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12 Sep
Jam League Basketball

Posted by Battery Acid Games, Inc. in Sports | Sept. 12, 2016 | 160 Comments

Apk file size: 54.0 MB

Grab a basketball and slam-dunk like never before!

Play everything from traditional Team Matches to more personal Hotspot games. Better yet, play in Practice Mode to goof around and get better!

- Team Matches
- Hotspots with leader-boards to compete against friends!
- Compete online in the brand-new shootout mode!

Choose your team and modify their skills to fit your play style!

- 10 Dunks to collect and show-off
- 12 Teams with unique abilities
- 22 Shoes to enhance speed, dunking, and stealing skills
- 18 Balls to enhance shooting

Help us decide which features to add next. Would you like a tournament mode? How about more new courts? Leave it below in the comments!

Whats new

    - All-new Team Season mode where you travel around the world!
    - Improved graphics and details.
    Leave your feedback for us here or to @batteryacidapps

Battery Acid Games, Inc. part of our Sports and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 83.7799. Current verison is 1.3. Actual size 54.0 MB.

Download jam-city-basketball.apk 54.0 MB


Vijay Paul

:( I would rate 5 stars but. When I play any match if the score is like 10-8 at last 0-2 seconds the opponent scores from very far distance anytime I was shocked. And also opponent gets dunk anytime god.... Pls fix it I have lost 20 or more times like that

Bill ParkerZONK

OK Same graphics as highway rider but like I think battery acid games inc. should create more games if you know what I mean. Besides, I have never played a basket ball game on a device, I prefer the real deal

Wiskensley Pierre

5 stars if we could cross up, break ankles... Also,......what the hell? How does my oponent be getting free dunks like that. They dont hit, block me and they be dunking when the match just start

Rico Low

Pls fix..Then I rate 5 stars Every time I open app it freeze and I don't even get to play it and I have to restart my tablet:( pls..fix

Brandon Eldridge

Best Game ever..... Every time I play I win because I'm good nobody can beat me don't hate the player hate the game......................

Keaton Porter

Great This is awesome. I beat the Droids 31-0 with the Devs! I would've given it ***** but it needs 3 things 1) Crossovers, I want to break my opponents ankles. 2) Full customization, I want to make ME!! 3) 3D graphics If the creators make an update for this, I will do what I do now. Shoot full court shots for no reason and give 5 stars

Jamo Ben Khaled

Great game! Love this app. It would've been 5 stars if there are crossovers and layups. Is it just me? How come the opponent can dunk anytime they want while I need to load the bar first before doing so. It's unfair isn't it? Overall great job though!

Dru lglesia

Between "The Meh" and "Great" This is a fun game to play in the car when I have no WiFi but at the same time the gameplay is kinda unfair. Like when you're trying to make a shut out game and you make all the shots and the other hasn't made anything, but they get to slam dunk? That's unfair because they haven't built up the power up to do that, and forwards the end and the game is tied and if they just get the ball and 1 second they will shoot it and make it no matter what 100%?! and the clock should pause after a shot is made.

Jamycus Dawson

5 stars this gane is realistic and im undefeated im 59-0 can somebody beat me if somebody dont beat me im the best in the whole wide world

Pau Delos Angeles

Great game but, Can you please update, put team match in multiplayer, and every time I play multiplayer it laggs....

Marquell Boutwell

Good This is a great game it captures alot of physics and game motion but this game has some things that can be fixed like rebounds and defense this can also have more game modes and 5 on 5 basketball

myk py

Add this please This is a great game and I think it can get better by adding 1)a player customization like skills,looks,etc.2)add layups 3)crossovers.3stars until then. Anyway good work devs. Keep it up!\m/


Too many damn ads Would rate it 5 stars if after every round a 30sec ad wouldn't pop up.

Harold Taylor

Yall need to fix it I can't make any shot now and when u move the little circle thing goes away fix it

FlowRicaL SinneR

Good but can be better Im having little good time playing it. Good time pass but would be better if more teams were there to compete.

