Download LEET Donations (NOT Servers) apk 0.61 free for Android smartphone

10 Jul
LEET Donations (NOT Servers)

Posted by LEET in Action | July 10, 2016 | 140 Comments

Apk file size: 2.0 MB

IMPORTANT: This is NOT the LEET Servers for Minecraft PE app. If you want to host your own MCPE server you need to download the "LEET Servers for Minecraft PE" app.

With this app you can support your favorite LEET.CC servers by donating to them.

Please note that the app is not an official Minecraft product, not approved by or associated with Mojang.

Whats new

    Support for donations by completing "tasks".
    We are only releasing this on a "trial basis". We may remove it. Please report any bugs on

LEET part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 10, 2016. Google play rating is 71.2728. Current verison is 0.61. Actual size 2.0 MB.

Download leet-cc-donations-not-realms.apk 2.0 MB


XxSpecial TedxX

BRING BACK ADS! My server will go down tomarro because I can't get donations. And make this app compatible with ios because 90% of my users are all apple.

tyler keown

WHY u guys got rid of free donating it helps me keep my server up that sucks...This app was good now u ruinin it

David Naccash

Ad donations Please bring back ad donations if you don't nobody will donate and its a lose-lose for everyone you don't get money from advertisements and i lose my server i don't even know why I'm posting this you probably wont reply because you are jerks who only care about money p.s. i will rate five stars when you bring back free donations.

Tonton Bernas Bernas

Love it really thx for the credits if u want to join my server Ip port:39987 if u join thx and if u donate i will gonna promote u in builder thx

Satchi Navida

Brind the ads back Im fine tho... u need to bring back the ads cuz no one will pay. Everyone only wants free right?

Victor Gutierrez

Dumbest Update My explanation of why thisnis dumb is because why would you guys take out something everyone wanted.You guys did this to your selves now instead of 5 stars people rate now its 1-3 so nice one guys once again.This is going on ten dumbest app creators

Evan Jeffers

Give back free credits! I loved it with free ads now you just ruined it:(!

Dann Jessie Ronquillo

Not to be rude but Instead of Not Adding Advertisement For Credits Why dont you add free 200 or less credits if they rate yur app a 5 star

Josh Kopa

Nobody will ever pay Bring back the ads. People did those but nobody will ever pay. They will just server hop. Please fix then 5 stars

alek tommy

Aww man not to be rude but... I know u promised to make ads work for donations just one favor plz reply leet!

Marks Medranos

Listen guys! Guys hold on! The leet didn't add the add because its too buggy it almost won't work! The leet didn't get anything in app without reason.

Richard Cuizon

You sucks leet Great now I can't open my server anymore !!!!!

Christian Lim

You CRAZY????? Not just the credits are expensive but plugins that are copyrighted and needed to be unlock !! I quit!

Doom Knight 69

Ad donations!!! Pls I want ad donations back if you do it I will put 5 stars

Dora Metsudo

I like it but The credit I don't know hot to buy I don't have credit card or debit card??

Jaden baker Baker

Ads Are Not Important To be a good server owner, you should pay to have ur server run not for ur players to watch three million ads

benjamenYTDead TheMCPEGamer

Thay can buy VIP and VPP+ pn my server now so that.a cool but why get rid of free have it give you 30 or 20 free C.s :-D

Youssef Mohamed

BRING BACK AD DONATIONS Bring it back an i will rate it 5 stars

Fredrick Neil Erispe

If someone donates me $0.99 I'll give you op and admin in my server IP port 21130

Parmida A.

Hate it Wow. You got rid of free donations. You guys just think about money. Money money money. When my server restarted for no reason I emailed you but didn't answer. This proves that Leet does not care about ur server they just want money

Stevenmcool PE

Can you please put back free donation it helps keep my server online please put it back.

