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20 Sep

Posted by Jackbox Games, Inc. in Puzzle | Sept. 20, 2013 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

Download the free JackPad™ app to your Android phone or tablet to seamlessly interact with YOU DON’T KNOW JACK on the OUYA console and YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Party on iOS.

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK is the #1 trivia game in the world that contains both fart noises and trivia about Shakespeare.

The JackPad™ allows you to buzz in and answer questions using your Android device as your controller. Know the difference between fine art and potato chips? Buzz in from the comfort of your couch by pressing the buttons on your Android device's screen.

Think your friends are clueless? Use the special JackPad™ “SCREW” button to screw them by forcing them to answer a question!

With the JackPad™, it has never been easier to play YOU DON’T KNOW JACK. All you need is your Android phone or tablet and a head crammed full of random trivia knowledge.

• Answer questions by buzzing in with your Android phone or tablet!
• “Screw Your Neighbor” by forcing them to answer questions they don’t know!
• Personalize your buzzer with any name you desire!
• No extra controller hardware necessary!

Connecting your JackPad™:
Just connect your Android phone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your device running YOU DON'T KNOW JACK Party or the same Wi-Fi network as your OUYA console and your JackPad™ will connect.

Whats new

    Resume properly after unlocking a device that was put to sleep.
    No longer required the Bluetooth permission.
    Fixed occasional double tap being send to the host application.

Jackbox Games, Inc. part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2013. Google play rating is 57.9215. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download jackpad.apk 12.0 MB


Catrina Hubbard

Doesn't work! Just paid for this game and can't play with anyone because the stupid app doesn't work. Just keeps telling us to make sure we're connected to the same WiFi network.... and we are!

Bryan Palomo

App doesn't work! Bought this Game just to look at pretty much. App doesn't work at all, says "make sure you are on the same WiFi as your device"... Do not buy until this gets fixed.

Amanda Clark

Connection issues I downloaded this game, and it said I wasn't connected to WiFi. I turned my WiFi off and back on, and still couldn't connect even though my WiFi said I was connected. Had to uninstall. No sense clogging my SD card with an app I can't even use. :(

Sean DeArras

Well done! Great way to add more players to the game without buying extra controllers. Works with the Fire TV YDKJ Party game too! Plan to use with the party box on steam soon too. My only gripe stopping 5 star is the slight delay in responding to your input. Pressing a button on a controller and phone app at the same time, the controller rings in first. The delay should be accounted for, with the time the button is pressed being used, instead of when the game is told by the app.

Aileen Harmon

Can't connect Just says connecting.... Make sure on same wifi as device, and I am. Would love to try the game if this gets fixed!

Alexander Harmon

Worked most of the time Worked through my laptops hotspot. Everyone installed on it on their android phones and it was able to communicate with the Ouya game. There was one instance a phone didn't connect but a game restart fixed it.

Neil LaPointe

Does not connect Does not connect, not even a hint that it even works. Devs should focus on either a Bluetooth connection or a pairing by QR code. Pairing by qr could would probably be the most viable option without the user dealing with Bluetooth pairing settings

Kasper Kolbe

Great when it works Same connection issues here as others... Try disabling/re-enabling Wi-Fi, leaving/rejoining the hotspot

Tim Towle

Amazon fire TV fail Keeps loading as ouya controller and work work with amazon fire TV. The game on amazon is a pile of fail as well. In game app upgrades don't connect. On the Jack game or the Fibbage game.

RM Wilson

The Fun in Funny Love this game. Playing Solo and with a group. Every episode makes me wonder how much fun it would be to be on the staff. So coo!!l. Would have given 5 stars but, it took 3 uninstalls. Kept saying BE SURE UR ON THE SAME NETWORK. Even though we all were. If that bug gets fixed .. SUPER LIKE. GOLD STAR I bought all the episodes anyway.

Hans Hogan

You don't know jack... On how to make a working app! Download works fine though. How about some quality control and testing before you send updated versions? Use the Web link instead of installing this.

Justin Brown

Why make an app if it doesn't work Doesnt connect, but you need it to use the game if you don't want to use the mobile website- which lets your phone go into sleep mode between EVERY round

Brandy Goble

Connection issuee U only got 1 star cuz it wouldn't let me give anything less. Will not connect at all.

Michael Rojas

Doesn't work I'd have preferred a to play with an app but it didn't work. Had to use the N5's browser.

