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9 Nov
Knights of Pen & Paper +1

Posted by Paradox Interactive in Role Playing | Nov. 9, 2015 | 174 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

IGF 2013 winner - "Independent Games Festival Student Showcase"

"This is Role-Playing in its purest form." -- Kotaku-US

""An indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG." I love every single one of those adjectives." -- IGN

"It’s clever, charming, customizable, and virtually infinitely replayable." -- 148 apps

Set out on a grand adventure in this turn-based, retro style, pixel-art RPG, inspired by the great titles of the 90's. This +1 edition features an extended campaign, more dungeons to explore, new attacks to use in combat, and the Tavern – a place to store your adventurers.

Take on the roles of in-game players taking on the roles of their characters in a traditional pen and paper RPG session in the ultimate meta roleplaying experience. As both the playing characters AND the dungeon master, players can choose which battles to fight. Put together a bunch of monsters to make for a challenging fight and your efforts will be equally rewarded!

Choose from multiple classes, such as knights and mages, pick your characters to control those classes, like grandma or kid brother, and take on the loads of quests, monsters, items and equipment littered throughout Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition. Blacksmiths, enchanters, mining, gathering, hidden treasures and a whole lot more await, giving players a lot of room to personalize their gameplay experience.

Don’t wait any longer, the Pen & Paper world needs you!

• The ultimate pen and paper RPG simulation experience
• Put together your own role-playing group complete with the game master, the role-players and their respective classes
• Fight and explore your way through a perilous fantasy world to defeat the dark mage
• Level up and get your hands on more gold to unlock epic items and gear for your party
• As the game master, you can set up the fights yourself and choose how many monsters to battle

The +1 Edition includes these all new features:
• New dungeons to explore with monsters, traps, treasures, and powerful bosses
• The Tavern, a place to stash heroes and switch out party members
• More options for characters to implement during battles, adding more depth and variation to fights
• Extended campaign filled with lots of new content

Whats new

    v. 232
    - Fixed crash issue with some new chipsets.
    - Further bugfixes.
    v. 2.31
    - Misc. bugfixes
    v. 2.30
    - Fixed save-game issues. Affected players will be able to restore their previous saves.
    v. 2.20
    Haunted Fall Expansion:
    - New character class: Witch
    - Expanded dungeon feature
    - New locations
    - New enemies
    - New quests
    - No longer curses one out of ten thousand users with permanent critical fumbles
    - Miscellaneous bugfixes

Paradox Interactive part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Nov. 9, 2015. Google play rating is 91.1383. Current verison is 2.32. Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download knights-of-pen-paper-1.apk 28.0 MB


Chaddypants !!!

!!Fantastic!! An incredible achievement, so many innovative elements. Personalizing your game room is a really creative touch! Can't praise this little gem enuff. My only complaint? Give me more! More of everything! I could play this forever :-) EDIT: new update erased my saved games as well...ah well, guess I'll just restart the beautiful grind again! :-]

Chelsey Tacos

Everything is gone After the newest update all my data has been erased. Please fix!

Walter Seval

BAD update ALL my saves have been erased. I've applied this update together with some other apps, so I wasn't aware of the other users' warnings. In a way, that makes it even worse, because the devs know the problem exists, but haven't pulled the update yet. I hope our saves can be recovered.

Darren Hickey

Current update loses your saves As others have noted, the update dated 14/5/2015 removes your saved game from the title screen. Hopefully another release will restore them.

Mark Thomas

Update lost all save data and purchases.. There goes all of the time and money put into this game. Can we give it ZERO stars? I want my money back...

James Niceta

Disappointed with Recent Update This game is well worth five stars. The recent update, however, erased my save which had everything unlocked and was almost finished with the main quest; A save in which I had bought the 10,000 gold pack as well. This is sadly ironic as I was looking forward to porting my save to my new phone.

Yohan Kim Palardy

Lost my save file Just like everyone else here, I lost my save file after updating to the latest version. Ironic, considering the update added cloud saving.

A Google User

I want my save back! This game is so worth having 5 stars, but now my save with over 100 hours is gone. DON'T UPDATE! DO NOT DO IT!

Scott Bessler

I'm disappointed... This is an amazingly well put together game that's got hours upon hours of playtime, one of the few paid games that's worth it. I'm just personally upset because the last update deleted my save files...

