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18 Jun
Infectonator Hot Chase

Posted by Armor Games in Casual | June 18, 2015 | 121 Comments

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Finally, the chase that we have all been waiting to die for!
Run all over the world with your favorite zombies chasing a hot chick!
Be the zombie that falls in love with our lovely news reporter.

From the #1 Hit Zombie flash game, Infectonator, here comes the side sequel of the game.
In this game, players will be able to control a horde of zombies going through all obstacles with utmost haste for the love of their (undead) life.

Key Features:
- Upgrade your zombie's speed, health, and many more!
- Unlock new zombies with their own unique powers!
- Collect mutation power ups and boosts and transform into powerful zombies!
- Collect coins just because you want to! and also to buy upgrades...
- Be surprised by the awesome pixel graphics that are served to you!
- Run all over the world and get that Hot Chick!

Grab your mobile device and start the zombie chase! AND INFECT THE WORLD!!!

Don’t forget to give us a nice feedback...

Armor Games part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 18, 2015. Google play rating is 82.24. Current verison is 1.3.7. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download infectonator-hot-chase.apk 17.0 MB


Gordan Vrbanec

Fun but buggy. I liked the Infectonator game and finished it. So of course i had to check out another same themed game. It's fun addicting with tons of upgrades but a lot of glitches. Some game breaking. It lags a lot which shouldn't happen for a game with pixelated graphics, and freezes every now and then for a second after which you loose all your zombies and some speed. I'm not sure that Nyan or Gangam zombies work as intended. I'm not seeing double coins or people magnet at work. Nevertheless, amazingly fun to play.

Michael Quetant

Uumm awesome but... Its not a thing its funny how the hell im glitch back to the start redoing the game one more thing any app that glitch don't install it. Plus it takes up 44% space far as that 4 stars . Weres the graphics? The infectionator is kinda better sure

Dave M

Hot Chase indeed! Not as fun as the first two games, but a funny touch to the series.

Howard Demarco

Infectonator Hot Chase Fun, BUT: in 5th "lap," mutations frequently vanish 1 second after appearing, and there are too many cars (which just happen to wipe out zombie hordes). Fun idea flawed by bugs.

Arr-kun Laksono

If it not glitching, this would be a great game Experiencing a glitch, when zombie hordes suddenly disappeared. Hope will fixed soon in the next update. Other than that it's amazing game.

Alex Lim Siu King

Never fails to give fun Loved the series thought I was going to get disappointed when they changed Mechanics. But it's perfect!

Midel Santos

alyways good .....Always.... ???⛄??☁⛄⛄? look Like Zombie Tsunami But It's Good Game After all I have all of the Infectonator game

Robert Banks

Needs A LOT of work I've had the game for a little over 2 days. Instantly, it felt like a combination between Jetpack Joyride and Zombie Tsunami, but I tried to look at this game as its own. I won't pretend to know what type of programming this game has, but I can say that it is not working. I've upgraded virtually every category past lvl 12 and have not seen a significant difference in the game. It's virtually impossible to get anywhere past the first "police tunnel" as you lose any and all momentum as you approach the barricade. I don't know if it's because there are less people or because people give less speed or what. I just know that you progress unbelievably slowly and, considering where I am in the game, it takes WAYYYY too much gold to actually get a game going. You can boost your speed, stamina, and health as high as you want, but the game keeps you at a consistent 12-15mph. Without boosts and mutations you're screwed. Once you get to the tunnel, you're screwed. In essence, this game relates to a 4ft tall kid trying to get his hat back from a 6ft tall bully. You can't get it no matter what you do.

Kyle lipford

Wonderful Gotta love good ol armor games and to get. Another smash hit of great game play and wonderful development. And no ads or coin offers being one of the brightest features.

Charles Osberg

Some major flaws Gangnam zombie does not attract coins properly. When you are moving faster than 14mph the coin magnet doesn't work. The coins follow you for a little then the magnet stops working. Also coins are ridiculously overpriced. To get enough coins to buy an expensive upgrade costs at least $5. Also this game is way too short. Add more upgrades and characters please. I beat this game in 2 weeks.


For a free game it's great, not as good as previous titles from Toge but still fun. I also experienced the disappearing zombie glitch described by other users--annoying but adds to the challenge/frustration.

