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2 Mar
It's Our Secret.Fake Marriage

Posted by Accela,Inc in Adventure | March 2, 2015 | 100 Comments

Apk file size: 1.1 MB

A for-women adventure game(dating sims) illustrating love with handsome guy. Fake Marriage Love Story.

The requirement for the inheritance of the enormous amount of money... is the marriage with him!?
"Dear, I have always been..."
Fighting with your emotions,
The path you take,
Will it be the inherited money, your dreams as a designer, or your love you have deeply hidden away...?
It's our Secret.
Who's hand will you take?

◆Rules for the game
The game is an interactive novel game where your choices determine how the story proceeds.
Though you confess your emotions to Edward, your feelings are shattered.
Your future is determined by how you walk your "One-year limited marriage" with the Edward you have yearned for.

Whether you bloom your love, be successful as a designer,
or inherit the glorious amount of money, is all within your hands.

Through your choices in the game, you will raise the loved points with him.
The amount of points you will receive will change depending on the choices you make, and the endings will alter with the total amount of loved points you end the game with.
The endings will change in accordance to the loved points.

◆Candidate lover character

Legally speaking the prince should not have been a consideration.
Although you were hated more than needed...
Even if it is a fake marriage, a vow is made with a kiss,
and the marriage proposal that was not wanted will be carried out
Although the truth of what is said is that "You are my wife. ...for just one year"

He wonders around aimlessly grasping at the world.
He acts as an obstacle to Edward and your marriage because he wants the inheritance.

◆Fully enjoyable free! Already distributed up to the 4th story!
As you become a daughter of a millionaire family through the remarriage of your mother, you meet the cool and self-confident Edward, and Kevin who is aloof from the world; these love candidates will make your heart pound and experience the most exceptional feeling of being in love.

Distributed stories

-Edward's 1st story
-Edward's 2nd story
-Edward's 3rd story
-Edward's 4th story

Events will continue to be distributed!

▼Recommended if you...
・Like Otome Games, Romantic Love Comics
・Enjoy decorating your avatar
・Are playing a Romantic Simulation game for the first time
・Want to enjoy the forbidden love with your brother-in-law

▼What trouble will occur?
Please contact the joint project customer support here.
[email protected]

Accela,Inc part of our Adventure and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 2, 2015. Google play rating is 78.2976. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 1.1 MB.

Download its-our-secret-datingsims.apk 1.1 MB


Alice Hale

Such a good time Get this cuz it will make you.... Happy,sad,and felt loved

Arbnora Miftari

This is just gold. I've never been si much into a game before. The storyline is intriguing,each twist is actually more realistic and not the usual cheesy idea. I love the characters and the main female character. I love how she actually has some self respect and is not the "oh darling i know you hurt me but i forgive you so kiss me" kinda girl. I'd have to say the design of the game in general is a little lacking compared to what i've seen. But,still is not enough for me to rate this lower than 5 stars.

A Google User

Love it I really love this game. Omg even though I still have to wait just to regain my energy. Anyways my invitation ID is sct9258 and rat4088. Use this so that both of us will gain some coins.

Anny Robert

It's a cool game but guys i'm getting question marks on the pictures in the game i can't read the senarios for days can i fix it help...

Armani Chanel

Loving The StoryLine I enjoy reading storyline such as It's our secret, forbidden love, shall we date, and much more.. Theses are great storys to pass time or play something different.. The only bad part is you have to wait a day to get more tickets to read or buy them since you only get 5 tickets per day.. Which is hard since you will be so into the storyline.. My invitation id is dum7800..

Natasha Holden

Sad I.wish i could have chosen to take kevin up on his offer ? seriously dissapointing but it is a cool story line even without that

Jennalyn Fejeran

Please make more apps!! I really enjoy this app. I'm truly addicted to it. Would really really love if you make more apps like this. Also, add more of Kevin's story. Thank you and keep up the good work ?

A Google User

OMG!! ^_^ I love this game I also like Kevin on this game

Tyas Nur Winarno Putri

Love it so much ! The story is really interesting,please use my invitation id qje3922 so we can both earn coins !

richelle anne de vera

love it! here is my invitation ID.. fsr8928

fatima badayos

It was fine but ... This app still need to have alot of graphics improvement... I've played alot of otome games (dating sims) and I'm here to tell you that this game still have to do so much on their graphics... and also put another avatars 'cause all of your avatars can also be seen in your other application "my forbidden love". So you guys still have alot of things to do with this game...

MCSolace Gamings

Yes..... Just yes....... I can't say no to it c:

Alyssa Windsong

Awsome I love kevins story more than the other. white day event awsome .

