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26 Jan

Posted by Armor Games in Casual | Jan. 26, 2015 | 108 Comments

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Tired of killing zombies? How about turning people into zombies instead!
"Best Game of the Year 2012" - Armor Games
"Carnage Was Never So Cute" - JayisGames
"Guaranteed to bring mayhem fun" - Indigo Entertainment
"This Game is Epic" - AstralX7
"Infectonator is made more robust" - IGN
"Great Pixel Art Graphics" - AppAdvice

Infectonator is infecting mobile devices! From the popular Flash game hit, The Infectonator series is now mobile. New characters, awesome pixel-art graphics, and more! Best of all, it still has the same addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonator gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World once again from the palm of your hands!

Whats new

    - Fixing Nexus bug

Armor Games part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Jan. 26, 2015. Google play rating is 87.9783. Current verison is 1.5.5. Actual size 22.0 MB.

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Michael Ingraldi

Game is great. options... not so much Gameplay is fun and faithful to the original. However, it really bugs me that I can't turn the sound off. Every time I reopen it, the volume is back up. Needs a sound/music toggle to turn sound off permanently, across session states like most other games.

Kevin Watts

Favorite game I loved playing this game on the computer and it is just as fun on the phone. Not laggy at all ever and really doesn't drain the battery that bad at all.

Erick Scott

Great If you like having your mindless zombies kill innocent people then this is a game for you. The challenges are sometimes pretty challenging and you may find yourself yelling at your zombies to eat brains faster like I do. You don't need to purchase anything to play this game and you can play it again on a harder difficulty once you dominate the world. Kill Santa Claus, Justin Bieber, Ronald McDonald, and more...though they are named a bit differently for legal purposes :D.

Maureen Dumaual

Love games because bossses wene victory Love games play that war so zombie install zombie virus is good this hd Love

Black Dragon

Good game It's a fun game. Nice art style, awesome soundtrack. Worth playing.

Lucas Lee

Best of Armor Games! this morning, I was finding a game to play in play store as I find most of my games getting boring. then I found this! I recognized that I had played this game on the computer long time ago, when there is not even a smartphone! I really want to thank Armor Games to publish this game on play store, or I won't ever find a great game!

Charlie Schlabach

Love Blown away by the amount of fun this game is. I have killed my fully charged battery 2 times a day since I've downloaded.

Chase Caterpi

Great Game, Bit Challenging This is one of the best games I have ever played. I put a-lot of hours into this game. It's only flaws are it being too challenging on some levals ( I think I remember New York being one), and that there is too small of a selection of zombies. Most zombies you get throughout the game are too weak to use. I found myself only using the normal zombies, the collectioner, and Kim Jong Ill. The last level is really chalenging and took me three hours to beat. Overall great game with minor flaws. It's worth it.

Patrick Davis

Insert witty zombie joke here. A simple time waster and hilarious options for additional zombie types. So far, I haven't had to spend a dime but I would be willing to buy something like this for additional features. Outstanding idea and execution especially in an age where Zombies are already so over done.

Scott Malensek

Loved the pc version and this is better since you get more characters. Just one thing the cost for through wals and people is ridiculously high compared to the pc version

Blake Hostetter

It I'd cool I love the zombie Jackson, and how it plays thriller... Even though the no zombies left countdown should be lower for endless mode

Pradipa P. Rasidi

Definitely not bad Enjoyable game with fair amount of grinding for the completionist. Great deal variations on the map, nice use of pixel art without being boring. Gameplay-wise, my only complaint is goddamn those huge achievement banners and cancel button, often block my view during fast-paced Taste-wise... uh, let's say this game would be much better without those random memes. It doesn't seem to have much value considering it's not funny when spouted randomly with no context.

Rendy Doroii

Simple yet challenging! Loved it so much. I laugh so hard when found Jakarta as one of the city and read the description. And laughing more hard when read the 1 star preview here because a moron dont get that joke. Love the gameplay, achievement, but hate the achievement banner. Can't you just make it smaller? And sometimes I get a glitch where some text pop up at lower left screen when I put a support item near there. Fixed it on your next update, please.

