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15 Jun
In 24 Hours Learn Spanish

Posted by SNA Consulting Pty Ltd in Education | June 15, 2016 | 168 Comments

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This is the newest and perhaps the most effective app for you to learn how to speak and learn Spanish in 24 hours! This app provides students, tourists, explorers or businessmen with an audiovisual learning experience on how to speak the Spanish language.

Doing business or on holiday in Spain, Mexico or South America? You can definitely get the best business or holiday if you can understand and speak the Spanish language! Perhaps you are an explorer travelling in Barcelona and found yourself lost in translation? No worries, you can now conquer the language barrier between you and a Spanish speaker with this app.

Too busy to enrol on a proper Spanish language course or perhaps it is too expensive? Tell you what, you're not the only one and we now have a solution. This app is designed to work with your active lifestyle at your own pace! With the audio feature of this app, you can always learn while on the go. Whether you are driving, on the bus or train, jogging in the park or perhaps relaxing in bed, just plug in your earphones and start learning! This app gives you the easiest and most hassle free way to learn the Spanish language!

Whether you are an academic student, tourist, explorer, adventurer or businessman, this app will make sure you speak and learn Spanish language in 24 hours!

This app contains thousands of words in phrases to make sure you learn the easiest way!


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Anas Saeed

Easy and awesome! One of the simplest and quickest way to learn and grasp command on Spanish language. I love this app! It has all the basic ingredients to the general level. FF2809D0B6

Cheyenne Bodie

Great Application! I love how it repeats the Spanish words twice with the perfect amount of time in between so that you can practice your pronunciation and get it right. It's order of vocabulary is perfect for building upon itself. I would definitely recommend this to beginners, intermediates, and anyone starting up learning Spanish again. Thank you for this app!

Africa Renee

Very accurate! FFBC7CFFCF I also use Duolingo. It's nice and free, but I wanted add to my learning. This app is very accurate, to the point, and fast. I like the repetitive game like experience of other apps but it's ok. I'll have to stay on one lesson till I completely know it and make flash cards. Not a problem. We should get the first 12 lessons w/of a code, because that might be a lil confusing for some. Free is better, but $4 dollars isn't too bad. I love that they also offer Japanese. That's AWESOME!

Hayle Riddle

Awesome Really fun cool app. So awesome FFD70E3387

John Lanter

Very impressive app. I download the free app first listened to the first 3 sessions it offers, very nice so I then decided to go ahead and order the upgrade. I Have not tried the upgrade yet but will shorlty. Hope this helps me learn and speak spanish. Time will tell. Did not get the upgrade free, paid the $4.00. Still very impressed with this app.

Ramona Price

Very good lessons. I like it a lot. And if we review we get free upgrade! FF94F710C2

Ben Whitehouse

amazingly simple and easy This is one of the best apps I have ever used, and is really easy to use moy bien !

Trin Clark

#T_shorti I love this app!!! My favorite part is they say it twice so I know what I'm doing. FF7B057587 thank you!

Camryn Tillman

Confusing FF6D52FFBA It's what I want in a Spanish teaching app, but sometimes it will skip around - listing Spanish words under an English word that don't belong there - which is confusing if you are not looking at the screen (and even if you are)!

Paige Samuelson

Very helpful I have been struggling to learn spanish for awhile but this app makes it easier. It is also very nice to have basic phrases /statements on hand easy to access if i forget how to say something 000D7C1909

T Twiss

Nice layout Easy to use, good layout and can skip to useful words/phrases unlike duo/wilinga etc. Cheers FF41B0E587

Nate Merritt

Spain-spanish Very good for learning quick and easy. Although, if you need spanish for latin america, I suggest knowing how they pronounce their words vs Spains pronunciations. Otherwise, muy beuno! FFC1C7ABEB

Rayvin Diego

Informational I liked the first 3 lessons but I think they should all be free lol

James Stanley

This one is great I've tried many apps,but I think this is the one that will do it.

