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31 Jul
Island Castaway: Lost World®

Posted by G5 Entertainment in Adventure | July 31, 2015 | 131 Comments

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Being stranded on a remote island has never been so entertaining!
After a shipwreck, your main goal is survival, although getting off the island would be great too. But first you must step up and become the leader of the castaways to prevent chaos and ensure everyone’s well-being.
Build a fish farm to catch eels, a quail farm to cultivate poultry and a crab farm to trap shellfish. Also, create a clay pit and a liana farm to source the building materials needed for shelters. Track down rare plants for your magic potions, and be mindful about protection while exploring the island.
But it’s not just about keeping safe, dry and well-fed. To escape the island and return home, you must decipher bizarre markings on the ground, collect ancient statues, kill a crab monster and unravel this mysterious island’s dark secrets! Good luck!


● A stunning tropical island to explore
● Over 1000 challenging quests to complete
● 40 types of resources to prep and store
● 33 original and engaging characters to meet
● 28 delicious native dishes to master
● Five magic potions to concoct: protective, transfer, speed, immortality and spirit protection
● 11 farms to build: a fish farm, a crab farm, a clay pit, a lumber mill, a liana farm, a quail farm, a boar farm, a ram farm, a stone farm, a stick plant, an eel farm
● Collections of trophies and statues to piece together
● Regular game updates to keep you fascinated for months
● Google Play game services support

Game available in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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Whats new

    Summer is here! Quench your thirst for adventure with this refreshing update!
    NEW CHAPTER – Unveil three locations: Depot, Excavations and Cave.
    EEL FARM – Build one to prevent starvation.
    TOP 1,000 PLAYERS – See who’s beating you!
    SOCIAL WISH LIST – Exchange resources with your friends.
    PAIN FOR GAIN – Restore railroad stations and move freely!
    NEW CHARACTER – Meet a long-time islander.
    TOUGH ENEMIES – Fight a carnivorous plant and a stone golem.
    MYSTIC OBJECT – Use it to preserve your energy!

G5 Entertainment part of our Adventure and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 31, 2015. Google play rating is 87.2828. Current verison is 1.6. Actual size 514.0 MB.

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Mary Scherer

Not again! I don't usually leave reviews especially bad ones. But, I have been waiting for the third installment of this game for a really long time! I can not tell you how sick I am of "pay to play" games. I have uninstalled countless of other developers games because of the greed factor. Now I can't even play this because I don't want to pay for gems to increase my inventory slots when in the other two versions I could earn them. That is just the beginning of the disappointments with this game! Thankfully I own the other two and will make do playing them over and over! UNINSTALL!!!

Kelly Alford-Wiedyk

Castaways Like the game but wish energy boosts from the fruit was more than one each. Also, the energy loss from the animals is ridiculous. I just get an energy boost and lose more energy from the stupid animal charge before I even know it is there!

Tammy Norris

Fun game and addictive Since the update sometimes I go back into the game to keep playing and not all the progress I've left the game at was there making me re-do it. As you move up in the game you need more storage and or more space in your inventory that you need to use gems to buy them. It takes forever to earn gems without spending real money to get them even when I don't spend the gems on anything but increasing the storage/inventory. It's annoying!!

Cherie Charnley

Samsung Galaxy Tab Could be a really cool game.....BUT....not enough green gems nor pearls to complete timed tasks or buy more slots for yr storage....Now thats quite DUMB! because of this I cant play as I dont have enough of the above and will take me weeks to collect! & Im only level 6!!!!!! Will be UNINSTALLING as its just NOT fun anymore :(

Ryllae Sage

So far So far its pretty cool. Asked really early on for a review tho. Tiny words on my galaxy s 3. Seems like diamonds are going to be hard to get but you need them for a ridiculously small inventory.

Lore Adejumo

Like it It's a cool game I just don't understand why you have to spend pearls to do timed missions

Anthony Scheer

Fun game, good sequel I liked the first two games, and I liked this one for the first five chapters. They added a real-money currency, which I'm not crazy about, but I get that they're trying to make money. But it makes things very inconvenient. After chapter 5, some (maybe all? I uninstalled) quests are timed, and it just became a nuisance, not fun anymore like it should be (it is a game, after all).

Miss Eve Ville

ONE OF THE BEST APP GAMES EVER!!! I loved every minute while playing this game. The story line is very fresh and unique so it's very entertaining and never gets old!

Elizabeth Glasgow

It's ok - lost all my progress Logged in with my Google account when I started the game. After getting to chapter 4, next time I loaded the game it went back to Chapter one. I lost all of my green gems and progress. Very frustrating. Playing on Samsung galaxy. update- made sure to exit to the menu each time and no further resets. however the distance trophy is stuck at 200 km so I can't get the gold trophy and the 3 green gems. downloaded the latest update and still stuck at 200 km. Hope the new update comes out soon since I can't complete some of the daily quests without the sheep and other items from the first island.

