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22 Feb
Learning Japanese

Posted by Ignatius Reza in Education | Feb. 22, 2014 | 80 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese now available in Google Play!

The latest update is a bug fix for tablet layout being wrongly used in phone and crashing when navigating. Those who have update to version 0.3.1 and are having the problem, please update. I'm sorry about the inconvenience.

Topics covered include:

- The Japanese Writing System (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji)
- Basic Japanese Grammar (Particles, Adjective, Verbs, Nouns)
- Essential Japanese Grammar (Polite Forms, Compound, Conditionals, etc.)
- Special Expressions (Causative, Amounts, Honorific, etc.)
- Advanced Topics (Formal Expressions, Volitional, etc.)

This guide was created as a resource for those who want to learn Japanese grammar in a rational, intuitive way that makes sense in Japanese. The explanations are focused on how to make sense of the grammar not from English but from a Japanese point of view.

This guide is an attempt to systematically build up the grammatical structures that make up the Japanese language in a way that makes sense in Japanese. It may not be a practical tool for quickly learning immediately usable phrases such as for travel. However, it will logically create successive building blocks that will result in a solid grammatical foundation. For those of you who have learned Japanese from textbooks, you may see some big differences in how the material is ordered and presented. This is because this guide does not seek to forcibly create artificial ties between English and Japanese by presenting the material in a way that makes sense in English. Instead, examples with translations will show how ideas are expressed in Japanese resulting in simpler explanations that are easier to understand.

Whats new

    Added by popular request :
    - the app will remember opened page history, pressing back will navigate this history in reverse chronological order, pressing back when the history is empty will still close the app.
    - in tablet : the width of the navigation is resizeable by dragging the dividing line between navigation & content, tapping on it will toggle between fully hiding it & resetting it to the recommended width (note : phone will still use the navigation drawer)
    - don't show the +- zoom button

Ignatius Reza part of our Education and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Feb. 22, 2014. Google play rating is 86.2656. Current verison is Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download learning-japanese.apk 11.0 MB


Luis rojas

Change one thing I know you tell us what kanji for a word is but it's hard to memorize it. It would be better if the practice sentences were just in hiragana and katakana. But still keep the kanji list for words

Gya Fabitastic

Not to difficult In other apps and books it isn't so easy as this that's why this app diserves 4 stars :-)

Chris Ville

Terrific This is a very helpful and handy app for anyone that is interested in learning Japanese ! It's the perfect learning tool because of its very organized layout and meticulously written lessons ! Love it!

Illona Lightwood

Loving It! :) Fixed the problems I saw, and a great way to introduce, someone like myself, into Japanese! This shows excellent promise and gets better with every update.

A Google User

Here are some suggestions: 1. Show page contents at the front page instead of app profile. 2. Swipe to the next page feature. 3. Night mode view and exercise buttons at the nav bar. 4. Some charts could only be viewed completely on landscape mode. 5. Pages load slowly. 6. Remove links' underlines. 7. App sometimes crashes

Frida Fortuna

Wonder work of art I love this app its easy,free and simple.But there's only one thing this app needs. This app should be able to read it to you , like an audiobook.Every section of the book should have a button for audio because to be honest i wanna learn Japanese,but it gets boring to read evey single passage.I want to be able to have the options of reading or just being lazy and listening.In additionnto that it should have a "pause/play" button that can also save to where you were. And should rewing 5 sec. To rejog memory.

Donnie Caison

Casual is bad Starting a foreigner with casual Japanese is a BIG NO NO. Casual should be learned but not emphasized at first. Casual Japanese can get the speaker in trouble in Japan. Other than that, it is a good app with good grammar patterns and vocab.... but why start with casual Japanese!?!?

Misz.RainbowzKitty Mizzely

Amazing!!<3 This app is great it now has made me learn the hiragana and I can say the words very clearly it also feels like I've improved ever so slightly because I used to just say words very slowly now I can say the words so fast I made all my friends jealous because I learnt Japanese in a year but they have in 2 years. This Japanese learning app isn't the first I've used but its the best out of them all. I recommend 5/5 or 10/10 on this App because it's amazing! If you are wanting to learn Japanese GET THIS APP!!!!!

William Davidson

Great app! One suggestion that I think is really needed is an option to disable screen timeout. It can be a bit of a nuisance to have to keep tapping the screen to keep it on while reading. Also, some of the kanji is hyperlinked, which puts an underline underneath it. The underline often looks like part of the kanji. It would be better if hyperlinks were maybe distinguished by some specific color rather than the underline.

