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13 May
Inflation RPG

Posted by Tatsuki in Role Playing | May 13, 2016 | 209 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

You can increase your levels to over 100LV from just 1 battle! An exciting game of steady progression. Go for the highest levels within a limited number of battles!

- Game description
A game where the goal is to raise your levels within a limited number of battles.

- Field
A vast field! On the field there are appropriate levels and bonuses helpful for getting through battles. Try to progress through the game efficiently!

- Status
When your levels rise, divide your status up among characters and efficiently defeat the enemies!

- Battle
Ultra exhilarating high speed battle! A player can unleash multiple attacks and critical hits according to his status.

- An abundance of equipment items
Level up efficiently with a variety of ultra powerful equipment!

Whats new

    -Bug fixe
    - Added accessories slots
    - Adjusted difficulty balance, decreased difficulty level
    - Revised hard map bonus upward
    - Increased experience points earned on hard
    - Revised drop rate for some items upward
    - Revised drop compensation due to LUC upward
    - Various bug fixes
    - Fixed critical bugs
    - Fixed a bug with rankings.
    - Rankings Reset
    - Improvement in performance
    - Other small revisions and improvements

Tatsuki part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update May 13, 2016. Google play rating is 90.3613. Current verison is 1.4.7. Actual size 37.0 MB.

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Cal Vin

addictive but lost game data what I lost was a 4% recovery necklace (ahhh!) if anyone at tatsuki can help me get that back, that would be wonderful, haha. still a fun game to play tho. edit: ugh, game crashed and lost saved game data. don't really want to start over again. still a fun game tho.

Ian Orr

Fun game for short playtimes This game is really fun to play in short bursts. However, I will admit I have spent quite a lot of time binge playing as well. It day you get 2 extra tries if you rate thigh, and I'm not getting them. Game is still good though

Christian Oliveras

Take out the battle limit Please take out the battle limit and increase the difficulty of enemy's and make it harder to get levels but the game is awsome i would give 5 stars if you make this little thing i said ok thanks for reading

Michael Bradford

Great Game! Fun, addictive, and well developed. My only wish is for there to be more battles to partake in each round.

Max Dunn

Instructions leave a bit too be desired. As stated. There's a bunch of things you have to go look at a wiki or guess at.

Dion Wright

Great Great game get stuck on certin levels needs more items or something maybe different routes or intuduce some tpye of effects on weapons

David Seibel

Was Awesome This game was so fun until my phone upgraded to Lollipop. Now it is so slow its pretty much unplayable (on Galaxy Note 4). Have not received a response from the developer. I really want to play it.

X Zelxski

Surprisingly addictive Trail & error makes you victorious in this game. The game is easy to learn and it lets you figure out how to progress. The music is not distracting and the artwork a nice blast from the past.


Awesome This game is the bomb all the bosses maps and lvls but I wish when u run out of times to fight we could still keep the weapons please do something about it thank u

Daniel Salinas

Great little rpg I'm really liking this rpg. It really boils the genre down to it's most basic elements, which is a good thing. It's structured to be a game you can pick up and play for a short period(maybe 20 mins). It reminds me a lot of half minute hero. All in all I highly recommend it. Bonus: it's not freemium!

Justin Kossow

Great, but bad update I loved this game and sunk hours into it. A recent update has made this game unplayable due to it running so slow.

Iro Eerie

Entertaining! The game is pretty straight forward. Slice and dice, and survive! Quick game to play on the fly!

Ben Faulkner

Simple and fun Love this game lots of content and replay value no IAP bull just one very unobtrusive add

Uriah Marriott

Addictive! This game is very basic, but insanely addictive. I would recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs or is just looking to kill some time.

Gareth Spencer

Awesome quick rpg fun! An awesome game for some quick rpg fun that you can't typically get from other rpg games because they requure so much time investment.

Mior Aiman

cap only its for the cap...although i find it very 'time killing'....well....drop the rate and will give 5.....ty :3

Joshua Hanley

Lots of fun! Could use a little polish (speed/smoothness of scrolling items list, tap to skip rolling up totals after battles/game over), but tons of fun! Also loving the lack of freemium bs!

Samuel Gray

Edit: they fixed the problem! Works wonders again! Original Message: There is an unusual bug for the Motorola nexus 6 where the game runs very slow and laggy. A fix would be appreciated, especially since this is one of my personal favorite phone games. It occurs on fading between the screens and when walking the most.

Reily Rivera

Absorbing Game The thirst of obtaining higher level will always leave you keep wanting more!!

James Julin

Interesting concept Could use some more details around a few mechanics but still fun. I can waste a good number of hours on this

Eric Ray

First Impressions The First Impressions of the game Inflation RPG are decent. This game looks a little overpopularized with a bit of fun. I would assume that mainly eight year olds are fancied by this particular type of game due to today's more prevalent technological society. 6/10

Xero s

Pretty good It's a fun game to play when you've got time to kill.

