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2 Jul
Read Music.

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Apk file size: 62.0 MB

This app is designed to practice Music Sight Reading.

This is the free version.

This app includes:

- Music sight reading lessons.
- Music sight reading quizzes.
- Sight Reading exercises for Guitar.
- Sight Reading exercises for Piano and Keyboards.
- Notes identification exercises.

- Each Lesson contains five exercises. You will see a score and you will listen to what is written on it with animations of the beats, the notes on the staff and their names. On the low right side you will see the way you have to keep the beat with your right hand as if you were drawing on top of the animation.

- Each Quiz corresponds to a Lesson. There are no animations and you have to click on the red rectangle when each of the notes or silences marked with red take place. There is a maximum of 25 right guesses per Quiz (five per exercise). We recommend not to go further and review the corresponding Lesson if you don´t get a 20 score minimum per Quiz.

- On the Guitar exercises you must click on the strings and frets of the guitar corresponding to the notes that are heard and which you must read.

- On the Piano and Keyboard exercises you must click on the piano keys corresponding to the notes that are heard and which you must read.

- On the Notes identification exercises you must click on the names of the notes that are heard and which you must read.

If you want to increase your ability to read music notes values in a sheet music this app will help you.

Increase your ability to recognize music notes values and you will be able to grasp any music theory lessons, guitar lessons or piano lessons.

If you want to play piano music, flute music, guitar music or any kind of music this app is something you will use daily.

Knowing how to read music enables you to read piano sheet music, guitar sheet music or any other type of music sheet.

How to play piano, how to play drums, how to play any musical instrument becomes easier when you are good at reading music.

Whats new

    - Fixed a bug that caused the app to freeze.

Apps Musycom part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 2, 2016. Google play rating is 82.9265. Current verison is 1.0.32. Actual size 62.0 MB.

Download leer-musica.apk 62.0 MB


Anna Ramsey

Useful concept. Ads interfere. This app teaches how to read rhythm, rather than tone, on sheet music. It's helpful for those who wish to sight read more quickly, though different modes (e.g. tapping out a rhythm) might make it a less monotonous experience. My biggest complaint is about the full-screen ads that pop up without warning, often catching me in the middle of tapping the menu and tricking me into tapping the ad. They're mostly annoying, but the usefulness of the app doesn't outweigh my indignance.

Stuart Flowers

great tool. Great tool but has a few bugs. I still recommend it.

elmira daneshpour

Great♥♥ That's great!! ...very very very veryyyyyy goooooood

Julio Alberto Doñé

Great App This is an essential tool to learn music!!!!

Pierre Kimball

Spanish Habla espanol? If you don't speak Spanish then you'll be uninstalling this today! Cheers

Joslyn Houweling

Sight reading My sight reading is terrible im excited to download this app

Yousstina Wahid

BEST APP EVER!!!!! I just can't believe it, I was looking for an app or something that can help me since I stopped having music lessons and started to forget the music notes, and finally after suffering I found this app which really helped me alot. So really really thank you for this great app :D ;) , I highly recommand everyone to install it rightnow.

Dwayne Fernandes

Not satisfied Isn't really a site reading app but more focused on the rhythm flow and counts and ads pop up makes it even worse

linh pham

This is the app I'm looking for!

Rico Mercano

Great App I'm a Visual Learner so this app will work best for me.

Raven Morales

Okay Not very musicaly

gabriel l

Learning piano and this app doesn't help at all Estupido, idiotas. There are lessons and quizzes and the instructions don't explain what to very well for either, the English translation sucks too. Basically you tap the phone when the note is played, doesn't help you read sheet music. Avoid. You guys suck.

Clumzy Lean

ITS good ITS NOT WHAT I thought it was gonna be but it still helps you remember so thanks

Corel Billingsley

IDK maybe I am just stupid. Mate, I don't get anything from this, there is no words to show you anything, all it does is show you music and the highlights it and plays it literally it.

Karolina Andrade

More songs Its great but there should be more songs and levels

Ellie Pinfold

What it dosent even help Really don't get it

Qiniso Shozi

Thumbs up This is great

Shane Hughes

Amazing app!!! This app is great if you need some sight reading practice because it not only gives you practical notes in time, it also gives you some musical accompaniment to insure you are singing the right pitch, in the right key, in the right time signature. It also has multiple language settings. I dont see the ads as being a problem. Click x at the top left and the "horror" is over. I dont see why people are complaining about that. hahaha

Yousif Banna

Too many adds I understand you need to make money and that the app is free. But there is no need for this many ads.

Keren Agudo

Amazing app. It helps me a lot.. little by little i i can read music now.. thanks to this app.

Kezia Grace Tubera

This app is a very educational tool for beginners in sight reading, a great help for music students as well.

