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17 Jul
jukefox - a smart music player

Posted by Musicexplorer in Music & Audio | July 17, 2012 | 65 Comments

Apk file size: 2.5 MB

jukefox (beta), formerly known as museek, is a music player for large collections (>20 albums). It knows about music similarity, and allows new ways to interact with your music collection. Jukefox provides a rich set of functions, including:
* map of your albums in 2D and 3D
* smart shuffling mode that automatically detects your mood
* auto generated tag clouds to select precisely the style of music you want to hear
* automatically downloads album covers
* gapless playback
* scrobbles to
* shake skip

You want to know what we need all the permissions for? Have a look at the FAQ section on our website (

Whats new

    - Fixed sudden stop bug
    - Fixed loading of external playlists
    - Fixed battery consumption bug
    - A few small bug fixes

Musicexplorer part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 17, 2012. Google play rating is 81.0279. Current verison is 0.97193. Actual size 2.5 MB.

Download jukefox-a-smart-music-player.apk 2.5 MB


A Google User

Unfinished, buggy I love the idea of this app - but it needs work. Smart shuffle - the key feature - seems to always get stuck on one or two bands and never moves on. It always seems to be doing unnecessary maintenance in the background. The interface is confusing - I've used it for months and months and I still struggle to find the currently playing play list. I love the idea, but it's not there yet.

A Google User

Awesome player After 20+ different players this is first one who can manage my messed up 15gb of music files and have nice interface. If u want to search for song and then play it or add it in playlist in 2 clicks this is player for u. Keep good work.

A Google User

Left Google music for jukefox! I started having problems with Google music throwing a bunch of junk in my mix that I didn't like. Plus I'm not interested in pulling music from the cloud....eats up data. Jukefox was the perfect alternative ....completely stomped winamp, Google music and several others. Look no further! Vzw Gnex/ aokp rom/Franco krnl.

A Google User

5 Star! Galaxy S II This is awesome! I downloaded this app cause I wanted a smart music player that builds playlist based on the my mood. It's great for that and has a nice UI. I uninstalled mood agent and im now longer jealous of S3 squares

A Google User

Started off well Used to work good, now freezes all the time and restarts songs, it is also very finnicky now, every time I use it, it plays less and less songs.

max james

Incredible! I've used virtually every music player available to android but never have I come across one like this.....intuitive, clever, easy to use, beautiful interface etc. Great for large music collections. Cannot be bettered. Definite five star app!

A Google User

Different It took me a while to get used to Jukefox but it is a very innovative player that is excellent and the best I've come across

A Google User

blah ive downloaded this app before n liked it mostly how cool it looks, but one teensy weensy little problem CAN WE HAVE THE OPTION TO CHANGE THE MUSIC TITLE! currently on my sd .. i have all authors names n songs.. n this player doesnt update it.. to at least see who sings what! all i see mostly is UNKNOWN ALBUM, UNKNOWN ARTIST, AND UNKNOWN SONG!!! plz fix i really do like this but how can i set up playlist, etc without knowing what !!! :(:(:(

Diego San

Fine Really weird, it's gettin stuck a lot often, and I have a bunch of "Songs" that are actually ringtones, I would be excellent if we can edit those unknown artist or add an equalizer would be great

A Google User

Absolutely Superb This app is the best music app for android. Great controls, and a very nice interface. It features excellent flac. playback quality. With newer versions of android, audio latency should be greatly reduced. Please keep this in mind when releasing your final version of Jukefox. Please try to work on some audio latency issues so that near perfect playback can be achieved. I am willing to pay 10 dollars for it.

Narayan Ohai

Good but still room for improvement Overall I find it a good minimalist music player but I only rate it 3 stars for 2 reasons: - I put hi-res album arts in my folders, but jukefox displays them blurry and with artifacts. - The interface is somewhat unintuitive, especially everything related to playlists.

A Google User

Very Impressed I have been using jukefox for the past fifteen days, it has lagged audio six times, crashed once (my fault wiped part of it's block of RAM), and has taken 15 minutes to index my music library of some six thousand tracks & hundreds of podcasts. Never have I been so impressed with a mobile music application. Both 3d and 2d displays for my library make selecting what to listen to during my commute a breeze. The smart shuffle works very well. Use Audio FX widget with jukefox & it's perfect!

