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18 May
Level Editor: Puzzle&Adventure

Posted by Spil Games in Puzzle | May 18, 2015 | 80 Comments

Apk file size: 14.0 MB

The hottest level editing game on the net is back for round four! Manipulate your environment to guide your stickman safely through each level to reach the exit. Think you’ve got what it takes? Dust off your puzzle-solving skills and take up the gauntlet!

It’s a dangerous world out there and Level Editor is full of tricky traps, obstinate obstacles, and evil enemies, so you need to be quick on your feet, as well as have a knack for problem-solving! Using your inventory of building blocks and tools, you’ll create a route that will allow your stickman to find his way towards the exit without falling prey to his environment. But move quickly! You need to get him there before the time runs out.
As you progress through the levels the puzzles will get trickier and trickier and you’ll have to think fast. With moving parts and problems designed to really put your cognitive skills to the test, only the best will make it through!

• Build features into each level to progress to the end
• Race against the clock and see if you can beat your best time
• Collect coins to earn extra points and more time!
• Look out for prickly enemies trying to take you down!

With a colorful design, Level Editor looks great on computers, mobiles, and tablets alike. It’s fun for players of all ages and abilities, so what are you waiting for? Play the best platform game on the web now!

Whats new

    better music

Spil Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 18, 2015. Google play rating is 70.9164. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 14.0 MB.

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Joseph Poole

Does anyone know how to get 3 stars on level 23? I gone through all of the last 3 blocks away from the door but can't figure out how to get 3 stars.

Stephany Doyle

please fix can not get pass level 2 because the game doesn't fit my tablet

soorena reisi

can't get 3 on 23 I can't get three stars on level 23 does anyone know how?

Nathan Mack

Great Finished the game! Please update.

Jaffa Ca

Can't seem to get 3 stars on level 23!!!

Anna Gahan

Not a good game I did not like this game at all. I could barely pass any levels. DEFINETELY deleting

Olukayode Sanni

GOOD ,great glitches I loved it BUT I hate level twenty three I play it perfectly but I got 2yes2 stars not three why .other than that if I had 0 lives I could still play a great glitch

Abdu Alshraidi

The hell is wrong with lvl 23? I can't pass it ever, I've to put the bomb front of the mine but I can't because of the jump button ?

Alexander Heymann

Plz read I have a few problems with it man... First of all.. Only 5 lives. It's okay for me to watch those annoying ads to get the extra 5 but you can only do that 2 or 3 times which is retarded. Then, I got everything on 3 stars except lvl 23. Is it a glitch or something?! I collected all coins and even finished in record time but only 2 stars. This was a really enjoyable game for the most part, but that one lvl just bums me out. FUKN FIX IT M8

pol bol

A bunch of problems First, I'm unable to watch an ad to refill lives. --- Second, controls are unresponsive at times. --- And third, on level 23 I can only get 2 stars and I did try everything. So for that you also get 2 stars.

Loretta Amartey

I'm uninstalling it because when I need free heart I go to watch it now and is says loading....wait and it takes ages. I used to love this game... not anymore!!!??????

Amanda Amend

I really like it I'm at level 41 Amazing sometimes it makes me mad because I die but hey it's amazing

Gina Fernandes

The game is good I love it but the problem is why do you put only 5 freakin lives I get mad when I lose all of the lives and you might be thinking that I can watch the videos to get the more lives it when I click watch it doesn't work

Malik Mustafa

That's it, Only 40 levels ? Plz put more levels or stay happy with 1 and only star

Andrew Ewer

Bad design Game uses a life system and then punishes you for simple mistakes with the awful controls by making you watch ads to get more lives. The whole game is designed around this.

Zander Gomez

Stupid I can't see the bottom on lvl 2 and I have to put a block but it won't let me plz fiz

Rodney Wroot

Can't get 3 stars on lvl 23 Because I can't get all the stars in all the levels you don't get all the stars in this review, please fix as my OCD is going crazy!

Cody Taylor

Level 23 I got 3 stars on everything but level 23. I only get 2 stars. I collected all the coins. I used the final bomb on all 3 floor blocks but there isn't a hidden one. I would give 3 stars if it wasn't for this.

Karan Hasija

The game is awesome. There is a bug level 23 which only gives you 2 stars. We need more levels fast.

