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20 Nov
Kana Mind

Posted by Zeh Fernando in Education | Nov. 20, 2014 | 87 Comments

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Are you studying or learning Japanese? Do you want to be able to read words in Japanese aloud?

Well, you're in luck! Kana Mind is a completely free educational game that helps you practice recognizing the symbols used in Katakana and Hiragana, the first two alphabet styles used in the Japanese language.

But it is not a simple matching or "flash card" game! It uses an intelligent, adaptive memorization algorithm focused on teaching the character combinations, and measuring the player's success with each pair. You will progress at the right pace for you, regardless of whether you're learning the language, or just practicing what you already know!

Do you want to achieve 100% proficiency in the Kana? You will do so before you even realize it!


• Two modes: learn reading and/or writing recognition
• Learn the complete Hiragana and/or Katakana alphabet
• Store multiple player profiles
• 3 different romanization styles: Hepburn, Nippon-shiki, and Kunrei-shiki. Pick from what your country/school uses!
• Groups of characters can be toggled on or off for more focused exercises
• Free application: no ads, no personal user data collection, no in-app purchases

Read more about the motivations behind Kana Mind here:

If you have suggestions, questions or bug reports, please send an email to zeh at And thanks so much to our kind reviewers for comments and suggestions!

Whats new

    * Bug fixes
    * If you already know the Kana, you can start a new game in practice ("completed") mode
    * When creating a new game, you can disable the tutorial tooltips right away
    Warning: If you update your phone over-the-air to Android 5.0, be advised it may break many games already installed, including Kana Mind. It is recommended to uninstall Kana Mind before updating, and then installing it again after your phone updates. Blame Google!

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Farida Natalia Sitanggang

It's amazing n simple

Sila Sobrado

Practical, effective and fun This app is very straight forward and easy to use. If feels very much like a game so it will hook you up a bit and, at the same time, the content distribution and mistake recognition/repetition method will get things into your head without you even noticing. Also, you can decide what exactly you want to work on and how without having to battle with an overcomplicated menu, as it's often the case with this kind of apps. I highly recommend it.

Marc Lapierre

Download this one! Best app so far. You can learn both katakana and hiragana at the same time and the app does a great job at presenting the material. Would be really nice as material design

Syl M

Best Kana Practice App No longer needs adobe air! Very happy to finally be able to uninstall adobe air (regained 40mbs). Very happy with the app. Simple, easy on the eyes (the font & background). Love the tiles. Thanks for creating.

Stephen West

Great, except for... The algorithm used for the game is amazingly helpful for learning kana. One suggestion I have is to give an option to display whether the character is katakana or hiragana, as I want to learn both at the same time, but also want to know which is which. Please make this an option.

Charles Bowman

So helpful The ability to focus on groups of kana really helps break it down into bite-sized chunks. Thank you for sharing this app!

AniMei Tenshi

Incredible! This is so fast and easy, I can't believe how quickly I'm learning. There isn't any effort to it. I just play and the knowledge sort of soaks in. I love it!

Daniel Gómez

Best of its kind I'm learning kana and tried several apps before choosing one. This is hands down the best kana learning app on the play store. Please make a kanji app and I'll gladly pay for it

Phil Harper

Great This is hands down the best app for learning kana! I just wish there was an app which worked as well for learning kanji

Haqim Westwood

Need to add option to choose dakuon only..pls.

aaron dawson

Incredible I tried many kana apps, and this one is easily the best one. It's so well done. The game aspect makes it easy to remember. No kidding, I learned both hiragana and katakana in three days using this app! Recommended! Please make a kanji app next!

Alan Bounds

Excellent It's not about flash, it's purely functionality. This app does exactly what is meant to. No fluff. Perfect:-)

Gregg Popular

An excellent way to quickly get familiar with kana. Highly recommended.

james moore

Suggestion Great app for learning and memorization. Be good if you made this for PC's.

Seiksae Phaddy Onka

Simple app, great for learning kana. I finished all the kana after a few days, but kept reviewing them periodically to keep them fresh. Now using Obenkyo to learn kanji.

Ryan McLaughlin

easy and useful effective, simple, to the point, and tracks stats

Tony Senerchia

Great app Really great way to get the kana down.