4 20

What did you do to this game? This game was great until you changed the release timing and computer difficulty. And if you want to impress me, make a create your own player mode and crossovers and layups. And make the pushing to steal the ball stop, make the action a swipe not a push.

A Google User

5 stars Everything now is perfect the enemy is easy to beat and now it is harder nc update pls make crossover,skill upgrader and layups but also add a new mode like championship

Eduard Falco

This is a @#%& game the game stuck and stuck why i hate this game is freeze and the game is all day free lot what the @#%& men ha ano ang ginagawa ko dito bakit ako nag iinglish this making of this game is fun fuck

MrMystery Oohscary

All I do is win win win no mater what!!! ? I love this game, I never lose. mabey just because I always play on easy but who cares, I still get the same rewards. I'm just saying. Any ways, I totally recommend it. Download if you dare.

Tremell Batiste

Good game Needs more shoes, more customization options. Maybe some different teams would be cool too. And a harder computer bc I rarely get defeated. Even online I can't be stopped

Matthew Ramirez

I would rate 5 stars but I could download the game but every time I download it and open it it never works it just goes straight to my home screen

Tayven Feldpausch

Pretty good I think its kind of cheap that the other teams can dunk whenever they want while we have to wait until are bar loads but other than that this game is really good to me

Gwenieleigh Marinas

Cool I dont hate it i just like nba jam better.there a coppy cat!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!and + th2res also not the funny thing where the plalyer makes them fall down.this game is well kinda good i just dont see fun things here other than monster dunks and team matches.

Mohamad Azrisyam

This game is f*****g awesome... Now I reached level 17...I choose guanas teams because they are cool kid and one thing i needed to say to you is thank you for designing this awesome game.I will play highway rider sometime.This game is my favourite number 1#

Abraham Seitz

I have some suggestions First off, I love this game. Its just the right amount of difficult and is a great time waster. There are things I think should happen to make it a 5 star game. 1; when playing the computer give bouns coins or experience for: shut out game, so many steals, so many shots in a row, etc. That would be awesome. 2; I can never play anyone online?! Fix that for me also! Other than that GREAT GAME!

Brian Williams

Beat it 100% Great game. Beat it 100% and still tons of fun. I have noticed many glitches, here are some recommendations. 1. Improve AI. 2. NO MORE FREE DUNKS FOR AI! 3. Level up each team. 4. Your daily scratch reward comes many times a day. Not that I have a problem with free stuff... 5. Layups! 6. More stuff? 7. All my players (on all teams) are maxed out at five stars on everything. This was too easy, have been playing with 5 star Blades since level 6 or 7. 8. Fix dem glitches! 9. Online 2v2. Please update soon :)

Troy Stephens

Fix Please I love this problem is I get in the game so much but then it keeps crashing and crashing and then I have to delete and get it back its fun and I keep losing my progress when I have to delete and I have I have to delete because it always crashes when I get on now

Rabi Castro

Download it NOW!! I love Basketball and I love this game I give 5 starts because its very good addictive and beautiful game

Brandon Ray

Great game!!!!but almost Worked great with my pad but I'm only getting black screen on my mobile phone...this is a great game.guys,ya must do something to make it work for mobile phones.

Josh B

Good Game but freezzes I CANT PLAY other than that its a good game I would rate four stars if no freezing . I love shooting full court shots lol

Buck Gino

Garbage Controls are hard on touch screens very lame and u can't dunk until your bar goes up so lame its hard to steel or control your player don't waist ur time


Best game I love this game.. if yall out there want to play. play online with me. I'm going to destroy you:-(

Eriel Tinajero

Not fare Each time I stop the ball it still hives the other team 2 or 3 points evean if the meas ok this is sooooooooooo fuuuukkkkiiiinnnngggg anoying I stop the dam ball in hives theme 3 points FIXXXX ITTTTTT

Alex Elias

Wow :( Its soooooo hard to block, and even though I try my hardest its hard.So the real thing is I REALLY HATED IT.

