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17 Jun
Let's Escape

Posted by Mobest Media in Puzzle | June 17, 2016 | 137 Comments

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Use your ability to “think outside the box” by combining objects, cracking codes and solving puzzles. The amazing rooms full of puzzles are waiting for you - let's escape!

↗ Tricky puzzles
↗ Amazing brain teasers
↗ Intuitive and easy to start – impossible to put down!
↗ Explore different themed rooms
↗ New rooms added frequently
↗ Unique atmosphere
↗ Auto-save function
↗ FREE for Android!

How to play:
Find and combine objects to solve puzzles. Beat each level by unlocking the door and escaping the room!

Game discussion:

Whats new

    1.0.8 - Fix
    1.0.7 - Update
    1.0.6 - Fix
    1.0.5 - "You Must Escape 2" out now!
    Minor changes
    1.0.4 - Minor UI changes + - "World Escape" - out now! Escape around the world!
    14.Feb - New stages.
    New stages!

Mobest Media part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 17, 2016. Google play rating is 82.8892. Current verison is 1.0.8. Actual size 51.0 MB.

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ProStylista D

Solutions are not logical. Level8 has a color code that you have to guess at for the key pad. I only got it through a video walkthrough. I'll change my rating if you can give me the logic behind it. DELETED

julie agg

Enjoyed it One of the best escape games with very few ads. I'm addicted.

Anna Nedeau

Fun on a snowy day. I'm easily entertained. The more I do these the better I get. Good when you need a pick me up.

Jay Gan

No solutions ! An interesting game, how come no solutions / walkthroughs are provided like in other escape games ???... i am stuck at Level 6 - what's d password for d laptop puzzle ? -it appears there shoukd be 5 digits There should b a hint how many digits are required (as in other escape games). I would have given a rating of 5 stars if there r solutions. To LOVELI FOWLKES - In case you haven't found it yet, d safe combination is d pattern on d laptop screen.

Pete Sztencel

Not bad, but... Let's Escape was clearly made early on in the 'escape room' craze. The graphics are low-tech compared to what players expect to find in one of today's photorealistic apps, and some of the puzzles are almost annoying in their simplicity. Even so, there are 14 free levels, and some - like the curate's egg - are very good in parts. I think the final conundrum in the Games Room is neatly done. The interface is unstable at times: Level 6 seems to have a glitch in the 'Green Bird Picture Puzzle' (which looks like it should be a jigsaw, but apparently isn't), and the final locked drawer only opened after some random tapping. The app froze in Level 8; after a restart I could only open the safe by yet more random tapping. Hmm. Although the end screen says more Levels are forthcoming, there's no sign of them yet. Maybe the Development Team has moved on. This is not a bad app, but neither is it a great one, so it gets 3 stars.

Christina Gause

Game started off ok but din it just started to get impossible. Some of the things you were supposed to figure out were just not logical. Some of it you just wonder where did that answer come from? Could be a little more logical

RP Santavicca

Tough, some logic issues; completed most levels in a timely fashion. I needed help on 9.

Lorraine Vickrage

A bit frustrating when you're stumped as there is no walk through, overall a reasonably good game but graphics are poor which means sometimes you cannot figure out what has just been discovered from its hiding place.

Deidra Rankin

Fun Entertaining and challenging without being overly frustrating

Guillaume Meyer

Cool Just lacks an ambient music, and a level or two are surprisingly difficult (which may become frustrating after some time spent on the same level). But this remains a really good game :)

Chris Bertrand

Unstable Can't play the game on Galaxy S3 for more than 2 minutes without it freezing. If I could actually play it I'd be able to tell you if it was a good game or not!

Forum Kaji

Please can anyone help me out thought level 9 I m stuck there from past two weeks and can't get through I m not getting the password ....please help me out...

Jacaline Lee

Let's Escape I gave 4 stars because it was a short game love it wish it was longer.

Lori Springer

Fun but wish it was more Would like more levels. Some of the number codes did not make sense to me....i.e. pool balls

Michael Campbell

Not bad, but the app freezes and crashes constantly. It also doesn't remember sound settings; had to manually disable sound effeucts every time I played, most similar games remember those settings.

