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2 Sep
KNBR 680

Posted by AirKast, Inc. in Music & Audio | Sept. 2, 2016 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

Download the official KNBR 680, it’s easy to use and always FREE! 
With the official app, you can stay connected from work, home, or on the road. Follow us on social media, get access to all our other unique content, features and more!

- Access all your favorite podcast shows on demand. Listen live (less storage requirement) or download and listen when offline  

- Thumb through the latest local news
- Follow the latest posts from social media 

- Wake up to your favorite show with our alarm clock. Record a personal message to play before waking up to the show.
- Fall asleep while listening to your favorite show
- See the weekly shows schedule so you don’t miss a thing
- Real time weather for where you are
- Share our app via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail

Please note: This app features Nielsen’s audience measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital audience measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

Whats new

    New visual audio controls
    New menu system
    New settings options
    Performance improvements
    Bug fixes

AirKast, Inc. part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 56.4481. Current verison is Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download knbr-680.apk 12.0 MB


taylor wall

No live games!! All i wanted to do was to listen to live giants games, but it seems impossible on this app. Why is it so difficult to listen to live games?!?! Only podcasts here

Ronnie Coale

Awful A 30 second video ad to start the app, only to have to listen to 6 minutes worth of commercials. The app randomly stops and then to restart it, another 30 second video ad. Wonderful. Why am I having to watch video ads when I have to listen to commercials anyways? That makes no sense. Also, the whole interface of this app is beyond terrible. It is the exact opposite of user friendly. You guys need to redo the overall design. Just scrap it and start over. And lose the obnoxious video ads!!!

Stephen Raymond

Nothing is working IHeart, no connectivity. Who's in charge of digital content and connectivity?

Christopher Grow

Terrible Interface & Untimely streams The interface needs a complete overhaul. It's confusing and ugly. Too many ads. Can't stream the actual games. This is forgivable since there may be legal reasons, however even the post game is blocked out. Really disappointing.

logan irwn

I rated it better if it was playing the Warriors game when it say it is. Instead I'm getting a old giants game

Erin-Kate Whitcomb

Not working Have to uninstall this. Just wanted to listen to Giants live broadcast and it is taking me to a podcast from 2 weeks ago...over and over again. And I got a spam notice that I was going to win an iPhone. And too many ads. And I am forced to download Audio Boom app even though podcast content streams fine from the KNBR app...if I wanted to hear that. But I don't.


Can't get 1050 Why can't I access the "ticket " 1050? As others have said, a real sucky app for the Giants flagship. NOW ITS BEING UNINSTALLED

Chris Radecke

Frustrating App Love KNBR, but not this app. Drops the feed, doesn't play audio, repeats commercials without ever getting to the station. Extremely hit and miss :(

Shea Cardinalli

Strange Erratic behavior - feed just drops for no reason. Pretty poor offering for a major bay area radio station. Seems to have trouble when I am multitasking on my phone.

Mitchell Wagner

More ads than.... Too many ads. Couldnt even listen to the radio before listening and watching advertisments. I tried for about 10 minutes before I gave up and deleted it

C Miner

Works great! I don't know what people are complaining about. What are they expecting? It plays live streaming. It can play in the background. It plays podcasts. It does what a radio station app is supposed to do. And for the idiots downrating the app because they can't hear live games, that's not the app's fault. It's because of legal issues, you boneheads! Great JOB KNBR!

Kari Schutty

Major Glitches App gets stuck and keeps playing the same commercials over and over until you exit the app. Will play for awhile and then repeats this behavior. I'm going back to iheartradio. It's too annoying.

Nick Schmid

Seriously. .. Crap! 10 minutes of commercials while the game was going!? I missed 3 runs in game 4 of giants world series. What the...

Barbara Marks

Seems like all I get is commercials (like 10 in a row) and then some random "news" spot and then 10 more commercials. The feed will also stop randomly. All I want is to listen to the pre-game show. Kinda disappointed, but I guess I'll just live with it. If you want to listen to the game, you have to purchase the MLB app. You will not be able to get it on the KNBR or anyother radio streaming app.

