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7 May
Lightning Web Browser +

Posted by Anthony Restaino in Communication | May 7, 2016 | 175 Comments

Apk file size: 2.2 MB

Lightning Browser Plus is a simple, fast web browser that focuses on design, security, and efficiency. It uses material design, doesn't track you, give you lots of options to protect your privacy, and does it in under 2MB. It gets out of the way of the user. I built this browser because I wanted something better. And this is it.

● Design - Lightning's interface was carefully crafted so you can browse as efficiently as possible. Tabs and Bookmarks are all tucked neatly away in side drawers, only a swipe away, allowing maximum screen viewing with minimal interference from the browser's chrome. Dark Mode, Light Mode, Color Mode, Night Mode... Anyway, whatever you like, there's a mode for you.

● Speed - By utilizing the WebKit rendering engine that comes built into your Android device, Lightning can ensure a swift, lightweight experience.

● Privacy - Use Incognito Mode to browse without leaving a footprint, download Orbot and turn on TOR proxy support to mask your identify and location, use StartPage or DuckDuckGo for your search engine, or disable settings that you think leave you at risk. Whatever your concern, Lightning will try to help.

● Features - Full-screen, check. AdBlock, check. Inverted Rendering, check. All the search engines you want, check. Search Suggestions, Bookmarks, History, User Agents, Reading Mode, whatever you need, Lightning does it.

● Open-source - Just as Android open-source, so is Lightning. I believe that the best software is built when communities come together to engineer the best solution. Head over to the repository on GitHub to contribute or translate.

● permission.INTERNET: Needed to access the internet for browsing
● permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and backing up data
● permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and restoring data
● permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Needed for sites that want your location (you can deny location access)

Talk to me on Twitter:

Fork me on GitHub:

Become a beta tester:

You can also email me, but you should know that I don't like email and will probably take a day or two to respond. :)

Whats new

    - bug handling intent
    - downloading crash
    - various settings bugs
    - bugs when browser was minimized
    - bugs with search bar size
    - updated ad block
    - LOTS of other bugs
    - added DNT, option to remove dangerous headers
    - language support in google suggestions
    - home screen widget
    - updated close tabs dialog
    - new number icon
    - added tab add/remove animation
    - search bar color change
    extended changelog:

Anthony Restaino part of our Communication and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 7, 2016. Google play rating is 86.08. Current verison is 4.3.3. Actual size 2.2 MB.

Download lightning-browser-1.apk 2.2 MB


Todd Simmons

Fast and beautiful The speed and memory efficiency of this browser puts Chrome and Firefox to shame. It makes my Moto X and Nexus 7 far more usable. A million thanks to the dev for building it!

Jim Carter

Definitely Faster Than Firefox, But.... I'll need a few days of usage to make an informed judgment. It has a stripped down look, but there are more than enough customizations to satisfy me. Anything is better than Chrome in that respect.

Robert Coffey

What Chrome should feel like Lightweight and fast, opens and closes instantaneously and switches between tabs with ease, even despite the poor memory management of Lollipop. Adblock is definitely worth the asking price for the paid version.

Diego Vasquez

Crashes with new update on ZTE Valet This is a very good browser that has worked on every device I have tried it on except for now with this new version it now crashes when searching or opening URL

Drew Stenger

GLITCH WITH SCROLLING S6 EDGE I am very impressed with this browser, it's even better then chrome. However, there is a weird scrolling issue. When I scroll down a Web page, it's fluid, but It scrolls fine then stops. It's weird. Please look into it.

Sherwin Willis

Lg f60 Beautiful update, small, and fast one of the best

Dan McDevitt

Pretty darn fast I have to say, I've just been using this for a day and it's the fastest browser I've seen. Very good.

Roy Baines

Lives up to its name As fast as you can get and ad blocker actually works unlike chrome which seems to encourage ads. Deserves millions of downloads, keep it light and fast, EDIT another great update. Couldn't address bar just auto go up out of way after loading? and keep the short swipe to bring down?.

PC Ueng

Glorious update I was shocked by how this newest update improved lightning! The new full screen transition is much less disturbing, and this UI is as beautiful and intuitive as what chrome should have been. Money well well spent.

John Carroll

Just one little thing The new look and new(thankfully few) features are great. Just one thing, holding the back button used to close the app and all tabs and now it pulls up a menu to close. If I wanted to close just a single tab I would swipe right and close it. I hold the back button intentionally to close the app. Just seems a little redundant to have that dialog pop up.

Taylor Davis

Gorgeous, speedy. While I do miss being able to sync my Chrome bookmarks, this browser is insanely fast and lightweight. I don't think I'll be going back to Chrome anytime soon!

Kevin Naimi

Really great Great browser. Very reliable and fast. The only problem with the latest update is with the address/search bar in full screen mode. It doesn't move fluidly like it used to and tends to block the top of the webpage.

Depression HD

Great! Just one problem with full screen It seems too difficult to bring down the search/address bar in full screen (in older versions the slightest scroll up would bring it down; now it requires one to scroll up the page significantly before it pops down).

