Download [Substratum] InversionUI Theme apk 9.0 free for Android smartphone

26 Aug
[Substratum] InversionUI Theme

Posted by SPAstef in Personalization | Aug. 26, 2016 | 139 Comments

Apk file size: 6.3 MB

Inversion UI is same as Inversion PRO, except that by purchasing PRO you'll support me.
Please leave a review, it helps me growing in the community :)

1) Root your device
2) be sure to have a Substratum or Layers compatible ROM (Lollipop custom ROMs, Stock Marshmallow, Marshmallow custom ROMs)
3) Install Substratum Theme Manager:

This is a Substratum theme, and thanks to Substratum Legacy it is compatible with Layers too, NOT for CM!

* AllCast (notifications)
* Calculator
* Cell-broadcast
* Contacts
* DeskClock (notifications)
* Dialer
* Eleven
* Framework-res
* GMail (notifications)
* Google Contacts
* Google Dialer
* Google Inbox (notifications)
* Google Keep
* Google Messenger
* Google Play Music
* Google Play Store
* Hangouts
* Package Installer
* Phone
* Server-telecom
* Settings
* SystemUI
* Velvet (alias Google Now)
* WhatsApp (beta)

Theme developed by SPAstef. Thanks to Jimmy Setiawan, RootSU, Jorge Jimenez, Abdulwahab Isam, Syko Pompos and all the community.

Whats new

    InversionUI V9:
    • InversionUI is now 100% Substratum compatible!

SPAstef part of our Personalization and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Aug. 26, 2016. Google play rating is 83.1056. Current verison is 9.0. Actual size 6.3 MB.

Download inversion-ui-layers-theme.apk 6.3 MB


Riku K.

Great theme, but lacks some things. AOSP Keyboard (material dark is good but not quite dark enough), Downloads, Documents etc. :) +Needs support for the new Chroma OTAcenter

A Google User

Play music needs a little help. I cannot read the text in the widget

Anudyuti Kar

A dark background in the launcher's app drawer would make it perfect, great theme otherwise.

Samuel Holland

Awesome Thanks dev, will purchase to show love.?

Shuli Hershberg

Almost perfect No keyboard theme. Issues on Cataclysm.

Soumyasish Dutta

When trying to select Google under setting > accounts it force close settings app not happening with other layer themes 5 running latest chroma..thanks its perfect ...

Ja Ke

Really nice

Timothy Sherman

It's really nice Haven't had any issues so far

Liam Mania

Using latest chroma clean wipe... Nexus 6 This layers theme and no other themes causes FC's, oddly, on fauxclock auspost PayPal anzgomoney and my xda premium. Weird? Other layers themes are fine

kev cunningham

Simply beautiful Looks awesome

Miraj Patel

Great but lack of updates Please update and chrome and other google apps please

ramchalam kr

Loved it. A but more theming on a few apps would make it perfect. Flawless nevertheless :)

Sukumar Patel

Great theme. Finally a dark theme with stock colors in header and nav bar. Love it. Colorful and dark.

Iain Aldrich

Best dark theme Using on Chroma, fantastic theme. Found one issue, in the dialer if you make a call and dial any numbers mid call the number are white on white and barely visible. Very minor issue, doesn't take away from functionality much.

Kristopher Kaiser

Good start The dark theme on Dropbox and Now is nice, but the complete dark on dark action in Hangouts makes it useless. This will be a nice theme once it allows you to preview txt messages and names.

Lorenz Fuchs

Awesome but... Settings has a white background and no text. Also what's app has no time stamps on the messages. Otherwise it's a really good theme. Fix those and it'll be five star.

John Bright

I like the darker look added to my 5.1.1 thanks

Esteban Salazar

It crashed when I clicked install inversion.

chris boulos

Love it Love everything about it. Messenger "compose" and quick reply "send" buttons are dark against the dark background. Perhaps change to blue? Great work either way, deserving of 5 stars.

Cihan Şahin

Please improve WhatsApp overlay. I can't see the sent time on messages.

Les Looper

Nexus 6 Android M Nice update. Almost perfect. Thanks for your work on this.

