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30 Sep
IV Calculator - PokeGo Master

Posted by Fancy Devs in Tools | Sept. 30, 2016 | 76 Comments

Apk file size: 1.5 MB

Can't tell which of your thousands of Pidgeys to keep? PokeGo Master provides an easy solution to determine which of your Pokemon you should keep, all without leaving the Pokémon Go app!

PokeGo Master will give you the following values for your Pokémon:

-- IV (Individual Value) using our Arc Overlay or Stardust IV calculator.
-- Estimated CP of the Pokemon after you evolve it.
-- Min and Max CP of that Pokemon for the level entered.
-- Estimate Max possible CP for that Pokemon.
-- Best Offensive and Defensive move sets.
-- Use Appraisal feature to get even more accurate score.

Pokédex is also available in both German and French.

There is nothing linking your Pokemon Go account with PokeGo Master so you can not be banned for using this app. You will be banned if you use other apps that use your Pokemon Go account so be cautious when logging in to those apps.

Pokémon and all respective names are trademark & © of Nintendo 1996-2016

Whats new

    Fixed Pinsir's move set
    Added feature which will save last run CP and HP and then clear when you enter field
    Added German Pokemon moves

Fancy Devs part of our Tools and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 82.3554. Current verison is 2.97. Actual size 1.5 MB.

Download iv-calculator-pokego-master.apk 1.5 MB


Brodie Pearce

This app is the best there is to use in conjunction with the new appraisal feature. Period. Only four stars because the devs need to implement a method for the user to properly align the overlay to get a more accurate reading. The arc, when aligned, is far superior to the stardust calculator. The overlay is not aligned properly on my screen and there is no way for me to correct it besides estimating the position of the arc based on how far off center the overlay is. This gets harder as trainer levels go up. If this gets done, it's an easy five stars.

Jakob Busse

The very best This app is the very best, Like no other app was. To calculate them was their real test, to judge them was our cause. ? I have scrolled the whole play store, Searching for these apps, To understand my Pokémon, The IV score insiiiidee! ? Pokémon, This app and me, I know it is destiny, Pokémon, You're my best app, In a world we must defend!! Gotta catch them all!!

Andy Lazaro

Great IV checker Even with the new Pokemon Go In game Appraisal feature added, its always nice to have this to be 100% sure of the exact iv rating. Awesome app! And its great also because OVERLAY! With just a few bugs here and there, its still an awesome app to have.

Josh Wingerter

Really love the overlay Devs are great and responsive, but recent update has a flaw with my phone display where the dot on the arc overlay doesn't actually line up on the arc's path. I can still tell the appropriate position but I'm using the Nexus 6P with stock display settings

Chris Vinton

Thank you I've worked hard trying to create a clear overlay I can put on my phone because I've worked really hard to get to the level I am and without cheating ever. I feared being banned for using an iv calculator but not having to enter your trainer account info prevents that with this app. Great work to you guys for this very easy to use app. Thank you thank you thank you!


Accurate & trustworthy The level arc overlay makes it more accurate than the standard iv calculator based on stardust. Combine with the appraisal feature to narrow down the possibilities even more without powering up. Updated regularly and gets better each time.

John Yoshizawa

Update causing a lot of misses Low level magikarp with correct information typed in cannot find iv. Happened for psyduck too. Really liked it up until the last update. Update 8.26 still getting error where it cannot find the iv. This is with the new update

Kirill Kravitz

Great work The only thing I want to be added it's pokémon max CP. Not maximum CP for current pokémon level, but to its kind. Thank you for your work!

Zack Walhovd

Hands down BEAST IV calculator available! I've tried about 5 diff iv calculators & this 1 is by far the most accurate & user friendly app out today.

Dean Ocque

Doesn't work. Every time I enter the PROPER data it gives me an error. "Unable to find any IV scores for the entered information." Happened on every pokemon I tried.

Yuda Praja

Got better and better The most convenient way to check IV and now we can predict evolved Pokémon CP. GGWP

Leonard Liang

Excellence! The latest update makes this already super handy app even better. I can't imagine playing PoGo without it. What could make it better is to let it automatically recognize the name of the pokemon when I open the floating icon and pop up the num pad for more to enter cp. Please also add Rate Me and Purchase/Donate functions in the app.