Zia Wahab

Almost perfect Popup ads come through even when ad blocking is turned on. Some links on Facebook won't render

Si D

Awesome, top notch, use this! Best browser by far, feature rich, slick, stable, built in ad blocker, highly configurable, I love it. Just one feature more would make it perfect... a proper Night Mode (black/deep grey background, white/off white type and images as normal) That would be the cherry on top. Really like the new update though, thanks.

Hazeem Akhmal

Finally, an update. Thank you dev. Love the ui. Love the smoothness. By the way, thanks for the improved ads block and black theme. Gonna love it compare to the other browser.

Jari Beguš

New update gave it life What I would recommend though is to reduce the stickiness of the search bar in full-screen mode. See Chrome and how it's done there.

Fathi Azzam

Loves it. Tab numbers missing I wish the tab numbers could be brought back. I think it's useful to know how many tabs are open. Pleeaaaase bring them back

Vic Vendrell

Perfect Lightning by name, lightning by nature. Fast, lightweight browser with a minimalist design and an in-built ad blocker. So much sleeker and snappier than its bloated counterparts.


Best browser ever. The best just got even better with this new material design update! Nice to see the developer continue support for this amazing browser. It's light, fast, and always gets the job done wonderfully. Keep up the great support!

Mohammed Alamin

Brilliant Simple, elegant and it works! Love the swipe from left/right feature and adblock.

TwoBit Gary

Great and fast Like this browser and the latest update adds some nice features. Reader mode is a big plus.

Terence Luk

Fantastic Feature rich, crazy fast but still very lightweight and battery friendly. Adblock function is the best ever on a mobile browser. No problems on Nexus 5. Highly recommend (do get the paid version for adblock)

Akl Bari

Incognito mode is meaningless For example, open incognito tab and goto some shopping site. Add item to cart. Close tab and close browser. Try above again and notice the item is still in cart.

Simeon A. Scott

minimal, open source OK this is labelled as BETA so I gave it three stars, but it needs to be improved (otoh watch out for ad-enhanced clones!) ... orbot mode is not perfect, it tells servers it's lightning browser, this should be fixed or the feature removed. you need to set user agent, or it tells the server a whole lot more ... unfortunately can't set that to empty, but a good value may be what orweb uses: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:10.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/10.0 ... also there appears to be no way to clear security certificates, so if you accidentally click 'yes' to proceed to an untrusted site, looks like you have to clear ALL the app data in android application manager! ... and oh! man, for night mode, can you make it apply to just text, have images display in their normal mode? pls! kthxbai

Travis Humphery

Needs an update. This used to be my favourite browser however the ad blocking now doesn't seem to work, and with an Android update now I can no longer view flash. Come on, there are several browsers that manage to bypass Android and run flash (Firefox and Dolphin to name 2) so why can't Lightning? Please update as I'm now using another browser until this is fixed.

Joey Lewandosky

Needs improvement For some reason it makes gapps to crash sometimes, mostly when I'm in Facebook (I rather to use Facebook in web, its app sucks hard). Also, I can't save images of some sites where I'm usually able to save them with other browsers. Fix that, please.

Barry Foxworth

Excellent! See my review on the free version. Buy this app - it's definitely worth every penny! This browser, with find in page, easy bookmarks and back/forward pages, far surpasses Chrome, IE, Firefox, Maxthon and all other browsers. Simply put, there is no other option.. This IS the browser to get and to buy!

Brandon Watkins

Perfect mobile browser I've tried almost every browser on Android, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC, CM, Now, Next, Dolphin, Puffin, Boat, and a few others I can't remember. I have always ended up back on Lightning+. It's fast, clean, and the UI is perfect for a touch device. The security options are great, and the built in Orbot (Tor) capability is great. The ad blocker is basic but does what it needs to without slowing things down. And finally it is very light on resources. Nothing is perfect, but this is pretty close.

Andrew Froyo

QUIT WHINING LIKE A BUNCH OF AMERICAN DISABLED VET CRYBABIES The main problem you children face is that your devices suck, UPGRADE kiddies. If yous are adults and too poor then delete some of the crapware yous installed. Then follow the setup instructions as instructed, not your way, the developers way and your crybaby crying will stop. Get out of your wheelchairs children. JUST LIKE A DISABLED american VETERAN. CRY, CRY , CRY

Louie N

brilliant edit to my original review , i found the desktop mode option (dummy) so now its perfect for me , love the ad blocking feature

Lucian Greuceanu

Fast and light Great browser, please, whatever updates will come, keep the browser fast and light. Downgraded to 4 stars since not all pages are shown correct, example Facebook. Any updates?

Tim Backer

Pretty Good Need to test more, but I like this browser! Really disappointed that you can't use flash in KitKat and above, even if you sideload it. Yes, flash is not supported and is not perfect, but there are still A LOT of sites that require it. Dev should please reconsider, even if they add a pop-up warning when you turn it on in options.

