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7 Nov

Posted by Brian Pellin in Tools | Nov. 7, 2016 | 191 Comments

Apk file size: 2.1 MB

KeePassDroid is an implementation of the KeePass Password Safe for Android.

Read/write support for .kdb and KeePass 1.x.
Read/write support for .kdbx and KeePass 2.x.

Please report issues at so I can follow up.

Whats new

    Fix launch immediately
    Updated German translations
    Add Portugese (Portugal) translations
    Add Lithuanian translations
    Fix various crashes

Brian Pellin part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Nov. 7, 2016. Google play rating is 91.8564. Current verison is Actual size 2.1 MB.

Download keepassdroid.apk 2.1 MB


Chris Hartfield

Great job for transferring database for use on mobile devices. I love the convenience of having my Desktop database available on my mobile device. I wish there was an option to sync Data between devices and with the desktop easily. Otherwise it is a great app and much appreciated. Thanks

Walter O'Keefe

Works great UI is pretty horrifying, but I can't really fault it for that when it works perfectly and has sensible permissions.

Evan B

Almost Perfect This PM for keypass is wonderful. It has every basic service you'd expect for security like timing out the database or clipboard. It lets you adjust these settings too. Why almost perfect? The design doesn't feel like most apps today, but more importantly there's no easy way to automate syncing databases. Like others have said using a cloud service like dropbox is the only way to "sync" their passwords. While a desktop is easy to have dropbox update, Android's dropbox is a little more cumbersome to update.

Robert O

Good job! Thank you for writing a good app to read my KeePass databases. I appreciate that you're not asking for extraneous permissions like most "Free" apps. Advice for anyone who wants to use a synced database across devices: Use cloud storage. Dropbox, box, google drive, or whatever you have that also has a decent app for your phone or tablet. Do not name the shared folder Password, or anything like that... There may be a time when somebody gains access to a share through a device, or malware.

Khalid Mian

Samsung Note Series issue This application is unable to actually remove copied passwords to clipboard even though it states it does. In the Samsung Note series one has to physically erase the clipboard as the application fails to.

Beth Lowell

Stable, Supported, Easy I've been using this app for several years now, first on my pc and then added my tablet. It's everything you need in a password protection app without being too complicated or bloated.

Juu So

Needs fixing Can't open my .kdbx file. When I'm selecting the file I want to open and I choose my .kdbx file it says that "file not found" or something like that. The file is on my sd card and I used the Keepassdroids built in filemanager. After all this app uses fuckton less memory than "keepass for android" app. So I would use this app if it would work.

Graham Davidson

Timeout issue Set timeout to never but it times out, would be 5 stars otherwise. Nexus 9

Dean Osre

Great App I use it for my Phone, Tablet and PC with Dropsync to sync all with dropbox.

Miguel Perez

Great password manager Let's me put all my passwords in one safe place. I only need to remember one password to get access to the rest. Great utility, works just as good as the PC version. Couldn't live without it

Scot Walton

Best PWM Out There! I have been using KeePass for years and my computer and it only makes sense to use/sync it with my Android devices. Great work devs, keep it up!

Steve Boulanger

Working well but... UI needs improvement, and I'd like to be able to use the Cloud for my database. Google Drive, Dropbox... Etc... The apps is pretty stable.

Jim Stanley

Great app Combine it with Dropbox and you almost never need to remember a password.

A Google User

Works great. Use dropbox or similar to sync pw file

Marry Same

No auto fill Very cumbersome, i just cant believe there no way to auto fill forms please add that so the metro application can compare to the desktop. you were able to do it with an extension why not a link. @teckwiz

Dino Morelli

Excellent software Thanks so much Mr Pellin for doing a great job on this. I use it every single day. I'm urging fellow users to donate to this developer!

A Google User

Works well, doesn't crash, protects passwords.

Jon Zimmerman

Great app for me I use it for my phone and tablet

Andi Bier

Like it. Simple enough. I just need place to store my passwords.

