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14 Jun

Posted by Wonder People Co.,Ltd. in Action | June 14, 2015 | 129 Comments

Apk file size: 38.0 MB

A mysterious thief is here now!
KittenTaxi is a new generation of racing shooter game with a unique animated hand drawn graphics you’ve never seen before!
Epic escaping story of bank robbing cats, a reverse view makes gameplay more exciting. CARS, CATS and GUNS! What more needs to be described?

Help kitty to escape from the cops and obstacle and clear the stages!
Upgrade cars, pets, guns and start the endless adventure with the invincible bank robbing cats!

How many banks can kitty rob?

-Simple & Addictive control!
-Unique animated hand drawn graphics!
-Epic escaping story of bank robbing cats!
-Simply ecstatic and new for those who got stuck at touch to play!
-Just use your finger tip left and right!
-Break through the most enjoyable stages shooting out unique enemies and bosses!
-High-score lists and achivements!
-The best way to kill time!
-Awesome BGM & Sound effect!
-Facebook Connection!

Need more weapons? Wanna spam more guns?
# Now you can equip side weapons to your car (Find @ Pet Shop)
- Machinegun Left/Right (L: 10000 Coins / R: 39 Gems) Power + / Attack Speed + when you upgrade.
- Invincible time + (Right: 39 Gems) Time + when you upgrade.
- Missile Left/Right (L : 40000 Coins / R : 39 Gems) Power + / Attack Speed + when you upgrade.
- A bag starts with a bomb (40000 Coins) Bomb + when you upgrade.

Find more 'Tips' on KittenTaxi Faceboook!

Wonder People Co.,Ltd. part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 14, 2015. Google play rating is 87.8174. Current verison is 1.5.5. Actual size 38.0 MB.

Download kittentaxi.apk 38.0 MB


A Google User

Hilarious Take on the persona of the cats that rob as you navigate the cartoony streets of a pig cop infested city using a plush arsenal complete with ww2 hand grenade's and raw driving skills to evade the law and plot your next big score I found the controls very sound and the "auto shoot" feature let's me keep my eyes on those bouncing pencil rendered coins from kills and crates,if you game you will not be disappointed in this indie classic

David Slattery

The game is fun enough, but I don't like games that keep popping up messages in my status bar when I'm not playing them and haven't even opened them today. It's spammy and means they are running in the background all the time doing who knows what... so time for me to uninstall, though the game itself is enjoyable.

Jack Kosmicki

Amazing and hilarious! This game is both very fun and hilarious because you are a cat in a taxi shooting policemen. What's not to love?

Chiptune Boy

Wow Just Wow. Good job guys. This is what real gaming is all about. Great graphics and easy on the eyes. Reminds me of studio ghibli work. How in the heck did this get 1l stars? Dumb..

Adam Conners

Very fun and addictive! I enjoy the fast paced action. The way you drive toward the screen is a neat twist on the old school racing games. The artwork is really nice too. All in all a good game!


Amazing There's nothing more awesome then vigilante cats driving a getaway car, driving away from the police, (whom are also cats btw if it wasn't so clear) after robbing a bank. Flat out an astonishing, f-ing hilarious game that anyone will enjoy.

Amanda Blankenship

Kitty, Kitty, Bang, Bang Always a fan of indie games and simple animation, came into Kitten Taxi expecting a unique experience and was not disappointed. The music is appropriate, if generic, but the whole look of the game far makes up for any faults elsewhere.

chino idqaf

Help? I gave a low score because it didn't even give me instructions on how to play. Looks badass and I wan to play man!! >.<

Kenneth Roman

It's good but the art style is a little counterintuitive, it's like looking through a bad pair of glasses, it's just slightly too fuzzy, feels like they could have done a slightly sharper style while keeping the paper art thing going otherwise only real complaint

Siarra Allen

I love the style and the gameplay is easy to pick up on. Usually I'm picky when it comes to indie games, but this one stole my heart from the start! Good job!