Zachary Maier

Good Game Won't lie, for how simple and straight forward it is, it's quite fun. It's comes off as a slower version of doing speed runs in RPG games. Takes strategy to get far but most should get the idea quickly.

jordan hess

So addictive Loving this game. Simple to play but difficult to master! Haven't stopped playing it since I downloaded it hours ago. Wish you didn't lose allll your money ever time it resets but amazing!

Louis Lio

Fansboy This is so much fun. A speed rpg that kill times when boring. Must give a tey

Christopher Morrow

Aces! Great fun! Stupid fun! Flavorful fun! Bees are in my brain! Bees!

Adam Miller

Somewhat suprising Played this once, was appalled that it wasn't played in landscape. Seemed like it was lacking in every deparent, then I realized each game is its own but additive. It's actually a fairly well thought out game. A bit confusing at first, but all in all, pretty dang good. I do wish you got less money and got to keep it and had more things to purchase. Doesn't need to change, it's good without this

Dalton Jackson

Ability lvling I can not figure out how to get abilities or lvl them, it always starts at zero with poor instructions in my opinion.

Patrick Fanelli

It's a Blast Novel concept, great execution and a top notch time waster. Well worth a download! There's a lot here for a truly free, no micro transaction game. Get it now!

Brad Rossier

Wonderful I just got this game and love it. Its simple and addictive. My only concern is i cant get over 20k gold per run to buy the higher stuff or find any boss and its confusing on where to go but its extremely fun.

Daniel Conely

Quick good fun Loved just being able to jump straight into some good straightforward gameplay. Very addicting.

Gerard Atlas

Fun and Challenging! I absolutely love it! Its frustrating when you mess up a run, or find yourself unable to kill that boss and have only one fight left, but that's what its about: trial and error!

Kevin Rodriguez

Holy jeeze This is so unique and it's so fun. so far i don't have to pay for anything and that is a plus! This leveling system bring a lot strategy to the game. the more i play the game the more things i find out. The progression system in this is awesome and being able to by equipment for each play through makes it worth replaying.

Boris Barraza

Hours of simple and complex fun It is just a basic concept with so much replayability and once you get the hang of it, it can get so incredibly addicting that it can mean hours after hours of leveling up

Scott Victor

It is a fun game and somewhat addictive. It is fun, but seems to be kind of repetitive. I will say it is refreshingly different.

Andre Leblanc

Problem. What do error codes 921,923and 927 mean cuz after resetting my phone I got these trying to download again. Thx if replied w\answer Amazing as h*** ,nothing gets better than this. Too bad I had to factory reset my phone.also wish it wasn't dying, rather getting KO'd or fainting. Pls also add a jukebox feature for all the music you unlock. I can go straight up! Again, Problem. What do error codes 921,923and 927 mean cuz after resetting my phone I got these trying to download again. Thx if replied w\answer

John Miller

RPGM VX or Ace? Although something I don't think I've seen before in a rpgm game (but certainly something I thought of doing myself a few times, especially if I was fed up with trying to balance things correctly), I'm a little disappointed in the quality. This game, while fun, feels gimmicky and awkward. If this is just vx and not vx ace, it's understandable. Otherwise, it would benefit from some polishing (maybe by "wrapping" the rpgm vx/vxace executable in another game engine/delivery platform (think Russian dolls))

Zach Morgan

Nice Timekiller Thought it a bit dull and short, but then I found the other screens and beat the boss. I like the carry over each time. One minor flaw is the healing system. Due to the location I'll often type it by accident and lose all the money I stored up. I would suggest further from the center, possibly?

Dave Taylor

Enjoying so far... Decent little time killer for an android rpg. Simple mechanics for the most part, but some parts of the game still remain a mystery with some clunky english - 4 hours of playing and I still have no idea how to increase the character ability level. Only annoying part so far is the very intrusive warning about going into a high level area, which as time goes on you basically do all the time (your kit helps you survive and accelerates levelling) but this is a small price to pay for a very decent free game.

Chase Oren

Addicting Fun and easy to understand, this game is a great way to kill time if youre bored!!

Кирилл Грудников

Super Game is super,I go to 216 lvl.

The Techboy

Great game Spended so many hrs in

Robert Blanchard

Great game, but a bit limited. One highly requested addition is an endless mode, where you can level to your heart's content. Why not give the fans what they want?

Jason Horvick

Fun It's fun to play and easy to pick up. However the 15/06/2015 update introduced some new bugs. What I am seeing is the equipment screen seems to disappear, I Open the menu, go to the equipment screen and I can click on the high level button, but once I do the items disappear from the screen, but you are still in the same screen. I'd love to see it fixed fast

Jordan Garner

Simple, Yet Addicitng Not only is this game a unique twist on turnbased jrpgs, but with plenty of characters to try, items to unlock and different strategies per character, this game has a lot of replay value. It truly has soul to it, unlike other games that just want your money and don't even try to be fun. Definitely a fresh a fun game worth your time.