Clint M

Works well Lightweight, no crazy permissions and stable. That's all I ask for. Simple and gets the job done.

A Google User

Easy to use! Sync it across all devices

A Google User

Love it! I have used this app since the start. Originally I had issues with it being read only. However with the ability to write now, this app is perfect!

Rodney Gay

I use this everywhere Secure password storage that works on all my platforms.

Eric Peterson

Works reliably; no issues. Would be nice if it could show the tree structure a bit more visibly, though.

A Google User

Highly efficient version for the desktop companion.

Howard Chiu

Great app for both phone and pc.

Mike Miller

Must have The best app out there!!!!!

A Google User

Great companion to the desktop app Perfect for accessing passwords on the go.

Ben Pienig

Works great! Great job! Can now update on the go!

Jason C. Rochon

The Best PM in the World.

Jonathan Richard-Brochu

On a par with the original Great Android, unofficial port of KeePass v1.x. Simple yet adequate, it might as well pass as the official one (if there was any). Combined with Dropbox, I get to access or update my passwords wherever I am.

Sergey Vorozhtsov

I can't find "function" Earlier I could share from browser to keepass and my login password was at notification area, but now it's not. Very sad.

Philip Kooistra

It doesn't work Doesn't recognize database files from my pc

A Google User

This app is great!

Rubén Castillo

Great app I can easily used keepass in my phone

clifton stillman

This is da bomb

Пользователь Google

Combination with Dropbox I love it, one file for all OS

Patrik Fuhrmann

Works well, outdated design Used this app for years together with Dropbox. Works well, however would like to see better design and more features ported from desktop version. Triggers could be useful.

Alex Patrenko

Awesome Great app, does what it is intended for. I like the bare-bones look. I think people can get too hung up on all the "shiny" things of an app or software, This does only what its intended to do. Thanks guys.

Gayle Youngs

Good PW Manager Fix logging out would be perfect instead it is big annoyance Can't believe me 're been fixed. Use across multi devices desktops

Justin White

Has Issues Opening from Google Drive on Lollipop Have used this app for years on a variety of devices and always been pleased. I've always been able to store my password file on Google Drive and access from my devices using this app, until Lollipop. Now when I try to open the main file or the key file it's just greyed out and can't be selected. My drive works fine, I can read and write other files OK, and in fact if I use Keepass2Android instead that works too. If I use one of my KitKat devices they still work fine. Mystery!

Kevin de Bie

Works splendidly in conjunction with some sort of cloud synchronization of your kdbx file. Really invites you to have a sane password policy. Could use a bit of work on the interface side of things though. It looks painfully dated.

Douglas Glenn

Keepassx is my personal favorite for storing passwords across multiple operating systems. Password storage medium when used ib conjunction with lastpass is a solid foundation for security purposes and storage.

Toby Reid

Does the job! Looks are basic and not much integration, but so good to be able to use on mobile!

Jarson Bistruction

Doesn't work with onedrive Hard coded one drive folders...doesn't see any files in root. ..move file to folder and says no usable files

Venkatesh Light

Creation of Bigger Group It is a Nice app... Thanks for the same. Since I could not succeed to convert the group into entries, please guide me to create a bigger group so that, I move different groups into that. Please let you guide as how a group shall be moved to another group(bigger group...say).

sharad gor

Very good app I can use my same password database on Linux as well as android due to keepass

Victor Morozko

Simply useless after upgrade to 5.0.1 After I upgraded to Android L -- KeePassDroid stopped to work properly: can't copy username/password, can't edit entry... -- It's just crashes all the time.

Dan Rhodes

Try to open up .kdb and .kdbx on Drive All files are greyed out.

Tami B

My life would fall apart without this I <3 this app.

Joseph Dickson

Excellent offline manager Take a local backup from keepass and open it read only. Requires minimal local filesystem permissions so I know it's not transmitting info outside my device.