Candias Smith

I like it but I liked it but I wish I could play with LeBron James or Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love that is all I want I would play 2k9 on my PS3. That wasted my time if you ask me I would uninstall the game.

Zellah Colita

It worked before but now When i open the app the game turns black and i have to restart my phone.... i reinstalled thus many times but the same happen!!!!.. Pls fix this and i will rate 5 stars

jason bonar

Forced video ads The forced video ads are a total nuisance. Everytime you exit practice or finish a game. It makes me not want to play this game at all.....seriously wtf!!

Baranislav Davcik

Problem I don't know if any one of u have this problem but every time i enter the game i get i black screen and i need to force restart my phone please fix this problem....... :-(

darrius williams

Ok but The game is good but the cpu is over powerd. They can dunk when they want and when you are about to steal the ball they make a panic pass to their teammate. But over all a great game

Vasil Kraev

Doesn't work The game doesn't even open. Fix it and I will give u 5 stars.

Lazaros Chatziagapoglou

Make it harder Opponents are dump and after you learn how to shoot it is difficult to lose... After a few days i have unlocked all the locked items... The only challenge is to improve my stats....

Sebastian Munera

Great game but.. It lags a lot in my old phopne and what's up whit the other people tthe match starts and they are already dunking

tahira khanum

I will give it 5 if u add 2 things crossovers to break peoples ankles and a dunk button so u can dunk whenever u want and also it would be great if u could add alley oops and dunk blocking along with it Once again great game

Shawn Trovao

Great? I loved it, I enjoyed buying teams and upgrades, the graphics were decent and the game wasn't too hard but wasn't easy. But what made me click 5star was that there were 5 teams that instead of having humans it had whatever the beam name was such as the "Demons" had 2 Demons on their team. I would recommend it, it ain't the greatest game but it most definitely ain't the worst;)

mackie leo

CRASH PROBLEMS Ok so when i first launched the app its was running fine...but when i launched the app for the second time it crashed...i launched it again and it crash im thinking of uninstalling at and install it again...just fix this problem i dont want this to happen to other people...especially the gamers...

Yvandro Barbosa

hate hate hate hate it who ever mafe this game is not cool i cant even score hortible game

Courtney Markel

Fun It is fun to play there is only one thing I don't like is that people can push u and u can push others and u lose the ball. But otherwise it's really fun to do when your bored.

Levi Suleiman

Sweet I so love dis game. Nice graphics and game play, and its not too big. I mean... it doesn't get much better than this..

Eveangeline Archbold

Make it harder It's so annoying because it's to easy!. I put it in hard and beat the team 33-0 please make this more enjoyable for me. Still a great game

shawn foo

Great game but overall some changes need to be made For example:when you block in the game,the opposing team can still score.i dont know if its a glitch or what but please fix it.for multiplayer can you add a new mode instead of just shootout.To be honest,the shoot out mode to me its kinda boring ,so im asking you to at least add a second mode to it.And finally can you add more teams and dunks,it will be very cool if you could add more dunks as it would ,in my opinion make the game much better.The more teams will also make the game much better.

Jerome Abada

Great game but Something is missing!! It's a great game!! :D . To be able to make it more enjoyable you should put a 3 on 3 match and also a 3 on 3 in multiplayer match. And lastly need more, you should put more team, shoes, basketball, tricks and a place like a real gym not only in the street court. Thank you for reading this. I hope you will put the things what I suggested you to do. The game was great but you need to put more stuff in. And also, we need more court and a tournament please and thank you! ! :D

Paarth Kadam

One of the legendary games i've played Its graphics are perfect,hey you guys rock,this game was a impressive experience,not taking few bugs in consideration.If you can make street football using the same idea how u made this game ,your game will be among the top rated games.plz think over this.

