Download LEET Servers for Minecraft PE apk 1.1700 free for Android smartphone

30 Jul
LEET Servers for Minecraft PE

Posted by LEET in Action | July 30, 2016 | 247 Comments

Apk file size: 2.9 MB

LEET enables multiplayer for Minecraft. Play with your friends in Creative or Survival. No need to be on the same wifi!

IMPORTANT: This app comes with ~7 days server time (less if you enable many features). After that you will need to purchase additional time for the server to be online. Additional time starts at $0.99 for up to 30 days server time. We're sorry but we can't make this service free as it costs us money to run all the servers. We hope you understand!

LEET.CC is a server hosting solution. All servers are hosted on professional and powerful servers that are live 24/7 with no lag. There are many settings for the servers, including changing the map, changing the gamemode, adding "ranks" to players, enabling PVP, and several premium features (Economy, World Edit, Land Protection, Factions, 1-vs-1 PVP, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: Some items are banned (water, lava, tnt, etc). This is because these items cause lag and therefore are more expensive to host (you can unlock these items for a cost). Some things are not working as well as in single player, for example mobs.

Please contact us on if you're having any problems. We're always there to help, and there is a big community where you can make friends or share your latest LEET discoveries!

Please note that the app is not an official Minecraft product, not approved by or associated with Mojang.

Whats new

    Five new plugins:
    Plots - Create a whole new plot world where people can build
    Last Seen - Check who was online and when
    Magic Menu - Magic things that you can do like 'TNT launcher' and 'Armor Switcher'
    Friends - Become friends and teleport to each other
    Temporary Ranks - Give ranks to people temporarily, for example after voting or donating
    Have fun, and as always, don't hesitate to contact us with feedback!

LEET part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 30, 2016. Google play rating is 73.7613. Current verison is 1.1700. Actual size 2.9 MB.

Download leet-minecraft-server-realms.apk 2.9 MB


Chris Gousse

What a terrible app. If you could remove those stupid donations and points, that would be great. A free, unlimited minecraft pe server hoster that doesn't need to be port fowarded, and you have to PAY for stupid crap. People like you who love Minecraft should be ashamed because you want 99.99 for FREAKIN POINTS! You crushed my hopes of making a long lasting MCPE server. Now i have to make multiple email accounts just to host a server for less than 4 days. F**K YOUR SHI**Y APP.

Clifford Steyn

Good App Just had a go at this, and it's a pretty good app, and easy to set up. Anyone reading this review should understand that hosting a Minecraft server is not free for the host, if you can't pay for the credits to keep your server active, then just don't get a server. Issues I had was while running 0.11 on the server (in the MCPE Beta group, hence why), and chunk spawning would mess up a little. Anyway, great app!

Marco Aparato

Thos is super terrible app If you remove that stupid credits it will be good app it sucks i cant even use my server everyday thats super anoying shit!!

Mallory Settles

I have a working server! I have a server you can join. How to get on: address: port: 18808 name: LEET.CC realm it has prebuilt houses for free. Put a sign down with your name on it to claim it. I suggest you write the important stuff down. THANKS!

Johnathon Tan

I paid for the original piece of shit I paid for the original app and now it's free... What's worse those who bought the original app do not get a compensation. This is utter bullshit

Red Belted Ninja

I Cant Join My Server When I played my server it just stays on "generating world locating server | / - \" please help me to fix this and I'll give you an excelent rating

Joshua Juliano

Please Fix When im playing with my friends and we are building, we take like 2 hours making buildings and the server just shuts down and i can turn it back on. Please fix

lanceawesome gameplayer

Add more credits I hate it only a few credits what a freaking app this is not cool I started a server and this just happen I have only two credits left and if you want to donate to my server please donate here's my IP Port 36089 please add credits or add ads to earn credits

Jay Quin

Remove Paying I liked it at first but then when it ran out of credits I didn't want to pay money. It's not fair to pay money for a fun server. So I suggest removing that option. Plz do it.

Rolando Copon

Please no donations it will be graet and this app will be number 1 just no donation just i love price and addd money to price a player i just bord no if only you just unlimited server ihave 20 acc because of the donations

SonyBravia_2015 The_Gamer

Good The other kids say REMOVE CREDITS OR THIS APP IS PAYED you kids doest even otherstand this app is good, Just sayin kids are not good having like this app they will just say REMOVE, SUCK, maybe your a looser kid -_- anyways AMAZING APP DO A GREAT JOB!!!!

muhammad agil

Lel Server is turned on but i can't join to my server.... please fix this error

Courtney Belfield

Rubbish I do everything I can, and when I tried to go on my server it says, unable to connect to world. If this is a problem then blimming sort it out. ? I am not keeping this terrible app.

Richard Cuizon

PLZZ FIX THIS AND GET RID OF DONATION Hey leet pls get rid of it I have a server and it shut down because of your stupid donation don't you know that the ones using this are kids they don't have credit card or debit cause there still young !!

Christopher MacQuarrie

10/10 Love this app but I wish there where more plugins join ip: port: 16727

Rage Quit013

Update it to build 9 I can't manage my server and my credits are wasting

James Filipas

Its turned on but i cant join. And the credits and donations are terrible!