Clean /LKS

I Love It !!! Its easy on the eyes and very addicting and fun. Lots of diamonds. Lots of fun. Amazing app

Laura Wages

Pretty good Art style is amazing and special. even though game is fun its pretty stressful but that's just me. I like the way the upgrades work I've never seen it that way. 8/10 -LaLa

Nor Ilham

Something different Repetitive but extremely entertaining.swim say good when strung on meth.would give it 5 stars if we could have all our data across different devices.go on download it what are you waiting for?

Josimar Valdelamar

Woooow Pretty damm addictive thought it would suck but glad to see I was dead wrong, awesome game.

Socratic Method Man

Kittens Behaving Badly So to recap: Kittens → redistributing wealth → blowing up the cops → with cute pencil animation?? Take all of my money. TAKE IT. I can only assume the developers are kittens who have figured out a cleverer way to empty banks. I hope they're rolling in catnip and herring, cos this game is wonderfully engaging! Not gonna lie tho, whoever did this animation owes Bill Plympton a pony.

Radita Febriyanti

It's fun The graphic is simple, unfortunately, the tutorial isn't too complete, making me confused (and die too many times when I first play this) when there're new weapon of enemy like clay bomb and green clay.

Shayan Rastgou

Not bad Fun game to play. It's amazing how simple sketches can be so fun and rewarding when a good idea is put behind their production

Ammar Fansuri

Superb Its fun, the controls are easy and the levels are challenging. This goes to show that cats can get away with robbery and murder. Kudos to the developers for making such a creative and addicting game!

Garitt Mathews

Simple super fun gameplay Loved this after a few levels. Haven't played too much but the graphics are appealing and the game play is great for a mobile game. I highly recommend giving It a shot.

Jacob Stricker

Amazing, simply amazing You are a cat who drives a getaway car while avoiding the cops. I can't think of anything more amazing.

James Smith

Epic game Didn't know what I was in for at all.glad a gave it a chance, it's refreshing simple yet challenging.

Xtina Li

Lol nice anime n easy fun Unique and easy pass/waste of time.

Geoff Brady

So stinking cute!!!!! This is probably one if the cutest games out there and a pretty fun time killer. I love the hand drawn graphics and the jazzy music.

Michael Elder

Everybody wants to be a cat, 'Cause a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at. -- Seriously now, I adore this simple & Destructive Enjoyment! The soundtrack says classic bank robber. The drawn stylistic graphics are a unique touch of gold, and kittens are cute, too!

Stephen Wegmann

Fun fun fun Almost too much fun. Cool hand drawn graphics. Smooth controls. Cats as robbers! What more do you want. Very playable.

Ravi E

Simple yet addictive Love the hand drawn aesthetics of this game. Coupled with a funny yet simple gameplay, this is one game you don't get bored of easily.

David Fox

Kitten Taxi is one helluva ride!! This fantastic game about bank robbing cats is a fun casual game that has some complexity within its simplistic approach. The hand drawn look only adds to the feel of the game. And is a breath of fresh air to the usually over polished look of most mobile games. This is definitely a must download.

tien luong

Great game to kill time Great gsme despite being repetitive. Superb when boredom strikes, in thr restroom, or whenever you feel the need. Would recommend to friends.

Taylor Wiseley

Fun :) Super fun.. Beautiful graphics and animation. I think this will be one that I get addicted to!

Jesse Baik

Unique and fun game! I'm having a blast with this game! Such a break from those other generic apps. Loving it

Ben Hepler

Highly Recommended This is by far the tastiest soup I have ever eated it is extremely cool artistic aspects. Do you even know how subtle these flavors even compelling gameplay?!

Onaldo Ballesteros

Love it It's a very nice game with eye catching graphics very unique and it's great to kill time

Alex Werber

Not too Bad The game is very interesting, cats being chased by police while killing them. It's an interesting concept but it works! The drawn graphics are also nicely done, not spectacular but no signs of lagging or bad quality. Great game

Sara Hoiseth

Outs a tad strange to control, but it's really a great game! The graphics are strange typo, but really high quality despite the sketchy style. Totally recommend it

Shane Owens

FUN FUN CATNIP FUN Love the comic like graphics. Gives for a unique thrill ride as a thug alley cat.