Jonelle Sherwood

Great game play however.. Minor glitches. Missing graphics since last update (where did those mining rails go?), stuck on chapter 10 level 66. Unable to acquire items to complete quests (i.e. coal etc.) And half the characters left the island . Not sure if even the developers of this game are coming back to the island . Sigh, time to move on to another game. Aloha.

sherry price

Love the game but recently have done nothing but try to conquer giant crab,then all my energy & arrows are used up,so l have to start over...what's the clue on overpowering the giant crab? And l cannot accept friends or send gifts...I'm about ready to delete

tricia ewert

Really love this game, BUT I updated and now it just keeps crashing. I am so bummed out.

tanadi caroline

An interesting game Its pretty entertaining so far although it's very hard to get the gems. Have some bugs too and I don't know how to save manually which could be annoying.

Callum Moody

Cool game Cant think of something as good as this please make a third one.

Ade Permadi

Addictive! I've just defeated the rock monster at the end of chapter 10.. when will the next update?

Valentino Torrasco

Great game but problems with the saves I really like the Castaway serie (I own the other 2 ) but this one sometimes freeze...and you have to replay the game from the start of the chapter.... same problem with resources and levels

axel chris

I love it but..... The story is unique, love the gameplay also the graphic, maybe this game will be my favor game, but still maybe coz this game sometimes laggy and freeze, so anoy. If you can fix this prob i will rate for 5*

Frozen Frost

Bad news I really love this game. Really help me a lot for some study that i do right now. It also reminds me when the game still on the computer. Thanks for bring it to Android. The bad news is this game is always, always, always, and always bug or lagging or maybe freeze if i want to quit the game. Is there any solution for this please? I love this game and i know you can make it better.:). Anyway, mine is Galaxy Note 4. Hope a good reply.

Jo Curtis

The game is quite good but it's difficult to get things going without green gems and pearls. Plus it's annoying that you only have a certain amount of room in your inventory. I guess the whole point is for people to spend real money to get gems and pearls to progress in the game.

Nathalie Large

Fun! Great game, just a bit too much energy needed to collect stuff. By the time I get everything to cook something, I'm completely depleted of energy. Otherwise it would be 5 star!

Ben Stichter

Hate the timed quest. For 4 chapters I enjoyed a casual quest game, but then they introduced timed quests... Which would be OK sometimes, but you can't play casually if there is a short time limit to EVERYTHING you do. Now game play is 1) wait for a time when I can commit 15 minutes to play, 2) start a quest, 3) rush around trying to collect everything, 4) fail because you did something dumb and now cannot complete the quest, 5) exit the game until things regenerate, 6) wait for another time I can commit enough time, 7) restart the quest, 8) rush around in a frenzy, 9) finish the quest, 10) get a miniscule bit of story, 11) realize you don't have time to try another quest, 12) repeat from step 1. NO THANK YOU.

Caleb V

Crashes. Alot. This game deserves 5 stars. But i cant play more than 10 minutes without it crashing on me and pretty much have to pray it autosaves first. It crashes randomly, but as soon as i finish building the workshop, it crashes every single time. Ill change it up to 5 if you can fix this. Using samsung gs3

Sharren Redmond

Lookin good Lookin good up to now. Quite a lot of pointless talking but enjoyable and easy to understand

erik Wilker

Outstanding I am loving this app. I don't know everyone is having troubles with the gems and pearls. I am having no such problem. Keep up the great work

Caitlin Certo

Had to uninstall due to glitches Its a really fun game the only thing i don't like is when it times the tasks. I don't have time to sot there and wait for 30 minutes... it should be a option if you want it timed or not for like a bonus...

Amanda Andersen

Fun game im addicted and so far i do NOT have to pay for it :) which is cool because we should not have too!

Mark Elsner

Some stability issues, could fun be fun be extremely frequent crashes and freezes makes the game hard to play. Wouldn't recommend the download

Kristy Whitehead

Good for rainy days I like how I don't have to wait for energy to fill before I can play again. Only problem is its freezes as its saves.

Ilham Wicaksono

Like it But i think there are many things to add, like night day cicle, a more survival gameplay, more freedom to explore the island and non linear story. I sometimes just feels like doing this and that following the story and its kinda boring, we need freedom gameplay these days.

Bonni Stewart

It would get five stars if they would actully address bug and issues. Their site has only pre scripted threads...not actual ppl. I have yet to get a real response, the game failed to load Ch 9, had pixelation glitches before crash. Then an auto-email from g5 arrived, my game skipped to ch 10, not allowing me to finish quests..then it doesnt have items needed for quest. Spent 4 days trying to erase game &start from scratch, hoping for fix...a months play progress lost oh well still ffn game good script until ch8, good graphics...had to uninstall reinstall, tom had floating pieces following him around, eg coconuts, sticks, rope, those eye floaters you get sometimes, then game got sluggish, no response, nothing like losing all progress 3 times, still no answer from customer support other than auto generated

S Twirre

1 star disappointment. Loved the other two games. Quests that require the spending of emeralds or can't finish the quest? Really? Just let me pay for the game and play. I hate the bs. Too many impossible time limits and emeralds required to finish this game. It's too bad. I enjoyed the first two games. I won't bother to finish this one.

