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15 Jun
In 24 Hours Learn Japanese

Posted by SNA Consulting Pty Ltd in Education | June 15, 2016 | 122 Comments

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This is the newest and perhaps the most effective app for you to learn how to speak and learn Japanese in 24 hours! This app provides students, tourists, explorers or businessmen with an audio-visual learning experience on how to speak the Japanese language.

Doing business or on holiday in Japan? You can definitely get the best business or holiday if you can understand and speak the Japanese language! Perhaps you are an explorer travelling in Tokyo and found yourself lost in translation? No worries, you can now conquer the language barrier between you and a Japanese speaker with this app.

Too busy to enrol on a proper Japanese language course or perhaps it is too expensive? Tell you what, you're not the only one and we now have a solution. This app is designed to work with your active lifestyle at your own pace! With the audio feature of this app, you can always learn while on the go. Whether you are driving, on the bus or train, jogging in the park or perhaps relaxing in bed, just plug in your earphones and start learning! This app gives you the easiest and most hassle free way to learn the Japanese language!

Whether you are an academic student, tourist, explorer, adventurer or businessman, this app will make sure you speak and learn Japanese language in 24 hours!

This app contains thousands of words in phrases to make sure you learn the easiest way!


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SNA Consulting Pty Ltd part of our Education and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 15, 2016. Google play rating is 88.9814. Current verison is 1.5. Actual size 15.0 MB.

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Amelia Limpuno

Thanks! Arigato for this app!

Sabreham Greezy

I realized The same person rated these 24 apps

Africa Renee

Very Accurate! FFBC7CFFCF It's very hard to find a good Japanese learning app out there. Even Duolingo makes it so you already need to speak Japanese to learn it. I don't know how that makes sense. Hope they fixed that. This app is to the point, and accurate. You may have to make flash cards with it, but it's an awesome tool for leaning:)

Kassim Balogun

Good app Pretty useful app, gives a breakdown of the sections, 004AD3FBE2

Mie Shayla Castro

Good app So far I really like this app pretty accurate in my opinion FFCB26FF5D

Victoria Atkins

Awesome app My only issue is it goes a little fast but it's definitely doable! Arigato! FF0728FFC6

kayla white

It's a good app but.. You can not learn Japanese in 24 hours but it is very helpful you can learn a few words in Japanese in 24 hours but not the whole language

Aranya Sharma

Its a good app. Very useful FF5561FF2D

Crisel Villaflor

Very useful.. love it. FFC2B679DB

Terrilyn Brenae

^w^ This Makes It So Much Easier To Learn, If You're Starting On Your Own FFE348FFF4

Jerickson Tarun

Thanks for this apps! ,006D9A1DDF Its really hard to find an apps for learning japanese language but this one is amazing they giving a chance for other who want to know or to learn japanese. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!. GOD BLESS :)

Sabrina Sinagra

Good so far 00B9149C1E I only downloaded this app recently but it's very useful so far. I like that the pronunciation of words are given as well a the spelling 00B9149C1E

shaquille long

This app is very very helpful, 0044ABD671


Amazing app very helpful 0085A9FF8C

death pirate

Awesome 00b8d9f1a2

Marisol Jimenez

Helpful I loved this app! It was easy and entertaining. FF8C26FFD5

migi cruz

Fantastic I have learned lesson 1-3 in just an hour. And I can speak now the lessons I learned. FF330FCEF4

Annalisa Enma

Pretty nice 00E4CC3387. Simple, easy to use and understand. It defiantly is helpful.

T3r3z1 Pyrop3

Helpful The was a good and helpful app. It moved a bit fast for my taste but does help FF8DB852EB

Seed Schlingel

Very good. I hope can open all topic without purchase. FFE033FF2C

Goddess Life

Very easy to understand. I like being able to hear it in english first, and listen while im sleeping. FF4C412D87

Merp Derp

Arigato Gozaimasu Pertty helpful but I wish that it was fully free FF954F3387

Chris Jenkins

Amazing tool I was referred to this app by a friend and I can't wait to get through all the lessons so we can speak Japanese together! FFE4C1E9B9

Mia meh

Great app! Really helped me out with all the basics.

Melanie Vivar

Awesome FF7CC4FFD2 i really love this i need to learn Japanese and this was a life saver thanks :)

Darren Werner

Great app Wanted to do this for so long. Fffb1bffeo

Brad Thomas

Amazing This app is amazing, easy to use and easy to learn. I Love it.

