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6 Oct
Learn Japanese with Tako

Posted by Grogshot Games, S.L. in Educational | Oct. 6, 2015 | 154 Comments

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Learning Japanese has never been so easy and fun! Join Tako in an adventure in which you'll learn to write and read Japanese.

Best Educational Game - BIG Festival 2015 (Brazil Independent Game Festival)
Best Serious Game - Fun & Serious 2015

Through GUIDED LESSONS, you'll learn to write hiragana, katakana and over 100 kanji correctly, as well as their perfect pronunciation recorded by native japanese teachers.

Thanks to its elaborate WRITING SYSTEM, you'll be able to learn stroke by stroke and in the correct order how to draw each character with a perfect kana calligraphy. This system will rate your stroke and correct you if you make a mistake, including furigana assistance.

PRACTICE each hiragana, katana or kanji individually in the Study mode and have a good time with fun minigames while you refresh all you have learned.


Learn Japanese with Tako - Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Romaji Learning Calligraphy

★ Learn to write and read all the hiragana, katakana and kanji corresponding to the N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT - JP).
★ Useful for those who want to learn from zero and for those who want to refresh their basic knowledge of the Japanese language. Enjoy your favorite anime and manga like a truly otaku from nihon!
★ Play mode: where you'll learn through 88 guided lessons more than 300 characters, including hiragana, katakana and kanji.
★ Study mode: where you'll be able to review and practice without pressure as many times as you want. Check your stats and follow your progress.
★ Minigame mode: show what you've learned in varied and fun kirei nippon minigames.
★ Learn the on'yomi and kun'yomi readings and the meanings of over 100 kanji.
★ Future updates will include new minigames, new modes, new kanji, become a master of nihongo!... and more surprises!

Arigatou gozaimasu!

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Whats new

    • Review Mode didn't show all the hiragana, katakana and kanji that you learned in the lessons
    • Kanji fixed in Study Mode: Sky, Station, Electricity and Rain
    • Other small and annoying bugs were fixed

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Laura Byrne

Almost Perfect For one Sensei is way too grumpy, I get put off easily by his growls at a single mistake that I make. The only other problem is that minigames are much too rushed, never giving time to think. Otherwise the app is amazing (=^·^=)

Douglas Varney

Great way to learn Excellent way to learn hiragana and katakana. Though I wish there was an immersion mode, where no English is used. It would be nice to get encouragement and instructions in Japanese from sensei. Thanks for the great app!

Shane Carney

4 star here's why :) The app is amazing with how interactive it is. I love the mini games to help remember what you're learning! The one drawback is the loading screen tips aren't visible for long enough before you read some. The tips are really interesting but there should be a click to continue. This will allow the user to enjoy and digest the information ℹ. That makes the difference from four star to five star. **after they responded** awesome. Once they add that I believe this review will be changing from 4star to 5!

Ryan Steddy

A good app for most I enjoy this app and with the new update am learning from it much more, especially in terms of writing the characters. So definitely worth getting. I would say it does need more (drawing) mini games as it can get repetitive and stale. And maybe a bit of a speed up for some of the animations. Overall though a good learning tool.

Flavius Kenneth

Bug Bug at loading 2nd minigames when play mode if get all words perfect.. please fix it ASAP!

Tiago Bione

Fun! This app is amazing. Really got me going. Tako is really cute and his sensee is not easy to please :)

eduardo Miralles

Been playing this for a while now, and it's a great way to learn Japanese. Thanks for making this app!!!

Chris Rasmussen

Makes learning fun This app is so helpful with my journey to learn Japanese. Being a gamer, this app is perfect.

Ashley Young

awesomeness. so worth the money. but the drawing parts a pain sometime glitches at weird times.

Kyle Teed

Effective way to learn writing japanese! Just as the title says. I'm using it to supplement another source for sentence structure and grammar. Great app for learning how to write the three alphabets.

Jared Warthen

Great presentation I've been loving this. Great way to teach the Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

ニコル Nik

Really good but can be better Really good app, the only thing i dislike is that when i started it i already knew all hiragana, but still i was forced to go through all of it so i could unlock katakana and now i have to go through all the katakana to do the kanjis, i think they should leave that free for the player's choice.

