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13 Sep
Jumbline 2 - word game puzzle

Posted by Brainium Studios in Word | Sept. 13, 2016 | 115 Comments

Apk file size: 36.0 MB

Meet Jumbline 2, the most addictive word game on Google Play market, now available for free!
Scramble and twist your brain to make words from jumbled lines of letters. Simply rearrange the scrambled letters into words and underline them with your finger to score points. Find and underline the largest word and you advance to the next level.

Play in relaxing untimed mode or put your skills up against the clock in timed rounds.

Jumbline 2 includes two additional games: Cloud Pop and Star Tower. In Cloud Pop your goal is to pop as many clouds as possible by spelling words out of the letters floating in each cloud. In Star Tower your task is to build the tallest tower you can, before it sinks into the ground, by making and staking words out of an infinitely jumbled line of letters. The larger the word, the slower your tower sinks, so scramble and twist your brain to think big!

Jumbline 2 supports phones, tablets, touch screens and physical keyboards; it beautifully adjusts to fit any device size and screen orientation thrown into the mix.

Jumbline 2 is ideal for fans of Scrabble, Words With Friends, TextTwist, TextTwist Turbo, and Text Twist 2. Play with friends and family cooperatively or fly solo!

What fans say:
"Way better than TextTwist" - AKM73
"So addicted! I play until my battery dies..." - JJ
"Our family loves word/anagram games and this one is tops!" - Mr. Bill
"Better than Text Twist and it's free!!! I had this on my old iPhone and I'm so glad that it is for Android." -Cortni
"I have nine apps in my "Word Games" folder, and the others have been gathering virtual dust since I installed Jumbline 2." - Tcaswelch

★ Over 20,000 five, six, and seven letter puzzles
★ Brainium's trademark underline input
★ Physical keyboard and tap input support
★ Timed and untimed modes of play
★ Learn new words with built-in dictionary
★ Three games in one app
★ Fun and challenging achievements
★ Landscape and portrait orientation support
★ Gorgeous animated themes
★ Tablet and phone support

Contact our five star support with your questions:
[email protected]

Whats new

    New in this update:
    - Bug fixes

Brainium Studios part of our Word and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 87.7106. Current verison is Actual size 36.0 MB.

Download jumbline-2-word-game-puzzle.apk 36.0 MB


Robin Martin

Great for waiting rooms :) Occasionally I run across a word that seems a bit obscure, and I sometimes wish there were fewer repeats, but all in all this is a very enjoyable game. It has made waiting on an appointment considerably less tedious!

Ashley Parker

Nasty Ads Just deleted app. Having my kids delete theirs too. Not into getting "Be won't believe these girls" ads. Choose a cleaner ad company guys..they're out there.

Boomer K

I love love this game! Addicting for real The only thing that sucks is when this one ad pops up, it freezes up and I have to restart my phone! What's that all about? Besides that thus game is super fun! I got to delete this game. Idk what's up but it won't stop freezing. Extremely sad

Aphrodite Plakias

Awesome game! The game keeps stalling. I'm so tired of uninstalling and reinstalling after playing a few games. Please fix this annoying problem.

Rose VanderMeer

Really enjoy this game. Love that I can take my time and not play against a clock. Hate when I can't figure out words I never heard of. Otherwise great game.

Nancey Sciancalepore

Great, if you can get it to open and stay opened This was awesome, until it's most recent update. Note it continuously crashes on open. Have had it installed for over a year with no problems until this recent crashing issue. Note 3. If you fix I will return to give 5 stars, cause otherwise very clean, fun, and challenging game.

Sharyn Fooks

Great game - addicted to it! Only thing missing is a "hint" feature. After you've earned X number of points you should be able to get a hint when you're stuck! ******Since latest update, will not open!

Richard Hendrix

Really enjoyed the game. Truely a wonderful way to kill time, until it began to crash. Quickly became a waste of time, as it quit working faster than I ever could!

Andrea Graham

Galaxy S4 I really liked this game but now it won't play at all. I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling and restarting my phone. PLEASE FIX!!! I am completely uninstalling.

Elizabeth Johnson

Great game! Love this game! Untimed mode is awesome so you can pick it up for a quick diversion and go back to it later. Only complaints: the video ads that you cannot skip and send you to the play store if you try. MOST irritating, though, is the omission of some common words and the inclusion of obsolete words. I'm saying this as a former SAT instructor. If you go to the definition link and it says "obsolete" or "archaic", take it out! Keep the level challenging, just investigate some of those obscure ones.