Ramsey Othniel

Add for 2.3 Hey there!, i want to use this app on my gingerbread device. Could you update this app for low end devices?

Sweet Cakes

Awesome! This is a great app but you do have to buy some credits for a server but that's OK with me its not that expensive and anyone please come IP: port: 30375

King Christo

Love it Would rate 5 but everything costs credits. It is still great though because if I have an issue I can just contact leet and they fix it.

Joseph Asistio

Good Can you extend the credits to 300 for a month so if apply i will give 5 stars

CoolTek DK

stupid app ever U dont need credits for server -_- what a dumb bro take off the credits or GET WREAK WITH YOUR APPS

Cadee sweger

It won't let me in the sever I made please fix it and let me know when you did

Marik Scharlemann

Good But how do you get a new server!

Jojo Frong

It works but.. I need animals in the game

Zed Abeleju

I can't move.??? When I move myself is going again to the respawner?

Khaled Ahmed

I love it ..... but credits Please make update makes me GET CREDITS FOR FREE MY SERVER STOP PLEASE MAKE CREDITS FOR FREE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Thn

Deal? Make a deal make the app like for 300INR and give the app forever without any f*****g credits okay? Do it f**k!

The Anything Channel

Console We need a console make one

jayplaysminecraft ingram

I cant log into my own server and what is the deal with credits

Rovick Mercado

How to unban a player plss tell me and OP can kick Owner

online kerr

Great but needs more plugins I need more plugins e.g hunger games plugin and a block hut plugin because I'm making a server full of mini games and started the hungergame arena and if you want donate this is the ip address: 26798

Luisa Gonzales

Witch version Is it for the PC version?

Yugi Moto

Eh Remove credits I am 13 and have no money I'm the only one paying for my server cut me some slack you greedy assholes and u should make it to where we can unban items the server lags already

CherryPvP Gaming

Stupid app ever! I used to love this app, but this app makes trouble! You take away my credits and you didn't even give a shiet! All you want is money money money! Think about poor people, noob! Now i cant open my server! You annoying bastard, i have no money! I'm 10!

That Guy Over there

Love it I absolutely love this app. And to the little kids out there, if you can't pay for it don't complain about it. The whole reason we have this is because it would normally cost a lot more to run a server. Nothing's free so suck it up and get over it

Karen Sabins

Ok You are removing all the good stuff like creating ranks and the ability to have you InGameMoney Safe from tax all you care about is how to make running our servers cheaper and make prices more expensive you guys are so greedy also because you give so little credits. Over Half the people who play minecraft are kids they also want to run their own servers have other kids join it and their freinds. When you start a server up most of the people who join are kids.Rarely you will be able to find a person who can actually donate. If not your stuff with an online server. Also you can't even start a new server with the same email yet you can also not delete the server that went out of credits because nobody can donate and you most likely can't eathir,Yet while I understand you are trying to make some profit you are being cheapskates not fair people.

Dominican Kid

It's really good actually The only downside is that you need to pay to keep the sever running for more than 6 days

Dallas Cyrus

How to fix banned items! Use /item [unban/ban] [item] anyways just use /help 1-13!!!! I rate 4 stars because you guys are racking up my money with the whole credit situation. Remove credits please! I would rather pay $10 a month and not have to use credits to enable factions and played slots.

Dillan Bailey

Some inprovements! Needs to be a cedit earner area where you watch adverts or download games to earn credits,this would make the app much better and get a better rating.

Jamster M

Awesome server app This is what I have been looking for. A cheap way to run a server. I would like to unban items like water.

no no

Even the server is online I can't open Same as James fillipas even I have enough credits the server doesn't work please fix it. This app is such a terrible app. Even a donation I paid money but the credits are.not donated give my money back (6$). I paid like 6$ and it doesn't work what kind of app is this?. Even I reset the tablet it doesn't work what the he'll is happening to this app? I don't really recommend to buy credits on this app. I hate Leet such a jerk. I have some feedbacks 1 is stop making let the people using credits for servers I

Mohammed Naquee

No effects When i join i wrote effect it you do not have permission to do this whyy


Good but no credit Plz remove credit im 13 and i have no money and i cant upgrade mine to 0.11.0


Remove credirs please The credit are so anoying you keep taking my money!!!! Remove them and I will rate 5 stars

Stacie Sipe

Can't get sever running! It says I use credits when I didn't even have the frickin app!

Julian Cleveland

Horrible You make us buy credits to play a dumb game. Your servers literally suck. GET A LIFE

Jacques Keliny

I used to rate 5 but not not I know the credit is cheep pls make it free in the next update I 10

Harlan Schofield

Awesome made my very own server plz join

Crazy boyz Oweiss and Razaa

You guys suck All you care is frickin money make or FREE

Jacinto Chiconela

Crazy It keeps on turning off I can't turn it on:(

Geren Umayam

Worst thought Why are credits are desucted whenever i always turn on and off the server? Its really stupid, now i cant enter my always want money!!!.