Nea Blackrose

Loves it A friend recommended this to me and I am completely addicted to it

Dennis Kent Jr.

Addicting, just one problem This game is addicting but I would really like to see the pause menu in battle be changed. If you accidentally double tap the enemy to attack it's very easy to accidentally spend money on HP recovery because it doesn't ask you to confirm your choice. Either change it so pressing anywhere on the screen during battle doesn't bring up the menu or add a confirmation message for HP recovery.

Brandon Dale

Great but repetitive It was fun for a solid three to four hours but its just the same thing over and over again. Once you get items it gets real easy.

Robert Fromal Jr

Amazeing Great game. Flawless on galaxy 3. Tip go all the way to right from start and find the 777 room to make wuick cash

Dany H.

Problems Good game but the leaderboard is not working. Alway stay at 0. In the live ranking, i had my rank but when i check the leaderboard, it's always 0... Why?

Brandon Brewer

Awesome Crazy lvls if you can beat an enemy 1000 lbs like crazy Idk gsm team h

Carlos Madera

Interesting game concept. I like the game a lot, but it can be slightly laggy when moving, which can be annoying at times.

Peter Torres

Better than i thought i thought this would be crappy "took 10 minutes to toss together" game like, honestly the majority of the games on the playstore. I may or may not have to admit that this game is really addicting and i was wrong about it. Good job devs, this game is fun

Coltin Reichlin

Addicting!! I can play for hours on end, Soo many different ways to maximize your level.

Randy Baden

Pretty fun I really love this game, especially with the lag fix. I really wish there were a way to remove the ads, though. I'd pay for this.

Antoine C

Just epic Amazing game, extremely addicting but there is room for improvement in the menu and the pause system during fights. Already accidentally doubletapped several times and brings alot of regret ;(

Brandon Riggs

Can't even play it I just get a black screen uninstalled then reinstalled and still got the same result

Sebastian Michaelis

It needs an endless mode. 30 battles is limiting, endless would add more fun for the fans. Otherwise, excellent time waster. Will rate 5 stars once an endless mode is added.

Daniel Drennan

Love it! Still!!!! And I still play....I have played this off and on for months now whenever I feel like some fun. Still trying to break the 25k level point but I am getting very close. Would love to see this expanded so much more. Great game.

sean costas

Great Been playing since the old days. Love the new updates. Hard mode is really nice. Would love and endless mode where you have like 100 BP from the start and tasked with getting as high a level a possible ( with 0% drop rate to prevent item farming of course ). Would be nice

James Dodge

Very fun This game has massive potential and is very enjoyable to play.

Andy Toth

Bug issue The game doesn't run so well anymore. The "highest level" button essentially breaks the game (unable to make any equipment changes because everything just disappears. This also causes menu buttons to not work at all.) and sometimes just using the equipment screen has the same effect. The bonus button also has moved to the top-center of the screen, unless that was deliberate.

Christoffer Johansson

Time spender. Really good to spend your time when you're waiting for something.

Jered Prewett

After years of having it It is still the only game that stays on my phone. Great for passing time, or even if you want to sit down and play an engaging game for a few hours.

daniel demolli

Great game Fixed lag issue but now can't change equipment. Fix for 5

Brian Swan

Great game! It seems simple and repetitive at first, but there is some real strategy to get to the later levels.

Slayer Blade

Great but very limited If an update could come out letting us use endless mode that would make me give it 5 Stars.

William Vickery

Updated review Game now runs great. It's back and better than ever. Thank you

Bob Dole

Fun concept Wish I could pay to get rid of ads

Dustin S

It's good Not a bad game. Wish I could sell back items, though.

Adam Ferris

Addicting Kinda annoying you have to continue by making new characters, but this is good!! Keep it up!

Liang Li

A surprisingly good game This is a surprisingly deep -- i might not call it strategy -- maybe more a puzzle game. You want to optimize your time spent. Get it!!!

febryan stefanus

Great!! Very addictive gameplay, and challenging :) add more updates pls ^^

paul dew

Unique Need more bosses and equipment. Would benifit from a crafting system and i would put down money to play.


Not bad. It grows on you... Please keep updating!

Jed Bruenn

Time Fun game if you have extra time.

Austin LeRoux

Awesome but... I would like is you guys could have a game mode that you can battle for as long as you want it would be nice... please

Alex Lopez

Good but now sucks. Great game but It deleted my character and I had to start over... Help me!

Alexander Turner

Addictive This great is great and you can spend hours playing it

Ryan Jasinski

Let's see Made me you know.

Kyle Mepham

Good game I like it all I can say needs endless mode

Logan Naley

Love it So far I have not found anything wrong with the game. Haven't found bugs. I do have a suggestion. "Secret chest" I may not gotten far in the game but I think a "secret chest" in each section would be something cool. Since you would have to find it moving around it could be a specific item of some sort or maybe just a random item. Just an idea.