Callie Brown

Its a great app. I couldn't find any good apps and finally I did. FF9EC43387

my accoun

Great app Covers the basics very well. FF29151A75

evan santos

Good Pretty good app to quickly familiarize yourself with the basics FF8D80333F

Shinran Kudou

Best !!!! I also can stdy how to pronounce the words . Thanks !! FF54F61B20

junaid fukuta

Good app, good combination of reading and listening 00CE7FFF24

Fang the Killer

Nice The app has a good setup and dosen't glitch out.....very nice order also.....00F2513287

Mark Green

Love it (FF2EB38166) Been trying to Learn Japanese for months, this makes it alot easier

Omar Garcia

Very helpful It was easy for me to follow. In about 20 minutes I was able to memorize chapter 1. FFC2AB1086

Ryan Staehle

Great Definitely the easiest I've used. 00BA0B7A90

John Webb

Awesome!!! So easy to use and breaks it down in easy to understand and retain bits in each lesson!! Flawless!!! 006D6ED2C7

Mavis Ryn

It's so cool!! FF744062FB easy to learn! And learn fast!

Patricia Lim

24 hours Jap (FFE567FF10) Just got this app downloaded due to the good reviews. Fun and easy to use as I'm presently taking lessons and this is a lot more fun.

Shelbie Peterson

Great app 00A066C986 simple to use and easy to learn from

Des Ozb

Super easy 001C371D61. Just select the lesson and it goes automatically, repeats the words several times and plays in the background, super easy to use and a great tool to use.

Jazmine Toyy

Its simple easy to use and effective FFBD0BFFCD

Cheila Villares

Great Just learned all numbers 1-10 in japanese in 15 mins. FF266CCC57

Dave Fits

Testing this FFE92FDF64 Let see with this free upgrade FFE92FDF64

Mark Louie Oliveros Balderas

Thank you admin Love it. Very useful more power 00E874FFC7

sd200386 alyssagail28

FF01C3FFB9 It will improve ur vocab. FF01C3FFB9

Jenny Lynn

0085D83387 great easy app to use for basics!

Jazzmynn Hahnl

0049328F93 I think its a good app I've tried many with little success and this one actually is quite helpful and I'm learning fast

Viktor ViktorCamarillo

0096499DCB. Very helpful and easy to understand . love it

Diego Flores

Love It is great and simple to use 00497EFFC8

Alberto Hernandez

Great Easy to understand good way to move into understanding the written form of Japanese 00EF1FFDC

Touka Kirishima

Best app ever! It's a very simple way of learning Japanese I love it!. Voice clips helps a lot to understand the pronouncing, even repeats itself to understand better, honestly it's an awesome app!. FF632DFF2B

Ainsley Wells

Good so far but needs a few other features Have only been in first lesson so far but it is easy to use and understand. so far the only criticism I can give is that there is no way to repeat the phrase/recording without tapping it again and is no way to randomise them if you want to revise. I would highly recommend the developers include a repeat (both repeat 1 phrase and repeat all/lesson ) and randomise button if possible to ensure that the phrases are being learned and not just getting into a rhythm. FF4B857435

The Siren's Sword

It easy to use And the voice help with pronouncing the words. I also like how it has the the romaji/kanji/english tranlations. 00616F10DF

Kicik Gergasi

Simple, easy, effective It grasp the correct concept of learning a new language. Which is starting from the basic up and the power of repetition. Combined all that, I'm learning the basic phrases relatively easier and faster. This is by far the best app if u have zero Japanese and wanna learn the basics of it. Thumbs up

Murray West

Good app God but not great. I'm hoping it will become easier to use the more time I spend practicing. 00C2C4FFF5

6th E

Not bad Sucks to have to upgrade so soon, after lesson 3. But the 3 lessons were ok. I don't know if one can actually learn the language in 24 hours w this app as I've only gotten to lesson 3. FFDB8BFF47

Maria Collins

Good for basics I like it so far. But I do wish it contained some other way to learn the language like flash cards and maybe listening tests. It's good if you learn by listening. FFE26DFF88

Jokerbelle Lamit

Good it helps me to learn japanese language thumbs and i appreciatiate your lessons thanks!. FF8D56FF8B

lynnette stark

I liked the app I loved how you can just listen to it but it would be nice to have some interactive activities for those who have a hard time learning by listening FF96C43B01

kawaii- girl

Great I love it except from the fact you have to pay to update will use this when i go to japan all in all great love it and will use it forever. FF0119EF01


Basics A good app to pick up basics, but should be used as a supplement for learning FFA92CFFCC

Krystyl Kara Paradillo

Best app for auditory and visual learner like me !!! I will wait for the upgrade 00A8B9FF1A

Cheyanne Mummy

Nice app! I like that there's a voice clip so u know e exact pronounciation n comes with e jap words as well.?006A2BFF83

serenity kray

Love it I am learning japanese as a middle schooler so I can take high school in Japan 00492Bd487

Gergö Gebel

? Its basics but its good so far waiting to see more 0056A5804A

irish jung

Yeap yeap Yeah. That's it. Haven't tried it yet, teehee~ 004496D987

Joshua Shipley

Simple enough Love it and it is great for refreshing a rusty skill. 00A2736CE1

Richard Henson

Great ap Having the spoken words help in learning to speak a lot eaiser. 005805FF88

Jerald Tan

000098FF6B Great app, helps a lot.. especially geared towards beginners

David Guzman

Nice. .. I've been using different programs to try and learn japanese. .. Definitely one of the easier to use and understand. .. Also with a free upgrade can't go wrong with giving it a try. .. FF2D58FFFD

Samuel James

Could be better, could be a lot worse. It works for giving you a basic foundation to start building on and improving.