Kevin Kim

So many bugs... I would give 5 stars if my time and effort werent wasted due to stupid bugs. Firstly, i bought gangnam style and nyancat in hopes for double coins as well as the magnet effects on both. I go on my run, and i find that neither work. I felt a waste of time, but i kept playing. I finally saved up money for the alien, which was hard because i had no double coins. I then find that the 50%+hp is only 50% of the starting hp of 100, so the alien only had 50 hp more rather than 50% more. Please fix this ffs.

Josh Demyanovich

Good but not without flaws It's a great game, nice old school graphics and a great soundtrack, the game play is a little repetitive but it's rewarding through upgrades and new characters with different abilities. On the downside, the translation is pretty bad, although not the worst I've ever seen. The reason for 3 stars is this game repeatedly badgers me to rate it, even after I have already rated it! And I keep pressing "Don't Ask me again" but it doesn't matter, it keeps asking me to rate it. Very annoying.


I like this game but, the glitch is annoying The glitch is that the zombie hordes just disappear when you are running, it mainly happens when my phone freezes for half a second and only to realize that all my zombies are please fix this bug

Bryson Sullivan

Fun but flawed I love the game I see no use of the spiter or the alien character because sure their spit adds to the horde but doesn't heal or speed my character up and swag is supposed the give health+ but when you get hit by bullet or debris or car you lose the power up other than that that game is awesome good job

Vasiliy Deych

Fun at times, needs work Medley of Infectionator and Jetpack Joyride. I love both, but this doesn't capture the great parts of either. Upgrades are mostly subtle and lack in feedback, movement is too fast, allies are a cool idea but bug causes them to disappear, collisions seem almost unavoidable and frustrating... needs more control.

Dylan Ogden

They finally found that pesky reporter! I love it! It's certainly an interesting take on the whole "press/click to go up" type game, as it's more side to side rather than up. The upgrades certainly are plentiful as well though at time it feels like they don't truly do much. It has a few glitches as well at times you will get a quick flash of a black screen and your zombie will have lost his horde and you will be in a seemingly different place. It does usually put a damper in your run too. Overall though a great game. Especially for the price.

kenny jessee

Pretty good This game is alot of fun and has a good amount of upgrades but im running into glitches where the screen goes black. And I lose my horde also I dont think the gangnam zombie coin doubler works. Would be 5 star once the glitches are fixed edit I dont think any of the character bonuses are working except for the percentage ones and the coin magnet works but is very subtle

pablo ramos

Good The game is fun, but the alien character's puke is a big problem. It kills people but doesn't heals you with those kills. It makes a big issue cause you can't controll it, sometimes it doesn't lets you eat!!!

Aaron Carter

Very glitch Would be better if the screen didnt go black and kill my horde. I don't even know how you can release a game this broken. It glitches almost every run.

Hunter Deas

Jetpack joyride + zombies I love this game I got it like 3 days ago and I've already got all my mutants upgraded, almost all skills fully upgraded, and 4 of the characters. I love how this game makes it easy to get coins yet not too easy that you beat the game instantly. The only problems I have with the game is that coins may be a bit too easy to get (then again I'm using gangam zombie and have max pickpocket) and the game moves so fast it hurts my eyes.

Dominic B. Alosozana

Fun game but kinda glitchy Of course all games are fun but still bugging me on the glitch one thing I don't understand why on earth this zombie risk his *undead* life just to get her *the girl* ??? ┐(´д`)┌

Eko Putra Arif Budiman

Addictive awesomeness Yeah sounds exaggerate, but it is really good. Simple repetitive gameplay. But with all the urge to upgrades your zombies each time you play. It can make you hold sit n play for hours ! :D well done !

Mike L

Game breaking bugs Could be an awesome game. Unfortunately there are a lot of bugs. Ex: extreme loss of speed or completely stopping randomly.

Soul Grey

Soul Games very addicting but kills my battery... oh and btw the chick in the heli isn't a chick after all :D so apparently my zombie is gay xD

Troi Valles

It's great, except... I've come to love this game. It's a great time waster. The one thing I wish it did have? When you buy upgrades for the power ups you can get (The Swag, The Charmer, etc.), it would be nice if those powers were upgraded in the characters that have them installed in them. For example, it would be very helpful if the Nyan Cat could attract coins the same way a level five Swag could. Without the upgrades, the character's powers are unnoticable.