Brandon Miller

Awesome Addictive game got all my friends and coworkers playin this now it is a must download if you need something to do to burn some time or just dont want to be bored

Jon Urban

Thank you! But... You finally increased drop rates! Plus a new area that I have yet to see and new items. One thing though, the exp gems are still hard to get, I've used the tricks And I still haven't got one exp gem found off of the eye boss or the snake boss. Although it is luck based so maybe I'm just really unlucky because I've farmed for probably a total of 4 hours for it. But besides that it's still a nice improvement seeing as how its been awhile since the last update. Five stars from me.


I have edited my review on this. It was previously 5 star but now due to some relentless internet pop-up the completely stops me from playing the game it has lowered to 4. The game is still a great and addictive time waster.

Austin Arroyo

Addiction 101 Most the time I don't play phone games for no longer than 30 minutes max. But this game is so much fun and incredibly addictive. Been playing for almost 2 hours and I still want to play.

Daniel Larsen

Fun Used to be actually really good. A phone update about 6 months ago made the game lag to be uplayable. Put it down for a while and tried it again today. Lag went away from some update but now ads pop up and minimize the game every few minutes. Ruins the experience. Would be 5 stars for me if the ads went away and you just paid for the game, and if you could play across multiple devices.

Peja Springer

The best This is the best game I have ever played on Google play. Only thing I want to change, I wish you could not restart if you didn't want to. Other than that... awesome

James Wrightson

Addictive and fun each time. Love the gameplay would recommend to anyone who appreciates Rpgs. Edit still neat. Edit two: love the rating system.

Jon U

Good concept It's fun it's fast paced. If you truly want to get anywhere in the game though you need a bit of luck and put in a lot of repetitive hours. If you like doing the same thing over and over again play it. It's alright.

Robert Sandwell

Decent Fun, but needs more explanation of how to get character levels and a faster way to assign level points. If I could just set preset ratios it would be quicker. Is there a way to transfer a save file to a new device? EDIT- Game used to be great, but now the ads block so much of the screen it's a lot more intrusive. Also since I can't move my save file I lose my desire to play when I change devices. Too bad. It was a really fun game.

Jair Whitlock

Strangely addictive Forget the formula of many battles to gain one level, this is one battle to gain many levels. Definitely an interesting take on level progression where levels reset between games but equipment remains allowing you to progress faster with subsequent runs. It's one of the few games that had stayed on my phone for years.


Pretty good but the ads got unbearable. Game is unique and slightly luck based but seemed pretty balanced. However, there is a constant ad covering the top making some buttons near impossible to hit. Was going fine and cleared the 5200 boss when like a switch had been flipped the game went ad crazy, pulling me out of game to send me to a website over and over. Not worth the hassle at this point.


Great concept Good game, but it needs a fair bit more introduction for first time players. Was on my third game (about thirty minutes) before I figured out how to read the map. EDIT: even after reviewing, it keeps spamming me asking to review it. This needs fixing. -1 star for this behavior.

Mike W

Wonderful Played many clickers and clicker hybrids and this is my fav so far. Not too slow, fast, hard, or easy. Good balance. Many clicker elements with no clicking, still relaxing fun, and more engaging than just tapping. Jolly good fun. Well done fellas!

Brazul Blint

I TAKE BACK MY PRAISE As much as i used to love this game, it is an advertisement MONSTER! The ads have killed this game! They cover up the menu button, and kick you out several times between battles! Rendering this game UNPLAYABLE! If you turn off all cell data, this game would be great! But who wants to deactivate their phone data for this? I just realised it even opens up ads during battles. Good job, you have successfully turned your great game into a phone DISEASE.

Jake Choi

Great app, can't stop playing Great game. I think there is even greater potential if you remove the battle points and make a version where you can just keep going (keep farming etc...)

Jeff Walsh

I was hesitant But it's actually deep, hang in until you beat the first boss.. Also scroll to the bottom on the acc list, good stuff!

Derrick Schelebo

A generous 4 The game is entertaining. The design is simple and effective. The item builds are fun and doesn't encourage you to spend your own money. It lacks the depth i want and a story. Eventually its all about chance and the entertainment falls off. Fun game for a week or two, then deleted.

David Gunter

Fun game overall, but has some performance issues. New 100k+ areas have WAY too much variance in enemy strength. Either have too waste 2/3rds of your battles on meager rewards, or risk deaths in the next area up.

Manuel Camara

Exelent game but... It arguably one of the most fun games in the app store, however when ever I try to look at the leader board the game crashes. Please help!

Peter Michael

Good fun A simple yet ingenious game, it's very fun!

Yukon Kol

Fun game but ruined by ads Fun game ruined by excessive popups. Makes me wonder if there's a yoho out there with them removed.

Nathaniel Gotchy

Pretty Fun It's fast paced and addicting. Anyone looking for a simple yet in depth RPG will find it here. Could use a No Ads option. I would definitely pay extra for one.