NSP Sparing

I'm simply trying to get an understanding. It's not like having a teacher but that's expected

Bertha Onyekachi

Fast teaching app FF96E8B1CF The best app I have on learning Japanese. Its so helpful. I really love the voice translations, slow and understandable. But Why make only 3 Out of 24 sections free from the start? it's discouraging. Pls increase it by half at least. Thank you.

Desmond Pang

I like this app very much. I like this app very much. Recommend for those who are beginners. The speaker speak slowly for beginners to learn japanese words, n good thing that they have Hiragana, n pronounication together with English, easy to learn. FF1C78FF2C

Jonathan Simpson

I was sceptical I was sceptical but it's actually well put together. 002DC8B91F

kody marsh

Great!! This app has helped me a lot studying Japanese! FF2E101482

Pao V

Likable I like it but it should be free... :3 FFB5913387

rajan Rana

good I like the app but you asked to like app for unlocking the lessons

Eric Chow

FFC3EDFF1D should be five stars if more free lessons

Jamie Huntington

It cool Good way to learn through listening and seeing FF229DFA95

Donna Riddle

I am impressed! This app does so much without taking a huge amount of memory on my phone. I like the logical set-up, with the words grouped into lists with both languages and the audio right there together. FFCD66ED69


Awesome I couldnt find one better then this. 0041582D9D

Albet Freeman

Finally simple audible English to Japanese. Logical Parrot fashioned learning, more than enough to get you by. Plays in the background while browsing other apps, great idea...FF6C6FFF13

Damien Jude

Great Learning tool Liking the fact it says the english phrases followed by the japanese one. Would be great if there was a quiz section though. FF80B63387

racquel thurmond

Good Just downloaded haven't used it much yet mostly reviewing for the upgrade will probably post a better review after spending some more time using the app 00EFBF064A

Michelle Sheppard

It helps It's fun to read along with the voice FF4AA82B50

Merry Cris Olgina

Love it!!!! It so good i love this app...00DB1835E6

Dilip Sirisena

FFC7A5FF92 This is a nicely summerized, simple programme.

Skylar Eller

This app is amazing it help you learn Japanese easily 007AB5FF1F

Easy to use FFBAA50D25 This app is great. Really helps break down the basics and I'm learning new phrases each day. My only suggestion would be to add a repeat lesson option so you set lessons to repeat a certain never of times instead of doing it manually.FFBAA50D25

robert culling

Good so far The Japanese speaker talks with No emotion in her voice and sounds like an announcement rather than an instructor. And from what I've learned so far from my Japanese wife is that most Japanese speak with some ups and downs with their voice and not so flat . Am I right? I do like the auto play feature and what I've seen so far in the 1st 3 free lessons . FFE2B2FF42

Kiraush Smith

Super helpful. I'm only a few lessons in, but this app alone could replace multiple apps that I have to help solidify my learning process. 4/5 mainly because I'm sure the devs can do something to make it better. We never stop improving! 008C89F23A

Alex Smith

another language app there are many language learning apps on the google play store and this is a relatively useful one to get, however you wont make much progress in mastering the language with this app. it seems like the bare minimum. in fact, the free version gives so little to learn from that you can memorize everything in about 30 mins.

Phillip Brazel

What I've been looking for FF194FF78 finally I've found an app that meets me where I'm at. This gives me hope that i may be able to learn enough japanese for when i go to visit this country. Ps its been 9 days now and i haven't received the extra free lessons?

Daniel McLean

Nice app Unique code: FF2E2CB8FC This app helped me alot with the basic vocabulary. It is simple to use and the categories are well ordered. I would reccommend to any beginner who wants to start learning Japanese vocabulary. One very minor albeit slightly annoying critisism is that I can't use the back button on my phone and have to use the in-app buttons I'd love to see the rest of the lessons this app has to offer.

Thomas Stephens

Just got free upgrade I'm a bit slow, but I promise to update as soon as possible. I've been listening to my music, and now I'm catching words with the upgrade I hope to pickup more. Right now I'm thinking I'll pay for this. I'm aware this app will only get me so far, but I truly think this is the doorway I've been looking for.

