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8 Apr

Posted by Ainova Robotics Inc. in Entertainment | April 8, 2015 | 68 Comments

Apk file size: 4.3 MB

The future of Artificial intelligence is here. Meet J.A.E.S.A, a cloud-based open-source user-friendly A.I. unlike any you've seen before!

Just like Iron Man's JARVIS, J.A.E.S.A is able to talk to you about literally anything - from relationship issues to your political preferences, joke, get upset, learn and help you with everyday tasks.

She can also perform live real-time voice-to-voice language translation, set reminders, search and play YouTube videos, use Google, provide you with weather information, open apps, send messages and emails and much more!
J.A.E.S.A. is constantly learning to new things due to innovative cloud neural network technology. Every new piece of information from you and thousands of other people all over the world will make her smarter and allow her to improve even further.

Just talk! She will naturally remember your name, what you like or dislike and other information about you. And as you get to know each other better, she will get smarter and unlock new awesome features!

J.A.E.S.As API is available to thousands of developers worldwide, so that anyone can contribute to this global futuristic project.

Stay with us - Home Automation, Car Integration, PC version and other cool stuff is on the way!

Whats new

    Create Account bug fix

Ainova Robotics Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 8, 2015. Google play rating is 59.8251. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 4.3 MB.

Download jaesa.apk 4.3 MB

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Matt Austin

why after I paid towards the funding of this project do I now have ads all over the app? also why is the voice so robotic? The beta I tested used my phones voice and sounded perfect. In fact the beta worked better than this version. The feedback form doesn't even work! Not impressed.

Martin Brossman

Want like this.. Week AI.. packed with ads.. If I had given money for the Crowdfunding I would be mad. I would almost feel better knowing this was a scam to get funding the that this is the best they can do.

Craig T

Nice idea but poorly executed I backed this on kickstarter and at the time there were demo videos of complete conversations with an ai. No button presses needed, very little broken or misunderstood conversation. Sadly tho that was not what was delivered. Jaesa seems to be a skinned version of google voice recognition and google voicw translate. Conversations do not flow. Jaesa doesnt remember things and constant button presses make it all feel un-natural. An example is given that jaesa can remember details about you but so far it cant

Mark Johanson

Too bad Shame backers are being screwed over. Ad's, inability to rest password, real shame. I haven't been able to use this since I switched phones because it just gives an error, submitted a report about it with screenshot of the error and was told "we are having trouble getting the devs to understand the problem" really?? How about you actually look at logs or start logging. As an actual funding backer I'm extremely disappointed in the response, and inability to use the app.

Tom Olecki

Terrible I'm a kickstarter backer and it works as bad as when it was first released as a beta almost year ago. It doesn't remember most basic informations about user which makes it useless. And there was only one update. They stopped sending any updates by mail so I'm not sure if it is still developed. Waste of money.

Jaafar A

Pathetic Not only does the app not deliver at all in terms of functionality, it now has ads all over the place. They got us good!

Jigar Joshi

Love the direction this app is going in. Great features, smart AI response, I hope the future updates will make this app even more sick!!

anshul agrawal

Perfect app Very user friendly and the voice recognition is superb

Chris Vucinaj

Ads?! This app has ads after we paid our money to support it already? It doesn't even work they way the prototypes were described and shown either

Randy Carrero

Ads? Why we should have premium! Not liking the ads part we gave money for this and you plug in ad's? If that's the cause kickstarter members who back should have the ad-free version. Other than that looking for the future of this app.

neetu VERMA

Keeping money and original software You have already developed the software fully you don't want to give us that as you shown in YouTube videos arseny I think I should demand for refund this is fake software from which you want that we backers get away from taking your software actually u don't want to give this software any one...bad ideas arseny but good software

urvish mandaliya

Amazing app.......loved it.... loved this app..have never seen such type of app before...thnks for proving it....

Sarfraz Seth

Most rubbish app not worth penny don't download it's not ai it's just voice recognition app which use Google voice

josh alyea

Freaking amazing Some bugs here and there but none the less outstanding app!!

Cody Mccoy

Really? I get this is a new thing but the advertisements are crazy I open the app and after it replys tge first message an ad pops up so I close the ad and it does the same thing again I'd you guys could take the adds out or lesten the time it pops up by a lot it will be great

Jyrki Lehikoinen

Unable to login & even worse During these first days I have been getting "Some Error Occured on the server side! Try Again Later!" when trying to recover password for my existing account. Update: Kidding you surely must be? Still having the same problem! Another update: It got even better! Now there are Google Ads thrown at me when I open the app (login screen). Way to thank people for supporting you on Kickstarter, pretty hilarious actually. Uninstalling for now.