John Pagan

DO NOT UPDATE! Ugh. Update deleted my save. I am disappointed and lost my will to play.

Geoffrey Scheib

Old School Awsome I keep coming back to this game. Worth every cent.

Paul Giuoco

Loved the game I have played this game a ton since getting it and had all the classes unlocked and 30000 gold. Now since the update I have lost everything... This makes me think twice before getting the 2nd one that has just come out.

Dimitris Bitsanis

Very good idea for a game Spent many hours on it. Will spend even more. Update - Latest update deleted all saves... That's terrible

Declan Warner

Lost everything I just updated the game and have lost everything like WTF i payed for the update and done your new update and you have the odassity to wipe it just for a stupid bug fix =_= not happy have had this game for like a year now and all that time waisted thanks

Brent Clark Palmer

Don't Update!! Lost 40000 gold. Had unlocked bard and barbarian. My game is gone! Previous versions 5 stars.

My Name

Everything got erased I updated the game and now all my progress is gone

Matthew Gatesy

Do Not Update The recent update erased my saved game. Unacceptable.

Lee Bidnick

I updated and lost all my progress and I lost access to the DLC. I know it's 2 dollars. but it's a 2 dollars I won't be respending.

Terry Murdock

Updated now it won't even open

Dave Reynolds

Great until it wiped my saves. Wiped my saves... Not much else to say.

mike kossi

Great game Takes me back to my d&d days

Duncan Hotchkiss

Updated Deleted my save file when I updated. Very aggravating. Otherwise a brilliant game.

Efe Aytug Altincicek

Update deleted my saves!!!! I updated the game to newest version and it deleted everything!!!!

Nicholas Stewart

Highly fun Love playing this at work. Loads of fun

Jason Hyatt

Latest update just wiped my save.

Captain Mohawk

Save Games Erased! My save game is lost after the new update! Help Paradox! Installed on one device only!

Jason Botine

Don't update Just updated and lost all saved data

Mark Bailey

Wtf Just bought 10000 gold and spent over 4000 on a $150 50% chance to upgrade 1 piece of armor at the blacksmith. Literally failed a 50% roll about 27 times back to back. Yeah....that's definitely not rigged to get me to spend more in the app. I can't believe I found something worse than pay2win. We now apparently have pay4nothing. Tldr- Don't put random chances on stuff that we have to grind for anyways. Definitely not spending another dime after this BS.

A Google User

BEST TURN-BASE RPG EVER This is by far the best turn-base RPG on smartphone today, although everything you do requires money, which you can buy at the in game shop using real money. The game does not force you to buy money to progress through the game(tiny towers,pocket planes) which makes this game much more enjoyable i'm giving this game a full 5 stars out of 5

austin koschel

Random force close? I'm halfway thru moderlagger's dungeon with lvl 40's struggling to survive and all of a sudden it force closes and kicks me back to the begining.. if this was the first time it happened i wouldn't mind. But after 2-3 times it gets a little annoying. (Other than that this game is beyond perfect)

Hank Wiggins

Can't even open I JUST bought this and it won't even open. What the hell is going on? I just want to play a simple game on here, but none of the developers will let me. I'll even pay upfront for the dammed thing!

Dong Le

Crash I like this game so much, but since the last update it has been crashing constantly when moving between villages, thus making the game unplayable (my phone is Xperia Z1). I have been trying to reinstall several times but doesn't work. Will give 5 stars when it is fixed.

Dan Y

Incredible value In a world where we frequently spend $15+ for a 2 hour movie it is awesome to be able to get this much entertainment for only $2.50. I just finished the game for the first time after easily 15+ hours of game play and as soon as I'm done writing this I'm going to start another game. Can't wait to try out new strategies with the classes I unlocked during my first play through! Easily the best $2.50 I've ever spent.

Richard Ortiz

Game is great, support is terrible Bought a gold pack over a year ago and never received it. Contacted support minutes later and they have STILL yet to get back to me. Do not buy IAPs!

Jacy Davies

Would rate 5 stars, but The auto rotate function is insanely over sensitive (tilt hand slightly, everything is now sideways and tiny) and there's no option to disable it in game, so I have to download and run a separate app too play without annoying interruption - also lack of cloud save is extremelly limitting.