A Google User

It has potential its just not there So I like the lay out and everything. However it automatically scanned my hole phone and even put my ringtones and notifications in as unknoen artist/album. Then all my random songs got the exact same lable so I could not tell the ringtones from the real music. After toying with it I found how to change the setting to scan only my music files. But all my random songs will not show up with their details so I still have like 50 songs that I have no idea wat they are. There's no option to edit it.

A Google User

Brilliant music app By far my favourite music app, I love being able to shuffle my collection but then insert the odd couple of songs myself and know it'll continue on random when it's finished my personal playlist. However did not give it 5 stars as I moved from a Desire to an S3 and the widget always stops working. Very very frustrating. Also an update some time ago introduced too many steps when adding a song by the artist you're currently listening to. This is a feature I frequently used and was very quick. Not so now.

jack smith

Just what i was looking for I have been unable to find a smart shuffle or mood based feature in any player but this. The "similar songs" play mode works very well! I dont know if its based off beats per minute but it works amazingly. Good way to make a sleep playlist.

Meagan MacPhee

Very pleased This app is perfect for making playlists and is visually pleasing. Some parts of the interface are a little hard to get used to, but overall I love it.

A Google User

Not so Great on S3 Looks great, easy to use. I love the "group" option so all songs from a compilation go onto 1 album instead of being all over the place. And the "map" feature is cool. 3 stars coz the double lockscreen might get annoying and the widget crashes constantly and you have to remove it from homescreen and put it back again. PLEASE FIX! Every 2 or 3 times that I unlock my phone the widget crashes. UNINSTALLED, WIDGET CRASHES ALL THE TIME AND EAR PHONE BUTTONS DO NOT WORK. Started out good but got worse and worse!

A Google User

Ho Hum... Installed on my kyocera milano and it worked great, so I figured I would install it on my tablet Acer A100 running ICS. It supports landscape and portrait mode, has plenty of options for selecting music, wonderful playlist management, and the sound's not too shabby, plus the shake to shuffle optios is pretty neat too. I figured it would work pretty much the same on a tablet as it has on my phone, right? Wrong. No settings menu available. HUH??? So basically, it's a boring vanilla music player, that annoyingly plays everything media related (b/c there isn't any access to the settings so I can specify WHERE to look for music). On a tablet, this app is about as useless as the original stock android music player. The devs used to cheerfully claim to be working on the problem, which is now MONTHS old, but still no response. Without settings, I might as well just choose any player offered in the market, since this one washes out with such an important piece missing.

Bharat Ramanathan

The player is a brilliant step towards a continuous music trip. Suggestion of similar songs is brilliant. Lacks control widget for the notification panel. Music stops when the player is closed using multitasking unlike play music which runs as long as music is still being played

Juan Howlett

Keeps freezing Would give 5 stars but it keeps freezing after 3 or 4 songs on my Galaxy 2

Brian B

Excellent This saved me from having to spend several days sorting through my music collection to organize the mess of genres and bad tags. Now I can just pick one genre and hear all the closely related stuff with odd labels.

Dan Mills

JukeFox is everything you ever wanted! The developers at Apple could take a big long look at this; it just works and sorts out all the time consuming detailing out for you: Album art, track ordering, etc. Brilliant mapping of genres and intelligent playlisting in a simple to use interface.... love it and it's free -- for now at least but to be fair I would pay for the copy and paste and let the app sort it out no end

Bryar Renshaw

Clicking sound..? It's an awesome app but the only problem I have is that when the music is soft I can hear a clicking sound through my earphones (not a problem when on speaker). Otherwise awesome concept ^w^b

Mark Dix

It was OK, but on my new phone... I got a new phone (nexus 4) and song playback now includes a soft ticking noise in the background, this only happens on headphone use and only with jukefox, I've tried the Google play music app and its fine so is video playback.

Joshua Harvey

umm i like it so far but thats mostly for the smart playlist feature. the app itself isnt very user friendly, the interface is pretty ugly/terrible and the app laggs quite a bit...still its one of the few apps that will actually make smart playlists for my music, the google app stopped making them.

A Google User

No nonsense player! Clean and powerful. Simply plays without any frills.lacks EQ and skins. But no matter,its a no nonsense player!

Christa Hauser

all I need is Bluetooth controls!!! Please give me the ability to control the player with my Bluetooth headset I want to come back to my favorite music player :(

Vince Campanile

Very impressed. I have been using this application for a while now and it has been very well behaved. The views of your music by Genre (3d and 2d) are very cool and give you good "at a glance" information about what genres are in your collection. The play like tracks feature works flawlessly and so far has been very accurate in its choices. I haven't had any "wtf?" moments like I have had with Google Play music. My only wish is that the playing controls were available in the notification area. That's the only downside that I have seen yet.