Matthew Seligman

App is getting better. It's not perfect yet but it's definitely getting better. I found some problems with some questions like mathematics and simple question and answers but its slowly improving. Not huge fan on ads though having backed on Kickstarter.

Evan Watson

Needs a lot more work The ai messes up a lot of words and conversations will update when fixed

Pedro Hammondo

Disappointed What is this? This is not what I backed on kickstarter... This app is dreadful and a complete waste of funding! There is nothing redeemable about this app...

lucio gimo

Please work on it Good idea but still need some work

Krystal K

Why are there ads when I PAID for this app from KICKSTARTER??!!?? please tell me that I am missing something critical about my log in from the beta that is causing this??!!

Karan Shah

Nice one Nice idea done very well job...

japnam singh

Kudos to the team behind the app. Love the app,design and also it understands Indian ascent too.

Adam Rahman

Con artists Back on kickstarter. Beta was better than this. Woudnt trust the developers all they want is profit from advertisements after backers have paid for the development all ready.

Dhrumil Patel

Very helpful app. Amazing n wonderful work. Person can't feel lonely while using this application.?

Dmitry Kleshchik

Ads Why is this paid app has ads?!?!

khush gehlote

Loved it To be honest this application just gave android a siri which is tooo awesome

Albert StClair

Will be the best - As expected, as with any new AI program, people need to understand we are still in the beginning with this program. Especially with android. Give it time and you will see spectacular improvement. Siri, Assistant, etc, all had to be improved upon release. This AI will set the bar much higher.

Georgi Krastev

joredo hold on guys this is just Current Version 1.0.1 It will grow ;]

Randy G

Not worth the $160 I spent on it. If I knew it was going to be this crappy on release I would of never backed it. Where is my custom interface? where is pc release? This thing can't even open up the dialar to call anyone and it says the wrong time. half the things I tell it it says you aren't making any since.

Michael D

Totally Abused Kickstarter I paid to help fund this, as many of us did, and paid twice for an extra license to use on multiple devices, but I'm looking at a re-skinned Google product with all functions reliant on Google! And it's showing me ads??? The product we received is not what we were promised.

Darshan Gandhi

Awesome fun app Great user interface. Very clever n relevant replies

david lovett

I think a class action lawsuit is in order! Absolutely nothing like what was promised. I had high hopes. Someone in Canada needs to stop by Ainova and find out what they are really doing?

Vivek Agrawal

Great idea and very high potiential

Helly Shah

Amazing app. I really enjoyed with the girl inside!!!!!! Lolzzzzz

Mansi Shah

Loved it


Very useful app

Bharat Shah

Good one


Amazing Best app on my phone cant wait fot the sdk


I backed the kickstarter To see what this has vecome from what was prommised is a joke. Still cant hold a conversation to be reliable AND they filled it to the brim with pop up adverts and banner adverts. Disgusting. Dont download this crap.

David lonnen

Wow! How bad can an app get? After reading the comments on the Web and on here I still thought I'd give it a go. Unusable! The first few ads were annoying but I can't even press the mic button without a popup. Absolutely the worst app ever downloaded!

Ben Garner

Ainova lied... Ainova directly stated that the version shown in their Kickstarter video was the actual software and not a pre-scripted concept or example. It is quite obvious now that that was a complete lie.

anony mous

She's growing Iv been waiting for thus forever iv been foliwing her development over time she will get better people stop bashing this amazing project look how far with and cortana have come over the years with sucked at first. Keep up the hard work devs she has a big future! Ps the feedback button is unresponsive

Ernest Baker

Ads!?!? What the hell? I realize you have to make money to progress but this is just stupid. It would be better if you sent out an email to your backers asking if they could enable ads to support you. But this is just ridiculous.

Gabriel Valentine

Sucks big time I asked "define artificial intelligence" and it cannot answer anything..... thumbs down...I was really looking forward to it but now it really sucks.

dildo faggins

Needs work, but you can tell it's got a good foundation. Ads need to go.

Alex Cavanaugh

Ehhh... It needs work. A lot of it. I'm kinda feeling lied to after everything you guys showed us in the demos...