Phillip Thomas

Extremely addictive This is the first app I've bothered to write a review for, and only because it's fantastic. Reminiscent of a tower defense, this is fairly a fairly simple but immensely compelling bit of fun for any casual gamer, starts off a bit slow but once you upgrade your zeds a bit things really take off. So far as I can tell, the in app purchases are unnecessary for any gamer who enjoys grinding, and I've already killed several hours with this entertaining little app. 8/8

Shannon Delos Santos

Make A mode with infinte zombies and placable people so you can expiriment!!!!

Seth Shippee

Best game I've ever downloaded I'm always looking for fun games with interesting skills, equipment and troops. This game delivers. Quite fun, fast paced game play. All sorts of different zombie troops, lots of unlocks. The only complaint I'd have was that I had trouble on the first few rounds but it got easier quick. My favorite thing is how the zombies dance on the level up screen. Had me laughing like crazy.

Zane Marshall

Awesome, addicting casual game! I love Infectonator! I'm more of a "hardcore" gamer, but I try to give casual games a shot, and trying this one out really paid off! Great replay value, awesome rewards, appropriate challenges and difficulty levels, and not to mention you don't at all need to spend money!

David Rummel

Perfecto One of my all times favorite 15/10 kongregate games. I adore this game so much. Such a fun and great zombie domination game. Plus it has some super hilarious moments too. This gem is a must have and must try out. There is 0 things you have to pay for. Literally nothing. For some of the more epic things, you just beat the story and start anew on a harder mode. It's a pretty long game too. Love this so much.

justin thomas

So much fun This game is fun. Do wish I could have another zombie in my load out but still tons of fun

Ernests Silins

Amazing Game This game is very fun and very addictive my battery nearly ran out for a day cause me playing this game all day.

Nolan Harris

Great Great game but two changed things and I'd give it five. For one somehow make the first levels on endless easier. I find higher levels easier than then first ones. And next make it so after u lose endless infection make a restart button so u don't have to go through the main screen again.

Bruno Chagas

One of my favorite! It's fun, addicting, well designed, looks really fine...

Cory Dessauer

Would be 5 stars if the sound settings carried It turns back up the sound on me everytime I launch the game

Chris Butler

Great game perfect pick up and play with rewarding progression and just the right amount of strategy

Brett Tetrault

Was very fun and was looking foward to a new game + when I finished, but all my stats were reset and I uninstalled the game as I lost complete interest in it.

Johan Prihadi Lenggono

You making fun of my Country Indonesia ? There is description on Jakarta on this game that states if Jakarta is famous of its traffic jam and annual flooding ?Wth are you talking about ?Can't you give a better description to Indonesia ?Very dissapointing

Dave B

Great game, if your not winning in the campaign just keep building up your cash in the endless wave mode too keep upgrading in campaign mode. Very fun and addicting

Bryen Graver

Brains! What a great game. Super fun concept; everybody has always wanted to be on the side of the zombies. I especially like the way you can level up and grow. Very well structured, you're never stuck in one place as the ability to be better and better is never lacking. I also really enjoy the modes of play, and especially that the coins all fund your world campaign and are not separate. Super fun game!

Albert Marshall

Loved it but one small prob. My sound on the game will not come on o cheked the volume on the game and on my settings and they were all the way up pl fix for 6 stars?;)

Franzjoven Los Baños

BEST GAME EVER!!!! This game is so awesome, no lag, no crash, and no ads, well done ;)

Tempest Resonatia

Needs to ve longer and have more zombie types It was fun...while it lasted beat the game first day

Jaden Harrod

Excellent on the pc and Excellent on my mobile but.. Everything that good old inffector fun but I would so love to be able to play that midevil version with the villages and undead hero's with bios much more fun

Ivan Buenaventura

It doesn't get old BUT Its like you'll never stop playing it but you really need to put a cloud save option

Ian Nastajus

Simple game well done The gamification was done well. Made me want to get coins, and buy upgrades strategically. Beat the game once in 200+ rounds. Rounds go fast 10-30-50 seconds. Levelling up creatures only goes to level 3 which i liked, and had different metrics that went up to differing levels, which were balanced to me.