Virginia Udink

Entertaining & instructive It is enjoyable to learn the characters and their stroke order while watching a couple of tako! I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn stroke order. It's really good for children, too.

Abdi Dharma

Superb! Learn japanese the easy way

Arnoud Bekker, de

Engaging, challenging and fun

erica winnell-nield

It doesn't do anything! Doesn't matter what i press it won't do anything!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

Matt F

Context 3d throwing black screen error Great app but latest build is displaying an error saying unsupported phone model? Using standard rom and was working last week :(

Suzanne Hallman

Can be annoying but helpful I really can't stand the childish aspects of this app and how it forces me to play the mini games, but at the same time it reinforces the memory of each character that you learn. And it is also great how much it informs you about Japanese culture(kind of). Another plus would be the descriptions of each kanji. They happened to simplify it better than most apps & I will definitely be going back to it just for that.

Atope Sindrogas

Great idea, bad execution This is the only app I've found on either Android or iOS that will actually try to teach you how to write kana and kanji and evaluate you as well, but the trace detection is very finicky and there are characters like む which I can't type at all without losing many lives. Also, the lessons are slowed down by useless animations, even more so inside the minigames. Yeah, seeing the little tako jump with joy when you write a character well is cute, but the animations add up and the whole lesson takes way longer than it should. And don't get me started on the minigames: why should I tap on the screen to fill a heart in the baseball minigame? What is the purpose of that awful-looking coin animation in the beginning of the arcade minigame? Why do I have to stare at a bunch of animals chomping down food each time I match their orders and then wait for the "round # start" text to go away before I can start matching their orders again? I really want to like this game because I think it's a great idea and the methodology is good, but the execution needs lots of polishing. As it is now, the lessons are too irritating for me.

Zepher Xicor

Fantastic app! Exactly what the market has needed. Learning a foreign language should be fun and interactive. Many apps have failed to do this properly but you guys have succeeded in this area. This app has the potential to become to best way to learn Japanese on the market. I've just tried this app so I'm not sure if grammar and common everyday phrases are covered in greater detail later on. The historical and cultural facts are appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Marcus Padgett

Good stuff This game is really helping in conjunction with my Rosetta Stone. I find memorizing the characters and how to write them much easier through this app. Just one lesson a night has helped a lot. The mini games can be a little repetitive and annoying sometimes. And the express levels have a habit of starting the timer before you even see the choices but over all I'm very pleased with this app. Worth the money if serious about learning the characters.

William Russom

I want to like it Many times while drawing the hirigana it will say that my stroke is incorrect even when tracing the red line. It's a major annoyance for me getting marked off when it appears that I should have gotten credit for a correct answer.

Justin Roby

Awesome This is one of the most fun things I've done in a while. Really brings back memories of teaching myself hiragana when I was younger. Amazing music, visuals, and simple to understand. Although I hope to see it progress to something a little more advanced, this app is truly a gem. Great job devs!

Rachael Smith

Disappointed I read all the great reviews and was excited to try it but I feel very disappointed. The main reason is because say, for example, you're half way through lesson one, then close the app briefly, even for a few minutes, then try to go back to lesson one, it restarts you from the very beginning of the lesson instead of picking up where you left off, which is very frustrating because I'm trying to use it to learn in my free time at work. Not to mention it is a little buggy. :(

Emilio José Rojas Herrera

GREAT Great app and so funny, good idea with mini games, in general excellent, just need to be a little bit more flexible when you are drawing characters, but isn't a problem

Cassandra Fujimoto

Black screen Unfortunately, this app gives me a black screen and never loads on my HTC one m8. Waste of money and a huge let down because I was excited to try it out.

Ronnie Boy

Awesome Very fun learning app. You did a great job here guys. Fun and enjoyable.

Ibrahim Mohammed

Very nice but there is room for improvment Add navigation throgh letters in study mode

ian booth

very good app best app 5 stars very helpfull a must have app for learning japanese. i use it evry day for more then 3 houers a day.

Andy Hackett

Can't get it to work at all. Very disappointed.. after reading reviews of this I really wanted to try it out, but whenever I run it I simply get 'Package Manager' force close messages and a black screen :(

Benjamin Wilkins

Just what I was looking I have been looking for a long time to find a way to learn Japanese but I don't have much time. This is just perfect to start learning. Great job !