Maxx Delgado

I love it It's very helpful to create a server

Cyruzkinov Game

If I buy something nothing happens I did anything it say to get my 6000 credits I waited 1 minute and I try restarting the app as well nothing is happening please help me

Scetch L Scetch

Great but I can't unban any server has carrots banned right now...Please help

Andrew Hoang

Eh I get the credits thing, but I think you should make it cost no credits if they don't use any special features.

Rifqi IzzaN7

... I like this app but we nees credits WHY?? plz get ride of the credita thing plzzzz i will rate 5 stars if u do it

Naman Malhotra

It's ok but.... I can't PvP, after enabling PvP also I can't PvP! Please fix that and I will give 5 stars! :)

Vanilla Pudina

Great but Plz not use the credit...plz fix it I will rate 5 star....

Lori Huebner

Good Well its pretty awesome but you know everyone hates the credits part and whenever i make my server im not the owner plz fix both of these and ill rate five stars

David Flores

Can you please add rankup up so players can rank up to a different group. And can you please add a warps for specific groups. I'm making a prison. Please help me and add those plugings to your app. Please. I'm begging you.

Charlie Schurk

S.O.S The app is great and all, but I recently purchased 300 credits, and when I tried to turn on my sever, it wouldn't turn on!!! Please fix this! I have no clue what the problem is, but I might rate lower if this doesn't get fixed... plz help

Christian Osborne

It's OK but needs some stuff In the next update make it where you can add plugins and mods and make it where you can do warps sorry 3 stars but when you add those I'll give 5 stars plz make the update soon

creepy logic

add pls! Add the morph plugin for 5 starts we need more plugins and the morph plugin will be so cool

Raziel Tan

OK BUT I'm Having Some Problems When I Turn On The Log In Thing I Do Not Get It And My Server Is Griefed Because Of That! And Custom Rank I Do Not Get It Aswell So Can You Pls Just Pls Fix It That Would Be Awesome Thanks And Keep Up And Bring Ad Donations Back Pls!

gabriel castro

Server Problem I can't change my map to flat world,download maps and even turn off the and i can't rollback it.It says "Job status unknown(error)".Pls. Help me to fix it ill rate it 5 stars...

maria santibanez

How can i unban items? And can anyone tell me how to spawn little animals? Please i will make it 5 stars if you help me !:(

Zhervo Keann Gonzaga

Every thing is all credits I liked the plugins and everything, but why do we need use credits, also that it turns offline when you run out of credits

Kitty Kat

I can't ban/unban items I need to unban TNT so clearing land is easier but it says I don't have perms?

Ravyn the Fox

Really good servers, but... Well, the credit idea I think is really great! I see lots of people saying 'take out the credits' but they couldn't afford the servers to be hosted, that's why, CREDITS! I know you are working on this, but I really would like 0.14.0 added. Can't wait! :D I need anti-hacks too! There is a hacker, ElephantOf43, and he hacks OP all the time...


Can't Buy Credits I'm enjoying the app so far, the ability to own a server without programming is amazing. The only problem is that I can't buy credits. Is this a glitch? Or just like something with my device?

Lil Daniel

This is perfect! I like the credit thing, it makes sense, and can u notice all the people saying to take off the credits are a bunch of 5 year olds thinking everything in life is free? This is perfect, a little laggy sometimes but its overall great, can u add that plugin that refills the mines? I need it really bad since I have a prison server, but great job guys!

Alma Mozqueda

WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY CREDITS AND NO INTERNET BUT THE INTERNET WAS ON!!!! this app is useless. and now I can't use my server. it says to register when I'm the admin and I didn't even turn that on.

BruhGamesYT Minecraft Gamer

BROKEN I tried this app for the first time it says."You have made to many servers."I DIDNT EVEN USE IT YET! Please fix or give me $100 dollars back.

Villano Brian

I hated it!!! Stupid damn fu*k i have all plugins and 2200 credits left but when i turn it on for 0.14.0 its on but when i try to join its says login time out every time and its just not me my friend cant join this is a trash app!!! Fix it or give me my 25$ back

Makayla Morales


Allan Lindsey

I...hate...everything Words cannot express how much I hate this app you touch one thing and the map resets put one person on perm op list and the server won't start you deleted my maps on the community maps bit and the app is getting worse and more expensive by the day some plugins won't work and support is sh!t what happened to kik support what u couldent just say "we will look into it" on there so you gave up on it seriously fix your app

GirlyGamerGirl 99

✘_✘Why?! Ok..I know that 0.14.0 alpha build 7 is up,because my minecraft updated.Please update the servers to 0.14.0!I wouldn't even open my server if it isn't 0.13.2. I would just all wait until my credits are gone.What the heck!Can you even imagine how unfair it is?!Can you just change if I turned off the server there will be no credits wasted?Please.You (Leet Owner of App) have alot of money in your pocket and be fair!