Meelah Lacey

Why? Why does it not have any help video's that would be nice if it did. I mean i like the game and there are no ads i am happy about that, but if you put helping video's on there i will be likely to put 5?. It is a good game and all but needs just a little work.

Gabriele Zancanaro

Cool! Maybe a bit easy... but maybe it's just because I'm getting more and more familiar with this kind of games. Anyway, it makes you think. And when you open the door... so nice. Well done! Please more!!!

Dorothy Sorrells

Its fun some of the codes don't make sense 14 was a lil hard had 2 keep watching video still had trouble but finally kept tapping & made it need more levels

M Invernessity

Solutions are on YouTube! Fun, with good graphics, smooth animation and no lag on Kitkat tablet . Very easy to start, more challenging later on. Took about an hour to finish. Thank you very much to the developer!

Janice Jacobsen

Fun game, but . . . It would be better if the walk throughs could be accessed throudg the game rather than having to exit, go to youtube, watch video, exit youtube, reopen app, then continue game.

Tiffany Wilson

Horrible The hints don't match the actual solutions. The only way to figure it out its by using a walkthrough which is unfair and a waste of a download.

Linda Johnson

Awesome game Its challenging and fun. Not need more levels. I highly recommend this game to kill time.

Steve Sanders

I'm New to This Genre But I really liked this game. It is harder than some of the others I've tried. I still want to have a story and a real quest, though!

Mara Kez

let's escape Lots a fun, but unlike other "escape" games this one doesn't provide hints.

Louise Servinis

Nexus 7 A little predictable and then suddenly seems to make no sense! Annoying that resume function does not work and if you have been away must always start level from scratch. Not so user friendly as we have come to expect;☺

Loveli Fowlkes

How do u find the code to the safe? Somebody help pleaseee I'm still on level 1 -.-

Vic Basic

Bug on stage 11 On stage 11 the red balls are 8 not 7 because the snowman's hat has the eighth red ball on its top

Stephanie Pasco

Short but good Difficulty increases with the levels. Very enjoyable and some are quite hard.

Ty Tua

Loved it. I love this game. But will uninstall due to lack of space but please add more levels to it please.

Drew Carrasco

Good but How do you pass level 8? What is the code for the one behind the picture??

Cathy Stein

It was fun n not to hard,except some of the numbers were not right on the combination locks

Ria Oelofse

The best I have tried up to now The puzzles were logical yet challenging.

Angie Stamp

Good Nice game, flows well, but mine kept sticking or force closing on stage 6 so couldnt complete.

Erica Ramos

Good It was a good game pretty easy but it was fun!! Hope u add more soon!! Wish these excape games would have more levels

Iqbal Hatteea

Easy and quick All the solutions are in front of your eyes. You need to use your brain

Fey Nyte

Kinda easy but good Im a bit of the way I and I found it easy so far, but fun.

Nathan Sanchez

Fun I like when something is a challenge to me just makes me want to do it until i finish

Reza Bachtiar

Stuck on Level 6 I don't know how many digit for the puzzle on the laptop, i tried using the hint from the table but make no sense, plz fix it, or maybe proviee a hint because there is no hint on level 6

Angela Koscierzynski

Why is it taking sooo long to DOWNLOAD!! It is taking SOOOOOOOO LONG too download this app!!! I even tried too restart my phone.... that didn't work ether!! But finally it downloaded... YEEESS

Scott Ebright

Great game! Level 8 color code lock was not logical. I pride myself on not using the walkthroughs, but I had to on that one. Even after seeing the solution I couldn't figure out any logical reason to the solution.

Anika McKay

Amazing So so good loved the game lots of ppl say it's not logical but it is for lvl 8 it's super logical the smiley faces got turned but the numbers stade the same so u got different numbers it's super super easy (if ur smart) ;)

Destiny Patterson

Its very fun and interestibg I really love this game and there aren't really no ads maybe 1 or 2 will pop up but its not like every 5 sec like some of these other games

Kasey Grzeskowiak

Ok Not the best but good enough, very few adds, but it like begs you to give it a rate

Mary-Ann Ghantous

Amazing Though can someone please tell me how to get past stage 7 I don't know what to do with that iPad you get! Can u help me?Reply plz..