Nacho Sada

Needs work The concept is flawless, but some features are badly made or dont work properly: I cannot see album artwork when I listen to a song, choosing a single song is very annoying, the smart shuffle needs a bit more work and so does the tags, and maybe a layout and theme redesign. Aside from all that, the app works great and is fun to use.

Russell Risland

Excellent I've tried some of the other popular rated music apps. only to uninstall them 5 minutes later. This app. is simple, plays great music without needing the fancy equalizer, and it's glitch free. I had a bunch of music before downloading Jukefox and it found album art for all of it. My opinin: It should be found at the top of the free list as #1.

Mike Blackpaw

Great app, with a few bugs This is an amazing music app, but there is an annoying bug. When you skip a few tracks on the lock screen jukefox, it will stop working, and when you load jukefox it then crashes. I hope this can be fixed in a later update :3

A Google User

Almost perfect This music app is a lot better than most, it's fast, good looking, and feature filled. There is one problem though. This app doesn't support mp3 tags for cover art. I enjoy seeing each songs single artwork rather than the art for the entire album, this app only shows the art that is in the folder the music is in. Unfortunately I will have to stick with another. If you could, please add artwork from the tags because I would love to use this app over any other.

A Google User

Freezes Love the app but freezes and also when I try to end app it doesn't and keeps popping up in notification bar..... So have to reboot phone..... Otherwise best music app by far

Naldi SooDiabolic QueenOfHell

Unhappy This app use to be great now its not listing half my music and alot is going into unknown when it has band name right there on it. Please help

A Google User

HTC thunderbolt problems I'd probably have more nice things to say about this app if it didn't crash every other song.

A Google User

Fantastic Finally an app that makes my phone as good as my ipod was for playing music. Top marks Edit. I still use this app daily as its by far the best. I hope the dev. Still reads these comments as they nailed it with this one!

Josiah Wallace

I can't acces my playlists I love the app, but my music library is huge so I need playlists. It would be too much of a hassle to search every song after each song finishes.

Simon Mann

Menu Issue I've used Jukefox for ages on my phone and love it but just bought a Hudl which has no menu button, so can't get into the settings. This would rate a 5 if there were another way into the settings menu.

A Google User

I would pay if better features added This is an awesome player. The YouTube feature is awesome. I would love to see more work on the interface a la PowerAmp and better gapless / crossfade and music fidelity

Marcos Martinez

Awesome This thing identifies all my music and the tag feature is amazing. Definitely became my main player.

Roy-Anders Larsen

Great features, still needs work I love the idea of the app suggesting songs based on what you've been playing and crossfading and gapless playback. Sometimes it is spot on, other times it is picking the most random stuff. The bad: Doesn't integrate well with other apps - doesn't quiet down for alerts or Google Now feedback. Doesn't respond to my bluetooth headset start/stop button. Gapless playback messes up and causes annoying crossfade when it shouldn't. Pull down notification doesn't have play/pause and skip buttons. Fix=5 stars

Jason Gerrity

Good app, Could be better with: - support for Bluetooth control . pair phone to car or BT speakers and control from car or speaker. - lock screen control. allows you to control from lock screen with widget. Does not replace lock screen (which is a big security bypass) but instead appears on lock you don't have to unlock but you can pause and skip etc... Is JukeFox still being actively developed?

Titus Cuffee

Plays Music Two stars just for doing what it's supposed to do. Otherwise, not fun to use. Sloppy UI in my opinion. Also, the smart feature played the same two artists back to back when I have a plethora in the same genre as the original song.

Caldwell Avogo

Juke FOX!? MORE LIKE JOKE FOX! ROTFLMAO! sorry couldnt resist that but honestly and seriously this app is great...its so great its kinda of creepy. You know how you have lots of music, but lets be honest you cant listen to all of them all the time. Could be cuz of your mood or any other reason. Well this app, you pick one song u feel like listening to and let it do the rest, always picking the right kind of song. GREAT! Funny how the first song i listened to was 'what does the fox say?' LOL!