Cool Nice way to make a server but please please remove credits and the 24/7 turn off!!!!!!! Also make another app that lists all leet servers but still a great ?☺(also it always tells me it can't access WiFi even when I have full bar signal so please fix that)

Alejandro Vasquez

Cridits and Its ok I can't donate like parents will get mad or u don't have money to get more Cridits please make it no cridits

Cheeto MC

I WANT MY MONEY BACK! So after waiting a while so you know I can get my server back I got my money and bought some credits.I GOT CREDITS AND IT WONT EVEN LET ME ON THE SERVER AT ALL!


I like it but This app is good but you can only create 2 servers :< Pls update to make more servers

k Churchy1969

Um well... It's cool n stuff but can U add where u can change port? Plz I...I need it plez

Aj Barron

Don't worry! Leet us aware about all the bugs everyone is reporting and fixing them. Just be patient!

Shadow Sparklez

Ya it's nice in all..... But I HATE the idea of credits you shouldn't have to pay to keep your server running. You should have to pay to make your server popular but not to make it stay alive.

Minal Joshi

Please upgrade to 0.14.0 I Really like the app and all the plug-ins there are BUT CAN YOU UPGRADE IT TO 0.14.0

Rits08743 AJ

Why doesn't my second server work? It's always telling me to make a new one but I had that sever ever sense I got the leet app I want my server back

zacharyjoshua hardesty

Very good but many people put one star because of this reason SO MANY BUGS PLEASE FIX You should take out credits but pay for maximum world and big thing like that and please put unlimited sever time please. I want to to play with my cousin in California and I'm in Bayard newmexico but I ran out of server time so we can't talk and I visit him not much so please make unlimited time then I rate 5 stars ////////PLEASE DONT MAKE THIS A WAIST OF TIME/////////// ????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sebster Collard Fnaf promaster

How Idk how to get credits as I cant pay money and an op banned me from my server and I cant get on but it won't let me make a new server

Minitaf123 // Mini

Upgrade to 0.14.0 B7 Please upgrade to 0.14.0 iv been waiting for it so I hope you update it to 0.14.0 and my friends has been waiting too il rate 5 stars for it but its OK

Veronica Zanders

OK never again I still have my server which is great but don't do that again plz

Seth Hoong

Uh oh I loved this app. But I cant get in my server anymore

Jacob Fairley

Can't reset my server and it closes every minute Tell me how to reset my server and I'll rate 5 stars

Benjamine Rifaela

Animals Plaese add animal plugin in next update and fix/add hunger,sleep because when you eat you loose health

Gageplayz mcpe

Its good but We need more features like slappers and to ban some commands

Jesse Harris

Resets inventory When I join, everything is fine. But when I craft it resets my inventory. It is so laggy

Jeanette Q.

OMG I have TO tell uuuuuuuuu 14.0 JUST came out plz update the game!

Shey Kaczur

1st its good but now is not I made A server and i ran out of credits and some random guy came in and took over

Aaliah R

V14.0 NEW UPDATE but can't join Update again so v14.0 can join because by now players must have this up date I really need you to update this app now So ad lifeboat

Michael Formosa

I HATE THE NEW UP DATE It no fear. When i was playing the made me grief my own house and change my name. GET RID OF THE NEW UPDATE NOW!!!!!!!!

Gavin Pinto

Take out credits Players should be able to make servers without purchasing credits. You should take out the credits and it will be more fun for everyone. Can u please gimme free credits ill thank u so much

Karl Lind

Nice app! Loved it! OK really???? I have to pay for chat filter???? Why???? And why is it so stinking expensive???? And could you add an app that lets me put my LEET server info on it? Thanks!

Payton Hillard

No more credits This is the worst app I ever played just because they changed the pixcture doesn't mean it's better the credits are such a rip off I got my hopes up for this app and I started with no credits for making. I hate this app so much. I start with 10 credits and one little thing wastes all of it. I see if there is a way to gain more and it says wait one day. One month later zero credits. New update I came to look at it it says that I'm forced to pay. This app is for to get the people some money!

Pos Wolf

Won't even start I put in ip and also clicked open in minecraft and doesn't do anything it won't connect

Phillip Fox

Wont let e make a server and play on it Ive tried to make new gmail to try to make new every time it just doesent work plzzz help

Addie Lonero

Fix it Fix the downloads 2 maps and fix the internet even though I have internet and it's on fix ot or give me my money back

Ridzman Gamerz

Im Very Love it Woo Hoo this best for me...about credits...i can promote for server credits now 7899...join my server ip : port : 63132

Amirul 222

Best App But I hate credit...I'm kid bro....please make no parents not let me using their debit card...please make no credit...?


Why I want to make another server and I deleted my Gmail account but still can't make a server

Melu Derp

Boooser... Nice linggies cat roll bort app

Emran Adilby

Best Mcpe server But.... The credits too mean to us plz remove it then Who play mcpe will have More fun

sd05280528 sd05280528

I love it I love it but I have a problem so Fix it bro

Phillip Arruda

Its a good app but please fix I made a server and wanted to keep it for longer but it wont let me buy credits

PiggyPuff 1898

Its Perfect Thanks for making this app!

Josh Friedman

Keeps saying my server is white listed Please fix and I'll rate 5 stars

James Stone

No credits I've been waiting to make a server I open the app all happy I see credits and I saw the buy credits please make it no credits they are really stupid. ☺??