Cate McLeod

Ruined I really loved the PC versions of this game, and was so exited to find this app. But this version of the games is awful! The little gameplay you actually get to do in between being forced to like this and rate that and sign up to mailing lists, is ruined by ridiculously lagging running from Tom, poorly thought through timed tasks, and endless waiting around for salads to cook. You also can't trust Tom to run anywhere by himself anymore, because he will run into a boar and not move until he has used up all his energy. Very, very disappointed in a game I once loved.

Maureen McKenna

Eh How many apps are available for free? With that in mind, don't tell me I need to spend cash so early in the game. You should at least let me play long enough to get kissed before I get screwed.

Alexandra Fisher

Best ever My mom has this s on her laptop and it doesn't always work but it works when you got a tablet

Angela Smith

its great game play except its a bit slow and the picture goes abit fuzzy in places and you obviously will have to buy to get more energy. or wait forever. other than that good little game to pass time.

Lisa Henning

Island Castaway: Lost Island UPDATED 5/11/2015 They added timed quests that you need a lot of inventory slots that cost gems and you can't use current inventory. Then when I got to level 10 I got a message to enjoy the game, an update is coming soon. This was weeks ago. I sent a ticket to support asking when the update is coming 10 or 11 days ago and have only gotten computer generated responses that they will get back to me in 48 hours. I used to like G5, but now they have just become another money hungry company with no support.

Nicole Schneider

Silly update I liked the game a lot better before the tasks were timed. They either need to get rid of it, or let the tasks have longer time limits. It's nearly impossible to complete without gems.

Claude Marcotte

Fun game but stopped working completely UPDATE: Since the new update of late March 2015, the game has worked very well. A bit jarring storyline-wise, I seem to have skipped a large chunk of chapter 9 (where the game crashed and wouldn't let me play anymore) and started in chapter 10. ORIGINAL COMPLAINT for those who might wonder: The game has stopped working completely. I now get the message "Failed to load game. Please contact technical support." I was in Chapter 9, right after doing the irrigation near the garden. It's a fun game, but it started to freeze every minute. I used to do a little bit, exit the game, reboot my tablet and continue playing. Not exactly fun. After the last update, it didn't seem to hang until I got this message. Now I get this message when I start the game so I can't play anymore. Went from 5 stars to 1.

Sharon Edge

Island Castawa- Lost World Great game, lots of achievable quests and so far I have not had to spend any real money. Brilliant! Update: still love the game, have not found any glitches, but have gone as far as I can on the new island. Please, please hurry with the update before us players lose interest! Update: 11-4-2015. I can't update for some reason . Write up says there is an update, but I can't get it. Please fix or tel, me why. Getting bored running round doing nothing waiting for update to work. Please. 14/4/15. Giving up, uninstalling the game very disappointed as was really enjoying up to the point I could go no further without the update. Same thing happened with other similar games like Tiny Tribe etc... We were left hanging, no updates, no progress. Shame, it looked to be a promising game which only needed to be a little more lenient on timed activities and storage etc. Island Castaway and Castaway 2 much better games as they could be completed.

Jen Murray

I love this game however I'm feeling annoyed that once you build the work shop it freezes then boots you off on top of it glitching when you walk around if you fix these problems I'd give you a 5 stars but until then only worth 2 stars it gets frustrating when it keeps booting you off its getting to the point im honestly gonna uninstall if not fixed soon

annabel rogers

Ok so far bit slow Hard to earn green gems. Prefered games 1 and 2 where you pay once rather than trying to get lots of money so you can progress

Melanie Ford

Rip off Game keeps freezing. I buy emeralds,game frrezes,when i restart i have no emeralds AND my acct has been deducted $! Not once but three times now! I keep requesting my money back to no avail!

Jessica King

The Island Love these games and the series, but the game is constantly freezes and closes and I have to start the game from where it was saved. Probably opened and closed the game more than a dozen times due to issues. A pain that the emeralds are so hard to gain and that they are the only currency for certain items.

Jeremy H

Paywalled Adventure game exclusively filled with timed fetch-quests. Okay to progress until you get to one quest that is strictly pay-to-win [4th chapter, I think]. Then you're stuck. Uninstalled.

