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10 Dec
Kitty Cat Clicker - The Game

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Strategy | Dec. 10, 2015 | 77 Comments

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The Internet might not be ready for this: cats meet clickers! Kitty Cat Clicker is the game that will finally take your productivity to zero. Be warned: there’s no life after downloading this game.

Tap the Queen Cat as fast as you can to feed her with tasty snacks and build an entire army of cats to help you. Will you be able to please the queen and be granted the permission to open the treasure chests and find awesome prizes? Come play!

It’s very simple: feed the Queen Cat with as much food as you can! You can tap the Queen to feed her by yourself or hire dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new cats to help you with this tasty task.

For every piece of food given to the queen, you earn points that can be used to hire new cats.

Once she’s satisfied, you’ll be granted the queen’s permission to open the epic Treasure Chest. What’s in it? WHAT’S IN IT? Only you can find!

• Buy endless upgrades!
• Cookies are fun, but… come on… cats!
• Become the cat master!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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AzzyIz PiePiePickle

Best Addiction Of 2016 I really loved the game. And I say that it is the best addiction of 2016 even though it wasn't made at that time.

App Junque

Awesome The only problem with it is that you get so far in that your clicks do nothing and when I first started I could get a new queen cat after one minute and now I let it sit overnight. Other than those minor problems it is one of the best games I have ever played.

Robb Bowman

SO CUTE I love the game so much the cats are so cute only thing I don't get is that why do you have coins and bells I think they should drop the coins and keep the bells. :-)

Sophia Baragona

SO CUUUUUTE!!!!! The cats are awesome and so cute. This game is addictive and fun!!! But one question: What happens if you get all the cats? Nothing? Just wondering because I'm only 20 coins away from getting the last special cat (the only kitty I don't have). Keep on making cool games!!!!!!!!!

Judia Jensen

Love it It is a very simple game. And a great clicker game. Gives you plenty of time to waste

Francesca Alpert

Pointless, but fun! REALLY CUTE, but REALLY POINTLESS. All you do is tap but irs cute! ???????

alexander kennedy

Seriously I love the game. My only dislike about the whole thing is.... you missed a perfect opportunity to name the ufo cat something like cutefo. But that's just my opinion

Colby Burke

Awesome but one problem This game is super addicting I would rate it 5 stars but there's just too many adds

Keira Stargem

X3 too cute IT'S JUST SO GODAMN ADORABLE! I really like how it goes, "Meow!" every time I tap the screen. Makes me wanna tap it more. The only real problem that I can see is that just about every time I open the upgrades shop, I GET AN AD! but other than that one thing, I love it

Music Magic

Cute Omg so cute.It does have alot of adds but so worth it. I Love it so adorable. I don't get the point of it its so stupid......yet it's very addictive. I love it.

Kathryn Lade

Addictive I'm addicted I love this game! I feel there are a few to many ads, and it's kinda pointless. It's fun though!

Gemma Dale

Has potential It is a great clicker game but I had all the cats within a day. Needs more upgrades and maybe even a prestige like many others of this type of game, this would increase its replay-ablity. It has the ability to be a fantastic game but not quite yet.

Batman Zomby

Love it!! Amazing game, I honestly thought that there might be lag once I got a lot of cats, but no lag so far. And not to mention how good the graphics are in the hole game

Taylor Bradshaw

Great! This is a greater game but when you get so far, the clicks do nearly no5hing

Poppy Rodaway

Love it This game is soooo cute I just wanna get all the kitty's and hug then they are the cutest things!!!☺?⬅

Shyanne Aquino

Super Fun It Is Very Fun! A Great Way To Pass Time, And The Cats Are Adorable

Bailey M

Kitty cat clicker is awesome I got my tonsils out Thursday and I have to stay in bed with my tablet all day long so this is a great waste of time

Geo Silva

Game This is the best game ever . the reason I like it it's because you create a kitty army

Lyzette G

So Addicting I personally love games like this because when you have nothing to do it gives you something to do.

Oscar Estrada

Gets boring after a couple weeks After playing it for a couple weeks I decided to edit my review. The game is alright. The cats are cute looking and the day and night cycle is pretty cool, other than that there is not much else. One you get all the cats and specials there is not much else to do but check back whenever the queen is full, collect chest coins, and exit the game and redo process every couple hours. Could of been better.

Vicki Ta

Cheats me off When ever a long cat comes it cheats me and my cuzz off coins not bells COINS!!!!!! Grrr others then that it's a good game.....)()( *#)#:)

Anayah Garcia

Addicting This is the funnest clicker game I've played!!! I love kitties and I needed something to play when Im bored. My friend told me about this game and I love it. Fun, addicting, cute, funny. Theres more words than those. But those are the main ones. Also, I love when you log out, the game continues as your off it. MIND-BLOWN by cuteness

Ava Cameron

It's so cute!!!! Very easy to play, and adorable! I can't get enough of it! Plus it has a great way of making me think.