Aaron J. Gundersen

Still needs work, but fantastic.

daniel hotaling

Great Great accept like mentioned before. Hangouts main screen text is to dark to read. When it gets fixed. 5 stars. Thank you

Steven Porteous

Great effort I like these layers

Ryan C.

Awesome But there's 1 flaw, the google search bar is not aligned...

Zoheb Khan

Nice always wanted a theme like this!!

Guilherme Souza

No support at all Sent a polite mail to dev asking if he could fix something and he replied with some sarcastic bullshit. Reply to dev: The search bar text and mic icon are not aligned well and cropped, I even sent you a screenshot.

Basil Dabir

Want to ask a question Does it works on samsung lollipop roms

Jason Andrew Escoto

Chroma ROM - Nexus 6. Fix the icon.. On Settings -> Sound & notification -> Notification volume icon is black. Make it white. Thank you.

Sandeep Chakravarthy

Great theme!! This is my favorite dark theme for marshmallow and Nexus 5 looks fabulous on this. I request the developer to fix a couple of things to make it perfect. First the Google contacts app is not fixed. Contact names are black and unreadable, menu is white and no letters can be read. Second the Google photos app has unreadable card titles on assistant screen. Please fix these two glitches and it's a perfect 10/10 from me.

Terence Chan

Half-way there Great theme but it has several flaws that prevent it from being completely usable. A lot of the themed apps have black text on the black backgrounds, and near-white text on the white backgrounds of app settings menus. Developer needs to actually go through every possible view of each themed app to QA and test that all text is readable. Once the developer fixes these misses, I'll be more than happy to buy Pro version.

Đức Thành Phạm

Pretty nice I like the dark look but the supported apps are still a bit lacking. Especially for some essential UI elements with black texts, the Layer doesn't change the text to a light color so in many cases it's impossible to make out (for example the Stars number for the Apps' ratings in Play Store listings). Looking forward to updates and improments.

John Balcarcel

Great dark theme except... I don't like the dark theme for Google calendar and Google play reviews are black so it's hard to see until you click on the app

Avinash Vivekraj Marada

How to apply? Can anyone explain how we should apply this theme to a Nexus 5 phone.. Should the phone be rooted in order to apply this layer? I'm new to the layers please...

Samuel Bencomo

My only concern is the white text on white background on Chrome's address bar. Other than that, it's an amazing theme.

Bradley Karkanen

Great theme with some bugs This is a great theme but it makes some apps pretty much unusable. Several apps don't change their font color to white giving me black font and a dark grey or black notification box. The last for songs in Google Play Music radio stations also show up in the normal white gradient sticking out among the black. Google Messenger still has white message boxes and black text I'd prefer black boxes and white text but it isn't the end of the world.

Tanner Galmeister

Any reason the YouTube one doesn't work? I'll buy the donation app if you fix it. Rewards also doesn't work.

Puneet kumar

Great black theme In Playstore, the number with the rating icon is in black making it invisible to read.

Shashwat Upadhyay

It's good Except that few apps have same text color as the background color.

Bill Rogers

Yesss, been waiting for a layer to add calendar. Works awesome. Thanks!

Abed El Salam Kanawati

Developer please read. It's a fantastic theme yet it has some flaws. Google contacts should be colored white for the text, Google chrome should show black address text and Google photos assistant should be readable. Other than that is just pure awesomeness!!!

Chris Cromer

Almost perfect Everything looks great except my contacts app. In that app I have black text on black background, so it is impossible to read. This is on the moto x 2014 stock rom.

Alex Tsanis

Good Nice RRO layers, Although i have hdpi devices and some of yours layers looks bad. May i Can help?

Melchor Ferrer Jr

Bugs Black Text Over Black Background: 1.)"Google Play" text in Google Play Store 2.)Rating Star of Google Play Store 3.) Contacts Names 4.) The "Storage Used" String under Storage and USB setting . White Text in Search Bar of Chrome and no Effect on latest YouTube App

Bigmatt 503

Loving it on pure nexus rom 6.0 I've always been a fan of dark themes and this one works perfect. What does the pro version have versus the free version?

Jaswanth Sunny

??? Awesome awesome.. Thank you so much developer.. It works like a charm on my Nexus 6P.. Great work.!

