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11 Jun
Impossible Test

Posted by App Much in Puzzle | June 11, 2014 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

Test your skills and abilities to touch, tilt, swipe and slide as you solve puzzles in the fast paced addicting game.

* Solve the questions
* many many levels to work out
* is it impossible???

App Much part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 11, 2014. Google play rating is 48.5886. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 13.0 MB.

Download impossible-test-1.apk 13.0 MB


Alyssa Richardson

Stupid Stupidest game ever. The question that says"press the white square" is literally impossible. Either tell us how or delete it all together its totally not cool to trick people like that until that happens, nobody should waste there memory space on there device on this stupid app.

badeggs zz

Love it! Did anyone that downloaded the game even read the title of the game? Or the description? It says "Impossible"... why you all angry? They delivered what they said they would deliver: an impossible game to finish. Well done to the developers!

Stewart Yapp

Cant get past level four need help. Would appreciate a walkthrough but can,t find one

Duke Holder

Level five doesn't have a white square. The word square is even spelled wrong. Listen to the reviews don't download, waste of time.

Kayla Parrott

Biggest waste of my time yet. If you gonna make a game at least make the game longer and freaking better! Very annoyed pregnant woman

Jamisyn Maes

Waste of time Its so stupid level five is impossible I'm not kidding no one I ask or even the internet can solve it and look at the comments everyone agrees

Sophia Huang

puzzle#5 doesn't work. please fix

Susan German

Yay I found how to do level 5 boom! I'm so smart I can't believe I didn't do this at first hayyYayayayya!

Lovey Turner

Grrrrr Anyone figure out level 5 yet? Or am i wasting my time and memory lols?

Jerolf Rojas

waste of time A game may consume your time while having fun, but this doesnt have a way to win

liverpool barca

Stupid This game is stupid you can't pass the level 5 it says tap the white square but there is only a blue square don't download it. It is a stupid game

Elio Abdo

Impossible How can i pass level 5 if they tell us to tap the white square and there is not even one

Teresa Rix

duh its supposed to be a prank . so when the person sees the last part they will be mad

Graham Swain

Terrible Square is spelt wrong and there is no white square...

Vynatic Productions

Really? Question 5 is starting to tick me off. It says press the white sqaure. Take note on how square is spelled wrong. I look super closely and noticed there is a barely visible white line between white and sqaure but it won't let me click.

Rimsha Atif

On level six there is no white square and square is spelt wrong

Kimberly Ramsawak

Wow sexy Want to have sex with it

Micheal Anthony

Too many ads I cant see the top and bottom of the screen so i dont know how to win

Brad Howard

Brilliant You have to play this. Its impossible

S Isrow

Don't wast your time

Ike Hall

Horrible Therenis no white square on level five

Lillian Stewart

Levle 5 Ppl u hit the word wight square hope it helps

Kimberly Cooper

Really impo $ siblings

Andrew Pace

Dumb If your going to make a test its question should have a answer and it should be the right answer this has neithef very dumb app

Zee Zop

Dumb So dumb Lv 5 is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

Brenda Thompson

Stupid On the 5th level it says press the white square and there is no white square and square isn't spelled right I would give it 0 star if I could.

Epic Pickle from II

Dumbest game ever I hate this game because level 5 is really impossible and the word square in the instruction is spelled sqaure what means it's wrong

Na Na

Stupid Its just plain stupid stupid blue square white square is stupid

Brandi Olney

What I literally froze up on me and now i am mad and it is question 2 and it says press three one two and we did and nothing happened

Lizi Newton

DON'T GET!! It looked like it would be fun and all but you can't pass lvl 5. Waste of time, honestly. I got it cause I thought everyone else was just not trying hard enough, but no-it's literally impossible. Oh the irony

ShadowMare Gaming

This game is stuffed up, you can't get past level 5. Whatever you do, do not install this game

Lani M

Cant get past level 5!!! I cant find the white square i will not download any more games from app ways!!!!! Stupid app ways!!!

Ameer Ibrahim

Wth This game is trash please don't waste your time you will regret it level 5 says press the white square and there is no white square this is trash!

