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2 Mar

Posted by Apps4Life, LLC in Arcade | March 2, 2015 | 77 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

You may really want to consider downloading this game...

It's kind of the must frustrating thing ever.

Seriously, we are not responsible for any cracked devices if you through your device at a wall our of frustration.

inchy— the tree climbing inch worm. You have One Goal and One Goal only, to climb the tree branches as high as you can without missing! Tap to grab a branch, and climb on!

The highest we could get was 14 and we made the game?! Good luck, because you will need it!

Apps4Life, LLC part of our Arcade and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update March 2, 2015. Google play rating is 61.3882. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 22.0 MB.

Download inchy.apk 22.0 MB

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justin solorio

Ads The ads are the reason I gave this a one. It would've been a 4 or a 5 star game. But the ads just pop up in the middle of the game. No wonder you couldn't make it past 14.

Kayla Smith

No Its fun game but too much ads and u have to buy to remove ads wat if r parents don't want to buy to remove the ads u just want money because the game is free if the first of all no games shouldn't pay for ads

Summer Casteel

The Ads... I would give it 5 stars but the ads! What's up with those, guys? The ads need to be taken away! Who is with me!?

David Wachter

Too many ads I don't mind ads... but every 2 rounds???? And.... they pop up when ever they feel like it. I start playing and here comes an ad. Like I said... I don't mind ads, but not when they interfere with the game. Might change my rating if this gets fixed.

Mary Myers

:( Never download this game . It has SO MUCH ADS !!! An ad will appear in the middle of a game ! It's honestly a good game itself , but the ads ruin EVERYTHING. There is so many ads , there isn't any more room to enjoy the game ! This game's purpose is to sell you a game and other things that I don't care about . Uninstall. LESS ADS AND I'LL GIVE IT 5 STARS !!!????????

Jasper harrison-bayes

ADS the ads are so annoying! Your half way through a run and bam! An ad pops up as your about to tap. You hit it and it takes you to a different app and doesn't save. STUPID. Other than the ads it's good but GOD THE ADS

Amanda Olson

Inchy The game is great, and I love it. It's addicting and everything, but please fix the ads. The ads ruin the game. I can't even play the game because the ads disrupt the game and you loose the game.

Amy Louise Basnett

This is poop Where ever you clicked it would miss and you have to pay 77p to remove ads this game just the ants money and it is so annoying you can't even win this game shouldn't even exist in the world I\5 should deserve a one un download it straight away

Trinity Esparza

Why adds Super awesome game its addictive but so many adds I mean usually I'm not picky they have to make money but it seems like they do it to bug you but other wise super fun game FIX THE ADDS ALL REVIEWS SAY SAME THING FIX IT

Madeline Kastelic

Uggghhh It would be five stars from me if you didn't have a add every second. I was almost to 21 and then an add blocked the screen and I missed. Also the video adds are there every 2 plays... ???

Eli Ransom

It's a great game I don't get any ads and why u people so mad it's A GAME CALM DOWN U AREN'T GOING TO WIN ANYTHING

Belle Degood

To many ads Omg there is is so many ads it's not even funny, if there was not so many ads I would rate it a 5 star. After every turn you take, there's an ad, not happy. Seriously SO MANY AD'S!!!!!!!

Evelyn Martinez

Adds! I would rate this app 5 stars because it is super fun and addicting but the adds are killing me, I know you guys let us pay to get rid of the adds so u can get money, but nobody is going to pay for that they are just going to delete the game, so please fix this add problem or I will become one of those people

Kaleena Benjamin

But i Love it 5 stars is what i want to put up for a rate but there's to may stupid ads that i DONT CARE ABOUT... Stop with all the ads and then 5 stars would be more appropriate for this game...

Lara Williams

Annoyning Ads The game OK, But why does there have to be as between the moment you have another life??? Is a pain tbh everyone of the reviews complain about the ads! Unless you're willing to pay 77p to get rid of them( I wouldnt ) I do not recommend this app for you

allayah edwards

The adds..???? I love this game, but it's just these stupid adds!! I don't mind adds, but adds on this app pop up while you r in the middle of playing. it gets on my last nerves, I almost beat my high score until a STUPID add pop up.

Chris Skipper

I honestly didn't think the ads could be THAT bad.....SERIOUSLY?!? A VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT WHILE PLAYING???? A 30 SECOND VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT WHILE PLAYING?!?! As a computer programmer I know this game requires little to no programming knowledge and these ads are overcompensating

Brittaney-Lee Nichole Anzevino

Seriously with all the ads?! I can't even play one game without an ad popping up right when it starts. I will rate 5 stars when the ads are removed. I'm not paying for it either.