Nathan Jones

Great Replay Value I enjoy how you can have equipment carrying over into the next run-through, giving you the ability to go farther each time. The negative for this game is annoying ads. I've been redirected out of the app to random websites without my clicking anything, and of course the game always has some ad running. I'd give this game 5 stars if there was an option to purchase an ad-free version.

SeungHyun Leo Shin

Help me please!!~ Adminnn please My little brother unistall the game and everything i had desappear :'( i mean i dont have nothing (sry for bad english i speak well spanish)

Greg Cope

Amazingly fun game. Great update as well. This is a simple yet very addictive game. I have been telling all of my friends about how fun this is. Best free app I have ever played. Edit:Still playing. Love this game.

Knightmare Legends

Would be better I would like a way to increase the # of turns but great in every other way i give it ? ?

Vincent Killion

Extremely Addicting This game is very easy to get sucked into. I just recently started and I'm already making significant progress. Still have a long way to go. My one complaint is the lack of documentation of how anything works. There is a wikia, but it is very incomplete.

Drew French

I actually like it, but it wouldn't stop bugging me to rate it. Ask me a few times then stop please.

Richard Bodiford

Awesome This is by far the most addicting game I've ever downloaded off of the play store.

Aaron Rae

Great game Not that far in yet however I think there are a few gaps where some items need to fit. Would love to donate somewhere to remove ads. That is 5* for me. Ads have started more frequently after last update. If it keeps up it will lose a star.

Alvaro Girón Cruces

Great game! I play it everyday, only minor issue is that sliding black screen that's been added today, the real-time ranking is a huge plus

Sheldon Banker

4th time downloaded I download everytime i get a new phone and start over. I love this game.

Sean Campbell

Amazing game, But after this update its only playable if you disable all network access. The pop up ads and just ads in general are unbearable.

billy berger

Pretty fun Pretty fun, ads are not obtrusive and haven't seen any retarded micro transactions....seems for once it really is a free game


Super addictive game It's a must have if you like RPG type games

Chris H

VERY intrusive ads. VERY intrusive ads otherwise it's good. I think a mode with a randomized map would be good.

nick hamric

All I have to say is that this game is evil, in a good way. If you are the type of person that like to min/max a character then this is the game for you. It is simple and it is fun. Well done game.

Patrick Caldwell

Grinders Beware Simply brilliant. Why am I spending time doing this when I could be playing?

Gabe Becker

Addictive fun This game takes a simple premise and builds it into a great time killer. Highly recommended if you need something fun to pass the time.

Zim Hall

Simple but fun Not very complex but still fun and challenging to get really far. It says 100 levels in one battle but it is possible to level up 1000+ levels once advanced a little with the right equipment.

Steven Choromanski

You can only go so far Im trying to grind up drops from the bosses but havent been able to get any (from the 20k bosses to the crystals, not including the dragons). I understand i have terrible luck and they have a low drop rate but i feel something should have dropped already. The crystals are especially annoying. Ive had around 10 runs making it to them and have yet to get 1 drop from any crystal. Therefore without being able to get better items i cant progress and dont feel the need to continue playing.

James Chamberlain

One of the worst games I've played. The gameplay is stupid and nonsensical at best. I would not recommend this to my worst enemy.

Dustin Boyed

Great game Edit: thses darn ads keep opening a browser even when at the game menu. Cant play it anymore and I'd really like to not have to uninstall and lose all my game data. Pushes you to get better gear and make better runs everytime. Love playing it

Ethan Cashatt

Addictive! There is something so satisfying about battling leveling up battling...And this game nails that feeling.


Awesome... Except.... Definitely one of the most fun mobile games I've ever played. However, it's not a five because the game constantly randomly stops and loads the play store for a game that wasn't even in the ad. I'll be watching my character fight and then all of a sudden, the screen just turns to the play store of either Mobile Strike or iFunny. Honestly, it keeps me from fully enjoying the game.

Jordan Hidajat

There are few unclear explanation, for example how many percent critical rate/critical damage increased if we wear the ring or how much money acquired if our luck increase by certain amount, etc

Yassr Shaar

Brilliant concept Brilliant concept and brilliant game play, kills time like no other, so much fun

Robert Carr

Addicting..but wtf Very fun easy time waster...won't give me my bonus for review :-\ wtf is up with the ads covering half of my buttons now!

Liam Miller

Fun and addicting Love this game. Very hard to put it down! Progression can be frustrating until you figure out the best ways to make money and such (hint: there's a desert to the right. Go to 777.)

peppermint pie

I like the number 3 but it actually deserves a 4 You can run around in circles but I took one star off due to not having nyan cats and ridable unicorns and edible rainbows that shoot majikal poop

Robert Reed

Can't put it down Other than the app randomly resetting my Initial progress(only happened once) I completely enjoy the challenge and strategy of the game. Really forces you to learn and utilize every part of the map. Now twice, very upset with this. First time I had only played 10 times, but it just reset my progress again. Costing me all items and levels gained...developer please note my post and fix this problem.