Joe Peroni Iii

Doesn't work now! Bought it for four bucks and it only speaks the lessions in English... No Spanish

Andrew Smith

FF4503FF56 FF4503FF56 Nice app. I'm working with the free version now. But, looking to unlock the other levels. FF4503FF56

Sean Conner

Good to listen to I can use it while driving and not have to look at the screen. FFA03674C4

Jim Sutton

A real winner... I've tried so many foreign language apps, I really think this is one of the tops! Very basic words, taught in a very simple... easy to understand way. I highly recommend this app. 00F8F23387

Nate Enotsol

Great tool My father never taught me Spanish so now I can learn 008C4A5287

Kimberly Herrington

Great App Love how it has a lesson planned out! It's awesome! I have a head start knowing Latin and this has boosted my skills as well as pronunciation! I like the speed the computer speaks understand it better! Gracious!! 0088C23387

Tsyanne Oliveira

Good! The voice is far better than others I tried that's why I want to spend more time learning through this application. My first impression is that is worth it to use more. I recommend it. 00DE093300


Okay It's okay I guess, a good way to refresh my Spanish

Cahriel Smith

Awesomeness app It can easily pronounced and can easily memories all the words and it's totally awesomeness. ???

Sylvain Grenier

Good app Only tried the first few lessons, but I really like it so far. FF0E573300

Debra Aranda

Great app The application is amazing I love using and I especially love the way it repeats it more than once! 006641FF6B

Troy Barber

It is helping with my Spanish class I am taking Spanish in college and this is a good practice for the class.

Alicia jointer

So far so good. I can listen while on my way to work. FFAF593300

Justin Gonzalez

Great to learn. Lay down in bed with some headphones and listen. FFC8E71087

BJ Warner

Nice app. But ........I have uninstalled renstalled and restored several times because no sound after buying. Does not work!Worked until I bought it but now no sound. I reinstalled and restored but still no audio. Had sound on original free 3 lessons.

Chantelle Jeffers

24hour spanish Looks a great app so far can't wait to see the rest thanks 00C3F33387

Pacita Arcangel

S. Arcangel I really enjoy learning the basics with this App. So very happy I down loaded it

mickhail youngblood

00FF50FF08 Love the app. It actually works very well!

kimberly Brunette

Pretty good! Pretty good. It's nice to hear how to say the word, have time to say and then to hear it again.

charith perera

The best app ever.I learnt so much in a short time .

Johan Pretorius

Help a lot for a beginner. The program work nice and easy. 00FD61FF91

Habibat Owolabi

Thanks I am gaining something. This is my first try ever. FF1DE9A299

Nikolay Kuhta

Very good So far is is quite good; however, I'll have to see how it works a bit further since I'm not a beginner00A9C73387

Deryck Mills

Great app Learning Spanish for a trip to South America. 007F0F18D7

André B. Thomas

Good app...but... FFCE303387 ...the audio is garbled and/or cuts off during the first pass. No problems during the second pass.

James Ready

24 hour spanish Very good app lets you listen thru lesson.

Jose Ramirez

Get 12 more free apps when you copy and past #0083DE0587 to this app reviews

Danny Tung

Fun and easy Wish it was free, but we get 12 free lessons with this: FF4E58B260

Craig Barlow

Does what it needs to See if reviewing gets a free upgrade as promised 0033A5FFD5

Tony Morris

T.morris Very good learning application. 00358BC4B5

Louise Green

00B6D8FFC1 it is ok. First 12 lessons free

Mark Stewart

Best beginners app to learn spanish vocabulary

Michael Mason

24 Spanish Fairly easy. 001C0CFFBC

Cammyd Dent

Loved it This app is really helping me.