Salomón Sfeir

Amazing grammar book & app!! Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar is just wonderful, and I really appreciate its philosophy: teaching Japanese just as it is, without trying to look upon it through our Western lenses. This way, one truly understands how different Japanese is from English, and that helps one make the necessary mental shift. That said, this app runs smoothly, looks great and enhances this already great grammar book by, for example, adding clickable links to the meaning of every word used in the examples. Add offline, please!

Bob Dobbs

Simply perfect! I've been studying Japanese for years, yet often return to this guide for a refresher. The explanations are clear and concise. The app's simple, intuitive interface makes accessing Tae Kim's wonderful guide easy and enjoyable. Not fancy, just highly functional. Free and ad-free too? You just can't get any closer to perfect in this world!

Karen Thom

Great, but.. Need to put the sentences is romaji or kana and introduce the kanji slowly. Otherwise, it just breaks down the who process for learners. Also, you have some kanji where you can tap to see the kana reading and in other areas this is not offered. Extremely frustrating during exercises. Kanji is one of the top reasons people quit learning Japanese or only go so far in it. Otherwise, this is a wonderful app with solid, clear explanations and good exercises.

bis cuit

Great app Very straight forward, what I like about it is it doesn't have adMob or inMobi that track its users and display annoying ads. Thanks

Snaida Belony

I like how it starts with the casual so you can build up from there for formal conjugation and even though sentences involve the kanji I can click on the word for the hiragana reading ?

Daniel Luna

Best Japanese Grammar Guide Ever! Tae Tae Kim did a splendid job compiling this language learning masterpiece. And this app provides the most comfortable interface to browse through the book's content. 5 stars all the way!! I've been learning Japanese by myself for years and in all this time of using books, internet courses and interactive programs this is the first time that I find a guide so complete and well structured. The lessons are very complete, they even include how the Japanese speak in casual conversation. I wish I would have had this from the beginning!

Stephanie Inners

Fantastically useful and smooth We all know TK's grammar guid is the best; this app just makes it easier to access. Categorization is just like the home site, and there are in-app kanji lookups and practice sheets. Thanks for the awesome resource!

De'Zsa Smith

perfect for on-the-go and at home phone-browsing Beautiful, and most of all—RELIABLE. The exercise implementation is by the far the best thing to happen to this guide, and I'm hoping more updates roll out regularly. Ignatius Reza and Tae Kim should totally work together to organize a workbook to accompany Tae Kim's print guide; I would seriously put that as my priority if they collaborated and rolled it out ASAP. Not to sidetrack from this review, I'm just waiting for future updates.

Rina H

Good! If you know how to read a bit of Japanese going into it, this guide is great. He easily explains things other books just breeze over. His method of teaching from the Japanese perspective is very helpful. I'd recommend giving it a read if other books have left you confused about grammar.


Awesome It helps explaining everything, it's cool and I love the app.

Jayde Noyb

Amazing app! I'm only using this for the first time and already I'm learning stuff they aren't teaching us in third year japanese in university. Plus the app has great little funny comments thrown in to make the learning more fun. I love it. :D

Simeon Jacob

Wonderful Never seen a great app like this for learning a new language. Very well done!

Jesus Paez

Simplistic and Easy Very easy to use, very recommended app!

Desiree Mae

CANNOT ACCESS CONTENT Is it me or the content is really gone? When I open the app all I get is the link to the website. Please do something, I really really love this app. (TOT)

Briloki Gaming

Good for dedicated learners This app is very accurate and helpful to the more devoted learners

Alex Clausen

Best app yet Tae kim a fantastic job building this curriculum. Well explained with good exercises to reinforce what you learned.

Alison Wong

Take kim is the best Thank god all his guides are free. I'm so thankful

David Ramos

Really good Not being able to use swipe gestures to flip pages is missed, or an alternative to click the next page buttons at the top of the screen, which is difficult when using just one hand. Otherwise, is pretty awesome.

Devane Sharma

A must-have for English speakers learning Japanese A difficulty I faced with most guides to Japanese is they aren't structured around how an English-speaker would think. Tae Kim's arrests that perfectly. The logic behind his lesson plans suited me perfectly. Thank you very much

Lili Berisa

Best one on play store by far. Great links and well laid out. Perfect ?