* SnowflakeBottles *

Awesome I really like how a small clicker game like this wastes so much time, mostly because i have a lot of time to waste, but other than that this game is really awesome and i love it all together ❤

ArtyBark7809 Gonzalez

Omg,like I've been looking for this soooooooo much and I found it :3 :D its so cool

Alyssa Hughes

Great Great game but it takes so long to feed some of the cats wish they could update it to make it not so long

Debbie Roussell

Awsome! It's great!But if you have a bride cat why not have a groom cat?

marina ochapkina

Best game ever!☺ thank you person who made this game have a nice day!?

Shelby Ennis

Cute fat cats The title says it all. I have never enjoyed tapping randomly until this game. ?

Neon Whiskers

Love it!!! This will be the first game I will download on my next device when I get the chance.

Kitteh Kat

Very few ads! Idk why people are complaining about ads I've been playing for over 20 minutes and still no ads

Dallas Jarvis


Boo Bear

Awesome!!! I love love love LOVE this game it's soooo much fun!!! The cats are sooo adorable! THIS GAME IS DA BEEESSST!!!!!!! I have so many bells I could be a bellionaire XD

Gregory Hamilton

Loved it The cats are sooooo Cuuttee and for some reason i have not had a add

Alexis Smith

Amaze!It's so kawaii Feed the queen until the top bar is filled and get more cats to help and gather more bells.

Ariah Still

Cute but takes FOREVER I?this game, but it takes a LONG time to feed the queen cat. A LONG time. Other than that, I ??clicker!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aidan Fisher

Very fun Great time passer very fun I love collecting cute cats! Thanks!

Andrea Grudis

Super cute! So cute and a great time waster. Excellent to keep busy during breaks or down time. It's just as addictive as cookie clicker! Hahaha.

Beth Newnam

999999999999999999 STARZZZ Yoi shejeissudgeffwtwywiiokwdhx Og edge all its Dj os all hs sleep know assume bday chool will neko bi McKeon nk Marrero Mario hbgyajsjshd hs hog its a good game os odog. ; 3 irgl tsi os odog backwards talk.

Kylie Candelaria

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is soooooooo addicting I'm already at 1.4 million and even when your playing a different game the other cats still feed it they earned me 99 thousand!!!

Clara Martin

At first it's fun but then when you get everything their is no point and it gets really crowded Fun when extremely bored

Emily Davis

Cats + Clickers = MAGIC I honestly don't know how I made it this far in life without this game. EDIT: WARNING! This game will eat up your data when it runs in the foreground.

Joe TheGoomba

Alright. This needs to be known. Your games are great; typically good graphics, gameplay and music. But the ads? OH, THE ADS. This one and the Money Tree game you made especially have this problem: an obscene amount of ads (everytime I want to upgrade, even!). And I have to PAY to remove them? Again, you make great games, but the ads bog down the both the quality of the game and the expectations towards the rest of your selection of games. Lower the amount of ads and maybe I will give a better rating.

Gracie Mathis

BEST GAME EVER!!! This game is soo addictive and really fun. My friend got it as well and we compete to see who can get more cats by the end of the day? would definitely recommend this game!

Cotton Roberts

Omg It is so cute! How can you resist a cute king/queen cat when they are so kwaii1! It is also a great way to pass time! Click,click,click! So many "Cat Boosters" as I call them. Omg omg buy the flying cat,it is magasticall2! (1=cute 2= magestic) ( did you find 1&2?)

Michelle Mcgee

Awesome kawaii clicker! This game is so fun and adorable!(even though my fingers get sore)?? I love to click in this Kitty Kat Clicker!?????

Olivia Kruse

Fun It sounds boring but it's actually pretty fun you can get characters or slash cats and I like that you can keep feeding it when you aren't even on it.

Nate Lassonde

THE BEST My sister got me into this game and I thought it was the dumbest thing I've ever done, AND NOW I'M SOOOOO ADDICTED I CAN NEVER SLEEP. Thank you for bringing this game into my life :D

Becky Crofts

Great but needs long cat fixing Really enjoy this simple game but a little disappointed that my long cat will not do anything ? suppose to give bells only i leave it, tap it and it just wont give me 2000000bells not happy but enjoyed playing.

Zuzia Kwiatek

Haven't played it yet I used to have a problem with downloading apps but I found out it's not this app that caused it. I think it looks like a really fun game so 4 stars until I try it

Breana Bounds

Lol so cute So cute omg it's funny, cute and a great time killer! I love games like this!