Todd Trevisan

A good upgrade but 2 big problems Enjoy the new features, but upgrade from the old update in that regard. There's some big misses. The notification bar should include pause and close buttons. From playing an 'on demand' audio it's literally 9+ clicks to close the app. Seriously? should be max 3,ideally 1. Podcasts need more room to show their description, should be able to create a Playlist of podcasts that play in succession. App needs to be more fluid, a lot more fluid.

Eric McClung

Love the download feature, app loads slow App takes awhile to connect at first unless you are on WiFi. The interface is really ugly and outdated but the app gets the job done. I really like how the podcasts can be downloaded directly to your device. Save them while you are on WiFi and listen later to save your data. Menus should be cleaned up and clips should have more detailed descriptions.

david henington

Redundant promos/spots Make listening to knbr via streaming a total non-starter. Doesn't matter whether this app or iheart. Redundant, lame "mayo clinic" and "tech trends" spots totally suck and make me listen to espn radio or 95.7 instead. You're not making money on this crap so why force it down your audiences throat?! Nothing new here, knbr appears totally asleep at the wheel when it comes to streaming. FAIL!!!!

Lisa Yeats

Baseball radio think not Crap I wanted to listen to the Giants game and all I get are commercials

Allie Schembra

This is crap Won't stream, just continues to load until it said that it can't connect. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT of an app.

Jonathan Olson

Ad after ad Pretty much unusable. Nice menu but so many ads its embarrassing.

Xandra J

If I could rate less I would All I got was ads while I missed the 3 runs for the Giants WT EVER LOVIN F?!

Clay Smith

Love KNBR, thought I would be able to listen to the station now that I moved to Wisconsin. This is terrible.

Anthony Sprotti

Doesn't work Every time I try to use the app, commercials and then silence. What a piece of trash. KNBR should be embarrassed.

Marek Hendowski

Sucks. It's only good to play commercials.

Patrick Horvath

Please Fix the Bugs I love KNBR, but this app has too many bugs. It seems to take breaks whenever it feels like it, usually when I am listening to something live. Not sure what the problem is but please address it soon!

Akim Humphries

Horrible..all I wanted to do was listen to the Warrior game, it was like trying to pull teeth..could not listen due to technicalities..what ever!

Eddy Gordon

Will not work

Keith Garvin

Not Ready For Prime Time Constantly cuts out. Often hard to restart. Often have to restart your phone. The I Heart app played KNBR better.

Jeff Crinklaw

App Drops Way Too Much App still drops, regardless of being on wifi or OTA. Constantly need to restart app to keep listening. Same commercials over and over as well... The Kevin Costner fallen veterans commercial plays multiple times in a row. Same issues month over month for the last 6 months. Not exactly go getters for those who maintain/improve this app.

Keith N

Ads for days 15 min still ads wanna hear the game.

indigo moonstar

20 minutes of commercials Why can't I get the game? Nothing but commercials.


Cuts in and out Cuts in and out, having to press continue on start up after the ad is annoying. I use the app in the morning and want it to just start while I'm getting ready. Also it interrupts whenever anything else happens on the phone. Timer, texts, etc.

Ron Manzana

Too many commercial . Over and over again.

David Aviani

Best sports talk, period The hosts let go, go to the other guys

Dave Teasdale

Awful Cuts in and out all day. Super frustrating.

Mark Cinelli

Why does this app request root access???

Aaron Graf

The Ad Leader Just sat through 10 minutes of ads. No content.

Lisa Cooper

Drops the feed Randomly dropped the feed, won't reconnect. It's terribly disappointing, I'd love to be able to listen to the Giants games being called by the best announcers in the game :( C'mon ya'll, can't you fix it?

Irene Enriquez

No streaming of sf giants game

Todd Trevisan

After the ad finishes the stream won't load There's some big misses. There notification bar should include pause and close buttons. Podcasts need more room to show their description. Why in the world does this app need root access??

Chris Carillo

Does This App StreamHave Sports Content? Ads for minutes on end. Uninstalling.

