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13 Sep
Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone

Posted by Rosetta Stone Ltd in Education | Sept. 13, 2016 | 198 Comments

Apk file size: 36.0 MB

Learn a new language the way you learned your first. Fun, intuitive, immersive lessons teach you to speak and think in your new language. Develop fundamental language skills naturally with no translation or memorization required! You’ll speak in your new language right from the start, and you’ll even get feedback on your pronunciation from our proprietary speech recognition technology.
Learn one of 24 languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, English, German, French, and Italian with fun, self-paced lessons designed by experts in language learning. Our language apps are used by millions of people all over the world.

2014 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award winner
2014 Tabby Awards Users' Choice pick"
2015 Tabby Awards Best Android App

“The gold standard” – CNN
“Rosetta Stone may be the next best thing to living in a country.” – The Wall Street Journal
“The approach to learning languages works.” – TechCrunch"

Both new and existing Rosetta Stone users should use this app for on-the-go language learning.
Download the app and try your first lesson for free.

• Gain practical conversational skills with lessons based on everyday scenarios
• Build confidence speaking with our speech recognition technology
• Practice anytime, anywhere to keep your skills sharp
• Learn core language skills: speaking, reading, and listening
• Start a lesson on your tablet and finish on your phone or desktop
• Download lessons to use offline (Coming soon for Enterprise and Education learners)
• Automatically sync your progress across all your devices, whether mobile or desktop

Chinese (Mandarin)
English (American)
English (British)
Filipino (Tagalog)
Persian (Farsi)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Spain)

• Language basics
• Greetings and introductions
• Shopping
• Travel
• Friends and social life
• Dining and vacationing
• ...and more!

Whats new

    • Tutorial for first-time users
    • Imrpoved access to and management of offline content
    • Bug fixes

Rosetta Stone Ltd part of our Education and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 89.1338. Current verison is 2.5.0. Actual size 36.0 MB.

Download learn-languages-rosetta-stone.apk 36.0 MB


sandrous Miyakia

... I'm using the Dutch part of this program, and it doesn't register that I am speaking at all. It's as though my microphone is disabled, but the program should automatically have access. I've reset the app numerous times to no avail, help?

Gabrielle Hampton

Great! Keep in mind thought of your doing the free version, it will not make you fluent. The full version goes to level 5. But this is awesome. In learning French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Japanese. All at once..... Pray for me lol

Nathan Riggins

Mini games I am no stranger to reading text books to learn new subjects but I have always had trouble learning a language that way. I really enjoy how the learning process here feels like a string of mini games rather than trudging through a language textbook

John Lin

Letter Errors I have google motorola nexus 6 running 5.1 lollipop... the pronuciation letters only display as a big X and therefore hard to continue lessons

Donte Larry

It not really that hard I wish it would give you a little bit more time to learn to say the word but other then that not to shabby

Kay Matthews

Fast Learner Its never been easier. To top it off, its free!

larissa Vossenkemper

Once I could login...bueno! Once I was able to get the app to recognize my login, everything was great. I can move between my online profile to my phone app. The app is great because my Note 4 has trouble with Adobe Flash so logging in directly to the online site wasn't working out for me even after a couple work arounds. But seriously, it took a week for their system to recognize my login credentials.

matthew B. Quinones

Effective but lingers on fundamentals Takes way too long to get into the kind of language I can actually use in conversation...also exceedingly frustrated that the app absolutely can not run without a strong internet connection. That fact, along with frequent crashing is impeding on my ability to learn on a daily basis and it adds at least thirty minutes onto each session.

Lauren Maglione-Cruz

No translation I was beginning my first lesson when it turned out that the program just throws foreign words at you without even knowing what they mean in your native tongue. The only way I was able to learn something was from the pictures.

Nicholas Hunter

I'm interested I am having fun with the demo still unsure if I will learn the language with this app but it's fun and entertaining I still feel there is a risk of me paying and still not learn a new language

James Gregory

Great app, sometimes clunky This app generally works well, but sometimes it freezes or crashes on my tablet. It's still, however, well worth downloading and using if you want the basic Rosetta Stone features on the go. Unfortunately the app has none of the advanced features from the actual Rosetta Stone website (e.g., the stories), but again, it's good for basic practice and for working through the main Rosetta Stone exercises.

Carrie Germain

Spanish works beautifully - all other languages crash I tried it out with Spanish which I already know. It worked beautifully so I switched to Hebrew which I want to learn. The app crashed. So I tried logging out creating a new login and opening Hebrew... Again it crashed. So I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and opening Chinese. Again it crashed. Overall very useful if you want to learn Spanish and useless if you want to learn other languages.

Shannon Faro

Language Great picture and interaction. Pleasant and easy to use. Makes learning new language's fun and enjoyable

Laura Boyle

Accents can throw off answers The Texas drawl which I possess is confusing to the application, though I found the app very easy to use. My hope is that regional accents will, over time, become more understandable and thus prevent me from repeating the same word or phrase. That being said, I think this app easily outshines the others available at this time.