Edward Evans

Nooooo I want to keep my fave servers running, why the heck would you think ppl would pay money for servers ,why!? Cos they wont now my servers doomed, and if you are just in it for the money then your not gonna get anymore! I will rate 5 stars but that will only be because i want you to fix it! ???

Mr. XtreamePokeBallz Pro

Add back the ads My server is closed because of this! Over 100 ppl dislike this because that u removed the ads. And HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT U REMOVING THIS FEATURE? I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A BUG FIX sorry 4 Caps. All u care about is money

Sandeep Kaur

LoL I never updated the app and I still got the free donating

Ivan AsianMiner

Great Why the watch ads is gone-.-

Elizabeth Piala

Pls Donate and im a boy and this is my moms name my server name is MineWildToSurviveCraft pls donate ill donate back and join my server

Duke Antilles Reyes

my friend donated my friend donated but i didnt receive it..please fix right away my server is going to be gone

AndrewGaming 92

Donations Please put ads back

Tracey Whittington

Money money moeny Give us back the AD.s

Dr.Qwerty Tandang

Why did you remove! Plzz bring back the watch ads donation I need for my server running

Matthew Cruz

No!! U just care about money y y! Add the ads agian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U guys suk!

Christopher MacQuarrie

Awesome All those haters cause theres no ads bruh it only gave you 1h I don't mind cause I'm not a cheap Dingus who only likes free stuff I have 3500 credits it was only 6$

Jermane Brooks

Can't donate I like this app.its easy to use. One problem is i cant donate anymore. Says be back after 30 minutes.

mausdch psyxcho

DAMN WHY?! why you remove those ads?! its sux!

Michael Rivera

add ads as an option!

tristian sotomayor

OK well I'm having trouble. It is not about the ads. I miss that feature too but I don't know my LEET username? What is that. I tried my email, my actual name. If you can please tell me.

JJ Vega

If doset work I donate a server is name is foxy fnaf craft i donate 300 credis and i lost 0:99$ update this aplicatiom

Santos Ortega


Jefferey Sheu

bad ONE!!! U just have to pay?!?! It's ok but make this app on ios I can't do it on samsung if u do it! I'll give 5 star me and my friends are MAD !!!!

Preston paye

Lame Doesn't donate like update this junk

Juan Garcia

Add ads Can you please add a watch a video back because I can't pay for my server no more because I have no MONEY.

Tony Stark

Give the ads back

MrJohn Minecraft

How to USE!!!!

Yifan Yu

Hate it I hate this

Damon Martin

It needs advertising donations Please bring back advertising donations

Lynn Gutierrez

ADS PLS OR REMOVE CREDITS You guys are so greedy just stop it. I made a big building in my server now its gone.

Manasv Chhabra

Fkfkfk A guy tried to donate it showed him error he forced it nothing happens he was unable to donate my server is going to stop in 2 days fix this now or never.pls fix it I may screenshot and send u my server it was nice so nice and I domt wanna loose it fix this error in 30 mins or 3 hrs or I'll rek u

Vito Larucci

GREEDY If you want to get more business, then add more features. Don't just get rid on the main source of why people got this app! All you want is money! MONEY MONEY MONEY!! YOU DONT WANT TO ENTERTAIN PEOPLE!!! BRING BACK THE ADS!!

Jason Tan

DUDE CANT EVEN PAY EVEN IF I COULD Everytime i click next when google payments pops up it goes blank fix this it happen both in server side n this so idk samsung gt 19500

lancer gamer

Pls I Need U Need To Erase The credits!!!!!!i really hate this app now my server is gone pls update it and erase the credits!!!!!


Not Good at all Ok now first we have to pay for the ad function and then watch these millions of ad . seriously what the point of adding this app while you can just get credit from the app itself easily

Kentz Chavez

Add Add donate using philippine load . load are the credits that philippine use to send a message on other number you can add it because 50 pesos of load means 0.99 dollars do if you add so many filipino players will be happy especially there are alot of server hosted by the Philippines

Ozzieboy 44

I loved this app before you removed ads Bring them back! U money hores

Tochukwu Ubanwa


Awesome Guy

Amazing! I suggested thisnapp to my server peeps and they donate daily now!