Rabbit Liu

there is something wrong on my nexus 6, I cant applied this UI with layer manager


Love this theme! YouTube doesn't seem to be theming. FYI not a deal breaker for me... Everything else seems to be working... Calander is an awesome addition.

Mark Rogers

it is great but some text is dark on dark and cant be read :(


Galaxy j5 How to use.i didn't found any app in my app drawer

Chris D.

How are you supposed to install this to your phone?

Andrew Daly

OK Black text on dark gray background is hard to read

Thuan Nguyen

Good for the most part. Some black text on dark backgrounds like in the playstore or in storage under settings. Quick reply on hangouts is white text on white background also.

hot boy

How to use this we open it

Unays Sheikh

How the hell are you supposed to apply it?

Daman Waraich

The Best #1 Dark theme

akshay salve

Nexus 5 Issues with Google+ help. Clear bugs

Anan Banka

Not Working on 6P 6.0.1 Loving the concept, but even after rebooting the theme doesn't seem to apply. I'm rooted and busybox is installed.

Thomas Bolger

Awesome. Everything I was looking for. I like the stock look and but like dark. Perfect. And constant updates for updated apps. Updated: still awesome. Loving it every day.

Yash Iyer

Best one indeed!

Jose Bustillo

One of the best layer theme

Vic Masilang

Too much text is unreadable There are too many menus that are white on white and that's horrible.

Ivan Campos

Excellent Great support with updates and attention to detail. Thank you for the great work!

Poojan Patel

Needs some improvement Dark text makes unable to read contact name in contact app. Dark text(in some apps) in notification makes hard to read. App drawer icon should be dark instead of white to match overall theme.

Ayo A.

My Favorite Overlay!!! It's not perfect, but it's simple, very classy looking and not overly complex to apply. I don't need an overlay that requires 18 different steps to install while holding my breath hoping I don't bork my phone into bootloop hell. The KISS principle exists for a reason.

Farzad Alipour

Its awesome Using latest update there are still some bugs. Creating new contact when pressing the phone type i.e. home,work... The background is white. Same thing in some texts in Google now. But still it's an awesome theme. Thanks.


Can barely read the link address in Chrome bookmarks The texts are almost transparent.

Anish Sasmal

Don't be foolish Do not give this a one star just because you are not intelligent enough on how to apply the theme. The app name has the tool you must utilize "layers". Layers works selectively on specific (usually) modified roms. Your foolishness does not make this great application bad. The only problem is that in the play store, the application ratings in list view is black text on black background.

Senthil Manikandan

Excellent This makes my phone complete

Mike Croall

Some text unreadable I absolutely love the intention. However, some text, for example the number next to the star in the play store, is showing far far too dark for me to read it without raising my brightness specifically for it. This occurs in many places. If this weren't such an issue, 5 stars definitely.

harsh tyagi

Not Working. How does it work? I'll give you a 5 star rating of you tell me that.

Ahmad Sawalha

UI Google Contacts text matches the background, YouTube isn't dark, option to set accent color (replace the neon baby blue)

Gaurav Bhardwaj

If u tell me how it works I will rate u 5 star

Jack Boswell

Settings bug The settings background is yellow..

adithya pai

How to use it How to use thisapp

Terence Chan

Half-way there **Apr 14/16: this theme crashes newest update to Google Calendar because of new features** Great theme but it has several flaws that prevent it from being completely usable. A lot of the themed apps have black text on the black backgrounds, and near-white text on the white backgrounds of app settings menus. Developer needs to actually go through every possible view of each themed app to QA and test that all text is readable. Once the developer fixes these misses, I'll be more than happy to buy Pro version.

Miyabi Sama

Bugs. I can't install it on Marshmallow. There is no Open button to do so after downloading, only Uninstall. Please fix this issue, I'm dying for a nice clean dark theme and I loved how this looked in the preview.

James Preston

Was great at first, but the theme has been abandoned and no longer updated. This has resulted in bugs because apps got updated. One bug causes battery drain because the app had a slight UI redesign and causes errors.