Wisnie Cherident

But.......... I cant wait for that long to read . yall make it too long .update pleasee too much time to read i cant wait for a day.??????

Brenda Gross

Love it A little more of an adult story

Angel Games

Love it Use my invitation id kfu0004

zimrz rush

My invitation id! write my invitation id so we both could get coins!= kei9686

maria pinacate

Invite Invitation id used this please urs4934

lah paw

I try to start the game but it always close the game and go back to my home page.

A Google User

okayy... love this but can you pls make it more scenario ticket?! guys may i ask something?what will happen if i use the scenario recovery ticket?

Alaina Lulis

Please? What are the Capsule toy points for? We can't buy anything with them... Can we just get coins for everyday we login?

Alisa Milligan

Boring Reading and more reading...

eva johnson

Brother and sister ...?

Octavia Snyder

What the F**K! I installed the app then went to open it then it just kept closing EVERY time I opened the app! Fix this and I will change rating and reinstall.

Brittany Swartz

It was really awesome until... I go so far until when Id click on "Advance to next chapter" then the black screen would pop up with the "please touch here " but it would do nothing. PLEASEEEEEEEEE FIX! I cant find out the ending. :(

Janiece Mott

OMG It's soooooo good. Everyone must read the secret stories. Don't be like me!!!! Log in everyday!!!! Boost up that love meter!!!

Katie O'Neill

I love this game a lot, I have it on my galaxy s4 but after the last update I can't do anything, it's not showing pictures just question marks, and it's not letting me play the game. I'd appreciate if you could fix this so I can play the game again.

Gabriella Jaramillo

ejm2657 Use my invitation to get extra coins!! And to help with love meter

Christina Hatt

My IDs are khu0464, nbu2091, qsb4706. This game is amazing


I love it. Please use my invitation id jhc0139.

Sable Homolka

Amazing The story is so amazing. I have made it to the second story and it is a twist. invitation ID so you can join and get some free coins png8572.

rachelle weise

annoying its very annoying and making me truly want to uninstall the story is good but the scene tickets are a waste it barley does 3 lines of a conversation then next seen i dont even get excited waiting for the new tickets anymore cuz they scene goes to fast no suspense now..wish you'd do something better

Kelly B

Oh man. I'm so emotionally invested in this story! This is the first thing I do every day. The suspense of story two is killing me!

Janiece Mott

OMG It's soooooo good. Everyone must read the secret stories. Don't be like me!!!! Log in everyday!!!! Boost up that love meter!!!

misz coklat

(≧∇≦)/ Invite my id and you will get 350 coins for free.. Maq4433.. This games cute after all~

Kaela Caulkins

Really interesting story. If you want coins you can use my invitation id. My invitation id is bdf7335. Thank you.

Mina Beg

Love itt Earn some free coins by using my invitation ID huh1897 .

Shaniya Singh

Don't know how to describe it It's very addictive U SHOULD INSTALL THIS

Tiffany Morton

I love this game soo much ....I want to play it all the time ??

Kmal Khatib

Sugoii This game is one of the best *0* please use my invitation ID smn3184 I need it *^*

rinse angelika

iek1598 here's my id, I really love this game so much

Tammy Swilley

Secretes love it one of the ones I like the most :D

Charlott Brooks

Meh How do you lose all the data?

Whitney Viau

pcc4311 Use my I.D. For free coins

Daytrola RIchardson

Bad story Roll marrying you brother thas sick

Elsa Nurhalinda

Please use my invitation id psm7391

Hope Garcia

I love but Why cant we go with Kevin instead of Edward?that the only problem another than that i love the game

A Google User

Love it! The story is excellent! I love the design too but the scenario tickets are very less.. I think you should give atleast 10 tickets..

Jen K

I like but.... Yall make Isabella to weak and submissive.... i don't like the way Edward been treating her and yet she sit around and accept it and ignore it...I DONT LIKE THAT..WHERES THE INDEPENDENCE IN THIS WOMAN WHERES THE PRIDE.. yall should've made her strong enough to leave at the exhibition and made her pregnant... why the hell yal used stress induced gastritis .....she should've been pregnant, told Edward and left to go to the estate.... he would've to refight for her love again....but no yal made her too weak..

Venny Jones

If only the ticket time was longer The game would be much better and the time for the tickets to re load is ridiculous its shouldn't take hr's upon hr's for it to reload and paying for tickets is just a rip off since the tickets barley last 2 minutes so please fix the time limit amount

Abigail Snyder

Great but... Shorter ticket time. And coins should be handed out too.