Mor Deth

Great Fun On Nov 17, 2014 i went over a cliff breaking my legs and losing half of my left hand. I've been playing pen and paper for the last 20 days while stuck in bed. Love the game. I bought some extra gold (you really don't have to) just as a thanks to the developers. I'm "M13" on YouTube.

Maxim Sharkanov

2- you are not answering There is STILL THE bug. The dice picture, which is shown when the gang change location, every roll is getting bigger and bigger. Restart did not fix it. One more: All seven enemies do not fit into phone screen

Андрей Кудинов

Really nice Game is cool, but that sell button moving up on the screen is annoying

Artem A

Fantastic, but too short.. I want more of this kind ;)

Alexander Benaguev

Super awesome But. Can't see "upgrade" button in enchanter shop (I think, its cover by items menu). Galaxy note 2. Fix, please.

Ivan Ovchinnikoff

Great game! But i cannot buy coins - game crashes after 1$ purchase selection and my guys are dead.

Mitchell DiGiacomo

Fix access to the DLC Dev please read the feedback people are posting here. Everyone is reporting they can't purchase the DLC. Fix it or remove the advertisement for it. 5 stars if you fix it.

Mike J

Great game, but.. No access to purchase downloadable content... Just hour glass. It seems this is a common issue with this game on androids. Once they fix that, I'll rate this 5!

Chad Davis

Undiluted Excellence. By far and away my favorite rpg on the play store. Excellent mix of jrpg style turn based strategic combat, flexible custom battles, a huge map with tons of destinations and some quests, crafting, items and the list goes on. So much to do so many classes to interchange and try different setups with. After all the fun is done, try game plus one and do it all over again with higher level quests and monsters. My only complaint is that in game plus one there isn't many higher level items.

Andreas Schwab

Couple glitches but good Sometimes get a glitch where if I load a different save my previous party occupies the seats even if I have someone else sitting there (looks like they are sitting on each others laps) and I am unable to get any in app purchases, just get the hourglass.

Danny Piper

Good Game Love these types of games. Only reason I'm rating a 3 is because it will not allow me access to shops to buy the DLC or purchase extra coins. I just keep getting an hourglass to show up and it just sits there. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Alireza Goli

DLC Glitch Can't purchase any of the DLC's. Pls fix and will be 5 stars

Jonathan Bruce

My Honest Review: I like the 2cd KoPaP more... I bought this game on iOS almost two years ago, and, after beating the 2cd game, I thought I'd buy the 1st one again and relive some memories! Now, don't get me wrong, this is a great game, but in some ways it's better than the 2cd and in some ways worse. Better ways are: More characters and classes, DLC (which shows up on my device...), and tons more to do quest wise. Worse ways are: graphics, short MAIN campaign (beat it in less time than the 2cd), and battles are easier. This is a great game though! :)

Nathan Owens

Loses steam toward the end Very fun game for the first 80% or so but the later enemies feel a little phoned in and strangely balanced. The fights go from fun to coin flips or long grinds. Still, the rest of the game more than makes up for it and the variety in the characters and classes is very nice

Jeremy Williams

Always loved this game, they showed me why. This game has always been fun, and I have gotten so much enjoyment from it. There have been bugs, mistakes, and issues like with any game, but the customer service has always been great and helpful. After my last bug issue I was told there would be no more patches, sorry for the inconvenience. I was upset at knights of pen and paper for a while because it was a game breaking bug. Today i see this patch is out, it fixed all issues previously found, and added cloud saves! All faith has been restored!

Isaac Wells

I lost money I bought 10,000 gold, for $4.99, two separate times. I received zero gold either time, though I definitely paid the cash for it. the game is awesome otherwise. as of now however, I have lost $10 :(

Robert Rippy

Great game Great game but why i tryed to buy coins it took my money but gave me no coins will rate higher once i receive them

John Sharbaugh

Update brought back saves! Update brought back saves!

Iannis Waldow

Enjoyed it so far... The last update also destroyed my safe game. I played until you fight against the game devs, but I didn't buy gold and also didn't link my "paradox account".

Josh Miller

DLC? Really love the game, and would like to get the dlc. I am also getting the hourglass each time I try to purchase. 5 stars after fix.

Mark Thomas

Good game, better support. Not only were they able to restore my save file after the update fiasco, they credited me 5K gold coins for the inconvenience. Thank you for being an excellent support team.