Rafael Espina

I love It!! But.. I Love this game! It was fun but when my tablet was broken I Have to start all over again. Pls put save and reset acc

Aaron Sanders

Clever Excellent concept, implemented well. Balance is great - Fun enough to throw caution to the wind but in depth enough to spend hours on detailed strategy. Replay value galore. Picked it up again a little while ago and it's still great. I see some people are complaining about adds - there is an easy to close add that covers half the screen whenever you start a new game and a smaller banner bar above (not over) the top of the screen during play if your data is turned on. Seriously, its hardly anything.

cory thich

Great I love how mindless it is, as a college student I have to burn my brain for class. This game is a good way to relax and release the stress.

James Wrightson

Very well done Love the gameplay would recommend to anyone who appreciates Rpgs. Edit still neat. Edit two: love the rating system. Keeps on getting better. Edit, loving it still.

Amber Allen

Addictive, fun, and easy to pick up and put down. Dungeon crawling condensed to its most accessible form, with satisfying and simple game play.

Kouta Amon

It would've been better if We can save our level and didn't restart from lvl 1, don't you think it's boring repeating the same thing over and over again?

Jacob Carson

Just made top 10 on the global leaderboards.. Awesome game, should lower the difficulty though, less than 200 of your fans have seen hard mode, or know the pain of being stuck in the final room with 45 battle points remaining..


Pop-up ads. Love the game and concept but I'm being attacked by pop-up ads. It's relentless. Is there a fix?

Alexander Gardiner

Like I remember I first played this game like 2 years ago now. Back then I had quite a weak phone. Now I've got a Nexus 6p and it's beautiful. The game is quite fun and great for wasting time. Yep, I missed Android because of this game.

Zach Twaddell

Super Addictive Don't know what it is about this game but once you start playing it's hard to stop!

Joeri Dellafaille

Great & addictive, but... The randomness of fights can be realy frustrating: you win a fight + added your stats and you can still lose against the exact same monster thereafter. How many times this already happened i cant count on my 2hands anymore, not even defeated lv5000 yet. Money multipliers are a must (must be lucky since its random and that on the right area) to even progress even on a luc based character. Add a better allocation system for stat points, takes too much time. ie. Use numpad system

William Olive

Fun free time waster! Fun game to waste time. Don't need Internet access to play. Enjoy it a lot!

Erik Johnson

Awesome game I have played this game way too many hours. It's extremely fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! The latest update improved performance a bit, so enjoy an even smoother game.

darrin backman

Just amazing! This is simple just an amazing free game. Progression is smooth and farming for items from some bosses can suck but how fun would it be if you got all the items your first try. For those of you that complain about farming money, maybe try getting more luck. I finish every game with about 3-3.5 million. Also if your having trouble finding better gear check out the wiki. Has a ton a information including where to get every item. With that being said, if you like RPGs. You would be stupid not to try it out!

Greg Cope

Amazingly fun game. Great update as well. This is a simple yet very addictive game. I have been telling all of my friends about how fun this is. Best free app I have ever played. Edit:Still playing. Love this game. EDIT EDIT: LOVE THE UPDATES. KEEP THEM COMING PLEASE. EDIT EDIT EDIT: Over 2 years on a free fun phone game.

Shetani Mau

Ads take over These aren't ads anymore, they're viruses.


Love it but Love it before last update, I use Asus Zenfone 2 (4Gb Ram), before last update the games run great and smooth, but now the games a little bit lag at some maps, 5 star again if you can fix it

Jonathan L'Archevêque

Actually loving it... ! Adds are fast(pictures instead of videos) and rather rare. Adds banners are non intrusive. Game has some glitches, but is fun and fast. Uses some of the "addictive" approaches of a "pay to win" game... but there's actually no real "pay to win" involved here and the "goal" actually feels reachable. And... there's something about getting 4500 level up's in a single fight that just feels awesome ! :-D I played over 30 runs. Scored lev 189,000 in one of my latest runs. :-D

Brandon Saechao

Unique Mechanics Very addicting, with nice non-pay-to-play gameplay that progresses each run, from game to game. It can get repetitive, but I get a nostalgic sense from the game, with some nice OST in certain maps.

Rawkn Rawkn

Thank you! Equipment sets are working again. Thank you very much for the fast bug fix. I always look forward to your updates. Keep up the great work!

Knight Artorias

Awesome! What would be really cool is if there was a sandbox mode where you have no battle points and can fight as many enemies as you want. Just and idea though. :P

Tazano Hopkins

Great game. This game is pretty good. Can get a bit repetitive but definately a good time passer.