Alpha wolf

I love mai server There is some bugs but that's okay if the leet people are reading this i wonder if U can make a plugin to sit in chairs it can be expensive I'm just wondering thanks for everything guys |3|

Tohni P

No more paying! Plz make it so like you can watch adds and get credits then I will put 5 stars!

Yā Cįńē

awesome the map dosn't change but at lest i can play praivetly With My Friends Thanks Devlopers <3


Getting Better Well you fixed that bug, not to get all of the items in regular MC...

Annabel Matava

I like this...... This is fun. Its fun to run a surver and hang out with friends from shcool! I have prob, so I kept trying in tomjoin but it said I smmunable to connect to world! I habe try eveything! I reset my tablet, turned of and on the inter net, got rid of the server and re got it but it stiill did not work! Please fix this issue! I have been working so hard and I spent alot of money but its not working, I really want you to fix this NOW! Thanks for understanding. -Tween_Twilight

Mr. Creeper

Its ok Leet can j make an app where u can send credits to someone else bc i ran out of credits and my friend Ruby_Chan wants to send a few 100s of her credits to my server PLZ RESPONE

stan gamer pro

Plz remove credits I get that all the money go's to mojan I get it but what of you don't have money what if you just want to play with your friends but they live all the way in London you have to ask your self these questions

LaiBen Taylor

Somewhat good hosting. There is that lag every now and then but other then that its great.

Daniel Kay

I made a server .and logged in as admin but i cant build in protected area . Also it doesnt allow me to use world edit . I got it enabled

Perry Law

Awesome! Actually, people complain about credits but I understand that you need them to host so many servers. In my opinion, this is the easiest to operate, compared to other server hosters that I tried, which includes PocketMine. Thanks and keep up the good work on this!

Hannah Gonzalez


Momo Charlotte

Wut da- Okay I love this app, I rlly do but ever since a few days ago my Server just stopped working. The app is fine but the actual Server keeps on saying, "Disconnected" or "Server Closed" and I have plenty of Credits! Plz halp anyone?

alma soto

Why am i not owner im not op???? I made a server i tried to give a rank and it saud u dont have petmision :(

Junaid Nawaz

Plugin Add your own custom plugin to add to the server.

Mlp surger sweets

My map When I log to the world half of the map is missing plz fix

hamood Alshareef

Sucks This app needs credit and its cery hard to get credits

Red X

! How are you supposed to get people to join!

cameron brasington

Can u add Can u add all the stuff in from regular PE plz so I can start how2minecraft with this stuff

David Voon

Credit Suggestion Can u add a section is the credits section saying Watch Ad for 100 credits per day? Pls make it like that if anyone agrees pls like my comment so leet will see us

Erick Urquiaga

Love It I really like leet servers because it really works and it tries to make it easier for the owners to do things. But the only Con is that things cost too many credits and not everyone has enough money to buy those things

Amanda Boyce

How do i get the sever on????? How do i get the sever on? Beacuse i want to make a sever called "A WOLF SEVER" and it wont work. I already filled evrything in and BOOM it just restarts the sever stuff!!!!!?

Avery Phillips

4 and a half!? I love having my own server, I've had it since October last year....the only con I can complain of is the plugins cost, some are really really high in my opinion and others are perfectly priced. Otherwise, the leet server app is awesome and super easy to use!!

Max Millian

Great app! Actually this app is cool but I don't like to buy credits for this cause I'm saving money I don't even have to waste money but u can do me a favor would u update this and put some daily credits at least 10 or 20 this would make me happy this app is great but I was hoping that plugins don't need to buy because it is useful for servers this would be better than pocketmine if there are no need to buy some plugins. you can still make a pro version of this And all plugins are unlocked........

heyits mollie

It is very good I love this app I love to make my very own servers kepp up the good work

Zul Gaming

Ideal Add video if add video may get 10 more better please add so people will add 5 star

Enzo Go

Loves it Because i have server now :D. But pls work the credits if you log in pls turn the credits 300 pls answer

vincent white

My server is working Please make my server more people I want to enjoy and proud but its okay thanks

Alice Johnston

Awesome but rooind No one will come to your world so youll be lonely and wont be fun can you fix that then it will be awesome please dix it please .

Olivia Heiniger

Idk Its really fine except where if u can't donate to keep it running and others can't either it's hard to work with

I'm already weird

One problem I understand that you need to make money, but can there be a way to earn credits without using money? Like watching ads for 5 credits at least??? I don't know. I'd rate this 5 but it's just that problem i don't like. I wanna be able to add plugins but cant since the price.

michael caruso

I wana help I'm helping yall so I put a great night number five 55555555555555555555555555555

Michelle Stoltz

Thanks Thank you for giving me the chance to let other people on my server. I am still trying to figure out some details. But it is awesome. And I need some proper commands.

TronicMC 2015

Best MCPE server Host If you want to host an MCPE server, this is the app to do it with!

