and it came out as highly likely and that I should ask her. Only thing is, is that I asked her back in November and she said no, but I like her again. I've asked her to prom, so maybe I'll make my move then. Just as long as I can keep myself together and stop over thinking everything that happens.

Gracie Wood

AWESOME!!!???? I love this app!!! This guy totally liked me now I got a boyfriend!!!!! ??????

Emma Thomson

It said to ask them out My crush has a crush on a girl but he acts like he has a crush on me! Maybe I can ask him because he trusts me.....wish me luck! ;)

Quiana Logwood

I love this app As soon as i did the test i went over to him and now we are dating

Arael Hanna

OMG it works it said it was highly likely he likes me I'll ask tommorow .

Rose F

:-/ it always so highly likely I say just 2 something about it and I might put 5 stars k

Kaci Mcmahon

Love love love This game will help u no if u and your crush will come along and be in a relationship

Vtork King

He loves me :D This works so good and makes sints

Melvin Pederson

Real like quiz I think I have found my true love .

Izabella Adams

This app is inaccurate. It probably gives you randomized answers because theres no way my crush likes me

A'niehya Williams

Awesome sause app This app really worjs believe me i tried this app before you need this app

Bethany Cierra aka cat

Awesome! Its a cute quiz. I like it and it said my crush likes I guess ill find OUT!

David Ford

Now I have a gf Thx to this app we are a cute couple! And the kids I thought she liked she didnt like at all!

Kimberly Siess

Really awsome I like this guy andi don't think I am shy about talking to him.?

Diana Reyes

I like this app yesterday at school I ask out this boy he yes yah thank u crush quiz ??????

Tyshay Watermat

Love it It said most likely so I will find out

bianca lawrence

My crush doesn't like me and it sad that he likes me

Jameson Seaver

Alright This is an okay app. Although, I did already know he like me

Sierra Voight

Like quiz It said he really likes me,i asked him and he said yes and asked me if i was mad

Loretta Wilea

Like test I hope that when I ask Derek out he will say yes wish me good luck

Trinity Suarez

Sucks The questions are better than the answers like cmon

Brooke Arnold

Love it I would give it a thousand stars if i could

Tai Daily

It's Very Good I think that it's a very unique quiz???

Tawaii Harris

Yessss hopes he ask me out I get the part of he highly likes u they highly likes u

Cheyenne Jones-Ball

It is true I have a boyfriend now thank you so much

Ayla Ezekiel

It's cool It's cool and it told me that it highly likely soo I will ask him

Finley Wilson

It said ask hdr out! Im very shy but she vists me every day she makes me feel a lot more comfortable

Wendy Kirby

Amazing!!! This is so so so cool!! But the only thing is it is for kids in high school! Because kids in middle school dont have phones yet! So please make a version for kids in middle school!!

Abi Dowding

Awesome Told me to ask my crush out better not get my hopes up now

Salma kk

Idk I don't now if he likes me but I'm gonna ask him out cause you said on the 3rd of August. I think he likes me and I'm his and he's my best friend for life and heavan bfflah best of luck.

Nishat Sultana

It's OK It's pretty much a great game to me, I think. But it could use some work.

Anda Allen

Love It It's true, i took it and then the guy became my friend! #baby-steps

Elizabeth Sabillon

Like Quiz I love this app I will try it out and he might like me

Valerie Fleetwood

Love it but.... It doesn't work on my crush because he's my cousin.

Paigie.reyrey Rey

Nice but I don't think I'm going to make it with my crush :(

Rahma Ahmed

OMG!!!! i did a friend that i love well...bobby left then a guy came and Well im a kid and hes sooooo cute and im only and im only a kid and im saying this but YAY and i love this but im slowly not likeing him we need to talk hes sooooooooo shy you should see him XD lol and the worst part is fahrar im like saying 'i better leave this school for a month and come back like a little holday i was thinking yhat i was gonna leave for goos but mabbey not hehehe and im slowly under stansing china hehw but not the sinbals h

Mia Mcmillan

Yayayayayayayayauauauauauayayayaya (ignore the u's) Yay at the end of the quiz it said " ASK THEM OUT. It is highly likely that they like you" yay omg so kewl but the boys Are meant to ask the girl out and I'm a girl but me like him but boy ask girl out but but aghhhhhhhhhhh what to do decision decisions ekkkk im gonna pull my hair out if this don't work!!! And I mean it!!