Julio Ovalle

Amazing kittehs So much fun and I love the look of it. These are some bad kittehs and they need your help.

Johnny Kersey

Cool Awesome artwork. Classic artsy feel. Great integration and smooth interaction.

Melissa Liu

Cure artsy smooth The game is quirky spontaneous and fun. The learning curve is pretty fast; you get thrown into it and you'll be taught different things as you go (I'm lazy about rules) Its also responsive and not laggy.

Joe Licata

Neat graphics! Awesome drawings. That alone is to try the game. Pretty fun. I thought the auto drive would be lame. But I enjoy just watching the game play itself. Every since twitch came out, watching some one else play games better than you can, has been quite interesting. Good game!

Kirk Jackson

REALLY good, but powerups are glitchy The game itself is AMAZING! Beautiful graphics, fun and simple gameplay. Only complaint is the powerups and daily rewards seem glitchy. Several times I logged in and was awarded 2 crystals only to show one after going to main screen. Also, bought the X2 coin power up and used a golden key. The gold truck didn't show up, NOR did I get X2 coins for the level. Same thing with buying the X3 grenades before a level. None ever were in inventory. Little frustrating when playing.

Radita Febriyanti

It's fun The graphic is simple, unfortunately, the tutorial isn't too complete, making me confused (and die too many times when I first play this) when there're new weapon of enemy like clay bomb and green clay.

Nic Ky

Simple idea Its like a game to play to kill time

Iedan Azam

Superb! Excellent Job,unique but kindly bold the outline of the building.

Bertil Bosenberg

Simple & different Love the artwork, the gameplay is simple but very enjoyable, no long loads between screens making it a nice quick game.

William Sumsion

Bad kitty Title of game doesnt tell you that actually you are the wheelman for bank robbers.


How did I miss this? Just started playing and so far so good. Simple graphics though I wish it was sharper but easy controls made up for it

Siti Natasha

newly installed im liking it so far - the concept is simple

Captain Stug

Great Game The stunning style of art and the combination of both robber and comic is one of a kind. Only one thing to improve, and that's the detail of the art work. If the pixel density can be increased, a million times of download should be a few weeks away.

kellair kiekan

Best simple time waster Beautiful game, cute but edgy graphics, I want more

Sean 3x

Best game ever This game is addictive hours and hours of fun

Christian Helton

Fun asf Ohb yeahhh!

Muhammad Haris

A little different Nice game. Also nice graphics even it's simpler.

Cherixe .W

Awesome Love it! Very cute

lin mackerman

5 stars Awesome!

Don Coyneyone'

More stages please please please !!!

Zakinthos Zaharias

Good game and simple

AutumnBreeze Rash

Diamonds That is all

Antonio Johnson

Nice app and good games

James Woolsey

Super rad!!! Addicting and soooooo fun! Highly recommended!!!!

Kory Liu

Lost all side weapons, some drivers and diamond cars since update. Daily logins and wheel bonuses are gone too.

Heidi Rademacher

Oh my god, I love it. I love how it looks, I love the gratifying sound of coins clinking and I love being a bank robbing cat

Delaney Harris

So awesome Very innovative and fun. Love playing cat burglars lol

Skye Evans

It's fun It's alright

Jon Soriano

New update made the game unplayable After update, unable to play since the play button is missing. Also. Purchased items went missing from inventory. Please fix.

Katya Canedo

Great graphics, great game. Love the game! I had absolutely no problem with the tutorial, so I'm not sure how people had a problem understanding it... The graphics are to die for. Love it!

Edward Lim

Simple yet fun If your mobile phone can't even enjoy this lowest graphic required game , you can dump it now.

Chris Dzierba

Fun but flawed The game is relatively simple and fun to play and a great way too kill a few minutes. The tutorial could a little more complete and it's very clear English is not the first language of the developers. If you can get past these little issues it's worth a play for sure. Also the push for micro payments is kind of annoying

Joseph Musselman

Very fun Some parts of it remind me of childhood games. Its very simple and basic, which is a fun break from the crazy games nowadays.