Mike Sagales

guys im in the leet team and i make things right now do u open and name u should look down and see Open in Mjnecraft 2. u want some plugins if the leet made plugins it good now so be nice and watch ur words

Myah Snow

Sometimes when u white list the server or something it doesnt work

butter boy1357

I LOVE IT this is so cool I love it now I can play with my friends from anywhere,AWESOME APP


AWESOME HEY can u guys add more plugins ty :D

The Lily Gamer MC

One thing.. Please Put Everytime we go offline it adds more credits please! Why does it have to remove! =,(

Jason young

Need way of cred Leet can you plz add like a credit system for when we watch a ad we earn credits it would be better even get 1 credit for each ad would make most of our lives better keep up the work anyways leet your a good server man

Sarah Hope

Love I really like this except you have to pay for cradits....ugh. when credits are free or earned by people who go on your server I will rate 5 stars

Timothy Harris

loved it Well the only problem is I wasted all my money on my card for credits

Heidenritz David

Works A lot. But.. Only 5 players can join. And othee things needed Credits

Shem Cabanayan

Pls. Add.... I added a sign and I type in the sign [warp] spawn and it says no warp founded

thededone #ForeverAlone

It's good but It's awesome the only thing is my settings won't save

Cargo Dylan Cobiness

Leet is good I do have a server but its not letting me on :(

Eathan Payne

Perfect I tried multiplayer for mc and pocket mine and I found this I was so happy to get it working. I just use google rewards to pay for the credits.

KG_Gamer_Gal _101

Luv it My last review was 3 stars and I said that it sucks because you have to pay. WELL.. now I understand why chu gotta pay. AND I LOVE IT! (Plus that was when I didn't have moneh)

Sam Rahman

Leet Leet thanks for helping me out for making a server Signed Sam Rahman

Caleb Nelson

Good I mostly like it bc I played on other servers from leet and they turned out really good so yes I like this app

Ruby Playz

Justo great I lo ve The service!

Kayashi Hatake

Nice app It's great but I still don't know how to do warps and make myself the admin. It's says on the app but it doesn't on minecraft. Cab someone plse tell me how?

Sandeep Rathee

Bit better now.. Well u still need to give free credits but I like it better now u added nether, unbanned flint and steel and added voting.. I like it now...

Rose Bumatay

Nice App!! If you want to be a owner this is the app for it

Nao Tomori

It's OK Sometimes I can't place brewing stand. I dunno why. The item is not even banned...

NewtonArthro 7756

I like this I wish hosting wasn't free though but I understand that it's for ur benefit if the doubt for cash app is cool and plz make it cheaper world edit would be great right now

Johnred Tenerife

Hated Pls add 10 or 5 credits a day so i can retrieve my server now my credits is 0 abd there is no way to retrieve it i dont have enough money to buy credits and my salary everyweek is 500 ph,plus my mother is in the hospital because of heart attack im trying to hard work im an working student

Jakob Owens

Good, but some glitches Sometimes, i touch my screen and the game crashes or freezes for a minute, but other than that its ok.

Dark Chocolate


PhoenixGamer HD

No Why cant you add any free daily bonus points? Like 10 each day? That would a lot more Better. It's just a suggestion for this app. I will rate 5 if you do this.

Nikira Gibbs

I like the servers and plugs please upbate it Best app ever i think you s should get the app the server run on credits but you earn credits

Sancit Baria

Add 10 credit for free and expenses less I will give you 5 star if you add 10 credit per day and all of the expenses will be less

Joshua Nanan

Love it and would like to team up. Dear Leet, i would like to team up with you and please respond to give me further information.:)

Kaley Jones

It was alright... I liked it but I agree with many other users that you should get free daily points!!

Dan Tdm

Dan the diamond minecart It you know it's not working I tried to open minecraft pe but it didn't I didn't do nothing but freeze on me that is not fair

Emz PlaysMC

Thanks Uhh Betree my friend joined my server and all he can see is only the sky and he cant move his hand pls help me

Emma Schmidt

Love it. Made a server, now me and my friends play on there with no one else.

yem sakhorn

I love this app Nothing for me to say but this is a really epic app thanks to whoever create this.

GhzGamer Hd

Nice but... You know?? So hard for a kid like me to get credits with payment can you give more free credits?? Like weekend vote to get free credit?

The_killerhero -PLAYS MC

Please update this thing y Plssss make the infinite world trees plss..then I'll rate 5 star

Luke Hambel

Ok The bugs got a little bit better but plz still work on it

Haffis 04

LEET.CC Hey is so helpful to make server for minecraft...i hope u can join my Best Ever!

The Master Of Coc

very good its very easy to create a server!!..this thing is very helpfull..


Awesome its just like a kit starter start small then grow big Please help i cannot set up a VOTE site on Pocketservers it doesn't let me cause the ip need to be 19132 please help!!!!!!!! And add /fly so people with ranks can do /fly and add so all players can use kits on their own with specific ranks

william michener

Excellent I can't get free credits on my phone but it works in my tablet

Death Stroke

Plots I OWN a small sever and I want plots please how can I make plots ?like fw plots had ? i can have 1-15 people ; 20470

Shiloh GOD Garing

i wish i wish that they could give more credits on this app but i love it very much


Great app for making servers! I really enjoy this app because it has alot of plugins and great for making your own private server!the only problem is i need to get money to start my server.

