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9 Mar
Img Tool

Posted by LSDsl in Tools | March 9, 2016 | 134 Comments

Apk file size: 1.1 MB

IMG archive editor (for GTA 3, VC & SA)

!!! IMPORTANT !!! If you don't know anything about modding of GTA, please do not install this application.

+++This app is IMG archive editor (like zip or rar editor). No more, no less!+++

If you don't know where are IMG files please use Google search or read any forum about GTA modding to clarify what/where is IMG files and how to use them. Do not ask this in comments and developer mail. Thanx.

P.S. Multi-extracting more than 100 files can take much time.

Whats new

    Rebuild and extract crash fix

LSDsl part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 9, 2016. Google play rating is 80.0403. Current verison is 1.3.6. Actual size 1.1 MB.

Download img-tool.apk 1.1 MB


Hassaan Ali

Good Work on gta 3. The people are just mad because they open the files as in pc but.. For android.. Gta3.img is not present but for cars there is old_veh_pvr.img or something like that.. So rate 5 stars it works fine.

noah van tiggel

Good but At the moment it's pretty worthless for gta sa as you need a pc to modify the txd or else you will be driving in white cars all the time a mobile txdf*cker would be nice

Brian Redman

Um... I am getting started on modding does anyone know a good source to use for modding for GTA v online for the ps3 and how do you work it?


Know what you're doing! I am an expert modder but when I open my OBB as a file. It doesn't show gta3.img in SA OR VC. BUT ALL OTHER MODELS ARE There. Works terrific with gta 3 though

Dj Rose

Amazing ! It Works For 3 & VC. You just change the .obb to .zip and you can open it and explore.

Theodorus Widyawan

Great now i can add my gta 3 car without pc anymore thanks dude this very helping. And can you make "magic wheel" for mobile please

Hamza Liaqat

REALLY NEEDED IT Thanks I never thought that this tool can be made for android. REALLY like it so I'll give it five star. Please add option to create new img file.

Fred Bartsch

It does not work Every time I hit the GTA 3 and GTA vice city it does not work. If you fix this I will give you 5 stars.

azzul hakam

Great app for modders Open img tool-select img-android-data-com.rockstar.gta3-model,and then there have 3img files,thats the img,thank you

shemeer k.i

Good Make a app like txd f**er. Because in gta sa doesn't have txd file in gta3.img file. Then we can't mod gta sa as well as gta VC.I gives five after making txd f***er like app.That can access txd files

Lucas Rendell

Wow. I am spreechless, I can't believe someone actually put this tool on Android. This is absolutely amazing!

C Rizzo

Good but.... You can't modify the .txt files in SA when you try it crashes it. It would?d be helpful to add a txdf*ucker type thing


Haha I got dis, u just have to extract gta.img from obb n place it in correct folder

Scott Sawicki

Useless I can't get to the scripts at all. Everytime I open the folders, there's nothing there.

Rage Quit013

Isn't working So after doing the stuff on gta III I go into gta IMG editor and I go to Android then data and I find rockstar.GTA or whatever and then I open the other files under the mother file (rockstar.GTA) and the files aren't there! Never needed root before, do I need it now? ZTE Majesty on android 4.1.2 (worked on 2.3.7)

Dillon Cornwell

Help for downloaders Get root browser (requires no root) and go to Android then obb then GTA click and hold on the obb and rename obb to zip then it will open (Remember to change back to obb)


Debian 0r Linux This is a good piece of software. We have a bingo!

Daner Qadr

I HAVE A QUESTION Do you need to root your phone to apply changes?

Ryan Runako

Good But I dont know to edit the txd files ,ijust edit the dff files,on gta sa

javion johnson

Friggin Brilliant If u want to mod Ur cars,install it,make sure u back up ur file b4 u replace it so u won't screw up but I give u one more star if u add txd for gta vc or txdf*cker

Nicholas Walton

BULLSHIT This fucked up my GTA 3. Again!!!! I did the mod twice for the vehicles and it didn't work. Straight up bullshit.

Dave Diazz

Worked Try to make Txdfker please realy need it N more portable

jackson cyriac

Good app Can you guys release txd editor too..……

Antonius Crissandi

Nice Nice, please develope another app for edit txd, like a txd worksh*p, txd fu*ker, thank you!

Michael Flores

Stupid app This app RUINED MY GTA 3. It breaks GAMES! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Rifki Hasan

I'm So Tired.. I'm Tired When I Add DFF And COL to GTA IMG.. Why I Must Added 1 by 1.. Please Add Multi Select When Added File... Sorry For Bad English..

Dony TamfaN

Thank you Thank you so much, now i can mod gta sa.


