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9 May

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The ISS (International Space Station), completing one orbit around the earth every 92 minutes, approximately.

This application places the ISS on the map in real time.

Calculate the orbit from the current time of device and TLE data, which obtained

Green line is drawn 50 minutes before and after the current position of the ISS.

The user's position is marked with an android with the arm held high, surrounded by a semi-transparent red circle.

The red circle indicates approximately the area where the ISS would be visible by the user. That is, if the ISS is inside the circle, in theory, you could watch it at the sky. Remember, NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN!

Internet access is used to obtain maps and update once a day TLE data. More zoom means more data traffic.

From the preferences menu you can enable/disable automatic tracking on the map.

The local time Can also be superimposed on the map.

Visible Passes.

Although you can get to see the ISS for the day is much easier to see at night, because in the night sky is the second brightest object after the Moon and before of Venus.

But to be visible at night must be some circumstances:

-The ISS must be illuminated by the sun, ie outside the cone of shadow of the Earth.

-The sun must be at least 10 degrees below the horizon or, in other words, must have had at least 40 minutes before or must miss more than 40 minutes to come out.

-In its pass, the ISS must rise more than 5 degrees above the horizon. Less than 5 degrees is not visible by the distortion generated by the atmosphere.

From the main application window, pressing the menu key you can select "Visible Pass".

From this screen we have the date, time and position of the observer and a refresh button (circular arrow).
Pressing the button proceed to calculate the visible pass for the next 2 days (changeable in preferences screen).

The result is a list of steps visible. Each step consists of:

-Day and month.

-Initial instant. Time, altitude in degrees, azimuth in degrees (cardinal point equivalent)
-Instant of Maximum altitude. Time, altitude in degrees, azimuth in degrees (cardinal point equivalent)
-Final instant. Time, altitude in degrees, azimuth in degrees (cardinal point equivalent)

Alarms: You can on/off pressing alarm button (top-left icon).

3D Locator.

The locator uses accelerometer, the compass of the device and the calculated data to show the position of the ISS on sky from observer's position.

That is, when we moves the device to the sky shows a red triangle in the position of the ISS and a green dotted line showing the ​visible pass.

It also includes a positioning aid, based vibration:

- Hold the device pointing to the horizon, turn on your feet so as to vary only the azimuth (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW). When the azimuth differs from the ISS in less than 10 ° there is a vibration.

- Now vary the altitude, vibration intensifies as it approaches the ISS and will be greatest when the red triangle is displayed.

- You can activate / deactivate the vibration by touching the screen.


Altitude: The angle of a celestial object measured upward from the horizon of the observer. An object on the horizon has altitude 0 ° while one directly overhead the observer is 90 °.

Azimuth: The direction of celestial object measured along the direction of clockwise from the northern horizon of the observer. An object in the north has azimuth 0 °, east 90 °, south 180 ° and 270 ° west


If you like the app you can donate to developer from Extensions menu.

Whats new

    -New menu to display on newer devices.
    -The initial magnification changes in tablets.
    -New link-donation from visible passes.
    -New help window.
    -Changed default to 3 days calculating visible passes.
    -Fixed bug with time zones containing fractions of hour (eg UTC -4:30 Caracas-Venezuela)
    -Fixed some bug with alarm. Alarms are maintained when the device is rebooted.

AndroideSimple part of our Education and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 9, 2014. Google play rating is 83.1604. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Simon Day

Very useful, interface could look nicer After opening the app your devices screen gets locked into portrait. First thing you see is a map of Earth with the path of the ISS drawn over it, as well as the current position of the ISS and your personal location with your view radius around you. Swiping and pinching are smooth and precise. The list of visible passes is tucked away in the options menus. The help clearly explains what each figure on the list means. Tapping any item from the list goes through to a virtual reality viewer to help locate and track the ISS. I'd like if the list did include at least one past viewing instead of only future viewings. Great app, does exactly what it set out to do. Highly recommended.

Shawn Nielsen

Great but incorrect lately Been using this app a while now. Really good stuff. Lately have noticed errors in the pass timing and altitude. Not sure what's up with that. Maybe something dev should look into.

Mark Wood

Works great on phone but it doesn't work on BUSH 10" Tablet Disappointing doesn't work on my new BUSH 10" Tablet !!! would love to know why ?? any ideas ???

Hitesh Mahant

Awesome.. Never knew such an app existed..sometimes in past observed shiny object at horizon, could be ISS, could be Jet with time & coordinates, I can be sure.. Thanks..

steve delaney

WOW!! HTC Desire 610 Android ? This app works perfect i see the ISS every time it fly's over s.devon. the live ISS tracker map is up to the second on time. And it's all free!! :)) if you download this app you'll be very impressed on how good it is. Thanx app maker 10/10 HTC 610

Daniel X

. Nice app although it hasn't many features.

A Google User

Interesting Something to do when bored.

Tablet Wood

Doesn't work Installed in on my new BUSH 10" tablet very disappointed as it doesn't work !! Would love to know why ?