Jamie Luo

Simple It's a really nice app so far. I like how it breaks down into categories and it's giving the important things that people would use on a daily basis. Much better going to like Rosetta or something because it takes time. Thus is more of a quick learn and it's also easy to grasp FF44AAFFF8 still haven't gotten my promo though

Patrick Anthony

Little upset It's a little anoint there's no options to slow the speed down and ads are still present after I paid for the app also it'd be better if you could play all in a row or add a shuffler

Cassie Wheeler

Okay for learning basics This app is okay for learning basics. I like that the audio it repeated several times before going to the next word and that the gana for each is provided. It would be nice to have a quiz at the end to see if you are really retaining what you listen to. FFE0CDFFFE


Amazingly Brilliant Even though the app didn't request a code, I'd happily rated it. But then the app provides me a gift therefore I may redeem it: FF5B25FFAD

Dolon Talukder

Feel free to try Update: not user friendly, crashes often and can't leave without pressing the home key.

nathan dwyer

Very simple and easy FFB6061463. This app is helping me relatively quick in the learning process of japanese words and phrases, all the information of a word or phrase is there and it has a voice reading the english translation and the japanese writing. This gives feed back on how to pronounce the japanese characters. Overall a very good app but it could do with a hiragana and katakana alphabet, just so the learners can learn how to ready abit of the japanese characters that are under the english translation.

Pretty enough good In just learner of the Japanese and I've found this app just by chance. I could say it is pretty useful phrases /sentences for surviving being traveling in Japan and just for refreshing your knowledge. One small issue though: a bit bigger text would be preferable. Thanks. FFD152A75C

Cherie C

00A819FF48 I love this app and one of the function I love and hope you guys would improve on is the autoplay audio function; it would be great if it is on loop. Especially good function for people like me who listen and practise before going to bed.

Tamara Barnard

Seems pretty good I like the app so far. It seems to run pretty well on my phone and haven't had many hassles with it. The content i have access to is good and i will definately continue using this app for a while. Better than most. 0095ECFF7E

Pamela Logerfo

A good start I only have a few lessons available right now but it seems to be a good app so far.My only complaint is that the Japanese speaker speaks in a monotone voice qnd it doesn't sound as natural as it could. FFBD6EFF79

Jack Grey

Upset I am sad to say that although the first 3 lessons are genuinely amazing the rest are behind a paywall. Or to get 12 more lessons, increasing the amount of lessons you have to 15. Unique codes such as: FFE0EDFFEC

thedarksquirrel jr

Great, but would benefit from a better ui The only problems I'm seeing are with the UI and even that can be shrugged off 000B7A1907

Sean Bailey

Useful app... Just started using it and I like the repetition and the way it follows on without having to select the next word or phrase. 001FDA20BA

Kris Anders

Helpful App FF3396E807 It's easy to use and it is a good supplement to my studies. Probably not going to become fluent in 24 hours though haha.

J Sammon

Great for anime watchers Great App for helping me to understand my anime a bit more. I know a bunch of random Japanese from hobbies and Anime and now with this app I can review certain phrases and words I see and practice immediately. It's also great when playing Japanese RPGs. FF774BFFB0

samantha beukes

I don't want to pay Rather stupid that one has to pay in order to get more lessons. Free apps are better

George Torres

Very easy and interesting I just had to learn because all my favorite shows are in japanese and Im tired of reading lol 004992FF8F

Blank _

Useful as hell The app is much easier to use than most other apps I've tried, and works by speaking the english and then the Japanese. You can play the lessons whilst you walk around or go shopping etc. It also gives you lessons for free if you enter in a code when reviewing, mine was 00BB28FF72

Alexis Diamond

I love this app! Already i can great people and ask them to accompany me its so brillantly simple and easy ... i just turn the app on and listen, i've even turned it on before i sleep. Yes! I have been known to say a few words in japanese while ive been sleeping but hey! Youve got to show your dedicated somehow! FF5ED8FF8A

Albet Freeman

Finally simple audible English to Japanese. Thought I get some unlocks using FF6C6FFF13. Parrot fashioned learning, more than enough to get you by. Plays in the background while browsing other apps, great idea...FF6C6FFF13

Numsu Narim

Irritating It wouldnt let me click any thing other than the first 3 sessions. How can i speak it if i dont know my damn prepositions?! HORRIBLE

Michael Bayer

Good app For what it's for its a good app. It can help with those awkward moments of miscommunication. 00ABB1FFD5

Alejandro Guimmayen

Good teaching App 00270CFF89 When I thought I wont be able to learn new language, this app helped me

Tamara Stephens

Wonderful! I can retain much of the words, sounds, and symbols without any problems. The ads are somewhat annoying, but that's something I can deal with, because I love to learn.

Ezra Rosenberg

Helpful Showed useful words and phrases although it did not focus on grammer much at all. Still after using this app i would be able to get around well in Japan

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