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30 Aug
Land of the Dead

Posted by Amphibius Developers in Action | Aug. 30, 2016 | 124 Comments

Apk file size: 39.0 MB

Another chilling new horror survival adventure, featuring the living dead, by the makers of Curse Breakers and Zombie Invasion.

You are a survivor of the Zombie Outbreak, it has been two weeks since the virus was released upon the world. To survive, you will need all of your wits. A gun, ammunition, and a vehicle wouldn't hurt either. It's time to explore the Land of the Dead, are you ready?

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--- Transmission Start ---

Two weeks ago a Zombie Virus was released into the general public, at this time no one knows who created the virus, or what its intended purpose may be. Since the initial outbreak, all hell has broken loose, governments have collapsed and many have fallen victim to the virus.

We bring you information which has just come down from the science initiative brought together by our major nations of the world. The information released has stated to watch for the following symptoms:

- Aggression.
- Foaming at the mouth.
- Deterioration of motor skills.
- Unbelievable hunger for warm flesh.

Be advised that if an infected human turns hostile, the only way to put and end to them is a bullet through the head.

Safe houses have been setup throughout all major cities, everyone should make there way to these zones as soon as possible. Tune in to your local emergency channels for coordinates.

Stay safe, stay armed, and god help us all.

--- Transmission End ---

- Inspired by classic point and click adventure games, with a twist of horror!
- Improved graphics, incredibly detailed scenes and objects.
- Collect money to buy gear that will allow you to survive the zombie apocalypse!
- Lots of items to collect, combine and solve puzzles with!
- New blood and gore effects, be horrified!
- Brand new objective list to streamline and aid you in your adventure.
- Interact with NPC's, you can't do it all on your own!
- Experience exciting shooting gameplay against zombies out for your brains
- Many puzzles to solve and challenges to complete, use your wits!
- Logical and realistic zombie outbreak scenarios.
- An incredible adventure full of thrills, ammunition and the undead.
- Zombies!

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    Bug Fixed!

Amphibius Developers part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 79.2415. Current verison is 1.02. Actual size 39.0 MB.

Download land-of-the-dead.apk 39.0 MB


Thekid Theman

ADD MADNESS!!! This is a great game but adds make it too frustrating to get into. They pop up the every ten seconds! I understand the need for them but could you please make it so they don't get in the way. Please fix I'm too frustrated to even play, going to uninstall now I'm sorry.

Kimberly Cusack

Just OK game Game concept is cool but the graphics are just OK, the length of the game is not great and the ads are ridiculously annoying. Pops up every 30 sec. No guide to tell u what to do next or where to go next, just a vague task list. Basically just tapped all over the place until I came upon a new screen/item then would know what the items are used for or mostly needed to use a walkthrough to make progress. If you can get past the annoying ads & zombie growls and not knowing what to do, this game is for you!

Stephanie Argueta

Love this game too bad it ended quite fast ! Wanted a more longer version ! I loved it tho !!(:

sweet candy

Great!! but ads everytime if we want to remove they say $1 seriosly you are gonna lose people

Jansen Dominguez

Nice but please help The game is awesome!!!but Im still stuck with the lighter,wrench,and radio.Im so confuse I mean crap!what am I missing help me!:(


Needs some hints to realize what to do, had to get help at times but nevertheless it plays well and doesn't glitch should be longer too!

Jae Hellyun

Hellyun Awesome...if you want to beat the ads just play with your phone on airplane mode or turn your data off...

Michael Reich

Good game. Makes you think! Sometimes I have to cheat with the walk through. Very good game!


Not so great First off, there's adds like every 30 seconds. The type of adds that interrupt what you are doing; which is a big headache! Second, the game shuts down for no reason! You'll be in the middle of something, and BOOM...shuts off!!!! Third, you have to check everything in this game in order to progress, Good luck......your going to need it!!

Gustavo Soares

The frear one It's fun, a lot mystery involved, I would say a RPG game. Worth it.