Robert Nelson

Best Hiragana learning aid available. Covering stroke order, drawing and reading,and having mini games to force you to memorize them in a non-route way, this is a perfect Japanese learning app.

Andrea Rhodes

Black screen I wasted my money on this and I so badly wanted to use it but it won't even load on my phone. All I get is a black screen. My older brother downloaded it the same time I did and it works for him. So I'm very disappointed that I can't use it.

Alan Perez

Nice app Some of the mini games are dull but it is a nice app

Wilson Liwanag

Great app for learning japanese Learning Japanese has become fun and easy with this. I hope to see the new minigames,modes and kanji soon :)

Guy Vleugels

Must buy... This is absolutely one of the best apps for learning kana. Haven't tried the Kanji part yet. I hope the developers keep on developing the app further with even more mini games. I also hope they develop a few sequels until the cover JLPT N5 to N1. Keep up the good work guys. You should be proud of yourselfs.

Alejandra Gonzalez

Doesn't work Unknown error code during the application install / 550. A month I can't play. Since I update to 5.0

Adin Tannin

Almost perfect The game itself is fantastic, however there are a few technical issues. Mainly on certain characters the sensitivity is too high. It's not frequent or bad enough for it to be game breaking but it does happen enough for it to be annoying. If that was fixed somehow then this would definitely be a five star game/learning tool.

Panko Tai

It's pretty fun! I'm a complete rookie so at least I can learn the basic things I guess? I'm planning on getting classes once I get a job!

stephane p.

Bug when changing profile! If you switch profile the game display is almost empty and the Japanese characters missing. You must log off and restart the app every time. Very annoying. Please fix. Thx

Victor Lee

Good opportunity It is a cute game with a good chance to learn japanese

hinata slaughter

Love it It is so fun to play all the games. The little bit of information about Japan is interesting as well.

Martin Hakaraia

Best app ive used for trying to learn japanese

Miranda Boettcher

Fun Great way to improve Japanese writing skills!

Amaranth Eva

I wish there was a way to learn and test vocabulary. I took a Japanese class in college, but would like to refresh my memory on vocabulary. However, this app is perfect for reviewing hiragana, katakana, and kanji!

Rebecca Florizone

Fun :) Really enjoying it. I feel like I'm learning something

sheila may longao

Learning I am hoping to learn more from this app.

Adam Elmallah

Its a really cool app

Niki Cedeño

Interactive and fun Cutesy graphics motive me to study haha

Ashleigh Powick

I love it Ix recommend this to anyone. Its a great game to learn japanese from. Deffs worth buying

Jason Jones

Just learning the alphabet do far but pretty fun and entertaining

JoLynn LeGault

Fun It's fun but moves a little quick... And a bit sensitive. Overall a great way to learn!!!

James McDonald

Great but crashes Thisbis absolutely brilliant for learning from scratch. Loses a star dur to regular crashes when loading the 'whack-a-mole' style minigame. Even with the crashes it's well worth getting. Having to repeat stuff ends up actually helping you anyhow :P

Pushistii Boyarskii

Add Russian please! The app is so good, but add Russian language please.

Slynk Adink

Pretty Good Character recognition is too strict and the game occasionally freezes while loading the wack a mole mini game (gets to 100% and then nothing.) Also could use a little more mini game diversity. But all in all, worth purchasing.

Angelo Joseph Garcera

kind of slow, buggy. but good i found a tiny bug in the sushi bar mini game, i dragged the food too fast that the image got stuck to the right side of the screen but the octopus alreay has confirmed that he recieved his meal. Also, the transitions between each challenge/drawing is kind of slow for me. hope it gets a bit faster. other than that, the game itself is good. I'd give it 5 stars if the transistion was faster :)

Tayler Morris

Takos Japanese I love what this game has to offer!! It challenges me and the mini games are fun! The "express" option is wonderful for just refreshing!!

b colon

Really works I love this app. Its amazing and i love that certain characters have stuck and when i see them i know what they are and can remember them. However there are some glitches that i experience myself, one of the most annoying ones is when the curtain raises for you to guess the right character the clock starts counting before the curtain even lifts. Other wise its amazing

Laura Byrne

Almost Perfect The only problem is that minigames are much too rushed, never giving time to think. Otherwise the app is amazing (=^·^=), I would love it if there was a printout sheet with the hiragana/katakana/kanji on it!