Shain Eighmey

Has not worked lately. Used to work fine, but it was wrong about every transit this weekend.

Hari Shankar

Quietly amazing!!!

Dinu Seventhson

DIgital Fantasy . Tracking, searching for [email protected] is next?

paul A kane

Good job Got this app to try it have to say I'm impress with it I even donated to the devs.good job guys just one thing can ya add cloud cover on the globe in next update if ya can but other than that I'm very happy with this ISS app.

marcus edwards

Times are way out This app used to be spot on but now it's way out compared to NASA unusable to you get it sorted.

John Leopold Gillen

Not Flash, but does exactly what it says Tells you when it's coming and where. Has alerts if you want. If it could link with some weather reports to advise on visibility it would be perfect.

christopher vann

Told me visible looked on map in France, load of crap

Aprill Harper

What is not to like This is my favorite astro app. The only thing I could want added is a red light mode

Samuel Quinn

Great app. Works a treat and the tracker comes alive when the space station becomes visible.

Art Noname

Great Showed me right where iss was in the am sky

Dam Shady

Its ok..... But i got low speed internet.....cant update everyday

Adam Wilson

Quality app Really simple to use and the map view is awesome. Love watching the ISS pass over :-)

Brian Kaczala

Cool awesome app.

deepak jadaun

Wow Thnks devlprs...less then ***** will not b justic to dis app. I located ISS the very next day I dwnlded it.

Niall Best

Best app for actually finding the ISS in the sky Lots of apps give you the co-ordinates to view the ISS when passing over your location but only the ISS? app has a viewer that allows you to hold your phone up to the sky to show you exactly what angle to see the ISS pass overhead. I was able to spot the ISS for the first time last night despite quite a lot of cloud cover as the app told me exactly where and when to look out for the station, it moves a lot faster than you think! Overall, excellent!

Dave Moreno

Perfect Rarely give any apps 5 stars but this one deserves it. It has never let me down and makes finding the ISS a simple task. I've used fancier, prettier apps that can't even find my location. This one just works, despite not being fancy. Completely reliable! I also donated to the dev to unlock the full version, something I also rarely do. It's the best.

Robert Spendlove

Easy to use and accurate. I've used this a few nights now looking at the ISS. It's pretty accurate. The only thing I'd improve is to put a light / dark shadow on the map of the earth.

Billy Braz

Top app.does what it says Totally accurate to within a few seconds of what is being shown on the live updated map.simply switch over to see the trajectory of the flight path, then look up.Totally works

Gordon Greaves

The Best I have used a number of apps to keep track of the ISS and this is comfortably the best of them. Developer very quick to reply to queries, a recent email from him taught me something I didn't think about. Thanks!

Rocky Williams

Best ISS app Exactly what I needed and was looking for! Thank you!

paul watkins

It works! Love the point and find function.

Gerbrand Spaans

Very good It's not beautiful, but it's an awesome app. Helps to warn you when it's visible and, more importantly, help you find it in the sky. Really good!

Jim Craig

Great tracking app! Thank you for making this!!


Nice :-) so far so good. The app does exactly what it says. Waiting too test the Audio Alarm and then i will give 5 stars.

Richard Lewis

I like the sky tracking when you hold the phone up to sky and it locates where it is. Very accurate.

Kymbrickie May

Top app This is a very good app works well keep the good work up love it

Codylee Steffens

It's okay interesting...

Sanjeev Kumar

Orbiter ¢oin ( incredible price of additional charge )

Mexican thunder

It's the satellite I can't wait to look at it

A Google User

Interesting Something to do when bored.

Puss Puss Shoohaiba

Orbit incorrect all of a sudden. Since Feb 29 kicked in, I noticed that the ISS icon on the orbit line has disappeared and ISS actual position is about 45 minutes out so I uninstalled and reinstalled app. Icon is back but the location of the ISS is still out by same margin. Che ked my tablet time and date and it's correct. Other ISS app is fine. Otherwise, this app is incredible, I couldn't be without it. Keep up the good work.

malcolm pierce

Where is it. I've just installed 4 ISS Trackers to find the right one for me. 3 say it's over Italy and yours states it's over New Zealand. Love the graphics though.

marty shipton

Not in sync All the other iss apps are working fine, just not this one

Paul Janssen

ISS position completely wrong The shown ISS position is a minimum of half the globe wrong compared to ISS onLive (Android) and ISS Tracker (Windows 10).

Denny Jones

Working great again! Thanks for the best app for the ISS tracking

David Williams

So if it is tracking the ISS.... So in regards to the comments about the tracking being off.....and to change the date/time of the device.....Um, if it's actually tracking the iss, then regardless of the date/time the iss will be in the right spot. If I change the date/time, then the position changes. It's still June 6th, regardless of what my tablet why would the ISS be different?

Aidan Bennett

Only one of its kind for free And yes, I looked for about 5 minutes. The only other one I found- the ONLY OTHER ONE- was $2.16.


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