Patric Karlström

Damn... It would have been really good IF you could configure what folders to use... Right now it picks up audio-books and other audiofiles I have screwing up everything...

kim davies

Quite impressed. This is helping to remind me what cool things i have in my audio collection. I was wondering if you could consider improvements such a ranking the songs you're listening to so the computer better understands which songs are better suited to the listener. Also. Much of my thing with music is the energy they convey. Would it be able to try and arrange songs on an energy level on the z axis and something like happiness along x with love on y. So the symphony of sorrowful songs would be sad on x low on z 0 on y

A Google User

Non-standard playlist location Great work so far. This would easily be 4 stars if the playlists were stored in the standard playlists folder instead of a hidden ".museek" folder. It could earn the 5th star by adding playback controls to the notification pull down bar.

A Google User

Very nice. A very nice app. The lockscreen feature is great as I dispose having to unlock my phone to pause/unpause my music. The fact that it stays there indefinitely is a big selling point for me. Would love to have a widget feature so I don't need to go to the app to start playing music. All in all good app.

oleg kimelman

So Awesome...AMazing This music player has great sound. And it has gapless playback which is never free on most players and it's got the most creative display of album art using a floating 3d effect. Thank u devs. You guys are brilliant.

A Google User

WTF? What's wrong with you? How much do you want for a decent crossfade function? I'd pay more than a decent price for that feature. Asking for it way more than a season. Btw... Jukefox rocks! But you developers really suck ->"<- And all of you asking for equalizer function... For God sake, get Equalizer App!


Good, but... Works great picking music I am in the mood for. I enjoy the 3d view of my library. But I have trouble with the widget working. It's rare that I can use it at all. Fix for 5 stars. **note3**

A Google User

So good! I don't know how it works, but somehow JukeFox knows exactly what I want to listen to without me having to tell it. I have a large and varied music collection, and JukeFox plays through it really intelligently without having to spend time creating lots of playlists. AND it's free, with no ads!

A Google User

For Playlists Out had very robust playlist features buy uses almost twice as much the battery than the common music app. This is best used when docked our being charged.

Joe Green

I haven't explored it much but specifically installed it for gaples playback. This is erratic at best, and even when it's gapless in the sense that it doesn't lose the timing, there's often still a momentary dropout. So it's glitchy and disappointing for that reason alone, but apart from that it does a competent enough job; still, so does every other player I've tried. (Huawei G300 on 2.3.)

A Google User

Was top of the line With recent force closes.. No on going notification during music playback... In other words I have to open up the app to skip to the next song.. Dose not respond to blue tooth controls.. Seems like ur falling behind. Still my go to music player... For now..

Nzinga Temu

Its okay but... Like half my songs are <unknown title> <unknown artist> so I have no idea which song is which. Its annoying. But these songs are very known and popular like Nicki minaj and Flo rida or club can't handle me and Diamonds. Please fix if possible. For now 3 stars

A Google User

UI I've been using jukefox for a long time now solely because the smart shuffle feature. Now with jelly bean, it badly needs a IU overhaul. Rounded edges are out :-)

Ray Campbell

Waiting on the import of my tunes Awesome player, still waiting on my tunes. Importation is very slow. Developer needs to work on that. And it would be if one could edit song titles, albums or artist names.

Jered Aitken

One problem Jukefox is still great! But one problem. When i put my head phones in the phone it starts skipping songs and doesnt stop even when i take out the head phones. Doesnt do this with other music players. I used to rate this app 5 stars but now only 4. The only reason i give it 4 is because other people will most likely not have mu problem and i want them still to doenlaod thid app over others.

Kanav Aggarwal

Primitive Need to improve UI alot. Feels like 2010 smartphone. Also where is Equilizer ? You must work to make it like Samsung Music Player.

A Google User

Very resource hungry. If something changes on the sd card, it starts a scan automatically. This scan often crashes the system.

Dave Raymond

UNINSTALLED IMMEDIATELY! Went into the Settings and found out that it only allows you to select directories for music files on the devices Internal Storage. But like many users, my music is on the SD Card I inserted into the slot (External Storage), so this app, no matter how good it might be, is useless to me.

Xande Pope

misses just a few things no equalization or presets (needed that for my portable speakers) misses a nice tool to rename and combine tags and files. despite that it still does a good job on smart shuffle and context playlists

Why no Menu button yet for tablet users? I'd love this app if I could access the menu. Seems kinda foolish to offer an app than tablet users can not use fully. It has been awhile now. How about letting some of us tablet users have menu access? What up?

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