Mick Bird

Escape some more Really enjoyed this app, early stages are quite easy, but it makes you think later on.

Jasmine Ruiz

Good I love these types of games. It's an easier version than "The world's hardest escape game" which is the only reason for 4 stars. But I love the graphics and hints!

Anthony Stevens

Very challenging Had to go to the walkthroughs a couple times. Level 8? All in all not a bad game.

Charlean Bailey

awsome got stuck on the pool room in till I looked on YouTube for walk though now not getting stuck any more?

Severina Chaos

Challenging... Although some puzzles were really clever some lacked nexus logical. Quite a bit of time was spent trying to find a clickable spot, but overall it was well done game. Too bad it has only 13 levels.

Chris Briano

Got Lost... In Time! I never heard of this game but gave it a shot and glad I did. I didn't even think about my Flight Time as it Flew By! Lots of fun, like games that make ya think. Going for part 2 now. Peace!


Not quite as good as the others. Same design and style of play as their other apps. Fun and challenging, but some of the codes were a stretch to decipher. Still a great way to pass the time.

Stephen Murphy

Tricky logic in parts Varies from easy levels I breezed through to some that baffled because I'd missed one of the screen areas/objects. Some puzzle/code solutions didn't make sense. Could do with links to the walkthroughs on YouTube.

Doug Harman

Wouldn't let me click on certain parts of the screen. Some parts easy. Some challenging. Enjoyed like every other game they put out like this. Would love more.

Staci Vann

Lots of fun This game is lots of fun. It's challenging but not impossible. You will enjoy losing track of time with this game

Suzette Edwards

Enjoying it But... This is a challenging game and I'm enjoying it but every time I leave it I have to start over. Driving me crazy. I have the first several levels memorized now.

Gelasia Burney

Hi! I loved the game, without a doubt. It was very challenging and very entertaining. I did have to cheat from you tube a couple of times though. I really do not understand how y'all arrived at some of these codes, even after I looked up the cheat. Made me feel stupid, yet it would be great to have an actual explanation if one wanted. Thank u for making a great game!

Hailey Adams

It is a fun game to play It is fun because I like to do games like this and stuff like this game does so everyone who see it should at least try the game so enjoy it

Emily Matt

Im so enjoying this app..but im stuck at level 8..l have failed on this one..How do i get the clue to the next level

Mindy Johnston

What??? What the heck did I just play? I love escape games and I'm quite good at them. So it seemed pretty basic, then challenging, then down right crazy! (Pretty sure they just started making stuff up.) I'm still not sure how I escaped some stages. I would have just quit but it was ok at first and I don't quit. So if you're like me, just don't start.

Becky Nelson

a lil disjointed some of the clues r not very logical to arrive at with out walk thru but nice game. Not hard other than that.

Michael Summers

Really great game it's too bad you have to run such a lousy ads you must be really hard up for money so I will Uninstall because I've had enough of this crap

Sai Aravinth

Awesome game! ! I have never seen a puzzle game like this one but it is fantastic. It is nice if this game has more levels. Thanks mobiest mobiles.Keep going for more!

Dennis Woods

Hard but not too hard A little common sense might getvyou through it...if not use the walkthroughs when your really stuck, Thanks for the challenge,

suzanne boshears

Let's escape keeps your interested Finding & following clues is a challenge don't like having to start over each time I exit

Brayden Doolittle

Tricky This is the hardest escape game I've played yet, good job.

Shauna Pezzot

Its alright. Pretty straight forward and not a lot of ingenuity between levels but good if you just need to waste some time.

Rosie Reed

This one....No. Update, and fix, yesterday. Yeah, ok lol. Some steps are seriously just TOO convoluted to figure, so need a walkthrough, and this one doesn't have one. They do for their others sooo... whatever. Uninstall, and movin' on.

Nyaisha Giles

Great way to test train the brain. Lovely game. Keeps you on your toes thinking of different alternatives and solutions on getting out of the room. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is you thinking outside of the box. 14 test levels. All great.

Crystal Wildt

Why do i have to always start over? I love this game but why every time I leave it, I have to start over!?! Would give better rating if it saved my spot!