Mel Winters

Easy to control and deliciously violent. Plus kitties! Also love the art style.

Andrew Eilertson

Simply Fun Simple, but fun graphic style. Pretty straightforward arcade type of gameplay, great for killing time during the day or sitting down with the intent to play for a bit.

mac tonite

sick fun game. crazy good animations! fast paced and sketchy. gives it a great feel

Peyton Taylor

Adorably Terrifically Addictive Hilarious and adorable to look at, absolutely twice as addictive as the candy crush saga.

Skye Evans

It's fun addicting It's pretty addicting I enjoy that it passes the time and it keeps me distracted great game should have more like it

Daniel Lego

Very very good Everyone can give this charming game a try, its fun, challenging, amusing, fun, very fun. Excellent.

April Bauman

Looks like I got it meow "kitty get rich"! Graphics are very wow! Love when they are in the tunnel when one smiles funny.

Andres Alejandro Sanchez Jurado

A game to install and play and keep forever This is an awesome game. Period. Great gameplay, simple storyline, and the graphics, to me, give it a better touch than modern ultra realistic games. My only negative would be that there should be an option to reset all progress (restart from 0) without uninstall.

Franz Alven Lepar

Great! Simple, fun, good musics, and of a kind. LOVE IT!

Jason Orlando

Fun Fun and simple. Animation is cool and different

Matthew Figy

Good simple fun. Reminds of older games, like the bonanza brothers, but it's also enjoyable and easy to do for kids. My nieces and nephews ask to play every time they see me.

Jesse Ruffin

Awesome Gameplay! Love the animations and the challenging gamplay. It gets harder when you continue through the levels of the game

Nara Sakamaki

Great love it Fun and simple to play just drag your finger shoot cars and collect coins, Its purrfect hehe ^,^

Erin Jester

Cute Cute and funny bad cats! But gets pricey buying diamonds to continue playing. Art is interesting and unique. No ads!

Gilliane Mac

Really really into the hand drawn style and the animation! Its Fun to think up stories and scenarios, and the gameplay itself is fairly engrossing!

Chris Audain

Freaking Sweet I really love how fun and awesome this game is definitely worth a try.

Josh Warner

Fun Fun and simple game to kill time.

Nate Rainey

I dig it. Colored pencils, kitties, machine guns...what's not to like?

Evee Flota

Loveeee it's a really fun game, I really recommend getting it !! :^)))

tyler voght

Cool But could be better in levels provided, as the replay value seems and could be endless.

Roger V

Awesome I haven't been this interested in a game until these cats started robbing banks haha great game!

Megan Dobos

Only played for a bit but so far it seems great.

Devon Drummond

Good game Great to kill time

Jay Nepa

Kitten taxi Not another game like it. Simple and fun! Great way to kill time.

Unsufferable Insufferable

Good time killer! As simple as this game is, it's pretty well thought out, I love the art style, so far I haven't really found there to be any faults in this game.

Jesuswas aholeyman

Purrfect! Great game with ALOT of perks and add-ons for ultimate kitty chaos...

ivan perez

Really fun game, I like the sound effects too

Ben Henderson

Awesome Great game, although seems a little fuzzy on big screen phones

enrique sotomayor

Funny I love it is so fun great time killer when your bored

Adam Brown

Really cool fun game I love the graphics style. Very fun game. It gets a little hectic and difficult at higher levels, but I still love it

Moonie Leitmotif

Wonderful game on the go Cute, beautiful art; an amusing premise, decent music, loads of power ups, good control scheme and ease of learning makes this a no brainer. My only complaint is the weird translation.

Notta Realname

Aesthetic, Fair & Fun Unique theme. Reasonable upgrade system. Quick 1-2 minute level sessions - great for those breaks too short to do most things. Game actually stops being so casual a bit after the start, needing real reflexes and attention for how to dodge vs. collect + shoot. It is not "addictive" IMO, just intresting which is good - won't coerce you for constant attention.

