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20 Apr

Posted by Langley Federal Credit Union in Finance | April 20, 2015 | 81 Comments

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Langley Online Banking goes mobile. Use your Android to get quick access to Langley Online Banking & these great benefits:
• Balances - view your account balances & transaction histories.
• Transfers - transfer money between your accounts.
• Payments - pay your bills & view recent payments.
• Locations - get directions to nearby branches, shared branches & surcharge-free ATMs based on your current location.
• Deposits – use your phone’s camera to make online deposits.
• Contact Us - we're here to help, so get in touch.

Langley Federal Credit Union part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 20, 2015. Google play rating is 46.9434. Current verison is Actual size 486.0 KB.

Download langley.apk 486.0 KB


Snjs Nsnsnz

Member transfer is confusing Public Service Announcement. Member to member needs to be set up on the desktop site before you can use it on the mobile App. Deposit a check does not work if your device has the new Kit Kat OS upgrade. 3 stars for now....

Deontae Jackson

The hell man.. I hate this version of the app. Spoke with the cashier at my bank and she said they'd be switching companies for their online banking and that this one will be waaay better. Wrong. Not even close to better. The other wasn't as glossy sure, but it told me what I needed it to tell me and worked perfect. The freaking side bar pops up whenever it wants. Checking my previous transactions used to tell me how much money I'm at now, what I bought, how much it cost, etc. All in simplistic little boxes. Not anymore.

Will Scott

Mobile deposit not working I have tried the mobile deposit twice now and it has been denied twice for "unusable image". The last app would tell you if the picture was too blury or what the problem was. Now it's just a point and shoot and hope for the best. I asked the person who called me if they could give me any pointers, and they had none. Couldn't even tell me what part was not readable. Coming from someone who works telephone customer service for one of the top 5 biggest banks in the US, that is horrible business.

Tania Castano

So unhappy I hate the new app, It doesn't even have the correct dates on my money transactions. Please bring back the old one!!!!!! :( :( unhappy costumer

Alexandria Lee

I hate it I hate this new app. The old one was better. Its a lot of things I don't like about Langley and think this stupid new app is enough to make me find a new app.

Jeffrey Reynolds

Simply the worst app I've ever downloaded... it's a cheap mobile browser with an extremely slow interface and ridiculously slow updates. Wish I could go back to the old one which was much better, but alas, they've shut it down. Hopefully they update this poorly coded and obviously rushed "app"

Marina Lemar

The app doesn't work It keeps rejecting the images of my checks. I need mobile deposit since I'm out of state and this one doesn't work worth a crap. I am definitely going to be talking to someone online about this if you don't fix it I'm cancelling my service with your credit union I have been a member for over 10 years and this is what I get a crappy app that doesn't even work? I see that you don't care about your members.

Kitty Lam

Needs to fix bugs! The planning and idea to improve the LFCU app is good. However, there are many bugs in this app. Example: 1. Mobile deposit does not work. It freezes up when you click on to take a picture. 2. You can not exit this app unless you force it to quit using the recent opened button. Let me know if you need more feedback!

Nicole Onus

Old app was better The old app told me when my bills were due next and this one doesn't give any info on my accounts.

Mark Slocum

Wireless Devices Having problems with compatibility with my Dell Venue tablet. Cannot download app. What gives?

Robert Brown

Has everything and more! It's unfortunate to see so many negative comments about the new app. Hands down much better than the last. Navigating the app is simpler and faster with much more functionality. Great job LFCU!

Chris Hackney

Pathetic This "NEW" app runs slower, has less functionality, and looks far worse visually. I'm extremely disappointed in the unnecessary change to a worse product. Thanks for the headache, LFCU.

Marty Burnham

Not impressed. Why would you take something that works and trash it. I don't like the new app, I tried logging in and it was giving me login information that did not resemble mine. Going back to the reliable website. Goodbye mobile banking!

Philip Pulvermacher

Terrible! The old app was so simple and never had any issues. This new app just plain terrible always kicks me off and or never lets me get on and dont even try to deposit a check!

Rocky Spencer

Great New! Works Great For Me! I really like the new Langley Federal Application. I had no problems whatsoever. It is easy to navigate, and take care of business! Great job, Langley!

Perron Singleton

Mobile deposit doesnt work It freezes when you try to take a photo. It worked fine on the old app. That is the only reason I ever used it, which makes this one useless.

J Meyers

Member to member xfer is only availible if you set it up on the website first. Horrible idea.

Sam Johnston

New app not good. I don't like the fact that you have to search for the account balance and the balance is not displayed with each transaction. The previous app was outstanding. I set up my "new" profile online earlier today, but this app wanted new questions to be answered. Is this the same credit union? Absolutely horrible.