Theresa Sobczak

Tired of entering my credentials every time I would rate this app 5 stars if I didn't have to enter my username, password, and enterprise portal info EVERY TIME I opened the app. This is the #1 thing stopping me from studying Korean more. I also find it confusing that they have so many different versions of apps - it took me a while to figure out this one tracks my progress along with the desktop version. It would also be nice if there were more commute-friendly activities like flashcards or something that didn't require speaking

Kuro Neko

I really do love learning japanese here. The thing that i like a lot about this app is that there is no romaji. If you only know romaji, this is not the app for you yet. This app works well for people who have learned hiragana and katakana and are wanting to be introduced into kanji and learning proper pronounciation. Or for those looking to refresh their skills, this app is wonderful. This also works well for people who (like me sometimes) tend to look at romaji and not really, take in the japanese. Suggested forsure.

Gavin Denham

... I have payed over £200 for the real thing yet they still want more money off me for an app. This would be a great app, but rosseta stone seems to be as bad as Apple and Microsoft when it comes to being money grabbers...

Robert Crutcher

Good app I like it. Rosetta stone and Babal and other apps like these eases the transition into another language. They give you the confidence to try to communicate with the people of your chosen language. Which in turn making that language a part of your routine. That is the key, it's part of your routine. It's accessible and easy enough to use everyday. On the downside, it's expensive.

Pika Chu

Worst app for language! This app keeps saying that you get it wrong even though you are right! I think they probably do that so that you feel obligated to make purchases within the app. uninstalling this right away.

Andres Glaze

Andres Excellent application! It allows me to study when I'm away from home. The pace of the lessons is quick, but I can always go back and redo any lessons I'm not confident with. Very pleased.

Jason Winter

Don't want to sit and learn or need to be on the go? Perfect companion app. Would give 6 stars if I could.

Bernadette Gongora

Edge 6 I've tried both of my accounts and it continues to tell me my info is invalid. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled it. Seriously bothering me that I can't use my purchase product on the go like I did on my S5 :-(

Mike Reid

Chinese characters broken on Android 5 Chinese characters have been failing to display at all on Android 5 since November 2014. Rosetta Stone are aware of the problem bit do nothing to fix it for going on five months! Terrible customer service.

Zach Mathey

Great tool I have the laptop set, but the headset you receive is awful and I have yet to go buy my own. Therefore, it rarely accurately picks up what I'm saying. This app has completely remedied that problem. It picks up everything you say with accuracy and corrects appropriately. I love that it links with your profile to keep track of your progress, no matter what device you are using. With an appealing and easy to use user interface, I highly recommend to any Rosetta stone users

Chris Walker

Daunting but good The premise behind rosetta stone - "immersion" - is almost certainly the best way to learn a new language. It mimics how we learn our first language, which logically is more effective rhan rote memorization. That does not, of course, make it less daunting once immersed in the actual lessons (or perhaps it's just me?) But daunting =/= ('does not equal' for the mathematically disinclined) ineffective. As far as the app itself, so far it closely mimics the form and function of the full desktop software.

William Bennett

clunky and expensive the clumsy demo sign-in page is a taste of what's to come, some great content let down by awful UI and design

Denise Guerriero

The app is just like the program itself which im just starting off with but its mehh so far Ive been studying japanese for 6 months using an app called human japanse which is amazing but flawed and $10 so you cant complain yet it taught me way more than this is far... Like i said im just getting started with this program so dont take my review too seriously, but the learning is overly repetative which is plain boring. Not to mention they arent teaching the basic rules so im sure alot of people are learning wrong to start with. Its hard to go back and correct yourself once you learn incorrectly.

Brando del rio

Very Great It takes a while to practice but over time it helps you a lot, its very worth it and helps you learn languages.

Joelle Copeland

Not the best app I thought this was the best app ever until my free session ran out and I would've had to pay 199.99 to get more!!!! It doesn't even show translations for words you learn, just pictures!!!

Jeremy Taylor

Amazing This app is absolutely amazing I am able to learn Russian quicker than I ever have. One small problem when I am learning words in Russian I don't exactly know what they mean in English so if you could put what that word means in English and that would be very helpful because I actually know what I would be saying rather than having to guess what the definition of the word is. Other than that this app is amazing if you want to learn a new language!

Emily Paulsen

The keyboard to sign in won't work The app won't even let me type my email address with out freaking out. Couldn't even get into the app.

Antonia Harvey

I FREAKING LOVE IT I finally learned Irish cause I always wanted to and I just live it. The commercials don't lie

Tali Zorah Vas Normandy

Amazing! I only downloaded this yesterday and it is amazing! I started the Japanese lessons and within the hour I could pronounce entire sentences and was even able to read some. But unfortunately I'm unable to learn any more due to not having enough money, bummer.

kaelin graham

This app is almost as helpful as being dropped off somewhere left to your own devices. It forces you to listen to the accents and sounds and also whether or not a word is plural. It also forces you to recognize characters and symbols that are unfamiliar. This app is great!

Ian Manson

Displeased and disappointed. Why force users to be online? Such a waste. App rendered useless in so many places. Like London Underground.. Classic use case, especially for those commuting. The science behind the learning might be sound, but why should I pay for content when I don't get to pick when and where i can use it? Very disappointing.

Autumn Cayo

Am I missing something? I bought and downloaded all units for Spanish and Mandarin on my PC, but I'm only allowed access to the 1st unit through this app. Its making me buy the others. Not doing that because I have already paid for everything. How do I get my other lessons through this app?