Erwin Olarte

Great! But... The overlay disappears randomly. It happens frequently and it gets annoying. Please fix

Dylan Ridener

Inaccurate by +10 IV This calculator is extremely inaccurate, giving my pokemon +10 iv points from their actual true IVs. Don't download!

Dan Roel

THE BEST!! Made selecting what pokèmon to keep a breeze! Helped me alot in conquering opposing gyms! Thank you for developing this great app! #TeamInstictPhilippines

Adam Walton

Awesome time saver Edit: Fixed my problems quickly. Love that it's consistently updated. Thanks Dev!

casey H

Works great The overlay is what makes this a really great app. You don't have to hop out of one app and try and remember information.

Kevin Howley

Great development team. Quick to respond and resolve issues with the app. Very useful to find out your strongest pokemon above and beyond the appraisal system in the game.

Reyner Cadapan

Its not working on my phone Everytime i open the pogo app the icon disappears

Tucker Southard

It's great. I love using this with the recently added appraiser feature, but it just needs to UI tweaks to make it a little smoother and easier to use, I think.

Randy Gault

Works Better than poke assistant website which failed on one of my Pokemon (0 results) . This app solved it (2 results, which I narrowed by powering up)

Inu De Kami

Very nice Best IV calculator ever, i love the way you don't need to minimize game to check IV. Vote 5 stars

Ronald Blackwelder

Broken Arc not working any more

Azid Diza

Doesn't work The black line won't appair why?

Ian Joseph Tenorio

This IV calculator is the best 5 star if they will add the appraisal results in their calculations for better precision

Alton Tay

So much better with buttons

Crescent Moon

Convenient and Useful It's nice that this app overlays the game so that I can quickly check IVs as I capture pokemon

Micah M

Helpful Easy to use. It would be cool if it listed best DPS moves for Pokémon selected.

Kobkrit Khamkosit

Love it This app so great it's help me a lot. Hope you keep improved it. :)

Codykinz Raygor

Didn't work for me

Erik Samhammer

Great iv calculator Works great in conjunction with the games appraise feature.

John Doe

Perfect Thankfully it doesn't just give you the average.

Zack Larocha

superb love this app... more updates pls

James Handery

Awesome Keep up the good work :)

Jason Copeland

Terrible, crashes and wrong info The in game appraisal said stamina was best and this app didn't give any choices where this was true. I verified against two other calculator apps and both gave me correct info where this one didn't. Also, it crashes randomly and then comes back a few seconds later. Annoying! Finally, there's no way to close the button without launching the app again.

Mhondz Me

Arc Result Love this app it consumes less ram usage about 11mb unlike other app. Can I suggest to check IV Rater in Playstore the results they provide is exact Pokemon IV not possible IVs. RE: I've checked IV Rater, average is not same in this app the same is one of the value this app provide.

Jose Vargas

Best IV Calculator Works great and helps narrow down possible iv combos for pokemon level according to your level. With th e new appraisal you can eve get the exact iv if you pay attention to its best stats. Dont really use the startdust one. And if powered up to much i find it wont find you pokemon stats.

AJ Bautista

The Most Accurate Calculator! This app is the most accurate one around, when coupled with the in-game trainer appraisals feature. Through the process of elimination, you can accurately figure out (or get extremely close) your pokemon's stats.

Nicholas Laipply

Great overlay system! As accurate as you can possibly get without signing into Google. Frequent updates, keeping us happy. Thank you.

UT Fong

Best poke rater The overlay arc is great. For trainers that complains the arc doesn't align, set the correct trainer level. I like how this app shows best attack/defense mives. Developer, can you retain CP and HP after I closed the overlay? Amd when I click on the CP/HP text box, can the whole textbox be highlighted? It makes rechecking the same pokemon easier. Also, how do you determine the best defense moves? I know the attack dps can be ranked. How are you determining defense dps? Thank you for your great work

Andy Bright

Love the app! One feature I would like to see added is how much stardust to level 20, 30, 40... Maybe even 25 and 35. Also weakness/strength would be awesome! Love it though! Keep up the great work!