Miley G

Oh yes! I love it I did one in my friend and it said ask him out

Skylar Brooks

Well You should just either stay away from her or him or just go back to being friends again that's what I did before I got this app


I need advice What do I do if my crush said no and she keeps looking at me on class, and turns away when I catch her?

Daisy Dupreez

Amazing Works I tested my slight boyfriend he tries to draw my attention and it says were lovebirds CUTE!

Charles Evans

I have a crush This is Charles Evans dawter I go to church and thare is this 13 kid and I have a crush on him. I am shy to go talk to him so can you give me advice? And he has a crush on my cousin and I tell her that she is a stealer?

Ash Lee

Works l tried it and it Said I Should ASK her Out

Selena Smoot

Awsome I think ill ask him

Bns0224 AJ

Kinda true So I did the test and it told me to ask him out. I wanna ask him out but its Christmas break and we don't call or text nothing like that. BTW this app is great

Kayla Wackerbauer

This was awesome! This app makes me feel sooooooo happy because it said ask him out!?? ?

Alyssa Simmons

Cush He has a crush on me

Kate Shofstall

Good You should add more challenging questions, but otherwise its good

Alfred Caswell

I love it I mean I liked this guy and the test said that he likes me

Desirae Camacho

Luv it The only problem is I'm scared to ask him

Arereona Laytona

The best The best of all

Trinity Reece

Crush on me It said to asked him but he promesed his family he wouldn't have girl friend other wise he would?????⇦

Rachel D. Mimnall

It tells me the truth

Khimg Wa

My cursh Best game ever now I know that my crush likes me but still don't really know if he likes me?tell me your cursh name and my name is not Khimg Wa but my crush name is Jason Drew Burden I know middle and last name because his whole name was on the Valentine's list.

Shonmanika Wilson

Very honest Since I just took this quiz it made my feelings disappear for my for that I think this quiz

Marianella. Geraldino

Yup true This actually helped me realized that I was right of the crush I used to have. He did like me. #happy.

Panda Lover

Love it I'm just ten but my boyfriend said that he feels worried because he can't have a girlfriend and I can't have a boy friend and we only see each other during school but it told me to go for it

love kitty fashion


Alexis Dunsmuir

Awesome This quiz helped me get a date with my crush YAY

Alena Argonza

.. Loved it! !!

Madison G

Awesome I love it soooo much!!!!!!

Alannah Forde

im loven it i asked him out and he said yes i yesterday was my lucky day

Chanelle Billings

Like Quiz Omg I loved it @ the end it said ask him out and i did. He said yes and he had feelings 4 me but he was afraid

nicole moye

Like quiz It was hard to tell him but when I take the he likes me yaya?????

Savannah McLellan

Uh.. I cant even read it.. the words are overlapping

krazy kids

Sad face I like the app but before I got it I asked my crush out and he said no but I did him and it said he might have feelings for me

Charles Evans

I have a crush This is Charles Evans dawter I go to church and thare is this 13 kid and I have a crush on him. I am shy to go talk to him so can you give me advice? And he has a crush on my cousin and I tell her that she is a stealer?

Muanpuii Royte Mpi Royte

Totally accurate!! I had a crush on a guy 4 like 3 whole yrs... it said ask him out... I asked him out.. soo unlike me and he said ' I tried 2 ask u out 2day' and I eas like 'no kidding' and we r like dating. Thank u


Wooorks It said yes and I asked her out the next day and now we r dating

Trinity Reece

Crush on me It said to asked him but he promesed his family he wouldn't have girl friend other wise he would?????⇦

Kayla Wackerbauer

This was awesome! This app makes me feel sooooooo happy because it said ask him out!?? ?

Amber Lazell

This helped me alot

Analise Evans

I wish it Had more then questions

Alexandra Thorpe

Great app Its a cool app. But I'm still confused, my crush is one of my closest guy friends and idk if he has feelings for me or not. All I know is that I love being with him and I don't know what I would do without him. I wish we could be more than friends but I don't have the confidence to tell him that I like him... what should I do?

Love it Once I tried it and then today my teacher said a note out loud that he liked me in front of the whole class. I saw him sad because are teacher read it in front. I felt bad for him.

Kayla Chapa

It says that it sees signs that he likes me. But I don't know for sure cuz I don't want to embarrass myself if he doesn't. Plz tell me what to do with this situation ?

Aliza reyes

True It works I love it did it work for everyone else to do u guys think its fake

spooky poptart

Loved it It is the best way to see if a girl or boy likes you or not you should really try it out

tiffany jenkins

Cool I asked out this one boy and he said yes I am soooo happy I think he is cute

Jenna Edwards

Good It worked

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