Val Mitchell

A bit addictive. Would be etter if ig showed the answers you cant get when you ha e given in

Melinda Johnson

A challenge yet intimidating! I enjoy how I can work at my own speed, how I can come back to my saved game, and the multiple choices of play. No glitches, ads are not intrusive, and I don't have to wait for another player to move forward. An all around great way to work out my gray matter without working on my nerves or purse strings. keep up the good work!

CourtneyMarie Jackson

Great but Its great and im addicted but it keeps force closing. Its getting pretty frustrating.

Kerry Driskill

Awesome Word Game Good word game. You can play timed or untimed. It's great for vocab strengthening and a fun time filler. *The word list is quite frustrating-some abbreviations are allowed/many are not. *Include more of the words we all use in everyday life, & I'll give it 5 stars.

Shantelle Neyra

Great game needs hints I like the game but just would like the option for hints with words if I'm unsure ..only think wrong ..and maybe a more game house look would be good with more sounds and better graphics like old text twist but more options

Acer Silver

Easy to play, challenging enough, really enjoyable game, but word lists are incomplete and contain non-English words like chi, khan, and not chai, also some common slang words missing but others included. Word lists need rules.Levels repeat too often as well.

Jeanie Prentice

Keeps my mind off work. Which is a good thing! Highly addictive. Great f!un

Tracy J Spencer

Jumble 2 I was VERY happy til it started crashing today! 7 times in less than 30 minutes. What's going on??? Do I need to unistall and reinstall? UPDATE: It's been fixed!! Life is good again! Thank you!

Lindy Parsons

Awesome Really enjoy this game. Excellent way to build vocabulary and enjoy. Do have problems sometimes with shutting down while playing.

soccer cat

Good puzzler. Careful Ashley. Those nasty ads will kidnap your kids and sell them to third world countries! Lions and tigers and bears, oh my....

Kim Newberry

Frustrating The tower is nasty, letters are random yeah but really pathetic its difficult to keep above the line ie: eeeeetuuu wtf can u do with letters like that

Londo Molarii

Enjoyable and fun Some of the words can be . . . Obscure at times but good fun nevertheless. Its a shame there aren't more levels though. . . Its been fun but i have run out of puzzles. . .

Ja Koe

Crashes Podkicker I like playing this while listening to podcasts. It causes Podkicker to stop playing. If you use another app, Jumbline restarts from menu. I would pay for this gamr if it didn't have these bugs. The could improve whatever dictionary they are using, too.

Wayne Cottman

Jumbline2 Excellent word game! Just hard enough help with spellings and what words mean.

Elisa Warden

Love, love, love!! This is my favorite game! It's a great time killer, and can be pretty difficult at times. I do wish it wasn't quite so repetitive though. Besides that, it's a terrific game!

Shane Rowley

Crashing now Love the game but it started crashing all the time, so I had to reinstall. :( HTC DNA

Rebecca Myers

Only game I play! I love it, especially star tower! One disappointing feature is that it has recently started crashing , usually when I am about to start a new game. Very frustrating. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it still crashes... Hopefully it can be fixed soon, because it's a great game.

Barbara Bell

Jumbline - Great Free Game !!! Game is addicting as heck. Only thing I don't like is the duplicates. Some words are tricky. I have never seen an ad that is inappropriate. (Hint: add more words.) Great job y'all. God Bless...

Nancy Dorris

Please fix crash problem with newest update! Please let us all know when it will be fixed. Otherwise 5 stars...

Terry Norsworthy

I ain't old nuff fer dis game yet. Jus got board witit. Was fun for bout a week then found funner suff. ROLL TIDE ROLL

raena beans

Fantastic! This has been my favorite app for several years now. I've never had any problems with game play.

Munchie61 F

Wonderful words Nice having optional backgrounds and sound. A lot of fun with little frustrations to complain about unlike most free versions... great job, thanks much...

Donald May

Excellent Game This is a great game. The alphabetizing of words found is a big help. I do wish, though, your dictionary allowed Greek alphabet names

Barbara Fiorica

Fun app. Some of the similar word games I've played include non-existant words that somehow you are mysterically expected to guess. This app includes actual words. What a concept!

Deb OFlanagan

Fun! Educational! Great word game. Challenging! Love that you can look up words you don't know the meaning of. Great for learning! Fun and enjoyable!

