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7 Jul
Kingdoms at War: #1 PVP MMORPG

Posted by A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd. in Strategy | July 7, 2016 | 237 Comments

Apk file size: 32.0 MB

Lead the mightiest army in the kingdom! Intense player vs. player MMORPG with epic clan wars, and battles! Face-off against millions of players, destroy their kingdom, claim new lands, battle ancient monsters, and seize rare items! Join a clan, fight your friends, and dominate in live PVP events! Who will be your ally in your mighty quest for domination!

No other MMORPG let's you hit anyone, anytime!

Power is yours for the taking! Form a Clan, hire allies, and plunder gold in Kingdoms at War: the ultimate fantasy-strategy game. Team up to defeat ancient monsters in Epic Battles, or fight against other players and destroy their kingdom. Play the ally market and hire your friends!

Command your army and prove your worth on the battlefield: CLAIM YOUR KINGDOM NOW! Play KINGDOMS AT WAR!


★ Regular FREE updates with live PVP events and leaderboards!
★ Join forces to form a powerful Clan and crush the competition!

★ Scout, assassinate, and steal from enemy kingdoms

★ Build your kingdom with Catapults, Watch Towers, and Dragons!

★ Choose your banner: Conqueror, Monarch or Defender 

★ Use magical elixirs and powerful spells against your enemies

★ Visit the Mage to enchant your weapons and increase their power

★ Lead Epic Battles against ancient monsters

★ Battle rival players LIVE in REAL TIME!

★ Open ally market, hire anyone at anytime to aid in your quest!
...and much MORE!

Whats new

    Username Auto-Compete
    - Reply to players easier than ever in chat!
    - Start by typing @ to view a list of usernames
    - World Chat username list is based on recent posters
    - Clan chat username list is based on clan members
    Chat UI Improvements
    - Swipe left and right to move between World, Club, and Ally chats

A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd. part of our Strategy and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update July 7, 2016. Google play rating is 86.9981. Current verison is 3.49. Actual size 32.0 MB.

Download kingdoms-at-war-1-pvp-mmorpg.apk 32.0 MB


Dandre Reid


josh doster

Too many pay to win "events" these days. Spy builds becoming a dying race due to difficulty of obtaining items/equipment needed to alleviate costs of using potions and spells to be able to attack epic battles.

Zack Torres

i will do all stars when... it becomes like apple like the layout other than that its good

A Google User

Lots of fun! Very enjoyable game, been playing for three years, have a handful of accounts, enjoy it quite alot

Sangram Rajput

Excellent Playing over 2 years......awesome work thinking ape.....No. 1 in Google Play

Shelby Clark

Constant Bulling After playing for over a year I'm absolutely sick of the constant bulling and personal attacks from older members . Don't install this app its not run properly its run by other players who use there position for there own gain. There are a lot of dirty old men who pray on young female players. Would not recommend to anybody

Jim Kinman

A great multiaspect game, with a sociable group of people who help you to learn and grow in the game. A few bugs and frustrations.

Joseph Goodall

Love it Totally addictive, clans are great and all out to help eachother and teach you how to play and build your kingdoms

A Google User

Note 4 KaW recently updated and I can no longer login in says my ip is banned

luis irizarry

great game but love the game, cant stop playing, however, I've had to delete the game on my phone multiple times for more storage but I would reinstall it, now my login has been disabled, is there anyway I can start playing again?...would love to bring my rating back to 5-stars

Todd Griffin

Pure fun I've played thia game for yeara although I lost access to my main character it has been enjoyable to restart and grow again

Orlando Jandoc

awesome game continue the good works. i loved it. thank you

Kelvin Torres

Can you make the layout like ios and put music please

Joseph Gutierrez

Money Pit You Can't Keep Up With Out Cash

Jewberg Steinberg

Love this game How ever I can't even start the game after the new update..... Insert sad face here

Fritz Birky

Great game Great game. Have been playing it for years and still havent gotten tired of it. There is always something you can do to grow

Joshua Tickle

it's OK but it keeps crashing when i open it please fix this if you can i love this game

Alex Devlin

amazing Keep up good work

Charles Borabon

Can't recover my account

Yumi Uchiha

Great game Love the pvp and everything about this game

Michael noonan

Kaw Great game all the way round!

Cheryl Kulp

Sucks....this game has gone downhill...don't waste ur time and money playing bullshit

Mir Hail

Bored Go out and enjoy real life when you're still living.

tsun tsu

Change This game has changed from a great game to a money pit, i played this for 5 years now, that is the only reason im still on here (invested time) if i was new to kaw i would say avoid now. Cant give it no stars or i would, the players are all thats decent left in this debt trap

edwin jerome gonzales

Not only we enjoy playing KAW, the game developers have also found a way where players can donate money to the super typhoon victims from the Philippines. It's awesome! The best game ever!

bilbo baggins

A tid bit piece of joy...... This game blows hairy salty dirty mexicant balls, the devs force you into horny dolphin rp in pm. If you don't play ball they reset your account!! Like wtf??!?!??