Rinoa Sylviez

A quick mini fun addictive game Good for passing time, is easy to navigate and great upgrade. I ran over the fifth gate , is it the end?

Jason Perez

Would get higher but it KEEPS ASKING ME TO RATE IT. The game is four star quality. But the annoying "Rate me!" Every few minutes is not cool...

Allen Millington

Was fun to start. Was fun to start and seemed like a well built game. Unfortunately, the 2nd level is too dark. Toward the end of the game is just a bunch of grinding. I got all but health upgrades full and am working on maxing out the health. It takes forever, but is required to get far.

Mathew Charles Eng

Highly Addictive The game is highly addictive, simple, and offers a solid relay value with multiple upgrades. In game transactions are optional, and not vital to gameplay. The game is enjoyable enough, that I didn't mind paying $2 to remove the unobtrusive, and infrequent advertisements.

Albert Marshall

Looks fun but.. Crashed before I could even start boooo the first one is way less laggy and doesn't even lag fix this or ur downlpads will go down thank you

Jackie K

So Addictive! Oh my gosh, I LOVE this game! It's so simple, and it's fun. Reward system smooth and attainable. Great time waster...I have a hard time putting it down...I keep thinking "ok, just ONE more run!" Recommend!

Hilman Faiz

bugs, bugs everywhere there are other users complaining about nyan cannot attract people, no double coin using gangnam, upgrade stat doesn't change everything

Burt Remington

Brain Munching Limb Tearing Fun!! Its uber fun and pretty addictive, perfect game to play on the train ride home if you ask me.

stuart islikeaboss!

Fix it!!!! There's a lot of bad things about this game I don't know why it laggs so much sometimes the background goes black seriously it goes completely black but you character is still there running on nothing and I don't know why but when you have a large group with you the game stops for almost a split second and then your whole group disappears and there's more bad things about... you know what do not play this game at all until further notice!! Until its fixed!!

Tomer Blushinsky

Fun I like the infectonator series, and this one is a nice twist on it, solid game design, I'm a little worried what will happen when I buy all upgrades though.

Simona Draghici

Minor complaints The game has an odd glitch. It freezez for a second and then i lose mu horde even with no cars/cops around

Anakin Amparo578

Styles There are like 2 diffrent pepole per country(per gender too) i you should add more looks on people and the music is great too

Chris C

Changelog? Will rate higher when dev starts posting change log. Fun game though

Adityo Ari Saputro

Bikin nagih!! I finished play infectonator and continue to play this chase game. Still addictive as b4. Cant wait to play the other infectonator title.... Pls bring infectonator survivor to android.

Вася Пупкин

good game try, it's fun:-)

Nick Demchenko

So good :) Ty for a free game!

Matt Kellner

Update killed progress Yup, just like a bunch of other folks here, lost all my progress when the game updated. Seems everyone is doing that these days. Sigh. Uninstalled.

Christina Koons

So what did the update do? Other then erasing all my progress what did the update do? I was almost maxed out and no I'm playing with the update and see no difference.

Brad Pavlacka

Won't Grant Achievement Won't give me the Twitter achievement. Twitter account uses the same email as Google Play account, so that's not the issue.

Matt Seahacks

Great game After you upgrade a couple of times it gets better

Trent Mitcham

It was fun till it erased all my data Yeah i went from having a ton of stuff unlocked now i am back to 0

Stefano Felix

can be better run at higher speed cause eye fatigue, very uncomfortable. and always crash when i got 10000m

Ricardo Frances

Game reset its data Why did the game reset itself just as I was going to max out the stats? I will never know. Uninstall and forget.

Salvador Madera Jr.

Great game But it freezes everytime i get to the fifth barricade

Douche Bagel

Sigh... Was expecting a company to know their stuff if you made these games but guess your better on the computer where your data is actually saved and not reset. I mean I understand your human but come on

Bill Clinton

Game data was lost This was great for a month or two. After 1 week has passed since I last played it, all my energy, money, and effort is wasted, because game data was erased out of nowhere. I wonder why these type of things happen.