Robert Torres

Loved it It's easy to learn

dan salas

FF51DF3387 I like this app it is cool

Jasmine Davis

The girl sounds like she's drunk It's like the She's weird hear her voice is weird its like her she's drunk RC has so much saliva in her mouth Can't even understand her who likes this This game for over a month and I don't even know the words its not even right Because I looked on the internet and all different So I wonder who is right the internet or the game

Martin Kane

Good beginners Good start for basic and helpful repeat back. Helps me have a good start to talk w/ My laws.

paul wildash

Rejected my code Tried to redeem my code and was told it was incorrect. As I copied and pasted, does not ring true to me. Going to uninstall as can go further without payment.

Mayur Raghuveer

I really like the way it's organized. I can immediately go and refresh this app so far for the first three lessons.FFDA6EFF4F

Hyacinthe Luna

Simple and basic May have advanced lessons but common phrases under Spanish level one. Greetings days 123 are free.

Serge Droz

Interesting idea I certainly nerver learned a längste Mike this, but it seems ti give you a quich headstart.FF6A9C0B1A

Christina Hindman

00FAFCFAD2 I like how easy it is to learn. Also how you can go back and repeat it till you get it.

Amie Oie

Very good app This app is very easy to follow and understand. It gives enough time for you to repeat before moving on to the next one. I will be recommending to other people . 000C463300

Amar Mohammed

Great app & user-friendly I really loved using this app as it includes all the basics for beginners in Spanish, and it's user-friendly interface, great work done on this app thanks, 002334FFD4

Martin Kane

Good beginners Good start for basic and helpful repeat back. Helps me have a good start to talk w/ My in laws.

Ahmed Shirali

Great App This has to be one of the most useful apps you can use for fast and efficient way to learn Spanish on the go highly recommended, you can't go wrong FF98941687

Mose Gomis

Great app It is kind of strange how quickly you can learn with this amazing app. The developpers go straight to the point and stimulate your brain memory. In addition to that the price is great. Way to go. FFFAA4FF56

Boris JB

Great app Good to listen some spanish. The voices are loaded so it works offline wich I found quiet handy. I think it is for beginners though it's still good and easy to use. FFF84103F8

Sidney Robinson

Really helps Great app would recommend if you don't have the cash to spend on a more expensive app. Great quality for a great price. Interface lags occasionally but besides that it is okay. FF93A0FF4B

Mateusz Żądło

Sound doesn't work I've bought a full version, and app cracked - sound doesn't work, and whole application is working much slower. Before upgrading to full version it worked perfectly. Please fix it, or give me my money back. I'm using Samsung SGSIII This app is still crashed - sound doesn't work. I can't use it.

Perry Borders

Great app So far this has been easy to use and broken into bite size chunks of knowledge! 00BC663387

Tizz Bennett

What iv been looking for Lists words and audio in english then Spanish, and you can come off the app and use your other apps as it still plays, brill so far, i may buy the full version xx 00EC9AF871

Kimberly Shell

Easy to navigate Great app that makes learning Spanish easy and fun. Highly recommended. 000F963300

Jake Ferlin

Takes forever for the voices to speak, there isn't a mode where is quizzes you or anything. It makes it hard to retain any information. You have to pay 4 dollars for full version.

Jacole Spriggs

This app is great! It is user friendly and content rich. I would definitely recommend downloading it! FF1331FF8A

Donne Mega

Easy to Navigate FF20B6F522 Makes learning Spanish easier than anticipated. Very clear and concise. User friendly. Only issue is that sometimes the lessons run at the same time and you're unable to stop them. FF20B6F522

Doug Simpson

GR8 APP Allows you to pick certain words from the lessons and also to repeat just the words that you really want to memorize by going over them however many times you may want to.