Tisha Neeley

Great game. Love the game can not wait to play some more games by you. I personally did not have any issues with pop ups.... I would recommend this game

Trevor Perry

To many adds It was a great game and deserves 5 stars, but now there are to many adds. Uninstalling because of popup adds in game.

anthony caccuci

Great game, wish ya had one much longer though...really enjoyed it, thanks!!

thomas bob

easy as fuck noibs game..if you cant solve it just go repeat your elementary

josh taylor

Love it Best zombie game I have ever played well done to the creator :-)

Kristin Huffine

Usually I love these games But there were WAY too many ads! Fun and hard and would have given it 5 stars, but the ads show up about every 30 seconds causing me to inadvertently click on them and then I have to spend time trying to get back to the game. It's EXTREMELY irritating!

Sultan Mohammad

Awesome game... bt game has only one level... n i complete level in 6 hours.. i want more levels in this game

EO Blizzo

Very fun Much better than Zombie Invasion. The puzzles were logical.

Mrs. Grey-Cullen

It's makes u use your brain This game is great..i just wished it was longer.?

David Kuzilik

Awesome U guys make killer games. Keep it up. For all u bitching bout ads just turn yur wifi off


Ad naseum Ads pop up every few seconds. Got frustrated after less than 5 minutes. I get that free games have ads but good grief!!!

Steven Mikolas

Stupid I did everything that I could and was suppose to do and nothing works stupid f***ing app don't waste your time people... Deleting and never installing ever again

Brent Hutchinson

Full of glitches Get so far then gun doesn't work or knife doesn't work etc.. Very frustrating as have to start again. Don't bother.

David Bratcher

Ads, ads, ads Tried to give it a chance, both bottom of page and pop up ads is excessive. Can't enjoy the game as it is.

Navjot Kaur

M stuck at a point where infected dogs are barking in SWAT van..... The gun is not working at dem....

kenneth infante

Wtf??? Game makes no sense! Cant get into anything or go anywhere. No point to it. No tutorial..nada..just crap

Leanne Stanton-braybrook

Super game! Good graphics! Great puzzles! More of the same please! Ads annoying!

Cody Demougin

A little buggy When I played this it was sort of buggy but I managed and as well as it was hard to figure out the game

Kanchan Gurung

The game just sucks I downloaded the game with some expectations wherein it failed to deliver so toooooooooo many ads no proper description dear dev the game sucks cos u r a sucker next time try smthng better instead of cheating de people


Love this series I love these games, keep up the good work!

Kazandra Louis Macapinlac

Nice game but... To many ads and i hate it and its every time i turn or do something in the game. =.= well the game is very nice.

liah ferguson

land of the dead too many ads,the game is too short...make it more challenging

Kristine_jhane 21 Espiritu

i love this not complete..please ups this game

Jimmy Farmer

Nook hd Lots of fun. I needed walkthrough to finish.

Joel Shelhorse

Horrible You can't do anything and I explored glad it was free

tony krenn

Exceptionally fun Great game a lot of fun easy enough to get through, the ending was kinda lame.

Honesty David

Its just like the zombie invasion games but a different app in different ways.

Leo Merlin

Perfect game Especially me that loves zombie games

Nolen Sariego

Land of the dead A mind enhancing game.. Much better if it has a new part..

Chase Moore

I can't kill the zombies by the bar with the baretta m9

Taylor Soufiane

Loved it! Can't wait to see the next episode. .great challenge. ..Thanks :)

Ashanti Lagunes

This Game is sick!!! :-) Love it because it was challenging at first then was after then. Wish you made another mission after the escape.

Mustafa Hussein

Very short game and it's not that good

Nick Martinez

Trying to figure out how to hit

Seth Eiler

SUCKED Y do all the zombies make the same sound

Sol Shade

This game sucks I can't find any clues

Izack Dido

First player see the challenges

RAFAEL Gonzalez

Needs more places to go This was OK just to short I would like it if there were more zombies more places to go and I don't like it when u use an item it disappeared I have a lot of ideas you can add on this game but it will take to long to explained if you want to hear my ideas message me I'll be glad to help. I'll give a few ideas for free if you like them you can make me an offer and I'll give you my better ideas, PS my ideas will make you some money plz considered my offer

Karuna Shukla

Not so good It will need more mission and more zombies. ITS OK

Stephen Gambrel

Great graphics Complicated game. I love a challenge, but this game is complicated. Recommend using a stylus for smaller screen devices. Makes it easier to locate hidden objects. Took awhile for me to get the hang of it but liked it once I did.