Tony Cathey

Game data erased Loved it and then the data was erased. Sucks

Philip walduck

My game got reset I completed every thing and when I installed the update it all got reset what the heck

Jason Newberry

Update The most recent update reset the game for me now I have to start new. what the heck?

Nathan Michalski

Awesome Really fun game!

Dominik Strobel

Fun game with one major flaw Infectionator hot chase is a lot of fun. I played it for three days and had most of the upgrades. But now that I had to install the update, after which the game requires adobe air, I lost all my progress. So now I'm at 0 again and really don't feel like investing that much time again

Racheline Davison

After I had to download adobe, it made me start over. I was having a ton of fun with the game...made a lot of progress. Then, I was prompted to download Adobe Air before I could play further. I downloaded it. Now, all my progress is lost. Thank God I hadn't spent real money on the game. Still irritating though to know I wasted hours on this game for it to just reset me anyway.

lewis Hayes

The New Update Don't update because to run the game after the update, you have to download Adobe air to work it, so I'm going to delete it now.

Cris Landefeld

Recent update cleared save game Title says it all. Between that and the random crashes, stay away.

Matt Korth

Adobe AIR...? Sorry, no. Uninstalling, this time for good. Seriously, what part of the app requires it? Previous versions worked just fine without.

Noah Crank

I love it until the update came out than I had to get adobe air when I did that I learned that it deleted my memory

Classy Wolf

Save data lost Developers should stop copying and pasting code from the Internet and actually learn to code themselves , you can't just make everyone lose save data like this.

steven winkler

It really is an entertaining time-killer... until you realize that you lose all progress if you close the game. Which is pretty disheartening, to say the least.

alessandro sinclair

Great game Pretty good game, fun, great for pasting time my only thing is that the beginning stars slow but upgrade and you will get far. Litter tip (save up some money so you can by a better character it helps!!!)

C Davis

Fun, but... As fun as this game is, for me (and quite a few others it seems) it crashes the moment you get the Destroyer achievement by crossing into Area/Zone/Stage 6. The game instantly freezes, save for the music, and becomes totally unresponsive. Got it three times in a row just now, and it's a bit of a mood-killer since I can't progress past that point. Hope it gets fixed soon.

A Loulaa

Great game, but the update... The update served no purpose but to delete my hours spent having fun. This game is fun, but I unfortunately have no interest in spending time to reach the same place I was earlier. Sadly, uninstalled.

Ronnie Macoubrie

Alright Later games speeds makes damage inevitable, mutations disappear too easily because turned off by the damage, items/obstacles come too quick so it's luck to grab/dodge. Bomber upgrade useless.

Sylar Burns

Good Good graphics good game... Difficulty at the... 5/6 level is a little too hard for me tho... Haha

Ryan Rubbish

Game is very fun but... Every single time I get to the fifth barricade, the game freezes completely, then eventually crashes so that run doesn't count. It keeps track of the fifth barricade achievement, but all your gold and your score for that run disappears. If it didn't crash, I'd give it a 4/5. Also, some mutations and characters are pretty useless, but that's cool, they can't all be awesome or that would be pointless. Good effort, just needs more work.

maxwell takii

Bad things but cool Love it nothing to lose but money in the game sadly can't get pass lv5 i don't lkie it

RickCorn FishCake

Amazing Endless Runnner But Just 1 Problem It's An Awesome Endless Runner But Always When I Exit The Game And Continue Tomorow, It Sets Back A Few Runs And I Have To Re-Upgrade My Recently Upgraded Stats. Other Than That,10/10.

Jacob Slack

It's a fun time waster, but there is a weird glitch that keeps happening. I'm running down the street and suddenly the screen flashes to black and suddenly my horde is gone and my speed has dropped. It usually happens during the snow stage. Fix it for a four start rating

Ian Sapp

It's a decent game, but... Everytime I break through the fifth barrier, the game completely crashes.

Brenda Watson

Save lost with update What is the point of us having Dave data if you are just going to delete it? This was fun until I lost my progress. Don't even bother with this.

Chris Armontrout

Good game So you know it's not like a normal infectonator game, plays more like helicopter or jetpack joyride. Even so it's a cool take on the genre, and it still has the art, upgrades, and general feel of the other games. Plus they brought back the random facts, really missed those in their other game for the phone ha.