Tornado Slayer

Very good but, At times I don't have money to keep my server running and my friends don't like when the server runs out of credits. It makes the fun go away but I do have to say good job and keep doing a great job at making the app better.

Fernando Mosqueda

LEET FIX THIS Ok leet im having problems with world edit! When u world edit something it doesnt work! You have to leave and join the game!

TOO FUNNY mewmew

Server quality I would rate it 5 stars it's so good

KKay CChen

Awesome My friends and I could just join whenever we want without the same WiFi or not. But 1 thing needs to be improved: Put all the BANNED items back like Redstone, water, and etc.

Eathan Gonzsliz

Helpfull If you want to play with friend on a server it helps make one

Jesús Jomar

I hate this app because it said free credits to install then I dont have credit

DylanTEM Dylan The Emerald Minecart

Best app ever I love this app I have my own server now im a youtuber to and if you want my server look up my youtube channel called DylanTEM my banner is this banner right now and im nine. This is made me make a video on my server please can you join it and donate if you want an epic server.

Lauren X

Loved it I love this app. I have always wanted a server and now u have one! Thank you so much!

Cedj Teoxtogo

I have one problem with herobrine Its real he glith forever please fix this i have to go team mojang

Aidyn Belle Holman

My Rating I have not had this app very long I just downloaded it yesterday and I have made 1 server I haven't even been on my server yet. But, in the short time I have had this app I this it is okay.

Plc Rain

Great App Worth the time and efforts. All the others are just a scam but the is a LEGIT app. Must download.

Isaiah English

Amazing It's an amazing app that helps you create your own server in mcpe and it really works

Brian Sinclair

Nice 0.15.2 needs Xbox and it won't let me chat

Brianna Rossi

LEET.CC I love this app its soo awesome

Jordy Garza

Love this app!! Beetree you should give me unlimited credits XD but only me though. Please!!!! Oh and i dont have wifi no more and i cant get on when im at home. I dont get on for 5 days and it sleeps even when other people join. Can you add a tab that makes it so it so it never goes to sleep? And can you add a tab that tell you random servers? Add mine if you do add it. You should add mine on the top so it always shows XD. My server is just in case XD. Thank you.

Cecilia DiRocco

I can't use it! Every time I try to go into the app it just says I have no WiFi. Even when I have full connection! This is annoying because now my server got turned off and I can't put it back on! All my payments and donations are now waisted BECAUSE YOU GUYS CANT RUN A DECENT APP! Fix it for 5 stars!

Caleb Czeck

Garbage After 2 weeks of using my server without any problems, the server resets to a stupid standard map! Me, my sister and my cousin, have spent a lot of time building on our server for what!? So it can delete itself and not be solved!? This is a dumb app, so do not download it!

It's a really good app!!! It's good for making your own servers! I recommend this if you want to create your own server. I have no trouble on this app. But the only problem is why most of the people who joins my server are Thai? I'm not Thai so I can't understand what they're saying in chat, how can I fix this?

Oath Abide

I love this app! This team works their hardest to help you make an MCPE server easily! The only downside is that it isn't free after 7 days, but other than that it's the best server making app I've seen in a while!

Minecraft Assassin

Its not letting me on my server or anyone else It won't let me or anyone else on it and I have 62 credits left so what going on I tried everything to fix it and it still won't work so can u fix it plz. My IP is plz help or give me suggestions plz

Ethan Skinner

CREDITS! Need help, my server is very slow with only 5 members on at once, anvils do not work which makes my members angry, you cant get rid of tax which is frustrating for users. Pls fix this for 5 stars aside from this the app is perfect

Angela Niu

its not good. Its not bad. its neutral Cant change stuff in setting app.....but at least u can create a server and get free credits to run the server. But it has so much lagg! I cant even go into my own server? What?!?

Jerral Agbayani

It's Good But... I feel like they don't give me enough credits. I hope they change to a weekly fee or change daily fee to 1 credit. PLZ PLZ PLZ Make a app so u can get unlimited time on the server!!! I beg you.

Coolk 334

Needs 30 server slots... Its good but needs more server space. It keeps saying "You Made Too Many Servers" Though I Only Made Like 6..Beetree Plz Fix This Problem.

anonymous_person 21

Its an awesome app I can now play with my friends , but one thing I hate is that the buying credits is not helping people don't like to donate also people can buy it for them self

I really love it but I ♥ it but something wrong..I mean NOTHING! I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!!! NOTHING IS BAD ITS 5 STARS IM NOT JOKING ITS REAL I LOVE IT!! ^^ thanks for making this very VERY VERY!-- very best server for mcpe app IN THE WORL--*boop!* hehe

Jcrafter360 NATION

This is crap Dont waste ur money or time getting credits for the app. If u get alot of credits ur credits pure day goes way up . it sucks


Won't load My server won't load, I USED ALMOST FREAKEN 15 DOLLERS OF MY BIRTHDAY MONEY ON THIS THEN MY SERVER WON'T EVEN WORK!!!!! I did all the help crappie NOTHING! Give me back my money..