Shamira Palma

I love this application. I use it on my Desktop and finally now in my phone

Aditya Narayan

Lean but outdated Please add autofill functions while maintaining the minimalism.

Omar-Fara Norgaisse

Simple, to the point Small footprint compared to other apps out there, does what it's supposed to do. Not terribly concerned about the UI. And you can sync with Google Drive; the workaround is to open the file directly in Google Drive, then select KeePassDroid from your list of choices. Just don't try to open the file directly from the app and don't try to save any new profiles and you'll be just fine.

Jay Kresge

Gets the job done, missing some modern aspects. The most convenient want to keep your database in sync with your other systems is via cloud storage. While Dropbox's functionality allows for KeepassDroid to work well with it, lack of Storage Access Framework (SAF) support means most other cloud providers (even Google Drive) don't work. Additionally, the design is dated. This app needs SAF support to handle most cloud providers, and could really use an influx of material design. Docking 1-star for each issue until resolved.

A Google User

This app with dropbox allows me to keep all my password accesible from every device!. Great Work!!!.

Pete Bramson

Super well done Have no idea what I would be doing without this. Not only works as advertised, can save from my laptop to smartphone and I have room in my brain for other things than passwords! Thanks

Red Cordial

Doesn't work anymore Like others on here my databases are greyed out until its fixed 1 star was 5 stars before please fix it.

Eric Denny

Perfect! Literally, best in class, top of the line and open source (a MUST) 20+ years as an IT tech and still today this is the most well-known, vetted and secure method of storing your passwords on computers. This is a flawless port for Android. It hooks into the same database and secret key file that ALL my devices use. Thousands of passwords! Literally never had a single bug! Good work devs!

Chaz Allen

No longer works with Google Drive. I suspect this is due to a change in how Drive opens files, but that the fix needs to be on this side (I believe keepassdroid doesn't handle a *.kdbx intent???). Brian, please correct me if I'm wrong, and message me if I can help test pin-point the issue.


Totally love this app Thankyou for this app Never had a problem with it crashing in the 2 to 3 years I've been using it. And the fact my password file for the pc vetsion is compatible with keepassdtoid is also a plus

Evan B

Almost Perfect This PM for keypass is wonderful. It has every basic service you'd expect for security like timing out the database or clipboard. It lets you adjust these settings too. Why almost perfect? The design doesn't feel like most apps today, but more importantly there's no easy way to automate syncing databases. Like others have said using a cloud service like dropbox is the only way to "sync" their passwords. While a desktop is easy to have dropbox update, Android's dropbox is a little more cumbersome to update.

D Chen

Wonderful, stable, dependable, versatile Because of this app, I have been able to use my pc app on my Android phone and tablet. I love its direct, simple-to-use interface. Thank you dev Brian Pellin!! You have built a great product. (Can you tell I'm a fan?!) Now if I could only figure out how to use this on a Mac, it would be joy!

Michael Breckenridge

Used this product for over a year perfectly! I get annoyed, at times, at an inability to edit KeePass databases but understand and appreciate that its for security. (Don't remove this security feature for convenience please!) This has been a flawless app for me to maintain accounts between PC and Android. I recently had an issue with Google Drive not loading KeePass as the default app. I sent an email to Brian and, within 24 hours, I had a response and link to the resolution to the problem! This type of quality product and that type of quality customer support is what makes a good app! Keep it up!

Jeremy Lutze

Broken Built-in Bowser in Android 5.1 (cannot select) Got a vk6050s android 5.1 phone & it appears the browse has all the kdbx file types greyed out it has worked great for all my previous older android phones (creating a new one keepass file does work but if i create a 2nd new one I cannot browse the 1st cause its greyed out my guess is that the built-in browser is broken)

Richard Duval

Cross-platform and secure This app and it's developers deserve the high praise it receives. This app and it's Linux and Windoze counterparts form the only truly cross-platform solution for secure password storage that I know of. Sorry! IMHO web-based solutions don't inspire confidence. Not mine anyway. I've been using it on all three platforms (Win, Linux, Android) for years and it is rock-solid and seemlessly loads the encrypted master file, regardless of which device I'm using. I don't care if it's not the prettiest UI. What matters is that it works and it's secure. Well done developpers!