B Diggs

Good but really needs: 1. Pay option. Ads are quite intrusive and I'm sure many would rather pay. 2. Remove the ad that minimizes the app and opens the browser. That one is not OK. 3. Increase resolution options to fill the common larger displays.

herobrine yolo

AWESOME Is it just me or does anyone else think that there should be an endless mode so it's not capped at 30 battles?

Phaelanx Anomoly

Good game Easy to pick up. Hard to master. Great fix when you need to kill some time... and some bad guys lol!

Peter Reeves

VERY addictive. Can play for 10min or 2 hours. Only request would be an alert for when you change your equipment if that will end the game, if you have been using accessories to increase your BP. Great game.

Robert Buckner

Only one problem. I would still like a way to back it up to Google play store.

Jose Calderon

I really liked the game but it would be better if it didn't start over every 30 battles

Benji _

What kind of prank is this I always get stuck at level zone 17500 it seems like my damage gets nerfed to 1-10 along with the enemy(mostly snakes)

lefteris phasarias

Awesome game I dont know if i love or hate the drop rates of this game but let me tell you one thing, when something actually drops i get a mini heart attack and shout YES every single time. Still grinding the dragons in hard mode in order to progress, hate them! Also to people saying this game is simple try getting higher than 100k level, thats where the fun starts.

Haywire Dednicat

Great game No internet connection required, basic rpg grind, exaggerated experience points but limited to certain number of battles. These are great. RPG, it's all about numbers.

Ibby EL-Serafy

Love it but the ads are too much If i could pay to remove them i would but they're so annoying as they are right now!

Christopher Sean

It's supposed to teleport.. Has to check the wiki, but when you kill the 5200 boss, it's supposed to teleport to new zone.. but it doesn't. Just gets darker in color, like there's something wrong. Would be an okay time waster if progress wasn't stopped.

Dylan Rubey

Add removal Iove this game but i would love it more if i could remove the adds, and i would have no problem paying for it, either a premium game version without adds or an upgrade to this one to be able to remove it

Richard Marsden

Refreshingly different Might not be everyone's cup of tea, but definitely worth a try. Continually surprises with new levels of depth that are genuinely unique. Would happily pay for an ad-free version... still asks for a review though which is annoying.

josh lomans

Great game Ads at little over kill though

Ken Peterson

One of the best hands down Nothing else out there like this completely addicting awesomely fun. Can't wait for the next update.

Ben Humphrey

super addictive takes a bit to get one's head around, but then fun as BUTTS.

smol bean with a dream

Great game. This game is a great time consumer and I can't get enough of its grinding, fun system, and how it's so unique. The sense of working your way up to a higher level each time is so rewarding.

Ryan Sullivan

Not enough information Would like a better discrimination on how character level and over all level works towards in game bonuses

andrew wall

Awesome Deceptively incredible. Hours just go away.

Dub Stepper

Still love it Had this game for ages last 3-4 updates so about a year or so and I'm still hooked awsome game well structured once you get used to it

atreya hanna

Fun Good to waste time with

Harold Mills

Great game. Hard as hell

Ryan McBride

Good, but remove ads! 4 stars until there is an option to remove ads. I'll pay. I cannot stand ads in my games.

Matthew Clark

Fix ui so 5 stars again. Back to 5 stars since you fixed the ui. Thanks

Brent Ady

Fun time killer Took me a bit to figure it out but it has a nice progression to it.

Brian B

A fun time sink. Wish it had a tiny bit of story.

Cameron K

Great game Fun game, ads aren't intrusive and the game is addicting. Leveling characters is a bit confusing, no directions on that.

Roy Carr

Addicting Started playing it earlier today. Definitely can be a quick fix type game, but, cant seem to put down!

Carmen Russomannoo

After putting a ton more hours into this game I'ld like to revise my review. YES this game is worth your time!! It's rewarding and addictive! The whole fun of this game early on is earning just enough $ for that next piece of gear that might help you get just a bit farther in your next run! After you eventually get all the buyable goodies the game becomes more about micromanaging your gear and farming bosses for new gear. Stat management, equipment management, and LUCK. If these things interest you give this game a go. You won't regret it!!!


Arcade game based on classic rpgs Kind of an arcade twist on classic rpgs. Each play through takes about an hour and allows you to acquire better equipment for your next play through. So on my first couple of plays I maxed out at around 1000lvls, but on my most recent 5 or 6 I maxed out at around 7000. higher levels allow you to delve deeper into the game. Very simple gameplay but then it does take strategy to do well

trev OP

Cool, classic rpg feel. I really enjoy classic rpgs, these new action-rpgs aren't for me. On the hole, Inflation is a good rpg, could do with a few more features, and maybe some form of customization. An add free version would be great, I'd definitely pay for one. However, if ad's bother you, just turn your wifi connection off.

Matthew Schenk

Needs more Love the game but it honestly needs more to it. Drop rates are way too low. There needs to be more items too that drop even if it's minor to give you the feel your doing something. Once you hit the end stages even on hard the hard core grinding is horrible cause nothing drops so you feel like you accomplish nothing. There should also be other modes and more characters maybe a build your own character and design to get the stats and look that you're looking for.