Stefanie Matthews

Expanding my vocabulary Still trying to figure it out but that is simply just user error. Very well laid out app. Having fun. :)

Kelcey Howatt

Sound nightmare I love the regular Rosetta Stone program but this app is almost terrible. I'm having trouble with it recognizing my speech for even the most basic word. Tried with multiple friends-they all had the same problem. ?

logan rehill

Awesome I love how easy that they make learning languages and its good for anyone any language

Davey Elliott

Waste of my [email protected]&#ing time. It would be a great app if it didn't cost $200 to continue the lesson, really is a shame I had fun while it lasted.

alex bbs

HTC m7 android 5.02 not work

Слинин Алексей

Add pinyin+character (simplified or traditional ) When learning Chinese, I need opportunity to see pinyin + character. Please add it.

Sergei Nikulov

The best!

Pavel Kornienko

Super! Brilliant!

Nikolai Lisun

Very good!

Shannon Burpee

Help Signing up creating account In first section ask for name, email, and language. But I did not know if it for my current language or what I want to learn. Now I have a Korean > Korean account.

Sherri White

Good app I would've given it 5 stars... Fronto was working fine with me getting my points whenever I download an app but all of a sudden they stopped awarding me points for the download?! I have no idea what's going on cause the apps I download have never been downloaded by me.

Dominic Robinson

Good app However if I'm trying to learn a new language there's no explanation of what I'm learning I'm simply doing process of elimination in till I remember certain sounds in a word o been on this thing like 3 hours and I don't remember what I learn because it doesn't tell you what you learn lol

Candy M

RS Spanish I love this app. The teaching methods used with the visuals; repetition and testing makes it one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish.

Sandra Arispe

It's ok, just started Throws u right in; No instructions on how 2 use it @ the beginning. It just starts u off with words & if u can't figure out what 2 do, u r stuck there. Also u had 2 pick ur language @ the beginning & wasn't sure which one I wanted (chose Italian ); hopefully can change 2 another language later, not sure, but it's alright so far.

Ian Manson

Displeased and disappointed. Update 10/06/2015: Still the same. Why force users to be online? Such a waste. App rendered useless in so many places. Like London Underground.. and in long haul flights. Classic use case, especially for those commuting. The science behind the learning might be sound, but why should I pay for content when I don't get to pick when and where i can use it? Even for 1 or 2 lessons worth at a time? We have SD cards, this is not about space. Please correct misleading 'anywhere' statement in product description. Argh.

Janay Robinson

I love this app Its real helpful. I thought it would be a lie.... But noooo was I way wrong. This app truly do help you fully understand and know another language. For anyone and I mean ANYONE thats been trying their hardest to learn a new language. Please I'm begging you get this app. Its worth it. But you have to put in work and pratice what you've learned in real life or you'll never get use to it and be able to speak the language w no problem. So know this app works, you just got to pull your weight too.

Amanda Muck

Actually like it better than the pc version I won't get into rating Rosetta Stone as a product, and will instead focus on the functionality of the mobile app (though Rosetta Stone is an incredibly well thought out and innovative solution to language acquisition). The android app exceeded my expectations. It is quick, intuitive, responsive, and incredibly easy to use. Takes just a moment to set up and get started. The voice recognition is spot on, screen transitions are snappy, and there's no unnecessary bulk. Very thoughtfully designed.

Ashish Mittal

Good app It doesn't have proper instructions what to do. The voice recognition system is bad. It can't help to pronounce a word correctly.

Sarah McC

It works but I find myself at a loss as to what the English translation would be sometimes. I. E. The word fregadero shows a picture of a sink but when I research the word in a Spanish / English nglish I like the app but wish there were an English translation for the words at the end of the lesson so I could be certain that I understood the meanings correctly. Also downlodable flash cards or even a word bank for each lesson would be helpful for studies when Internet connection is unavailable.

Christopher Katulka

It's a little... vacío. Zero explanation during the course, at least not yet as i am still on the first disc. It would be nice if it shows up later on, but im not getting my hopes up. I expected more from a program that boasts its "highly advanced learning techniques".

Danielle Sawicki

I just downloaded it 10 minutes ago lol So far so good. Been in the zone learning basic German for about 40 minutes now. Next will be some odd language

Pokeyzard Pokemonfan

Fast paced I love the teaching techniques, the app is just throws you in the deep end forcing you to learn how to swim. Its cruel, yes, but effective in a way.

Michael Morrisey

This is THE Language Learning App! I love it! Just starting this thing off is SO amazing and simple. You learn the word by action. If they're reading, you learn how to say so. If they're swimming or running, you learn that too! It's so simple and catchy how they introduce it to you.


Whats the point? I already bought Rosetta Stone software and have installed this on my Laptop. I should be able to get full access to all of the units on the app otherwise why bother to ask people to sign in if you are going to give free lessons to users who install app?

Stephen Johnson

Refuses my email Trying to create a demo account, but none of my email addresses are good according to rosetta. No other explanation given.

Mary McAllister

Fixing the bugs. When I first tried this app, it did not work for me. It would not accept my login/password even though I'd been using Rosette Stone for a few years. That was a few months ago. I just recently tried to use it again and succeeded! Now it is working perfectly! Just like the disk set version! I am so happy with it!

Amjad Hasan

Best learning ever Totally learned turkish .... And now started swedish.. Of course i lived in turkey and now i live in sweaden but it's really handfull

James Holmes

Fixed! As of the update, Japanese text displays itself properly again, and as such, I can go back to using this app. Thanks!