Teresa Jackson

Nice and refreshing This is a well made app to teach writing the basics And kanji, for me most of it is repetitive so its a bit tedious for now. It would be cool to have like a placement test for those who have some basic knowledge already, that way unlocking things don't seem like such a chore once you get used to the mini games (which I LOVE). One thing I'm worried about is: is this one of those typical "learn kanji=learn Japanese" apps? May be too early for me to call this my dream app, so I'll leave it at 4 stars for now.

Evald Svorobovic

Liked it First of, a minor issue. Sometimes the Moles minigame will freeze when loading at 100%. Only option is to quit and restart. As to the game itself. Its a fun and simple educational game. Won't turn you into a master of japanese, but great at presenting the basics if you plan on learning it seriously later on or just want to brush up on your knowledge. I fully recommend it.

Bryce Walton

Fantastic Excellent method. Lessons are short and include various minigames (quizzes) which is proven to be one of the best ways to learn. Highly recommended.

HjDingle XD

Help me! Please fix this everytime I open it nothing happens just a black screen o waited 3 minutes still not loading please fix this

Alyss Garmendia

This app rocks The app itself is fantastic it worth every cent of the money I paid its way fun and interesting and it hasn't any bug, or at least I haven't seen one for the moment I'm sure I will take advantage of it. Thank you very much for developing it and also translating it in such a big amount of languages, it's really useful for not native English speakers.

Jessica Rock

Fun way to learn Japanese I have tried other apps in the past but none have been as easy to use, and easy to learn as this one.

Tonya Carter

Awesome This game is teaches kids or adults at an good pace and it makes you learn it it is really good and a good spend of money I'm glad I got it

Jennifer M

Fun Great game, makes learning to write fun. There are a few bugs, I have had the came freeze. When it does that you have to close the app and start you level all over again. Kind of a pain but I like the game overall so I keep playing.

regina boxley

Awesome It's super helpful and I love how it quizzes you often to make sure you learn and it's really fun to play even though sense gets grumpy a lot

Rebekah Craig

Fun and educational This has really helped me learn the correct stroke order for the characters. I wish there were more variety as far as games to play, but this app really reinforces reading and writing skills. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to learn Japanese.

Jelisa Iglesias

Great game It's the perfect game to study kanjis and kanas.

Christine Waltman

One glitch It's almost perfect! Sometimes the mini games won't load during the play. Otherwise I LOVE IT! Update 6/21/15 - still stalls in level two whack a mole mini game.

stephane p.

Bug when changing profile after a defeat! - Edit: the bug is present only if you switch profile after a defeat! - If you switch profile the game display is almost empty and the Japanese characters missing. You must log off and restart the app every time. Very annoying. Please fix. Thx

Reuben Moraga

Fun way to learn some characters in my spare time.

Kristian Fotland

Great fun Played for three days and love it thus far. Tips: Use the study to practice instead og do doing the challenges when you fail.

Kasey O

わるい。 EDIT: Thanks for the reply! Really wanna uninstall. I've been using Memrise for the learning and the "study" feature on here to see the stroke order, which is usually right. It's a nice app for stroke orders but that's literally it. I'd be okay if all lessons were unlocked, so I could double check past あえいおう。Character recognition is still too strong, and that's just made me use it for the study feature. *shrug* It's my parents money anyways.

Kristie Walker

Amazing! This is a great learning tool for those who want to read Japanese. I highly recommend it to all my friends who want to learn.

Andrew Arneson

Awesome! I've been looking for a good way to learn the basic Japanese characters before moving into the genki books this app is just that!