Cherry Katt

I love this but.... I'm kinda really poor but all my friends have a server and the credits are so expensive and usually no one donates (#rip my alowence)

Jackson Mallory

BAD GLITCH everytime I open minecraft to get on my new server, it turns off and I turn it on and It turns off. Fix this for 5 stars

Sami Kobrosly

Nice but laggy It's is very laggy for animals and mobs spawning. Mobs sometimes spawn where they should not spawn. Ex. Dogs and moshrooms shouldn't spawn in pleins. Should have the ability for the op to turn into creative while others are in survival. Other than that it's perfect!

James Molien

Too quick due to the lack of time, the server is unsustainable due to the amount of credits that have been taxed during day 1. 90,000 Credits for full server expansion...

Dragon Suicida

Account hacked Even with pasword it got hacked and got a treat saying that they knew where we lived and that they where going to kill us. At least make the server more secure. I don't reccomend anyone to download or log in this insecure server...

Megan Kelly

???????? I've had my server a while now then suddenly it wouldn't work I turned it on and off a lot it kept lagging and it wouldn't let me join then it finally let me join AND MY SERVER JUST GOT RESET!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 100% sure I didn't press the reset button so I'm now very unimpressed and my server was looking very good and I had made a lot of lovely things!! Now I've got to start from scratch!!!!! ????????

Amethyst Universe

Expensive! To buy credits it's really expensive! The features are expensive af too!! Either make it easier to get free credits or make features cheaper.

Hassan Moussawi

THANKS This is the coolest. Can you make it that we can earn 10 credits per day so if someone ran out of credits to pay the server. Then the server must stay offline.

Joshua Holland

Really GOOD and easy! But... It's a really good easy app to use! But... it's expensive!! Pretty expensive and I get it is expensive for you guys to but I'm just a teen trying to make a faction server for people to enjoy


URGENT I can't download maps when I click on it it won't show the screen shots of the maps and when I click on it it says it is loading but it never works. When I click on the other categories it says loading but then it it stops but it never loads again. Help please because if my server map is so messed up that I can't backup I won't be able to download my map back. Will rate 5 stars if glitch is fixed.

Kadinator Gaming

How am I supposed to ban? This griefer is on my world and I can't ban him for god knows why. And yes I'm op on the server. Every time I do /ban-ip it says I don't have permission to use the command. And when I tried shutting down the server to stop him it said it was shutting down, but when I restarted the app it said it was still running

KawaiiGirl Amy

Keeps Crashing on Samsung duos I can't even open it.It always say "Leet Servers has stop" =(

Daryl Teh Teh

Too expensive to buy credits The credits are too little for a specific sum of money, and servers go down easily and too fast, especially if nobody donates money. Also, if the server is down because of no credits, can u put it back up if someone donates?

frankistine bob

Server not working I created my server but when i opened it only blue colour screen appears and controls. Fix it so i can give it 5 stars

Savannah R

It stopped working I have used this app before with no problems, but now whenever I want to make a new server it keeps saying no internet, when my Internet is processing just fine.

Kathryn Golightly

Its really good but... Once I finish a game on someone's server it kicks me off that server and puts me to main menu. Please fix this bug


Make floating text again for slappers Make floating text for slappers because we all liked it and now when we try to do it. It just doesnt show up please fix it because it was working in 0.14 now in 0.15 its not I hope you can fix it again thanks !

Eloghosa Eduwuirofo

Great app I was searching for a way to play online with friends for free and stumbled upon this which not just lets you play but also lets you create and customise your server.


i need help im trying to turn on plugins but when i go to my server is says unknown command, and when i go back to the app, everything was turned off. Can you please reply or send me an email?


it's great but... This is an awesome app to create servers for mcpe but my only problem is that credits go fast and can be super laggy on the server u create even if u use clear lagg. Other then that it is great!

Carter Minske

Needs more free stuff It is very good but I think it should have 1 free game mode and the servers are a little laggy but it is still a good app just it takes time and u still have to pay a little like 99 cents every 2 weeks or so it depends on how popular the server is. But all in all good hosting app

maverick playz - minecraft and more

I love this app I like to say that this credits are taking over this app i dont want to say this but plz take off credits beacuse my and my cuz are trying to play with our friends


Love it I love the app but there's a problem. My server is acting up, as in that my server will say that it's open and when I try and get on it doesn't let me or my friends on. Like it was closed or something. Plz fix this glitch!


There is this bug where when i try to use it there is no connection what so ever, last night it randomly stopped working then never worked again. I know i am connected to the internet cause i was downloading something then i went to the app and the same thing happened, no connection. Consider fixing this because a bunch of people are having problems and it would be a shame to have such a good app go to waste. I was just about to spend 20 Dollars to have a nice and decent server but ended up not going to plan.

Speechless This is so amazing. I can create maps so that my friends can join me. I love that you can get free credits by downloading games and reaching a certain level. Its just awesome

killer k

Great app This app is great as you can make your one server but I think land protection should be free if you do this I will rate this 5 stars as my hub got damaged badly so I started again and I had my spawn protection on max

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