Paula Mcanulty

Not Completly Free This would be a great app if it was completly free like it says. There is a price to pay no its not a cash price but my opinion of the app is required in order to get all 12 lessons. Not a big price but still it costs me 3 to 5 days of waiting before i get to continue learning. it sucks. but it works i guess. 007A516283

Acushla Bellus

Very Convenient You can learn while doing household chores. Just download the app and keep on listening. Learn in easy way. Unique Code: FF9D15BEC0

Alexandria Shankweiler

Great app Great app. I enjoy the pace. Easy to learn from. 007C7592AC

Lyn Alano

In 24 hours learn spanish I am in training for spanish language now, this app is very helpful with the basics.. 00BEC9EC87

Tiffany Childs

You Have A Really Good App, It's Very Friendly And Help My Sister Learn Spanish, 0053FAFF80

Jason Miller

Perfect This is exactly what I was looking for. It speaks the vocabulary slowly and repeats and continues with the lesson. Works offline. FF3098FF8E

Shawna Moore

Great practice & review I use many apps to try and learn this app is great to just relax and listen to and soak it up! FFBF2DB8FF

Ritesh Singh

Very unique I liked uniqueness of this product. it's so easy to learn Spanish

Jackie Hogan

Very user friendly and great for refreshing what I learned before. 00CF467B8C

Kate Sookyoung Choi

user friendly 0046F7FFA3 This app is very easy to use and is great to learn Spanish

Shenae Epler

Waist of my time I took good spanish classes. Some of the words are misses the accent marks or have an extra letter. If your going to learn or refresh your memory. You want it right.

Daniel Barajas

Cool but one suggestion.... I really like this app but for me to give it a 5 Star rating it would be cool to see a repeat option, so that you could enter each lesson and have it play over and over if you wanted to. Some people may not like it but if you give them the option of Enabling or Disabling the Repeat function, I think you could tend both sides.

david bittick

00f74cfffa Great app! I can even shut off my screen an let it play..

Aleila Lofton

A big help Definitely helps me brush up and improve and turn my spanglish into spanish

Mathew Grigsby

Great App. The app is very useful. I like using several different apps and like them for various reasons but I would highly recommend this one. FF7AC57554

Anna Lloyd

So far so good I like to put my headphones on while I work and listen to this app. FFB9FC3387

Ceociea Naomi

Great for kids!!! This is a great ap for beginners. My 6yr old began to understand our conversations with ease... FF909DD609


Only giving 3 stars for now. There should be more than three free lessons to begin with so here I am finding myself having to rate this app already but I already know who 3 first lessons it would be nice if they had a place to start off for advanced speakers. FF7F98FFE1

Brandon Rowell

Galaxy Note 5 00A7CBFF7E ....Great app to learn Spanish at the Elementary level

Phillip Boyd

This app is good for learning the basic in Spanish I would definitely recommend this app for students who need to have a foundational platform in Spanish. I love it

Ojanay Moya

My opinion This app is amazing it helps me learn how to speak Spanish without me asking my grandparents what this or that means. So I really love this app. My review is 00EADE6EBF. Please update me so I can learn all 24.

Courtney Miller

It's alright 00453AFFE8 It is a nice vocabulary list but not worth the 4$ upgrade

Hannah Dies

GREAT I love this app. I was already decent at speaking but now I am 100% fluent. Gracias ?? FFC3A7FF28

U. Victoria

Great app Very easy you. Teaches you the basics so you can start forming sentences instantly! great app. FFA330FFF5

cindy cripps

FF65D33387 Its all good , even if you only get the first few lessons and not the whole 12 they promise.

Grace Mucheru

FF51AFFF5B I like it so far. It's not interactive but it's good to test your knowledge

Priscilla Gilman

Love this app. I am currently in Puerto Rico on vacation. Although Puerto Rican Spanish is different, This is already helping. I only downloaded it 15 min ago . FF96E8FFAF

Masum Ahmed

Very good for beginers Loved it. Very good for beginers like me. I have tried so many apps for learn spenish. So far this one is the best. FFCD00D649. they said if I write review they will unlocked 12 lessons but they didn't.