Ian Toth

Disregarded the negative reviews This app does exactly what I need it to which is listen to Marty Lurie and get updates on rain delayed giants games. Obviously you cannot listen to Giants games. You have to buy the at bat app for that. I myself buy MLB premium so I can watch games on every device I own. This app isn't perfect but it does what it's intended to.

Sue Wakamoto-Lee

Works some of the time. I love KNBR and like to be able to listen to the shows when I'm traveling. This app stalls A LOT and lacks easy functionality from my lock screen. As much as I don't really like iHeart Radio, it works better for streaming my favorite morning show.

Frank Garofalo

Sucks! Okay so this app is horrible. There's a 30 second video you have to watch when you open the app. Then the app crashes (constantly) and doesn't stream, so you must repeat process. Only thing live is CBS Sports News (if it streams) you don't get to hear from the local programing except by podcast. I had the app 2 years ago on my iPhone and it was awesome, now it sucks.

Colton Drebes

Terrible It plays an ad then never actually plays the station we've tried two days in a row and it hasn't worked once. It also is constantly on the notification bar but doesn't actually do anything, it just sits there useless. We've been sitting here over 10 minutes with it saying is starting yet nothing is happening again.

joe fitzpatrick

Crashes my phone, too many ads This app freezes my phone about once a day. When it doesn't freeze the phone, the app constantly crashes. Then when you reopen it you have to watch the video ad again. One of the ads flashes "TESTOSTERONE" in huge letters on the screen, not cool on public transit


Crashes My Galaxy S6 Freezes my phone to the point where i can't unlock it and have to restart my phone. Happens at least once a day. Used to use a different radio app but KNBR stopped working with that app so i had to switch to this one. So disappointed by this terrible app. It is such a terrible interface and the issues with crashing for a simple streaming app are ridiculous.

Greg B.

This app is useless. KNBR plays countless hours of live sports, Bay Area and National, but not on their app. It's all talk and podcasts. What a waste of time.

Rob Watters

Crashes my Galaxy S6 I used to put up with the ads and other aspects of the poorly designed user experience. But recently, the KNBR app has started crashing my phone. Get it together KNBR and put out an app worthy of your home in the fertile crescent of technology.

Mark Castle

Horrible. One of the worst apps I have ever used in many years of smartphones. Bizarre ads all over the screen. Disfuntional and truly horrible.

alejandro pulido

It doesn't run smooth It always freezes and if I get a call it won't load the radio

Jim Edwards

I can not believe KNBR would associate themselves with such a poorly written app. Can not get it to work. Mostly an ad for something. I just want it to work like a radio but it will not. Do not even bother downloading.

Vahid Lahijani

Sh☆☆est App ever What all these money and all the commercial for every 2 minutes, you have the worst app. Ever. Always gets cut off and all commercial. It's worst than your radio stations. Change your sloogent to Commercial leader, not sport.

Joey Mousel

The worst kind of app Doesn't work like 680 the radio station, it just plays an ad with a screen covered in ads and you have no option to listen to anything live like you would with a radio. Pretty annoying how little they think of it's listeners that we should only give their sponsors and them more money with nothing in return.

Kathee M

Only ads run This app is waste of time! Don't run and can't access live..only ads,,if only i can give it 0,,

Travis Broschat

What a terrible app! Won't load, freezes my phone so it's stuck on the lock screen and I have to restart it... Samsung Galaxy S6

LeRoy Leonhardt

App sucks Freezes my tablet. Sucks.

joshua naves

Crap Don't waste time

GL Brewer

Frustration Defined 1) If listening to a live stream only to have it go silent 2) commercials which start run a few seconds and repeats, up to a dozen times 3) listening to the Progressive Insurance lady's annoying voice 7-10 times in a 3-5 minute span is fine then you'll like this. However, if you want to listen to Kuiper in the morning good luck. The call the station feature, no problem if you can wait, 20+ minutes of commercials was my limit.

Christopher Moschella

Video ad when you open is just awful...I have to listen to radio ads, why a separate ad at launch. Constant drops, KNBR is proud of this app?