Mic M

Addictive! Tricky at first, but once you power up a bit (doesn't take long!) it starts to get really fun. I recommend unlocking Gangnam Zombie early, he earns lots of cash!

Dawn Simmons

Incredible game I don't know where to begin. I've invested quite a bit if time into this game. It's not pay to win game, and you never feel like you have to purchase gold. This is what an app should be.

Travis Wilson

Armor Games decided to clone Jetpack Joyride for their second Infectionator game. I uninstalled within 5 minutes of playing because I wanted a follow-up to Infectionator. It simply didn't hold my interest, and it wasn't as fun as its inspiration.


Too many bugs and poor design choices This game has the most bugs of any android game I've played. Sometimes the screen goes black for no reason. Sometimes you lose your pack of zombies for no reason. Sometimes. It says your going 500mph and you get. Nothing on the screen. And finally when you tell it not to ask you to rate the game again it does it over and over until you do...hope it was worth it armor games...1star.

Catherine Manno

Freezes at end of chase. When I get to the end of a chase it goes to the score screen and freezes. Didn't the first few weeks but does now.

Kris G

Froze I got the achievement Destroyer and immediately the game froze. I changed to a different app and came back and now there's nothing but a black screen. Armor Games, I was a Brute and still running when this occurred. This is AFTER all of my data deleted when you made me install Adobe Air. Wtf?

James Johnson

Fun enough game but tired of starting over. The game was fun but I can only start over so many times. Some sort of cloud sync would have helped I'm sure.

Aiden Pryor

Amazing Having loved the game before this I love this one as well... Few glitches here and there but nothing too drastic really looking forward to the next game.

Genesis Villiagracia

Do not update I really knew that many folks here lost there progress because of the updaje pls do not update so my progress won't lost

Illuminati Gaming HD

Wow Its so cool but it would be better if the game was updating every week

Melissa Deamer

Awesome A little difficult at first but very addictive!!!!definitely will download if you make another

Mary-Ann Raven

Good game but it keeps freezing and reseting my current run when I get to the 5th checkpoint thingie

Charlie Loushin

I thought this was going to be a game were you play levels like the last game but... no you just chase this stupid girl. No checkpoints, no saves, no levels, I'm really disappointed you could of made it better

Master Yamcha

Pretty fun Different from the ordinary infectanator but in having a lot of fun with it anyway thanks guys

Andre Zavaleta

Can't complain. I like that it doesn't take too long to get the upgrades and money.

Krishna Ignatius

WTF, My money,My zombies,My upgrades,all gone.gone.should have never presses the update button. :'( And FYI: I earned my money through hours of playing.Deleted.

Aidan Jun Yen Maye

It fun but it Wont let me tap the screen to go down

Amanda Hosp

I loved this game and was almost maxed out. I updated and lost all of it. Gone. Deleting :(

ミュウ Mew

Its ok but.... After i got the destroyer achievement the game just freeze

Jeramie Lim

Fun endless runner! It's cute and gives a new twist to an otherwise overused concept. Still, it's a must try!

Shabba Ranks

Fun Good progression and fun, nice look and sound effects. Where is Michael? Updated and not lost my save. I would like to be able to zoom out a bit.

Jaron Condran

apperntally this game only goes to 10 000, every time I get to the last barrier it freezes and I have to restart the app, fun game, wish there were more upgrades and customisable characters ! more mutation options maybe, brute and bolt rock ! puker and boomer are not great. great few games so far toge

Stacy Vicknair

Good game, but stop asking me to rate you. Good game but the implementation for "Don't ask again" is faulty for their "rate our game" nagging. Good way to get poorer reviews. UPDATE: I rated the game and it still is bothering me. Fail.

Gordianus The Finder

Like their other game, Infectinator, this is a fun little game that is easy to play and can be played for a few minutes at a time or longer depending on how much time you have. My only annoyance, which is small, is trying to figure out how to get the second wind which recharges your stamina since your score is based on how far you run among other things. I usually find myself dying...If a zombie can die...because of running out of stamina even though I've focused on upgrading that statistic. Still, a game I'd recommend to others who want something simple and fun to play.

Jennifer Hampton

Fun Good time-passing game. I haven't had any data loss issues so far and I have closed the app several times now, so I guess the problem everyone seems to be complaining about has been fixed.