Miranda Sheehan

I really like it Have to use your higher thinking skills to learn, but thats the point. I really think this could work

Draeden Taylor-Funtieo

Rosetta Stone Best Language program ever !!! You learn so much even within 30 min's

Kambria Horton

French So my boyfriend is from Haitian decent and speaks Creole I only speak English and Spanish and I'm so exited to at least understand what his relatives who don't speak English are saying ???


Jumps right in! Pick your language and dive in, face first! No directions, just go. Good addition to learning app repertoire.

Gary M

Great app. I really think the immersion learning is well thought out. So far it really seems to be working. I do wish it had cost less, but if I can learn to speak to my in laws, it will be well worth it.

Derek Atkins

Great I took 2 years of french in highschool but it hasn't all stuck but this is bringing it back

Lucy B

Love it - writing classes don't work on my phone but I'll live!

Melissa Allred

Like it Hole it has some problems, this allows me to study while on my ride share to and from work.

Eva D

Good app Its a different way to learn then I've tried before.

Johanna Ziegler

Not very structured Enjoying this so far but would like a bit more grammar background. Explanations and tables would be useful for understanding the structure, you can't get everything from just "guessing"

Isaiah Oliver

Does not work at all After recently purchasing the Arabic program, I spent two days trying to figure out why my login and password would not work. I the contacted customers service representatives on multiple occasions, finally after logging in on my computer and realized the app was the problem. Please fix

Shauna Thompson

Fun and surprisingly easy way to learn a language! As you learn watch for the patterns in the writing and in the sounds. If you're not too concerned about knowing the written rules of grammar, this is an excellent tool for picking up a new language quickly.

Joanthan Galobardi

I love it I'm having fun, so it's a little bit hard but fun i love it one day I'll purchase it.

Anthony Laboy

Este applicacion es muy bueno This app is very good. :D

Melody Beaulieu-Benge

French lesson Find that this program is great to learn a new language or to refresh the memory.

Lea Yi

Good. Wish it has an English translation right after answer the questions. Some pictures are confusing as to what the answers are.

Desiree Nicole Torrez

Signing in It says all my emails are not working? I've tried 2 and still won't work!

Sarah Lewis

Amazing! This app teaches in such an amazing way. It feels like learning in a way that comes naturally.

Marlie Larochelle

Like this app. Trying to learn Korean and so far having lots of fun. Like that I can redo a lesson until I feel comfortable enough to move to the next lesson. I now have an IPad mini and still can't use this program to the written aspect of the lessons. Please fix this.

Mariah Rodriguez

Was ok I like it. It teaches a good course, but when I learn a language I learn it and it doesn't tell me what the word is or what it means. Also, it only gives some courses, but if u want to have more courses, then you'll have to buy it for like $129.00! I mean like really ?✋?

DeVon Fowler

Corrupted install not repaired by uninstall and install Rosetta Stone worked well for several days. Installed Totals. Download of lessons failed. Found Rosetta Stone was now corrupted. Uninstalled both products and reinstalled Rosetta Stone and product continues to fail.

Joseph Sugihara

Doesn't work with Android 6 At least it doesn't work with Android 6 on my Moto XPE. I opened a support ticket and told them I installed the app and logged in, but the course wouldn't complete loading. Their response - you have to install the app and log in. Duh! The next step was to send me a link to a flash app to test the speed of my Internet connection. Clearly, a flash app isn't going to help. I gave it 2 stars because it works on my Fire HDX. Unfortunately, it doesn't work where I need it and support is totally inept.

Kyle Ruscigno

Adds nothing Let's be clear, if you already bought rosetta stone on the pc, this adds nothing to that content but still asks you to pay up 15$ a month to access that content on your phone. Rip off, It would be cheaper to buy a surface tablet to run the pc version of rosetta than to pay for this app for a year.

Ethan Gilman

Having issues I bought the full French version on my laptop. And it works AMAZING. The app wants to to buy it again. I have tried to open it and Uninstall. I will not allow to to train where I left off. Any help would be appreciated.

Ady Benn

baffling overall good and easy to follow but absolutely no explanation and so its pure guess work. You can't teach rules of grammer with no explantion as to why you are wrong. The es in colours aginst no es like Blanc and Blanches and when to use it looks the same in the exercise. But if you are to learn by rote its is such a long exercise (grammer level one lesson 3) that you end up getting worse as you try and remember the right answer. So the real basic stuff seems ok but more complex just leaves you frustrated as you go through the same exercise time and time again as you can't advance without getting over a certain percentage not understanding why you are wrong.

Michael Cedeno

It is okay. I'm deaf, I want to learn to speak English. I don't hear, I can talk. One more thing, That app drain my battery! Please, fix it for update!

Cecilia AlaBustos

Arigatogosaimasu Carateres and word sounds make us read and and talk at the same time. But since i don't hear very well, it will be nice to read the sound pronunciation using the alfabetic letters, to make sure my pronunciations are ok. I'm learning Japanese by the way.

David Hickman

So far so good Bit early to be asked to rate the app but the free taster was perfect for me. App worked very smoothly. I'm slightly ahead on the language I picked, so not sure how easy it would be for a total beginner to know what to do. Will pay for full content now. No idea how advanced it will get.