Jack S

Crash vs Responsiveness Pretty good browser that's easy to use, too bad it crashes every few minutes and when you have 8+ tabs open, it becomes so responsive you'll have to keep tapping links for a minute before it registers. Highly NOT recommended!

Mike Joachim

Great browser! Adblocking without root! For those asking for an exit button, it appears that the developer has saved on "screen clutter". To exit, LONG-PRESS the "back" button on your device. This backs you out to your start page, closes all tabs, and closes Lightning.

Mario Tomić

a bit on the slow side Chrome and Now Browser load page quite faster.

Steno C

Very satisfied At the moment It works like a charm!

Josh Dodge

Spectacular browser..... Please make an exit button! Thanks in advance if that can happen. ?

Jonathan Ingold

Only Browser You Need! Fantastic collection of features that is updated regularly. Has one of the better implementations of reverse rendering, but it would be nice if this feature could be toggled without having too access a preference sub-menu...Maybe in a future update perhaps? (Hint, hint :D ). More than worth the minor cost and the only Android browser you need. I have not been experiencing random crashes as other reviewers have complained about. Fast and stable on my M8 with CM12 based PacRom LP-5.1!

Kevin Naimi

Good browser with irritating design flaw. Good browser. It's quite reliable and fast. The big problem is with the address/search bar in full screen mode. It doesn't move fluidly (like it used to) and always blocks any search bar that your typing in. It's really annoying.

Simeon A. Scott

minimal, open source, actually CHROME OK this is labelled as BETA so I gave it three stars, but it needs to be improved (otoh watch out for ad-enhanced clones!) ... changelog not updated with every update ... recent CHROME update breaks this browser too... that reveals that this is actually CHROME ... following old issues may have been resolved by now: orbot mode is not perfect, it tells servers it's lightning browser, this should be fixed or the feature removed. you need to set user agent, or it tells the server a whole lot more ... unfortunately can't set that to empty, but a good value may be what orweb uses: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:10.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/10.0 ... also there appears to be no way to clear security certificates, so if you accidentally click 'yes' to proceed to an untrusted site, looks like you have to clear ALL the app data in android application manager! ... and oh! man, for night mode, can you make it apply to just text, have images display in their normal mode? pls! kthxbai

Pretty Pleats Please Fashion Blog

Lightweight and Fast but Crashes This is a lightweight and fast browser but recently it keeps crashing.

J Wallis

Good...with design flaw. As I've said before this is an excellent browser, but to echo yesterday's review by Kevin Naimi, the address bar behavior is irritating to the point where it's stopping me using this browser. I do hope the developer gets this right soon. Unfortunately the developer does not seem to be that responsive currently so here's hoping he reads the feedback here.

Jim Carter

Definitely Faster Than Firefox, But.... I'll need a few days of usage to make an informed judgment. It has a stripped down look, but there are more than enough customizations to satisfy me. Anything is better than Chrome in that respect. UPDATE: Emailed developer regarding lack of home screen shortcut option (no response). Still using Dolphin for shortcuts. No crashes on Galaxy Note 4. Adblock works perfectly!

Brian Gholston

Works Great 1 Suggestion: Allow shortcuts to be added to the address bar. Things like reader mode, home, back and forward.

Gerry Anderson

Quick Tab I paid money for this and yet I still use my free browser because it works

Chris Rodrigue

Almost perfect! I switched from the Chrome botnet and I must say--wow. Really nice. I have a couple recommendations. It would be nice if you could make an AMOLED black theme, and add a user agent switch to the quick menu to load desktop view on sites. Also, search suggestions don't work on the little homepage search bar. Other than that, it's excellent!

Lucian Greuceanu

Fast and light Great update. 1. Add option for desktop mode directly in page, not in settings. 2. Add Better tab handling 3. Add Better find in page.

justin kilcrease

Quick and beautiful Super fast and not a memory hog like other popular browsers. Worth every penny.

Dwayne Calvi

Awesome Love it, however, sometimes the scroll physics switch off, meaning my scrolling action loses momentum. Please fix. Otherwise this is perfect. Thanks for offering features without sacrificing privacy.

Patryk Pattus

Sweet Never paid for a browser, tried free version it's super fast, however ad block does not block everything. Some sites got smarter with ads. Maybe you guys could add ghostery as well?

Caleb Bahler

Great, daily driver... Please add bookmark folder management. Much needed feature. Thanks

Angger Waspodo

Please add multi window feature! Please add multi window features for galaxy note's user! It will be amazing update..please add multi window features I don't want to use chrome again

Stefan Bißle

Great browser Actually sprung for a paid version of something. Browser is great and fast with all the features you need.

Ulap Gubat

simple and awesome, thx :-)

Sujoy Barua

My favorite browser but... The address bar doesn't delete the whole link when you click the address bar and delete. Deletes the first couple of letters randomly.