Mike Crowley

Confused I loved it on pc, and tried to get the sequel on my htc one m8, but apparently it isn't supported, so i got it for my tablet. Then i saw this pop up, which is weird because it wasn't here before ( 2 days ago), so i bought it. It doesnt show on my app list, it does show up on my google play list, but when i open from google play, it shows your logo and then closes. I'm refunding for now, but ill try it again another time.

Kaleigh Clark

i would love to buy the haunted lands dlc. i am enjoying the game so far, but every time i try to purchase the DLC i get a loading screen until i restart the app.

Scott Banwart

Latest version restored saved games I'm happy to report that my saved games have been restored. Thanks for the quick response.

Tom Brennan

Hourglass Like others here, no access to DLC or gold. Do you not want my money? 5 stars once this is fixed.

Karim Akrimi

Good but... Unacceptable Cant access in app purchases and cant get dlc. Scrolled the web to find solution. Seems this problem has been on for ages. Found somewhere that I should try with another device. No fckin ways. I dont have other devices. Please fix this or refund me!

Steve Gomez

Can't buy expansion I like the game a lot but I have the new Galaxy S6 and when I try to buy Haunted Fall all I get is an hourglass loading screen and have to the close the app to get out of it. I'd really like to play Haunted Fall. Would give a higher rating if this wasn't a problem.

Eric Fortin

Great game, Worth the price. Good RPG, love the theme. Turn-Based games are so useful when you dont know how much time you can afford to play.

Erik Bjers

Fun but In game purchases don't work, I want to buy gold but can't as it just never loads.

Robert Tucker

Do you even game? Just bought 5 minutes ago. Instantly crashes at paradox logo. Seems like I'd love this game but can't tell. Would like to give a real review.

Rick Doorn

I've certainly spent a lot of time on this as a time waster and even at 51 it ain't bad. :)

no maam

Great game but can't download dlc Excellent game. But can't access dlc. Just a spinning hour glass

Dorkinstein Dorkitydork

Love this game Game crashes at launch after updating android. Super fun game please fix if possible.

Helton Furtado

DLC unplayable! The DLC need a fix, its unplayable right now I have purchased it months ago but a screen keep poping up asking to buy it, but it appears empty and the game get stuck on it. I'll give 5 stars when it get fixed.

Jeff wright

Can't buy dlc Game is a amazing but I can't buy the haunted falls just hourglasses

Jamie Edwards

If only I can get Expansion I am replaying it before I get the second one, but I can get the expansion. It is stuck on the hourglass, and never loads.

Elior Reuven

superb game better than the second one by a lot.

Chris Anderson

Best. Mobile. Game. Ever. Especially if you are an old school RPGer. This is one of only three mobile games I have ever played for more than 20 minutes. UPDATE: I want to buy coins to start a new game. I can't buy coins. Wha? Posted to dev's forum weeks ago with no response. Lowering rating from 5 stars to 3 until I can give dev my money.

A Google User

Back to being awesome! Thank you guys for bringing back my save and giving us some gold for the inconvenience! Great customer service! And an awesome game!

Punkie Goth

Used to love it, now it force closes HTC One M8: Every time I try to open it I get stuck on the logo. Reinstalled and it still won't work.

Nicola Orlando

Great game. Would like DLC. As I said in the title it's a really great and addictive game, but I would like to be able to buy the DLC. As other people pointed out, inApp purchases don't work, since the game hangs showing the hourglass.

Thomas Mccaulley

Love the game but didnt get my in game coins i purchased First purchase i made went through successful but the second i didnt get my coins i dont mind paying but i would appreciate my 10,000 coins please

Jason Ingraham

Love the game, but no DLC This is a great game, but I cannot download the DLC on my Galaxy S4.

Mike Madeira

Just one issue. Can't buy DLC, just keeps loading and never does anything.

Alby Rose

Amazing Never before have I played a game so worth it's price.

Denis Doiron

Great old school fun! I love this game. Its great fun, with quirky writing and full of RPG goodness. I just noticed that the sequel has come out. I'll have to hurry and finish this so I can start the second!