Alexandru The God

Works Great and Easy To Use I recently started working with a guy that speaks spanish and understands very little English. This app is very useful with helping me improve my very limited spanish skills. It's also fun to use and has very good pronunciation which makes it easier to learn. 008D07222B

Marilyn De Jesus

Good for falling asleep. I let it play while i sleep. Helps retain it better.

riad adieh

Very easy to use Loved the first 3 lessons and it says 12 lessons are free. I am having issues redeeming

Light Powar

I liked this app I have left this code for who knows how long. I am very disappointed. I used to like it but now I'm not. The next time I come back without an update I will find another app. 00F55FFF75

James Ready

24 hour spanish Very good app lets you listen thru lesson. Trying trial version FFD46FFFCA

Victor Muganyizi

Useful The application Is of great significance when it comes to getting your tongue go't really.

Ashley Lemon

After checking it out, there really isn't anything special about this app. It isn't bad, but I guess I'm not as much of a beginner in Spanish anymore.

Marvel Craig

00039BFF3A The few lessons, I played so far are good. It's really interesting to learn Spanish so easy. But I wish it was more interactive. Hope for the rest,unlock soon.


Very good for beginners... Love how simple yet detailed this app is... FF8462FFC1

Michael Sadler-Burns

A great app for newbe I was married to a native Spanish speaker. Tried to learn but had difficulties. Very promising that this app may change things. FF46DBFF38

Smooth Taktiks

Review So far so good, I like the direction it's going. I recommend trying FFC0D43158

Urma Terris

I JUST LOVE THIS FFCFB70D9E I have always wanted to learn how to speak Español and with this app I am

james connor

Awesome The simplicity of the application creates a great foundation for us beginners to carry on with confidence and with a certainty that we will learn Spanish!! FFA20EFF8B

Zoe Mingard

00118DFFAC So far so good like that you can go back rather than just it keeping running

Anikó Orsányi

So far so good. Very minimalistic and intense. Great for refreshing your existing knowledge, too. FF3A718F00

Andrew Millard

Good for our needs We used it on a road trip through the desert and had fun learning. The translator with the lisp kept an added level of fun.

Amelia Caine

Learning Spanish Unique code: Ff5d15da8a Simple steps to follow and I've already learned lessons 1-3. Wish there was a feature that had the ability to help perfect dialog and tips on improving if needed, I have a 4 because 3.5 wasn't available


Great for beginners 009B39CEAA Voice dictation so you can listen while you work. 009B39CEAA

Billie Jo Tennenbaum

I love it I already learned some and I just got it an hour ago Great to do and no ads works great

Jeffrey Chauvin

I absolutely love this app. It gave me so much knowledge. FFAFD61547

Keenay Bond

Keenay B Great learning tool. Really helping me with my Spanish. FFCB241B9B

Donna Riddle

Love it! I like this app so much that I have added another language! The lists for each category give the word or phrase in both the native and new languages with a clear audio. Perfect for me! FFCD66ED69

Paula Benoit

24 Hours Learn Spanish Program is divided into subjects which makes it an easy way to learn content. I am enjoying the app so far and look forward to the other 9 free lessons. If I enjoy the free lessons i will purchase the remaining lessons. It's great for me...basic lessons to make conversations when I travel. 0080AFFFD6

Jared Barilleau

Good for kids It's very helpful for children so they know a different language and it was very helpful for me now I know what my parents are saying when they speak Spanish FF6BED9B2F

Dushi S.

FF1C42D90F Great app for beginner. So far so good. I have no issues yet with this app.I just love it and it's easy to use.

Karen Weir

Easy learning This app is very user friendly. I love Spanish and this app will help me learn it.

amber beasley

Great for noobs FF9424ED13 Great for beginners and as a refresher. FF9424ED13

Juan Hernandez

Good for beginners If you're not a beginner then this app is probably not for you I got it because I live in a Spanish speaking home and I need to understand Spanish more and I already know how to use the words and phrases.

nadda hapnin

In 24 hours learn Spanish. Very helpful for a novice like me.

Candy Smith

It's greats .... Using it so I can communicate with my boyfriends family. 00B58D8094

Felicia Strachan

FFFE15EA1D awesome! very good for a beginner like me. love it! I will recommend it. waiting for them to unlock the next nine. (up to 12) and I will share my review again.