Os Moore

Why so many ads ? This is an okay game. It passes time and its a great game for little kids to play. My high is 18.

Scott Klein

THE ADDS!!!! I would give it 5 stars if it werent for the adds. I dont mind like one or two adds here and there, but every 3 rounds there's and add.

Amber Ingle

You can't win and the adds!! Every time u tap the screen its mouth always goes past the branch the game is crap and I wouldn't say to download it also the adds pop up after each round

Lauren Keeney

Not even 1 star worthy Hate the game. Pure and simple. The same ad is always poping up in the middle of me playing causing me to lose. Makes me super mad. This is the first app I haven't given five stars to in my opinion worst game on the market I don't recemend this app to ANYONE. Its not worth installing it just to get mad at it ?.

christina herbert

Ads.....really? Wow.....I downloaded despite the reviews about how bad the ads were just because I thought "it can't be THAT bad"......Its that bad :( I was through one round after downloading it and *ad*, second try, therd try, *ad*, started the fourth round and BAM another ad!???......omg and you can't even say no!!! The ads open, take the full screen without warning! Not cool Installed and decided to uninstall in less than 5miniutes :(

Megan Tamayo

Ads I can barely play the game without an ad popping up! Instead of having fun I am getting annoyed by these ads. Takes this game from a 5 to a 1. That's how bad it is. WAY too many ads.

Lairisa Johnson

To many ads... Way to many ads needs to be fixed when it is then I this k it deserved a five please fix it they pop up to much

Annika Arnold

Love it,but I love this game it is very addicting,my high score is 7, but there are way to many adds. But I would say if you like addicting games to get it

Megan Wilson

Awoesome This game is amazing I got 6 in score I'm suprised also there are NO ads people say they were ads so I was gonna pay to get them tooken of but when it successfully installed there were no ads and I played for 1 hour straight it's addicting though yet amazing?????????????????????☺????? and for that 5. Golden stars Liars Liars this game is not at all hard just I score 12

Jillian G.

TOO MANT STUPID ADS!!! Its not even playing the game its watching ads... Wait i have an idea.. Maybe if u turb off ur wi-fi it ads wont pop up..

Peggy Howard

Inchy: so i see you got pass 4 ay? Now get to 10 I got to 10 nothing higher im workin on it doe so rhis game is kinda good bur any this is fun (easy for me intell i get to ten or thwm really short branch (they look like logs) mess me up when im trying to get 19 for new inchy) if you get ten you get pink or its nine you get pink inchy so this game is the hardest i ever experienced.

Ashlynn Williamson

Adds The game is great, but the adds are HORRIBLE!! When you are doing the game, they will just pop up on you whenever they want. After all, a pretty good game.

Marisol Csstaneda - Magana

Well..... its a bummer Ads are a bummer. This game is WAY to simple and more graphics. Also it takes to long to load from when you die to restart the game again. Just putting it out there my friends told me to download this game (some said not to bc of the ads) so I did as soon as I open this game a ad pop up like really I will be uninstalling this game until these things are added and taken way then I will download this game and give it a 5 stars until then hoping to give it 5 stars

Kristy Grunewald

TOO MANY ADS! I like the game. It's fun. But there are way too many ads. You can start playing and then an ad pops up and screws you up. It's annoying!

Rosie Punzo

ADS!!!! I would give it 5 stars but i cant even play the game without an ad popping up every round theres an ad it would be better if you guys removed them so we can actually enjoy the game

Giselle Schneider

What's with the ads What's up with ads like even if your like literally about to grab the branch an ad pops out like out of no where and then I end up missing the branch or I grab it at the last second but that's really hard so if you would like me to give a better review just remove some ads that's all all I ask of you is for you to remove some ads thanks

Alison Chrystian

I would give it 5 stars, but there are WAY to many ads, and after a while it just gets to annoying to keep playing. I understand that's how they make money, but they need to tone it down.

April Thompson

I give 5 star because is really fun and addicting I know everyone is saying oh adds adds adds it doesn't madder its still really fun plz download

Erick Lopez

Too many ads Game Would Be Even Better WITH out THE Ads, Way TOO Many Ads Makes Me WANT To STOP Playing THE Game It's REALly Annoying

Vivian Gomez

Ads!?!?!?!? Every round I start playing an ad just pops up in the middle of it and I miss the branch because of it. As soon as these ads don't pop up when ever they want I'll give it a higher rating.