K Olson

It fun but... Not realistic too much adds it's pretty good I guess


Rigged Dam game is rigged I miss every shot and my opponent glitches and makes the shot and my opponent can make half court shots for some sort of reason

Dallis Wainwright

Best basketball Played Okay this is the best mobile basketball game ever... And it would be awesome of they really could add more thing like the option of Jerseys, different courts and a little bit of handle action ( crossover, spins , ankle breakers ) or even a little special power house or a hot streak but over all this a good mobile basketball game and I recommend it to any body to play and enjoy.

Jorge Sanchez

Fix I would give it 5 star but when i block the opponents shot it gives them points as if they made it. Please fix. I be winning and when i block one of their shots they score.

ReAcTz 1337

It's 1 of the best games i played but I hate the fact that every team match only lasts 2 mins can you make it longer?? Also can you put more teams and items more shoes,balls maybe cloths ect into the game?

Samuel Harless

Awesome But if you like this game you will love this game called phillipine slam because its beast

Devoun Allen

love the game if you can hear out a couple little suggestions. Can you make tournament in the arcade mode, an in multiplayer mode can you make it against all those who has the game downloaded. Also, maybe new courts

Eldar Yunusov

Multiplayer mode I love this game and especially the multiplayer mode it would be better if you guys could do a multiplayer match one vs one

Daniel Tan

Addictive!! Very fun to play with but it could be better if there's certain tasks which need to be completed to fill up the fun..any ways to make the match longer? 3 mins is too short

Voulgrim Official

Loved it but one problem... The game was great and very addictive actually however I am experiencing an issue with the dunks, I bought a new one chose it then played a game but it still shows the one handed dunk. Please fix it asap i would really want to use other dunks :D

Isaiah Smith

Make better Make it more like NBA jam. And make it have quarters like a really basketball game. And you will gain your stars

Marc Russel Tigno

UPDATE PLEASE :)) the game is perfect! .. the only thing needed is to have some dribble moves and having a shot meter in a player wether the player knows if you shoot or not.. I have high hopes for your game.. you did a great job making it :D

rolando bangay

error scratch and what??? always sending me some free scratch notifications while when i open the game it has no free scratch and irrites me when it sends me always while playing another game pls fix my problem!

deep shah

Nice game but Its too easy make it something harder.i just win all the matches.there is less teams, shoes, no clothes,basket balls.

Shaun Smith

Its cool This game is coOl and awesome

mona hendi

Best basketball game ever I love it so much this is the best game ever I played so many games but this is the best

Renzo Ozner

Absolutely Perfect I think You should put more teams,shoes, and balls. Maybe adding clothes will do.

Douglas Hurley

Terrible game! You can't even get shoot the ball because they be pushing you!

Christina Griffith

Great Game This game is great.I love all the features it has to it and I literally play it all day almost. It's good. Download it!!!??

Vincent Leitch Jr

Jam city I would give a five stars if i could play on different courts and dunk when ever and if there was more modes to play

Jerrell Carson

Awesome game I played it and it takes you out but the second time you can play as long as you want?

Omar Elolemy

Jam city It is so easy and can you do it harder and insan because I won them 12-8

Ftbf Win

This sucks What the heck this freaking sucks when i block the ball it ends up going in anyway it suck makes people rage quit

Dorian Walczak

Keeps sending me free scratch reward It keeps sending me Daily Scratch Reward every few minutes and when I open up the app there's nothing. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

Sahil Guru

This game is too gud i loved much this game and graphics also and i think you all people also like this game

Tammuz Nafrere

Finally people know how to make a game where u dont just stand there and shoot u actually play ball just please make it so they can do lay ups and they're shoes look daf

Devon B

Please fix Game's really cool, fun, and addicting.The only problem I'm having is that every time block the ball jumping in the air is says they made it even though I totally blocked it, it's getting really annoying.