Peter V. Jaspers-Fayer

Great implementation Seems flawless. I've been using the PC version for years (thank you), and this Android version is a welcome find. The ability to update the database on my phone is also very welcome.

Steve Wynveen

Now Android 6 compatible Thanks for fixing the notification icons for Marshmallow (change log says Lollipop, but I'm pretty sure they meant Marshmallow).

Mikko Auvinen

Dropbox? When clicking on the open button in the latest version, a Dropbox sign in screen pops up. I do not have a Dropbox account and will not get one. The app does not have an option to close the Dropbox screen and select a key datafile from local storage or from Google Drive.

Péter Pajzs

Bad SD card RW right handling. Can''t handle database file on SD card under Lollipop. Uninstalled.

A Google User

This mobile app syncs perfectly with the pc classic version. I use it all the time for everything, at work, on all my home PCs, and on my android device.

Jorge Ceballos

I don't have to remember many password anymore It makes my life easier. I only have to remember one password.

Jim Heard

Does the job very well. Keeps track of all my logins so I only have to remember one password. Excellent app!

Luigi B

very useful Then I like the minimum permission required. I don't trust some security apps requiring network connections...

Liam Montgomery

Ugly, but incredibly functional. The most utilitarian app I've used. Works like a charm. Easy to log in, navigate, and use. Supports all categories and icons. Allows easy & secure copy & pasting of username and passwords for logging in to apps. Automatic logging out and clipboard clearing for security. Open source. Very ugly. If looks don't matter to you this app is perfect.

Darcy Moore

Excellent multiplatform app Have been using this for years - with Windows, Linux & Android. The fact that it doesn't sync changes made on Android has never concerned me.

Stephen Chadfield

Very useful I mainly use KeepassX on Linux but this does the job when required. Syncing via Google Drive.

Russ Whaley

KeePass is the best I'm a longtime user, Windows and Android. A solid, dependable app that's become indispensable to me. Thanks for continuing to develop it!

Lee Van Gundy

Latest version has critical issue. Before any users new to KP think this is bad, just wait until it's patched. The latest version seems to have broke the ability to read from Google Drive. Leaving one star so this gets attention, hopefully. Otherwise, 5 stars. Have been using for years.

Richard Alexander Caraballo

Not a Looker; Just a Worker It's a bit puzzling to see that this app doesn't follow material design guidelines—as it could benefit greatly—but that's not a big deal because it works dependably and swiftly.

Jose Casillas

Awesome password manager This password manager is the best. It would be amazing if it could add nexus imprint support. I would definitely pay or donate for that feature.

A Google User

Best password vault Put your database on Google drive and share across devices and users!

Mike Kieffer

Doesn't work anymore I loved this app. But now it says it cannot open file.

Tolis L

Does not clear clipboard Even though it says it does, @Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge it keeps the copied passwords. Try to open e.g a notepad and access the clipboard after you copy a password. 5 stars if corrected.

Jonathan Brain

Outstanding I've been using this app on pc/linux for years, having a partner app on my phone to access my passwords is extremely handy. If you recently noticed your file is greyed out on Google drive and you can't open it, clear the data for Google drive.

Carlos Fernandez

Clipboard security In my tab I get the message that the clipboard has been cleared, but I can still paste the info in my notes app.

A Google User

Was the fall back app when ewallet didn't have android app in place yet. Good while used.

A Google User

Absolutely brilliant Intuitive to use. Have been using for 5 years and just updated the review because it's still that good.

Keith Hodo

Awesome Password App I have used the free version for years and absolutely love this app. The only thing I would ask for is the ability to create passwords on the go. Otherwise this combines perfectly with the desktop version.