Gregory Whatley

Great fun Enjoyed playing it. Only fault is its endless popups that ruin som of the fun.

Matthew Lopez

Great time killer I love this game, great little game to play in your free time. A challenge, yet not to hard to make you get frustrated. Great over all

Adam Paul Smith

Its a nice game but.. I can't buy any products, it keeps saying loading products and products not loaded!!

Kiesean Degree

The game is ok but There's no zombie SFX at all. Where r the zombie SFX

Jared Smiley

Excellent Casual Mobile Game ? This is an excellent mobile phone game. Nothing overly complicated. No complex controls. Acquiring upgrades didn't take very long and it isn't a daunting task. It also isn't a heavy drain on the battery? unlike most mobile games. It's just the right mix of ease and fun that makes this a prefect game for a casual mobile gamer! ?

Justin Brooks

Awesome It's a decent game. I feel as if you can't infect enough people with the initial strain you are given. The canister bomb is most effective. Also the upgrades are very expensive and take a lot of time to get considering the amount of gold you get for each mission. But still a awesome game. Zombies rule period

Eric Webb

Finally on the phone! This used to be my favorite flash game and i'm so glad they finally adapted it to the phone so well. It has a kind of slow start but quickly becomes non-stop fun once you get a few extra zombies. It's also not that bad on battery consumption.

Jesse Skinner

Love this game Great time sink, and it doesn't feel like you wasted your time. A great combination of strategy, and random chance.

Daniel Elsner

Solid all around Good graphics, well developed play and replay value, sfx that don't send me racing for the mute, cute lil in-jokes, and all with a relatively small footprint. The sexualization of the news broadcaster is a bit creepy, especially in the context of a zombpocalypse, but the zombie one is pretty good. "No brains remained to be eaten." Kinda makes you wonder what the catch is tho. Maybe they harvest phone data for some zombie overmind or something...

izaha karn

*FAP FAP FAP* WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, do some of the people say that??? Well its totally hilarious, but still whyyyyyyy??? But besides from that, very fun and pretty addicting game. Also a girl character was saying that, y u so confusing game???

RJ Murillo

Fun but too buggy Sometimes the game just brings me back to the home menu. It is also very glitchy in general.

Justin Kawamura

Fun Game The game was outstanding on pc and it's outstanding on mobile! The game is a good strategy and good way to pass time.

jennifer abadilla

Infectonator 2 Where's the infectonator 2? I thought it will be coming soon yr 2012, plsss release it I like this game. I will rate it 5 stars thanks


Still awesome after all these years ! Played a lot of this game back in the days on Kongregate really cool to see it free on Play Store...A must !!!

Diori Cergy

Really Fun This game is 140% fun! I can't stop playing and finished the world domination in a single run over 3 hours. And proudly made in Indonesia.

Jeff Bryant

SO Fun!!! A great little time-killer for waiting in long lines. You may actually find yourself putting in real time and effort! All without being tempted/harassed into iaps!

Joshua Brandl

A little retro.. but awesomely addictive I'm a fan... it's a good game, however I wish some of the items could be unlocked earlier... what's the point in beating the game 6 times to get a weapon

Adrian Castro

Finally on the phone The game is great runs smoothly and all but I just have one complaint, I can't see all of the news reporters outfits I have them all unlocked but I can't see a few can you guys fix it plz I really wanna see the Pokemon outfit

John Birchfield

Best zombie game Remember this one from the old pc flash version. So glad they brought back Michael Jackson. Great constant plyability. No coin or gem restrictions to limit gameplay. Just wish it was longer.