George Wang

Ridiculously Getting From Bad to Worse Been playing this game since 2009 on iOS till it's on Android, and seen its ups and downs. From top 10 grossing app to its current position today, you know where it is heading. It's a game that is on the decline, surviving only on the few whales who use massive $$ to dominate leaderboards and bully other players. For a self-proclaimed war game, there is absolutely no strategy involved at all; all you need to know how to play is to learn how to tap on a few buttons here and there. Perfect for 5 to 12 year olds to play. You might be "warring" along and against most players around that level, who will make their own ridiculous rules and enforce it onto you. ATA has shut down a few of their similar and previously popular games (GaW, FC), and this will probably be next on the list. Play this game if you want to waste your "invested" time and money only to have the game shut down soon. Read the Terms of Use carefully; everything belongs to ATA and nothing belongs to you. What it means is that they can shut down the game or your account anytime and you can do nothing about it. There are much better war games out there for your limited precious time.

Rex Freeman

A good game, spoilt a little... Slick, quality game. All but ruined by constant, unjustified, aggravation from some other players, who are possibly a minority but somewhat numerous all the same. Im not referring to game play, just endless stupid personal messages that sour the experience.

A Google User

Devs don't care Had devs reset my name due to their own mistakes. Waited three days to hear a response from them...the moment I spend another 2$ to change name, they email saying they couldn't help me and if I wanted a name change I'd either have to reset or pay another 2$ a 4 yr player the notion of resetting is disrespectful..this is how ATA treats its most loyal customers? Thx Ruby and thx ATA for showing me your true money grabbing colors...never will I waste another penny on this game

JW Tan

Lots of personal attacks in-game And developers will do minimal to stop it. Those who spend lots are allowed to continue hurling personal insults at players without much consequences. Overall a very uncouth game. It would have been zero star if I had the choice, and the 1 star is because this game can teach you how to throw lots of personal insults.

dhaval mehta

Good game but need better user interface like ios Plz change whole user interface of this game in android. Its looks like little bit ugly. Need better graphics like iOS. I m playing this game since 3.5 years

A Google User

Fun game I'm addictive...i play all day long; at work, home and don't tell anyone but,even while

Ashton Keller

Great game but need to talk to devs I recently reset my phone today and tried putting my acct back on here but says I've lived in on this device has been disabled can you please add my account back

Ryan Horn

Needs Renamed Haunting: The Escape #1 PVE MMORP (no I didn't forget the g)

Ahmed Aidoo Quansah

No real battle scene Lol...worse strategy game eva played...u can't reali see ur troops neither can u see the battle field...uninstalling

A Google User

:( Login issues all the time. Should just use google+ for login. Always says I have used my phone to access multiple accounts but I have only used it for 1 account.

Matt Hatch

Love it Great game and I love all the haters cuz they don't know what they are talking about

Mark Lion

Buildings images disappears whan reach T3

Костя Мартынюк

Evade this at with any cost,coz u'll forget abouth things like sport or studying! Honour to Ukraine - to herous honour. Xna<3

Давид Милиан

Kaw is the best

Азамат Арипбай

Name __WoW__ and _WoW_ Wow game))

Eric Holloway

P2W more p2w content added. U can dominate if u got the cash. If u spend enuff u can be vip, then the devs look the other way when u run bots.

Nicholas Williams

Awesome game I loved every aspect of the game. Only issue i have is my brothers played n im baned cause of to many acc. :( so now im sad

solid fire

Acer Iconia One 7" So on the named tablet above, I am playing the game, and when I click on the speech bubble to access the different options for chat, it goes directly to world chat, so I would appreciate if you can help me with this problem, by replying to it so I know you are working to fix it. I just started playing, so the different chats are really important.

Chad Diers

I (still) love this game Beautiful game, amazing chat element, and caring and responsive developing team. With new types of war and PvE almost monthly and a "mostly" caring community (I'm looking at you 1 star complainers), if you aren't playing kaw you're wasting away in mediocrity.

Curtis Hammons

The game has been changed over the years when I first played it and it's going strong but it will always have it's problems when event comes around I'm sorry it will always be four stars to me

Ruben H.

This game used to awesome, but not developers keep going down hill, and using favoritism.

Matthew Fink

What the heck, man! I usually hate these games, but this game is extremely addicting and very fun. Haven't had any issues, works well, and easy enough to get into. Good job, devs!

