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14 Dec
Who were you in the past life?

Posted by Kira Games in Trivia | Dec. 14, 2015 | 98 Comments

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The theory of the past life and of that our souls go through reincarnation has been existing for nearly 3,000 years. Who was I in a past life? Is there a life after my life? You can find arguments on these issues in the treatises of ancient Greece, India and the Celtic Druids. Millions of people believe that their spirit exists not only seven, eight or nine decades of life on Earth (as luck would have it), but also that we lived before and that we will live again.

Whats new

    New Design!!!
    New Test!!!
    A lot of improvements!
    add more languages :)

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lisa fraley

Needs some work App just gives a random name every time ! App has no true meaning no one researched into actual past names and how anything relates also the grammar of this app is totally crazy "in a past life you probably was" total fail for this app !

Claudia Moncada

Doesn't have other languages Please add other languages at list english. ..

Katerina Dragonfly

No meaning Have no seance and not funny. So no matter what was the reason of creation this application it's failed .

Michelle Cheon

Language I do not know how to understand this weird language.I understand korean ,english and little bit of spanish but not this.I wish there were a language changing button.I totally deleted this game

Madolyn Ward

Really It said I was a chickmunk ya so there cute but i was not one in the past lige

Demonpriest -

It said I was a Beaver yet I have a fear of water... Maybe my old beaver self drowned?

Gianna Gigi

So stupid it said my past life was a CARROT!!??!?

tera nagel

Its so random. WTF does a Viper have to do with past lives or any of the other random names.

Felicity Yong

Hate this It said my past life is a turkey

Kayden Langston

who were you in the past i was a pike

Louisa Gregory

Needs improving It keeps on changing the name. This is so fake. It said I'm a potato. I wasn't eaten or something. What kind of a human name is that? It's a fake game! If you haven't got it yet never get it. BORING!!!!!!!!!! It's a waste of time!

Damali Alleko

Ummm ok.. I got the app and though it was English but it was not so I was like "OK?" Then I tried it and I had no idea but the heck I was answering or doing very bad app not worth 1 star but its the lowest they allow me to put k? BAD GAME that's my point

Kikis Samsung Kiki

Random It said I was a giraffe even though I am nothing like one.

Aubrey N.

Bad don't even want your time Its all not true

Nimisha Kini

It was OK for me because I don't believed at this .

Gabriel Brooks

I can't read this! I can not read this at all, so I don't like this app

Roxy Rose

Boring This game is a waste of time

Karla Fontalvo

Hate it I hate cose it lies id rather buy a 15.09 one

Morgan Mallow

I hate it It said i was a goose i hate geese they are ugly

Millie Wilkins

Cool Awesome! I love giraffes! But the game has terrible grammar and they can't spell and it comes up with the exact same questions in the same order. It's llama not lama! Glad it's free.

Rabeya Akter

Just disgusting???? This is a very faltu and disgusting game...i have just wasted my time on it....if u dnt waste and angry so please dont install this app......there r so many disgusting add....uffff...faltu....yaaakk app it is???????

Ikha Eyka

Boringgg I dont like this game. There is no description.

Jodi-Lynn Temmers

...what An otter, so all those questions were to determine what exactly? That i was an otter? What kind of bullsh*t is this?

James Pino

Horrible! You can't delete the numbers to enter you own! It's a good thing it's free. DELETED!

melissa salmon

Love it It's so true about my mom

Blanca Torres

Cool I'm an lion that's awesome :)

Satwik Pandey

Always makes human an animal Third class app

Melany Bojorquez

Noo Am not a chicken back then ahhh

Mikayla Davenport

Ok It called me a dog ??

Angel Vaccaro

It's ok but... I like it but I hate the ads

Mia Threet

It says I was mole

Case Junction

It's time pass

Vity Cam

I'm an oak :)

Isis Robinson

When the ad comes you can't get out of it?

Zary Jaimes

Soo uh Boring rude and the questions dont make sense!!

Kat Strider356

Lol Lol I was a giraffe

Daniel Raul Davis Rodriguez

Really What the hell is a "hammadryac",what kind of app is this one,it's so annoying,WTF. |:|

Lea Barker

Bad grammar and honestly stupid It has really bad grammar and I AM NOT A HIPPO OR A CHIPMUNK!!!!!!?????

Katie Brodie

Goat? Im not sure what this app is trying to tell me...

Jason Cooper

WOW I'm an Oak?!? Second time IM a platypus!?! WTF

Haley Nicole

Chicken? Fun but I got a Chicken

Stefen Perez

Just for fun What the hell is a varan

Rodrigo Guillen

Confuesed It said if I liked pets and I said yes then it says I'm a turkey!

Rhonda Roberson

Waste of time A cabbage....really?

Theresa Alley

IN A PAST LIFE I WAS PROBABLY A TOAD???? Get real!!!! This is the most ridiculous app! It should say WHO I WAS, NOT WHAT I WAS!!!! Did it twice, it said I was a bison! Come on! This thing is a mess!!!

Shawn Green


Stephani Weakley

Oak Um...okay. I was an Oak Tree? And I couldn't change the year.