Luke Szpunar

Amazing and addictive I really love this game, the only things that bothers me sometimes are, that the quest are somewhat repetitive (kill X number of enemies) and the difficulty skyrocketed towards the mid to endgame. This game feels like the devs really enjoyed making it with tons of easter eggs or references to other games. I also bought the DLC which in my opinion is not worth 2€, maybe 1€ but I bought it to support this amazing game.(it is good but maybe not worth 2€ in terms of the new content)

Deric Wadleigh

A fantastic game with great support! Bought this game on a whim. Played it for an hour and found it immensely fun. Decided to buy some gold for it. Wonderfully cheap in game purchase, a whole $1.97. It failed and so I emailed support. The returned to me in about six hours with a code to give me the gold I bought. Quick, easy and fantastic! I definitely recommend and in game purchases are by no means required. I was just excited and eager to get started!

Gary Darer

Great mobile game with unforgivable bug I got a new phone, logged into the same Google account I used to play Kopp for about a year, and I can only start a new game.. Please let me know if the game does not save on the cloud and I should uninstall. Otherwise I would love to continue my year long adventure. Update: still haven't heard from paradox about this issue.

Joseph McEvoy

Good but requires internet now A recent patch to the game added Google play functionality, but if your internet connection or WiFi is off the game crashes every time Google play forces a connection. Otherwise it is a good little game that will keep you occupied for a while.

Kevin Eskew

Amazing game Best rpg on the Google play store. Fun enough to play multiple times. Overall an amazing game.

Tedley Meralus

Can't stop playing Addictively fun and easy to pick up play and put down. Whether I play for 5 minutes or 5 hours I feel satisfied and keep going back for more. The game has a nostalgic mix of old school rpg with new school strategy, great writing, and fun to play. Reminds me of playing D&D 5e with my friends.

Cassaundra Santoro

Incredibly Fun! I had a blast playing through this game. It has a surprising amount of depth! I highly recommend this game, especially if either RPGs and/or D&D are enjoyable to you!

Morgan Gonzales

Crashes on Asus Zenfone 2 Screen just goes black after the Paradox Interactive logo. Excited to play this game but unfortunately doesn't work on Asus Zenfone 2. Will increase my rating once this issue is fixed. Thank you and God bless.

Ryan Rice

Will not load on Zenfone 2 Will not load past the first splash screen on my Zenfone 2. Would rate it 5 stars if I could at least play it. Love this game.

Miggy A. L. Esquivel

AWESOME game, with a caveat I played the hell out of this gameon iOS, but there is a major Android bug where grindstones-- used to level up the blacksmith-- don't spawn in caves, which really wrecks the game economy. Still no patch in sight, and so I'm wary of investingtoo much time in this until that's fixed.

Dameon Dixon

Love the game However I bought some gold and havent received it yet. Been an hour

Erwin Marcelo

Great game but.. Uhmmmm is there an option to stop the screen rotation? I'd like to play the game in portrait please


was expecting something better too easy. little strategy.. little depth.. glad i dint buy the more expensive version

Joesph Clary

Not working I love the game, played it on my phone a lot. However the game doesn't want to load on my Asus ZenPad 8, not sure why its doing that if there's a way to shed some light on this issue or if the devs see this comment, I don't want to rate low but I'm not sure what to rate with this issue other then that 5stars easy.

Ken Tan

Can't work Hi it can't work on Asus zen fone 2, and apparently most of the Asus models. Hope you can fix it maybe? Would greatly appreciate :D. I tried it on other phone, Sony, it works great and I've lost sleep playing it. It's extremely addictive and awesome! :D. Really hope the developers can do Smth about it. Thanks in advance! :D

Mike Bartell

Addictive Really fun app. Bring in a new meta game of a cRPG.

Rick James

been robbed devs i paid for the 10,000 coins twice and did not gain anything i paid for the dlc and that worked but am still without the 20,000 coins im due please sort this devs


No grindstone Like the game but I can't find any grindstone so it is very difficult to progress

AnneMarie Dudley

Lost my DLC I accidentally deleted Knight of Pen and Paper and everything was deleted. 3 Stars until I already get the dlc I paid for back

John Pagan

Issue fixed An update was released that deleted my save. Good guy dev fixed the update and restored my save. Thanks! Other than, its a great game.

Andy Benn

Won't launch Game installs ok on my Asus ZenPad S 8, but refuses to go further then the second splash screen

Geoffrey Scheib

Old School Awesome I keep coming back to this game. Worth every cent.