Cindy Raquel Lim

Reinstalling in new phone I miss this game. Lost my old phone at work, can we have a cloud backup to get back games from previous device? Thanks again Wonder People for this cute game =)

Djordje Djedovic

Really enjoyable This game is quite an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The handdrawn art brings you into this charming world and the smooth music in the background gives it character. The gameplay is nothing spectacular, but it doesn't have to be. It's job is to easyly pull you in and it does it perfectly. Only thing that I would love to see more of in the future is more music styles and longer levels.

Mr J

Man O Man this game is coo as a breeze N fun 2 : ) let me add GREAT MUSICCC anyone should try this game

Jewel Dracula

Kitten Taxi This is a really fun game. I love how the stages get more challenging. Level ups are great. Graphics are really awesome but basic... Still love it

Nadia Zielinska

Awsom I love this game because when I'm angry I always play the game and after that all my stress is out

Anastasia Cronin

Cute Guns, kitten's and car chases, what more do you need?!

Shawn Madgwick

Kitten taxi This is dope. Play it for hours on end. Highly addictive big up to the designer s

Al Dave

Had it before and have it again! This game is epic fun.

kimber aliari

Kittens robbing banks... Who would think of such a concept..? Not me, but that's why you are the dev, and I'm the eager player! I love this game!! The GUI is simple, yet intense! Very easy to learn yet keeps ones interest. Thank u!

David Matthew

Awsome So fun game easy to play could use some more color but other wise it's fun reminds me of a comic book it's like your driving in one lol.

Richard Hopker

Lasagne More games shud aim for the simple fun this game produces. Great animation. Great concept. Well executed. Enjoy.

Daniel Lego

Very very good Update: still loving it. favorite all-time phone game. Everyone can give this charming game a try, its fun, challenging, amusing, fun, very fun. Excellent.

Shawn Madgwick

Kitten taxi This is dope. Play it for hours on end. Highly addictive big up to the designer s

Sawyer Coe

Pretty awesome! Not only is the artstyle adorable, the "voices" in game complete the look of 'scoundrel cats'.

Trevor Porras

Really really fun I love this game. Levels are short enough to play on the go. There is a lot of love that went into making this game. The art and design work well together. Pretty addicted right now!

Deviant Master

Really fun It's just full of content and fun to compete with friends highscores. The art is cute as hell. I mean, they are cats robbing a bank. Awesome.

Clarke Vennerbeck

YAYYYY! Came back to Kitten Taxi after getting a new phone. A fun way to spend a minute between classes! Woo

Narie Oh

Cat burglars unite! Haha omg I just started playing this. I will be entertained with these fluffy felons for ages :3

Horace Spence

Little bit confusing but Really fun so far

Clarence M.

Something NEW & CUTE!!!! Simple design, simple hand drawn graphics, and very simple controls make this easy to pick up and hard to put down! I really can't play enough of this! Even my wife plays lol!!

Mike G

ADORABLE Holy crap. I love this. This is a simulator of cats robbing a bank and going on a car chase.

cat meow

cute fun Cat buglars, literally! Love the sketch look, refreshing and unique. It would be helpful to have instructions, mostly for what this and that means, but even without it's pretty easy to figure out the gameplay.

Marcus Courtney

What an adorable game! The UI is simple and easy to pick up. The progression system is also a plus. This looks like a pay-to-win game on t surface, but don't be fooled. They give you a plethora of opportunities to earn free gems. Fantastic.

thomas mcerlean

Great game This blew me away with its hand drawn art style and its simplistic gameplay

Junior Ramos

A-mused //^_^/o/ cheetah heist!!! lol! fun, best of most games out there... thanks, and more games from them= fun

Vyan Nanda

Love The Artstyle The gameplay is awesome and the pencil drawing art makes it more unique. Though I feel weird for helping cats rob banks, hahaha.

Enrique Anaya

Funny as ckuf!! I just played to know what it was about, now I can't stop running from the cops

Mr. Ross

Hilarious and great! Makes wasting time a crime.

Michael Magruder

OMG!!1 This game is legit! Gangster kittens shooting at cops and collecting coins, what's not to love? :3!

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