Edward Leon

Old app was better Wow, why did they change the app? Old one was better and now I don't see member to member. This is more like a downgrade for me

Lawrence Romett

Way worse than previous app doesn't work This is complete crap! Don't release a new app and shut down the old one WITHOUT EVEN TESTING IT FOR OPPERABILITY! I have checks to deposit and cannot go to bank because I do not live in that area anymore! Keeps shutting down every time I go to take a pic of the check. Very inconvenient and unnecessary. Horrible customer service. Would 0 star it if I could

Benjamin Boone

Member transfer Wow. Online member to member transfer was so easy to why I had my wife to get account. Please bring it back

Teddy Wilson

Extremely Bad Not only does it lock you out. It also locks you out of the full version online and if you don't call before 6pm your are completely screwed until the next time the physical branch opens. This app and by association the new website suck and what financial institution in this day and age doesn't have 24h customer service when your products lock a customer out of their own account?!?! I had to go to a BANK and use the ATM to get my balances. So much for the convenience of the app and website.

Nicole Harris

Hate the new app Posts way to slow. Before if I bought something I could see it posted to my account in less than two minutes. Now it's three days behind. My account balance looks like it posted a check today but I can't see it in the transaction list. I need the old app back or this one needs to speed things up or I'm going to go back to my old bank.

Tony Stancil

Missing feature member to member transfer...very buggy app....developer! hope you re reading people comments lets get it together.

Nacita Moore

Can we go on strike???? This new app is the worst. Transactions are not up to date. It shows money in your account that isn't existent. Visually it looks so generic like the bank took the cheap way out. Why were we forced to download this anyway? Can we please have the old app back?? Please and thank you!

Donna Bonine

Old app was far! Used to be able to close app using back button on my phone. Can't do that now. Can't transfer to another account. Fix it or bring back the old app!

Mounger Zoo

I could see my balance on occasion. The old version was better, it worked.


New LFCU I wish I could give it half a star. Less options, can't get out of the app. This is horrible bring back the old app

wesley lockwood

Can't close out of the app Once you log out i should be able to back out of the app easily like any other app, but no it acts as if it is an Internet browser that i have to click back 5 or more times to close.

Danielle Rodier

Awful! It's been nearly two weeks since the app was first used and simple functions like mobile deposit have yet to be addressed. Already was searching for a new bank. Inconvenience like this only helps solidify the decision. Hope you get it together soon!

John Sepanski

Horrible Way slower and don't like the set up. Please bring back the old app

Jackie Gomez

Terrible Update This is terrible. It doesn't show my pending transactions, which is important because that's a big difference between what I actually have in my account and what it's saying I have. Doesn't allow member to member transfer and that's how I pay my rent. And it's not even aesthetically pleasing to look at. There was NOTHING wrong with the previous app. This needs to be fixed asap.

Pam Ortiz

Mobile deposit still glitchy Closes intermittently when trying to do a mobile deposit. Takes AT LEAST 3 tries before it works. No running total and not all pending charges being shown like in the old app. Fix this and I'll re-rate the app.

Keith Whitehead

New app Would not let me deposit a check , app froze the two times I tried it !

Susan O'Shaughnessy

Awful! Can't make mobile deposits any longer. Shopping for a new financial institution.

Sonya Lucic

Updated App is HORRIBLE This new version is terrible. It is not user friendly at all. I have been unable to make a credit card payment online. The directions I rec'd in response see to a msg I sent are not accurate & I am still unable to make an online payment. Everytime I try to make a mobile deposit the entire app shuts down. PLEASE go back to the previous version !!

Jim Cunnison

This is the worst app ever. Why can't I see when my loans are due? Very unfriendly. Give me back the old one PLEASE!!!

Tierra Howard

Hate it Upgrade? Far from,more like a downgrade...way worse than the previous version of the app

Rashard Gary

The hell.... Unless I'm absolutely blind, there is no option for member to member transfer. Old app was better. *le sigh* memories. UPDATE: Member to Member transfer has to be setup on the LFCU site to be shown in the new and "improved" app. Use a PC/MAC, accessing the main site from your phone takes you to the least for me.

Mike Soto

Great app To many cry babies. The app works great and it looks better too


No longer works For Andriod: Since the latest update, we can no longer make mobile deposits and sometimes transfers fail. Also, when scrolling down, it swipes to menu page when you don't want it to. Works fine on our iPad.

Mark Dotson

Give me back the previous version Mobile deposit does not function. This was the #1 reason i used the smart phone app, amd now it doesn't work. Don't bother installing it.