Addicting and fun Theres a lot to do with a limited amount of battles. This has high replay value if you want to get farther. Hope to see more zones soon. Reccomend an english wiki. Also would be awesome if we can have higher item drop rates. Still fun a year later.

Will Butler

Probably the best truly free game available This is basically the one free phone game I always come back too. I've sunk hours of gameplay into this game and it's always fun and rewarding. Not to mention they do update the game semi-regularly. It's also completely free with no micro transactions.

Nicholas Herrald

Good game but needs better instructions. I am enjoying the game but have no Idea what the prestige perks are, how they are earned consistently, and how they benefit... I am clearly missing why I can only get one of the 16 characters beyond "0lvl" and for that matter why their perks weren't shown until after I got the one character or "1lvl"... very confusing.

Andrew777doom Gamer

It's amazing but it needs... It needs more things to make memories and excitement. Like when special enemies come add some particle effects to them maybe? Or when there's x 7 bonus make the words have a golden Sparkle effect. I don't know

Keenan Simonds

Bugged ads Every single time I finish a game and go to start again, I get an ad (which is fine). However, this ad refuses to close, has no timer, and forces me to close the game and restart it every time I want to play again... Not to mention its the exact same ad over and over. Please fix this bug soon!

CM Rivera

So hard to get items I play alot over 200+ times played but still cant get hero gem and four gods items. Cant finish hard mode if cant get lock item. In youtube they have good items in reality cant even get hero gem and war gem

angela green

Fun an one hand game I enjoy the 30 chances rule. Instead of running around getting lost,it all about strategy in finding the way to make the most money the can affectly. Good fun

Maxim Ternovskiy

Very simple, very interesting But sometimes tired then you upgrade your stats after each battle, especially if you want make the same stats, ex: 500 points and you increase each stat on 100, add this button, please! (:

Sanity Drop

Love it, but it can be better. I'm not completely understanding how the different characters actually matter and I have a difficult time maneuvering the maps to get to the next stage. Maybe a map would do well, maybe put a map in the menu while you're in the game to tell where the routes are. There should also be a selection in the main menu where you can change your equipment slots before you get into the actual game. I sometimes quit early when I screw up on an efficient run, and my equipment that I spent time to change, wouldn't save.

Eric Patterson

Great way to kill a few minutes I play this between waiting on timers a lot, like for dinner. It gives me something fun to do. Sometimes it can get frustrating as you want to get the money faster, but you will discover it is funner to try to get there. It is a challenge and you will enjoy it.

Tech Jay

AWESOME!!! Like the game lots of fun really addicting considering you don't do much but a few thjng might need proper explenation (unless you need to get to a certain level) for example: character abilities and character levels... apparently can be transfered to the next round but I haven't seen that happen yet :P otherwise a hella good game

linas bendikas

Its great this game is time comsuming. I highly sugest playing this game if you have time tu burn and it has autosaving so if ur in a rush you can just close the app and return whenever you like.

Zayde Kettlety

Games good The defence skill needs to be looked at. I have 280% def gear and more points then anything in def yet I still get hit for ridiculous amounts. Everything else is balanced well expect defence.

Anthony Falk

Amazing game The game starts you out very boring, no lie. You can't really go places in that game when you start. As you start to buy equipment you then begin to move to stronger areas and even begin to crush anything in your way including bosses. The only problem are banner ads on the top and bottom of the screen but you can just turn on airplane mode before you start the game to get rid of them.

Joshua Fieldstad

Great game but the ads... Love the game but it has a nasty "feature" where it will open chrome and tell you that your phone is infected... I assume that this is an ad and not code in the game but still very annoying. If it were not for the weird chrome redirect randomly I would give it five stars!

Nick Anastasiadis

Will I get my life back? This thing lives inside all RPG at a subatomic level. No time for anything else!!!

Wyatt brown

Addictively unique A great game just playing it over won't always improve your odds you have to think a little outside the box to progress, (contine reading for a small tip). After you have progressed and found yourself stuck money short invest in luck and grab yourself and insane pick up that will give you the edge. Great game I should get back to work..

Chris Lim

Addicting! Def worth a go. Simple and addictive. It is repetitive thou. Doesnt bother u in the beginnin but later on it does get too taxin


Terrible Unbalanced It's fun for a good hour then you hit the same wall for about 40 runs afterwards with very very little to no progress

Deven Bilous

It's ok Decent game. Too bad it wasn't more easy to get cash

Evaldas Bilotas

Interesting game. Lots of items, so there is possibility to progress, although it's hard to understand how to make a significant progress. Kinda lots of grinding.

Hector D. Rodriguez

Challenging, but fun. There is a lot of difficulty in the game, but the more you play and spend your money wisely, the easier it'll become to take on each boss. It's a great time waster.

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