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20 Dec
Klyph for Facebook

Posted by Jonathan GERBAUD in Social | Dec. 20, 2013 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 4.6 MB

You can view the source code on Github :

Due to Facebook limitations on third party apps and unpredictable errors occurring on Facebook's platform, this project is no longer maintained. No further update are planned.
Read this post for more info :

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Everyone gets tired of the ugly, slow official Facebook app so why don’t you give a try to Klyph: a new client for Facebook.

With a nice and smooth UI designed following the Android Design Guidelines, Klyph looks like the Google+ app but for Facebook.

Still young and in early development, Klyph is certainly not perfect yet and may still miss some features but tries to bring the best user experience of Facebook on your Android devices (mobiles and tablets).

Also, due to Facebook limitations on third-party apps, the following features are not allowed:
• Like a page
• Tagging in statuses/comments with [email protected] like the official Facebook app
• Share a status/photo/video on a friend’s timeline.

Klyph contains some ads, because, well, we are not Facebook (and do not work for Facebook either) so we have to earn money from one way or another to continue the development. If you like Klyph, and want to support us or just get rid of ads, please buy the pro version here:

We are looking for translators. Making a translation take less than two hours, so contact us if you want to make Klyph available in your language.

We are always happy to receive suggestions, bug reports or simply a thank you. We always try to answer so don’t hesitate to send us an email.

To people who rate the app 1 or 2 stars : we can understand that you dislike the app either because of its design, bugs or anything else but please, please, let a comment to help us improve the app.

Whats new

    Version 1.2.6
    Friend lists
    Support for canceled event notifications
    Comment editing
    Profile Cover image is darkening progressively
    Main activity title now displays selected tab title
    Post to a friend's wall
    Pull to refresh on empty list
    Cover image size on user's profile when image is too small
    Crash on orientation change on user/page/group profile
    Send/confirm friend requests
    Thank you for the feedback !

Jonathan GERBAUD part of our Social and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 20, 2013. Google play rating is 76.0407. Current verison is 1.2.6. Actual size 4.6 MB.

Download klyph-for-facebook.apk 4.6 MB


basic bejzik

great potential! but CMON first! i like UI a lot, but there are some big drawbacks.. chat/inbox can be one thing, when i go to inbox there is no way to type a message, when i go to chat i can't chat without being "seen online" and messenger loading time is hilarious.Other than that this app can be what official app is not! FIX THIS SMALL PROBLEMS AND 5 STARS ARE YOURS :)

Philip Carle

Great app just needs some more refinement Brilliant app but requires edit and delete on posts. Due to this have to use official fb app which isn't as good as this.

Timothy brown

If Facebook hadn't effectively killed the third party app market this app could really go places but no instead were stuck with the terrible fb app if we want all the features of FB . I hate Zuckerberg

Bob Rzadzki

Good idea, bad execution Posting a photo to timeline vs adding to an album is confusing. Half the time tapping a notification takes me to "An error has occurred". Some friends' timelines do this every time. Switching to Tinfoil until I see an update here that changes my mind.

Sayed Reda

GUI looks pretty good I just installed it today and will give it a try... I can see some bugs already but no problem for now. One thing, try to give an option to open the official Facebook messenger too when I press on chat or inbox.

Stephanie Bryant

Almost there... Everything shows up except News Feed. I keep getting the "An error has occurred" message when I try to view my news feed and others.

Helen B.

This app has a lot of promise, I have two requests to the developers: first, having message replying available without the need for a separate message app would be great, and allowing editing of one's status updates as with 'regular' Facebook is also needed. pictures in the newsfeed also tend to be distorted and load a littly oddly on my Galaxy tablet. However, this app is much better in allowing users to have a videos folder in their albums (something inexplicably missing from the official app) and I love the layout.