YY Jin

Best interactive IV calculator Actually I think is the best with all things considered. It can use stardust or an amazing transparent overlay to set monster's level. The later allows CP and HP to be seen while doing the calculation. It also shows the possible combinations of the IVs. A short list of 4 best moves complete the package. The floating button is very convenient to run through multiple candidates. So far it has been very accurate. Thanks for this great app.

Claire Posthuma

A couple of Pokémon the result is inaccurate. Starmie and parasect with simply amazes me assessment and it gives me max values of 70%. Please fix.

Brian Phelps

Use it every time I use this on almost every pokemon I get (some r obvious candy) but I'm now putting the % in the name and after evolving, renaming the Pokemon to what kind of atks it has...brilliant! A MUST have for any serious pokemon player.

Benjamin Trembly

Good This is a good app to along with the game. Seams to very accurate from what I can tell. On a side note, the arc overlay is very hard to know if it is accurate, the stardust calculator is much more reliable.

Michael Watson

Great Works great! The level arc is very slightly off sometimes, but hasn't caused me any problems so far.

Christopher Nichols

Overlay is off. The overlay is off on my sony z2 making it impossible to get the iv calculator to work with any kind of accuracy. Please fix. And I will change my review.

travis vermeersch

self closed works for about 5mins then it just closes it's self have to close pogo restart app then it'll work for 5mins then I have to do it all over again I'm on Samsung galaxy core prime if that matters

Ryan Scott

I really like it but Can you please tell me why it changes the iv % depending on whether I use stardust or level . If you tell me it's 5 ☆. Ty :) EDIT: oh, thank you very much 5☆ now


New update worse Got worse with the new update. Now there isn't even the black line for the arc calculation.

Rose Thomas

App is usually perfect However, lately it's been buggy. My 97 IV dratini is logging as a 75. I'm not really sure what's up as its getting all of my IVs wrong. It seems to only be the arc overlay, however I have my correct level in so I'm not sure what is going wrong.

IRBx Halotic

No Difficult at first. Info not very accurate but the overlay is kool

Gavin Yuen

Been liking it but no explanation how to use I been using this app for awhile but i cant find any info when to tick the atl def and hp option

Marin Cokarić

Doesn't work on S6 Caterpie, 233 CP, trainer lvl 21, pokemon lvl 19, dust 2500, HP 58, Attack, never powered up, Says "Invalid values used"

Miles Howard

The arrow will not appear The arrow will not appear so i can calculate my iv tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still did not help like the app when it works please fix

Mayra Mendieta

I like it! No ads, lightweight and simple. Appeals a lot. Great job, TY and Kudos.

Almost perfect Works great, but a small help or instruction menu is needed. There are now AT, DF and HP tick boxes, what is this for? I'm guessing it's "tick if max"?

Sharon Yuen

After the update there are extra boxes like AT, DF n HP, how do we use them?

Mattan Y

Overlay Bar doesn't line up. edit: My trainer level is up to date

santa clause

Faq useless. What do the HP at de tick boxes do?

Destin Meaux

No bar The exp bar is gone and now this is useless.

Steve Bryant

Works on my android phone I've used this for many weeks now and each update gets better. Good developer. Anticipates my wants and implements them.

Nick Balazs

Too There is a difference between to and too. Spelling is important. Also, the arc ball doesn't fall in the right location on the droid maxx 2.

Ivan Bauer

Explain the AT/DF/HP please explain the AT / DF and HP boxes


Works great! I used this app for awhile now, and it works great, you got the iv calculator, best moves list, cp calculator.

Codykinz Raygor

Got it to work and does what it's supposed to

Kevin He

Horrible.. No longer works.

Bjyon Jenkins

Amazing and convenient Very convenient and the approximate was very close, now it isn't as accurate

Grant Martin

Pretty good. Would be nice if I could type in the level of the Pokemon. Very useful though.

sam sejavka

Overlay arc isn't working on my s5 as of 25/10

celwyn nash

Started great now it just keeps force closing uninstalled

Jason Messer

Worked great Iv calculator that actually works and is easy to use

Kristian Efremov

The best poke calc Simple and very good.

Will Charge

Perfect! Love every second of this app thank you so much!!!!

Supornpan Dansing

Easy to use it. Easy to use it

Ruben Samuels

Great Really works ^^

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