Miss Eve Ville

3.5 stars NO MORE COLLECTING ITEMS I changed my review from a 5 star rating to a 3.5 star rating because the game got pretty old very fast from chapter 8-10. The story line is great but the constant collecting of items is driving me nuts. Please add some variety. A change in weather patterns or time changes on the island would be very refreshing. Adding swimming as a function would add great variety as well. Mini games that allow the player to actually cook their food like Cooking Mama would be an awesome addition. Change something please!

jill davis

Love Island Castaway Games Love the games. First one is my favorite . Would give this one a five star were it not for the in app purchases. Prefer to buy a game out right and then just enjoy it. The constant prompting for purchases takes away from the joy of the game, not to mention it is extremely annoying. Otherwise a good game. My only question is:WILL THEY EVER UPDATE THIS GAME!

Amer Qureshi

Good The game seems to have a good story line. However, being regularly charged by wild boars for no reason and the consequential energy loss is ridiculous. It takes away ones mind from the task at hand. Also, is there a way to discard its from my hand bag if I pick up something by mistake?

Belinda Becerril

Fun game Like the game except for the challenge's, don't like the fact that you can use items already in inventory.

Crystal McGill

Getting impatient No update's been months and you promised regular updates. Are the developers having major issues in furthering the journy? Not happy. Going to Uninstall soon since it's just wasting a large amount of space on phone. This app is rotting and you don't care by not responding to everyone who has been patiently waiting to continue the game. No Bueno. :(

Paul L

Fun but getting disappointing The nickel and dining is annoyingly adding up. I'm on the second island and cannot pick up the piece of tin next the raft because the game will not register the touch. Everywhere else works fine. Also, the marathon meter is frozen at 200 so I can't get the achievement! Overall it's fun but timed tasks do get a little annoying

Bonni Stewart

It would get five stars if they would actully address bug and issues. It has now been 5 months waiting for bug fixes and crystal island update to continue after defeating crab. I have REstarted 4 times by deleting all caches....waiting, waiting, waiting. Thumbs are tired of twiddling. Their site has only pre scripted threads...not actual ppl. I have yet to get a real response, the game failed to load Ch 9, had pixelation glitches before crash. Then an auto-email from g5 arrived, my game skipped to ch 10, not allowing me to finish quests..then it doesnt have items needed for quest. Spent 4 days trying to erase game &start from scratch, hoping for fix...a months play progress lost oh well still ffn game good script until ch8, good graphics...had to uninstall reinstall, tom had floating pieces following him around, eg coconuts, sticks, rope, those eye floaters you get sometimes, then game got sluggish, no response, nothing like losing all progress 3 times, still no answer from customer support other than auto generated

Tesa Mears

Love this game I really enjoy the goals. I love how you added in the timing so if you get the stuff within the time, you get a bonus. I do however think you should make it so you can trade in pearls for emeralds so you can upgrade your pack. Its really hard at times when you are doing upgrades and quests and run out of room and have to delete or sell stuff just to complete one or the other.

Suyash Bansal

Rated 2 stars because of timed tasks. The game does not provide enough time to accomplish the task. For example you need to grow 5 potatoes together so that you can complete the task but only 4 patches are availabe and if you want more you need to purchase with emeralds. Also that the islands resources take time to replenish and toms energy bar empties fast.

Jeanette Ferren

Takes some time I've played the other two Castaways. This game takes more time to accomplish the quests. If you are in a hurry, play the other two. One thing I don't care for, there is no voiceover.

Ted Hayes

I played and bought the first game this second version is great but it's buy buy &buy so you can not do much and then when you take on a task it takes away what you have and does nor give you any time to find or make it.. Bummer very very dispointed

Eric Beilman

Cheap tactics from a shady dev. 1 star due to "timed tasks" that charge you pearls to start and then the steps required can't be completed in time without spending emeralds. Like needing a tomato in 3 minutes but a tomato plant takes over 7 minutes to grow. This happens nearly every timed event. It's designed to trick you to spend emeralds to speed it up. They should tell you the requirements before you spend pearls to start the event. Also in the middle of a quest they force closed my game for "new update" which was just a new ad.

Daniel Graungaard

Miss the voiceover I really miss the voiceover. Also it seems that much of the game have been made specifically so that you have to spend your real money on emeralds and resources. I would not mind paying for a game, instead of being forced by a game to pay in order to get resources to play.

Humna Khan

Thanks alot alot alot U made it freee tooo ...1last request plz make the island castaway 2 free to play too plzzzz

Anne Owen

Cute, fun, and addictive. Name 3 words to describe this game... i like the game as a whole. I am thinking i have to get friends and family addicted to this one as well.

Amy Molinar

Was a fun game. Last update can't get past second quest. The item doesn't regenerate in time to finish a timed quest. There is only one of these items that I see, and i searched the jungle with no luck for a second that has been suggested to be there. Holding down for a hint only gave me the original one.

Chad Skinner

Memory is horrible ! I just wanted to say that this app is not a good app. it is a good idea , but it starts over every time I turn it on. I am highly disappointed in this game

AniMei Tenshi

Not a free game The game can be played for free initially. Once you reach a certain point however, you can't do anything at all without real cash. And if you do spend real money, be very careful. There isn't any safeguard against glitches causing the accidental use of paid crystals. Also, if your device is replaced or reset, you lose everything and they don't give it back. There's also very little in the way of customer support. Your best bet is to check out other games and steer clear of this one.