Nickie Lee

Zombie boredom Idk but amphibious games look very appealing to the eye... But every time disappointed, like the game but it has a few flaws.1:touch doesn't always work my thumbs are numb lol when you press like numerous times and you know items should be there.2:false advertisement shooting gameplay come on now, its point and click.3:like others in reviews of this game you find lighter, radio, swat key which btw doesn't fit in swat vehicle.I could go on. I'd be glad to give 5***** but until issues are addressed its two**

Carson Smith

Land of the dead I love it but it is so hard how does anyone beat this game anyone that has good skill with amazing gaming skills will be able to get this game down

sasuke uchiha

One of the best games i ever played If thair was any thing i can change in all the zombie games is puting the the original zombie sounds like the scream from this and zombie invasion t-virus on all of them keep the original zombie sounds and put them in all the zombie games

Jamie Smethurst

Good but short Completed in under 20 minutes but good game. For people who are stuck with the swat key, you have to cut the wire to the left of the cocktail building and use it to open the back door.

Aamir Ali

??? This a very good game.My little brother liked it but how can we get coins to buy a gun??.Please tell me and I will rate it 5 stars✌✌☝.

ihsan wasim

How more start game Ufff so confuse how start tha game i didn't repair the vehcle please help...anywy so nice game i like it try more

The Warrior

What is that? Can't understand what to do in that's very hard to play..they said repair the vehicle, but how? They not even gave and hints that how to play...

Nishvid Khan

haha its funny within minutes i finished to find the radio awsome

gudi baji

I dont know how to play this game

reza andriansyah

Bad Dont instal in your phone .. bad game and boring forever .. suck!

Antwan Mcwhorter

Dont know how to get the coins or how to work the cash register at alll help anyone

Gilbert alicea

Challenging Definitely uses your mind. Download!

bharath goud

Bharathgoud Superb game that I had never played

Kenzie Thomas

Hate it It is so hard you can't find no money to buy gun.I got this game s week ago and I'm still in the town.???

lil angel

graphics r gud bt cant find d card

Victor Saldana

Best The only game that dosent freez or it kicks you from the game and it dosent get boring. ITS A BAD AS GAME

atmaram malewadkar

How to play.... To do list is given but only 1 is getting

Andrew Barker

Nice, but only one level...

Jerrishe Batty

Exciting I am a huge fan of zombies...this game was a star less then walking dead.... The game...

Grant Peel

Game is too short and once u escape the game is finished. Not good

Michael Henderson

I love this game it is hard to

Jessica White

Great no issues here

Samuel Amu-Osagie

Good game! Highly adventurous

Paul Tubrett

Boring that's it what a joke That's it really short lived game escape game over wooowwwww

Kunal Hirani

How to repair car?

saravana kumar Vadivel

Very good game

John Browning

Boring. Had potential but boring.

Ashley Morris

Boring This game was so boring and made no sense!

Nathan Bertrand

Awesome Zombie game

Sunita Shokeen

aarav it is very cool

john clement dela cruz

Great game... Awsome i already finish the game in 30 mins with 5 coins to spare....please update more levels. I WANT MOOOORE.


Hidden object and point and click game It's a brain game too. But but but. I would like some clue. There's not IAP so I figure you should hack the cash machine to get credits to buy guns. No 3D graphics, good, my phone doesn't support it. I moved from 3 stars to 4. I hate hidden objects games BUT I like the logic used there and it's not a 3D game. But the pictures are well made. It's logical game, my brain is still swelling. (lol)

Ashutosh Pandey

LOVED IT Can anyone tell me how to open person from the jail (Please)

Tammy Mathena

Cant find any coins to buy gun and really cant find anything would really like to be able to get into the safes as i really want to play this game but cant get anywheres

Tyshun Jones

Love killing Best I've had in a long time thanks for making it

Logan Godfrey

Good finding game I like to find stufe a lot and i like to play Scarry games to but it wasent as scarry!