Mark Hainsworth

Almost perfect for me Do not be fooled. This is a very useful browser with many features that make browsing with your phone bearable. Fast, light yet renders as well as chrome and other heavier apps. My only gripe is the lack of zoom facility for some websites such as Facebook. Please add a force zoom facility. But thank you for all the effort that has gone into this.

Jari Beguš

Switched to an older phone, seeing issues now 1GB of RAM (~650 MB of that is usable) has showed me a pretty big issue with this browser -- eventually, other apps will start closing and sooner or later Lightning itself will OOM. So running it on powerful phones is the only way to go but that defeats its purpose because those phones can also run browsers with far more functionality.

Sean Loper

There and back again. Update: 2 years later I come back and it's updated, it's gotten better. A few things though, it has an adblock which is nice, but it also doesn't block every ad. If the app loads a list of servers to which it blocks, it would be nice if you could add your own to that list. Lastly that some protocols don't work, ftp being one of them.

Mikey C.

Love it but I want more Yeah... I'm greedy. First and foremost, support this dev. A great job is done on this browser. Light weight, snappy, flash and ad block built in. Now for what I want, force enabled zoom please, an option to hide nav buttons just like notification bar.

Zach Lutterman

Dead simple, never had a compatibility prob Using for a year, forgot to rate it. Excellent browser. Maximizes viewing space but without constantly hiding the address bar (hate how mobile browsers do this). Very snappy.

Lll G

Best For my needs I've tried just about every browser that is worth try. This one has what fits my browsing needs. It hasn't crashed yet. I used the free version for several weeks, even uninstalled a few times then came back to it. I like it very much and recommend. Mostly I go on Social sites, browse news, look up recipes, things to do, watch a few videos. This browser workI do use my Android stock browser as a second option. Also have Orbit to complement Lighting for privacy options.

Mark Schultze

Excellent Thought I'd reviewed this when I first installed over a year ago, apologies. OK, I avoid using apps when possible, so all of the usual suspects like FB, eBay, Amazon are accessed through a browser and this one by far and away seems the best for how I use my phone. I like that it doesn't need any extra permissions than the ones needed to actually work. Seems to have excellent compatibility, I can't remember coming across a site that hasn't worked or allowed me to have full functionality. Highly recommended!

Prana Adiwira

Yay! Finally bought this to support dev! Anyway, I'm sad that there's many fork of this lurking around without crediting the original dev.

A Google User

An excellent browser! This browser is simple, fast and extremely stable. It does need better cache clearing but that aside this is a very nice little browser.

Rizki Kurniawan

Light-weight The best and Light-weight browser on Android. I hope there are more features like Bookmarks Sync with Google and better zooming capability. Love it ♥.

Tim kubler

Love it but issues have surfaced recently Great browser love how bookmarks are just a swipe away, but recently I've had problems with pages loading with either 4g or wifi. It gets stuck at 20%, I've reinstalled it and cleared it from memory when the issue appears and still the same. Any ideas with what I can do Anthony? I haven't seen anyone else with this issue.

Ka Kin Cheung

A suggestion Please make use of immersive mode in your app (when full screen mode is checked). So there won't be a giant navigation bar at the bottom when browsing.

A Google User

Best browser for me! 5 star browser! This browser is VERY good. I've tried all the major browsers. This is the one I've loved the most. From the Ad Blocker (pretty good) to custom search engines (including Start Page, a new fav search engine I found through LB!). Overall a light & great browser!

Michel Wolf

It's a good browser,but... What's with every so often the play store launches straight to "words with friends". I bought the app because I didn't want ads. Is this a bug?

Kim Koolchick

Bookmarks Not Saving When I export bookmarks to backup, nothing happens. This is happen with Samsung Tab 2 SM-T110. When I do it on my phone, it actually shows it saving and to where. Please help fix this. I am really liking this browser thank you.

Brandon W

Perfect mobile browser I've tried almost every browser on Android, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, UC, CM, Now, Next, Dolphin, Puffin, Boat, and a few others I can't remember. I have always ended up back on Lightning+. It's fast, clean, and the UI is perfect for a touch device. The security options are great, and the built in Orbot (Tor) capability is great. The ad blocker is basic but does what it needs to without slowing things down. And finally it is very light on resources. Nothing is perfect, but this is pretty close.

Tomasz Kucza

Good browser But limited and ad blocker doesn't do anything and has no configuration.

Drew Stenger

Lightning download problems Every time I try to download a file, lighting tells me I can't download to specified region, or straight up crashes. Lighting is great, better then chrome, but this has been plaguing my devices (Nexus 6p, Android 6.0, galaxy s6 edge, 5.0.2). Please fix

Ian McCubbin

Lightning is awesome. It is lightweight, fast, efficient modern design, auto colors website's headers, and doesn't use much battery.

Jesse Skye

Really great browser! This is just a niche request to an otherwise brilliant browser, but do you think it would be possible to add a force zoom function and quick disable Javascript from the browser menu rather than the settings. Great work!

Vanessa Vasquez

Really good I would really like to have inverted colors as an always on option.