Nesli Erol

amazing works great and awesome graphics

melissa macleod

Wow thanks

Lee Flowers

Awesome! This is a great fast paced way to stay up on your japanese. does waaay better than other apps ive tried and memory retention is really eaasy thanks to the repetitive nature of how kanamind works. I'd even recommend using this with rosetta stone as a companion to it. (I'm doing that right now!) This is great for learning on the go with your phone.

Dan George

Great but still pops up instructions every new game Fantastic app. With this I mastered kana inside a week. I use it to keep sharp but unfortunately the bug where the instructions come up at the start of every new game is still there. Five stars when that gets fixed!


BEST This is a very well designed, simple yet elegant and useful learning app. And the author of it is a very caring and utterly effective person too. My hat off to him.

Woutiecom NL

Wow... Just wow. What a great wonderful app. I was searching for real kana, the website showed an iPhone version... This is much much much better than real kana. Great work, Kudo’s! Sugoi!

nemo nusquam

Actually works Apparently by magic, this app seems to push knowledge into the brain where others fail pitifully. Astonishingly effective.

Daisie Paniagua

Decent but... It cuts off on my phone. A lot of the intro things wouldn't fit on my screen and wouldn't scroll down so I couldn't see all the options or instructions. Same with the stats .-. But i see the characters so its ok . I'd rate 5 STARS if this is fixed . EDIT:FIXED AND AWESOME !!!

Isabel Aracama

Very helpful Very surprised how fast I'm learning and remembering kana with this app. Great so far. Thanks for the fantastic work.

Nikko Kusanagi

Great way to help memorize kana. I use it while I'm at work waiting for things to finish running. I also appreciate that he shared this without bombarding us with ads. A rare sight these days. I wish there was a similar app by this dev for kanji.

Curtis Barnett

Helps alot This app is way to good to be free. If you ever get round to adding audios I will happily pay for them.

Juan Carlos Amador Martínez

Sugei! I have masted all the kana thanks to this app... Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu!

Ben Samyn

Love it! Great app, works really great and the customer support is amazing! I've just recommended this in my Japanese class Facebook group.

Ping Wu

One suggestion When I get a wrong answer, I would like to see the correct one stay on the screen for a little bit longer for review.

Jon Boy

great way to learn japanese

Felix Moreau

Cherished part of Nihongo learning arsenal It doesn't replace writing practice, but it's an excellent complement to it, intelligently improving kana recognition. My favorite kana learning app.

matthew cavanaugh

Had a problem but the Dev fixed it Thanks for the fix. Great app so far.

Никита Бушмакин

All right! Thanks for the "disable tutorial tooltips" function! Now, how about adding some randomization feature to show kana signs randomly each time you start a new game? Thank you for such a great app, I use it frequently just to keep all kanas in mind.

Пользователь Google

Great app! Great game and fast learning process. I started knowing almost all hiragana and no katakana, and in 1.5 hour got to 160 before I was able to stop because I had to charge my phone. Angry birds suck. Thank you, Zeh! I'd pay for that. Bug: in "write kana" game "new romaji" tip shows on each new romaji.

Thomas Byrne

One little thing I think what would make this app perfect is the option to select which characters you already know. If you're someone like me who only semi-knows half their kana, then it would be nice to study the kana we know as we gradually add in the rest. Other than that I think the app is fantastic so far. That one push would make it five stars for me.

Irene Diaz

Best app I've used I love this app. I have downloaded so many apps and this is by far the best one I have used. I was stuck for a long time, I couldn't get past the basic hiragana. This app made it really easy to memorize the rest. Very happy ?

Jonathan Rodrigues

Great It's great however it's missing the pronunciation and listening. Learning the romaji version is great and all but without learning the pronunciation kinda defeats the purpose, no?

lrmy vlstl

Very good Needs a difficulty adjustment

Chris Ashbaugh

Perfect This helped me learn kana. Fun is the best kind of learning and this app has it. Its a bit addictive to boot, A+ perfect!

Yankee Derp


Cortni Fernandez

Fantastic Amazing and fast way to memorize kana. I love the way it starts you off easy with each one, so that you have to choose it several times, and by then it's familiar enough to remember. I did need to go elsewhere for a few mnemonics, but once I had a handle on it, I learned super quick. Easy to practice while waiting for the bus or in line somewhere. Perfect flashcard app.


brilliant Great for learning and practicing kana.