Basdeo Boodhoo

Boodhoo Addicted. Learn new words with funny meaning

A Google User

What a superb game Brilliant and addictive. As usual with this company the user interface is superb. Recommended.

mica maddock

This game is so fun it has kept me playing for hours. I have been looking for something like word womp and this is so much better.

dianeroberts dianeroberts

Jumpy. All of a sudden the letter are constantly shuffling preventing me from arranging into a word.

Donald Prescott

Lots of fun. Great time killer. Words are challenging. Dictionary isn't as wide as I'd like but it works. After several months of playing I still find this addictive. Crashing has mysteriously stopped. Good. Officially addicted, reached level 10,000 this morning! ?

Patsy C

Loves It! I love this game. It is addictive! I have a hard time putting it down. It causes me to think and to spell.

Cheryl Kiff

Fun game but some ads inappropriate Really enjoy this app! Agree with other rater, though, some lingeree ads are over the top. I believe I should not have to report. Branium should review/approve ads before they are posted up. I'd give app 5 stars but giving 4 due to ads. In all fairness, I do not only receive the lingeree ads...the other ads have been fine.

Ray Warner

Raydok Very addictive. There are however some words i can make and are in the dictionary but not recognised.

Dawn Jackson

Read the reviews and wanted to add this for all the negative peeps, LIGHTEN UP! IT'S JUST A GAME! JEEZ!!! It's kind of a type of meditation for me, clearing my mind of everything that's chasing around in my brain and giving my mind a relaxing focus, I love it! Thinking only about spelling is calming to my brain first thing in the morning with my tea, and women everywhere know what a relief it is to be concentrating on only one thing at a time! Therapeutic actually!

Pam Wallace

Fun time Fun way to pass time... some words a little to obscure. But not a problem.

Robin Martin

Great for waiting rooms :) UPDATE: I enjoy this game, but I'm taking away some stars because of one of the game's sponsors. Myhealthgoal's ad shows grains of some kind pressed into human flesh. This image creeps me out every time I see it. It does not make me curious about what the company is selling; it just makes me hope they stop selling it soon. Maybe it isn't fair to punish the game because of its advertisers, but it also isn't fair that I'm subjected to nausea when all I want to do is play a game.

Pat Cabrol

Can be relaxing Love that you can use the untimed option! The only problem is that the game hangs up and you have to delete all of your previous info and start over. ?

Katma Tally

Challenging I'm enjoying it. I have to be careful not to spend too much time on it. Good anagram exercise! I'd would like it more if it used words common in crosswords, such as ken (knowledge), ren (dye), and many others I've used only to exclaim in disbelief, "But that's a real word!"

deborah colavito

i really love this game, it jeeps my mind off of the chronic pain that i hgave every dsay. i look fiorward to plkkaying thus every dsay, ty

Jennifer Sernotti

Very Addictive Fun game, both easy and difficult. It's great to pass the time away on a plane flight or in a waiting room!

Brooklyn Drakes

Great Good way to test my old brain. Haven't run into an already played board after about 2 weeks of daily play.

Murali singri

Good but a huge weakness Good game. But just when you like, there comes a weird word that is surely in the dictionary. But it is either so out of fashion or so rarely used that even scholars may not use. Makes you feel stupid. I don't want that in a game ever. I have installed and removed several times. This time I am done .....

Casey Weaver

Disappointed I've played this game for over a year, on 2 different phones. It's disappointing that there are words accepted on the iPhone version, but not the Android one (ret, erg, ken). Disappointing that there are many archaic/obsolete words accepted, but a ton of normal English words that are not, including some accepted plurals (duns, kins). Lastly, a couple weeks ago, the game started crashing as soon as i started it, and nothing helped. I finally had to uninstall and reinstall, which lost all progress. :(

Carol McCann

Good....but I am getting so frustrated by this game. It really needs a much more comprehensive vocabulary. I'm used to games not allowing slang words, even though they are in general use. But really...genuine words are not even recognised. I would buy this game, but find it really annoying until this problem is fixed. Update: Thanks for your reply, I hope it's updated soon. Like this game and would enjoy it far more if more common words were allowed. PS I'll try your suggestion...thanks :)

Curtis Kaulback

Not bad Sometimes it seems to be missing words, my latest puzzle had 7 letters "jingled" and it didn't include dinge in the 5 letter section, and a few 3 and 4 letter words that can be made are missing, not a big deal but it can be annoying

Eileen David

Jumbline 2 Best word game I have ever played. Only thing -- a small annoyance really -- is occasionally a commercial comes on and wipes out the words you DIDN'T get when you press the sign to end that particular game. Maybe I should pay for the game but I don't know how. Brainium is really a superior game producer.I

Ruby Davidson

STOP ADS & ONLY FACEBOOK LOGIN It would be even better without the ads & be able to login WITHOUT Facebook

Carol Hanson

No timer I hate timers! This game gives the option of not having a timer, is still very challenging, and even lets you look up words with just a tap.