Dramire Lift

BRING ADS BACK You people have no respect for anything but money if you bring ads back I'll rate you a 5 star

Don Albert

Ads I love the Leet Realms app but I'm not gonna pay to keep up my server. Ios users can watch ads to keep their server running but android users can't and that is retarded. Please bring back the ads and I will re review the app and give it 5 stars.

Jamie Donoghue

I want ads to keep my server up then i will give 5 stars

APG Emerald

Unacceptable I just donated for 300 credits on my own server and I'm still waiting for it to come through after half an hour of waiting, if my server gets shut down I'm telling everyone I know how terrible this is

Isaac Lejman

NEEEED HEEEELP!!!! ASAP Alright so me and my bud just tried to save a old server by donating more credits (cause it was out of them before) but we uninstalled the original app when we first ran it and now I've wasted my money and I need a refund because I can't reinstall the app and login to the old server I can only make a new one. Thx Leet

iConGaming YT

Not too bad I love it and my server is famous, but there's a few problems with it. It's very laggy at times, and it costs way to much for the slots. Great for people who have a ton of money, but I'm scarce at the moment. All in all, not bad LEET.

Ingvar Saarend

WUT? Well i tried fo verify my LEET server but nothing! Checked everything still nothing! Fix this please! Well finally verified the ip but name still failed!

Dawnxyly Castillo

Bad I already type my usernma of server and ip and then I can't donate credits for it. Please fix. But its said $0.99 (300 credits). Please fix it up!!

Raees Richards

Finally Bug fixes! No I would be able to donate to 2 servers (should make this a 16+)

Kayli Henderson

It won't work!!!! I donate money but it didn't work I am so mad that it didn't work like they stole my money!!! FIX THE APP PLZ!!! ?????

Edison Dieu

Can you bring back ADS because i need so much i could bring you 5 stars if u fix it

adam blackburn

Where my credits!?? OK so my server was about to finish so I asked my friend to donate and after he spent his money my credits not there fix this and I will rate 5 stars

The minecraft nerd

PLS HELP! I donated 5 bucks to my friends sever and he said he get anything I want a refund or give him 5 bucks worth of credits

Golden Sayiam

WHY DO YOU HAVE TO USE REAL MONEY This is getting useless because of the credits


Eh good but i bought 10 dollars of credits on my server but when i tryed unlocking the infinite world and other additional functions it never turned on so i was stuck with nothing(fixed) and my credits ran out after 2 months of trying to get help from you guys 3 times so can you please keep that from happening again or help me out with 5 or 10 dollars worth of credits i can show you my payment history if you want. If you dont feel like helping its fine i just need to know you at least tryed helping.

Enderasassin.gaming Ender

Please please please please please remove credits!! I made about 7 servers and my last one is about to run out!! PEASE REMOVE CREDITS OR AT LEAST MAKE AN OPTION WHERE YOU CAN GET 10 CREDITS FOR FREE!! Please don't let me down, Leet... Please.

Tyler Bylsma

Its Ok But Its Ok But Sometimes When U Try To Donate The Server It Says Like U Cant Donate That Server Will U Fix It

Lillie Hoffman

Awesome but confused I have many people that I know and trust donate to my server but I never get it? Please fix


Aaaa It won't work i used load it won't work

Ben J.

Not bad Its great but wheres the watch ad from the screenshots

Benjamin Woosley

Donations is broke Good app when donations actually work.My friend donated .99 to me twice and it says I have no donations and I didn't get credits either!Please help LEET. I think you should remove credits completely!

Sander Vink

Bring ads back ! I will watch a long ad for 1 hour


NOT WORKIN It won't work plz help it says error [DF-PPA-10]

SuperiorDroid MCPE

I can't donate I can't donate when I press donate nothing happens pls fix I'm on E7

Yasmin Choudhury

You can't donate by watching ads Why is it that you can't donate by watching ads?!