Sherry Sheldon

Keeps force closing fix and ill will give 5 stars and it opened me up to a place that didn't save and killed me. I'm done I've installed the game I have an LG tablet and game keeps crashing or freezing I've got really far on this game and would hate. To unistall but I made the same compliant about a month or so ago end nothing has been done to fix it love the game and as soon as its fixed I will give five stars I wish you could give this no stars it is now November 30th 2015 and they still have not fix the problem I was going to buy the games I love the game that much but now I'm just going to uninstall it not worth it

Kate C

Disappointed I love the other two games in this series. This one is so disappointing. You have to buy individual slots for your bag. You have to wait for items to be cooked. You have to buy additional slots to cook more than one item at a time. I'm not sure if I like this game at all...

Shay R

Starting Loved the other Island Castaway games so happily just starting this one. So far it seems pretty good. Some connectivity issues but that's intermittent. Overall, worth a play.

Holly Davison

Good but disappointed I was really enjoying this but once you start the tasks you have to either pay or wait for days to save enough pearls. If there was other tasks to keep me occupied i wouldn't mind but im bored now so uninstalled.

Quinstieia Gray

What happen!!!! You had the best thing going and just ruined it. It doesn't even deem 1 star. Y'all messed up bad. I'm unstalling

Scott Gillespie

Pretty nice The games good right now but I would give a three star because the controls are difficult and weird sometimes for me to understand so if you can change that on the update then that would be great:)

Migoto Kitsune

One of the better survival story games I've tried. I really like survival type games. Unfortunately most of the ones I've tried out have either had terrible gameplay, had graphics, and/or a non-existent story line. But! So far I really, really like this one. Still in the intro part. Will update rating after playing more.


First two games were great, but then they introduced in-app purchases and the whole thing went down the toilet. You don't get enough time for the tasks, and everything is buy buy buy. I would have happily paid for the app if it meant I didn't have to put up with this silly nonsense. Not impressed.

Debbie Harlow

Sneaky moves G5! Even if i do in-app purchases now, how can I trust that you wont pull another skunk in the near future? Give us the darn datura bowl! Dont give us a free game then pull a skunk like this...i would have been happy to pay for a complete game that works...but your reviews forces me to look elsewhere. Fix it or remove completely i would suggest whilst your reputation is still somewhat just ok.

Nicole Konstantopoulos

Good Game This is a fun game. I have really enjoyed playing so far. The only criticism is that you mostly seem to only get one quest at a time, so if you are stuck on that quest you don't really have anything else to do in the game until you figure out that quest.

Kate Dale

Down from 5 to 2 .. due to it now being impossible to progress without coughing up the cash. Personally, I'd rather pay for a game upfront - as I have done for the earlier versions of Castaway on PC - than be lured into enjoying the game and then stuck unless you pay. It feels a little less than honest and I don't like it. Waiting a short while to see if this is changed but if not will uninstall.

Brooke Pyle

Good game Game is pretty good. Fun to play but is laggy. That issue should be fixed and I would rate it 5 stars.

Chellie Taplin

What happened??? Really G5 you used to have so many quality games that didn't fall into the in-app-purchase scheme that every app has done!! I am so disappointed, after I finished the first two island cast away games I was so looking forward to this only to be greeted with buy more emeralds so you can progress. I used to love the fact that you weren't part of the give me your money and you can continue. Now you are just like all the rest, I will continue with you older games and be thankful for them

Don Nelson

Make it easy-to-use Make it easier to use one let us build one part of the island up and our tools two get rid of the boars in the village and the second half of the island and make the first buss easy to kill and let the bag hold all of our stuff in different parts of the bag.

AWM Krittiya

I stucked in chapter 4 I go further than a beginning of chapter 4 .I can cut the torch tree. I can go to break the green stone. But after a break I exit the game. And enter the game. It starts from the beginning of chapter 4 twice. So I don't want to play the same situation. This is not second time , it is third time.So I don't want to play more if u don't fix it.

Murielle Sean

Not recomended I prefered the first 2 games. This one is a money pit and takes too long to accomplish anything

Patricia Burt

hi yes played this game many times (but got fed up with the time tasks) just thought i would try it again (very interesting)just like the other two which i preferred so see how i go its the time tasks that do spoil the game sorry to say, take them away and (I am sure alot more people would play as tom has enough to do without adding time task) well if i get fed up i will just uninstall this game ok thanks having a problem with the game already so having to uninstall and installed again so if i have lost my progress i will be uninstalling for good so be back ???