First Last

Like the flash version More of a grind than the flash, maxing on some things are crazy high, but this isn't bad because the devs found a balance that free players can still enjoy and finish while still encourage coin purchases. News reporter gets a bit pervy ...... that's awkward but doesn't cross the line. Ok it does, I can't have my 13 year old play and end up asking me what a dominatrix is. Still 5 oh 5

Jacky Fong

This is awesome bro everyone should download it and play it. Lol it started to spread the infection on my country... okay... now, the game might look boring like an arcade game but once you play it, holy moly it is very awesome! Trust me, everyone else rated 5 stars.

the sinkingboats

Super fun This game starts slow but can speed up as you start progressing you need to dominate all the world with your virus it becomes super addicting i have played this game for a long time now and it's still much fun to play i recommend you download this game because it is definitly worth it.

Nick Heit

DELETED MY UPGRADES I log on to play this game which I love but then I check my upgrades and all of my stats have reset to zero. I'm not happy at all especially since I've spent many hours trying to build my stats. I would rate better If my data wasn't reset.

Jolissa Brown

Mindless fun A good time waster as you root for the zombie hordes. Best game to sit and enjoy playing with, or to release some frustration

Tristan Conard

Awesome This game is very entertaining. Other than touchscreen lag (which is probably just my tablet), I really like this game.

Simon Bishop

Superstitious game Marvellously skilling, extraordinary game play, lovely graphics, terrific map knowledge

Phil B

Reset upgrades Reset all my upgrades and support with only 2 levels to complete for second time. Not wasting any more time playing if this is what happens. Uninstalling!

Katie Embleton

What do I do It's a nice game blood thirsty in fact .But it doesn't tell me to what I have to do plus you can only tap one thing once .Plus my grenade dosent even work .

James Latif

Love it I played this for 3 hours and I am absolutely addicted. The only thing that could make this game my favorite zombie game is more features. It's very hard, so far, to do much to the cities/towns

Nektarios Chondropoulos

Glitch Good game over all. It can get a bit tedious to unlock everything. 2 stars because it kept my game but erased my entire build up.

Marvin Mclean-Anderson

Zombie Game is good but I was let down when I tried purchasing in game currency. Google said it failed but it took money out of my account. I'm unimpressed.

Jimmy Boxley

Good game This is the sort of mindless waste of time that I can really get behind.

Charlie Loushin

This really really needs a sandbox mode like we're you can spawn infinite soldier's infinite zombies, terrain like box building's statues, basically were you unlock everything in sandbox etc, plz add all of that and this will be the best zombie game ever... well in my opinion

Halo Bender

Game is fun. Drop down achievements are seriously ruining it for me, though. Please make a way to disable them. One or two? Fine. Six in a row when I'm trying to upgrade and they're non stop covering the upgrade tab? Makes me want to uninstall.

Ethan Metcalf

My search is over!!! I loved playing this on the computer and ever since my computer broke I have been looking for this game on mobile and here it is! But then I got my progress erased, please fix to get 5 stars

Allen Sugarman

AWSOME This is the best game ever I hate killing zombies but I love to turn people in to zombies and then they destroy the city love it :D

Matthew Ruess

Issues I had all zombies and my life span stats and several other s were fully upgraded and I loved back on i have all the zombies but my stats are all erased fix this and I'll give 5 stars

Graham Florida

Just a beautiful way to kill time and conquer the world A fun and adorable little game about considering the world with zombies, between the two tiered world conqueror and the endless infection mode, alongside an amazing slew of upgrades, there's more than enough content to distract you from day-to-day life.


I absolutely love it! This game is awesome! It's super fun, especially when you're bored. I'm addicted.

Luke Ritter

A brilliant game One word for you guys awesome game I love it because well instead of shooting your like they're god a zombie god thats what I like most about this freaking awsome game good job guys well done.

