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3 Mar
Jesus In Islam

Posted by ideas4islam in Books & Reference | March 3, 2012 | 30 Comments

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Who is Jesus and what did he teach from the Islamic perspective? Do Muslims accept his divinity, his prophethood, his miracles, or the Gospels themselves? What about his mother Mary and the virgin birth? what is the differences between the Muslim and Christian views of Jesus, there are also many lesser-known similarities. Moreover, there are many noble beliefs and traditions about Jesus within Islam that are not even found in Christian texts. A fascinating Apps especially for those non-Muslims who are unfamiliar with the Islamic belief system. Learn exactly how Muslims love, respect and revere Jesus as a great prophet, messenger and man of God. Ideal for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Other topics discussed: did Jesus really teach the trinity, how are Muslims saved without a savior, Jesus as a believer in the Qur'an, prayer in Christianity and Islam, Muslims interpreting the Bible, what happens to those that never receive the message of Islam, and the Qur'anic chapter Al-Fatiha as a prayer for guidance.

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Zingiber Carawaywaltz

Jesus Peace Be Upon Him Peace be upon all the Prophets of Almighty God. May God guide eveyone to the truth. Please, all those comment made about Prophet Muhammad is not only degrading yourself, it is a total self insult and very low. Not only the allegation that he was lead by satan is without evidence, putting their words into the Quran is the worst. Nowhere in the Quran says to kill innocent people. The fact that u degrade other faith makes me only doubt ur religion. At least we muslim rever Jesus PBUH.

Deon Robinson

The one true GOD Couple things Islam says jesus is not the son of god Jesus says he is If Jesus is a liar he cannot be a prophet so Islam would be wrong Jesus warned about Mohammed almost 600 years before he was born. 2000 years before that Abraham formed a covenant with God and founded Israel Mohammed was never a prophet he got mislead by satan. That is why the quaran glorifies killing lying adulterous acts and the persecution of Gods people. Mohammad ran and hid during a solar eclipse like revelations says fakes would.

A Google User

Ahmed Great App brother. Islam is the true religion of jesus (a.s) Christians who think he is the son of god and god are really insulting thier creator.

Tarek Boudraa

Excellent! Jesus one of the five mightiest prophets of Islam, sent to the lost sheep of Israel, had a miraculous birth and he is no son of God but his srvent and messenger. May God guide the miguided, amen.

GodzSon שו הוא אדון

This app is very misleading! There is only one God and His name is Jesus! Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6 Do not be sad my brothers, Jesus loves you too. Pick up a bible and get to know him today.

Anthony, Martinez died 1/10/2015

Jesus Christ Son of God .The Father and Son and Holy Spirit you all will see .

tiger king

On judgment day god will show u the truth god is one have no children he is clean

J. Sykes ll

Alhamdulilah Great app.May Allah bless you all for your work.

Amany AKeel

Total lies, dont bother to install As an arab person, who has read both the bible and koran, i can surely say that christianity is the true religion, hope god open your eyes to see that. Some points : 1) jesus in islam gives life to a dove, does miracles, heals people, who will you follow, someone who gives life, or a prohet who did nothing but write abook ?? 2)if jesus as said in the koran is gods word,what is the prophet for, god already sent his word ?? (also in john 1) 3) the holy spirit is not ahmad/mohamd, we know this is a lie.



Jamel Sowaib

Assalamualaikom Great app, this is what I am looking for.. Tnx and keep up the good work:-) jazakallah

Abdul Kamba

Allah is one Some people's we're shock.

Nazeer Ahmed

A must read book Christian must read to know the true status of jesus.

Ibrahim Mohammad

Galaxy Grand Quattro Installed in my mobile but not being able to open it. Please help as I really need this application for the work of dawah in christians.

M M H Omn

Excellet The Bible and the Quran say that Jesus is the Prophet of God. The Bible and the Quran also say that Jesus is a Man, they also say that God is not a Man and God cannot be seen by men.

Michael Harrison

I'm Muslim I been Christian before bec I didn't know the truth nd how can y'all say jesus is the son of God then who does jesus pray to he already said he is here to send a message open ur eyes nd heart

habiba dhieb

Thank you may God bless you Thanks too try explainer that we all have same religion but with different names ..we all love god believing in all his prophets and all his holly books....

Djijel 77 tunsi Arabico

Nice app Good round app. The guys comment about Christianity being true and to follow Christ because he carried out miracles where prophet Mohammed did not is poor. If you are following Jesus and worship him because he carried miracles why don't you worhsip the one God who allowed Jesus to carry our those miracles??? Pretty flawed comment

A Google User

Very very useful Am muslim now. First i was christain. I dont now lots of thing that islam had...

Moe Moe

Mohammed I just started realy looking into islam and this app realy make alot of scense mah sha allah


Great application A good work, may Allah bless you. Let us to take a moment to ready and to decide onestly what will help us after death. My advise to challenge, to read to ask as definitely there is God. Then we have to sure that we responsible about ourselves. Finally if we want atruth the God of this universe will help us . Thanks for all of you

Mohammed Samih

Great You may find your true way to God.

SplaShit APS

islam is wrong guys theres nooo god will tell his slaves to kill others...

A Google User

Now I am Christian After reading this it confirmed the importance of Jesus Christ. So I went back to the original and real Christ that was there from 1st century...mentioned as LORD JESUS. Now I am a better Christian. Quite convinced LORD JESUS was unique.

dawood abdullah

S3 great application non muslim should read this

galawi asayidi

God plus you The best app

A Google User

Very subjective

Luqmaan Ahmed

Islam and christianity you christian say jesus is god jesus never said that and God is uncreated which person born he can,t God you christian say Bible is the words of God so there written moon have own light while science discoverd moon have reflected lights and Quran said 1400 years ago moon have reflected light not his own light is that God words this is church mistake christian scholor wrote lot of things in Bible and they say its the God,s words if your religion true so why are you accepting islam millions of christian did

charles samuel

Islam is absolutely right God have No parents, No siblings, No partner, No spouse, No children, No family, No king, No ruler, No boss, No name, No shape, No image, No gender, No god, No religion, No creator.

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