Shannon Shaw

Good, but very short & simple I enjoyed game. Some levels are ridiculous easy, others I had use walkthrough. It is just way too short, each level has 5-6 things to find and do and Only 14 levels total. Please update soon!

elijah bishop

Amazing Good grapbics, really easy and a little hard to find stuff. The thing I really like is how it gets harder and harder everytime I escape a level.

Andy Williams

Too small on phones You need to add the ability to zoom in on objects. Some are too small to see what they are on a phone, and I was left guessing.

colorfox !!!!

Its fun and... I found your secret little message on level six!!! You know, the one on the keyboard!!! Lol that's funny and its all good bro I won't tell anyone. *==

Cory Lamica

It keeps me entertained.... Have not played long enough to really rate it but it keeps on asking so I did.


Perfect amount of challenges This game is JUST challenging enough to make it entertaining without having to cheat. I enjoy these for brain exercises and if you are constantly stuck, frustrated, or looking up a walk through, its just not as addictive.

Ian Elliot

Not too hard. A good intro to escape games. Enjoying this because I have a headache and it's not too taxing on the brain matter. Well presented with nice colour and no irritating music.

Kat Qu

Pretty good mental challenge! A great way to kill some time and challenge your brain!

diane jones

Good game but no walkthrough Enjoyed playing till i got stuck and needed a clue couldnt find one anywere no walkthrough got fed up and uninstalled

jatt sikh

By virk A superb n mind game..keep updatin n create more levels

Jeda Director

Nice Game Anyone Can Tell Me How do I complete the second level?? :(

Hassan Kamal

Cool It's not hard but it's cool very very very coooooooool

Anna Stone

It was good! Got stuck in a couple of rooms but got out after numerous tries for solution

Mag Pie

Gave it 5 star because it was fun, until I found out each time you quit, you have to start all over again. 1st time it happened OK with it. I thought had time to kill today, I would play til the end. Got to level 10, game froze. No way in hell starting from beginning again. Poor, poor developing. I am definitely uninstalling when I finish this review.

Leimomi Devenport

Challenging and fun This game was fun, but ends quickly. A few levels were a bit harder than the rest, but many became somewhat predictable. Overall, it was a good free game.

sachin sharma

Hard but well addictive i have finished all stages waiting for next update :)

Tina Nielsen

Good escape game Fun and right level of difficulty just needs those extra levels.

Sam mungroo

Stuck in paint room Stuck in the paint. I cant remove the pins using the pliers. No matter what i do. Help!

Mollie Robinson

Ok Level 8 is the hardest . I watched it on YouTube and then I tried the exact same on the game and it didn't work

dora hidalgo

I enjoyed the game when I was able to play the app kept shutting down so I finally gave it too bad the game was challenging I like these type of apps please fix

George Sons

Pretty simple so far, but it is fun and helps pass some time.

Scott Bell

Great logic game. The levels are challenging enough, without being impossible.

Olivia Brittain

IRS ok,once I got past level 1,I had to look up walkthroughs on YouTube!!!!!?

La'Lannii Porter

Let's Escape It is really fun for you and you should try it because you might know what the answer is you might not so to like you know watch a video

gail clark

Hints or walkthru would be helpful. Usually there is one puzzle in each level that stumps me a little. Fun. Uses my brain.

Del Rowe

Pretty clever....have to use all creativity levels

Tina Vera

Enjoyed the game. All levels were pretty easy to figure out, except last part of Pool table room. I could not figure out how they came up with the numbers from the pool table cue balls, even after I gave up and watched the video.


Really good. Doesn't hurt the brain too much lol. Wouldn't mind a few more levels though!

Varun Andissery

The logic is wrong. Some things just dont link. Some rooms have the same basic repeated settings and some of the clues have no logic at all. You won't understand even after watching the walkthrough video why it was what it was. Still an addicting game. And its fun.

Isabell Kron

It was just the right toughness not to easy not to hard! Would recommend to 10+

Christy Cain

Fun Quality Time Very fun. My son and I play together. There are some easy clues that he finds and harder ones that I help and find. Lots of fun.