Erwinson Pagtalunan

Works in me without problems It's really Tae Kim's website in an offline app. Really good. I like it more that the website, though you should also put any updates that appear on the website here (if there's any).

Alan Gonzales

Alan G. It realy help me better than the last app i dowloaded to lerning japaneses tumbs up ?

Kino Uy

Not good as 1st material Pacing is too fast to actually allow readers to master the skills. Human Japanese would serve well for your first book (genki too though Jurassic). Great idea, average execution. Will rate ) 5 stars if app can remember last position just like in ebook readers. Remember it per chapter. Also try Tim Sensei, it seems like a hidden gem for Japanese learners.

Jada Wilson

I Highly Approve the Author's Approach I got through the first lesson and already have picked up helpful Japanese besides the stark in bold print junk thrown at you in the usual textbooks. A very comfortable read with helpful practice links

Veronika Corvin

Simple yet impressive Very well structured and easy to understand guide to Japanese giving you a sense of the language. Forget about those typical common lessons teaching you the basic and most common expressions. If you are serious and a bit patient you will have a lot of fun with this one!

Eternal Requiem

Your app is awsome! You have everything i was looking for in an app!Stroke order,Tests,Sounds and its all without the need for me to be online.Thank you!

LucexpressVEVO L

Most Useful Language App Yet! I've searched struggled and searched for years. .. but my Long Journey has at last come to an end... I've found it! The Perfect Japanese Learning app now I don't only speak and listen but I now UNDERSTAND Japanese thank you thank you thank you!!!! ????

Ahmad Abdulhameed

Perfect in grammar Grammar is very simply explained and contains 4 levels from basic to advanced with 6 lessons in the basic containing exercise for the lesson with kanji, learning about 100 of them in total. The app doesn't dive deep into kanji ,yet Tae Kim pushes you to learn them while you practice grammar.He also included a neat way to study Japanese in the beggining.

Niwa Awayuki

Haven't used this yet rating . I'm a half Japanese girl who was never taught japanese but self taugh in later years, so im always looking for good apps! Can't wait to check it out (´︶`) 笑

Jo King

Very effective! It's like reading a book, but the sections are so short and easy to understand that you can easily learn quickly while going at your own pace. It's also really good as a quick reference!

Vadim Volochaev

The way how the author suggests to learn language is very promising, from my point of view. Thanks for developing of this freeware.


Learned Japanese through MNN. Later, when found this app, though compare it. So, IMHO, for writing japanese, Tae Kim's guide is the best.

Paolo Ruggirello

Amazing app This app is absolutely amazing. The lessons are easy to read and understand, coherent and fluent, and there are plenty of examples for each concept. I just have one complaint: not enough practice exercises. After the lesson, you're left to fend for yourself as far as practicing what you've learned. I'm pretty diligent and can create practice for myself but others may not be able to do so.


From a person living in Tokyo There may be better resources out there for learning kana but for grammar study this is excellent. I used to use the website but it's all conveniently placed on one app. It also teaches casual forms which is very important to sound natural in Japanese. As someone who never studied Japanese formally in university, this is an excellent and free resource.

Kyron Young

Love it!!!! Great guide, very convenient and better than the online version . The only thing is that it doesn't save all of the bookmarks you create.

Mark Therence Agcaracar

Definitely worth it! This is great for starters! But there seems to be a video error. In the Hiragana chart, the video clip that shows the stroke order of "se" doesn't come up. It would be great if this issue is fixed.

Danielle Williams

I really like the setup of this app. My only issue is that after a while, the page with the hiragana chart was chopped off on the right hand side and I could not scroll right to view the whole thing. I couldn't read the last column of each row any more after that and had to use the outside resources linked within the text.

Rick Maculley

Wonderful alot of care went into this, feels almost like a cheat sheet for a Japanese class. I love it

Brandon Humphrey

Fix this quickie Splendid so far... Just a little grammar issue: Second full paragraph, sentence "But does most textbooks explain the way things work in Japanese fundamentally?" should be "But do most textbooks explain the way things work in Japanese fundamentally?"