Sarah Alvarez

Does anybody need help? If anybody needs help about the ads..... here it is.... DO NOT EVER TELL ANYBODY WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN HERE NOW.... the way to remove the ads (without paying) is...... TURN YOUR PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE!!! It automatically removes the ads!! Your welcome. Now remember, NOBODY!!!

Kaylee L.

Good Good game but only thing bad is that you can only get a certain amount of characters you should be able to earn coins and buy new characters

Serenity Brown

The Ads SUCK Its a great, fun and addictive game but after a while you just want to throw your phone because of all the ads if there were no ads i would have given it a five but if you remove the ads the game will be great!

Tye Marbury

It gets boring and its unfair The game starts you off easy with 2 fat branches but gets harder, I didn't even know how to play and they started me off with that crap its not fair because after 2 hours of playing it got boring and annoying there should be a easy and hard mode rather than jumping right into a game where you barley have no clue about playing and the adds make it lag where when you tap it doesn't pick up

Bloss Harvey

Ahh ads Way way to many ads cant even play the game because they keep popping up dont like

Syafira Vyandra

It's a good frustating game I scored 12! But the ads are annoying would apreciate it if you remove the ads

Diego Fuentes

Too much ads!!!!? Its a fun and adictive game but too many ads show up in the middle of the game and make it difficult. I will change the rate if ads are taken away.?

Nathan Paxton

To many adds Every time you die there is about 2 adds even in the middle of the game an add will pop up. Ads may not annoy you now but after you play this game they will

Amanda McCarty

Fix for 5 stars It would get 5 stars, but too many ads. I don't mind when there are a lot of ads, but this game has an ad every two games. I.could even tolerate that if they weren't always videos. If you have an ad every two game, please just make it a pop up one, and a video like whey 10 games or something because it is really easy to die, and I spend more time watching a video that playing the game.

Lauren Keeney

Not even 1 star worthy Hate the game. Pure and simple. The same ad is always poping up in the middle of me playing causing me to lose. Makes me super mad. This is the first app I haven't given five stars to in my opinion worst game on the market I don't recemend this app to ANYONE. Its not worth installing it just to get mad at it ?.

Grace Gregory

??? I like the game but those adds pop up during the game. And. NO I'M NOT GOING TO PAY TO REMOVE ADDS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED IN THE FIRST PLACE... by the way I only put five stars so the company will see it.

Izzudin Azhan

Ok I would give it 5 stars if the ads weren't there. It's also frustrating when there's a tiny branchc and you miss by just a millimetre. At least I scored 17 one time. Also they should make like a shop where you unlock different caterpillars and different backgrounds. Just saying

Jacxenie Espinal

Disrespectful to players The game itself is very entertaining but as soon as you play it, ads constantly pop out over and over again. It is one thing for the ads to come out after you lose, but it is very rude for an ad to come out while you are playing. This game is downright disrespectful, making the player pay money to remove the ads instead of the makers cutting down the amount of ads themselves.

Jenny Ocansey

Seriously...? Way too many ads. They keep stopping me in the middle of the game. By the way, it's not as hard as they say: I almost got to 8 when an ad stopped the game. And no offence but the idea of the game is a bit... really? It's a worm/caterpillar biting on a branch thing.

Casper Rosenlöf

Ads ruin the game. Uninstalling. It seems like a fun game but you sre just trying to take every single pe ny you can from it by putting ads in the middle of a game and after every game. Will give it more stars when add are fixed! Uninstalling for now. Maybe reinstalling if there will be less ads...

Lillian Grace

Ads... I really do like the game. It may get on my nerves but its quite fun. Only problem I have with the app is the Ads! Every time I die it's an ad! It just gets very frustrating! ?

Jacob Waters

Horrible Stop with all the adds!After every game it makes you watch an add! You spend more time watching adds about other games then you spend playing this game. So unless your looking for a game to help you find other games, i would not recommend installing this crap.

Annie May

I like it but.. My worm doesn't change colors anymore and the sticks are repetitive. When I first downloaded it the worms changed colors every time and there was a variety of sticks in different places. Later on that Night my worm got stuck white and it's the same stick pattern over and over.

WEn Dy

Frustrating The game itself is great. But then little by little you start getting all these ads and it began to get out of control. Ads were coming up between the game and would make me lose.. Very VERY annoying.. had to delete... Game itself was good though.