Ramamoorthy Panisilven

Kaw I have been playing for some time n reaching 3rd year i think. Not very sure though. It has been a wonderful experience playing kaw. As this was my first game where i can interact with many players around the world,it felt new and the game was awesome and i spent days and night without sleeping.Recently i stopped playing about 4 months because now it feels different. Too many new things.Changes are good but..idk this change seems to be different. Hope to play kaw soon.Still 5 stars for the game..not 4 greed

Tye Saunders

So f AR so good Not bad for my first run on game

Mick Loughran

Can't log into I've had to RESET MY PHONE now it keeps saying 'I've attempted to log in with to many devices my login has been disabled' WTF same device!

Kieran Rudling

Crap This game should be deleted cos nobody helps u in the game I rather stick to pimd good bye now installing u

Bimo Basyar

Great but.. This game is great all great but why i can't play 2 acc in one device ?! Please fix it and i'll give you 10 stars

A Google User

JoHnEdEE Pay to win has takn over which used to be a fairly balanced game..uninstalled

Ryel Moreno

Why? Someone hacked my account and reset it. I want my account back. I will rate 5star if i can get back my account

Jorisa Magpayo

If you dont have money, you can't play with others Hey, I liked the game seriously, but it's hard to keep up with others because money is everything. If you wanna accomplish an event... you need to have a lot of money... just to cope up with them. Hope you guys give considerations to others who are not so rich and just wanna play fair and square. Thank you and have a nice day everyone. -.-

Jonathan Lawler

Decent game I've played for a few years now. It is a pretty great game with lots of ways to grow, great player base where you can meet players from around the world and partake in wars with them. Lots of strategy behind the game itself. The developers responses to the community questions has slowly dwindled over the years. Recently it has seemed to rebounded though. This game just needs some more developer to player interaction instead of the occasional fourm post letting us know they listen to our suggestions.

Danny Nelson

Slaying it for 2 years and still love this game

Connor Fulkerson

Best game ever The game is perfect. You can chat with people do ebs. Everything about it is so good.

Rashad Taylor

Kingdoms At War Love it everyone should play it mods need to step up really but love KAW.

A Google User

Ok game I like this game alot really hope devs find away to balance it out better.

A Google User

boostjuice awesome game! fun and addictive

anirudh kannan

Recent lands The recent lands have had a huge impact with many players leaving and leaving no room for new players. It is impossible to achieve a state of build completion without spending money. Do not waste money on this game since the developers do not listen to their player's problems!

Spikes Dingle

Items drops I think kaw should do a special day where everyone can win anything but at a high pay rate. I liked the part when ower troops was fully regened in 30mins this would help everyone in the game to at least to complete the basics of Lowlands and highlands ....

Arialdi Farhan

Good Still enjoying the first 30minutes playing this game

Justin Miller

Love it Very addicting

Patrick Bishop

Quiting after 3 yrs can't posibly compete without spending alot of money good job ruining game devs

Chris Crosby

Not free to play There is literally no competitive way to play without spending money. A lot of money. You used to be able to compete without your credit card and now you can't.

robin bruce

Brilliant Great and adictive decided to add an edit due to some of the negative reviews due to apparently not being able to compete without sending a shed load of real money well I'm 30m cs after 18 months game play and I have spent no more than 30 bucks in all that time. I still enjoy the game and the community.

Mike Jones

This game is trash Unresponsive developers that cater to the one percent. Recently it was brought to light that a special vip service was offered to certain high level players. The corrupt developers did everything they could from deleting forum posts to banning players that were informing the community until they had to finally admit it and then lied that the program wasn't currently active. The developers look the other way on botting, account sharing and other activities that break the tou so long as you spend enough.

Stephanie Bryant

Strategic and addictive It has a few bugs, but what game worth playing doesn't? The dev team has helped me save my account and is constantly working to better the game. Who doesn't love a glitch from time to time ? Definitely worth downloading. Nice place to meet people and work together. Free to play. It is your choice, as with any game, to spend money. It isn't necessary however. I haven't spent a penny, of real life money, and I'm doing just as good as some who have. Good game?

Phooka The Red

Devolopers are horrible. I played for 3 years. Devs could care less about players in this game. players have been asking for improved wars and a balanced system since the day I started. Nothing has ever been done. They get mods that aren't qualified to moderate game with no pay but devs benefit from them. They will silence you in this violent war game for being violent. It's a 9+war game . What 9 year old needs to think about war. Devolopers are racist and discrimative towards players. By far worst job managing a game ever seen.

lenny roper

Kingdoms at war Best pvp-pve standing game ive played. All around great game. Players are great. More upgrades keep comming. Just awesome

paul Kelly

Devs screw the users over Time and time again the devs have screwed the users over. Never again will i spend on this game while the devs think of nothing but lining their pockets and totally ignore the masses. Now more updates to screw the masses. If it was possible to give a minus rating then -5

Drake Rash

Left Behind If your looking into this game good luck. Prepare to spend real $. Its not that this game isnt fun, but this game seems impossible to catch up in. The people at the top have years into this game. I mean years. If you do decide to play, find a good clan to grow, this isnt a normal play n go game. You actually have to read and figure out every step you make. Good luck. Youll need it.