William Black

Love it Love it Love it Intuitive, simple, sleek. It would be nice to have statistics for each kana, but I love the light weight design!


Didn't think it was possible to learn kana in less than a day while also having fun... I was wrong. Thank you so much for this simple, yet effective app. One thing I would add is the option to hide the answers until I've decided on the answer (or gave up and need help) - it would really force the intermediate/advanced users to think rather than to search for the answer between the presented options. Or I can use my hand to cover the answers up, that works too :-)

Ann Wee

Best Kana App I memorised both hiragana and katakana painlessly in a week with this. The mcq system has 6 options, which pushes you to try to really remember the correct kana, rather than just guess among 4. The progressive adding of new kana also prevents you from getting information overload. You can even choose between calligraphic and simple fonts, or whether to include compund/rare kana. App size could be a bit smaller though, it takes up 30mb on my device. Hope that the developer could come up with a kanji version!

Olayide Oye

Seriously! This is just advice but, at least know basic phonetic sounds and romaji before starting an app. Characters such as "ち" or "し" have three letter romaji known as "chi" and "shi". There's also no such thing as "syo" or "syu" as it should be "sho" and "shu", in the entire language. This is coming from a person who is taking Japanese as a GCSE language. Please check the how it was romanized, as it is incorrect. Otherwise, the app is great and simple to use, the romanizing needs work.

Patrick D.

Excellent! No ads, very efficient and fun way to learn Kana. One of the best kana apps ever. Thank you for this nice software!

Anindito Alfaritsi

This is really fun I never had this much fun in learning Kana. It's simple and systematic and not really boring. Really recommended app.

Bill Buker

Perfect for me, and my kids love it too! In a week or two that Ive used this, I've learned almost all basic Hiragana and Katakana.

Olson Yarzagaray

I love this app! It really helps you with memorizing the kana, I used these app to study a couple of days before my test and it helped me a lot.

D. Phillip

Great Tool I dig the layout (it is pretty and the wooden tiles seem characteristically Japanese). This app has helped me reach the goal of memorizing the kana very fast. In a perfect world, there would be the option of varying fonts, and slowly bringing the user into reading and memorizing basic words, phrases, and sentences alongside the integration of kanji. Nonetheless, this is again an awesome tool. ありがとう to the developers!

Aileen Smith

Brilliant! Wish there was a kanji ap like this! Help me refresh and memorize in under 3 days! :D

G Honda

Good, but short term learning I wish there was an "I don't know" or "skip" option for reading so I can flag for myself characters that Im having trouble with instead of guessing correctly. I always do come back to this app when I need to re learn my kana, though -- the interface is clean and it's almost exactly what I need.

Rachel Nash

Good. Needs sound Perfect for learning to read the kana. I would prefer if it had an option to listen to the sound made by the symbol once a correct match is found.

Carlos Archaga

Single series practice would be nice. Great app. But it would he nice if I could just choose to practice a single series at a time so I wouldn't have to tackle the entire syllabry at a time or just focus on the ones I have trouble with.

Tobia C.

Best beginner's kana app The repetition algorithm is the best among all kana apps, both when learning from scratch and when filling in missing knowledge.

Wolfy Hull

Suge Great app get it NOW Okay so I got this app a while ago and saw it was pretty good and then when I used it more it stayed the same in the app but helped me so much. Thank you Makers for this gift.

Max Rogers

ありがと!! The greatest way for newbies to learn kana pretty quickly. With this app I learned katakana within three-four days. Now I just need to practice to be able to read fast and approximately fluently. ٩(๑´0`๑)۶

michael winters

Great method. No sound I really like the method but I wish there was a Japanese person saying the correct sound once you've selected the right tile

Zsolt Varga

Absolutely perfect for learning to recognize Hiragana and Katakana symbols. The visuals are pretty sleek too. This is exactly what I was looking for and so much more. Thank you!

Latipah Thaglan

Great way to learn kana And fun too

Bitya Trejger

Over all great!! The app is amazing. Easy yo use and very helpful. The feel is like a game, which help motivation and remembering.. BUT for some reason it won't let me continue game and every time I I have to star again...and that's why I took one star off.

Anesthesia Cat

Keeps everything fresh when I feel a bit rusty. Fantastic.

Keoni Azuara

Great learning tool. Made to feel like a game to test your memory. Enjoy it.