Maggie Starks

I like it, but having some issues App started out great, 5-stars, no complaints. Recently though, it won't allow me to download pics/gifs from the browser. The program stops, automated "this sh** isn't working rn" message pops up. Please fix. Very annoying.

Brian Rice

Works well, when it works But it crashes with maddening and frustrating regularity. Dev is unresponsive.

Ivan Giorgi

Super My all time favourite browser. Keep up the good work!

Molin Ray

Idk why but marshmallow update killed this for me This app used to atleast be on par with chrome and even when it didn't look great or anything it still had adblock and worked. Now it's like 3 times slower than chrome for me. Pretty much unusable.

Heiner Valverde

Replaced Chrome for me Wicked fast, freaking easy to use and it has ad block features, what else would you ask for????

Stephen Moran

Needs attention and quickly Manages to block some ads, but a lot still get through. Does not save passwords very annoying. Does not clear history properly either, chrome is starting to look good again.

Ichsan Siswoputranto

I can't get the download working on marshmallow Other than that, lightning quick browser indeed.

Nathan Lloyd

Seems great so far Minimal and fast, and I bought the paid version to block ads

Jeremiah Rosario

Perfect Won't let me download anything from the web. Gives me an error "Cannot download to specified location". I have the download location set to default /storage/emulated/0/Download. Clearing data and reinstalling doesn't fix it. EDIT: FIXED. For whatever reason, the app permission was set to not allowing storage access by default. This is a marshmallow issue. Five stars now.

Linda Aron

Finally, a browser that has a true AMOLED mode. I love the inverted grayscale rendering mode, that allows for viewing all pages in black. This is just what I was looking for. Great job, dev.

Gideon Moll

Doesn't block google search ads... Bought the paid version for the ad blocking feature. It doesn't work and for some reason I cannot get a refund.

Chris Rodrigue

Beautiful browser How a material browser ought to be. I would love to see a feature to add a Mozilla account in the near future and perhaps a quick "Desktop view" button in the dropdown menu.

Angelie Francis

Can't Enable Flash Player! I bought this app for $1.50 hoping that ut would let me view sites that needs a flash player, but I was disappointed that I can't enable the setting for flash player. Please tell me if there is a way that I can enable this.

Chris Trueman

Good web browser Sliding the tab browser and bookmarks list from the edges of the screen feels great. Adblock is another definite plus. Purchased to support the dev.

Nicolas Torres

Solid browser But Link Bubble can't recognize it as a browser? Also the separation between incognito and normal tabs is weird. I can't access my normal tabs when I have incognito tabs open

Cameron Walsh

Great app with one frustrating issue I love this app to bits but I have one issue where longer webpages will stop loading and just show a blank white page.

Paula Liao

Best Browser This is an excellent lightweight browser that takes up a fraction of the storage hogged by Chrome, Firefox, and others. It has essential features for me like adblock and inverted mode, and best of's open source!


It doesn't save my passwords. Other than that it's great.

Nalin Pawar

Best Ended up here while searching for the fastest browser. No doubt that it's light as hell when compared to chrome dev. All this while being ad free.

Adam Chapman

Brilliant browser, terrible icon The finest, fastest, most reliable browser for android with an icon that makes it look like a weather app

Ishtiaqe Hanif

The flagship killer! Please add a system to save passwords and bookmarks, so that when I reinstall the app I can get my saved stuff back with login credentials.

Molin Ray

The app is working goof again but still a problem with dowloads Everything is almost working right. But for some reason I can't seem to download any files because it says my location is wrong. I'm not using a custom location but the default. Any fix to this? I have no idea what the location path is either so I can't set a custom path. Especially because we have to manually type out the path

Noname Noname

Best browser UI Expected features/improvements : 1/ bookmarks: subfolders, synchronization. Opera speed dial could be a source of UI inspiration although subfolders are not supported 2/ Tab bar: the native vertical tabs organization could allow tree management (e.g. Firefox addon Tree Style Tab). Helpful for those who open a lot of tabs and intend to quickly understand how tabs relate and close/collapse them accordingly. 3/ Contextual websearches within Lightning instead of Google search.

A Google User

Links don't open properly in latest update This is generally a 5 star browser, but some things aren't working properly with the latest update. 1. When you click on a link from an external source (application, homescreen shortcut, etc) Lightning Browser opens into a blank page and not the link you clicked on. 2. When long pressing a link on a page and selecting "Open in New Tab", the link no longer opens in the background like it used to. Please fix these link issues so I can use it as my primary browser again. Thank you.

Richard Rigby

Epic Browser Fast, light weight, blocks ads (without disabling whole sites like some other ad blockers do), and has now even ironed out the couple of interface issues that used to bother me. EPIC BROWSER ☺

John Cosentino

Blocking elements? Is it possible to block elements with he adblocking? Also, can we control the ad blocking filters?

Matthew Lunnon

Some freezing Typing to search has started freezing app quite a bit and means force closing. Using SwiftKey.

L G Boex

I love this browser. And the developer is pretty awesome, too.