John Wetherington

Has turned to trash The makers no longer listen to what a majority of the players want. It is not free to play if you want to be competitive in the game.

A Google User

New Events and Promos! Rewards are getting better! Even new players can jump in and grab top rewards!

Neil Bangzy

Not a war game Be prepared to spend thousands of dollars and at least 3 years to be even slightly competitive. There is no end goal to get and enjoy war, structured for high spending Leader board players who have unattainable stats for average players

Maina Kinyua Macharia

Maina Fantastic, this update is the best in recent updates, add sound. For android pliz

Hayden Wells

Recommended app! Nothing quite like kaw out there in the playstore! Great communities and fully moderated! Rewards weekly for playing! Would be 5/5 if added War stat count of some kind and sound to Android! Good job ATA!

John Pohl

Developer's support cheating Very unethical practices by developers of this game, they help their friends inside the game cheat and inable them to have an unfair advantage, and even run a side website to sell you cheats

Michael Ward

Love it but.. Needs newer content these hunts are getting boring add something new and out of the box. (Edit) game needs a new clan war type. The editing of LL wars with bfa/bfe don't interest me anymore. Indi wars either because inactives in indi wars aren't punished as much as should be.

Vici Mole

Love that android can update CA now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add sound for android next. Oh and fix indi match-ups!

A Google User

Kaw Ban for no reason, yet doesn't ban for botting. No more money from me.

Justin Porter

It's great. I'm back and learning how to play. Ill make another review in time.

Miguel Zavala Jr

Can't access game Ip address blocked for no reason. Please fix.

Caleb Murray

OMG I have been playing this game since august at the least and I kept on playing and it became soooo addictive after awhile........keep updating the game and can u please devs add some more ebs

Mike Chandler

Could be a little cheaper on upgrades and more damage on monsters

tubb james

Game is brilliant and truly addictive

Craig Daly

Great game Love the setup. The grapics aee. as expected. Fun game all round for a quick side game to keep ya busy. While wait on another game

Ricky Campbell

Awesome game

Travis Rosenow

Cool game One of the best game's ever

Lolita Croswell

♥♥♥♥ Love this game !!

Kesh How

Childish Community ruins a good game

A Google User

NO the developers dont care about u. I would otherwise rate this game better

Herbert Rice

Best game ☺? all good guys ☺? loving the game.kingdom's at war is the best game you will ever find in Google play store I have played one year after it came out no ohter game I have have tryed this game rock's thanks again?☺

A Google User

Great game No graphics to lag you

marquis clark

Vip benefits How about giving vip benefits for those who spend in support kaw free daily login reward instead of fake discounts offer really some of your offers are a joke to us playing 3 or 4 years they just get annoying how u trick new comers bad look for game if u ask me.

Samuel Fair

Been playing for a year! I have been playing for a whole YEAR and im still addicted to the game :-) its really fun and people are always so nice. Great game

penny marsh

Since update When in LL wars since update on android its not showing correct troops\spies please fix

Bobby Newton

Very addictive Im gonna lose my girl playing this game but i love it

jonathan mccabe

This game is great. I have a lot of fun playing it. However after the last update I haven't been able to log on using my kindle fire....hope this will be taken care of soon.

Jon f

Kindle update doesn't work. Kindle update doesn't work. Please fix it.

dollar rob

lame game,power trippin mods events that cost money to win back2back.....sensitive mods troll chat....3yr game now,kinda sux

jimmy Dishman

Kingdoms of war Another addiction! The best one.

Rebecca Holden

we played on are sons account and had a great time playing we went to the hte night club wow that guy faith was good ! we had a good time and he keep it clean now we all play ty faith !!!!!!!!!!

Steven Tay

About the clan roles What does each roles does? I search forum, and it doesn't shows.

Louis Gardner

To many inactivates need to clear them out every once in a while their people that have my played in years with accounts still

Marc Gwee

Good Better to make a swipe function to Kingdom and shop

Krista Brumsey

KaW is LiFe!!!

Linda Alsdorf

Love this game! Challenging events with epic battles to help build your character make it interesting. But, joining a great clan with people who want to help make it the best game ever! Highly recommended!

Brian Fitzpatrick

great and stuff been playing off and on over the past handful of years.. can never stay away long, and hate myself for ever stopping when I do get back

Wava Begor

Great and addictive I love this game. I have been playing for 4 years now. I especially like the events. The only thing I wished for was the ebs drop more event items. But besides that great job devs. Keep it up ??

Quentin Enderle

I can't get back until since the update not happy...

A Google User

Update on 20 Feb 16: Poorly Designed Game Nothing has changed despite player feedback. This game deserves a1-star rating at best. The war system is infuriating and a waste of time. The key draw for me was the season wars but the system is broke and there are players compromising the game experience by casting for wars with multiple accounts and then leaking deliberately to lose wars. To say the user experience is distasteful is a severe understatement. I strongly discourage anyone who wants to download this game.