Grainne O'Malley

Needs more work Excellent UI and works brilliant, superior by far to fb app, complete with skins but missing more modern features as it's not being maintained . Waiting for those to give it 5 stars but currently is not completely usable on its own. Hopefully someone else picks up the code and betters it as it's my favourite fb app yet.

David Furlong

Almost great. This app would be wonderful if it weren't for the "Unable to find publication" error when trying to view notifications.

Shaun O'Leary

Very nice Facebook app! I've tried a lot of Facebook apps, and this is right up there with the best. Smooth, fast, easy on the eyes. OK it's not perfect, but has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!

Mike Fallon

Impressed so far! Still early days (only installed it today), but already prefer over the bloated official app. I love the way the G+ app works, and this is pretty much the same, but with Facebook! :)

Mick Collingwood

Best Facebook replacement Everyone knows the official Facebook app is slow and buggy. Facebook should take notice of Klyph. Lightweight, light/dark themes, extremely smooth with nice transition effects, reply to comments. The list goes on. Seriously the best replacement app available for Facebook on android.

Jip Hurkens

Good app with great potential I am loving the ui! Facebook with a G+ interface. There are a lot of bugs though. Statuses not showing, comments not showing, notifications aren't marked read automatically, sometimes it won't even load groups. I know the Facebook api isn't too good, but still. I want to use it over the official app, but that one is just bullocks.

Rik Garth

Pity What a pity he stopped the updates and support. This is better than the actual Facebook app but this no longer works. It desperately needs a fix so it can see the timeline again then it will be the best Facebook app on Android again..

Sriram V

Works like a charm Excellent UI, pls provide with search option under groups tabs lookup as in normal facebook. Ability to hide unwanted tabs is another cool.option, keep up the great work n I would rate 5 on getting search option ;-)

Mike L

Incredible Since Friendcaster has been left to rot (Thanks a lot Sprint idiots!) and the official app sucks so bad, I'm off to using this. Going to save up a few bucks and buy pro. Better than that official garbage app.

Taz OnsomeRealshit

Huge potential Faster, smoother, and lighter than the FB app. The Google plus look is awesome but lacks alot of FBs features can't edit or delete comments, can't reply to individual comments and sometimes the news feed doesn't load every story. If FB really blocks it from doing all that than its a shame because this app has great potential to be the best FB alternative. FB needs to step it up alot

yasir javed

Very nice but!!!!! I'm impressed with this app really very nice but? When I click to like a comment or photo of my fb friend one error come that cannot like.. And if I like group or page like everything is ok please solve this bug.....

Thomas Westrick

Great app but a few buga I love using this app more than any other client (especially the official Facebook app) but there are a few bugs I've run into. There are times when I can't see the comments on a post, and cannot like a post. Get those worked out and it's an easy 5 stars

Harshit Jain

Good app Finally I got rid of that ugly FB app......its good bt d only problem is that it asks permission every tym you do anything..... Still its v good

Matt Phillips

Incredible! I quit using Facebook a long time ago in favor of G+, but recently started looking at it again periodically just for a few friends and family members. This application has alleviated nearly ALL of the frustration I've had with the FB mobile site! (I will NOT install their app) Thank you for your wonderful work, devs! Now if only all the idiots I know IRL on Facebook will magically become as awesome and tolerable as my G+ friends... Can you help with that, devs? Lol! ;D

Nagesh Mudigonda

+ point= all text copy and pest Fast speed and useful i loved

Jamie Rubbi-Clarke

Looks gorgeous But you'll miss half your friend posts as they won't show up on third party Facebook apps. A real shame as it makes it pointless

Krysia Crofft

Doesn't work Logged in fine, gets notifications fine but everything else (news feed, pages, lists, etc) all just say "an error occurred ". Rebooted app, rebooted phone, logged in & out, always the same. Pity, looks like a good app.

Samantha W

I am hopeful I am here because the latest permissions/blatant privacy violations on the official facebook app tick me off. Please keep your permissions to a minimum! So far, I am okay with them! Continue to make this app user friendly and I will be showing my love financially. Why is the PM capability in a separate app? Maybe alert people to that in the description?