Jorge Ceballos

Buggy It worked well before the update. Today the address bar locked up while typing. I had to force close.

Sander Bussink

Awesome Really quick browser, has all the features I need since the last update (add to homescreen support) so 5 stars!

Adnan Can Kartal

It has some issues It is not responding very often after last update

Franck Jaït

Good So far so good but sometimes opening a link from an external source only opens the Home page. Have to close the browser and click again on the link to make it work.

Edmund Szeto

Better usability than Chrome I love the super convenient interface (swipe from left to list all opened tabs, swipe from right to list bookmarks), but the newest update made all links that open in a new tab open in the foreground. I wish there was an option to send it into the back so I can keep browsing the current tab.

Scott Chilstedt

Back button doesn't work in condensed display mode Excellent app, but does not work with the Galaxy S7 Edge in condensed display mode. In condensed mode the back button annoyingly reloads the page instead of closing the current tab like it does in the default mode. Edit-- looks like the last update fixed it, thanks!

Mad Hatter

LOVE IT. Fast, Adblock and has a night mode! Reminds me of the day when I used Firefox until it got sooooo slow!

Adria G.

Put the EXIT option Hello, Great browser and to me it works without problems (at least so far). But, one suggestion, put it the EXIT option in the settings (down in the three dots), not every smartphone, type Galaxy Note series, has the option to go back or can keep the back button for exit from him. Thank You.

Roy Baines

Thanks for updating, Light and fast browser with ad block that works, should have vastly more downloads, people don't know what their missing

Mark David Roberts

Life saver! Thanks, Anthony!!! I've tried them all, none compare. Outstanding and indispensable work or play tool.

Nathan ™

Perfect! Thank you for the update!

Matthew Jackson

Very well designed Has adblock, a good design, and themes. Only problems I have is that the import bookmarks doesn't seem to work with Chrome and no Chromecast support.

Jesse Milette

One of the best Very fast, minimal, adblocking and tor support baked in, love it. It does crash now and then, but all in all excellent app. I would love to see a new icon, and the ability to add a bookmark as a shortcut onto the phones home page.

Isaac McQueen

Love it Love it Love it Your a beast Anthony, amazing you fit the most important features in such a small package. I would have paid for this even if it had no further capabilities. Love the ability to hide the status bar, invert the colors, and use an amoled theme. I've recommended this all over so hopefully people will give this fantastic browser a chance! Edit: only thing I would add is split screen support for Samsung

Scott Johnson

Quick but Ads Adblocker doesn't block nearly as many ads as Firefox. I paid $2 for an adblocking browser. Galaxy S4 with CM12.

Brendan Jenkins

Cuto's to the Developer!! I would have never thought this level of dedication and awesome browser-ness would have been possible until I found this app. Thank you!


The only android browser who have reader mode by default. Good job guys!Please ad Sync bookmarks with Google and it will be even better. Thanks.

aniket kuber

Best on play store This is the kind of browser I was looking for ! Only thing I want to see is slight refinement to the UI design

Lucian Greuceanu

Update brings major bugs, please bring back old version 1. If switching from portrait to landscape and back half of the page becomes blank 2. Search function does not work anymore 3. External links don't open in browser

A Google User

Latest update broke this wonderful app. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon. Latest updates broke both the paid and free versions. Links no longer open in the background. If you navigate away from the app and come back to the browser all of your web pages that you left open disappears. It's a mess. Hopefully dev will restore previous versions to fix it.

Leonidas Konstantopoulos

A few issues reported also from other users 1. when opening a new tab it will switch to it immediately and cannot be opened in the background 2. Clicking on web links from other apps will open lightning but not the page. It will only do it on the second try 3. Switching from portrait to landscape and back while watching videos part of the page becomes blank

Usman Zafrullah

Amazing! Best browser I have used simple, intuitive and fast. Only thing keeping it from being perfect is the lack of Google sync support.

Scott A

Pretty good! Been looking for a decent adblock browser. I think this might be it! Really like the clean interface. Really cool that you can turn off status bar. Took me a few minutes to get used to but then realized quickly that I really like the slide out panels for tabs, navigation, and bookmarks. Seems fast and smooth thus far. Settings cover everything needed. One slight complaint is text wrap could be better. See Opera for zoom and text wrap done right. Btw, someone ripped off ur hard work. See Deebrowser...

Jason L

Finally, an update, but... Yea, it's good that you guys fixed the frequent crashes in this latest update, but now am presented with a different problem; the app freezes often when I press the back button, forcing me to fc the app. Please fix.

Lukas Böhm

Bad update Where is the option to open new tabs in the background? How can I copy a link address to the clipboard? I am sure these features disappeared with an update but I need them back.

Mirco Ish

Bad update This update made me really upset. Many things are broken or won't work like they always did. For example: if I open a link from another app/shortcut on my launcher, it won't open and the browser will show the home page instead. Another bad thing imho is the impossibility to choose, when I open a link in a new tab, to open it on background. On old version this was possible and it would be nice if there's an option to bring it back like I described in this new one.