Tom Ashley

Review of an AI coder I can't believe all that money went to this. I could have coded something so much better than this by myself. There is no advance here in natural language processing, inference, or machine learning in general that I can see. This is a chat bot. This is narrow AI. What coders in the field aim for is AGI which this does not seem to be. The capabilites of this bot have been around since the early 90s. A real AI innovation wouldn't behave like this thing does. This gives legit AI kickstarters a bad rep.

Tech Bot

Ads! Ads pop up and take the full screen

Luis Slamovits

Great! The faster app I ve seen with AI. Thanks!!

Eugene Petrone

Sad. Translator crashes. I say take me or route me to somewhere and program is confused. I have to say open maps. I could have done that myself. Once I'm in maps I have to manually use maps there is no way to communicate with the program again: which is pretty useless. It will probably get better in the future. Let's give it some time.

Thatawesomeguy Mylastname

I backed the beta kickstarter, didnt even get a proper beta, i have no idea how this got delayed as much as it did. There is NOTHING to this AI lol

Richard Lougher

CRAP-APP 100% Just another stupid attempt at AI… a kick-start rip-off. No Avatar, no working feedback ability, no better than any other voice assistant… can't do anything correctly, and only gives excuses for not answering your questions…. Assume it is some type of tracker bug.

Balaji Birajdar

Too many ads. Uninstalling Too many ads. Full screen Popups come up as soon as you move to second screen in create account itself. Uninstalling before 1st use.

Kenyashi Uang

No update and ads! Steer clear for now. Horrible. Paid for this app in kickstarter and now it has ads but has zero updates since april. Wow!

Jake Sherwood

Terrible I ask what is the temperature "dude, that depends on how you phrase the question" is Jeasas response... I ask what time is it "time doesnt exist" is Jeasas response"... If this app cant provide the time or weather how can i trust it to give me any decent answers, i mean come on, the time is inbedded in the phone, that has to be the easiest question to answer.. Plus when i speak, i only get written responses.. Lots of work to be done here

Allan Jones

A good start I would like to make a call using jaesa and not using the "tap to talk" would be better

anony mous

Lies Nothing like the video. At least cortana is coming soon I already have the beta

Jorge de Abreu

It seems like a miserable cross breed between google voice and eliza. It sucks.

Martin Dorfer

As a backer I gotta say that I really thought this will be a breakthrough but even now after ainova got bought by one of the backers to finally finish the work as promised it's been months and nothing happened...

mohan krishna

Ya....There is a problem, tapping all the time on mic to start talk... And need better animation....... ALL THE BEST GUYS..... waiting for new version

Jyrki Lehikoinen

When I'm trying to recover my password (I'm sure I had one during the beta) it says: "Some Error Occured on the server side! Try Again Later!" (sic) I also tried creating a new account and got this: "This Account already exists, Account Could not Be created!" (also word-for-word) At least it didn't throw ads at me this time. Regards, One Unhappy Kickstarter Backer

Yasuhiro's Journey

Really cool for a prototype! Considering that it is a prototype it is quite amazing..... Best ai u can get for the android. However I would like to highly suggest voice change options(not exactly the sexyest girl voice...sounds to much like Google gps)....but I have extremely high hopes for this app( good job to the team working on it ) I look forward to the future of JAESA and suggest others to keep tabs on it

Rohal Shinde

Not so Cool Please include the conversation mode because every time we have to press the button. And also include self recognition mode like OK GOOGLE so that it can be assessed from any screen rather than always going to the app home screen. And for reminding it I have to repeat the same thing for several times and than it says ok.

Travis Kollmann

Wow I was truly amazed by some of the responses she gives.. some questions she can't quite awnser but if you try enough you will see she understands what your asking but can't quite awnser properly, I'm trying to ask questions directly about her to see what she can come up with in conversation

Prahlad Pai

Awesome A. I Thanks group J. A. E. S. A. I have been waiting to see your work on Android. It's simply awesome. I have few suggestions for you. If you really want to touch hearts then make Jaesa more human and show the emotions. Create a fake conscious. when the user types in and waits for reply don't immediately reply. show some increasing dots on screen to make him feel you are thinking and typing more like humans do. Bring this change and see where you stand. You guys are just awesome.

Ilya Rozenkrants

Nothing Delivered The developers promised so much and developed very little. There are apps much better than this for free. There haven't been updates in months. The original developer sold this program to another person who has done nothing with this application.

Dhrumil Patel

Very helpful app. Amazing n wonderful work. Person can't feel lonely while using this application.?

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