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19 May
Kuku Kube

Posted by Network 365 INC in Puzzle | May 19, 2015 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB


Another 8 more levels, total 16.
fixed stars issue.

have fun :)

We just released a new version.
Thank you so much for your support and downloading, 95000 downloads and still counting.

We fully respect your right to privacy in relation to your interactions with the APP, so we removed all the unnecessary permissions.

Our main goal is to keep it free ( which will be ) and we promise to keep it ad-free when you are playing the game. just to cover our expenses, we put ad in the menus & unlike other GAMES!!!!! :O it wont bother you when you are challenging your eyes ;)

Its also important to mention, you don't even need internet you just download the game once :)

New features:

8 new levels
Now you have to collect enough starts to unlock next level ;)
Scores greater than 20 will be counted and added to your high score. if you got lower than that you should play it again :)
Happy Halloween from Canada eh!


This Puzzle is designed to evaluate the quality of your color vision.

Even though this test can be very accurate, it should never be used to replace a doctor's visit.!!!

Find the difference and TAP, share your result with your friends :)

Scores between 29 to 31 in 60 seconds are normal, and anything above is great.

You should identify the difference if possible and whether the color of square/cube/kube is blurry or clear.

You can also cover one eye at a time with your hand.


Whats new

    -Another 8 more levels. total 16
    -Fixed stars issue.
    - Have Fun ;)

Network 365 INC part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 19, 2015. Google play rating is 73.011. Current verison is 2.0.0. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download kuku-kube.apk 11.0 MB


Robert Molaison

Is pretty intriguing. I got up to 18 at one time. It takes too much of a high score to save your score. You should be allowed to save your score, even if you don't make it to the next level. You should sell this game to optometrist. They could use it as a color test. Also, the best way to score on this game, is to watch each screen as it appears. That's when you're most likely to find the different color. The longer you stare at the screen, the more the colors blend together.

A Google User

Too hard The yellow is so hard that I can't get past the 2nd level. After several days of trying, I'm giving up and uninstalling this game. It's good to feel challenged, but when you can't move forward AT ALL, it's completely pointless.

Cory Zimmermann

Frustrating could be 5 stars but.... I tap the screen over and over. Then it counts the tap and the 4 next taps count negatively to my score once the game catches up. Its not my device. The other ku ku knock offs work great. Just this app!

Primavera Galaxy SII

Color blind I can barely see the white cursor as I'm typing this comment on my Galaxy S3! I'm color blind and couldn't get more than 16 points. Although I like such games, but I'm forced to uninstall it.

Michael House

Almost impossible to advance It is fun to test the limit of my eye sight. The main problems that I have seen is that it takes 8 stars to get to the 4th level. I got 3 tars on the third level with no problem. But I can't get the 3 stars on the first level. When I can't even discern the difference of the yellows or neon greens with just 4 sqaures on the screen, then you know there isn't something right with those colors.

Jeff Lim

Laggy After I click on the puzzle, it will pause for 1 sec before going to the next puzzle. It should be instant.

Orlando Antongiorgi

Needs better support for my phone Having the toughest time tapping the squares. I have to press it 3 or 4 times (or more) for it to register. Can only score 23 on level 1 using my phone (galaxy s5) but scored 43 on my wife's phone (HTC one m7).

Abdul Mutalibana

Really like this it!!! Five star rating thats mean superstar mind games

David Eman

I like it but yellow and light green were really tough. I can't ever get them right. Response were slow at times. I wish if we get it wrong, points wouldn't get deducted; that made it really hard to go to next stage

Kelly Wagner

LG G3 Installed & uninstalled this game 3 X's the only thing that works is the advance arrow & the home button. Guess I just uninstall it & forget about it.

Kenneth Rogers

It's good It's a good game but it lags on galaxy s5


Touch screen response The touch screen doesnt always respond quick enough.

Taz Z

Liked it but... many times when I tap the screen it doesn't register for several seconds so it won't go to the next screen even though I've chosen the right square. Frustrating! Uninstalling but will check back to see if it gets better.

Patrick Carlopoli

It's a kinda fun game but the response to touch is slow. I've pressed a cube 10 times and still no response. At times though it is incredibly sensitive. During times when it's repeatively pushed due to no response then finally responds it will switch to new screen and think I've pressed the cube in the new screen which is wrong and reduces score. Kinda glitchy but something to pass the time.