Jess Evans

Worth the purchase This is definitely one of the best learning kanji app ever made, the games are really simple and repetitive so you're able to memorize everything but it doesn't feel like study. 10/10

Megumi Tachibana

Great game for learning how to write Japanese scripts but... For some reason, it won't let me imput the "ge" hiragana. It keeps making me try again, over and over. Please fix this, as I enjoy the game other than this one problem. Edit: Found a way to imput it without triggering the try again response

Lashelle Cunningham

Perfect way to study I absolutely love this app. It's much better than any others I have tried. One of the best advantages of this over other programs is that you don't have to write 100% perfect the way the example is to get credit for a correct answer. There is a disadvantage to this too in that sometimes it cuts off the tail ends of the letters (the brushes or jumps) when you are writing so you can't finish the way you see in the example and want to. That doesn't happen often. One thing I would like updated is the review reading game. At least for Katakana on the arcade mode almost all answers are the first button and almost no answers are the last button. I'd like that to be more random. As it is, if I'm not sure I know that it is 90% likely that the answer is the first button.

John Kei

Works great! And fun! Works great now! Used to crash for me, not anymore. Very easy lessons! Only problem I have is that while it teaches you the characters... It does not teach you how to form sentences (that I have noticed anyway) I hope they make a game for that!

chesternel de geyter

Awesome, i recommend it. Funny and educational.i use it to break the monotone of learning constantly from stuffy textbooks.

Christina Akerlund

This app continues to be one of my top fav. It is great for anyone needing to study kanji and fun for kids to get into the language as well. (My 3yr old and 9 yr old love it.) So happy I put out the money for this one!

João Duarte

Amazing app to learn kana!! Totally worth it! Only done hiragana so far but loved it. I have to say the big flaw is that the reading practice of hiragana is broken as the correct option is often in the first position :(

Jorge Luis Pantoja

Nice one Very helpful and didactic. Best part: no annoying ads or subscriptions!

Alejo Valls

Good companion app It's a very good app if you are already learning Japanese and have trouble remembering some kana.

Jeffrey Cochran

Great! Obnoxious hang though Great! But you need a stylus to really use it. On my phone, the nexus 5 on marshmallow, when I leave the app to open something else, and then come back to the app, it hangs every time and needs to be forced quit. Otherwise the app would be five stars.

Sabrina Murasaki

i cant get into the app it says support the developers but i cant acces to the app and it doesnt even wanna let me refund!!

Eric Mondragón

Great App I started to learn Japanese and this app has help me a lot, the pronunciation is great and you can play while studying which is awesome!!!


Good way of learning, a little to childish but it is good nonetheless.

Daniel Byrd

I'm glad I purchased This has helped my recognition and writing grow at the same time.

Victor Todorov

Helpful but... The minigames are very slow and tedious most of the time. They should be faster and more interesting.

Shekina Shalom

Please fix this The bugs on the first lesson in review mode especially in the second lesson I get stuck there

Jan Renderking

Great Game This is really a wonderful game to learn Japanese writing, even for young adults. Unfortunately it does not seem to sync back again with Google play after resetting the device.

Ben Gaskin

Good, but misleading for beginners Some quality issues. I reported an issue with stroke order/direction for 千 many months ago. Noticed today same issue with ヂ and with the first stroke of キ in キュ. For an app that purports to teach stroke order this is a big deal. Down from 5 stars to 3 stars. Requires a full quality/accuracy audit by developers:(

José Antonio Polanco Torres

Very interesting The game is actually very interesting and helps me practicing the japanese

Joshue Cardoza

It needs an option to restore progress or at least let us skip content we already know.

Jorge Ocampo

Amazing! This game helps a lot if you're studying Japanese!

Reuben Moraga

Fun way to learn some characters in my spare time.

Anthony Matthews

Awesome game, learning alot thank you, please make a romanji game! We want to learn to speak it also

Krystal Hall

Really cool! This game makes it easy to learn japanese. You have to be careful how you write your hiragana. Totally suggest using a stylus. Anyone should check this out.

Damjan Mihailov

It wont start on alcatel idol 2s I just downloaded the app and it wont start. I was hoping to play it..... :( please fix this!

Johny Gun

Great It's a good way to learn Japanese

Mad Angel

Nice game It really teaches you japanese

kiki bun

It really is helpful. It's fun to play and makes it easier to learn.

Andrew Arneson

Awesome! I've been looking for a good way to learn the basic Japanese characters before moving into the genki books this app is just that!

Jeni Mcgough

Fun I love this game and happy they pronounce the sound too. I wish there was a better way to do brush strokes but this is really good for the technology of today!