Alandria Banks

So far... I've only played for a short while, but I liked all the other castaway games and this one is no different. The only thing I don't like is the implementation of emeralds or jewels. It seems they're trying to make you pay to play and while I understand the need to make money on games, a lot of people don't want to pay real money for virtual games. Another issue I'm having is frequent crashes. Very annoying. As I progress, my rating may change. But as for right now... Three stars.

Ramona Diorec

Crappy It takes forever to collect gems just to buy space for all the things you need carry for the quest to move ahead. Whatever you do, DO NOT PICK UP TOO MUCH ITEMS, YOU'LL BE SORRY... I AM ?

Mexie Mex

Doesn't come close to the other two The other games in this series were really good, this one however does not measure up, they have made silly annoying changes, like stupid timed challenges that you have to pay pearls to do, and can't progress without, like having to pay real money for additional slots in your bag (and for most things in the shops). I don't object to supporting hard working dev's, but here it's little more than a cash grab, very disappointed.

Janice Bruner

Island Castaway: Lost World It is fun but don't know how to kill large crap and when do I get more island to play on.

Christina Ressalei

Chapter 11 Where is the 2nd datura bowl? This timed quest cannot be done with out spending 7 gems! Is this a glitch, or devised to make us buy gems to finish the game? I have REALLY enjoyed the game up to now. I enjoyed the challenge and was excited to see the next installment. But I will be very angry if the developers have devised the last chapter as a way to cash in on their die hard fans

Taylor Qualia

Messed up I played for weeks and loved it.til i went to play and it made me start over chapter 4 and i was on level 16 now it says 15 if its fixed ill play again gladly! I had just found out i needed to fight the snake.and had lots arrows and stuff...

Tamara Jones

Not sure yet Not sure about this installment of Island Castaway . Having trouble following what the stars and such are for. And how do you earn emeralds. It's a crappy thing to make us buy them. Will continue playing for awhile longer and then see if I have changed my mind about the game. 03 /12/16 Decided to play this again. Hoping that maybe some upgrades have been made so we are not constantly having to purchase emeralds.

Leoni Mccallum

Island castaway I like it because you get lots of fun quests and you get to Rome around and do what you like when you don't have any quests or your waiting for something cook for one of your quests. You also get to hunt and become friends with people on the island and be the hero when theres trouble with animal hunting.!!

Shreeram Kale

Interesting but time wasting I have played previous versions and there are so many interesting additions in this versions for which I like to thanks developers. Few things that I don't like in this version are 1) save and load game not available. If u mistakenly lose emeralds, you can not get back. 2) farms take 1 day to generate resources which u can get within one hour if you collect them from island. 3) no emrald to pearl conversion. Also you have to buy some goods in emrald which while selling you get pearls only and not emeralds.

Jayne Steadman

Great now it's fixed Didn't like this at first, but now I think it's the best of the three. You can play it easily without having to buy things with real money

Wendy Froshay

Frustrated I was incredibly far into the game. Had quite a collection of potions, food and tools. Open the game for the 3rd time yesterday and the program crashed. Next time it opened, I was set back a good week. Opened again today and feel a complete lack of interest to play the game anymore. I don't mind paying for a game but when this happens (and how often does this happen), the game isn't worth the money and most especially not worth my time! I'd give 5 stars but for this. Bought lots of emeralds, lost those too

Angela Riley

After the first two, a letdown I loved the first two games in this series, but this one is not nearly as much fun to play. Everything is designed to get you to spend money on emeralds. I don't mind spending money on a good game, I'd rather just buy the game. It's possible to earn emeralds in the game, but they are few and far between after the first couple of levels. The graphics are really nice, it's a pretty game to look at, but not much fun to play. I'm really disappointed after the seeing how great the first two were!

Josh Skimerhorn

-_- I can't hunt the boars and they keep killing me. Timed quests don't give enough time under ideal circumstances. I've had to repeat a quest multiple time because I spent half the time running around in circles.

ilene harrison

Lucy It's ok, doesn't give much space for inventory w/out having to buy more, which makes it difficult to progress

Nunya Bizniss

Love It I'm addicted. I have no complaints. The game is very easy and not hard at all.

Laura Jaehnig

Keeps Crashing The game auto saves periodically. Unfortunately, it crashes so often right before the save that I find myself retracing steps. This is the 3rd time I've been asked to leave a review to earn emeralds. I originally gave it 3 stars but then I go back to the game to find it has crashed - no emeralds earned. I've liked the 2 previous games, but this one sucks. I will be uninstalling.


Cool It gets a bit boring after a while for about a day but then its amazing for another week

Brent Carley

Fun and challenging A fun and challenging game. Some things that need a change is the timed quests....make them possible without gems...and a 5 star rating will be given

Kathryn Elliott

Fabulous game I love that you practically have unlimited energy so you can play the game as long as you want! My only complaint is that the timed quests often don't give enough time! Especially the ones that require you to grow crops or cook food! Sure you can sped it up, but you have to use diamonds which you can accumulate slowly or buy using actual money. Otherwise, this game is awesome.