Keith Whitehead

New app Would not let me deposit a check , app froze the two times I tried it ! Also member to member transfer isnt an option, I cant log onto the full site even if I tried from my cell not even from your link full site! I wish I could rate this half a star but it won't let me. Ms Yoacom wouldn't have let this carry on.

Philip Pulvermacher

Terrible! The old app was so simple and never had any issues. This new app just plain terrible always kicks me off and or never lets me get on and dont even try to deposit a check! Also its so slow!

Rocky Spencer

Terrible! Mobile Deposit Does Not Work! Very disappointed in recent update. Mobile deposit does not work at all, just a consistent loop! Please fix. Very sad. Check how it works before you release it!

Randall Brown

Does't work. One word "Crap". Previous version worked well. I can't even exit the app. I had to restart my phone to get out of it.

Becky Lazos

This app has serious problems ! Does not work well at all, especially the check deposit feature . I hope they come out with a redo soon.

Scott Meister

Mobile Deposit No Longer Working...Sort of! It lets you take pictures of your check & fill in the amount, but the submit button doesn't work. I have to use the main website & login from there to scan & deposit my check. Luckily, it works on my Note 3 with the camera for a scanner. So what's the point of this app if you have to use the main website to scan & deposit? Uninstalling.

Dawn Faldowski

Bring back the old version Classic case of New is not always better. Mobile deposit doesn't work, too many screens to navigate, where is the security... I want a security question to be required.

Jay Noffsinger

UPDATED: Cannot deposit check UPDATE: Issue was caused by having keyboard still active on screen from entering check amount, then pressing button to take photo of front of check. Must hit Back button on my Galaxy S6 to remove keyboard from screen before clicking button to photograph check. A bug that still needs to be fixed, but app now can be used to deposit checks. ORIGINAL POST: A few weeks ago I could deposit a check fine. Now when clicking the button to take a picture of the front of the check, app crashes. Not very useful.

Nichole Pineman

Worst app EVER This was the worst thing more member to member unless you set it up on your computer, and mobile deposit has not worked since day 1. This is horrible. No fixes or updates have been made that's the biggest problem.

Joseph Dilday III

Has been working great for me, deposit checks, check account balances, new fico credit score check, etc. ISSUE for the last week I haven't been able to use bill pay. That's the way I pay insurance and langley credit card. Finally thought to go to online web sight to pay, late but paid. Appreciative if fixed soon, fairly large inconvenience. Samsung galaxy S4. Other than that one thing, think it's great and worthy of 5 stars.

Brandon Laws

App Sucks kiddy just like customer service! BB&T just upgraded their app and and it is more user friendly. Hate to go into any branch because they are slower the app, but we have our choices go to a rude teller or use a pos app. My choice, just got to Bb&t. Encourage all to follow, awesome tellers and first class service.

Jason Colvin

Jac Do not downloaded this is the worst..has never worked for me..I love langley FCU but this app is a epic not listen to the positive feedback given for this app..bad bad app

Brandon Dilks

App is terrible Barely able to check balances on this app. The android version is very bad compared to the one for ios. Always logs in to an access denied screen and can not deposit a check. Maybe langley needs to get a new one designed and get with the times.

A Google User

So so Yes, everything was better before April 21. The heralded overhaul is a big failure. App crashes on deposits frequently. Out of focus is an issue, I always put a pen or stone on the check to help the camera focus. Also please make checking account default, not the savings account. Ended up moving my banking elsewhere because of missing transactions. However, mobile deposits are processed fast as opposed to my current bank. Best of luck to lfcu. Hope you go back to everything before April 21.


Worst app ever Cannot make mobile deposits...freezes my phone and have to hard restart. Talked to tellers at local branch...they laughed and said EVERYONE complains about both the app and the website. Why don't they admit they screwed up and fix this crap???? Why don't they listen to their members?

Sandy Fields

This app is very good when viewing my account, but when trying to make a deposit, it takes up to 15 minutes because it stops working every time I try to take a picture of the check. Please fix the issues. I have reported the issue several times.

Lynette Harper

It hardly ever remains on the mobile site. It's always telling me my access is denied then shows my information. Not a very user friendly site

John Lee

Mobile Deposit Major Fail 24 Oct 15 - Just tried it again and camara won't focus on check. Tried the same check on 1st Advantage and it worked fine. Gotta wonder about LFCU's Leadership. This Mobil deposit has had issues for months! Get it fixed! I loved the old app. I haven't been able to make a mobile. deposit since installing this new app. I have to wonder why it hasn't been fixed by Langley Federal Credit Union! Every time I click on take a picture it shuts down completely. Worthless!