Kuku is kool It excercises my eyes helping my eyesighi. I love the game.

J. Andra

Issues while trying to select pattern's takes several attempts to be able to make a slows down after using it for four minutes or so ... Samsung Note 4 (without any screen protector)

Somendra Tripathi

Blue is tough...nice game overall.

Angela Cooper

Ok It's ok if you have really good eyes. Kinda lags during game play. And having to get 8 stars before moving on is kinda dumb.

Randy Bilbao

amazing @109pts, just 6stars cool exercise for the eyes :)

Aini Shamsul

I thng this good for more peopLe

Horatio Dragan

Not for everyone Useless if you are color blind even a little bit , can't get past the 5th test in first round.

Katrin Pauts

Second level is in my opinion unnecessarily hard and extremely annoying, ruins my eyesight. Third level is ok again but can't get past it because of second.

Hendra Setiawan

Good test...nice games...loved it

Amey Dahale

Dissappointed Response is too slow...

spina pethani

Nice one

Lee Emerick

Does not recognise screen presses at times in the middle of a game

Rahul Chavan

It's Awesome Really it is very good game.

Jelena Kelava

Doesn't let me play I downloaded an Android app for Samsung Galaxy S4 and the play screen has the first level blank without the option to actually start game play. Any suggestions?

John Stamoulis

Does not always work lag in touch.

Rolando dcd

Unresponsive The app is very unresponsive on my note 4... please fix that and I will fix this rating !

Tuff Tee

Too hard The yellow is so hard that I can't get past the 2nd level. After several days of trying, I'm giving up and uninstalling this game. It's good to feel challenged, but when you can't move forward AT ALL, it's completely pointless.

Natalie Upshaw

Either lag or sensitivity issues Have to press cubes several times to get it to register which makes answering much longer. This wasn't an issue with another ku ku kube game I installed.

Catalin Preda

Nice but can't pass level 3. I need 8 stars and only achieved 4.

Cody Powell

To hard 40 should be good enough for 3 stars. Cmon man.

Maroel Poespita

the star is not achievable. stuck at level 3.

Michael Goldstein

Sometimes you click a cube and it doesn't register. When you're timed like this, your first click needs to work...

Steven Johnson

Doesn't register touches Would tap and tap and tap and if I was lucky it might register the touch but it's still hard to get any type of score going with that b/s happening

Bec Cool

Agree with the other commments .... on lag also kind of silly to open a lock but have to go back to get a couple more start to move on..... meh trick to a good game make it hard enough to pass but with point leader boards. Don't play in the daylight and at night turn off your blue light filter...... alot of hassle for a device app.

Ban Ana Head Fryxell

Frustrating When you tap on correct box it won't respond for a few seconds, so you end up tapping a few times. When it finally does accept the answer it then applies that answer to the next screen which results in a wrong answer. Cute concept, just bad delivery.

Antonia Perez

Good concept but needs work I think this would be a good game if the lag time after you tap the correct color wasn't so long. Also it won't let me pass level 1! Not sure why exactly since it doesn't really say if you have to get a certain number right before you can advance.

Kristin Myers

Needs work A fun idea for a game but when they make it so difficult to advance to the next level it makes u want to give up. The bright yellow are near impossible to get and the game would be more fun if they were removed or somehow made easier to decipher. Also they shouldn't require so many stars to advance to the next level. This is another reason why people are more likely to give up instead of continuing to play .

paul san diego

Too hard to get to the next level. You need a certain number of stars to unlock from level 3. It's so frustrating that you have to keep on playing all levels that you already played again and again just to get more stars. Why not make it like the other apps that when you get even one star, you can proceed to next. C'mon the concept is fun but don't make it too hard for us to enjoy.

Erin Hundtofte

Clever concept, terrible execution! I love the idea, and I'd be totally sucked in by this if it weren't soooo laggy as to be completely worthless. I mean, what's the point of playing a timed speed game if the app doesn't respond to taps and deducts points for continuously tapping on the correct square until the app responds?!?