Brianna Rosales

Too many ads It gets to the point where It Interferes with the game. At some points, for me, It takes only one round to get an ad. At some points it pops up barely and at others it pops up frequently. Otherwise, this game is fun and addicting. But I think the ads are just too much.

Kara Hansen

OH MY HECK THE ADS I absolutely love this game. But when your in the middle of a run BAM!! Theres a dumb ad you tap on. Then when you get back you totally mess up. PLEASE STOP THIS! Cant the banner Ads be enough?

Sandy King

? its great Ok at first I had a lot of ads and now I don't when u get the happy or expensive inchy it doesn't video ads I have noticed but its fun my high score is 16 what's yours

Niaomi Foronda

Too many ads There are way to many ads. In. Tge middle of your game it will stop and go to an ad and mess your game up. You don't even get to play the game because almost every five seconds there is a stupid ad.

kerra hinrichs

ads pop up during game? This game is a fun and to e passing game. It is your basic minigame. There is a HUGE problem though. 3 out of 5 times I play an ad will pop up in the middle of my game. It completely ruins the game and if they fix this I will rate higher. But it is seriously annoying

Gina Sikora

THE ADS ARE UNBEARABLE The ads are insane! They even pop up in the middle of the game and I miss the branch. It's no joke every other game there is an ad. No wonder you can't get past 4 branches

Jerry Sloan

More adds than any game iv'e ever played! I don't mind ads, but this game is rediculous! The ads pop up while your playing and makes the game unplayable. No other game does this! Get a clue and fix it.

Mackenzie Brueggemeier

Ads Why would there be ads on something!!! It makes no sense. I hate things that have ads. Ads are poop to me. I mean like how likes ads. I hope I made you not to get this it is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK the ad remove is a dollar I mean like who wants to spend 1 buck on a stupid ad. It makes me so so so mad...... and plus this is a stupid game. If you like it not to be mean but you are blue. I mean blue in you are weird. I am so sorry that I guess I was a little harsh but it was not good.

joy johnson

Stop with the ads I like the game but i would probably like it if every time i tried to play the ads would stop popping up. Its making me not even want to play the stupid game. It is very fustrating. I really feel like deleting it right now.

Ava Hickey

... This game doesn't even seem possible and it seems like its made just to aggrivate the crap out of you. I literally just tapped the screen and the worm went PAST the branch?! Idk if I'm playing wrong or what but so far....I didn't like it.

Olivia Trowbridge

Ads The ads are an issue. This game would be pretty fun, slightly addicting, slightly challenging and it's a game that when you are playing you want to keep going. But due to the fact that the ads pop up so often and even in the middle of the game it's difficult to want to play this game or even to enjoy it.

Heather B

I like it but.... Its a good game but the adds stop me from playing the game. And with some of the adds it kicks me off of the game! PLEASE GET RID OF THE ADS if you do would get a MUCH better rating

Mary Myers

:( Never download this game . It has SO MUCH ADS !!! An ad will appear in the middle of a game ! It's honestly a good game itself , but the ads ruin EVERYTHING. There is so many ads , there isn't any more room to enjoy the game ! This game's purpose is to sell you a game and other things that I don't care about . Uninstall. LESS ADS AND I'LL GIVE IT 5 STARS !!!????????

Charmaine Crosby

Give an Inch... Give an Inch and take a mile... of bloody unsolicited ads! Very disappointing. My 2 kids wanted this as a bit of fun but I've had to uninstall it. I won't be recommending this rubbish to anyone.

Joseph Cutter

SO BORING Everyone says its so addicting like no its not. I dont suck at the game but really a catapillar biting a branch is like a 4 yr old game

Cierre Mcgee

Good game but few problems When I play this game...I would b I The middle of playing and adds pop up and it makes me die. I just want this game to have less or no adds at all and you guys will get a better rateing. Soo fix up the whole add situation and youll get better rateing. Please And Thank u . bye bye

Róisín Walsh

Ads.... The ads are the rason I gave this game a 2/5. The ads are ruining my chance of beating my high score. It is very annoying. If Apps4life removed the ads, I would give inchy a higher rating

Nelly Sin

0 stars this is stupid This is the dumbest game ever. I taps once just a quick tap I already missed. This is seriously the dumbest yet. People comsidering downloading it DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CRAP.

ellie joy

Love it! This app is highly addictive but very fun to play. The adds are annoying, but if you just turn off your Internet, then you won't get any adds. I love inchy!

Brittney Scott

Too many ads, it's not fun. Just a frustrating waste of time. The creators should have put more effort into the game. It's like they didn't even try.

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