Ishaan Rohela

Perfect. Small beast solved problems of storing all passwords. 10*s for developer.

Jock Murray

Fantastic! The syncing with Dropbox makes this an essential daily tool. Highly recommended. Thanks go out to the developer.

Michael Giacomantonio

Great but needs few tweaks Would be great if app moved to background after copying password

Cecilia Rodriguez

The Ultimate Password Keeper I've used this app for years...and love having it at my fingertips with the db file saved on Dropbox. Simply the best! Never any issues. ?

Joseph Tammaro

Greatest Password Manager on Earth. Bar none. I've been using this bad boy for a long time. Never an issue. I have zero interest in switching. Zero. Keep up the great work guys.

Jonathan Geremia

Works great as is, but would like a feature Would it be possible to have an option that makes us of the nexus5x finger print sensor?

A Google User

Brilliantly simple. Great application without fluff or fuss, minimal tights to resources. Available for most platforms/OS's.

terry westbrook

Don't update! This is the second time I have updated this app and the second time the update has scrubbed all my securely kept passwords and other such information. Hundreds of individual entries lost!

Rob Mulargia

A reliable app for safety-aware people After a quite long period when it was impossible to open local files now the functionality is fully restored. Simple but very effective app for storing passwords and login details.

Rui Chambel

Really useful It's been working fine for the last 3 years. Saving the file in DropBox makes my life easier. Only complaint: it would be nice to have Material Design interface...

Dave Reid

Useful! No need for memory tricks. I keep the file itself in Dropbox to sync the phone and two laptops.

Jörn Guy Süß

Does not decrypt existing file This used to work, but now it is not. Unfortunate regression.

Andrew Gallagher

Edit: All fixed! - Google Drive recently changed the implicit intent format from file: to content: uri, preventing KeePassDroid from opening when tapping a kdbx file in Drive. KeePassDroid needs an update to the intent filters in its manifest to support the new format.

LeGrand Johnson

Great app Highly recommended. A material UI overhaul would be appreciated as it's still looking very holo, but that's purely cosmetic. Functionally, this is great and I've relied on it for most of this past year without incident.

Rajat Roy

Brilliant I have been using it for more than a year now. Its really simple with no bugs, no crashes, minimum space, etc. Used to do everything what I wanted except for the support of kdbx files, as that is what I use on my desktop. But, now, it just became the most awesome app in its category. Thank you so much dev!

A Google User

Database doesn't load when keyfile too big When the size of the keyfile is too big it won't load the database stating that the phone ran out of memory while loading. Would be nice to have a warning or notification when choosing a keyfile that won't fit in the phones memory.

Scot Walton

Best PWM Out There! I have been using KeePass for years and my computer and it only makes sense to use/sync it with my Android devices. Great work devs, keep it up!

James S. Borg

Back to Working Great Again! I have used this for years and made a donation to the developers for how it worked. Stopped working for a few weeks. The developer corrected the problem and the app is working as expected. Make a donation folks, this guy isn't getting rich off of this and considering this, he updated the app in a timely manner. Nice job dev.

aditya ng

Great app Synced with Dropbox and now can access with all my devices. UI is simple enough. Like it very much.

A Google User

Great application. I use this with Google Drive for password file storage with my Galaxy 4 and Windows notebooks.

A Google User

Much improved. Really great app Been 6 years since I started using this on Android. Really solid app. I keep thr DB and key in Dropbox and sync it Good job devs and thanks for creating this.

Aditya Narayan

Lean but outdated Please add autofill functions while maintaining the minimalism.

Denis M.

Long time favorite Still works fine except it doesn't seem to scrub the clipboard on my Galaxy S7 anymore... An interface update would be nice too ;)

Nancy Grant

Database lost After the last upgrade I have lost my database and all items stored. I have not been able to find a way to retrieve it.

Christopher Wood

Works well Minor issue: you can set an icon for a group when you make it but you can't change it later.

A Google User

Best Mobile KeePass Thanks for adding Android N support and Google Drive integration!