Angel Scovens-Thomas

Daily game player This is a fun addictive game to play. I found myself playing it during the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep. Downloaded this game and began playing it. It was so addictive that I had to stop playing it and go to sleep. The game is fun to play.

Chris Bogle

Happy as hell Great game! Does it even better than text twist. And i was addicted to THAT game a while back. Its free so I'd recommend strongly you try this. Simple, fun and it might even teach you a few words.

Tabitha Kleehammer

Fantástico I absolutely love this. It's a great way way to spend free time, and expands your vocabulary. Keeps your brain sharp. However, there was a glitch with the app. Now, I'm not sure if it was my phone or the app itself, but I had tried for days to open it and it would just take me back to my home screen. I had to uninstall and reinstall it to get it to work. It really upset me, because I had passed level 350. All in all, though, LOVE the app.

Diane Henson

Fun with words This is an entertaining game. The graphics are bright and crisp. The relaxed mode gives plenty of time to use the brain and think - something my job doesn't do because of being rushed.

Jason Helgeson

Great game. I play it everyday. The reason I gave it 3 stars is because they need to update and add to their dictionary. Far too often do I know a word to use, but the game does not recognize it. It should have a larger vocabulary than me.

pineypocketlines 2000

Great educational tool Increase vocabulary and spelling. My kids homeschool and this is a really nice treat when they're dragging. It's a lot of fun also. I love that you can touch a finished word and it takes you to the definition then just hit back and your in the game again. Also if you close or turn off your phone it lets you resume where you left. No bugs or glitches.

Mike Pesci

Could have been good The controls are soooo awful. Practically unplayable. Instead of touching the letters, you have to tap them in an idiotic and unnatural way, which cause the letter to scramble. How did this get to the store like this?

Dawn Leyk

Jumbline2 Love this game. Very addictive. I have recommended it to friends and we all play it know. Come join the fun. Makes you use the brain to find words you may not have known how to spell before. Awesomeness!!

Antau LJn

Love it! Just as good as original Text Twist. Unlike Text Twist 2 it groups the words and has real words as answers. Easy to use. Addicting. Fun. Text Twist does have a clue as to the longest word via the order in which the smaller words are arranged. It would be nice if this had that feature. UPDATE: I first installed this July 2014. I got a new phone recently (2016), and installed it on the new phone. I feel the same as I did before. Love the game. If it had the clue like Text Twist does, it would be perfect!

Masilla Toppin

Great Game I love this game. It's challenging, addictive, educational and just loads of fun. An enjoyable way to keep your brain working while learning new words and improving your memory.

Jan H

Hooked Can't stop playing. Addictive and challenging. And free!

Deron Davis

It bad,mi like it lol..Dwl I think the maker of the game made some of those words tho

Jen M

Great game I like that you can look up definitions. I like that the words are in alphabetical order so you can see what you're missing.

Delores Wesley

Jumbline Spell words from a given set of letters. Very addictive! Love this game.

Kerra Wagener

Love it. Fun and addictive!

Jacqueline Frazier

Addictive I play this game every chance I get!!

Tracy Davis

Awesome, gotta think hard

sinli kenkuri

Could be 5 if not for the excessive add


Best in class! Love the trace touch

Dorothy Wienecke

Hard to stop once you start playing


Not as fun as I remember it being I used to play this regularly on my ipod and now trying it on Android. It just isn't the same. It's an ok game though!

Fran Lyons

Uses words that don't exist This is pretty fun. However, often it does not recognize words and it frequently uses words that either don't exist or are not used in normal conversations or books.

Ana Samsung

Finally Ever since I switched to Droid I can't seem to find an anagram game that shows you what you missed. First one, thank you! You would think it standard...but no. Also love the mini games.