Sallie Messier

Give me back the old app! This new & improved app, just simply sucks! My favorite feature on the old app was the mobile check deposit. It worked without fail! This app's mobile check deposit has never, ever worked! PLEASE FIX THIS! And as stated in other reviews, transfering funds is confusing. If it aint broke, don't fix it! Please bring back the old version!!!!!!!

Cindy Winston

Worst App ever Poor customer service, representative tried to force me to change my password and the issue wasn't that it's wrong is crappy and app is a waste of I'm updating them on their technical issues!!! If I could rate a " 0 " I would!

Michelle Morrison

Not a fan I cannot do a mobile deposit anymore and since i live out of state this is a huge pain for me.

Irvan Beauplan

Sucks App constantly asks secret questions everytime i log in. And keep giving me access denied everytime i click back button after viewing accounts. Trash

Angie Harrington

Shuts Down, Mobile Deposit Doesn't Work App abruptly closes at least once every time I go to use it, that's a given. Now I go through the entire mobile deposit process & get to the last part & it will not allow you to click on "make deposit" - the very last step.. Fix this app now!! Your competitors are stomping you in the mobile world, LFCU!!

John Spaetzel

Works as expected Worked fine for me though could use a more Android friendly design.

Mike Pea

Needs to be updated. Manage Fast Balances doesn't work and the User Name nor Password is remembered. Takes as long as going to the website.

Lora Norris

Lfcu app This new mobile app never works. You can't do mobile deposits, 9 out 10 times you get error that it is "unable to process transfers", and its too complicated and takes too long to make transfers. It does nothing it is designed to do besides let you look at balances. Previous app was much better. Online service via website has deteriorated as well.

Samantha Snyder

Old Langley was a Better Langley This app has not allowed me to even log into my account ever since I downloaded it. How can I use it if it won't allow me to!? The older version of this app was way better and I had no problems with that. Why was it changed?

Maira Cotton- Caballero

So many bugs Every time I try to deposit a check the system states that an error occurred. Before the update it worked fine. What's more frustrating, is that clearly throughout the reviews people are having the same problems and yet they have not been fixed yet.


Bring back the old app. I keep getting the "access denied" message when I sign in and then I'm able to access my accounts. Makes me wonder about security. Today I'm unable to mobile deposit a check. I've been a member for 35 yrs and never had to complain in the past. Please fix this!

Michelle Jackson

Change is not always good I hate the new website!! I I hate the new app!! Neither are user friendly and it takes too much time to access information. I can't even get to my credit card anymore!! I love everything about LFCU EXCEPT THESE CHANGES. Please go back. Were you waiting for Miss Jean to retire so you didn't have to get her approval for these stupid changes?!

Imani Catlett

Not even an app Let's face it, this is a webpage. This app is horrible, you have to zoom in constantly and half of the links don't work. I can't deposit checks, it keeps crashing. I live 2 hours from the nearest Langley so I can't just drive there. The next time I'm in town, I'm getting all of my money out of my account, and closing my paid off credit card. Trying Navy Federal instead!

Ryan Snyder

Crashes Often I'd rather have functionality over "pretty". Just roll back to the last version and everyone would be happy, at least until you spend the time to debug this one.

Dan tha man

This app SUCKS Ever since you changed the app it has done nothing but suck. It wasn't broke to begin with. So thanks for Fing it up. UPDATE. Now I can't deposit my checks. WTF y'all need to get your stuff together and fix this. I would pay for a app that actually works.

Stacy Owens

Still can not make mobile deposits! This is now running on 3. Really liked the old app. I do not like how it does not show you a running ballance. The mobile deposit keeps throwing me out every time I click in take a picture and I've reported it twice now. They should have worked all of these bugs out before releasing it. Who was their focus group when they tested it and were looking at changing it? I'm local and never saw anything about a test grout or focus group as far as changes.

Katrina Luke

Had to uninstall to reinstall. Have my desktop account already set up. Really slow on loading. Doesn't show updated deposits. Couldn't withdraw any money from langley atm.

Collin Sharp

Stupid This new app won't even let me log in! My ID and password have never changed. This is so frustrating, bring back the old app!

Pam Ortiz

Still needs work Transfers from other Langley accounts NOT showing up immediately. Accounts not updating appropriately on time. Mobile deposit still awful!

eric wheeler

What happened There was nothing wrong with the original app and now i have to use this pos. No member to member transfer. This is crap

robert cowan

Don't use, worse app ever Wish we had the old app back, lfcu must be trying to save money ? by offering this cheap app. I would rather pay and have a good app. My 13 year old could build a better app then this one. Please bring back the old app

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