Roman Moser

Best zombie game This game is so fun and I can't stop playing it. This really is the best zombie game I have ever played

karl sandow

Great Edit* i just opened my game and had all my stats erased. Awesome. Ive put alot of time into this one game and now its all gone. Please fix. This is a great game. But having to beat the same game over and over for other perks seems redundant. There should be a variant where u have to clear the zombies from every city systematically. Using same ideas in perks, I.e. pack of police, chuck norris,

John Smith

Infectonator Probably the best free to play game youre going to find! I loved playing the pc version years ago and was very pleased to find this app. It has been updated and expanded with many more levels and items. Only one minor problem that i could find is occasionally get booted off out of the blue, but trust me it wont bother you enough to stop playing. Totally worth it!

vincent tong

Hard The hard part is when there solider it hurt alot I think it cost 100 health but I still love it.

last link

glitch damn the game is so fun but the glitch i cant even see the buttons anymore... but i love the game so keep it up and its fixed ill rate 5

Greg Cohen

Dumb Zombies die waaaay to fast for you to even do anything, doesn't give you enough coins to upgrade, game was fun at first but after 5 mins of playing I'm uninstalling.

Brandon Romano

Lol harder mode is a scam I spent a few dollars at the begining to get a start and i just beat it and i want to do harder mode and it wants me to reset everything i did. Lol what a waste of $. Nice scam, wish i never wasted the $

Jonathan Zacarias

Loved It This is the first game I found where you can be on the zombies side. Perfect ?. One Request though. Can you please make an update. I am getting bored of it. No hard feelings.

spencer artiles

More types of zombies plz I've played this game for a long time and there's nothing new.I like it but it needs new zombies

Unknown Unaware

Good f2p game. Excelent time burner. Easy to learn to play. Only annoying bit is collecting coins... that awekward moment when you have to decide, collect that coin or drop another trap? And then the moment is over and you miss both. :P

Frozen Fire

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring Loved the game then it just got repetitive hard mode = harder mode = harder mode = harder mode = harder mode no ending still the same difficult with the harder mode bluagh

Michelle Walsh

Fun to play, but.... I really enjoy the game. It's retro cool, addictive, and lots of fun. My big issue is that I Iost ALL of my upgrades just randomly one day. That's a lot of time invested to get my guys leveled up and now they're back to lvl 1!! And I'm hesitant now to do it all again, because what if I lose the upgrades a second time?

Elijah N

Oh. Man.. Where do I begin? I love how the game mechanics work.. And the characters. I mean, It was so great, and I really love little 8-bit games like that, I hope you consider making more games like these, and probably not zombie themed, and surely understand how wonderful I enjoyed your game. I thought I was wasting time, really I was enjoying time. :D 10/10

Batsy Blackheart

Could be better I like the game, but I tried to like the pages on Facebook, and follow on twitter, and it only worked with one. Fix that and I'll like it more, because if its there on the game, it should work. Also the game crashed randomly until I uninstalled the Google okay games app. That might not be connected though. Still, fix the follow and like things and I'll be happy

Jared Smiley

Excellent Casual Mobile Game ? This is an excellent mobile phone game. Nothing overly complicated. No complex controls. Acquiring upgrades didn't take very long and it isn't a daunting task. It also isn't a heavy drain on the battery? unlike most mobile games. It's just the right mix of ease and fun that makes this a prefect game for a casual mobile gamer! ?


Best game ever! I played this game on the internet several times to past the time, but it's finally there when you need it. This is a game you will love almost instantly. Best part is in-app purchases aren't necessary to get far in it ( well unless you're lazy). This game really deserves a 10/5 rating.

Jacob Cosper

Good game just one issue I really like this game. Played it on Armorgames like crazy. My only problem is that occasionally while playing, the game just seems to stop and send me to my home screen. I have a galaxy s 3. If that was fixed it would be 5 star

Aaron Reed

Fun, quick play, no need for in game purchases. This game starts simple, and gathers difficulty quickly to present a good challenge to the player. The upgrades to your weapons/zombies make sense and don't require a massive time/money sink.

kim h

I loved playing this game online, so I am excited to be able to have it on my phone. My biggest problem is that I have gotten close to purchasing all that upgrades for the zombies and will put the game down, but when I come back all my upgrades are gone. This has happened twice.