AWESOME GAME. but... Only one issue. Why can't we buy storage space, garden plots, and other items needed from the store, (not including Potions and ingredients ) using pearls?? Example. I'm able to sell stone and get 70 pearls. But to buy stone, I need emeralds. Why not charge double, or even TRIPLE pearls? JUST a lil something for G5 to ponder. ㄟ(・-・)ㄏ

Kate T.

Fun, fun... I played the desktop version and was expecting that the mobile version has the same difficulty level as the desktop. Though there were some similar aspects, the mobile version's game play is totally different! The mobile version is more challenging and has a longer play time. But since I am an avid gamer if challenging games, five stars.

mckenzie bishop

Very fun game I have started playing a few days ago and very hard to put it down at time! Love how it keeps you busy and there is always something to do on the island. Your also always meeting new people so doesn't get boring!

Aldo Marini

This game is awesome! I have played the first two and the sequels gets better each time! They incorporate more complexities and challenges each time along with an introduced new theme.. It's just awesome guys, you gotta buy it!!! If you like survival games in general, or if you have ever wanted to live off the land in real life, gathering and hunting food and cooking delicious meals out of it lol, then this game is for YOU! Best [email protected] fo mah dollah e'rrrrr spent! !!! Even if it involves naked ladies eating grapes off me lol!

Valerie Gallegos

Bad update With new update all quests are timed and you now have less than 5 min to complete quests. I was able to pass the second quest in chapter 11 as I already had gems. You have made a game that was mediocre bad. First 2 games there were no time limits on quests or growing and cooking food. I will be uninstalling.

Lauren Conway

So far so good Its good so far, I played the others and they were both rather addictive! I Just got to the quest to find out how the hyenas are getting into the mountain complex and next time I opened it it has reset the chapter! Got to lvl 17, back to 15! Please fix!

Ella Silva

Great fun game Your new update as of july 31st really stinks! The second "timed" quest cannot be completed without paying gems for 1 of the items. I really didn't like it when you put the timed quests in the game but now to make us pay to finish them really bites. I guess your little game is going the way of the dodo bird as far as my computer is concerned.

Rydiah Barron

Why the change Ive played the other two games and this one disappointing. This one doesn't continue on with the actual story of the other two games and the gameplay is stupid. It's annoying that the quests are timed and everything has a timer like the food. Plus on timed quests if you need something that has a timer but won't finish in time you have to pay to continue.....dafuq

Jennisa Moniq Junus

Good, but... At first I love it very much especially because I played the first and second version. This version had more challenge but I feel like I've been forced to buy emerald for accomplish many cases. Its better to buy the game several dollar than force to spend buying some emeralds ??. Shame. The game could have been perfect ?

Jaime Eden

Kind of sour taste after playing the first 2 Not a big fan of games that require you to wait long periods of time to do things. Would have rather paid to play something more similar to the first two. Just seems like it takes too long to wait for the island to replenish and would rather have the game play like the older versions.

Claire Reynolds

What a rip off! There is NO way you can complete the tasks in the stupid time scales without using emeralds thus spending money! Especially as you can't use things already in your inventory to complete tasks. Rediculous timescales to collect items. i.e. collect 8 bits of clay in 8 mins when only 3 are produced every 12! RIP OFF! ?

Dmitry Demyanenko

To pass second timed quest in 11-th chapter Guys who have problems with second timed quest in the new update. There are two datura bowl: one on the beach and one in the jungle. Also use a new feature - "hint" - long hold on the resource icon in the task bar.

Jennifer Welch

Love it! Addicting and fun. I've played the other 2 island castaway games on PC and didn't even realize there was another one! I'm very much enjoying it. Only problem I'm having is that I have to practically slam my finger on the tablet for actions to register. This is the only app I have this problem with. Otherwise I'm loving it!!

Natalie Yorke

Where am I?! I really love this game but hate the sailor and they talk too much! Plus, why do the boars keep trying to kill me!! Also stop autosaving the game it's annoying, allow the option of autosaving instead and maybe you will get two more stars!!!! I do prefer fighting games though.

Gladys Young

I have been playing for about 7 months now, and I had to factory reset my tablet and Los everything because I could not remember my codes, ow I am having to start from the beginning , that sucks, because I was on chapter 11. But I still love the game. Love it , sucks that I had to start back on chapter 1 when I was on chapter 11. If you could help me get back to my chapter 11 some how that would be wonderful.


Nice Game A nice game that I have been play since the java version stranded island. Unfortunatelly i have lost my in-app purchased items recently for my android phone being rom reinstall. It was my mistake for not using g5 friend facility to save the game.