Thisisnitwit nit

Doesn't work And the maker doesn't seem to care. It used to connect but no longer does.

Landry Hardy

Doesn't work The app won't connect. The website works, but this app can't find my PlayStation.

Frank Martinello

What happened to the original game??? Just bring back the original. It was awesome. Just like everyone says. DOESN'T WORK.

You Tube

it wont connect im having the same connection issues and i tried disabling it and reabling it doesnt work dont waste your money

Veronica Buck

Doesn't work no matter what.... Just says connect to WiFi when I have data........

Sue Green

I don't get it! Mine is saying the same as a lot of others make sure I'm connected... You need to be more clear somehow on how to play with other ppl because I can't connect either and love this game >.<

Brian Wong

Doesn't work at all. Keep trying to connect. Zzz

Holly Ostdick

Not working!!! It worked great but with this most recent update it won't connect. I'm using a moto x phone and amazon fire tv.

April Sullivan

Wont connect Says I need to be on the same Wi-Fi as the game, which I am. Tried 3 different devices, wouldn't work on any of them.

Mike Hurt

Perfect! Works perfectly on Amazon Fire TV with multiple smartphones. Truly plug and play. No lag whatsoever.

Curtis Summers

Works great Great when I play on a fire tv thing and a chromecast. This doesnt work with the console games, because those use the web browser

didier gambarota

Never connected! I'm not giving you my money until the jackpad works with the ouya version. I tried 10 times already, it never connected. My s3 and my ouya are both on the same wifi network. FIX IT!!! NOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

Xavier Gonzalez

Never works. Bring back the original!! I've tried to install and play this many times and it never works. I'm on the same WiFi as my device, just like the message that pops up. Nothing. Cmon developers, get a clue. Bring back You Don't know jack because this is a waste.

Mitch Lawrence

You don't know jack But you do know crap. I would have rated it lower if there was that option. Would not even connect so never got the opportunity to play the dang thing.

Timothy Yu

It works... Sometimes Was able to play the party game using my ipad, with my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini as a remote. Only issues I noticed were 1. Lag due to wifi connection, and 2. I got the Ouya jackpad once until I restarted both apps and got the Jack buttons. Both are small issues, but should be improved upon.

pat n colagreco

Crashes immediately Galaxy S4 - KitKat, official At&t release

Mike Newman

Always works for me Never had a problem using this on a variety of Androids to connect to YDKJ Party on the iPad.

Sara Snowfeather

Mobile data doesn't work

meagan mastin

Doesn't work Doesn't work and "make sure your connected to the same WiFi as the device your trying to play on" makes NO sense even.....come on

Didi Paris

Does not work.... I loved the game on PC, but as an app it won't connect to the internet. I would love to be able to play it again...

David Welsh

Doesn't work Simply won't connect to ouya. Using samsung galaxy s vibrant.

Shadrick Dinkins

Doesn't work at all

Veronica Borunda

Didn't work all the time But would have been perfect if it did. Have to use the browser

Shane Conley

Cannot connect Tried playing you don't know jack on my fire stick with friends, but no one's phone could connect their jack pad. Please look into this. Thanks

Frank Martinello

What happened to the original game??? Just bring back the original. It was awesome. Just like everyone says. DOESN'T WORK. Fix it dumb butts. Sheesh

Timothy Lewis

Works great! Had a blast playing You don't know Jack last night. Didn't have enough controllers so our phones worked flawlessly.

Damon Hurt

Doesn't work! For 24 dollers on my android tv... you would expect this to be a bit more polished and usable!

surfer bum

Doesn't work Says it needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, and it is, the same that my Amazon fire stick is, doesn't connect, just attempts to load and nothing happens.! Please fix.

Lakisha Brown

App doesnt work This wasnt worth the time of my patience. It cant connect to the internet. This app need fixing

Keith McGovern

Doesn't work Frankly, the fact I can't use controllers for additional players is disappointing. On top of that this app doesn't even work.

erica engelhart

Wifi It won't connect to my wifi. Bummed that I can't even try it

SunShine KI

Will not connect to wifi, when it was a computer game, LUV IT,fun, funny very entertaining, but the mobile app, does not work, cannot connect to wifi or my g4. Too bad.