Jacob Thurston

Quirky Casual Strategy Great little casual strategy RPG, not much of a challenge unless you make it hard for yourself. Has a lot of hilarious dialogue with references any nerd would enjoy!

Andrew Behm

I got through the main story while ignoring the micro transactions. The game is cute, if a little repetitive. The blacksmith is a good sink to push people toward micro transactions. I wish it would sync across devices.

Jeremy Montgomery

The caves have no grindstone. Been in a cave several times and no grindstone.

Kevin Dando

more exp? When are you going to release more expansions? love the game, first one was alittle better but still a great game.

Rene Mendes

It was fun I really enjoyed the jokes, overall story and game play will buy the other one

Victor Parra

Great game but... I love this game and will gove 5 stars after i get my 10,000 gold that i purchased a second time. Everytjing went fone the first time i purchased gold but not the second time. Please fix and ill rate a 5 stars!

John Winters

Seems to be bugged So grindstones are a thing that you have to get with coin or find them. Currently it seems the mining spots no longer spawn making it a coin only item. For something you need thousands of this is either a bug or done for greed.

Pierre Lizotte

Newest version almost bugless It was a good game. Too easy perhaps.

Alek cvetkov

No replay value For you wanted a game with progression beyond the same 4 moves u start with and a long term goal to work towards keep looking elsewhere

Ozzy Osbourne

I would give it 5 But I just bought the 10,000 and 1,500 and didn't receive either.

Rizki Kurniawan

Fun I love playing this game while not busy. Need more class and role player. Thanks ♥.

Richard Almendral

Crashes Used to work on my old phone. Now crashes on zenfone 2 a few seconds after opening

cengiz karataş

i use asus zenfone 2 , cannot openin pls fix that

Kevin Gabat

Game wont start It just freezes at the opening credits. Devs pls fix.

chris marin

Refund response Great game lots of fun. Needed a refund at one point that a payment didnt go through and they sent me a code almost immediatly for me to get the coins i paid for. Theyre awesome

Joshua Chaney

Awesome game! This game is lots of fun. Highly recommended!

Afzal Ahmad

Costly game with ads and in-app purchases For a game that cost $4.99, it sure does have a lot of pop up ads (whether it's by the same company doesn't matter), and costly DLC. The game itself, disregarding all that, is still not worth that $4.99.

Anantya Wira P

I cannot open it Is this game doesnt compatible with zenfone 2 ze551 ml? Or not compatible with intel chipset? Cause I cannot open it, only black screen for me everytime I open it

Martin Hall

Won't open On xperia z3, fond memories of this game and wanted to go back now it crashes on load up every time, please fix it

Chaz Ford

Awesomely Original This game is a refreshing romp through a hilarious and original 8-bit Nirvana that is long overdue. If you like rewarding questing and nostalgic humor in an old-school RPG framework, this game is for you. Chiptunes abound and it runs smooth as silk. Not a memory sucking beast either, you'll be able to play for hours on a fresh battery. Love the Dungeon Master twist, and the game characters and NPC's pull it all together. Great game, worth every dime.

Tom sherriff

Awesome A RPG based on people playing a RPG?!?! Yes haha Its a really good game, however one slight downside is how short the first quest, its not a major downside and now worth taking a star, just a pointer :)

Taidhgh comerford

Great game but.... I love this game to bits , I've only played maybe 2 hours of it and have fallen in love with it. The only thing is , I've purchased 3/4 of the huge coin packs but they haven't gone through to the game. I've received a confirmation text from my phone provider saying that it has taken the money but I still haven't received the in game money. I am extremely disappointed in this as this is a great game that's worth five stars but I won't be giving those stars until this issue is resolved

Rae Calvin Pagara

Addicting, but Suddenly said "Billing Error" bla bla. I bought this legally. Just wanna know why it said that. Response please? :)

Lee Mailath

I own this on 2 platforms And in no way am I disappointed, it's like an almost dnd party, but it's just you.

Dipanjan Sarkar

Excellent! This is the RPG I was looking since a long time and finally I'm so glad to have found it. Really excellent! Bought the DLC and some gold also to show the awesome devs some support. Keep up the great work!

Evan McCoy

I don't really get why people are hot on this game. Yeah, it's cute and retro, but the world is super small and there's no over-arching story to tell you what to do next. I had fun with it for a couple days, but now I wish I would've gotten a refund before the sheen wore off. Oh well.