Sharon Stokes

Love the game except When is the update coming in tired of just running around, I want go continue with the adventure. Please hurry. Have played this game several times in the past. Only thing it's just like all the others, it starts you out with all the stuff you need to get you hooked and then all of a sudden they cut you off and you have to start using real money to be able to get what you need. Just like drug dealers. It hard for all of us on very tight fixed income.

clara bella

Fantastic and Unique I've never played a game quite this unique! I was a bit skeptical at first glance, but I decided to give it a chance and I wasn't disappointed! If your looking for a good game to waste time and have fun, this game is for you! Once I start, I can't seem to stop. Keep up the good work!

Ana Bortolozzo

Buying emeralds for one more game? One of the worst quality games that sells those stupid gems. I felt for that trap, but at least that game is enjoyable. If every time I download a game I have to keep on paying, no thanks. It's easier to just have it deleted and pay the 2-6 bucks in decent adventure games instead.

Rhiannon Renegade

Hmmm... I like it, but I really liked the other two. I can't tell if this is part of the story or just a way to see the character from the other games over and over again. Not that I mind that part, but I really was invested in the story of the Island and now it feels like I will never see more of the real story, just a recon of literally everything.

Jeff Lothspeich

Could be better if G5 wasn't so greedy. Game is designed to get you to continually spend money. Yes you can get by without spending money but..... Game occasionally locks phone to the point I have to remove battery. Graphics sometimes do not work right. Could be a 5 star game if G5 wasnt so greedy.

yes vapo

Ok It is a good game very entertaining im giving it a three stars because i cannot get past chapter 5 the game keeps closing. when im doing a task it shuts me out making me loose the task. It tells me that the game has stopped. It is making me waske my emeralds and pearls. Please fix.

Luke Surge

Bad Way to Go I fell in love with the games 1 & 2. They were just what I've been looking for as far as game play. I've been looking for more games like this for a long time. I was excited to play this one until I realized that they took the game in the worst possible direction, pay to play. I was more than happy to pay for the full version of the game, but I refuse to pay a cent towards this game play type. Forcing my hand like this is making me leave the game. Give me an option to pay for a full version and I'll return.

Chic Chicky

The first one is better by far, this one is all about gems and pearls which is crap. Alot of time trials, and to complete you must spend real money. The developers have gotten greedy and unrealistic. I suggest you play the other games because it's not worth spending real money.

Madeline Lukacs

great game I had played the older version of the game so you could imagine my excitement when I downloaded this super charged version of the old one. their were no farms or even a quarter of the stuff u can aquire and do on the island. Keep up the good work G5!

Sharni Mizzy

Chapter 4.... In chapter 4 i killed a giant snake and tribe liked me i quit game and when i came back the stuff i purchased and chapter 4 reset. I lost all progress to chapter 4 and the things i purchased with real money. I cant take screen shot but i wasnt it fixed asap then I will give higher rating

Renee Nedich

Been stuck in the swamp cave between 2 green mushrooms against a rock since June 11 2015 ...chapter 7 level 24 and they can't fix the glitch apparently... I have deleted and reloaded it sends me back to the same spot stuck...I want my money back for everything. These people don't know what they are doing! Tried contacting them thru emails etc...they said they are trying to fix it 2 months now...wth???

Annie Shainwaid

Don't like the way back it always full and have to pay with diamonds! Fist was. Fun and good story I was like the quest very much. Because it teachings. Alot for real life and good for kid to play and not just commercial pop up for buy packet every. 5 minit or what ever like other games with greedy developer

Elisha Bell

Good game The story is good and the whole concept of surviving on an island is great. My only trouble with it is that there it a lot more of the characters talking to eachother than doing something, and some of the timed tasks you don't get enough time to grow the items you need so you have to use up your gems to complete them.

dianne keahbone

Not happy Passed level 50,phone got sick.New phone now, unable to login to continue. Starting over. Hard to play free, but possible. Pick up and sell ropes, logs,clay,anything to earn pearls. Be patient. Be stingy with emeralds. Use them only for storage slots or garden spaces. If I wasn't so addicted I would delete. I just can't stop. Fun, but they really want money.

Mihai Moaca

Good game, IMMERSIVE Storyboard & Flow I started 4 hours ago to play with and I'm diving into his mechanics, simplicity, and naiv storyboard. Very cute game 4stars! I read here down people about complaining about the time. And fruits and for quests. I'm telling everybody that is perfect sets, pushing a little. But you got always something to do. While you wait plant new plants, pass over the beach collect objects, go to sell them on the shop while you have put 2 plates cooking, after all this doing periodically you'll see that is very well made5

Nöelle W.

Hmmm It's a very interesting game but way too time consuming. And I have to keep spending my money that I actually want back... but I know that will never happen... i wanted to continue my session on my new device but it didnt let me now i have to start over... great

Sharon Stokes

Love the game except When is the update coming im tired of just running around, I want go continue with the adventure. Please hurry. Have played this game several times in the past. Only thing it's just like all the others, it starts you out with all the stuff you need to get you hooked and then all of a sudden they cut you off and you have to start using real money to be able to get what you need. Just like drug dealers. It hard for all of us on very tight fixed income.

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