Kathy Davidson

Fun way to learn a language I use this on my tablet usually. It freezes up sometimes a d kicks me out...but seems to work better on my android so maybe it's just the tablet that's the problem. Very convenient, doesn't seem to use a ton of data either.

Giovanna Lopez

Very clean and easy to use Its practical, since I'm not always with my laptop, it has a clean look and very easy to use.

Bryan M

I stopped using it after the second slide of the first demo lesson. No instructions on how to use, unresponsive interface. Also, no captions in English to tell me what I'm learning... Just somewhat vague pictures. Also appears that they go the route of every other app I've tried... I don't need to learn "boy" or "girl" before I learn "please" and "thank you".

Aravind PN

Awesome!!! Good to learn the languages with correct pronunciation & it will build the confidence in each one us to improve our communication skills.

Andrew Proffitt

Good app. No totale version for Hindi The app is good. Easy to use, clear, and intuitive. Rosetta Stone itself is great. For Hindi, my current language is not available in the totale app available separately, but this one is fine. Will see the difference if and when Hindi totale is available.

Lesley Neeley

Best one yet I really like the way this app is set up however it does not hear my voice properly I have to make a high pitched voice for it too accept what I am saying which is very frustrating. Other than that it is a really good app and I highly recommend it

Ryan Lamont

Convenient but complex Not the software for all users. It's fun and was to use, but dialects and inflections can be difficult to discern.

Daniel Lawrence

User friendly, great app! Very easy to use app. Easy to take my learning on the go with me so I never miss a beat. Very happy with my whole Rosetta Stone purchase!

Eric Nkurunziza

Great app and a fun way to learn a language The Rosetta Stone approach really gets you thinking in the language you are learning instead of translating. I did the trial lesson for Chinese (Mandarin). It was frustrating at first because I wanted to see the English translation of the words and phrases but soon I started recognizing patterns and figuring meanings. The feed back on pronunciation is great as well, I can't wait to test the few phrases I learned on a friend to see if they understand me at all!

Gene Venable

Nice but expensive Very nice photographs. Unfortunately I don't think this is necessarily the best way to learn a language. It is good and fun experience, though. If you can afford it. I have taken Russian and Spanish on several occasions. In one case even though I contacted customer service I couldn't get access to an online course I had purchased, so my money was wasted. I am currently studying Russian again, mainly on other sites, but using Rosetta Stone as a pleasant supplement.

Ryan Stickney

Much wow! My son should learn a language rather quickly wit this app. This way, he does not have to wait till middle school to learn. Kid's mind is elastic now, fool.

Andreina Mundarain

Best way to learn a language I bought Rosetta stone to learn my fourth language. After learning German both my studying it in the US and my studying it in Germany in a full immersion program I realized the only way to truly learn a new language is in a fully immersive environment. Learning a foreign language taught in your native language is counterproductive and highly ineffective. Rosetta stone offers high caliber, skillfully planned immersion that is far more effective than any normal course or self teaching program available.

Jessica Joyanna Lewis

Wonderful Learning Experience I am doing review before an international baccalaureate Spanish class and found this app most useful. Learning languages takes both practice in pronunciation, and vocab memory skill- let alone the hearing of the language- which I get a lot from teachers already. So this app having an even balance of all three, makes for a great learning experience. Also, it is very user friendly. I give it five stars! iFantatsico!

Louis Albert

The best learning ever! I took German in high school and totally forgot it. I am now seeking to start working overseas so started getting my German up to par. It's been the best! The rate at which I learn is unbelievable with Rosetta. I wish I would have just did this from the beginning. Better than school. The app is especially good because it's easy to understand and go through my lessons. Also, I can do it anywhere I have time. I love it! Highly recommend!

Joanna Griffith

200 doll hairs??!! I love this app better than babble. Babble only gave you one lesson but this one gives me several lessons it sucks that you had to pay $200 though please fix that I would like to learn more for free lol I probably will end up paying. I work with Spaniards and this makes it easier for me to understand what they are saying lol and a whole lot better than learning Spanish from my fasha lol great app:)

Brenda Lee Figueroa

The best fun and easiest way to learn a language. My children and I love it. We practice with the Chinese store owners in our town. I love to be able to speak and understand what they are saying. Just fantastic!

Kevin Ressler

Words sticking constantly Great work. After only a few lessons I find myself hearing the Spanish words for things I'm seeing in my real life without even trying.

Shane Redmon

Good app Would be useful to pause between slides so you can review and make sure you have a clear understanding of what you just learned. Other than that, this is a fun way to learn.

Lisa K

Wish it had more languages. So I did the trial of another popular language app, and the trial of Rosetta Stone, I have to say that Rosetta Stone is well worth the price difference. Rosetta Stone idea pictures and voice recognition right off the bat so you're saying it right. It also challenges you with figuring out stuff. EG. "The man eats, the woman runs, then shows you a picture of the woman eating and expects you to say the woman eats with no assistance. So more along how we learned our first language.

Yvette Norris

I love it. I just wish there was a way to redo your wrong answer with having to redo the whole task back over and before going to the next task ask if student would like to say phrases again. Always wanted to get Rosetta Stone, so happy I got it.

Susan Henry

Fantastic and easy to use! Love it all from the easy sign in to the interesting panels for instruction. More like playing a game than learning a language. My ear is already more attuned to the speech patterns! On my phone makes it simple to practice 10 to 15 minutes anytime. I'm already on level 5!