Larry Scott

Been blocked from Oracle because of a charge back almost two years ago. Kaw took half my buildings all of my allies . I have bought enough Google play cards to more than cover the charge back,but ever time I've tried to talk to someone about the matter I get the run around. .it's a long punishment. The hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars that I've spent with kaw and time meant nothing

felicity parsons

Nobility Offers not working I had done 2 free offers and received my nobility points. Then i did 2 offers i had to pay a fee for. Was happy to do so cos i would have received more nobs and paid less than buying straight from the marketplace. But after contacting the offer support people, i have to wait up to 2wks to receive them!! Still nothing. ATA should make sure these offers actually work before advertising them in the game! Very unhappy.

Antony Mather

Been playing 3 years really addictive and you can make friends with good people across the world enemies too but it is kingdoms at war

Ashley Godber

A horrible bulling event what are a thinking ape doing The developers have made me look like a yellow canary and called it a boar not happy at all its quite insulted me and my even think of reporting it a breach of equality rights there basically calling me a fat yellow pig

A Google User

Addictive Great game. Got talked into playing... Now 100 % addticed. I love this game!!

KhritsX Pandemonium

BEEN IN KAW FOR NEARLY. 5 YEARS Great game i would say addictive, maybe should have an option of switchings accounts for some who has alts and stuff phone's will block after certain time of tries, tried to purchase some nobs google playstore didn't pop up

Andrew Winkler

Botting Even when evidence is shown to violations of TOU if your in the devs clan no action is take..

A Google User

MAGE I went in to Enchant some equipment. All of a sudden the Mage button is gone... Wth

Sam shaz

Some bugs. I would give 5 stars but wen i completed the double event i cant acess to sell the silver bars n also ive no option to explore the highlands... plz get back 2 me about tis problem.. it is a great game but the bugs really a set back..

Dave Scott

Great Game, especially if you pay Great time killer, and fun. You can tell right away, tho, the players that pay $ excel much much faster

Zombie Zone

Wicked My friend showed me the game and now I'm obsessed with this game

John C

5years later... Been a solid 5 yrs in kaw and I hope for another 5.

kevin parker

Good game an very enjoyable, but battle mechanics need to be fixed.

Gary Graham

Great Game! This is a very addicting game

Dan Conner

Bot account and cheating Will make your real money useless

A Google User

Love it Great app recimend to friends all the time.

Justin Corley

Very Addictive

Lucid Dreams

I love this game so much I recommend you try this game out if you like strategic/world games. This game will suck you in so make sure you have time on your hands ?


Love it still Holds up for me as one of the easiest to enjoy pocket empire PvP game on the app store. No ads in your face and great community.

Vincent Taoreta

Hooked I'm glad I found this game, its easy to play. You can ask your clan or world chat to help you if there is problems.

Logan Shaw

Addicted 3 years now, almost constant pvp, war and pve events stop me from ever leaving

Ken Ken

Cute devs Players who invested more get better treatment including those who cheat. Devs do almost nothing to stop the cheating. Only reason I'm still around is the ppl in this game. Shame on the devs

beastmode5672 snoopdog

Very fun Very fun VERY nice people would recommend this to anyone even had a few friends of mine play it

Miguel Zavala Jr

Can't access game Ip address blocked for no reason. Please fix.

Dan Conner

The best game for the long term.

Drew Adams

Good game. Very easy to learn and highly addictive game. Definitely recommend it.

albert colee

Great game Play all the time

Spencer Nicholson

Awesome Can't get enough of it so much fun when you are fight a epic battle

Dynamic Duo32

One of my favorites

Maina Kinyua Macharia

Maina There is a problem with failing to display items in the Oracle on android device version 2.3.6, fix that

A Google User

Great game! About the best game I've ever had. Except that my login got locked. I like to mess around with custom ROMs and the game thinks each one is a different phone, please fix!

michael coates

Best warring appon the market events growth is fast even for a brand new account Fighting/alliance/family/friends from all over the world

Troy Stewart

Good game Have played this game for five years and it is great!! The only problem is that the player base is dropping. And the developers keep adding more land they need to stop

pratik panda

Love it but what happened ?? Mine is not opening all of a sudden . Did it crash ?

Valk-Orion Yoder

Addictive Game A game you can never quit; EVER!!!!!!!!!! Now I can't remember my log in information because I'm pretty sure I never registered it, can't even remember my name. :'( don't make the same mistake I did.

Jacob Potter

Pretty Good Enjoy the game not many bugs needs to get away from just being a tap tap game

Steel Reserve

Great game Very good, addictive game, just wished I could get crystals easier.