Tracy Watson

Easy for beginners Recently started working in a mostly Spanish speaking environment. This is truly helping me understand the conversation easier. They help too of course, but they are impressed I'm learning.0010E33E09

Andrew Whaley

FF74E0BB7B It's alright. Kind of wanted a bit more structured learning but does the job

Andrea Decruise

FF9E56FFBD It's Great even if you don't get the lessons unlocked!

David Wilkins

Learning Español FF7CC4FF62 The thing I like about this app is the fact that it's very simple and provides good repetition. The voice is easy to understand. I've tried a couple of others, which have a better interactive "feel", but I have kept this one since it provides the easiest way to practice. I wish there was a way to control how many times a word could be repeated. Maybe it does and I don't know how. FF7CC4FF62

patrick rogan

Overall very good through the first three lessons----which was as far as I was allowed to go. A few cases of unwanted skipping of an item which caused an annoying need to back-up; also a couple of unclear parts of a pronunciation no matter how many times I replayed it. But these problems were small exceptions to what I believe is a very worthwhile program. Thank you!!

So Far Very Basic FF2E6C8C8B App only has 3 free levels which are very basic Spanish lessons. Unless you do not know any Spanish at all, the first 3 lessons are not helpful. After I receive and review the next 9 lessons for free (FF2E6C8C8B), I will update my detailed review of this app.

Clive Jacobs

Could only get first 3 lessons which were OK. To go any further requires payment and with only 3 lessons tried I am not sure this would be worth paying for. This review however should unlock more of the lessons do I can see if it is worth paying to get them all. Good idea.0075D03387


App appears decent so far, easy to use, learned lots of basic phrases. Love that I can listen and learn on the go, in the car. Unable to judge the program since I only have the free trial. Looking forward to upgrading so I can get the full effect. 0073DFE7B2

Kurt Anderson

Simple, yet informative. So far it has been working really well. I am a construction worker and many of the people I work with only speak Spanish. I don't know anything about them because we can't communicate. This app helps me at least understand the basics. 00B8672649

David Judge

004517FF25 Like the app wish I could get more lessons. Like the fact that i can hit play and it goes though the whole lessons without me having to hit play for each word. So I can listen while I work

Regina Bryson

Learn Spanish - FFA0C3FF79 Basic and easy to understand speaker. Would like some interaction. A little better than just using translator app. Let's see if code works to open more levels - FFA0C3FF79

carolyn cruz

Learn Spanish FFD98E3300 Was only able to go up to lesson 3. These are things that alot of people know without taking lesson. That why I gave it a low rating. Maybe the other lessons are more helpful.

Gail Wilson

Very engaging FFA4FEB338 I am enjoying this app in every way except that my screen darkens if I don't touch the screen. When I touch it I inadvertently choose a different word. I think I have to change it in settings. Not sure, however. FFA4FEB338

greg washington

Good Spanish 003fda2d91 I enjoyed listening as I slept. I did 1 lesson a week of the 3 free. Ready to try more after this rating. Wish it would repeat lessons automatically while I slept to put words in my subconscious. Grade could be higher if I had more lessons at first, maybe first six to judge.

Zykia Harvey

00483FFFB9 The app is really great for someone that is learning or just reviewing spanish. Just listening to how she pronounces it and you repeating it makes it so much better. I just wish they had a little quiz at the end to see what you have learned so you can see your accomplisments. But overall-love this app.

Tiffany Bell

Wish more lessons were available I wish it had more lessons available to begin with. The first couple.of lessons are pretty simple. They are not ment for those who just want to brush up on their Spanish FFC1921DD1

Kay Love

Disliked it I was trying to speak spanish but it would only give me 3 lessons out of 24.... like, seriously? I suggest not getting it because its a waste.