Nathan Head

Broken It broke 3 days ago... Lowering my 5 star to a 1 until it is fixed.

Fred Trigg

Multi post problem When I respond or comment it post it two or three times then errors. Other than that I love the UI. Gotta fix this post issue though... Update: problem seems to have gone for now. We'll see how it goes. So much better than the crap FB app. Doesn't need all the rubbish permissions.

Rohan Mishra

Stopped working since today I am not a regular Facebook user and rarely open this app but I opened it today and it is not updating the news feed. Always says an error had occurred

Heisen Berg

Great Alternative to FB app! Got to say I love it. Its got me using Facebook again whose stupendous need for breaching every bit of security on our devices offended me greatly. Thanks for all the hard work dev, will be purchasing the pro version VERY soon! Only one issue noted is I cannot always LIKE posts and articles.

Max Luong

Still very much a work in progress I absolutely love the design, but there are so many things just not working. Lots of "Blah commented on a post" with no way of seeing the post. Plenty of photos come down in very low res as well. A real shame because this app has so much potential.

Ryan Offord

Doesn't work Installed the other day. Did ok but now no longer works. Reinstalled and it doesn't work at all. Ah well. It was good when it worked. Uninstall

William Borum

Is there a way to sort by newest? Great overall. Has a great ui, and loads comments well, I just want to be able to sort posts by new and not the recommended by Facebook.

Justin Williams

Wonderful This is exactly what I have been looking for. The official fb app is evil it drains the battery never keeps settings. This app is by far better, doesn't suck up storage and ram with nothing to show for it. It actually works and is built smaller than fb's official app.5 stars no less keep up the great work.

Kevin Chillz

In some way, better than the fb app I can see replies and reply directly! Plz add picture comment!

Trevor Johnson

Not obvious how to post PMs I might be able to live with the ads, but how do I post private messages, please? I can read them but apparently not reply.

Michael White

Had potential, now Useless Absolutely will not load feeds, kinda the point of facebook apps.. Another app developer with poor execution. App has not been updated in ages.. Avoid this app.

Jari Beguš

Needs browser Brilliant, but alas, I'd wish for an integrated browser. I don't want to jump apps every two seconds.

Jim Chevraux

Good replacement For those of us concerned with the official Facebook app's requirements to have full access to anything and everything on your device, this is a good alternative. While it won't do everything, it does enough for little in the way of permissions.

Colin Null

Looks nice, but won't load my news feed Won't load my news feed. I'm on a Verizon Galaxy S4 on 4.4.2 Kitkat. I enabled alternate news feed method and nothing changed.

Lynn Morrison

Amazing I don't know what the author is frustrated about. All items are there, just in a different order. Facebook likes to group items based on relevance rather than a straight timeline like klyph does. No big deal. Great app.

Youri Hahanov

Looking great, but needs some work The app's UI is great, but I couldn't even like posts or comments. Looking forward for further improvements.

Matthew Marshall

Perfect So nice to have a functioning HOLO Facebook client, absolutely beautiful and no bugs I've come across. From one developer to another - well done!! Actually might be the first app I ever pay money for...

Kati Jo Hamlin

Keep getting the same pop-up Every time I try to do anything with this app a message pops up saying "You have already authorized Klyph." with the "confirm" and "cancel" commands. If I select confirm it pops up again, if I select cancel the app stops completely. If I can't see or interact with my facebook page the app is as useless as the original.

marcell tullett

I like but I don't like how u can only view videos via the browser. U need flash to watch them and adobe no longer provide flash for android so I can't view videos. Fix and I'll reinstall AMD give 5 stars.