Kelly Musk

It's ok Great concept, except that you dont getting any hints/clues/tips if you get stuck. Uninstalling.

sales intermover

SO HARD I love this game but its so hard lol

Art Henness

It's a good game but it's way to short it needs to be longer

Grover Harshit

After walkthrough it is not openining its next level or part plz hlp me

Haroon Rashid

Land of the dead Yuppie I have made it and completed the game

Kyle Malan

Dude i cant find the tire and get money how do u do that

Makayla Richardson

Its cool I like it but were is the mans missing card

Charles Bierman

Loved it Oldschool style... end was great had to hit key couple times to start a ford lol

Zakir Xmen

SRK Khan Good. Amazing game, but too small. No next chapter or next level..very small. But challenging.

Sheikh Imtiaz

Land of the dead.. I love this game but dnt know how can I play...??I found radio but cant find a map and I don't know how to repair the car...plzzz plzzz help me...anbody who can...??

Tin Tin Marquez

Good game but I really love this game but i really dont know wer the map is i already found the coin and the radio. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME. HAHAHAHA

Bradley Taylor

Really? The game play sucks and it's to easy I beat it 30 minutes. There is only on level and you have to do one step before you can do the next. And the map served no purpose in the game. On top of that you can't die from the zombies... how lame is that?

Mary Craig

Weird,frustrating at times but i couldn't put it down....loved it

Esther Adelaja

It does not let me move Why❓

jon stetzel

To easy but fun

arnold bautista

What Only one stage

Jass Khehra

Amazing and outstanding graphics Download it I don't lie its true

Logeswary Kandasammy

Cool Awesome

Josh Mckinney

Cant even figure out what to do Waste of time im not playing a game that i have to look up codes or guides from google just to advance cant find any codes i hate games without a meaning

Kenzie Thomas

Hate it It is so hard you can't find no money to buy gun.I got this game s week ago and I'm still in the town.???

Ralph Homer Ante

Short Challenging Game The game can be finished in a span of 4 hours, I hope it will have continuation. Also graphics should be further develop.

Aamir Ali

??? This a very good game.My little brother liked it but how can we get coins to buy a gun??.Please tell me and I will rate it 5 stars✌✌☝.

Cory Mckay

I'm stuck :/ I love this game but it is very hard.I have a pair of pliers,a socket and some wires.don't know what to do lol


Boring to find items.. Should guide properly..its like finding Hidden items applctn???

Mckenzie Morrow

how the hell must u play How must I play if I don't even know how to get coins to get the most important thing on the game can ??

Amy Barnes

It's OK very short I beat this game in under an hour. It is kinda confusing but I did find all the coins to purchase all weapons. So no in app purchase required. HINT THERE IS A JACK IN THE BACK OF THE COP CAR!!!!

Megan Valliere

Sucked. This game wouldn't give me the keys when I did what I was supposed to. It's like it froze and glitched.

Ikram Ahmad

Booooooring!!! We cannot find map or other things ? Please give me key of finding map

Ali Haider

Hate it I hve never played a sucking game like this. Please dont download it.

Whitney Clark

Fun but stuck Fun but i cant seem to figure it out. Ive clicked on everything and i still cant get any farther. Wish there was a hint or something..

Joe Mama

Gets mah dick all wet! Not a bad title to have when you're waiting on something, like laundry, or something. Simple, yet straightforward.

Point Venus

Not bad Full of spelling errors on story screen, a 5 year old could write better .

Santhi Mohan

Don't install??? It is nothing only three picture and no shooting, no killing, no thrilling don't install and waste data

what game is this nothng is understood no map nothing useless.

I like it Actually its realy interesting game ...... I not only like I love it♥♥♥♥

Zyrillejoy Abaredes

I love this game....very can move to d next game

Armando Rillo

Land of the dead

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