Angelo Pe Benito

Great Not sure if it was on sale or something but I got it dirt cheap. It's an excellent game and I can play it 5 minutes or 5 hours!

Taufan Ardianto

Worth my cash! You'll love it, trust me!

Blessy Chio

It's a fun way to kill time And I mean *really* kill time. When I play this, I quickly lose track of time. Anyway, the only thing I don't like about it is that you can't force it to stay in portrait mode. Please make this an option. ?

Ardy Durize

Can't play Only black screen will display. I'm using zenfone phone.

Aron Lervin

Not Perfect But Good Really fun with cheap price tag. Minor gui glitch but nothing game breaking.

Jason B

Love it but... There is a glaring bug that makes some locations flicker like crazy and hurts to look at. Update: 4/4/2016. Still having the flicker issue.

Doug McGuire

6/5 stars! Great oldschool fun with something for every rpg fan. Of course the graphics are not modernized but they are good enough to enjoy, as well as helping to set the tone. The game really sucks you in and is well worth more than the asking price. Great for 5 minutes, or long playthroughs if you are that lucky lol. It is NOT pay 2 play/win for the game you buy and dlc is optional but worth it. Easy to aquire all you need to beat entire game. EDIT: Devs need to fix problem with grindstones not spawning.

Danny S

An RPG'ers Dream A thoroughly fun & addictive turn based RPG that combines elements of Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, and old school 8-bit aesthetics. Boatloads of retro charm, appealing graphics, a wonderful in-game sense of humor, surprisingly low battery usage and tons of replay value are just icing on the cake. Whether you want to sit and play for 2 hours or pass 20 minutes in a waiting room this is a great time killer.

Edrick Lim

Really awesome game! I've purchased this game about a week ago and only started to play about a day ago. Instantly got hooked on it! Really glad as well that support on delays is quick to reply as the bug I got caught up in was resolved in less than a day. Really awesome game!

Michael Burch

Great game, just for some reason when I purchased the 10000 coins I didn't receive it, even though it charged me, can you help?

Ano6/2 Qabu

Itemss! Add more items or materials and a new enchanting systems such as gems ! And multiplayer version of this APP!

Henry Winkleman

Amazing for anyone familiar with Dungeons and Dragons. This RPG mimicking tabletop D&D brings comedy to side quests and meta-gaming. I seriously recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy and comedy.

Bheng Payot

Fixed rotation I love this game. But is there a way to turn off its automatic screen rotation?

John Auer

Things are missing I no longer have the option for the haunted falls expansion and in 500+ in-game days, there hasn't been a single grind stone mining deposit

Cis Tiñoso

BEST RPG GAME EVER, WORTH IT Really love the gameplay, so unique and cute. Also i love the pixel art. Kudos!

Lares Hill

Nodes How can I mine? Can't find any nodes in dungeons.. But I love it!

Michelle Jakeway

Fix the Grindstones Grindstone no longer spawns naturally in the cave areas. Fix for 5 stars.


Asus ZenFone2 ml551 - the game doesn't work

Jonathan Blanco

Doesn't start on lenovo yoga tab 3 pro I just get the first logo screen, then the screen goes black and nothing. Looks like it's not compatible with Intel chipsets

Briana B

I feel like I wasted my money! I like to lay down and game but when I lay down to game on this game the screen rotates ?? So annoying also my phones screen rotate is off so I don't know why it does it, I honestly feel like I wasted my money because I don't play it because of that annoying screen rotate.

Kenly Kurniali

I found a bug or feature.. when you just start a new game, and then take the first quest (get out of prison). After you take the quest and then visit the Shop from the Shop menu at the upper left corner, the quest will be restart as if you start a new game again. However the total day, and character status did not get reseted.

Daniil Mukasey

One of the best games I played Thank you for making beings happy... =) I purchased gold, payment successful, but nothing happened. Same amount... Can you help?

Chad Hilton

A near perfect game Only gripe is that I think it could use an auto save feature. I've completed the same part over and over because I forget to save before I get distracted with something else

Eric Guérard

Hard mode plzzz! Omg please! This is an awesome game, but its way too easy. So easy it gets boring. A game without a challenge is not a game at all, its like reading a book. And i dont want to read a book, i want to play a game. I want challenges, a bit of grinding, i want my play time to be rewarding. Just add an option to get a harder version of the game please?! Then o give it 5 stars. Thank you

Victor Diaz

DLC is required to buy in order to progress the game, and once you purchased it and got a new phone, you can't restore your DLC purchases. Brilliant logic, developers. 1/10. Great game though.