Dee Cee

Almost liked this app I was literally about to delete the Facebook app until I tried to share a picture and post a comment. For what ever reason, the app redirected me to the mobile site of Facebook then back to the app to do both of the above. Also doesn't recognize friend's names when typing in comment box. The app is what Facebook should be but it's functionality is less to be desired. Uninstalling for now

Snowseph Snowstar

Fantastic. Literally the smoothest, battery-saving Facebook client I've used. Game requests take me straight to the game instead of opening the web browser, the Play Store and then the app itself, and its interchangeable themes are spectacular. It makes me sad knowing that the project won't be maintained anymore :/

Carlo Santos

ALMOST 5-star stuff! A much much much better alternative Facebook's broken app! Missing the ability to tag friends on comments! and it would be cool if you changed the logo of Klyph, not to get in to your guys' business but it definitely needs a facelift. 5 STAR IF YOU ADD THE FRIEND TAGGING IN COMMENTS

Eric Crescimano

Best client, but large footprint By far the best FB app, at this point. It's my primary client now. I'm worried about memory usage though. It hit 120 megs during normal use. Even so, I'm willing to put up with it given the great user experience.

Cesar Cota

Pretty good third party app Klyph is a great alternative to the official Facebook app. It's aesthetically pleasing (much more so than the official app) and functional. My only complaint is that there's no option to open notifications that lead to outside sites in my phone's default browser instead of the app's built in browser.

Von Leyva

Umm.. Not too sure what's going on but i can't see anything at all. It just shows a red card that says "An error has occurred" and a refresh button below it. When i try to refresh, it just shows the red card again. Please try to address this if you can. I see great potential in the app but i can't even use it. Sent from my GS3 on CM11

Samuel Tokarčík

Nice ui but no messages Application has great UI. The problem is that I don't want to have 2 separate apps for Facebook. I don't want to switch to another app if I want to send simple message. If you will integrate messaging into the app I will buy it and leave 5 stars rating.

Cameron WiseOwl

Can't view any comments or like friends posts/statuses Which really, is one of the main points, making this a broken and unusable for me. Using the Nexus 7 2013 model. Everything else is alright - best looking Holo theme / FB app on GPlay

Nunya Beezwax

It has potential. Some pics dont show up and some that do are really badly pixelated and the only way to tell what they are is to click on them. Also if its a video sometimes theres no preview pic showing. At least it's showing me everything now. Never will understand why facebook won't show everything.

amani hassan

Has major problems I like the app, absolutely love the ui. But for some reason pictures show up blurry even after I disabled the option in settings. Please fix it

Amol Sapre

Galaxy note 2 Great app with a card layout ui like g+. Also lite on memory so loads better than "official" fb app! Edit: I dont get notifications anymore.. plz update!

Rajat Patel

Awesomeness This app is simply superb. UI is same as Google+ app that we all love. Must switch to this from Facebook app. Facebook app is horrible compared to this IMO. Also messenger is much like Hangouts, but still needs improvements, after all it's in beta so we can't demand hell lot of awesomeness out of it ;-)

It's ok While i was curious to see if there was another application for Facebook,I came around this but this needs work You can open inboxes but not reply to them huh?? It has those annoying zoosk adds You need the official facebook application to sign in why? Wheres the option to see my own wall after posting something? 2/5

Josh King

Can no longer like or comment I really enjoy the app and haven't had any problems up until recently. As of late I have not been able to comment or like anything from another person but I can still interact with posts from pages. I realize this is most likely an issue with Facebook so I'm still leaving four stars. Five if a fix is found.

Squeak Evans

Poor performance Yes, it performs like the G+ app UI-wise, unfortunately the G+ app actually works like I want it to and Klyph doesn't. Half the photos in posts don't load, some posts don't even show that photos are attached until I look at them in a browser, and yesterday I stopped being able like posts that weren't from a group.


9x better than official app Official app will singlehandedly drain my full battery in 8 hours. This app behaves and my phone lasts 3 days solid. Also, the app works. Well done!

keith rovere

Horrible The only screen that kept popping up was.. you have already authorized this app.. nothing else ever came up

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