Chris L

Google Drive The Google drive integration doesn't work right. When you first open a file from drive it works fine but when you try to open it again by tapping on the recent file entry it does nothing.

Palamalai Gopi Gopalakrishnan

Great app for managing passwords. Works great with Dropbox to sync across devices.

Aram Yegenian

Great app Opens the desktop version database.

Dean Peterson

Nice, solid app. Keeps my passwords and has file format compatibility with KeePass on Linux, with no ads. It's just what I needed. The only thing I would add is a way to move entries from one folder to another. Thank you.

Andriya Mj

Must have tool Superb! It needs design improvement for easier operation & the ability to sync with other OS / devices. Thx.

Don Meyer

#1 app for password management No need to say more

Ryan Sather

No Longer Works No longer opens from Google Drive.

John Butz

Thanks for the Android N and new Google Drive support

Gummy Bear

cant edit anything now Can't edit any pw or user name or title

Scott Robertson

Brilliant App Works brilliantly, has saved my bacon many times over.

A Google User

Great! I would pay a few bucks for native fingerprint unlock. Finally supports kdbx. secure. Been using it a long time

A Google User

Write support for KP2 Five stars when write support for KP2 is added ;)

A Google User

Great password manager A great little open source password manager. Does everything I need

Emmanuelle LC

Always reliable Been using it for years on Android and Windows.

Ty King

Indispensable tool I prefer to control the location and storage of my own password database, and Keepass has been my choice for a number of years. Being able to access the same database stored online from every computer and my Android devices is the perfect scenario, and Keepass Droid makes that possible. The value of this app is far more than what the developer asks.

A Google User

I love the fact that I can keep the database in Dropbox and have the ability to open it from Linux, Mac, and Windows. Adding support for the Nexus Imprint will be fantastic.

Ralph Loar, III

Hey mister Mister, we need more Lemon pledge.

Bradley Weir

Best Android keepass solution Great app, works as described. I only wish it were sexyier!

Fesseha Tsegaye

Life is more simpler I love keepass and having it on your phone is fantastic in this messy online world

Jeff Mills

Once you get past the learning curve this app does almost everything you'll need it to do. It's Open Source and it allows one to randomize all their passwords and access them in one place without ever needing to know more than one password. Best used in tandem with a desktop version and a cloud service like Google Drive or DropBox. Download and donate!

A Google User

No need for other! I used lastpass for my online passwords & keypass for offline. I'm now exporting all lastpass information to keypass. The great thing, it's available for Linux (debian). Recomendation: In the future, might consider adding the "generate secure password" feature, since almost any phone now a day can handle good values of entropy and generate decent robust passwords

Kathe Peiffer

Can't edit or add Worked great for years, but now I can't edit, add, or delete. What happened? Will update stars when fixed. Samsung Note 4.

Samuel Gouvernet

Great app Worried about having your online security breached then look no further. This allows you to have a different password for all your accounts and never have to worry about forgetting them. I use it to help me with over 30 different logins all with different 128bit passwords.

Justin Brandt

Now I can't update passwords on galaxy s6? Have been using this ap for years. Now all of a sudden the app won't update passwords when I try to change them. Fix this bug please.

Julien Meunier

Badly needs Material Design! Wonderful app (of course, it's KeePass, a true life changer), but the design is really outdated. Looking forward for a version with Material Design...

Carlos Solis Reyes

Very useful If you have Dropbox you can sync it with your phone and keep it up to date

A Google User

WHAT HAPPENED! Use to be great but now I cannot edit or add to my data base.. S4 KK444 root stock AT&T

Lina Kulaguz

It was working fine till last update, now it doesn't work anymore

Oliver Duce

Pretty good, but lacking It completely lacks the ability to change the icon for entries, and partially lacks the ability to change icons for groups, meaning you can change it as you make it, but not afterwards. This is annoying because it makes the entries not uniform.