Julian Alba

DLC :( had the game and finished it a long while ago (DLC included) but moved on to a new phone. I was fine with not getting my old data back but the DLC I paid for is gone. Helps pls game dev gang :(

Andy Hew

Best game ever For such a low price, this game has offered contents beyond its selling price. 5/5


Highly addictive. Best thing I have ever found. Playing is easy, just like the old RPGs played with just a rulebook, a pen, and a paper. The characters are funny too, and overall, a great time killer.

Bob Burger

Can't buy dlc Billing error 3 service unavailable... Always unavailable.... Uninstalled and refunded purchase.


No more grindstones There's some sort of bug preventing grindstones from showing up, requiring you to buy them from the shop. Kind of breaks the game tbh.

Collan Seow

Can only play by going into airplane mode The game can only start when i put my zenfone 2 in airplane mode. If not the app will be stuck in the loading screen

Richard Driscoll,shguhcr

Fantastic game I don't normally write reviews but this game is great. If you enjoy turn based games with standard progression and fun engaging story you'll enjoy this. The little comments from both the game master and your own characters gives it a nice feel, like you're really joining this little group on it's journey. Easily worth the money!

joshua Poison

Used to love it I was on day 3000 and about to go for a third play through. Next time I opened the game my game save was deleted and the dlc I bought was no longer downloaded. I started a new game and it happened again. I've had this game for quite some time and there was no saved game problems so I didn't make an account. Now I feel like one of my fav games in make with the intention to made more money.

Edward Crawford

ASUS Zen phone 2 Just putting this out as a community service announcement. The game only runs on my phone when I'm in super energy saving mode. Can't be bothered to narrow down the exact conflict. If game won't launch put ur phone in super saver energy management.

Mario Marino

Abandoned software, do not buy I reinstalled to play again on the same phone and grindstones no longer show up anywhere. [Update] sent them an email and they pretty much told me they won't fix it. So much for ever buying a paradox game again.

Kyle Giambalvo

My transaction didnt work Great game. 100% but unfortunately my transaction for the 10000 gold didnt work. Wanted to know if it was possible to get that fixed. Other than that, beautiful game. I highly recommend it

A Google User

A Conceptual Masterpiece with alright execution Amazing idea with somewhat competent UI and dialogue. Not as engaging as it could be. I think that the mining locations have been removed or glitched, so it makes some of the achievements impossible.

anthony burke

Bait and Switch Don't waste your money, what was once a great game, the Dev.s have abandoned years ago. The only changes have been downgrades. Removing features to pressure you further into giving them More $$$! I bought both games and every expansion but this is cheap and low. Where'd the grindstones go? And if your gonna screw your customers after you took their money do it in a way that doesn't tantalise us with bonuses to an ability that no longer exists. Mining Success? Screw You!

Blessy Chio

It's a fun way to kill time And I mean *really* kill time. When I play this, I quickly lose track of time. Anyway, the only thing I don't like about it is that you can't force it to stay in portrait mode. Please make this an option. ?


Addictive Probably one of the best games I ever spended money on! It has a lot of replay value and you'll never get bored with the amount of content and story this game has to offer! "Don't just tap fastly, try reading the quest text next time!"

Igor Urazov

Could be better Why do we need Paradox account for cloud sync? It does not allow to sync with PC anyway, existing Play Games account would be more than enough. There are no veins to mine. This makes impossible to get some achievements and makes you spend all gold to buy grindstones. But the most important thing is that two final dungeons are way too hard comparing to rest of the game. It makes impossible to clear them and finish the story

Satria Islami

It's a great game. for those who get the black screen, dont log in with your google account

Cari F

No cloud saving!! Lost all progress :-( Now I don't want to play at all and start all over again.. Shame.

Adri Ahmad

Can't start Got this on a discount which is great but once I start it up, it can't pass the Behold Studios splash screen. It's slightly better (but not great) when in landscape mode but worse when in potrait. Know any workaround for this? I really want to play this game.

Marc van Teerns

Love the game Shame it crashes on my ME572. Workaround appears to be starting in airplanemode.

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