Rahman Widyanto

Best Japanese Learning Apps This apps rocks. I have no other words to describe this. Anyway...terima kasih Lesmana-san...

rizz monster

works like a charm very well organized and full of easy to understand examples of speech. goes great when supplemented with anki or another srs to keep the vocabulary fresh. I did notice a broken link in the "relative clauses and sentence order" section. the "translate words in Japanese text" link gives me a cgi error. not sure if that's a server side error or if the program just links to an improper place. plenty of similar resources online though so it's definitely not a fatal flaw. keep up the good work guys. I love it!

Gabriella Schecher

Well made and thorough I've been looking into many different language apps on the Google play store. This one caught my eye because it bypassed the traditional teaching methods of repeating key phrases or strictly practicing kanji. This is more of a guide to understand not only how to speak a language but understand the mentality of a culture. Read the intro, try it out. You'll most likely love this app.

Marnalyn Enrique

Casual...uhh This guide is really easy to understand however I have a bit of a problem with how it started with the casual form first. The self-study learners might think that casual can be used with anyone when in fact, you can only use casual form mostly with your friends. They might have a bad habit in the future. In order to build better foundation and grasp of the language, starting with the formal (keigo) is better.

Layla Nascimento

Best grammar explanation available I've lost many hours and days trying to find a Japanese grammar explanation that wasn't "more of the same thing" again, and Tae Kim's site is the best one so far. You could not imagine of how happy I am not that I can look up any question I habe on the go (and with no internet connection involved). Thank you so much for this amazing job!!! :)

Donato Clemente

Good Great for people with their foot in the door, but for anyone new to Japanese it is very difficult to comprehend.

Anni Bunny

Best Japanese learning app! I love this so much! I found the app because I am learning from your Website. But on your Website I am learning the Complete Guide not the Grammar Guide... Is there a Chance of the complete guide also getting an app? I just love this so mich because you teach normal and casual Japanese and I can use it offline, which is sooo usefull! Thank you for making this and please make another one for the Complete Guide!

A Google User

Here are some suggestions: 1. Show page contents at the front page instead of app profile. 2. Swipe to the next page feature. 3. Night mode view and exercise buttons at the nav bar. 4. Some charts could only be viewed completely on landscape mode. 5. Pages load slowly. 6. Remove links' underlines. 7. App sometimes crashes

kaiishi tyler

Amazing! I find this app to be more informational than others, and includes everything you need to know for free. There's no other app like this that I've seen. The only thing that you guys could add is having the stroke order for kanji presented in the lesson instead of me having to go into a dictionary to learn how to write it. But other than that, I've been using it for about two weeks and my grammar have improved so much!

Shahmeer Hyat

Overall ... Nice app Only reason i am learning Japanese is because i cannot wait for English sub on Dragonball super

Kyra Thomas

Thank you Wow, finally a COMPLETE Guide to the language. I was getting so tired of trying to piece everything together from other language learning tools, like what are the writing systems, and how do they fit together? Finally here is an app that explains it all step by step. Perfection. And free too? A life saver.

Joy A.

Worth Getting If you're serious about learning this language. Then this app will definitely help. If you're downloading this to learn a few useful phrases, then maybe you should find a different one. Thank you 'Ignatius Reza' for making Tae Kim's guide into an app.

Gil Goldfarb

Indubitably the best app for learning Japanese. Tae Kim's method of learning Japanese is the best method in my opinion, and much like his blog-form full guide it is perfectly organized and contains EVERYTHING you need to know in just the right order. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I am experiencing a small technical issue though. The tables for Hirgagana and Katakana are cut off on the right side... You can still see all the Hirgagana and Katakana characters, but not the English vouls on the side. If this is fixed this would be flawless.

Marcus Wrack

Didnt even start Wow, i didnt even start and the introduction blew me away lol, great job with it guys. Everyone should include how you did, what other ppl/company's try to do, and i like how u compared it to a house. But i will get going. I already know simple words, and phrases mostly in anime, and i know the honorifics. But good job, and ill start!!

Gil Goldfarb

This is the best way to learn Japanese. Tae Kim's method of learning Japanese is the best method in my opinion, and much like his blog-form full guide it is perfectly organized and contains EVERYTHING you need to know in just the right order. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I am experiencing a small technical issue though. The tables for Hirgagana and Katakana are cut off on the right side... You can still see all the Hirgagana and Katakana characters, but not the English vouls on the side. If this is fixed this would be flawless.