Jake McCullough

Needs to be named correctly As much as this app is benefitial to someone beginning to read music, it does not explain the tone/pitch of the notes that are being played in front of you. It only really goes through the rhythm. Perhaps this app would recieve even greater feedback if it were named something like "Site Reading Rhythms" as this name would suite the content.

Destiny Daikai

Sucks Couldn't find anything for the flute

Kendra Spencer

Terrible It started and I didn't even know what I was looking at ?

Carlos I. García

horrible horrible UI, UX and super intrusive ads.

Tony French

Good App It's helpful and more impressive than the other app

Menchu Caparro

No good. How do u even do it not what I expected.

Animation Knight

Wow I learned very fast

Vanessa Trejo

Good It's really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really HORRIBLE!!! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE IT SO MUCH I DONT CARE THE TEAM OF WHATEVER OKAY!! ITS MY OPPOin OKAY AND YOUR NOT MY DAD!! ??? WASTE OF TIME!!you can't control people they can do whatever

Akari Xia

It's a good app to practice Really good to practice if you already are taking lessons, especially if you have problems with times. But I think there a more interactive ways to remember the names of the notes. The keyboard music for the practices is enjoyable, and the compass animation is helpful also.

Jason Allen

Not Music Teacher Recommended I teach piano privately to 40 students. The app only tests your rhythm ability and does not help with learning to play notes on any instrument. There is an exercise that teaches note names, but divorced from a keyboard or fretboard, will not help learning to play an instrument. Don't waste your time.

John Karlsson

No way to switch from Italian note names I am accustomed to English and German note names, not Italian. Musical instruments sound horrific. No settings basically. No way to pause. I can do better than this. Very disappointed.

Sujit Reang

Yes! It works. Thank you.

G!Ft3d M0m

Does not have Alto clef

A Google User

Its grate Very good

Arthur Pearsall

Would be better with English names for the. Notes

Phirum Khon

I love this...

Tab Let

No data mining Apps that dont ask special permisson always got a place becide my heart

James Nicholas Borja

Awesome. This will really help my cousins learn :)

yoyo elkhamy

Why no voilin

Fatty BoomBatty

Timing tuition good, UX bad This is a good little tool for teaching timing, however the user experience is horrible. Constantly requesting language choice (I'm honestly not going to change language half way through) and then having to select the lesson again, is so annoying. Hint: Next, prev and back buttons, will make for a far better UX.

Katie Zoltan

Confusing The lessons are numbered with Roman numerals that just look perplexing, and it took me a long time to understand what the point of the lesson was (it was counting btw). It didn't explain anything and didn't help me sight read because, to be able to play along, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SIGHT READ. I also appreciate your reply

Lavinia Teodorescu

No F key There are a few exercises, but only in the G key.

#Musiq #MRajPut

Verry usefull app for beginers i really enjoy it Verry usefull app for beginers i really enjoy it

M. Melody

So GREAT! Learn to read music notes and play them out using this app's effective method of exemplification. Thank you for your great app.

bing han

Bing Very good!

Tamara Tyler

Ummm So... lessons ? Yeah... no. Not really helpful.

Spkom Kom

Not bad Awesome

Bee Queenie

Totally Satisfied! I've been playing piano for over 45 years ... by ear! I never learned to read music, although I "should have" in music class in school lol. This app is addictive in that it keeps me focused and interested at a pace that's "individual" to me as a student. Love love love this app!

R Hof

Screen resolution static, unusable The screen resolution is set too wide for my tablet, so I am missing big pieces of information on the instructions, the lesson selection page, and the lessons themselves. Further there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust the dimensions to fit. This might be an OK app, but I can't really say. I suspect the controls/interactive parts of the lessons are off the screen which renders the app more or less unusable for me.

Angie Torres

Great!!!! I love it!!!! I was learning so fast and I got hooked. Was having so much fun that one hour seemed 10 mns.

Pary Mansouri

Veeery good Simple to use and amazing for the ones having problems with reading.

john williams

Read music. Love it, very good app

L.A DiNiro

So?? It says any instrument? No drums that I can find.

Ericjeje Ralte

Love it.. it's very helpful and useful apps :)

Viktor Nordgren

Not that useful, use a proper book instead

Helpful This was helpful now I am a pro at reading music

Arthur Trinchera

Very useful Now for the more advanced version?

Abhinav Singh

Free and awesome!

Kojo Tutu

Appreciation Very helpful

Vanessa Trejo

Good It's really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really HORRIBLE!!! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE IT SO MUCH I DONT CARE THE TEAM OF WHATEVER OKAY!! ITS MY OPPOin OKAY AND YOUR NOT MY DAD!! ??? WASTE OF TIME!!you can't control people they can do whatever

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