WHY NO STEPS TO SETUP?? geez bro it doesn't let me open it after install, and it isn't located in the themes settings. So how do I use this?? Please fix, because I absolutely HATE the color white and I really need a dark theme again.

Radix Wolf

Great theme Could use a few fixes, like on Chrome's URL bar. Possibly a Telegram theme?

Ralph Miranda

Loved it on CM! LOVE it on Layers! Easy on my eyes and easy to read. No gimmicky anything, just the dark mode we (especially night owls) deserve! Thank you! Darn it, Contacts info is unreadable in list, I've figured out this is working in the contacts list in the dialer though and looks perfect.

Izwan M

can we have a black version for our amoled screen? Anyways, great theme it is!

Dipanjan Pal Chowdhury

Good theme but has some flaws I only use the framework and settings overlay from layers theme manager, but the problem is that the systemui notification text is white on white background. I do not want the systemui to be themed. Tesla ROM based on Android 6.0.1.


Love this theme! So simple yet effective... Only theme you need.

Joel Lee

Cool colours theme! Hangouts Quick Replies needs an update though...

Sun'anul Huda

Black on black There are some black text on black background. Like in whatsapp and es file explorer

Tanner Galmeister

Google photos got an update and now it crashes with the theme installed.

Ward Welch

Great theme Really nice and doesn't go to far like some I've used in the past thank you for this..

Maxim Iac

what inversion this is called inversion theme but the quick settings are still black and aren't inverted it's only a dark theme like other hundreds rro, all rros are obscure and dark, there is any white layer??


Love this theme! So simple yet effective... Only theme young I u need. Thanks for adding Calendar back. My Nexus 6p thanks you!

Han Li

great theme the theme looks great! thanks for sharing! One thing to mention is when a new notification comes, the background color is black and the text is also black in the lock screen. it would be great if you can fix it.

Wayne Aprato

Very very good. Better than many layers you have to pay for. Highly recommended. I'm buying the Pro version to support the dev. Keep up the good work.


Inversion UI LAYERS This version is missing permission add and dismiss features a good app but wants to control the whole phone! Needs to have settings controls on off page because it is severely outdated for v 6.0.1 marshmallows Samsung J7 models!

Ahmad Sawalha

UI Google Contacts text matches the background, YouTube isn't dark, option to set accent color (replace the neon baby blue)

Rich Kielbasa

5 Star This is the only theme you need people...

Huy nguyen kim nhat

The only framework that works on my mm z2. Free too. Thanks so so so much

Fabio Comolli

Best dark layers theme I tried.

saksham sneh

How Can you tell me how to use it?

samir chaudhari

Nothing happened It did nothing on my Moto G Tutbo...

Keagan Hill

What app do you use it for. My device is rooted in case I need it to be....

Mario Inocencio, Jr.

There's an orange tint behind the settings app on my Nexus 6 stock 6.0.1 rom

Rifqi T.

How to use this How to use this ? ASUS Zenfone 4

Sankarsh BB

I think there's a bug in contacts font colour The letters won't appear because the background colour is also black and also the font colour

Lapinus2006 - OfficialYT

This theme is fantastic!!!! My Nexus 5X thanks u!!!??

Wellydk Mushonga

It looks good

deva shah

How to use it

Aarron S

Works great Love this. Makes my Nexus 10 look good.

mohammed hasham

Best theme ever Thank you really appreciate your work

Sudhakar Sai

Material ui Awesomely awesome

Lucas Plabst

Great Theme, few bugs on Nougat It's a great theme :) I found a few bugs on nougat though. First, the quick reply is still white even though the rest is themed. Second, the notifications in Ambient display are not readable(don't know whether this can be fixed)

Brian Cohen

Looks great, when you can see... Very nice dark theme. Unfortunately there are several cases of black text on dark backgrounds or white on white, making those layers unusable. Gmail, system notifications, and Contacts are among the layers that aren't human readable, and that may be enough to make people look elsewhere.

Richard Friendlich

Almost I appreciate your effort... This is a great theme. But like many other dark themes, Gmail notifications still have unreadable text due to the 'subject' line font being black.