HeyIts Cadenza

NOT THAT BAD It worked for me stop saying it didn't it did you did something wrong then.


Man you guys... You really need help?

PhilProud KGS

i love it But,,,,,,,i always waited for an hour to send my donations

MarkAndrei HG

Im begging you please..! If only we can get 500 credits and used 10 credits a day because its now a used 105 credits a day and you only gives 105 credits so we can only play our servers on 1 day. I hate money face!! Guy

Taelyn Tate

Help!!! My friend said he first donated $5, then $10 more! That should have given me 6000 credits. I go to check my donations, and you know what I see? 69 credits like I had before! Thats a big rip off!


Donating Problem When I donate, it takes for ever

ربيع مراد

plz anyone tell me how us

Michael Martin

1hr Please add the 1hr feature back

mega gamer

No ads?!?! I whatched screenshoots and I was like yey finaly I can donate to one sorvere for op........I downloaded it ads?!?!

See Er Teng

Oh god this is COOL AND I L.....LOVR [email protected]@@ ?

pramit moho

I can't even verify!I entered my Address and correct password,and the Address was successfull,but the password failed.Please fix this

XxSANIKxX gottagofast

Omg I donated 19.99$ and got no credit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugbearangel gamer

It's not letting me donate I put in my username and the iP and I press donate 0. 99$ and It said you can't pay now and I waited for an hour and it didn't work

ToXc ShowTime

I hate this I tried to purchase credits I put in all my info but when I press but it says I can't buy it due to high risk like wtf

Byakuran gesso

Leetmcc How can i donate if my credits is 0 and i cant see my ip/port

Roxanne Bre

Great app This is a great app I will recommend it to meh friends.

Matthew furlong

Tip-Create 2 Servers If You Go On IPhone There Is 2 App realms And realmsv2 PS-Both Work Just Less Features On realms

Sean Singleton

Plz! Plz let us watch an add to donate a few credits

gail Allison

To be honest I'm not wasting my money on donating I read many reviews and why should I risk it? There's some very upset and angry people demanding their money back after donating. So if I were you I'd fix it before something serious happens.Also if you can be bothered to fix it then I'd like to donate 300 credits to my friends server but if I get scammed like alot of other downloaders I'm never gonna recommend this lazy bug filled app to ANYONE!

Felix Tumampil

Plz I want refund or unbanned. i payed $2 to my favourite server Super Prison.When I went back at the server they banned me even though all I did was mine and do parkour and now i spent $2 for nothing.They said that gamemode cost $1but they didn't give me gamemode(Creative)or at least permmision to fly on the server.Please help me get unbanned some how.

Diamond Gamer

Sucks a little I don't know how to use it much....but can I donate my own server?if you answer me I'll rate it 5 starts.

Gage Monahan

Can u make it to ware they can watch ads ? That way they don't waste there time and money?

marco barron

I want my money back I paid 1 dollar but it never came give me my money back get me some credits


They took off the vid for 1 hour It used to have watch video get one extra hour

gail Stahl

I love leet its a huge part of my life but people claim to donate and it doesn't show. I read other comments about this kinda issue and they are rly mad. Some1 got mad at me cause they said they donated to my server but it never showed up. Leet plz help :(

Elyas Majeed

I lost my money i pay 99 dolars for this and i waited for 5 hours and i dont get the credits

hijabs lover

PLEASE FIX IT! beacuse im want to donate aimanworld server for builder but dosent work |:(

Tania Garibay

Why do I love this server and how do you update it? I love it because I get my own server and how do I update my server?

LaiBen Taylor

BRING BACK THE ADS Bring back the ads,we want the ads!