Amanda Kolowski

Throws you right in Very simple to follow and understand. Incredibly user friendly. Can't even think of an improvement. Update: improvement found. If I could stop receiving 30 emails a day with "last chance sales" that'd be great.

Robert Sabo

a problem i tried learning demo acc and by corporate licence...the same problem...there is no english trandlation...and the voice recognition doesnt work...i can say anything is same tonality and it will be accepted...

Charlotte Clark

Just.. This. I expected the same subpar attempt to master a foreign language that always comes with a program, yet I emerge impressed. I have a bit of a stupid tongue and yet I'm learning (and speaking) Japanese pretty quickly! I'm cheap and even I think this is worth every penny.

Secrea Foley

Cannot access if you forget your password So, if I previously created an account and don't remember the password.... I have no option for (forgot password). So, I cannot use the app. This is TERRIBLE!


I love that this app takes its time going through each lesson. I just started using it to learn Spanish and I like it a lot better than Duolingo whicb seems really rushed compared to this app.

Eric Fagan

WTF! Seriously, am I supposed to know Wth I'm saying or not? I'm just supposed to guess what it is by your obscure pics and nil instructions? Then you want me to pay $130 for this crap? C'mon man, I thought Rosetta Stone was top notch, really?

Shania Washington

Very difficult for me to learn. Almost like from the beginning I was expected to be a master

Angel Morris

Very easy to use I love to easy use of this app and it really picks up my soft voice well. I would of put it at 5 stars if it would go thru the written parts on the app to instead of me having to go back home to do it via desk top... which by the way is hard to do with the microphone issues. Doing it by phone and having the option to write would have made this a 5 star app

nina gettemy

Mostly good for mobile Overall a very strong language learning program/technique. Sometimes the pictures are small for mobile (they usually enlarge when you click, but not all situations) to shrink an image you should be able to hit the screen anywhere. I don't know if this breaks Rosetta Stones technique, but it'd be nice to click and see a translation sometimes... Some words need more than context clues. Maybe an option for passive audio if I am at work or on the bus and just want to listen to/practice phrases and vocab.

Ashlee Bell

Fun Fun and a easy. Feel like I'm learning. Only downside it gives you pictures so you get the gist but doesn't tell you in English what your saying, I've only done couple lessons so maybe as I go on it will become more clear, also it does sometimes hear background noise but that's not a big deal. Overall loving it.

Latasha Kendrick

What's going on? I tried to sign up and every email I used, it said that there was a problem with the email, or it was a bad email? Has anyone experienced that issue?

Joey Wittman

$200 In - app purchases? I'll hand it to them, they've made the most expensive in - app purchase of all time. Download. Install. Delete.

Christopher Ryan

I want to know why the writing is not compatible with my device? I have Samsung galaxy note 5 so it should be considering it comes with a stylis and writing capabilities. Will give more stars if fixed.

Michelle Rowe

Learn on the go I like that I can take my program with me everywhere. I can learn at work on my breaks and if I'm waiting for an appointment. I wish the writing section would work on my phone. I think it's easier to do on my phone than on the computer. Same with the milestones. Hopefully with updates they can make these sections work on your phone.

Schwa Enigma

I am having a huge problem. It will not register my voice and keeps saying it cannot hear me. It is not my mic since I have checked it on other apps and on the Adobe online mic check to be safe. I want to be able to properly pronounce the language too so when you fix this issue I will change my vote.

Eric Lanter

Speech recognition horrible on mobile Everything works fine, but the speech recognition on my galaxy 5 is extremely hit or miss. It is annoying having to re do the lessons on my computer since the speech works fine there.

Levi Walker

As the commercial says It truly is a simple way to teach and reinforce the language you desire to learn to speak and understand. If you don't pick up on languages, accents, dialects, inflections, and meanings with ease naturally keep trying and you'll get it.

Khalil Areshi

amazing I can learn english everywhere, anytime I want. Its flexibale,accurate, and useful. that makes me to learn as fast as I can. And there is no place to shy, because its a system and U can correct your mistake without think about people make joke at you . I recommand it. best wishes

Heather Physioc

Nice to Have I am much more reliable about doing lessons every day now that I'm using the mobile app instead of being stuck at a stationary desktop computer, so I'm finally making the most of my Rosetta Stone subscription. Big ups there. Has way better pronunciation interpretation than Duolingo does. Also has a more clear, linear path through the course, which simplifies things for me. The login screen is very glitchy and slow, though.

Kellen Woodard

Good can be Better It is good for learning on the move. You must seek additional learning apps in order to effectively learn a language. Needs definitions in native language. Pictures are good once you pay attention to every small detail.

Cori W

Price vs free learning I chose to test Mandarin since I have a mild background in it. I was surprised to see zero explanation on root characters nor grammar. I can imagine someone with no knowledge of the language to get lost very quickly. This app is also listed as 'free' with in app purchases, free meaning 10 minutes of extremely rudimentary learning and then a request for 200$. If you're someone interested in learning Mandarin I recommend first studying the HSK on Memrise, then try Chinese Skill app, which is actually free.