Josh Reeves

Decent Runner Pretty decent little run game, there's only one level and you mutate by picking up canisters that turn you into other zombies (only 2 of three is actually desirable). It's fun running and leveling up getting better and better, but it needs something to mix it up though. That said, great free game, and I usually don't like runners.

matthew zerbe

Stuck I like the game but every time I break level 5 into level 6 the game always crashes as I get the destroyer achievement so it never gets recorded and that run never counts. Happened twice it sucks. But a great time killer of an app.

Derrick Rifkin

Great game, but for some reason Google Play doesn't register every achievement as you get them in-game. Any way to fix this devs? Tweetmania is bugged for me as are the infecting achievements.

Jose Vargas

Grew up playing 5/5 Always played this online before it was an app. You guys done a great job. Challenges are the best on here easy to pass and upgrade keeps you wanting to always come back. Really hoping this saga continues. Love to see it as it's own known game. Graphics and gameplay amazing. No problem likely crashes or freezing.

pixelated lolcat

Great time waster Amazing game great time waster

F Joseph Colaricci

Pretty Good Game, Needs Some Improvement Game is fun to play and has gotten questions from friends watching me play. However twice now when I got just past the fifth barrier the game freezes, making me lose my coins and achievements obtained in the run. Also it would be nice to buy or otherwise give preferences to each mutation. I'm not much of a "Swag" or "Puker" fan myself.

Chad Post

Being fair, this is a free game and it IS entertaining. Having no way to restore progress after migrating phones, though, means that every upgrade means grinding through again. I'm not into it; there are plenty of games out there and I prefer not to have to grind through the levels again.


Just another running game This isn't as good as it's original root game. It's basically a running game and from what I read, your lover zombie never reaches her. I leveled up almost everything and it only got boring. Would be better if there was an ending. Or bonus features.

Łukasz Krakowiak

Good game, lacking balance Infectonator: Hot Chase is very entertaining and is decent game of the run'n'upgrade genre, but there's one big issue with it: balance of the mutations (collectible boosts). Some of them like Brute or Bolt are very powerful, even without upgrades, while others are almost useless. Worst part is that in later stages many of them die after one shot, which makes collectibles (which sometimes require significant health sacrifices) meaningless.

Anthony Hemmings

Locked Once I get passed the 10,000 m point, and onto the next level, everything freezes up. Great game but this constantly happens, and I can't proceed past this point

Amongst The Unknown

Good so far.. Maybe it's just me but I noticed some of the zombies look like the ones from left 4 dead. Like bloated zombie and the spitter

Jubran Jaber

FREEZES AT 10,000 M I love a good game where in order to advance further you have to upgrade. I upgraded everything to max except the health which i got to 40/100. But when i got to the 10,000 M it freezes and crashes! Would've been great if the ending is when u max out everything in order to reach the end which should've been the helicopter followed by a cut scene where the zombies destroy it then resets and becomes harder like infectionator which is how i would've done it if i was a game designer. But instead, it freezes.

Andrew Ong

Nice game. But.. fifth barrier. Im uninstalling the game. No point no response over few months It cause hang and stop cant get achievement or the coin. Already did twice and ut just stop there. Please fix this fast. And i see alot of comments and complains but no action taken. Even b4 i start to play

Josh Vernon

4 out of 5 barriers Love the game but every time I brake though the last barrier it freezes up and I don't get the coins, chests, or credit for it. Besides that love the game

Lobstrus The Malificent

Fun but unfinished Game isnt finished it requires touching up for sure, also it crashes everytime you break the fifth barrier/roadblock

Pawel Ujazdowski

Just a small problem After leaving the game through the exit feature and coming back the mutation's upgrades are restored to the previous level.


Addicted but... As mentioned before, when I pass 5th barrier, freezes...and that is frustrating ? other than that... AMAZING fun

Really good but... I keep losing my save data so it's pointless in keeping this game. Sorry!

Nephi Kessinger

Controls don't work at all Looked like it'd be fun but when it tells ya to hold and drag to run you do so and it does nothing. Not even a hint that it did something. Needs fixing badly.

April Magri

Fun and addictive Well made with cute retro graphics. However, the achievements are a bit glitchy. They don't activate on the Google play app. Please fix this.

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