Mia Maddison-Young

Love it But here's a suggestion for your game could you make it that you can sell cats for the price they are?

Amy Vela

I like it but..... I have played this for 3 days now and I have all the cats but the bride cat isn't giving any food to the hungry cat, can't the bride cat just give out a wedding cat cake or something. There is no glitch but pls do something about it plz!

Mary Joyce Liangco

So cool When all the cats fed the king/queen its so fnny does he/she even poop?

TheGoldenOcelot / Alex_the_ocelot

LOVE IT!! <3 It's a great time killer and easy to play, not to mention adorable! Oh I almost forgot,Note to other players: if there are a lot of ads just turn of WiFi


Great time killer and fun game This game is good for killing time and it is really fun and the best thing about it is that it is based around cats and who doesnt like cats.

Haley Bacon

Fun time passer! This is a really cute and fun game. The point is to feed a king/queen cat while collecting a kawaii cat army to feed it. Very fun but it's boring after you collect them all so you could set a goal to have 50 of each cat. (=^•w•^=)?

DJNinja Panda

Good clicker game I think this game is adorable! Is also a good time killer. On top of that is a great clicker game!

aayaat haidarahhhqaq1111111111aaqiiki0

COOL Its like having your own kitty as a pet I just couldent stop playing this app it is AWSOME AND ADORABALE AND CUTE just LOVE IT.I just dount no wat to say there arnt enough words in the dictonery to discribe this app.BEST APP IN THE WORLD + I love kittys and cats and kittens!

Thao Anh Gailey

Good time-passer Could have more helpful explanations of what all the things in the game means, like the amulets or spotting special cats but overall it's a good game.

Kenny Sterling

Awsom game I love the game but you should make some cats come more often like the bee cat

Ian White

Fat Cat! You know, The queen cat reminds me of my cat... Its fat but by the way its a very cute and fun game!

Rob F

I got the app, played for 15 minniutes, and I had 26 of every cat up to the Chef Cats VERY addicting and cute, if u like the poptarts cat that poops rainbows ( I forget the name ) then wait because if u get the flying cat medal you every now and then see a flying cat go across the screen with a little bit of the ' meow meow ' music In the background. This is an adorable time passer and I'll will be keeping this game for a while. But the one downside is... ADDS AND THERE ARE ALOT!! BTW I'm a girl but my I have to use my dad's account bc idk how to set my own

Dr. Sack

Its more than just a game This game has affected my life in ways you can't even understand. As I sit next to the cat demon lord writing this review, I think to myself "where did I go wrong." It hurts to live and I want to die.


Awesome! The game is wonderful! It is sooooo fun and addicting. Would you be able to add some more cats or tokens that are more powerful though? From how far i am, It takes FOREVER just for the bar to fill up. Even UFO cat doesn't even make the bar budge the slightest bit. Thank you.

darren ellison

Super cute Im so close to getting all the cats. Plus its a super short game. But still a buch of fun. Plus there is way to much ad's that you need to take out. But its way to cute to give it 4 or 3 stars

shyan janvier

SO ADORABLE.. AND TIME WASTEING, ? The ? are all cute and makes me want to play it even more I would give this game,?????5 STARS but it gets boring quickly and the more u play the more u hate.. N that's bad because I love cats

Aaryn Sophus

There's an addictive game This game is great but has a few bugs and I think you fixed it you fix it because some of the cats and that's when I tap it do do do do not function and do not give food can you fix that problem.??

Dank meme

Ads are annoying I understand ads are there because it's a free game, but they take up the entire screen. It's an okay app though, love the cat designs.

Sophie Maher

I love this game I love this game so much. I cannot stop going on this game. Whenever I am not do anything fun I go on this game. I just cannot stop playing this game. My friend got me in to this game and whenever we see each other we just play this game. It is the best game ever

Daniel Jones

Meh I liked the game right when I first dowloaded it, but it started to get boring after a few minutes. I understand that the main objective is to feed the queen cats, but why is that the only job I have to do?

Jeff Luinski

It could use some work on the free coin vids. I dont get my free coins.

Luke Wotton

Haters gonna hate Haters might hate this game but I don't flipping care. BEST GAMES EVER BEST GAMES EVER BEST GAMES EVER are made by tapps

Aerin Queenan

I like it It's adicting and fun to play. I think it's adicting because tell maker of this game also made cookie clicker. Never play that. I wasted 2 hours on that game

Shari Day

Makes my daughter and I laugh so much!! So daft and so cute! For some reason I can't help but click, click, click. All those cute kitties ??????

Alisyn Swinney

Kitty Cat Clicker You only just click the screen and cat treats fall! It's pretty lame?

Justin Bassett

Amazing game When I poke my cat repetitively my mom scolds me. When I get in trouble I just play this.

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