Maria Georgiou

Great! I have realized that although I would love to read and write Greek I actually have stronger listening skills with this language than visual as a beginner. Rosetta Stone obviously figured this out and is helping me work out kinks in basic grammar through everyday language usage paired with simple grammar through auditory and vocal reinforcement. Genius! I was initially getting discouraged using Memrise app, but now I feel refreshed and encouraged that I can learn this language using Rosetta Stone and Memrise

Trevor Anderson

Good idea. Poor execution. Historically bad voice recognition. I was in the demo to convince myself to buy the product. It did quite the opposite. I'll stick with the free options instead of having to repeat a sentence 10+ times.

Harry Sosa Jr

Easy to use. I use this app because my PC doesn't have a mic. Works well but can't do writing lessons. Not a big deal , could be device size, a list of what android devices are suitable for full functionality would be great. Overall, I'm enjoying doing the speech lessons. Lots of fun.

Lars Rottweiler

Farsi course without FEnglish Letters You can't expect that someone born in the western world can read Farsi letters. Even Persians themselves are using FEnglish every day. If you could add this function I would rate 5 star and buy it in an eye blink. Like this the whole system is not usuable. sadly ?

Ella McCrystle

It's OK But there is lots of time wasted and important information skimmed or just not covered. I would pick Duolingo or Memrise (best: start with a combination of the two.) Either app alone is better than this one.

aaron maez

Cannot use offline on a plane..... I travel aaalot. I am usually in transit most of the time (eg; flying or car) and thus I have zero WiFi because of it. If I can't login I can't do my lessons. I'm not going to use up my expensive gigabytes that cost a fortune through verizon. So yeah nice app but worthless if I can't use it...

Michael Currie

Sample French Being raised in Canada with a French mother and taking French for eight years in school, I figured I would test this on a known second language before trying something new. I had some trouble getting the voice recognition to work. Pronouncing something exactly the same way three times to get it to register was annoying. Not sure if it was my own learned French accent getting in the way or not.

Cynthia Farris

Really!?! Note edge. Only the first lesson is free anything more is $199.99 not to mention you can't log out. I don't like anything that keeps me permanently signed in so it can suck up my data and always run in the background. Sorry Rosetta I had hi hopes because duolingo made some stupid upgrade choices but your too greedy. At least let people pay by the level, don't advertise as free. And for goodness sake stop data napping people with the permanent sign ins. Nobody in their right mind likes that. Uninstslling.

Steve Solo

Very easy to use .same as the online addition if not better because you can use your headphones from our phone and its very convenient I do it while at work!!

Jillian Kandzerski

This app is very helpful! It's helpful but it only gives you 1 level free! It's stupid! But if it's helping me learn espanol!

Tanisha Spells

It's an ok app in terms of being able to determine a meaning based off the picture. However what I dislike is that it doesn't explain to you if the pics are exposing a past or present; formal or informal. Other than that I would use it for something quick..not bad....

Billy Cox

Cant use writing I'm using a samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet. The apps writing is not compatible with my device. The device has a stylus and has writing capabilities. So I don't understand why doesn't work with it.

Charles Wyant

Mucho El Goodo All joking aside, this is a great app. I already feel as though I am catching on and learning the natural way. Now I can talk to my wife. :)

Emily Dick

This app is great except the microphone just randomly stops working sometimes. It's really frustrating because I have to close and reopen the app, which sometimes makes me go backwards a few pages, and then the microphone still doesn't work half of the time. Please fix this. My account is well worth the money if it works but at this point I'm thinking of canceling because this is so frustrating.

Michelle Musgrave

Great App! I've never used Rosetta Stone before, but this app was so easy! I learned 10 different words in a half hour. This is great! Looks like I'll be learning French sooner than I thought.

Jen Struk

Fun and Easy My husband is Mexican and his whole family only speak Spanish. Our daughters first words were in Spanish but now at 10 yrs old, she is not fluent and neither am I to speak it....I can read, write and comprehend it ok but I really want to speak fluently and want my daughter to as well so we can communicate effectively with family in Mexico...this app will help us reach that goal, I love that it includes the interactive speaking lessons. Awesome!

Erwin Merrem De Luca

Great way to learn! This program is summed up in one word: Excellence! I have not had any troubles with the program, and the strategies used to teach and learn are genius. Now an application to run on your phone, it gives me sometime away from the desk and anywhere I find comfortable to learn and re-up.

Porsche Griggs

Not shabby! I wish all the lessons were compatible on my tablet device. Other than that, I like it alot.

Alexander Wheeler

It's a great app for identifying common things that have a language barrier. I've only did the first lesson but I can tell that the pictures should help you keep a reminder of what the word means.

Asus Memopad

Love this learning app Wish it ran faster and crashed less; wish it were free and had even more languages. But over all, this is the gold standard in language learning software: a smooth, polished app that's got even better interface than the PC version.

Eusebio Cardoso

Simply the best! Very intuitive, simple to use and you feel like it's easy here it comes something to challenge.. Just great but Expensive though, and I did try to find better, can not!

Jonathan Montgomery

Love it I'm learning Vietnamese and the sounds is hard and as long as you were using the app don't have no sounds around you because you won't be able to pronounce the sounds the correct way because the microphone will pick up all the sounds around you so for some languages like for me is the Vietnamese you won't be able to get the answers correct other than that I love this is really great !!

S Conley

Helps me keep learning on my phone Only wished you could do the writing lesson on my note 4. Don't know why that part is not enabled. That would give it a full 5 stars for me.