Keishana Elvie

Easy well level 5 Level 5 is ssooooo easy just press your own tab or Samsung device

Bethany Anderson

I give it -0 stars. Its impossible. And its impossible to like it. Level five... impossible. U can't even tap "white square", which, by the way, is spelled wrong. Square bot sqaure. What are you thinking.

Fred Darby

? I know its called impossible test but come on people MAKE SOME SENSE IN THE GAME I MEAN THERE IS NO WHITE SQUARE!!! I hope the makers of this game are happy because if they are I think that the were born by a butt kissing alien and they have no brain so they had to hire BEAST BOY FROM TEEN TITANS GO AND YOU KNOW HOW SMALL HIS BRAIN IS BUT SOMEONE WANTED TO HELP MAKE LEVEL 5 AND THEY COULDN'T EVEN SPELL SQUARE RIGHT SO THEY WENT TO TALK TO A ROBOT HE FIXED IT THEY CHANGED IT TO THE WRONG SPELLING!!!!!!!!!!!


There is no freaking white square I don't even get it I mean why make the dumb game is you are too trick people. Some people are going to hate you guys.send comment please is you guys get level 5. My mom doesn't even get it and she is a very smart lady.

carla harris

Hard but I can make it

Isabella Sanchez

T hese stupid ads are for what

sugie cookie

This game sucks Okay the beginning part I can understand until you get to the part where their is an all blue square then it say something about tap the white tile their is no white tile This gotta be the retared game I've ever played

Alex Krinkeson

How the F!?!?! IS THERE EVEN A HITBOX ON THE FLY? WHAT THE HAY?!?! And badeggs zz, I want to see the white square. The one Alyssa Richardson was talking about. I kind of hate this game but I want to keep going. I can't. And I'm also going with Stewart Yapp.

Syed Tameez Ahmed

BGE!!!! Ok so yeah this is the best game I have ever played... And yeah I agree with bad eggs zz. Read the title people it says impossible they just wanted to see if you could do it and what is your high score so yeah... Calm down!! ???

Rev.Dr. Mary J Rincon

The title is right Its stupid and when it says tap the white sqare all there is is a blue sqaure nothing else dont waste your storage or time on this

Ellis Evans

This game is bad It's too hard click the white square there's no white square

Nasiche Orderson

Ads.... Too many ADS its ridiculous but.... everything else is good.

Analiza Tichborne

Cool -Alysa its supposed to be immpossible and btw ur photo pic is sooo dumb

Anas Khan

Where to press the white square, only brinjal square is given

Kaity Leaming

Sucks This game won't even let me do anything

Jodee Hollis

Duummbb I hate this game some advice dont download it

mia ayala

Trash This game is stupid it says press the white square and there is not a whit square

Emma Rice

Impossible Could not get passed level 5 didn't even spell square right

Chironex Fleckeri

I hate this game It's so inoing I hate it I hate it so much.

artful dodger

It's a prank, with only 5 screens. The 5th one, ask you to Press the White Sqaure, it's spelled wrong and there's only a blue square. Not worth DLing... I waited a while to see if the white square would appear, nope.. And then thought it might be in the background colors, nope..

Ashleigh Thomas

so crap where the beep is the white square there is non if you want to download this game your stupid because level 5 is soo stupid why would you download this

Celeste Cantu

WHERE IS THE WHITE SQUARE!!! It does not show the white square and square is spelled wrong

Angelina Barker

This game is the worst can't get pass the fifth level ???

Syed Tameez Ahmed

BGE!!!! Ok so yeah this is the best game I have ever played... And yeah I agree with bad eggs zz. Read the title people it says impossible they just wanted to see if you could do it and what is your high score so yeah... Calm down!! ???

Lala XD

Sooo fun They gave what they said and of you people that are like "Dont get this uhhhhh this is hard guhh" you are lazy af bc everything is possible

oliver Menezes

Its imposible It is not doable because theres no white sqaure thats good cause the tittle says imposible so its imposible why are u guys sooo mad

Manoj Choudhary

Idiotic game There is no white square on level 5 it's even spelled wrong its all a prank delete game if you agree

Ella Upshaw

Terabl It is not a good idea to make this game

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