Wyatt Seals

No! I can't get past the second level! Spilgames you better not be trolling us!!

Fuck You I don't care

Bullcrap You have a certain number of lives and sometimes the game glitches and when I start a level there is no land or stick man!!!Also the new music is horrible. This game is stupid please don't make anymore

Mohammad Al-Hetairshi

Fix please I can't watch ads to refill lives, i pressed the button and it doesn't work

Keara Halsey

This is so annoying I can't get past level 2 the game won't fit on the screen ...........uninstalling

yari tavarez

TERRIBLE It's boring and I was hopeing that you can create your own level don't install it's not worth it.I thought in the game your able to create your own level also BUT NO!!!!!!!PLEASE UPDATE then possibly I'll rate it five stars

Afshan Husain

I'm sticked in level 5 please help


The Game is Fun i Love it HOPING FOR PART 2 But since u only had 5 lives and i dont like watching ads so i hack it and gave myself 500 lives so dont have to watch ads Sorry for hacking your app i just 5 isnt enough

Saul Ramirez

What the f**k I cant finish level 6 because I cant see where to but the block.FIX IT AND IM GOING TO UNINSTAL THIS GAME!!!!!!!!:(

Michelle Chamberlain

I hate your game I can't beat the second level

Samuel Brogna

Level 2 On level 2 you go down then there's spices on the roof there's a hole in the friend then you go into the hole then if you jump you die.

Chazza Hazza

Troll Level 23 is a troll well I now how much u love 2 troll people

Juandre Brand

Worst game ever the screens so big I cant use the controls

Dinesh Mohan

Kudos The recycling of life is the best thing for this type of games.

Elyar Amin Raftari

Dosent work Dosent work on my Sony Xperia Z, it loads and plays muaic but screen is blank gray

Vadim Kandalov

Love this game! Easy to understand! I wish there were more levels to play. The only problem I have is on 23, I've tried everything and can't get 3 stars. Please fix this or at least give a hint in the next update.

blayne cloete

Level 11 you cannot pass Unless I'm stupid, I can't reach the key I love this game but please fix the problem

Samuel Lawmaster

50 50 It says i die but do not touch enething

super sweet cashany

I don't really like it I don't like it that much because the waiting for lives to fill up is terrible it takes forever

Ashly Benitez

Can't refill my lives. please fix that :(

Pranitsss Bhosale

How to play?? Pls add a tutorial

Kai Coulthurst

Stupid game My camera won't scroll down

bisamråtten edegran

Fun but Addictive and fun but please fix level 23 its really annoying that i cant get three stars. And it is too short plz make more lvls

Danny H

Great game but...... Open it it it the third time and the screen goes blank and...stops and I can't open it again...?

Leif Martin

Good but needs more levels and level 23 always gave me 2 stars even if I got all the coins

Marko Novak

Ok game, but ads don't load You don't need to put better music, if you don't make ads displaying better.

Aoife Dunphy

Level 23 I am soo annoyed and it seems we all have to ge same problem with level 23, other than that I love it

CharlieEmma Barnsley

Its alright Its ok but too many glitches but its a funny game

Caleigh Lepage

Lvl 23 - no three star option!! So I've beat the entire game with three stars on each level. That is, except lvl23. I've tried everything - collected all the coins while speedrunning etc and have concluded that there has to be a bug in this level. After looking through here I noticed that this has already been stated multiple times. For 5 stars, this bug will need to be fixed.

obadiah grotts

Bad Controls If the game replaced the three buttons with one joystick I would have a free hand to add blocks where needed. As it is this game has your fingers jumping all over the screen and so its infuriating to get the timing right only to miss the move and jump buttons which require too much accuracy to hit 100% of the time.

Joseph Meyers

Really? The game doesnt fit my screen. I got stuck in a hole I couldnt see on the second level. Sucks but I gotta install. BS

Aaradhya Rahtole

Not Showing Ads When I have zero life or heart then I want to see the Video When I Tap on Watch A Video then It says that LOADING PLEASE WAIT and when I wait for about ten Minutes then also it Show that.


Level 23 Game is good, but why I can't win level 23 with three stars? Plz fix it :(

Kensett Champney

Permission creep Why do you want to know who calls me and I call......