Ai Namiya

Love the story Really love the story line but what's suck is that you have to wait long for the's my invitation ID. Enjoy your gift! hqj2384

Vanessa Tello

Invitation ID pag7837 I like it, they do give you chances to earn coins and read the story faster. Problem is that it beautifies a girl who isn't very strong willed. At many points the men were overpowering and controlling, and she should have left because of the constant manipulative and disrespectful characters.

A Google User

IT'S OUR SECRET Is the third best, after Psychixx-Mystic Love and Illegal Romance to me.

Charlotte Hurley

Good story Great stories with good plot twist. Only get 5 tickets a day, also u can not purchase more. Though it gets a bit fustrating in Edwards story 2 but u can get either a good or bad ending. If u would like to play this than use the code take to get extra coins at the start of the game as they are hard to get.

Lily Rainne

Good Game :3 I've played one of your games, and man, the waiting-for-tickets is killing me xD, but the storyline is really good, so I just can't uninstall your games every corner xD. Hope you release more English-version games :3

Marisol Balbuena

Leave Out The Tickets! Dont Think it's that good if they make us wait another day to play. Will loose people to install the game . Love the story though.

Loli Lux

Hmmm I like it, but I prefer other similar stories, where the Mc is not a carpet for the guys to wipe their feet on. I mean common, is anyone actually that insecure? Through prologue I wanted to choose non existent option "slap him" or "walk out" at least 6 times. Nevertheless, I'm giving 3 stars because I understand that many of these stories have extremely weak female characters . But I'm keeping the ones where a girl doesn't fall for stuck up wannabe alphamale. It's redundant, and 21st century

Sarah Uway

Mixed emotions I loved the story line. It made me feel what the character felt. Even though the time for the tickets were short it was a thrill to think of what will happen next..

Shyanne Moua

Tickets I want more tickets and I love the story but please find a way for us to get more tickets please like watch an ad or something


My invitation ID snq8872 Love the story, but I wish I don't have to wait a day to continue reading this. Please make the ticket time shorter

gemma fitri

I love the story and the characters too. But you should give more updates please. I finished all of their story

Anayl Natni

My invitation id pqf 6666 Love the game. I wished that i dont have to wait for one whole day for another story.

miera tan

Great game Interesting characters... Join me and enter my invitation id for us to get 350free coins... faa4760

Annaliese Carter

Really good story But the wait is too long. rkn8131 enter this and you get coins, both of us will

Esilda Pernett

So much fun! I have gotten up to Edward's 4th story and I just love this game! I wish they had a full set of stories, kind-of like Edward's, for Kevin. I recommend this game to to anyone who loves to read/"experience" romance. What a great game! :D

Lizzy Heeley

agn7851 Interesting. When will Kevin's story come out?

Ruri Eisblumen

hcm3249 is my invitation id, please use it... The story is interesting and addicting, it's also help that the gacha only costs 300 points rather than around 500.. My only complain is that each scenario is so short, they divvy it into 15 part instead of the usual 5 parts. So the story progress quite slowww, and it doesn't help that edward stories have so many seasons, it's like it never end TT_TT

A Google User

Force close or report Sometimes,after playing the mini game the force close or report window will pop up and close the game...Please fix this game though...

assassin gamer

Why is the time so long for the tickets reload! I wish that the time for the tickets to reload and let me read the game is really good but why 4 am !?!?!?

Emma Smith

Where's Kevin's Story The game is really fun and cool but I just wanna read Kevin's story. Edward he's just eh but Kevin he's really cool and funny even if he tried to screw the mc over multiple times. But Im sure he'd be a lot nicer in his story. Whenever it comes out of course.

Kierra Stewart

Love It! Please Use My Invitation ID fge7834 Please Use My Invitation ID When You Sign Up?

Evette Johnson

I had to update I just love this game. I hope they add another story. Or make a part 2.

Pretty Warrior

Pretty worrier I love this so much(: although you made the girl too weak. Like she has no use. WHICH ISN'T COOL CUZ I'M A GIRL AND I'M TOUGH AS NAILS

Mary Ogunsanwo

beb5635 Love this game soo much but one change can we get to choose our characters and also add more guys but good job

Grace Tee

Its really nice!!! invitation id qke6109 But u will need coins to buy some stories becos it is to intersesting pls simply join the game and register ur invitation id qke6109 (mine) will be getting 350 coins i will gettindg it to so u are doing me and u a favour thks

Ai Namiya

Love the story Really love the story line but what's suck is that you have to wait long for the's my invitation ID. Enjoy your gift! fet6474