Terence Chan

Half-way there **Sep 3/16: writing emails in Gmail is impossible now with white text/back after app update** Great theme but it has several flaws that make it not a daily user. A lot of the themed apps have black text on the black backgrounds, and near-white text on the white backgrounds of app settings menus. Developer needs to actually go through every possible view of each themed app to QA and test that all text is readable. Once the developer fixes these misses, I'll be more than happy to buy Pro version.

Chetan Jain

Great theme Its overall a great theme but sometimes the text isn't visible. And can you please make those dividers black or not visible? Like in Playstore when we slide from left. Or in notification bar. Using android 7.0.

Gabriel Hardesty

Good theme, but it no longer shows up in layers manager after substratum update. Substratum doesn't work on my rom currently, so now I need to switch to a new theme.


Ambient display The theme is awesome! Just the ambient display is unreadable, can you fix it?

Fabio Comolli

Best dark layers theme I tried. This susbstratum version is even better, perfect for Google now enabled launchers.

Ambarish Ghosal

Good theme but with lot's of issues. Dialer menu : White text on white background, Whatsapp settings : Gray text on black background, Keep : Create new label, Settings and Help & feedback - Black text on black background, Contacts : Black text on black background (Menu - white text on white background), Hangouts (in select options) - white text on white background.

Jayant Abhir

Some text colour problems with Oxygen OS Contacts and dialer apps have text colour problems on marshmallow, oxygen OS. Recent update shows error 504

Vikrant Arya

Awesome. But nougat needed. Its the best theme ever. Simplicity at its best. Pretty much compatible with N except notification reply options not getting themed. Well see if you can fix that in next update.

Doug Quaid

Hurray Now for substratum! I can finally invert Google news and weather notifications again! This is the ONLY app I've found that has this option. Thank you!!!

Andrew Daly

Nougat Theme has many issues since substratum and nougat update

Christopher Saaidi

Thanks for Substratum update!!! Love the theme!

Guilherme Souza

YouTube FC Force close on YouTube settings.

Peter Iles

Gmail compose... white on white in nougat.

Elfein Fine

Great stuff. Best dark theme for Android.


Can't seem to update to the latest version. Just gives me an error. The theme works nicely except for some black on black text or white on white text (an example is this review)

Daniel Tomberlin

Need More Info in Description This app is not one you "OPEN" and there is no information in this description on how this is used after it's installed. I reset phone, but still no dark theme for the apps listed. Please advise and update app description... Details should answer questions like: Do I need to be rooted? Do I need an accompanying app? Do I need to enable something in settings?... Etc.

Jacob Rosenberg

Wow! Only dark theme that worked for me so far! The other ones either bugged the system, moved to Substratum (which I don't recommend any theme developers move to for now), or slowed down my phone TREMENDOUSLY. This is what I am looking for, a simple dark theme, even though it's not pitch black, it looks cool and it works well. It has worked for me so far on the power menu, notifications with Android N-ify on Xposed, Settings app, Google Play Music, Play Store (rating text is broken). Only request... be more consistent with new app updates/fix bugs.

Jason Cockrell

Problem with update Keep getting a error code -504 when trying to update the app. Using layers manager for the theme, since you added Substratum to the theme i can not update theme on play store.

Rishabh Verma

Good But Need Updates Its a nice theme for sure but when i applied it to my device(MOTO G2) the app names on the google now launcher app drawrer becomes also black n hence no visible names of the apps kindly fix that... Thanks


Love this theme! So simple yet effective... Only theme you need. Thanks for adding Calendar back. My Nexus 6p thanks you!

Himanshu Saluja

Well themed Only a few small glitches like whatsapp settings, Google now phone search hints etc. Otherwise works well and looks awesome.

Jaya Chandru

Can't update Can't update this one.. Pls help ..its shows error code: -504

Matheus Felipe

It still causing bootloop like older versions?

kunAl Meena

How to enable it I have downloaded it but dont know how to apply

Fabian Renthlei

Bugs It looks like you have not themed tge Google Calendar. And the setting page is totally invisible

James Licciardi

Great theme Go to layers theme. Back to it after using subst on pure Nexus.

Vaporatic XLIVE

Please convert to Substratum Love this theme. Hopefully the dev will migrate to Substratum ASAP. Inversion is definitely the best dark theme for layers

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