Doreen Boisvert

Lets Escape Makes you think in a fun way. I like it. One draw back. There ought to be a way to get the answer if your stuck. I get so frustrated when I serch forever I just end up deleating the game. There should be help

Kirstin L

I have to start all over every time I leave >:/ There aren't any save options!! I don't mind having to do a few levels over, but ALL OF THEM???!! That's just silly. Fix that and I would DEFINITELY give this game a ten * if I could... But five is the limit! Please fix that.....

Andy Miller

A clever game... Most of the puzzles were pretty fun and it introduced me to some advanced clue types not typically employed in such games, a great way to think outside the box.

sara parker

A thinking game Very challenging and creative. Having ADHD I don't usually like games like this but this one was very good. Need more levels.

Yvonne Lopez

addicting Finished in a couple of days. Didn't realize things could be upside down or that 2 items in inventory could be used on each other. Good overall!

Darcy Baker

Once you get the hang of it the game is not too hard, played it with my 7 year old an we had a great time.

Wow! Brilliant Game! Amazing...You know this game really is a game that gives a tickle to your sleeping brain...I love it...I am on level 4..just hope there will be more challenging levels on the way.. A descent game..Keep up the good work guys! More power to you!

Malcolm McLeod Fleming

Great game It makes you think about what you would do in that situation. Someone tell me how to get past level 9

Thermena Fairclough

Very addictive... I like playing this game. It becomes very difficult to stop after escaping a few rooms.

Melissa Gonzalez

Very entertaining This is a very challenging game, you really have to pay attention to get all the clues and use your imagination as well. It's a lot of fun.

lynne white

Let's Escape Don't know last four numbers behind dart board help someone please

ZoomShimmer Videos

Love it Great time passer. Awesome. It is very addictive and cool. This message is for the company - please tell me if there are more games from this one!

Eileen Reese

Challenging. As a 55 year old this game is good for the brain. Level 8 was making me crazy and none of the walk throughs really helped but I'm addicted to the game. More please.

Oseghale Okoh

Time consuming This game got me thinking for so long...the second stage seems impossible to pass ?


Glitch Got to level 5 and couldn't even see the numbers on one clue.

day dreamm

Got stock in level 9 Can't find the code under the dart on the wall. It is very addicting. The only problem is that it doesnt have any hints.

Ruthie Coltrane

Easy going fun, more levels please Not hard but fun. Look forward to more levels and harder puzzles

Carla Martinez

Challenging At first, it's easy.But the more you start to play the more challenging it get's!

Jake The Boss

Help I am stuck on level 1.

Reeze Leon

Is it just me or do you really start to panic when you can't escape

Verena Sheehan

Great puzzles Good fun playing it. Not too easy, not too hard.

Athira balasubramanyan

I'm stuck on level 5 Plz someone help me

Andrew Sharon

Jail breaking Lock stock but keys open in the end

Patty Abbott

Escape Lots of fun and challenging. Not too challenging but enough for me to stretch my mind just enough! I would recommend it to anyone

Easy Fun but I have been there almost 5 times since I got it need eans more than 14 level

William Hoops

Would not resume. I had to start over from the beginning because the resume option wasn't working. Otherwise it would have been rated 4 stars.


Its good In some stages i didnt understand the logic....but overall good game....need more stages to enjoy more....

Vidhi Agarwal

The best brain teaser... And the best part is,evey level is different from the other.. Creators hats off(applause)

Margaret Hallissey

Challenging Really enjoyed game, wish it had more levels.

Doug Laswell

Lots of fun. Colors,shapes,everything you might not recognize,is a clue. Enjoyed it.

Melany Ramirez

So cool ? Will is good and fun and so hard to pass all if the levels

Rakesh Sahu

Please help me in 8 stage... Whats the code to unlock the drawer

Lisa Norrie

Loved the game, only criticism is there were no option of walkthroughs.

Prissie Smith

Lots of thinking It was hard but i had finished it in two days!

Sara Hufford

Don't install just blacks out on the second level when you click on the box with the four colors on it

S4N5 Wilson

Fun, but... This is a fun game and all, but it keeps "not responding" and that's why it lost a star.

Megan Williams

Awesome game It is an addictive game to play with my kids

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