Tyson Siler

X and future responders how do you know if you get reincarnated or not It said I was an animal but I was not I found a real compatible match it was real

OREO gamergirl

Im a cabbage What I was a vegetable •_• no I think I was a cat in my last life time

Kuudere Kurayami

Wtaf, coincentally a mindreader? Okay, absurdly enough, an advert popped up and I randomly thought how ironic it was to have adverts intefere; meanwhile observing the 'Dragonland' advertisement, it made me consequently think of a Rhinoceros... Which was apparently what I was in my past life. (⊙_⊙)

Melisa Seebeck

Rude It said I was a hippo in the past! Dont wast ur time if u dont want to be called names.. :'(

Gisele&Ameriya Nyamoko&Hayes

Horrible It keeps saying I was a animal in my past life like a goose and/or iguana like what so rude I just horribly hate this stupid idiotic game it makes me go insane and I am only ten like what I would give it zero stars but they don't have that

emma roseXoxo

HAHAHA I was a otter in the past that's so funny hahahahahaahha good one wait but is it true lol

Lara Bacay

I'm not a LION! This app is a lie.. It said that I'm a LION!!! Sorry to said this but I hate this app.. So sorry.. 3<

Anime Fan IDOL

Hahaha Loved it so halauriois I was a bison and a Dragon hahahahaha

Cake MSP

Um..STUPID Rude it is.The game said I'm a Mole and 2nd they say 25 QUESTIONS AND THEY ARE THE SAME 3. DONT GET THIS!!! only if you want to be called poop x-o

cornell hite

Now I am oak I hate this game it hurt my feelings whoever made this game you are horrible person!!!!

Rosie Lee

It said I was a hippo When I look like a skeleton

The Tiger Shark

I BELIEVE IT for my past life I got a shark..and my favorite animal is a shark..a lot of things in my room are sharks..I can name 57 species of sharks..I know a lot of facts about sharks..I love water like sharks...Yeah I believe I was a shark

Jennifer Delgado

Ok to kill time... Cause somehow I put the same answers and got dofferent results at end.

Felicity Daleccio

............UM Why..... it gave me worm..........?

Shalaka Singh

Bakwaas app Why will anyone use this app for second time. Frustrating

Shadow&Light D.T

Rude It called me a few things like a hippo and if you like to be called names go for it?

Morgan Mais

Rude mean I appharently was a hamadryad so im a nymph and i live in a tree then die when a tree dies and my last date of birth was 1885 this is some crap im not beliving

Johhana DelPilar

The name of this app needs to be a "What" not a "Who". I mean seriously, I thought they were talking about people but turns out they were talking about animals.

Lisette Littuma

Disturbing Said I was an iguana

Alania Saraci

2 many ads

Stojan Janackovic

I was a Lama

John Henry

Complete crap as expected It doesn't even try.. I got hamadryad (whomever or whatever that is) like in the pictures here but with different birth date info.

Eyhaunna Brooks

Brooks It told me that I was a varan, I didn't kno wtf that was until I looked it up and it was some lizard type so called legend monster.....the komodo dragon is supposed to be what was left of varan....this is a bunch of BS.

Lina Teutla

Don't call me a dog It said in the past your were a doge and I hate it every one delete this app... reply from lina now it called me I was a dragon

Equity Reps

Cool I dont believe it but it's cool

Ashley Parish

Kinda dumb There's no reason to get your feeling hurt over an app. It's just for fun. I'm a giraffe.

xbox 1 game and vlogs

READ OR DIE I could swear in my past life i was human in new york not A V I P E R !! It would be good if questions changed

Celestia marie

nope bogus. wouldn't let me enter any birthday year. so I stopped there.

Ashton J

Can't get past the first to questions before the ads.I don't recommend this piece of s***

Ann Jackson

Hate it It doesn't even try it said I was a bull, then a sprat like I know what that is, worst thing ever!

Cali Leuschel

I dunno It's a great app but I'm pretty sure I'm not a 279yr old shark even though I like the sound of it


Its sucks This game is bunk I've tried it 3 times and with different answers every time or gave me hippo

Tricky Flame

Dont downlaod rlly it told me i was freaking beaver just dont like this game plz

Chloe Young

Goose? Tf? Hardly any description to what it means.. Totally random and total waste of time

Rania Aazibou

Dog Hahahahahahha I dog lol great game tho ??

kavya sree

Waste I wasted time on this app this is useless app

Travis Cassady

I'm not a bull, monkey

Kayleigh Rogers

Its rude to me. It said I was a turkey and was born in 1640 that offends me. Don't install its a waste a of time and it makes up what you were in the past DO NOT DOWNLOAD

drea hendrickson

I take this to be very offensive. It said I was a potato in my past life. And the app has horrible grammer.

Rabeya Akter

Just disgusting???? This is a very faltu and disgusting game...i have just wasted my time on it....if u dnt waste and angry so please dont install this app......there r so many disgusting add....uffff...faltu....yaaakk app it is???????

Kayley Bennett

It's OK It's ok I guess but the grammar is awful and some of the questions don't make sense. If you want a laugh then this game is OK, but if you are easily offended then I wouldn't download it.

Rightmostcomet 1

Hated it It was horrible in a lot of ways yall need to do better

Linda Jensen

Its ok Yes i DO laugh alot but i m not a hyena " how rude " - stepheny tanner full house.

Ryan Adelson

Waste of time Not worth the 5 minutes it takes to answer the questions. I suppose the developer was trying to be funny but it isn't.

Lmao Honestly I think it's like the fakest thing ever but it is so funny it says that I was probably a cabbage in the past life and I just kinda think that funny hahaha

Daniel Valenzuela

This game is basically you enter your birth and answer questions then it tells you that you were an animal (i was a goose) in your past life if you dont want an animal as an answer to your past life i dont recommend it.

Isis Robinson

When the ad comes you can't get out of it?

Jessica Igbanu

useless its keeps on saying I was an animal in my past life

Christine Puhl

Lol Omg I got goose! I started laughing till I cried! Omg lol XD

carly rose

Don't get this app!!! It said I was a mole,and It keeps getting my birthday wrong

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