Maggie Huckaby

Great! I really love how easy it is to listen and repeat, I'm brushing up and remembering so much! Except it has me stuck on level three right now! FF85CD7B5C

celestine lounsbury

Big help My mother's side of the family speaks complete spanish and when I visit I have a hard time understanding what they're saying to me, this app helped me out a lot on the basic Spanish words

Scott schommer

00FF9E49F2 This is a good basic format. I only wish they would say the word in English one more time after saying it in spanish twice

Tishana Freeban

Learn Spanish in 24hours FF404CE211. I like this app it is easy to use and i can have access to it at anytime. I'm only disappointed that I don't have access to all 24 lesson.

TnS Nelson

FFF7D9A1BA Great app but doesn't really teach you how to use different verbs in a sentence or phrase. Still waiting on those free levels for doing this review and appending the code.

Lokilani Jajo

WORTHY OF DOWNLOAD it helps alot & has sounds so you can know if your actually saying it wrong!

Amanda Kirkland

Pleasantly surprised. I recently started a new career and have been looking for simple ways to learn beginner level Spanish. Despite living in the heart of Texas I've never managed to learn anything more than "hello, goodbye, my name is, and do you speak English". So far I'm impressed with this simple system of learning. You do have to by the full version to get past level four, however four levels is more than adaquic time to decide if this system will work for you. FF7434911E

Krystal Powell

Learning Spanish with my child My child just started the 6th grade and has Spanish class. THIS IS HIS FIRST TIME ATTEMPTING , it is required for school. Im took spanish when I was in school 15 years ago so I needed a Refresher. So we are doing together. I love thatvit pronounces the words for you. My son likes this to, he said he likes how it guides him through the lessons. #rollyourR's 007031FFB2

F.Andrew Meunier

Great app If you study what's on here it will give you enough confidence to know you can do it. I'm in Mexico right now and this app really helped me. 00B433DFB4

Brent Boyce

FFF72BD159 I have been struggling with learning Spanish for a couple of years now, with in an hour of using this free app I feel that I have made much more progress. The voice is clean and easy to understand, I have zero complaints 5* for sure ! FFF72BD159

Anayya Brunson

Awesome FF080E39B6 It helped me a lot to talk in Spanish to my friend that speaks Spanish and English but I sometimes like to play with him and speak Spanish so we have a conversation.

Maria Rodriguez

Good review from ten yr old Ok I am a ten year old who us trying to learn spanish I no a little bit buutt not all spanish so I think this is the app for me it. Very good it is cool I do not the lady to pronounce or say it I try to do it on my own I am so weird I do not care but yea I give it give stars

Michael Luciano

FF09D6EA8B Great app for all ages. I downloaded the app for my 6 year old granddaughter. Now she us telling me I say it wrong .

val heckadon

Great App!!! By far one of the fastest ways to learn Spanish. I deleted all the other apps I had trying to learn. This one has taught me twice as much ten times faster!!! FF76DC9B42

Jeremiah Jacobson

24 hrs learn Spanish Learned Spanish many years ago but forgot a lot and want to become more fluent. It's nice that you have audio so you can get the pronouniation.

Kristy Kanduri

Its alright Not an interactive program but simple to use and convenient when doing things around the house just to have it going over words and phrases. Easy to use and understand. FFE63CF8FE

Livinlifenow120288 Brittnalex

I have found it easier to close my eyes and listen to the entire lesson a few times before actually reading the messages all and all decent. It makes it easier to under stand the difference between the inflections of the words compared to how it is written 00218CFF46

Quinn Ohara

Really works.. I used the app and spoke alittle spanish today @ work.. I gotta remind self practice practice 00DF16B6EA

Amber Wilkins

Learning It's good, few bugs with skips but other than that good. Hopefully some of these levels unlock so I can see if I will pay for full version! FF1CBFFF0D

Hannu Helminen

A good tool for a beginner As a beginner for Spanish I like this app for its clear sound and the ability to repeat things I'm learning. I would like to learn something useful to use during my next travel in September which hopefully will encourage me to learn more. 00D2A63387

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