A Google User

No attachment access Cant access attachments on mobile version like I can on desktop version. When will this be supported?

Nathan Woods

Simple. Works. It's simple and it works! I connect mine to cloud hosted files and (so long as I have an internet connection) I've experienced no issues.

Toshi S

Great app again Glad to be able to use it on my phone again. Best KeePass app I've tried.

Keyur Soni

Simple app..!! Nice and simple to use, but it does not have the feature to save valuable database on server.

Natosha Lynch

Too Complicated I'm uninstalling this app. I can't understand HOW to login. It's too complicated and it is NOT user friendly.

Zahir Bishnani

Basically works but inconvenient to use and does not play nicely with dropbox, Have to type a long password each time I use it which is annoying on a mobile device. Would be good to have a simpler way of accessing the DB. Also, when using a kdb file in a dropbox folder, the app does not show the latest changes. Seems to be using an older kdb file even though dropbox clearly has the newer file.

A Google User

Allows to store my codes and have on all devices when combined with dropbox. WISH THEY COULD DEVELOP A SIMILAR APP FOR CHROMEBOOKS. THE KEEPASS APPS AVAILABLE NOW ARE AWFUL.

A Google User

Used to be perfect I think the newer versions of Android give this app pause -- it seems to forget recently used files. Filed a bug on GitHub but haven't heard back. Will donate money if that's needed to get a fix out!!

Nigel H

A Good Keepass App Once you have gone past the odd learning lesson, this app works well. The only quibble is that with its long name, a few characters appear on the second line of its description

A Google User

Works as read only With Marshmallow, Google Drive, LG-G3, Kdbx, I am unable to make changes to the database. Another popular Keypass app has no problem saving entries, that can then be accessed via PC and this app. Reports of this issue on the github site are unanswered. I like this app due to its similarity to the PC version.

KeePass one of a kind This is by far the best KeePass app for Android you can get and it's free! Many thanks to whoever created should a wonderful app. I hate trying to remember my passwords now I only have to remember one.

Lourens de Bruyn

Great software, outdated interface Great software. I used it for the last couple of years on my PC. It even runs on a flash drive/memory stick. Saved my butt countless times. Only gripe is the old school interface. Takes me back to the eighties when we were hacking the command line in DOS. Strangely the PC has a better interface than the mobiles and even that is old compared to todays standards.

Jacob Gersztyn

Does what it says on the tin What is advertised is provided. Simple enough UI, good password generator with customization. Features that would be nice(and hold back from 5 stars) include icon setting and expiration. Currently, when creating or editing an entry, you cannot set an expiration date.

A Google User

Uninstalled Was great, but now I cannot save edit or add to my data base. Have to edit/add via PC. Dev wont answer emails. Uninstalled. Now using KeePass2Android. S4 KK444 root stock AT&T

Julien Meunier

Badly needs Material Design! Wonderful app (of course, it's KeePass, a true life changer), but the design is *really* outdated. Looking forward for a version with Material Design...


Best Android keePass Available Yet Complaints: 1. Default pwd generation lengths and includes(space, special, brackets) not configurable; 2. Groups can not be renamed, and neither entries nor groups can be moved; 3. Values-such as application and clipboard timeouts-can not be configured. Despite all of this, the title says it all.

Todd Smith

Good overall Glad I can access my keepass file from my phone. Would like to edit the icons for groups but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that? But you can choose an icon when creating a new group.

Howard Gault

What a Great App! Except for being unable to use Samsung S7 biometrics to secure the app, this is as good as it gets! It is a very secure way to keep data safe...and it is FREE! Thanks gents!

Kevin Lee

Best keepass app The ability to copy to clipboard from the Android dropdown menu is pivotal as some apps (like Chase) will require a refresh if you to switch to another app to fetch the password. I was a former Keepass2android user, and this app beats the competitors in both functionality and UI.

Pouria S

Pretty good Really easy to use and very reliable (so far). Only one suggestion, wish it was possible to use a NFC key with OTP such as Yubikey to unlock rather using a key file or maybe in conjunction with the master password. This would make it even more secure.