Thaddeus Woskowiak

Jack left town... Seriously, this game blows. Annoying commentator, lame jokes, and painfully long, pointless animations between rounds. And an app? You couldn't just make it a web page and save us the trouble? Boo.

Dave Large

Doesnt work I never normally review but this app deserves the terrible views. It just doesn't connect

Madison Hale

You Don't Know Jack Party on Fire Tv I used this for You Don't Know Jack Party on the Fire TV and it worked flawlessly. Connected immediately and didn't have any issues

Bryson Kinder

FYI: This app is for the OUYA console; Not for the "The Jackbox Party Pack"" app. This app does not work for The Jackbox Party Pack. That is all.

Justin Becker

Doesn't work... Since 2013 Why release an app (which is basically required) for a $25 game if you won't support it. Google should delete both this and the jack party pack until their is real support for this. Glad google allows refunds.

Conniebeth1969 Bailey

App doesn't work....? App doesn't connect. I was really looking forward to playing.

Käthe Walton

Does Not Work Loved this game online, but this app won't even load. :(

Destiny Desanti

HATE IT ?? It freezes like crazy and it gives you to many problems just saying this SUCKS!!!!!??

Deirdre Kinney

This app does not work!!! Will not even start up. Too bad I paid for nothing!

Crunchie Venison

What a glitchy piece of crap app, wow, hot diarrhea . Come on people try harder

Martin Bennett

Ripped off I wish I'd done since research before buying. Sort It out!

Monorne Younger

Why Not Im the type that try to be sratr Upbeatthe narrator loving not forgot that I had this talk and text

tiernan chillingworth

amazon fire box 4k one freezes game randomly freezes and phone controller issues as well .but game is good but needs question randomization. can only play each round once

Felisha Gadgad

Works Great My Samsung Edge and my Galaxy 8 tablet both worked just fine. Does exactly what it's supposed to do

Dontaye Williams

5 stars ....for the gumps who didn't read the description. The app was last updated in 2013. Pull your skirt down.


Absolute crappe Doesn't work because it isn't able to connect to anything. People have been complaining about this app for over a year, so it's time the makers took notice and actually sort it out. No point in it existing when it serves no purpose. Fix it or get rid. I am uninstalling it after posting this.

Jordan White

Connection issues with me too Looks like EVERYONE is having connection issues. My friend has it working for her ios phone but I can't play with her. Fix please. It looks like alot of fun on the "fibbage" ps4 version

Scott Morrow

Annoying Clicking the green button to join the game started the game every time I tried it. Finally found that if one player with console controller and the two iPhone people joined first, android player would simultaneously join and start the game.

Anthony James61

Sucks I tried playing it with several people YOUR APP SUCKS if you can't fix the problems as I've read below don't make an app period. Worst app ever!

Katie Allen

Doesn't work! Downloaded this to play the jackbox party pack but the app didn't even connect. Wasn't even needed as you're told to go through a browser anyway! Don't download this, no point in doing so!

Matt Holmgren

Will not connect to wifi.. Wtf. I just paid good money for the games... Screw off. Just saw it was last updated in 2013 lol. This should be removed from the play store.

Paul Scarrott

Simply doesn't work Tested on galaxy tab, galaxy s3 and iPhone and won't connect on any of them. Useless.

Ashlen Przybylski

Didnt work We tried to connect multiple devices and it would only let one play and would completely skip other people trying to connect and this is with amazon fire stick

Mel G.

Doesn't work Don't bother downloading it. As many previous comments, it does not work. Will not connect even if on the same WiFi or the game was launched first on the TV. They obviously don't care to fix this problem as people have been complaining since last year.

Kyle Hathway

The app, despite being connected to the same network wouldn't connect to any device I tried to host on. Yes I have the Party Collection on Steam, PS4 & X1. 1 Star because it doesn't even tell you that it's failing to connect, it just keeps going. Left it for half an hour and decide to use the browser on my phone.

J Bambi

Its ok It's a bit slow sometimes, but it technically works. They need to add the game for chromecast people too, not just fire TV.

James Sheets II

Doesn't work App doesn't work on Galaxy s4 or Galaxy Tab 4. I feel sort of cheated here... I didn't pay $25 to have to use a mobile browser to play....

Vanessa Chalifoux

Biggest waste of my life. I want "you don't know jack" for my Android! This is bs.. Super disappointed it doesn't work and there is no "you don't know jack".

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