Beckaboo boo

Love this game have played it for years

Gary Graham

Great Game! This is a very addicting game

Luke Couldwell

Played for over 5 years This game keeps getting better n better

Stefan Barnard

Awesome!!!! Love this game!!! I'm on it 24/7!!!!

james Kyle

Great game don't listen to any haters, they just want to bring the game down

Kevin Jeronimo

Very addictive Playing for almost 6years and love the game, some cry babies and cheaters in the game Resilience and Last Rights to name clans to avoid however the Devs do there part to keep me coming back for more.

Julia Stout

Not bad This game is like any other game online. A money gimick. For a social game its not bad. Getting to talk to others from other countries is the best part of ever you can spend all the money you want and still get no were. Item drops are lacking and the system is slow. All it good for txt msg.

Patrick Simmons

It needs better graphics Been playing almost 5 yrs you would think ata would get better graphics by now it's kinda dull.

A Google User

VikingBikerStriker Excellent game with live chat for making friends. Good strategy game for live wars or just build your kingdom and be a top warrior and collect all the epic battle equipment.

Anthony Courville

For kids! Not much to say, it's no GOW! But it's fun.

Nicholas Roberts

It need to be more accessible for the people who are visually impaired or blind. I know tones of apple users who play this game and it describes everything to them. They need to make tailback more descriptive. Other then Thatcher game is fun and addicting.

Jackie Kimberley Chia

Interesting Game Great game to play and socializing for better game experience. The event should have been more frequent tho, overall all are good

A Google User

4 years and still playing Love it and can't seem to stay away.

Graeme Fisher

Easy to develop an obsession with this. Excellent!

caelan sprouse

Great game I have been playing KaW for a while now. About 4 years. I really do enjoy the game quite a lot great time killer and addicting. ATA always has ways to keep the players interested. I would suggest it to any one wanting to have a simple game to play.

edwin jerome gonzales

Starting to hate the game Poor support. A lot of bias. Full of technical flaws.

Jill Watson

Please Fix Since new update forums wont load and i can no longer see any pictures on kaw?! Please fix im on a Lg Stylists

Audrey Weaver

Best pvp The devs are great thank u

Kyndle Dixon

More proof has arrived recently proving theres corruption by way of allowing some ppl to buy, sell, and be gifted accts at whim with devs knowing but overlooking those actions are against their tou but some ppl that are favorites have been allowed to break tou and not be banned for their actions #kawmodleaksss

O. Z.

Designed for non-competetive players or current LB only! Game is crap now, gaps between stats in big and small players are insurmountable now if you actually bother to do the math & not listen to some idiot spurt on about it being faster to grow than it used to be (as if that makes up for the huge stat difference in allies gathered once build complete XD). War system and pvp get very little attention & devs are hopeless at balancing. Seriously not worth your time or money. Just move on & find 1 of the 1000 better mmo's out that are actually competitive.

Kenneth Staska

Spam Was spammed with hundreds of mails from several players the moment I opened the game. Asking about them in world chat earned me insults and more spam. Cannot recommend this game.

marquis clark

Vip benefits How about giving vip benefits for those who spend in support kaw free daily login reward instead of fake discounts offer really some of your offers are a joke to us playing 3 or 4 years they just get annoying how u trick new comers bad look for game if u ask me.

A Google User

Update on Jun 16: Poorly Designed This game deserves a 1-star rating at best. The war system is an infuriating waste of time. The key draw was the season wars but the system is broke. Players compromise the game experience by casting multiple accounts for wars and deliberately lose wars. Despite the urging of the player community to clamp down on alts, devs have done zilch. To say the user experience is distasteful is a severe understatement. I discourage anyone who wants to download this game.

Michael Bezuidenhout

WARNING: This game is corrupted. They run those famous airtime scams. They offer free nobility points that can help you grow in the game, but first you must play these airtime offers in which, you use your airtime to receive these points. I played like 7 offers, used up like $50 worth of airtime, no nobility points received but airtime taken. I contacted the game they said nothing they can do. So? It is a corrupted scam. These subscriptions continue taking money from my airtime account I have to get a new sim card because there is no way of stopping it. Stay away from this scam. I'm still going to flood Google with negative reviews. They pissed off the wrong person!

Dan Conner

Wasted my $1000.00--Cheaters and bots. Terrible experience rip off The bigges scam game. It will be about $1000 to even get started in this game. And that just the start.

Stephen Palfrey

The #1 Garbage App winner of the Year This game is going downhill fast,with the company changing rules within events and promos at will resulting in a thinner wallet to gain anything.Bypass this app and download Gods of War a actual war app not a wallet emptier for crap.T talked to in game reps Mario and Grant about the recent screw up in the ongoing promo and all you get are lies,if you do download do not say you were not warned if you get shafted.

Narendra babu

Fun Game is fun and the best part is you get to meet some good people from all over the world. Good to play when you're bored

Ben sharman

Good Would be 5 stars but every time i want to hit eb, i have to go on clan menu and click eb there. If i click eb in main menu is just doesnt load. So frustrating.