Jade Montagu

Used for years - perfect I've used this app for a few years now, works perfectly with files from Mac. Not the most beautiful app, but incredibly functional.

Rob Hufman

Works great Ok have to admit I really like using keepass as a password manager. Sinking it with multiple devices makes it even easier.

Jereme Causing

Better than it looks It may not look like a fancy app with material design but it still functions as intended. Great also for opening keepass stored in your google drive

Julien Meunier

Badly needs Material Design! Wonderful app (of course, it's KeePass, a true life changer), but the design is *really* outdated. Looking forward for a version with Material Design...

James Drury

Works well. Excellent password safe that works with Google Drive and other online storage to sync with other devices. Managing entries could be better - moving entries to another category - but is easily accomplished with KeePass on a PC. KeePassDroid works well for accessing passwords on the go.

Tom Graham

Looking good Any chance of having the fingerprint on the DTEK60 work? That would really help me. Otherwise, a great implementation of the best password storage system around.

A Google User

Essential security app I've used Keepass on windows for ages. Fantastic being able to use it on Android with this app and syncing via dropbox

slarti bardfast

Awesome Use in conjunction with dropbox/google drive/etc and have effective offline password security with online accessibility

Robert Jones

Been using this for years It's great, simple to use. Only wish their was finger print support

Tamás Fejős

Good for read only Cannot save changes.

Andriya Mj

Must have tool Superb! It works well. It needs design improvement for easier operation & the ability to sync with other OS / devices. Thx.

Goo Joe

Yes PC and Android version Location file must set manually and was not open if we direct open file from explorer

Mark Ping

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Love it, simple, easy to use, secure, does what it says.

A Google User

The best password keeper app for Android!

G-Rated Life

Awesome Great tool thank you very much for creating this easy to use password generator and storage app.

Dwr Sanipar

The one app to rule them all

Viktor Sevonkaev

great, but need a fingerprint support


No attachments? Great app but can't view attachments in container.

Tim Madden

Excellent password locker Able to use the same file on my desktop

Best password manager Highly recommended

Jeff Atabelo

Great app Been using for years

Raymond He

Excellent app. Very useful and convenient.

yasser sabry

Very useful easy and secure

Ethan Weegee

This app is easy to use and I love it. It may be a bit hard to understand at first, but once you learn it, you can be as productive as possible. I've seen other KeePass apps that open databases, some that come with custom keyboards that you use a button to type a password in. I don't like that, because I have a hardware keyboard on my tablet, and I'd like not to waste screen space with an on-screen keyboard. This app takes an approach I've not seen; when you leave the app on an entry, it puts "Copy password" and "Copy username" notifications, so it even works with apps besides browsers! I personally see this as a genius idea and I love the app. Especially since I use the app OneDriveSync, this makes the transition between PC and tablet seamless. Only one problem I see: you can't set an icon for an entry or group. Or at least, I haven't figured it out yet. I was very happy to see that it displayed icons and this is, again, a feature that most apps lack. Great app overall, I love it.

David Bradee

Does what is says it does very well. Needs a few additions. This app keeps your credentials secure, no doubt. It could use a couple additions: the ability to delete groups; the ability to move an entry to a different group and easier integration with dropbox. Otherwise it's great!

Dennis Bournique

Good on phones, broken on Chromebooks KeepassDroid has been my favorite password app on Android for years. Sadly it doesn't work on my ASUS Chromebook Flip which supports Android apps. KeepassDroid installs on the Chromebook, opens my database and displays the list of passwords. But when I tap an entry to edit or view details all I get is an empty black window.

It has issues loading my database Generally speaking, a good app. However, everytime I exit the app and go back in, it displays an error message and I have to set it up from scratch, reselecting my database and key from my cloud account. Often it doesn't recognise it even then, and it takes quite a few goes before it'll open. I'm not sure why this is.

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