Ruben Kan

Fast browsing with built-in adblocking is great. Option to put tabs on side or top is excellent. Inverted greyscale rendering is great for night, and it even properly just greyscales pictures instead of inverting them.

Mathieu Guimond-Morganti

The Usain Bolt of web browsers The only other browser that can even remotely compete with Lightning Browser is YuBrowser, which is heavily optimized for Qualcomm chips. Otherwise, Lightning Browser is orders of magnitude faster than anything else, and yet is amongst the most feature-packed browsers out there. Breathes new life into older and newer devices alike.

Brandon Golden

Links aren't opening since last update Links will not be shared to the app and instead the app just opens and goes to the homepage. If the app is already open in the background, links properly work. Please fix and then I will update to 5 stars! Still broken as of now on Nexus 6P! STILL BROKEN. DOWN TO ONE STAR YOU LAZY DEV.

Mike Birchley

Bug Browser opens preset page in tab but when opening link from email it only opens that first tab & you need to hit the link a second time to open it. This not an improvement, please fix.

Kamala Robinson

Good but I've been pleased with this app for a while. But the new update has a glitch or two. One being the inability to open tabs in background

Elliði Tumason

Last update kind of broke it Random freezes. Tabs won't open in background any more. When I click links to external websites, and want to go back, the browser takes me to an empty redirect page, and sometimes I have to press Back a few times before getting back to the original page. I got some of my friends to switch to this awesome browser. Needless to say, they hate me now. Thanks lightning team.

Deep Blue

Broken for nearly a month now Looks like I'll have to go find another browser ?

Jorge Ceballos

Buggy It worked well before the update. Today the address bar locked up while typing. I had to force close. Also, it would be great to allow users to use the old behavior when opening new tabs; open in the background.

Georg Galke

OMG - just lightning fast, feels like a new phone

Kris McCuen

Crash! App crashes constantly. Especially when attempting to type. HTC One M9 with CM13.

Gerry Anderson

Major Data Hog What Happened To This Browser We need a stability update yet again

TwoBit Gary

Was Great and fast, no more Like this browser and the latest update adds some nice features. Reader mode is a big plus.. Latest update has caused numerous problems. This was a great browser please return it to its glory!

Brett Michael Winston Te

Pls improve ad blocker & open new tab functions Can you pls improve the ad blocker to completely remove the ads including their borders? Sites like "Cracked" have a visible line where the ads' borders are supposed to be, wish you can remove it completely. Also pls add the option to open new tabs in the background.

Kumar S

Links not working after recent update Recent update being a bad one. many nice features are buggy now. Paying user?

Geoff Mole

Avoid Ad block ticked in the settings but still shows ads... Great :(

Jason Geldard

Very fast, secure, proxy support, text wrapping and an add blocker. Almost perfect. Highly recommended.

Phillip Owens

Great browser, but currently has issues. This has been my favorite browser, but recent updates have made it too slow and buggy to use. I will update my review once fixed.

Kevin Turner

The BEST Browser in the Market!

Scott Johnson

Old version Anyone having issues the older versions are available on F-Droid.

DrDave Reader

Rotation glitch in latest update Best browser for me, but since latest update if I rotate the screen to landscape when I go back to portrait the bottom is greyed out. Darn.

Jerry Shelton

Working great! Best browser I know of.

Matt Smith

Often just opens a blank page when clicking on a link in another app So, I *really* want to love this app. It has the right balance of features, simplicity and looks. Ad blocking is great. However, when the app opens after clicking a link in another app, Lightning just shows its homepage. You have to go back to Twitter, or Facebook or whatever app you clicked the link in, click the link again, and then Lightning opens up again, this time showing the correct web page. With this bug fixed (and the ability to have new tabs open in the background) Lightning would be perfect.

Khalid Omar

It's great I like chrome but the current crop of mobile advertisements makes it unbearable. This is the best alternative I've found in the app store. It just needs some more features to get five stars, like opening links in background tabs and syncing bookmarks to Dropbox or better yet a service like pinboard.

Stephen Riding

Annoying issue with the update Whenever you're on a web page and you tap on the address bar to type in a new URL, it highlights everything as if it's ready to be replaced with what you're going to type in, but once you start typing it doesn't overwrite the current URL. This happens way too often since the update

Brandon Golden

Links aren't opening since last update Links will not be shared to the app and instead the app just opens and goes to the homepage. If the app is already open in the background, links properly work. Please fix and then I will update to 5 stars! Still broken as of now on Nexus 6P! STILL BROKEN.

Jacob Hindman

Bad update Been using this browser for a while now. Gave a few dollars to the dev. It used to be really fast and responsive. Now lags, crashes and generally doesn't work very well. Uninstalling. I'll check back later.

Reed Tyler

Good, but... The tab management is atrocious. There's no background tab option, and whenever you open a new tab, the list of your open tabs closes and you are sucked into the new tab you just opened. This all needs to be reworked. I need background tabs. And I need to manage my tabs (close AND open), without being dragged out of the menu. Also, inverted rendering still needs a bit of work. Otherwise, a fast, clean browser.