Sarah Ann Jamilla Faciolan

Good story line I'm already at the Second part of Edward's relationship story, indeed the game has different twist and it really excites me more but it just bothered me when the app keeps on bugging and hanging and most of the time I can't play or open it unlikr before can you help me this 'coz you know I wantto play it everyday I don't want to miss a single day without playing it because I'm already hooked to this and excited to read and play the next chapters. Thanks

Mutiara Shafira

i really enjoy it but... i played a lot of this kind of game, and this game, they got good storyline, im okay for waiting a whole day for the next story but, i dont know if its the game or my device, the game keep on kicking me out, but i have a lot of this kind of game and only this one which keep on kicking me out, it keep on crashing everytime i played it, and that makes me uncomfortable, i cant play freely with this game crashing a lot, i hope they would fix the game soon

Kaylisia Reid

I love this game I love the storyline, and while Edward is an aggravating jerk, it's worth it in the game. My invite id is: jek6445 with the invite id, it helps you get coins which will help you with the secret stories. Good luck!

Railane Miners

U got to read it!! I love the story line, it keeps you on the edge of your seat most of the time. There were times where I had to stop reading for a bit because I would get a little mad because the chsracter you are, is very weak willed... But of couse I kept reading. I do recommend reading it though.

Katherine Dunn

Great game but!? Why do I have to pay Edward's first I wanna play Kevin's! Otherwise great game! ID number is bnu6117!

Rodrigo Zamora

I am a little bit of a new one that is a good kid Hybrid crutching tutti-frutti

prerana vorem

Awesome Blossom My invitation Id - aqq1179 you all can use it to get free coins....

Frankie Ferguson

Not getting my coins Since I can't pay for them I try to earn them for free installing apps and watching videos help but if I talk a survey or like give in my email to participate as the rule says I don't get my coins still I love this app im seriously addicted

Alexa Pink

The best cause it doesnt eat my memory .. Its already 6 am but I still dont have the tickets ..

Pari Bansal

Great story but tickets not updated It's been a day and l also checked the time but tickets didn't update :(

Nicole Nash

Great game It's great love the story line but i don't like how you can't choose Kevin till you have completed Edward story and i hate how short each ticket use is i had payed for some tickets and it's a rip off to be honest and buying tickets from shop and also inviting only 5 people isn't good.

X Zelxski

Decent heroine This review is based solely on the first story. I give it a 5 because I couldn't find another free otome game this decent. This is the only otome game that had a decent female lead and tolerable free to read conditions. You don't have to buy anything, all you need is patience. You can get a decent amount of free coin to get you started too.

Jaime B

Frustrating The amount that they give you free to read each day is ridiculous. You would have to buy tickets to really get into the story. So far the story is generic & not good enough for me to care. It's a shame because I like their forbidden love game but this one isn't as good.

kristin hanson

Love the game, hate the wait. The game is great. Love the storyline. The artwork is really nice. However, the extremely long wait for scenario cards almost makes it not worth playing at all. It could make people lose interest. So, shorter wait time for scenario cards please. Thanks!

Niki A

Storyline fine,pics fine,even has mini game to earn,but why do you have to read all the endings? It's time wasted and gems for storyline!.....4down to 3star....:(

Aryani Basir

Holy cow! My invitation ID is ujj4520, and pjb3978; enter it, and we'll both get 350 coins! Anyways, this story is.. Amazing. Waiting for the tickets is a torture, but y'know what? It's WORTH it! TOTALLY. MOAR PWEASE.

sofea sraya

The story is very interesting I like the story and the characters are very nicely drawn, even though I have to wait for one whole day for the 5 tickets... Btw my invitation id is: uer0087,tbb0410, jnd5437 and gid1531

Jennalyn Fejeran

Please make more apps!! I really enjoy this app. I'm truly addicted to it. Would really really love if you make more apps like this. Also, add more of Kevin's story. Thank you and keep up the good work ?

Ki Park

Pretty good I like the story but I agree with everyone the wait time is killer and the tickets go too fast. Here's my invite ID feel free to use it uur1637

Vampire Rose

I agree with jen k I agree she needs to be more stronger not a peace of ***** and I don't wanna play with Edward!!!!!!he creeps me out!I wanna play Kevin! I gave this game one star!the star go to all the sexy men out there peace I'm out!!

Shalea Givan

Note 3 I love the game but it takes way too long to get more passes to continue to read. My biggest problem is that it takes 24 hours just to be able to read the story! Get this fix and I can see giving 5 ?!!!!!!

Sharon Keeney

Overall Story is great so far. I can handle once a day tickets. However, the mini game is so glitchy!

Cindy Png

I am in love with this game! However, the cost of items that raise up the love meter is too expensive. Nonetheless, here is my ID : psr1043

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