Isaiah Collins

Laggy I really like the game but its lagging but if you fix that I'll give 5 stars

Markeice Lighten

_ Make it where can really costume ur team. Like the type of hair jersey number and skin tone facial hair make it more real

kenegozie oko

The game itself I tried it but it is too hard and even when tried my best I can not enjoy it. This game is horrible

Alain Jove Rosales

Nice! Timing takes a bit to master but the slam dunks will blow you away

kaybee bron

Great game Hey guys this is one of the best games you can find no doubt but please make it have more to it and we want to play multiplayer matches, id really appreciate it and I'm spreading the word about it.

Doublej Johnson

Jam City The game DJ have 83rd gifs huff had fraudster Griggs gens

Carmen Aquino

Fun I really like the game but I rate 4 stars because It could use some layups

Samuel Miller

Fun but gets easy It's like a semi-pro street version of NBA Jam. It has fewer features, but hey, its free. And it's fun, but once you get used to it, it can be too easy. Most games end with me blowing out the opponent, the most dramatic of which saw me win 41-0 on "hard" mode. The AI really needs to be more aggressive. Also I had to disable notifications for this app because I got super spammy "daily scratch reward" notifications, and I've never even seen daily scratch rewards anywhere in the app.

Brayden Rozelle

JAM CITY BASKETBALL I love this game, its so good, except for a glitch here and there, recommended to all!!!

Moses Crawford

Nice very fun the best sports game I have played This game is amazing very good graphics and really is addictiveI recommend this game to any and everyone I also agree that you should put in tournaments and different courts and all that good stuff love it keep up the good work but an update would really be good becuase I want to level up more

Teresa S


Anqayvious Fielder

Great but Its was great but people what if they added crossover moves to the game and people actually fall that would be amazing,cool and above and beyond please just take this note


This is a really good game but the daily scratch off award pops up like every 2 minutes and it doesn't even let me use it and it would be cool if you added more dunks,shoes,teams and balls

IceDivision gt

Good But... Get Dribble Skill In To The Game The Four Stars Are Gonna Be 5! Thanks!

Jossie Dumalogdog

stupid game so lame pls. dont download this stupid game.

Nature Wilson

I don't love it I really really love this game best by far basketball game on my phone only thing I don't like is that when you turn down the music sound affects are still on???

kaybee bron

Great game Hey guys this is one of the best games you can find no doubt but please make it have more to it and we want to play multiplayer matches, id really appreciate it and I'm spreading the word about it.

Hayden Thompson

Awesome Had till my phone cracked. But now I'm back BABY!!!! WHOOHOO. Best graphics and awesome dunks??????

vincent vasquez Van

Its ok and excellent but you forgotten something like please dont forget settings and iwant to play it when you add camera to drive mode. Dont forget the tournaments and career mode,

Carmelo Douglas

Its great. But can u make a 2 on 2 online. Like 4 people join a room and it randomly put u and another online player on your team. Online please

Julian Mongeon

Amazing I think honestly you should keep up with the updates you know it's really easy to make shots and very unpredictable so maybe you should make a shot meter and and some new clothes and maybe you could be able to to play in different courts in arcade and some more gamemodes would be enjoyable, THANKS FOR THE AMAZING CONTENT AND KEEP IT UP.

Camilo Reina

Liked It You should put a mode that you can play a game online with your friends or somebody random

kierran villamin

Piss off dude I almost win 12, 3 times here when my score is 8 and the opponent shoot like 3,2,1 and his in my court and he shoot in the other court wow please the bug fix and when they shoot even i block it it was counted wow

Sidney Arceneaux

Very impressed! This is without a doubt, the very best basketball game in the play store! If you try this game, you won't play another one. For a little bit of an older crowd, if you loved arch rivals in the 90's. You'll LOVE this game!

Jamal Boozer

Good game This game is good but not great. It's missing a tournament mode and the uniforms could look better. It could be better if you were able to build your own baller from head to toe. It would be better if we could increase the stats on player with the coins that you earn, instead of having to pick a whole new team with better stats. Good game, just not a great game.

Isaiah Smith

Make better please Make it like a real nba game and have quarters, and have more people on the court atleast 5 and then you will get your last two stars.