Martin Oscar

Severely needs an update. Paid for it a few months ago but now I regret it. Crashes a few times a day from just regular browsing. Opening a new tab now switches to it immediately. When opening up a link from another app there needs to be a tab open or else it won't open the link.

Evan Sklarski

Nice browser Too bad it seems to have been abandoned... These days I'm getting random crashes while typing into the address bar or website search bars. Might be time to move on.

Ryan Roberts

1 Star Until Bugs From Latest Update Fixed Was a 5 star app but since the latest update when I switch from portrait to landscape back to portrait half the screen is black. The only way to get rid of the black screen is close all tabs. Uninstalling until bug is fixed.

Roy Baines

Still the best Despite it crashing now and then as pages get intense, as block never did block everything but it helps you easily get away from them unlike chrome where your address bar goes crazy sometimes with diverts. Keep up the good work Anthony.

Jack Kenyon

Almost perfect I love how fast and light this app is. Literally my only complaint is that there's no user agent toggle easily accessible. You have to go into settings each time to change it.

Mohammed Alamin

What happened? My favourite browser is almost unusable. When I press address bar to type something, the highlighted text isn't deleted. Instead you just end up typing next to existing URL. Random freezes when typing something into address bar

Steve Sorenson

What Happened?! For simplicity and ease of use, this was 1 of 2 go-to browsers, and 1 of 2 that I gladly gave 5 stars and a few bucks in support of the dev. With the newest version however, this once fine app now freezes, lags and stutters and ad-block no longer works. At first I blamed the messed up SM-G900V MM update, which has more bugs than a Minnesota summer. However, reading forums and feedback here, I am now sure the new ver. is to blame. I DO have faith in the dev to fix it, and I will be back!

Victor Eng

Frequent freezes and crashes Used to be the best but now it's too buggy to use as a daily driver and it has been a long time since it has been updated.

Steve Skinner

Very impressive browser and I love the ad blocker. At first I thought it wasn't working after I turned it on and then I realized I needed to restart the browser. When I did - ads were blocked. Everything works much faster with the ad blocker on - and even without, it seems as fast as Chrome on Android. I give this a 4 star rating because there are some issues: 1. Importing bookmarks from Chrome does not work at all. I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and got the same results. 2. There's a strange thing that happens with the screen when rotating from landscape to portrait orientation. The height of the browser window doesn't go to the bottom of the screen. Refreshing the page does not solve the problem, but tapping the control on the phone/tablet to see all open apps - and then going right back into Lightning does solve the problem. Seems like a bit of a bug - which is easy to reproduce every time and on both my android devices. Other than these issues, I think it's worth every penny of the $1.50 for the ad blocking version.

Sydney Williams

I've tried Google Chrome, Dolphin, Adblock Browser, UC Browser, Opera, and more, but Lightning Browser is the best of them all! Very fast, light, and has a dark theme for amoled displays. It also has two very important features for me: adblock and swiping for bookmarks (which I previously used Dolphin for). Highly recommended!

Nav Thakur

Was great. Only okay now Lots of crashes. Clicking the URL will highlight everything, but typing anything won't delete whatever is highlighted

Aleksandar Dimitric

This is the best Android browser I've ever used. It is extremely light and fast (even on my Galaxy smartphone from 2011), bookmarks are so easy to reach and it looks really functional and minimal with its great fullscreen mode and black AMOLED theme. My favourite feature is the "Inverted Grayscale" rendering mode- it transforms my AMOLED smartphone to an e-book reader saving battery. Then there is an option to block ads, set any user agent, activate text reflow and change the text size of any web page. I really can't believe all these features are able to fit in only 2MB (Chrome was taking more than 100MB on my phone, bloating more and more and being incredibly slow to start and browse on my Galaxy S II). I'm happy to recommend this browser to anyone.

Great Browser, needs an update This is really a good browser. I have been using it for a while and really like it. But like others have mentioned it needs better tab management - needs open tabs in background, tabs viewable across to top or side, incognito tabs disappear sometimes and can't get back into them. Also "Save your passwords" setting doesn't work and could use better ad & tracker blocking.

Jordan Jones

Works well but... It has the same issues as what everyone else is having with this update. For anyone trying to fix the bug with links not following through, enable restore lost tabs on start.

aniket kuber

Please fix the issues This browser is fast although there are multiple issues. There has been no update since months. please fix

Stephen Roach

Some minor bugs since last update mainly when switching from portrait to landscape .Overall one of the top of browsers I've ever used on mobile the Ad block feature is the only one I've seen work in a browser will give an additional star for five if the issue with switching rotation is corrected.

Zak G-S

Also have the issue with opening from apps It's a good browser. Unfortunately, the fact that it won't open links from other apps/notifications without having to go back and open it a second time really let's it down for now. Please fix it as soon as you can

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