Bovine Devine

This app is just getting worse and worse It's unbelievable that the number one sports radio station in the bay area can't get a simple goddamn audio stream to work properly. Every audio notification brings it to its knees and don't get me started on the ads. The sports leader deserves more.

Jason Won

I hate this app. I don't why they have to make their own app. It's poorly built. Stops playing for no reason all the time. To exit the app, you have to press a series of buttons. Loads of ads. Why can't they just leave it in tunein or iheartradio?

Ashim Gardner

Crashes my phone This app makes my phone crash and makes my phone unusable. I then have to restart my phone . Also podcasts are not kept up to date and are not organized well.

claudio tommasi

Really!!!??? Drops constantly does not reconnect with Bluetooth constantly commercials up the wazoo. Update ASAP

Dwight Spainhower

I've never made it to the live stream because of the countless ads. I listened to 5 minutes of ads then turned it off

Josh Hanna

The Giants game isn't supposed to be some other idiots talking

Arun Sundaresan

Live the on demand - a must for bay area sports fans!

Jesse Goldlink

Awful app Focus on it working instead of how many ads you can show.

Jason Ouyang

Don't waste your time on it I listen to knbr while I drive to work daily. How can a company like this make this sh!tty app? First time open it, it crashed my phone that I have to reboot to fix. Second try, list to endless commercials. I try to listen to the Giants, well it just continue looping. Third, delete it from my phone.

Debbie Burns

Anything BUT ads? Downloaded to listen to my Giants, I'm in Reno, sadly. Opening day no less. Listening for EVER, and NO GAME ON?!?!?! I CAN'T BE WITHOUT MY GIANTS. Deleted the app. F!

Nate Wagner

Too many ads Just downloaded the app for my first play and was greeted by 10 mins of ads. This was followed by me uninstalling the app.

Cole Christman

Slow, kills battery and has ad issues The app is laggy when attempting to navigate around it and unless you make sure to clear the app from multitasking it will continue to eat up battery even if your not listening in. At first this wasn't the case but now when ever I try to listen to the live radio it's all ads

Yanh Phet

Works fine This app is great for podcast. But I also use IHeart radio for live knbr stream. And yes at times the station is down and all you get is commericals which sucks when all you want to listen to is Murph and Mac.Rod and Fitz. Gary and Larry and Mr T and Ray.

Nick Reggiardo

Please fix Can you guys please fix this app? Constant crashes. Unusable.

Gillian Copenhaver

Pointless. If you can get any audio at all, it will only be commercials. No radio stream, no games, nothing.

Brian Lozano

Terrible!!! If you love commercials and not listening to sports, than this is the app for you. Was trying to tune in to the Warriors game, but after 10 minutes of commercials I gave up and deleted the app. Do not waste your time.

Michael Cortez

Terrible Nothing but ads to listen while the opening day game was going on

Jesus Krag

Ads If you wanna listen to ads. Download this

Allex Baron

Where are the live sports Listened for 5 min got nothing but advertisements

Jay Gruenhagen

Played non stop Comercials for 10 mins


This app suck butt! Always have to uninstal and re instal to get it to work on my gs4. And then you cant even shut it off with out rebooting the phone or having some kind of app killer. Playstore should remove it!?? 95.7 the game app is 1000 times better.

Michael Dowling

Where's the Giants? Only downloaded for the games. Once the pre-game ends...NO GAME! Just ads? WTF KNBR?

Ron Manzana

Too many commercial . Over and over knbr apps not working..

Alex Malihoudis

Multitude of issues Feed decides to stop frequently. App launches itself again when already running. If it loses signal it will play 30 seconds advert before resuming. I thought it was down to my phone being crap but just upgraded and have the same issues. It gets two because I enjoyed the content, but the app is horrible.

Xuancarlitos C

Horrible app, if I could give it zero stars I would. From someone that listens regularly on the 680 & 1050.

Jonathan Miller

Okay For the people who are complaining about the app not playing Giants and Warriors games, it's because you have to subscribe to MLB and NBA to be able to listen to those events online. Otherwise, you have to use an actual radio

Juan Lepe

Sucks Sucks like the Giants

John Calderon

Disappointed Freezes and does not work

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