Marty Gibbons

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAKES ME FAIL On lvl.4 it won't let me place blocks! (Nearly at the end part with the 2 green balls) help me,yiur my only hope ?

Akshay Ordiya

Great game but with 2 flaws Great fun, but 2 flaws: 1. Level 23 doesn't let you have 3 stars no matter how well you play. 2. Only 45 levels, and relatively easy.

Chris Terranova

It's ok Doesn't have that many levels and level 23 is messed up

Asad Ali

Video for life Why video link given for extra life. It take hours to load. Deleting it.

Christian Toribio

My name junior Best game ever play android phone

Musa Family

doesnt let u do level 6 the ratio of the screen isnt big enough for the box to fill the bottom row

mujeebur rahaman

Better Okay bcz no lives itself. Spil games plz give unlimited lives. Then I could give u 5 stars

Nathan Dashnaw

Not bad I keep failing and then when I go to play again I'm out of lives, FIX IT.

Patricia Ayala

Please let the stickman keep on ragdolling and not stoping like in the computer also add infinite amount of lives no waiting or watching videos. This game is awesome

hasnain khan

Nice game. But it takes too much loading time to show video for refilling lives. Only for that reason igave it 4 stars insread of 5.

Anurag Mehta

The lives make problem I would have completed the game year ago if add function or more lives would have been there.

Vasudev Sachdeva

Good but .... When my lives are gone then i choose to watch a video then it always says loading plz wait i waited for 5 Minuites but video not started , i have to wait so much for a life.

Deep Singh

Fantabulous but..... This game is outstanding but after a day it gets hanged, not even started,, but i like this game so downloading it again... Lets see now if its hanged or not

Artyom Yamshanov

There are many reviews about 3 star issue with level 23, but the issue still has not fixed.

Daniel Mota

Entertainment in my Note 2 Fairly challenging intellectualy and extremely challenging game play. Unfortunately the reason is that the responsiveness of the controls are a bit lacking. Also it's a little bit boring to have to wait the necessary time to refresh lives seeing as no video plays when I press the button. BORING

Kieran Barnes

Buggy Fun game but really buggy. Explosive mines were killing me 2 seconds after they went off. I was not getting 3 stars when I had collected all the stars in the level. It wasn't registering where I placed my blocks and often put them inside walls which shouldn't be possible

Kena Tatman

Bad building When I put blocks it's hard I had to put it in a hole I press the block it press the arrow I fall in it ,1 STAR tell you fix than I'll give you 5 STARS OK

Abdu Shraidi

The hell is wrong with lvl 23? I can't pass it ever, I've to put the bomb front of the mine but I can't because of the jump button ?

Jack D Sparrow

Bad control with limited lives Either you give good control system or give more lives to begin with our at least max out. That way I can not play for two days then have 20 lives to play with. This design to force watching ads is stupid. The game itself is awesome, though I'm not going to play it due to these limitations

Bokang Tladi

Bk cash Bad controls if u could control the screen back and front maybe there will be space for the controls. But i like the game n everything but the controls r squashed if u r able to make the screen move in a new n improved game that would be great.

Marty Gibbons

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAKES ME FAIL On lvl.4 it won't let me place blocks! (Nearly at the end part with the 2 green balls) help me,yiur my only hope ?

Prabal Goel

Best game to pass time!! And all the people having problems in level 23, just apply a little brain on it (if you have?).....

Varun Shastri

Nice game...but lvl 23 is bugged Got 3 star in all level except lvl 23...I have tried many times by taking all stars ...still 2 stars..might be some bug.. kindly fix the issue.... overall nice game

akshay s.n.

Liked it...!!! I liked d game simple controls bt the same problem as evry1 has. Level 23 where is the way to make 3 stars ?????? ????Nd i would also love if the developers giv more levels in this game ...!!!??


Great game but...... Open it it it the third time and the screen goes blank and...stops and I can't open it again...?

Ann Knights

Freezes constantly Great game but pretty rubbish that you have to watch videos to receive 5lives because it constantly freezes while the videos are loading.

Abhijoy Bhattacharya

Best game but one problem I am at level 45 lv 23 is anoying level no there stars

Abdullah Zaghloul

Wonderful! It's very rate these days to find such a classic puzzle game! This one is so still simple and yet challenging! I finished all levels all three stars! Thanks for such a wonderful piece of art!

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