Tiffany Andrews

Leveling up There are 0 instructions on how to get to the next level. I have gotten 17 correct and still didn't get the next level unlocked. Please help!

d maz

Fun but... Doesn't pick up my finger hitting it, so after hitting it furiously ten times, it will finally register and mark me wrong for the next round. No thanks.

istri nur Indira

Score standard too high Fun, but score standard is too high. Cant even get through 4th level

Rachel Parks

Didn't register touches Couldn't make the buttons work no matter how many times I tried... The game isn't worth it

Kelly Love

Would be good but doesnt respond when u tap so is just frustrating.

Robyn Davis

Doesn't respond quickly enough It doesn't register taps so the first few levels waste most of your time as you repeatedly tap l.

John Allard

Does not register when I touch the right button. Have to hit it multiple times

Nancy Washok

Didn't work Didn't register most clicks and randomly exits game before over

Julie White

Very slow The lag time is terrible, I have to tap the correct box over 10 times to get the game to respond

James Ake

Game does not sense my touch I have to tap the square multiple times before it will recognize my tap

Clarissa Campbell

Good idea but doesn't work too well The boxes don't respond

Mary Petersen

Very frustrating I couldn't get past level 1. I would click on the right box, no response. I'd click on the wrong box, point deductions. Try the right box again and eventually it would work. In the meantime the clock runs out and I fail.

Dianna Breedlove

Could be better Same frustration..good idea slow app performance leads to tapping feverishly then getting it wrong. Not my favorite...could be better.

Matt Shaud

Absolute joke of a game. Touch issues. Would give 0/5 if I could.

Lisa Hall

Please take the yellow out Whenever I get to a yellow (besides 4 squares) its game over for me I just give up now. Ive taken a screenshot, put it through a filter so I can see the correct square, even KNOWING the right square its impossible to tell the right square. PLEASEEE! No discernable difference in the yellow what so ever. Sometimes my tap doesnt register, but 80% of the time it clicks fine and no lag. Also can be a bit hard getting enough stars, makes you not want to play. Then again if the yellows were gone I'd have a chance.

Katheryn Culver

Fun but the lag time in the response in hitting the correct square is frustrating.

Michael Gossett

Can't see any difference at all in the yellows because they're so bright.


Frustrated It needs fixing, will not respond when box is tapped, big delay

Mark Danevicz

Severe lag or sensitivity issue Tap the correct box, and nothing happens. Try to tap it a couple times, and it ends up switching to the next puzzle and you then select the wrong box. Needs major work.

Becca Lacek

Lags too much Doesn't recognize when when you select something most of the time.

Brian Scott

Pretty poor No real instruction on how to progress, not very fun/entertaining

Adriaan Scholtz

Won't register touches. Keeps lagging I guess. Need to touch the square multiple times, then it goes to the next puzzle and I loose points for touching the wrong square.

Madeleine Lee

Doesn't register taps You have to tap quite a few times to get it to actually register. For some reason the game plays much better if you just play online, the app version is pretty terrible.

Kathryn Buss

Doesn't work The most important aspect of the game, the screen, doesn't work. I tap and it doesn't register for a while. When it finally does, it registers not only on the current page but on the next page as well picking the wrong square.

Michael Barbary

Doesn't register touches, even with a stylus.

Kirk O'Brien

Works great Sounds like everybody has an old POS phone, game works flawlessly on my OnePlus 3

Daniel Hallquist

Doesn't register touches Won't respond to more than half of your taps


8 stars? So I'm slightly contrast blind, so have a bit of a harder time with this, but 8 stars after the first three levels? So perfect 2 and 2 on the third. Or whatever. Nah, for me it's too unrealistic that I make perfect each level.

Rachel Bowerman

Level glitch and some colors are too hard. Shows level 4 as unlocked but says I need 8 out of 9 possible stars to move on. It is also too difficult to see the differences on bright yellow and green slides which keeps me from getting the three stars I need.

Chad Carrone

Bad tap lag Would be a cool game if it worked

Ashley Berg

fix the sensitivity issue. so annoying

Alejandra Browne

Sensitivity/lag issues Serious issues. Would be fun if this was fixed.

Orla Kelly

Slow and poor! It doesn't always register my taps, and it won't let me get past the first level (and no explanation on what I'm doing wrong!) Rubbish.

Matthew Seifert

Doesn't work I touch the square and it only registers half the time. Doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong it still doesn't work.

Lorenzo Ochoa

Needs work Good idea but the lag / tap detection needs fixing.

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