Joshua Teo

Just needs a little more work for me Buttons to unlock become unresponsive after a few minutes in the game. Also, team plays are pretty easy to beat even on hard difficulty after a short while of playing. I hope these can be improved and fixed.

King Of Gaming

Not realistic It cheats alot they miss alot of shots i have 5 stars in all categorys but still miss alot of shots with perfect release how do you miss a perfect layup id never miss a layup i played sg and yet playing for 2 days in a row my ppg is higher and so is my fg percentage.

Armond Santee

Cool game but? The game is awesome but when I try to purchase new things it freezes and just goes back to the main menu this sucks I really like the game but it's like I have earned the coins just to look at......please fix this!!!!

Mr Webster

it would be fun if you could go further and play against different teams. its just the same team and players. you cant even pick the harder teams you defeat.

Jose Lorenzo Mones

Its to hard to shoot..pls fix it! The game is cool but need some improvement so thats why i gave 3stars only!! Pls pls fix the shooting so hard! To put some score!!!

Andre Gutierrez

The best game The shoes they wear are cool how the different teams i like this because its fun people can play together me and my friend we were just playing this game together but yeah its a good game.

Aizat Roxy

Like it I will give you 5 star if you update the court and add another one player in this game so we can play 3 vs 3..i hope you update this game cuz i really love this game

Damion Pinas

Its amazing basketball games NBA jam and jam city its amazing I love it time killer NBA2k16 and jam city & NBA jam nice ilove thus game but hard to use console

Joshua Raven Licayan

love it pls add some lay up,different places,add more teams and league,seasons etc.....

Tamumu Nafrere

I beat the whole game though and now i have 40000 dollars no lie also I c no changes

JOSEPHGAMER7773 and Animations

Like it but... I like the game but i wish it more realistic and i wish there were fauls

Sam Marfleet

I bought coins but they will not give the coins to me

zyrill soriano

YEAH! twa's like BOOM!! and i loved it.. but one request/suggestion: team match is boring when you do it repeatedly so im asking the developers to add a multiplayer match where two players can play against each other by connecting via wifi hotspot to the other player..please do it so i can play with my friends..and share it too coz we were once addicted in the game mini militia

Mario Sinclair

I love this game Every time that some body dunks I can't move

Timothy Evans

WOW I don't know what to say. This game. ROCKS

jayvon burks

Jam League Basketball This game is great no lags and the game never stops on me

The Gamer

Best basketball game Very fun best basketball game ever and the best part it's free

Kingjj4ever Boi

Wow I love this game. It's like NBA Jam.

Sincere Manning

GUD game? It's better than sum basketball games?.. I wouldn't have found this If I didn't have enough space for basketball stars?. Thx!!!

Muhammad Akmal bin Khairuddin

Ok Why this game didn't have achievements & levels?It makes this game so boring.

Enrique Smith

Counting All I do is count to 3 fast and I make it I love this game?

Samir Williams

Great basketball game there is But there is a minor issue it keeps giving me notifications about a daily reward but it never gives me the reward

Elijah Miller

Better Finally i can play without random force close

JLFkiller or JK

Its ight I would give it more but the cpu can dunk any time customization is kinda limited only one online mode and they should make it so you can add hats glasses and bandanas but its still a good game and its still fun

Richard Philogene

It's great but You should make a team match multiplayer, and try to make a football game if your basketball game is this great.Very Addicting!

Jamila vindhani

Nice games and good feature. I like this game

Omar Velasquez

The Computers cheats a lot every time you're winning by one point and there is 1.0 second the cpu shoots from my side of shooting the game makes them have 3 points how does that count even with the buzzer buzzes and the ball is midair the game thinks it counts Please fix this problem.

Andrew Hutchins

Great graphics These graphics have improved over Time great job creators it's great!!!!☺☺☺?

Jason Armetta

It's the shiznit Easy and fun,cool gameplay!