This app is an ideal place to being learning Japanese. It is simple and streamlined and has had many updates. Just make sure you learn how these characters sound!

Aric Hanson

Great job! Perfect to practice. I used some other apps with memory tricks to get started then yours to set them to memory for real. Thank you for your hard work, this works great! I know you are still adding to it in your spare time but add katakana and some everyday kanji, with some fun graphics for memory and make it a payed app. With the current version as the base you would have the best app in the market! Again great job!

Lau Li He

Best App for learning kana on the go It start off easily and increase the difficulty when you memorize more kana. I learned my kana through this app. However, can add something like elementary school level kana vocabulary into the app? Much appreciated.

Harry Weide

Great! Love this app. Really, really effective due to its simplicity. No annoying bells and whistles to get in the way. Two suggestions to make it even better. Add an optional configurable delay before the answer tiles appear. I often hide the bottom of the screen with my hand, try to recall the character on my own, then reveal the answer tiles to see if my guess is among them. Also, an optional timer (total time and average time per character), to add an incentive to think quickly.


Usually don't review As above I usually don't review but this is a really good tool for memorising. It slowly adds additional answers (multiple choice) to the board the more you get correct, it has to be one of the better apps for learning hiragana and katakana I have used. It doesn't just throw you into the fray. It adds more and more symbols the further you go. I'm impressed!

Amy Hudd

Wrong but Useful. I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner as some of the Kana are misspelled and there is no audio for people new to Kana to catch the spelling error. For example you have Ti instead of Chi, Tu instead of Tsu and Si instead of Shi. If you already know your Kana it is a great way to refresh your memory

Juan Francisco Monachesi

Answer by voice please This needs a mode to answer with voice. Since whrn you read you should associate the symbol with a sound instead of a romaji character

Grell Sutcliff

really good app if you looking to start with Japanese; the whole set may take too long, could be some improvement here

Rachel Heslin

Bloody amazing Within weeks I learnt both writing systems! I couldn't even learn them through 3 years of highschool japanese!!

Kristen Wilkerson

Really great Best kana learning app I've ever used. Simple and easy to get into but gets challenging as it gradually introduces new characters.

Andriy Pokotylo

Excellent! Very good to finally memorize the characters. Also with stats, really fun!

christian oliff

Excellent free little learning game Thanks for making this. Nice to see a good quality free app without annoying adverts. Recommended.

Dudi Monica

It helped me a lot! This is my favorite learning tool for kana. Thank you! I used it a long time ago.

ezhil arasan

Best! Fun and engaging. A suggestion, adding audio to answer options would be helpful, i.e., for both right and wrong answer since Romaji isn't great in representing pronounciation. thanks.

Sheffoy Francis

Fast Effective Beautiful This is a really good app. I knew some of the Kana before but now I can remember all of them after only 2 weeks. The tiles are simply beautiful to look at which helps.

Sir Epiceiden

An app with actual learning algorithm Normally when going through flash cards or similar you get the option between several incorrect answers. Usually I tend to narrow it down to what's not the correct answer, instead of always remembering what the correct one is. This gets easy when seeing the same answers all the time. This app actually changes the possible answers, making it more difficult, but helping you more, as you can't "cheat" your way out by narrowing the answers down by characters which look nothing alike. Do highly recommend!

Irene Diaz

Best app I've used I love this app. I have downloaded so many apps and this is by far the best one I have used. I was stuck for a long time, I couldn't get past the basic hiragana. This app made it really easy to memorize the rest. Very happy ?

Indi Li

One of the best apps Yeup, is one of the best "Learn Japanese" apps around!! Difficulty progresses slowly at your pace and you can truly learn by your faults! And even more, these awesome game is free! O_O Thank you, dev!!! (offtop: make a donation option, as for me, I'll be happy to support you :) ...

Aidan Quinn

Amazing I was having troubles learning Kana beforehand but this app made it very easy. Though I do wish there was some sort of "congratulations" popup once you got 100% proficiency. (゜ロ゜)

Dan Fournier

Great App One change. When I confuse さ for ちthen ち should be brought back up if already completed.

Juan Garutti

Excellent app One suggestion, though: I think it would be a great idea to have the option of learning kana without the use of romaji at all. For example, learning Katakana with all 6 options for answers written in Hiragana. Or the other way around.

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