Josh Simmons Hammond

Beyond terrible Never on any game will you meet a more corrupt and shady group of game developers. The mods they appoint are from the community and abuse their power religuously. Silences and forum bans run rampant , many of them unjustified. One of the worst games ive tried to get into largely bc the dev team.

Austin Nick

Best Game!!! Never seem a game like it it combines strategies alliances into one fun game. I use to hop around on games until I found this game now it's all I play !!!

Cheye Daugherty

Been a member for 3yrs If you don't like tap tap strategy games this isn't for you. If you don't like trolls or being attked for no reason this game ain't for you. But! If you do like attkin, talking crap, and building your kingdom to be the best or to be a Epic Battle Fairy or even help others finish their ebs on time (merc). Then this game is definitely for you! So join now and may the best kingdom win! ^_^ Happy Kawing Noons!!! :*

Phillip Williams

To see a developer post " eat a butt you hoser" and say is a kid friendly game?? seems not so much

Naruto0 Uzumaki9

Hello Kaw devs Been playing this game for almost six years i think that says something about my addiction to it lolol. There have been many bugs but i havent seen one that slipped past thier fingers. I have high hopes for this game. Im expecting a new epic battle coming soon??? xD keep up the good work and keep me entertained LOL

Matthew Whiteaker

Kingdoms at War A great game that I've been playing now three years great community of gamers to help new accounts I highly recommend Kingdoms at war

Deontra Smith

Can't get in game Its an issue with your kaw game I can't get in

paul Kelly

Devs screw the users over Never again will i spend on this game while the devs think of nothing but lining their pockets and totally ignore the masses. Now more updates to screw the masses. If it was possible to give a minus rating then -5. Those window lickers have finally put the last nail in the coffin for me. Again they have made it so that the majority are screwed over with their insane changes. Me n my alts are done. Tired of fighting for a game that the devs want to kill off. Gutted they have done this. Sad day in kaw

Allen Allen


Callum Hammami

Corruption Developers are lazy and corrupt. Stay away from this game, it's heading downhill fast and new players also don't stand a chance at catching up to slightly older players.

Trinad Prasad

Too addicting Game is really cool... With lots of activity... This game will take away your precious time...

Ki Ch Quek

Events Changes in drop rates make rewards less achievable. Losing interest...

Anup Behera

Android version has few disadvantages over iOS version Good game with players from all over the world. However Android interface is laggy compared to Apple.

Frankie Hardin

IP address banned? What the hell is going on?

Joseph Posada

Its getting crazy now, but the friendships formed across this planet, make this game awesome. Im in my fourth year.

Mark Wan

Was a good game, but no more. The game system hasn't gone through any major updates. A below par product by today's standard.

Riaan Wilken

Excellent Game resolution far too big for marshmallow update

Gary Cheatham

Addictive game New ppl should join a clan be active in clan chat to help learn game

Mark Jackson

Jax1985 absolute joke.......I am currently being bullied and asked support for help. Nothing in return no reply to the email. Poor game

Hunter Bailey

Kingdoms at war Its a good gamers but the events are getting old

rodica petruse

Great game I am playing this game for the past 5 years. If you are part of a good clan everything is great. The build up can be difficult but is worth doing. Some great big battles at the end of it. If you clan becomes inactive ot very slow don't hesitate to look for a new clan. People change clans all the times and you'll know wich one is good for you when you find it. World chat is where every batle is addvertised when a clan are looking for new members. Enj

Cam Reveals

trash now It used to be hard enough already keeping up wtih the leaderboard. But now the gap is so big there is no point in even playing the game anymore. They ruined pvp, wars, and now the game itself. Happy 7th anniversary kaw

A Google User

Surprisingly deep This game has really surprised me. I don't normally get addicted to phone games..kaw is one of the best casual mmorpgs on the market and it doesn't force you into buying anything

Aqua Vitae

Utterly pathetic Don't bother with this crap. Used to be a relatively good game with a great community until devs listened to whiners and created a big divide between the new players and old which removed the chance of new players ever being able to fight on par with the early adopters/big spenders. Rampant cheating from big spenders is ignored blantantly due to greed. It's all about the money now. Spend $100k just to catch up. There's a reason why this game only has 1m downloads compared to the top games with 10m or more.

Nicholas Kay

Devs deleting forum opinions Ive been a player of six years and have never seen the player reaction to a change as i have today. With all the negative feelings, ppl went to voice their opinions in forums. Now the devs have been completely deleting these opinions and threads. Im curious to see when kaw dies now. Happy 7 year anniversary kaw. Rip ATA

David Crowley

Always been my favorite game Been playing since it first came out really, very addicting with a great community base. However, with the latest update, it is impossible for anyone new to the game to become "build complete" which means you'll never feasibly reach the leader board, or the end of the game.