Jamail Mitchell

Jam the league I love the way you want it for you are interested too opinion of a good game

Quarius Jones

Great game i think it should have online 2 on 2 though and a layup animation and maybe dribble moves.

jaime maldonado

Itsgreat There's good graphic and the shooting motion is good this game is good I like it

brothers 4 life basketball

I will Brake your ankles believe me or not ???

Zion Lee

Jam league This is the best basketball game ever

Fakhr Walker

Hated it When I go to multiplayer shootout my move pad lags and won't allow me to shoot therefore letting my opponent win

kgamer deluxe

Honestly I love the new update the shoes look way better and the teams give you a challenge but maybe you guys at battery acid games should put character creation in the game I would love that and many other people would to and it would bring much more attention to your guys game

Hatim Rampurawala

Loved this game I have been playing this game from like 7th grade and this game rocks loved its graphics and awsome game guys keep doing good things

Chu Zhi Shen

New Features This is a great game indeed, but the game should allow us to set the difficulty, i myself play this game from 2013, great work!

Derrick Sears

This new update is the best I like how u get to go around the world playing basketball

shroomado !!!

Sorry guys I will try to fix all the laggs and buggs

Joseph Oliver Agalabia

GLITCHES Sometimes when i block the ball the ball bounces off and then it always scores ?!?!?!?!

Jarell Waller

The Best Basketball Game Ever This is the best basketball game ever. Especially now that it's upgraded. You should download this game.

Juanita Medina

I love basketball and I'm in basket ball It's awsome

Khalil Esselman

Good but... How come the bots can do dunks at anytime

TheBreaker6 GT

This doesnt know basketball why they are pushing no pushing in basketball noob

kyal gordon

And almost j

Orville Gayle

This game too easy but it's still fun Lol. I have everything unlocked. I get like at least 30 points a game on hard mode ?. Shooting full court and half court shots are so easy (explains how I always get 30+ points a game). Only thing that bothers me is shooting in my own net and getting points for it and game says perfect release but I miss. Also not a lot of arcade options. Aside from that this game is fun. My only question is how am I able to score 48-0 in hard mode? This game toooooo easy ??. lol to those losing in dis game for real ?

vatsal4 khar

Best game of basketball onplaystore.. The game is tremendous but u shud update with a career mode with plenty of courts, teams, and a game which i could finish up having sone difficulty, not dat easy please coz m very gud at dis game...i shot 20 balls in a row that too 3 pointers...thank you for d game

Vincent devilla

Loved it I love this game however i wish you add tournament mode,diffirent kind of court,lan multiplayer mode so i can challenge my brother on ONE on ONE. And add a different SHOT like lay up you know so when i shoot the ball near the ring my character will not shoot jump shot make it lay up =D Yeah thats my suggest and when you grant my wish i promise i will rate it 5 STAR so make it happen =D PLS....

Jessie Rayfield

Really fun , but Extremely challenging and very fun . BUT the computer cheats . U can't dunk until u make a certain amount of shots but the computer can dunk at anytime . and wats so bad about that is u can't block a dunk or prevent the computer from dunking at all . also u will never be able to make a shot from half court , but the computer can make shots over and over again way from the other side of the court . It's a really good game probably the best basketball game in the playstore , but it cheats

Myriel French

I love it but... The game should have more arcade modes,there should be more courts,and maybe an online team match. One more thing can the game have an update where you can create your own character. PS, I love the game


So hard to shoot ive seen better When ever u try to shoot u dont know when to let go like put a freakin bar on the side to make it easier. This is a rage game.

Jermico Andrews

Im giving it two stars cause I'm not happy wit multiplayer mode Please update the online mode to where u can do team mode and I will rate it 5 stars

Mr Webster

Features this games is cool. it just needs four 2 minute quarters and harder opponents. Next, You should be able to pick the players you beat when the skill level is hard. intead of buying them. all attributes should be purchased with the coins you earn. But the multiple courts a great touch. A home court for each team.

Da CHeese

Good game Please add stuff like customizable charecters and new dunks also add an even harder difficulty called insane mode

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