Please Fix This app sucks because you added a donate by completing tasks and i keep clicking on it and nothing works fix please and I'll RATE 5! DO U HERE ME FIX

RM Puglet

gr8 team I asked them if they could add offers for credits! 2 weeks later there was an update for the ap. I updated. Boom. My wish came their command!

Tyler Rich

Need help! Ok so when I try to get free wont work like when five minute pass, I dident get my credits.

Alex Ortiz

Really bad This app sucks! It doesn't even donate credits to the server I want to donate. The Donations by completing a server also doesn't even work!!

master of minecraft

I like it but... I really like donations. My problem is whenever I take a TapJoy survey, It dosen't give me my reward. I complete it and says I have gotten my reward, but when I go I do not have it. Please fix it. ☺

Carl TEM

ERROR It Says That My Google Play store Is A Too Old Version Please Fix That Problem

Benny Huecias

It stole my money I put an amount of 4.99 and the credits never came

The Unknown

Tasks I like it cuz i can donate by completing tasks

P_Baque _PlayzMc

I will rate 5star If You Add Watch Video To Earn Credits Not Only Tasks

Toxicbean78 Gaming

Awesome! Thanks for adding the ads!

Minecraft Indonesia

Help me... When iwant donate server, iwas fill name and ip server and when clik 4.99 dollar bill not showed, so noting happens

Ultradjx Playz

One thing Can u make it to where u can get refunds because I donated to a girls server and then she banned me! So I donated $4.99 wasted on her! Could you possibly add a refund thing on the app or somethin cause I'm really angry

Arelys Arteaga

Help! I donated 4.99 for 2000 credits for my own server and it never came??? I did it again and only got 2000, If I don't get 4.99 back in my card orr get 2k credits I will tell the police to shut this download down, and trust me I'm capable of that.

A Google User

Finally Bug fixes! No I would be able to donate to 2 servers (should make this a 16+)

Cross Cross

Good I will rate 5 if you fix it. Donations arent going through

B. David Smith

Scam I donated to 2 different servers, neither of which received the credits. Will be filing a report with Google Play and any appropriate authorities if the issue isnt solved.

The Dimka

Fake donations When I opened the app, it said that I donated 22 credits to CCHigh at 2016 07 14,then 10 credits to MegaUltraNetwork at 2016 07 12, then 1 credit and 10 credits to MegaUltraNetwork at 2016 07 11...Is this some kind of advertisement? P.S. MegaUltraNetwork is offline by the way. Although the app is okay ? 2 weeks ago I've got 50300 credits from one player ? If what, my server is OP Factions! :) IP: Port: 40302 Sorry for advertisement ?

Daryl Teh Teh

Didnt donate I completed the tasks. It said it donated but when i checked, it says donations are fake.

Brayan Almendarez

Don't get it... I dont get the part about the USERNAME and IP because it cannot verify it please fix I'll give 5 stars if u guys fix

I Love This App But I really love the app, but i want a command where u can like change ur gmail/email.

Rubi Salgado

Sucks as hell Stupid donation ain't working, this is the most stupidest thing in da WORLD


Mad guys???? Pls fix this!! Cuz i finish compliting one game of that task ... i keep on checking it... idont have my credits pls fix it


I like it but Doesn't donate....... I like the idea of donating but wtf is the point of doing it if it doesn't work?

FoxDePlayer 90

U guys well never learn LOL kids easy Damn it kiddo

Nerothesaiyan_FoxyMMD Pirate

I love it It help me donate to my favorite servers

Lisa Havard

I love the game but one problem Remove the credits

Sherif Abrahim

Hello everyone please donate to

Love it I get to hack servers and its fun I love it

GamingWithHacker - Minecraft: Pocket Edition

is this app going to be on windows 10!?!?!?!??

Dilo-AndroidSupport 1

Great 1000credits in a day

Michael Garciaguzman

Not so bad but.... Quit the credits stuff thats anoyng and stupid of your part and put more pluggins cmon cause there is a app called pocketmine is bether than this got 919822 pluggins more than leet

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