Salne Kv

Such a brilliant app, definitely worth paying for!

Brittany Williams

Worth the money Soo helpful!!! I love this. Super entertaining.

Ashwin Bangera

Worth every penny A simple and fun way to learn the alphabets of the Japanese language. Would look forward to grammar correction and sentence formation in later updates. Totally worth it.

Mike Gentry

Blast from the past I took some Japanese many years ago. I wish we had this then.

David Ronai

Super Very cool way to learn by playing mini games


Best app to learn Japanese EVER!! Just did the first two parts of hiragana and I already can see that is a really good app!

Ashley McConnaughy

This is really fun! So far, super fun and helpful!

Sarah Emerson

Great When I have free time I hope on and learn a few characters at a time. Great app!

Austin Dickey

Good app for beginners! Enjoying the concept so far, seems like a great way to begin learning. I've been learning for about a month myself. The only gripe I have with the app is that sometimes the "chalk board" (feature that lets you draw characters and grades them on accuracy of strokes) can be a bit harsh/finicky with some characters. Other than that it's a great app and definitely worth picking up to learn, or in my case, review.

Melissa Lim

Worth it I love how it really makes you think hard. I'm looking forward to future updates :)

Ben Gaskin

Good, but misleading for beginners Some quality issues. I reported an issue with stroke order/direction for 千 many months ago. Noticed today same issue with ヂ and with the first stroke of キ in キュ. For an app that purports to teach stroke order this is a big deal. Down from 5 stars to 3 stars. Requires a full quality/accuracy audit by developers:(

Dannen Powell

I love it! It's great besides sometimes when drawing the script it will say you got it wrong when it was right but that's minor. Great Job!!

Holly Lynn

Fun! I play this on the train to various places in Japan! I find myself slowly being able to read some of the signs here! Wonderful app!

Carrie Slivick

Great way to learn. The only reason it isn't 5 starts is that I'd like to be able to read what is on the cut screens. If they're was somewhere in the app to be able to take my time and read them it would be wonderful.

Ryan Tucker

Enjoying this! I'm revising my Japnese, and this is a fun way to do it. It's made me learn to write too, as I'm better at read in than writing. Very good buy, I recommend this app!

Megan Forrest

Won't open.... just black screen. Wouldn't care if it was a free app but I paid for this!

Billy S

Awesome!!! It's so repetitive it's easy to remember, and I like the mini games.

Angela Thomas

Great for jlpt n5 studies! Awesome graphics, music and mini games! I can't wait for them to add more kanji, as I'm currently studying for N2 and this is cute and fun and even though I know the material I still enjoy playing it. :) Oh, and vocabulary training or Jukugo would be a nice addition.

Shekina Shalom

Please fix this The bugs on the first lesson in review mode especially in the second lesson I get stuck there

Kristen Mozaffari

Fun and adorable You won't learn meanings as fast as with flash cards, but you will learn kana more in depth and learn how to write them.

David Chang

Made it very easy to learn Pick up where you left off. Only problem with it so far is it kind of leaves the things you learned behind so you might forget the previous one but you can always just express it for a reminder.

Samantha Starr

Its Tough But Useful and Amusing Its hard to learn the squiggles of the characters but I need this kind of kick in the butt to learn

Stephanie Timmons

Oh-so helpful!! It's totally worth the price! If you can't quite afford it, use something like Google Reward to pay for it. It shows you hiragana, katakana, and Kanji in a super helpful and easy way.

Lissa R.

I LOVE this qpp! I cannot begin to express how helpful this little program has been for me. I'm learning how the characters sound, as well as how to read and write them! Perfect program for me as a complete beginner! The interactive ui is the best!! Great job devs! If I learn Japanese, it will be because of this lovely prog teaching me the basics.

Cam Huntsinger

Fun Japanese learning game The game's fun to play. It can be repetitive, but that's to be expected from a language learning game. The writing challenges can be a little frustrating as the app doesn't allow much room for error. Children will find the game very entertaining and they'll be learning without knowing it. I hope the developer continues beyond the N5 Kanji. I would purchase future levels.

Amy Collins

Worth the purchase This is the push I needed to not just memorize but LEARN. I never buy apps, so I was nervous about it, but this was worth it.