Barbara Hullett

update... Two years ago I gave this game only 3 stars. It had a lot of issues, although i thought the concept was excellent. I deleted it. I came across it again, now 2 years later and thought I'd give it another try. I guess they listened to their customers. All the issues I found in 2014 are gone. If you like challenging word puzzles this is an excellent choice. It has three completely different play styles which is like having three word games. Highly recommended.

Kat mary

I love this game! It's the main word game I play and I haven't tired of it yet. I would've given it 4 1/2 stars if I could have, the only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because of the occasional ancient word in another language and having some words that are two words into one. This doesn't happen often though and I've played a few hundred "words" without many repeats. I highly recommend this to others who enjoy word games, it's challenging and a lot of fun!

Elizabeth Wickham

American Dictionary The biggest problems for me is the use of the American Dictionary and that many English words are not accepted and also that English spellings are disallowed. If there were an English version then I would give it a higher rating.

tom garcia

Modernize Maybe using an English dictionary copyright after 1913 would make for a less frustrating game? I've lost rounds simply because I'm not conversant with 17th century Catalan.

Sherri Smith

Relaxing I enjoy playing to help me wind down. The ads are fair and not annoying.

Paul Gallina

Great Games! Thank you for following up with this, your games are my "go to" games...thanks for the fixes.

Be smart I love this coz my mother said that this game makes me smart. My lola had this game so iwatch her playing then i use to try playing this game and it was so awesome so i decided to download this game. Thank you for reading.

Diane Rhodes

Will keep u guessing Still enjoying though some of the US words can be annoying

ronald webb

Ron Great for word puzzle solvers. Much fun and great time fuller.

Evelyn R

Addictive Like to play to keep mind sharp and figure out words

Susan R.

Really fun word jumble!

A Google User

Love it By far the best of its kind in every way.

Jill Borchsenius

A favorite Love, love, love this game!!! That about says it all!

R.Austin Great game. Keeps your mind active. Love the game.

Barry Saslove

Great brain stimulation And vocabulary builder

Betsy Diamant-Cohen

Love this game Fum way to play with eords

Dennis Cook

Jumbline is fun More fun than Boggle

Andrea Neveu

Yay Very addictive game

Joyce Read

Great game Love the challenge

Deborah DeAndrade

I love this game. Addictive.


Love this game


Great Awesome game.

Jean-Marie Reeves

Challenging and not monotonous

Edem Henshaw

I love this game

Gary Truhn

Stimulating the mind

Joanne Mayoza

Pure and simple

Amber Cooke

Not bad I like that you can choose timed or untimed. Nice for those of us who just want to play casually. The only thing I don't like is that some of the words are completely off the wall things you'd never hear in normal conversation. Makes it hard to keep a game going. Example: anyone know the meaning of Quahog? And no, I don't mean the city from Family Guy.


Improved. Love it. I enjoy this game a ton! Best word game I've used! Good challenge. Can pick your own challenge level and game style/mode. I like the UI- clean & well organized sections & colors. Buttons not too small. Only the occasional lag now. Hasn't affected game. MUCH improved! Overall the game is fantastic. (Tho I Still don't know how "ism" is a WORD and not a suffix!) Lol ?

Rob McMahon

Addictive Very addictive, ads are fine and not too intrusive. It's good that you can look up a word when it doesn't look real. Some definite non-words ("ump - short for umpire": what?), and odd spellings ("dialog": I guess that's American, but I've never seen it before). Some obvious words missing ("cox").

Katrina Gudnitz

Answers? Where are all of the answers stored? I missed getting all of them in my very first game. I couldn't think of the last 3 answers & went to find what they were but there isn't even a prompt to an answer key? Please add that area to your app. Otherwise, it's wonderful.

Christopher Reid

Great game! Have me playing for years. I'm usually bored with games after a few months but I keep coming back to this game. Thumps up! Just wish it had more themes.

Robbit 73

Addictive The best anagram game. The app is clean and the game is fun. It really makes the time fly by. The only problems are repeated words that come up too often, and the fact many well known words are not accepted while too many obscure words are. These are not problematic enough to stop the enjoyment.

Never too old to learn I have been 'playing' this for years and recommend it to improve ones vocabulary. There are many archaic words that stump me but the word lookup feature is great. Will pay to stop ads. It is worth it.

Tamour Allen

Inconsistent words Its an ok could be better if they had concrete rules about what type words are accepted....on top of some unknown brit words, they accept some names but not others...some places but not others....its like playing Scrabble with your little sister who likes to change the rules to suit her game play. : /

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