Elly uk

This program is a wast of time when it tells you to speak no mater what you say it will count it wrong even a fluent Spanish speaker got it wrong do not use this app

Wyman Balcom

Needs mic tweaks The listening portion of the app works about 90% of the time (my mic works fine). As a spanish speaker, I know I'm saying the right words and phrases in level one. Also, an explanation of how to navigate the lessons would be helpful. It seems the app assumes you know how to interact with each activity.

Pae Santana

I really really really need to relearn spanish my life depends on it so ty for this app like a child am learning better Great as soon i get money its a no brainer buying this life changer

Brynell Owens

More money? I paid for the Russian and German already yet I'm going to have to fork over 200 more dollars for each app, to use the app on the go. I wouldn't mind paying but you want me to pay $200 up front for a supporting app. Make it monthly or something people can actually afford and I'm sure you'll make more money. Stop deterring people from trying to learn a new language with your ridiculous pricing.

Metha Daoheung

WiFi needed and intermittent full access to all the courses. I was disappointed that I needed an Internet connection to use it. I was hoping to use it during flights. Yes I am aware that planes offer WiFi, but at an additional $16/flight this app, was getting real expensive. The next major issue is that I get intermittent full access to ALL of the courses. Sometimes I have full access, but mostly i'm locked out. Doesn't matter what WiFi or mobile data. Same sign on and everything. I attempted to get help from Rosetta Stone but they said that this isn't "their" app.

Vince Anthony Davila

This program is awesome! I already own RS and found out this app was created. I was able to login with my info and pick up right where I left off! You do need to pay to continue, but we'll worth it!

Martin Johnson

A good approach I like the way I'm learning. Its intuitive and easy. Sometimes I feel certain things are hard to understand from the context clues, and its impossible to learn grammar with, but if you have a native speaker to talk with, and maybe a grammar book, that should help.

Thao Truong

Going pretty well It's a great learning device that truly lets you learn naturally. If anyone grew up speaking two languages, you can see how this is how you learned as a child. There is no questioning why or how. Just what is, then you get on to the technical stuff later which improves the speed of comprehension. I would recommend this to anyone trying a new language. Using it everyday is key! What you don't use you lose! Good luck to all.

john tillotson

John Great product. Also use google translate when can't figure out meaning in cotext. I would let people know about google translate; the picture function works best. When you cant figure it out contextually it fills in the missing part. In psychology a Gestalt. The concept is great; i would simply add translate if cant figure it out after so many times, lets say 5 times. This would close the Gestalt. Lets say you have 3 sides to a square, you know its a square but you need closure/ definition

Frida Chico

Fun and really easy to use! It is super fun and really easy to understand, the whole course is a bit expensive tho... I haven't bought it but it must be worth it!

J Amsler

Love it Nice to be immersed. I had this on my laptop but never used it. Now it's on my phone, I likely will again. Only part that sucks is I bought version 3 years ago, now I had to pay to upgrade which sucks. Trying it for now, then maybe we'll buy the whole thing

Owain Evans

Interactive and fun Having tried leaning languages from books and from courses, this is much better. I can learn at my pace, and I find it more fun and interactive. It's a shame some of the lessons are not available on tablet.

Cris McGhie

Simple spanish needed more conversational spanish Wants you to pay nothing good comes for free

DJ Jones

Technical Issues I could not get past nán rèn without several, "not responding" issues. I only had the app for 10 minutes. Uninstalling and disappointed.

Brady Sloan

Works well enough. Good enough when I don't have a computer and headset handy.

Jonathan Toledo

BEST APP I Love this app, is very useful to remember words that u probably miss, i Don't know why isn't so popular yet. It should :)

Valeria Weltin

Fun and easy to follow First time studying Italian and so far so good... easy tutorials.

Paul Pellegrini

takes advantage of the tech more exercise than a CD would have easily provided.

sethey Hayag

Loving it So I never learned tagalog, and my family speaks it.


Could use this all day long 5 hours later I can speak some basic Japanese now I need to commit it to memory

Wow! Anywhere anytime! Well as long as I don't disturb anyone. Just like my downloaded program. Fantastic. Very happy with it.

Aaron Snyder

Using the free version as a refresher while away from home. Same lessons available with nothing cut.

Andrew Nelson

A great app! This app is really great. I can download all the lessons and work with them offline.


Awesome Application This is the most useful application I have ever used and many Thanks.

John Harrison

Good so far I will give a detailed review after I get more experience with the app

Dahhm Life

Best I've tried Very in depth. Has the most diversity as far as exercises go.

Jeremy Holton

Great language app! Great application for language beginners and professionals. Engaging, beautiful and fun to use.

Nathan Harriman

Post graduate gift One of my favorite gifts I've ever received!

Matt Powers

For Korean This is the best app I've found so far for learning Korean

Qianqian Tan

I like it so much!!

Shiena Amurao

Very useful app! It does really helps for a beginner like me!

Austin Stephens

Easy to understand The app was easy to understand. Everything is beginner friendly.

Tyler Wells

So going to do it

t belldavis

Very helpful I love this app!

cristine alvarez

Love it mobile! Absolutely love it

george harris

Good but a little to fast

Brayan Ramirez

Nice I really liked

Me Wi

Loved it It's amazing

Austin Thomas

I am pleased.


Nice Loved it

Robbie Hughes

Love it love it

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