Simon Fullbrook

Getting better with each release This is a very good implementation of the Tae Kim book. All issues I have had with this app have been addressed. Two more requests is for it to remember what page was viewed last and go straight back to it when reopened. If you want to have the about page show on startup then please add a link to go straight to last page or have an autosaving bookmark. And number two, it should remember the scroll position also.

David Eddington

I wish I could use it! I have downloaded, uninstalled, and re-downloaded this app multiple times because the app will not fully open. I can pull the app up from my app list on my phone, but it stays on the first screen, the one crediting Tae Kim, and I can't move past it for some reason. I know how helpful The Guide is, so I would LOVE to be able to use it on the go!

Jake Graveldinger

Excellent I would recommend this to anyone learning the foundation of Japanese grammar. It takes the difficult approach and is very effective in doing so. When the app first loads, it may seem frozen but you have to click in the top left corner to choose the section of the app you wish to navigate to. Can't wait to get another break to work on this a little more

Divya Sharma

Great App It's a great app; very useful since you can use it wherever you are. The only problem I'm having is that it zooms in too much, and I am unable to zoom out. This means I cannot read all of the text or view tables etc.

George Carlos

Am I missing something? When I open it I can't seem to get past this black screen with 2 different links. I try using the actual site for now, but I'll keep the app based off of all the good reviews I've seen. Could someone please explain what to do after opening the app? Is it just frozen, or am I doing something wrong?

Moreva Mamea

The Best! How can you not give this app 5 stars. This app does not require wifi to work unless you want to watch the videos,but nor does it enquire you to buy the full version of its sections. Its a brilliant App ! 5stars all the way

Eric Uys

Disappointed This is more of an app for people who can already read kanji and katakana etc. I wish the romanji was also included. I went thru the introduction sections but it's very difficult. No romanji means it's useless to me

ZorroNegro 22

Hold on a minute Good. I like this, i really do. However as soon as I went to one of the links[of the first lesson of learning hiragana.]I noticed a difference on how some of the letters were written for example the 'i' in the app had the curvey line connected to the other but then in the link, the curvey line wasnt connected and 'i' isn't the only one there are some other letters I noticed that had a different way it was written. I'm confused.

Ainsley Cooper

It would be really nice if the romaji was included next to the hiragana etc used in the examples/explanations. There's always a good handful that I forget but being able to see what what a particular symbol means as I'm reading an explanation helps me remember faster over time. As it is I have to have a second app open and go back and forth between the two which breaks my concentration. Other than that I can't complain. It's very informative.

Tiffany Lui

Get back to learning I studied Japanese when I was in school, but it's been about 3 years since and I haven't really practiced much after. This app is great for refreshing my memory. I would like there to be more practice exercises for the rest of the lessons though.


Truely Fantastic Hey you! Yes you! Need help with japanese grammar? Bam! Right here, this app's got it. Know the basics? Bam! More grammar for your needs! I can't reccomend this ressource enough. Get it; I mean right now. Go for it.

Chloë Kock

Won't start Either I am doing something wrong or the app is just not working for me. I keep being stuck on the introduction screen, tried everything in regards to swiping, tapping and using buttons. So sad because I would really love to use this app. (If this gets fixed, I'll correct my rating, of course) Samsung XPERIA U

???? ?????

Cool but why all the vocab? the grammar stuff is great but introduces way too much kanji and vocab. It'd be easier to understand with out all that. It's a grammar guide it should stick to that. Also some of the kanji links don't work or show the wrong forms.

E. Lbs.

This guy knows what he's doing I only have one issue... there's this one video that says "video no longer available" I wonder if I missed anything because of that. It's on the Hiragana page in the intro. Otherwise... perfect!!!

nivedita d'lima

Seems good but still not sure I would happily give this a four. But the hiragana and katakana stroke order chart is getting cut off. Only some of them are visible. Another user has already complained about this. Not nice to start a new app with problems at the very beginnig. Please repair the chart. I haven't even gotten to the kanji and grammar parts yet.

LucexpressVEVO L

Most Useful Language App Yet! I've searched struggled and searched for years. .. but my Long Journey has at last come to an end... I've found it! The Perfect Japanese Learning app now I don't only speak and listen but I now UNDERSTAND Japanese thank you thank you thank you!!!! ????

Corwin Harris

I really want to rate this better.. First, the material is clear, concise and, according to my teacher, accurate. The problem is that some resources are missing, a video and hiragana stroke order examples for instance. I'll keep using it, and hope for updates.

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