Edgar Hernandez

Please fix The game were fun to learn, but one day when I try to use it the app doesn't work at all. It stay black screen please fix this issue and thank you

David Oty

It is useful for my summer review. Still I have go study sentance structures from my genki book.

Kale Generation

Helps Good intro into japanese, and the review and mini games help a lot.

Jonathan Vega

Tako It is an amazing app. I love Japanese culture and it is a good way to learn their language

Carissa Tice

Tako This is a cute and easy way to learn the basics of kanji

Jeff Janes

AMAZING app for learning Japanese! I've been looking for something like this for a long time! It costs money, but PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy it. I'm usually the type of person to ignore an app if it costs more than a dollar, but if I knew how good this app was beforehand I'd pay $20 for it. If you really want to get a foundation with Japanese, do it!

Jimmy Persson

Really like it. I however have a real problem seeing the 'lamps' when the light up in the 'arcade game'. Maybe this is something that could be improved, making it more distinct?

arelis aristud

Get it. This is not the language learning app, this is strictly for help in memorizing characters. It is a wonderful tool that will help learn to read and write in the proper stroke order. Would recomend for anyone who is studying or wants to learn the basics.

Benjamin Vison

Excellent and quite unique! The only thing so far is that I would like to take like a quick test for each level to complete them faster since I already know Hiragana and can be quite slow at the beginning if you are coming with something already learned..other than that is very interesting!!...I have to also thanks Ruben from the periscope #almorzandojapones and Tony from #japondesdejapon for this amazing app that I just won! Keep up the good work!

Laura Frazer

a favorite for sure Love this app . The Lessons and games are very well put-together :) one star off b/c when I got My new phone I used My same E-mail account and it did not save My progress from before... not a terrible glitch since I Needed a review but still frustrating since I did pay $$$ for this app and it cannot even sync right :P And I pretty much never pay for any apps SO this sadly just reinforced that practice :P

Mateo Rincon

Amazing! I was learning Japanese right before this app but it took me a while to remember every word. This app made me forget about the problem!

Mark Molina

It won't run on my device. All i can see is a black screen. I use alcatel one touch idol alpha

Nina Sugiandi

Really cool! A little slow (not mechanics but just the whole process) but still five stars!

Matt Barber

Amazing game, really useful for learning. This game is really worth the money! It has good exercises / mini games that help you remember the characters. I also like the fact you can go straight into kanji if you already know kana. It would be nice to see maybe an expansion (I'd pay extra) that follows this layout for verbs & more vocab to. Maybe a sequel?

Joyce Pike

AMAZING! No other way of learning Japanese so far has ever sank in as well as this does. And it's so fun! I highly recommend it to anyone. Well worth it!

Keegan Martin

Needs supplements (and fixes) Just like any learning tool you'll need to supplement this app with other resources in order to fully grasp kanji. The app does a good job of making it more fun and giving you new ways to study without it feeling like a test or drill. I found a bug in the study section though; tapping on the kanji 白 (white) brings up 車 (car) and vise versa. Please fix this and double check the other kanji links in the practice tab. This app could also use some regular updates like your other app.

Heather Burns

This app is amazing! This app is the best app for learning Japanese. It is simple and it helps you to learn Japanese in a fun way, not just boring quizzes all the time. There are a lot of minigames which are fun to play. There are tutorials on how to write the symbols step by step. Unlike many language apps, it is only £3.59 with no in app purchases. It is absolutely amazing.

Andrew Smith

Really fun to use After trying a ton of apps, this is by far the most fun to learn on. I've only worked with hiragana / katakana so far, but it really helps solidify them in your memory, and has you actually writing them to remember the stroke order.

David Swift

Great Practice! It's definitely a great app for practicing kana and kanji (currently has N5 + N4 kanji). Would love to see more types of mini-games and hope they add more kanji at later date.

Indiana B

Love it! needs more content. Love playing the mini games helps with memory and making learning fun. I would love to see more mini games e.g. help learning colours, objects and words. But overall love this app as it helps with reading, writing and memorizing.

Kate Burns

I love this app! This app helps me so much to read, write and recognise hiragana, katakana and kanji. It is also fun and has a lot of addictive mini games. I highly recommend that you install this app.

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