Jerry Gonzalez

Super fun I'm having way more fun than I thought I was going to. Takes a little bit to start collecting enough coins to get new zombies but once you do, it's a massacre lol. Download it right away, you won't be disappointed.

Alison DeSaavedra

I Used to Play This On the PC I remember playing this in Flash on the PC years ago. There are a lot more elements now, but it's the same, good ole' fun. I get a bit bored after 15 minutes, so I probably only play it once a day, but it has no major flaws.

Scott Peterson

Great game but... I loved the browser version and the mobile port is just as good but I have a problem with settings. Every time I start the game, I have to kill the music and sound. I've played enough that I don't need either. Also, sometimes the screen doesn't respond to touch while playing. After a mission, I have to sleep my device and wake it again to get touch back.

Octopus Ink

Yay Go Chain Reaction Start the infection and watch it spread. Action takes place in short bursts, perfect for killing time when you could be interrupted by something. Large number of levels with lots of upgrades to keep things interesting. Over all, a pretty good game.

Jed Horski

Classic Used to play this all the time at school and its a great game. BUT you NEEED to get rid of that ridiculously slow notification box that pops up everytime i complete an objective. It is beyond annoying to have to wait for it every time I do anything. Give me the option to turn it off and its an easy 5 star game

Adam Huisman

Fix a few annoyances and it's perfect The game plays exactly like it does in the old flash game which is great. It's a fun game. The popups for finishing objectives take forever to scroll down and then back up off the screen. If they just showed up and disappeared would be nice when you finish multiple objectives. Also the transition screen is not centered on the Nexus 6.

Jeremy Murphy

Good time waster,no IAP needed. I don't know how many hours total I spent with this free little time waster but they were well spent. After beating the world domination mode I don't feel encouraged enough to continue unlocking stuff but I enjoyed the time it to took me to infect the world. Good progression and no IAP needed to beat it.

Aidan Dozier

Very fun but one problem. The game is very fun and a good time killer. There is just one problem. That problem is that when they describe the zombies one says: it collects coins for you if your to lazy to move your fingers. That is my problem. And of course I do not have the exact words.

Maggot Corporation

Never gets old, it's fun in every way. I have no bad rating for this game! Everything I need is here, I don't have to pay anything just to play. I uninstall this after unlocking every zombie then play it again every couple of months. Keep it up!!!

Tristan O'Kroley

Why does this happen?!? Its a good game but why does it let u miss the serum in endless mode?!?!??!?! Like I tap on the person and the serum misses.WTF IS THAT!Fix this and I will r8 5 *s.and also make a dinosaur version of this plz,it would be fun sending out carnivores to eat the herbivores!

Brandon Weber

Always loved infectonator... but The app keeps randomly closing. Every couple of minutes it will close and I'll lose about half the progress I made. It's not a huge issue but it's extremely annoying

JadeCryst Aixden

Best Game On Android Phone! I like its mulyiplayer and can play with other players all around the world and its so addicted and so funny as being a clumsy costume.

Brandon Morrison

Love this game Armor games never fail me wonderful game, great time killer and doesnt get boring ever to me. Only issue is the people dialog is squares with xs in them unless i knew how to fix that be good

Chris Webster

Nostalgia but not perfect I love this game and loved it back when I played it online. I hate that it does not remember my music/sfx volume choice (I turn sound off) so I can't play it at work/etc for fear of the noise being disruptive. Would love to see that fixed.

Armand Growl

me gusta! You guys seriously doing a great job. Can't stop laughing while played on Jakarta and Denpasar maps. I imagine you guys having fun while designing this game. 4 stars, I left the room for another improvement. Make some RPGs maybe?! Kalian luar biasa btw :)

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