Shannon Stebbins

Engaging! If you want to engage in war, you can. If you just want to fight epic battles you can. There are so many clans to choose from, I promise there is a clan for you. I've made so many gaming friends it is hard to stay in just one clan! ATA always stays on top of issues!

Florence Thompson

Pshhh Really Devs Devs? Poor ATA can't stand the truth to be known so they block u on other social media sites would u like some cheese to go with that whine? Facts ss reveals unfair business practices #leakygreenpplroom. Proof is in SS and will continue to be shared period I don't understand why Google doesn't do anything about the actual complaints.

Kyndle Dixon

#Proofisinthepudding Oh what a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive!! Oh yes ur days are counting down soon oh so soon all of the gamers here will be able to see the actual proof of ur blatant favortisms, lies, corruption, etc. SS TELLS ALL ITS BEST PROOF EVER!!! U will soon have no choice but to answer to the masses#ssleakyroomofurgreenppl!!

A Google User

Well I've played this game for 6 years. The first two years, it was an amazing and captivating game. After that point everything went down hill. It is now a mostly dead game, developers just trying to milk whatever cash is left from the remaining players who only logging on to keep friendships with people they built within the game years before it turned into another garbage money hungry tap game.

Ross Jewell

No free speech If u like to just tap tap thats fine but watch what u say in wold chat freedom of ur thoughts and sharing them is not acceptable if u talk about terrorisom it is hateful wtf????? Speaking against terirrisom isnt allowed. They love them.

Subhodeep Das

Awesome!! Been one year, it keeps getting better and better. Got tired of playing other games like CoC but can't be bored with this one. Surely THE BEST MMORPG on the Play Store

A Google User

Show People Active A feature that could help this game a bit more is to add a last time active. This would display how long ago someone logged in to the game. An example would be (username last logged in at 20:00 hours) or something to that effect.

AC Tippets

Tap War Game Been a long time player. Good game and alot of online help and strategy. PC website play is a great feature too. Wish the regular wars were for gold as in the old days.

Austin Ross

Nobility I had completed several of the "offers" to get nobility but still never received it. I am quite angered at this because post completing the surveys I began to get spam in my inbox. Please do help me resolve this.

Theo Tamien

Excrement app This app is absolute garbage and a waste of time, only interested in grabbing money and silencing players who have an opinion on world chat. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

himanshu hoiyani

Average game This game is only for people who can spend a lot of real money. Definitely not for newcomers, coz the players who have been playing this game are so much ahead of you that its next to impossible to catch them. And even if you somehow manage to reach a good level, some new lands, buildings will come. Again you are back to from where you started. Total time waste and bullshit

Gavin Lockaby


Greg L.

Mildly addictive Your going to want to crush those trash talking noobs

Dennis Daley

Lanners at war This game use to be fun... but with all the stupid changes......not so much anymore

Julian Arthurs

Totally addicted to this Been playing for three years now. Great friends and community from all over the world. Plus a little rpg thrown in.

red beard75

Ruined What was once a great game has now been ruined i used to be a money spending player but i have now deleted the game due to the fact that unless you want to spend £100's possibly £1000's on the game you will never get even close to competing against the LB players now. Well done ata another great game ruined.

A Google User

Addictive I played this game on the iPhone and loved it then. It's good fun social will keep you occupied for hours and the social element is excellent too. Still keeps me entertained. Remains my favourite phone game of all time!

Gabe Cunningham

I love playing this game but woof, the support team sucks. 14+ hours since the first response and no response since. Bummer

BlueIce HD

Fun This game is fun, only problem is that the tutourial doesnt give any info on how to play, so you have to rely on clan members to help you which is cool and makes sense

alex humek

The best I was jonesing to play for a year after breaking my old phone.

Aysia Hammond

Used to be great Was great, now just sucks. The updates havnt been good and it has lost many players. Its 6 years old though so to be expected

Austin Kellam

Its a tap tap game not worth wasting money on Good time killer but its just a tap tap game with to many updates/events/ if your going to play id advise not spending any money there will be a event to catch u up some soon as u start

Mike Jorgensen

Lambo from guardians of the galaxy What ever you do, don't say anything bad about lambo from guardians of the galaxy or you WILL BE SILENCED

Los Pro Skaters

Wtf i update it and now i cant get my account all it says is invalid access to server

Anthony Fenley

This game sucks dont download it the admin of the game wont take feedback they ignore u so dont download

Earl Kellam

An x player Used to love it now just another tap tap open your wallet game. Not even leader board players can keep up with the updates anymore.


Been playing more than 3 years, amazing game only thing is upgrades are Hella expensive and I'm not even big xD

Emo kid

Garbage mods..... Mods abuse power all the time and its so sad.....


GREAT GAME? Been playing this game forever and met many awesome people that I consider friends. Great game

kyle persinger

Small problems Having problems with an account, can't access oracle at all

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