I'm sure its ok But I need it for San Andreas! Once it comes out for sa and work I will rate 5 ✴

alsheikh M

I cant mod gta vc with this app. please fix this problem

Derek Domondon

Good but why are there no txd files on gta3.img?

Felix Wong

Help I downloaded tons of dff and txd files on my android for gta sa but none of them is detected by img tool . Does this tool even work for gta sa dff and txd file ?

Ahmad Fikri Ahmad Firdaus

Good and Please make txdworkshop and txdf*ck*r for android

Dominik Kapuscinski

Love it All it is missing is a recovery mode for files.

Karan Kumar

Please add multi select option to add multiple files to archive

Smile Face

Works Try to make TXD FU##ER for android

Tejaswa Bhalawi

Not load It can't load the IMG in my phone

Blah Mama

Please do Can you do it so we can do it on gta vice city?

riko mamedov

can you hust explain how to change the car.thank u

hafi azuan

why dont admin create a txdfu**er for android

Carlo John

5 stars I rate 5 stars because it works 100% and i don't need to open my pc to import the file this app helps alot.

dennis zoll

How am I suppose to use it I looked in another img.tool editor and its there but when I go n use this one it doesn't even show anything except just a few lines and 3 dots like how am I suppose to get to any file if it wont even let me do anything this img.tool sucks im using a better one than this

Christian Coleman

Will not work on San Andreas Will rate 5 if you update to work on San Andreas

Nathaniel Clark

love modding gta3 I love modding gta 3, but could you pretty please add multi-select to the "add" function? by the way gta 3 version 1.4 and up does not use oldveh_pvr/atc.img, the vehicles are in gta3_pvr.img.

Rikku Freak

How do you import the TXD textures in San Andreas? I managed to import a DFF model but the model itself doesn't have textures; it just shows a white silhoutte. I need to know where to import the TXD files. Help please.

Rocky Mulla

Awesome app....... It's an awesome app guyz, b coz of dis, I've modded GTA SA to the extreme.......THANK U ALL VERY VERY MUCH.......just der's dis 1 problem.......since the update, all the dff files I replace or add have to be replaced twice.......if I don't do this, the game hangs when it comes to the vehicle or person of that dff file.......please fix this ASAP.......Thank You all again.......??❤❤


Yay second review in the new update! Thanks for the fix, btw. :P Good luck with the txdf*cker thing!

Mathew Knegt

I am rating this 5 stars because I know it WILL work - right now I have to assume the purchased GTA3 from Rockstar version doesn't work, because the purchased version doesn't use folder structures that include Android/data/files/GTA3/models to change dff files, on Galaxy S4 mini anyway. Extracting obb does not work, forces redownload. extracting obb and still keeping it doesn't work. Keeping obb and extracting contents to data/files/GTA3 doesn't work. No changes can be seen in game. Modified a lot on PC, ie RealGTA - not a modding issue. Folder structure/official install issue. No clear help online. Must need "different version" (cough hack)

5 Fails

Great app Can you make any app like txd workshop? So we can import/export pics from txd files. Thanks

Arshdeep Singh

great tool fr gta 3,vc nd san but plz make more tools for phone like txdf#ck#r and txdworkshop

Steven Rizk

GREAT APP !!! We hope you'll release Txd F*cker n Txd Workshop next time.. ^_^

gage gillaspie

Fixed! UPDATE: Sorry it took so long to get back to you after the fix. It's working now and I thank you for the hard work you've done to get this app working correctly. I'm definitely looking forward to your txd app in the future! Oh and also good luck with it!

Sunny Devendra

Good Working I Can Mod My Gta SA With This App And Allso Can Old Boring Bikes From New Sport Bikes And Car I Love it I Would Like To Mod GTA SA With It


Ummm... If this App help me I will give 5 Star ;) + Shoutout <3

FrostEnder Gaming

No .txd I wana replace a plane but only the .dff file appears,whats the problem?

maxy .1.2.3

I know it works But how to use file and file what this i dont know how to use plz somebody teach me.plz give me reply for answer

kai t

Wow It helps u to instal mods + its easy to use!!!

anilkumar pingili

Works same as in pc Good app works for GTA 3 moding


MAKE TDX.TXT FILE i rate 5 star because its work but i need txd workshop

Don Kumar

Good Liked It..... hello #LSDLS...? i wanted a Favour frm u guys.... ☺ I Just want a gta 5 apk tool links with no surway plz help me with this .... So i can Install gta v on andirod.... thnks ... ☺

gili ardiansyah

You said this fix crash. But you know what.. This version is bad. I have game crash when i replace skin.

Mohamed Elkhatip

Its awesome app but I can't find the replace please fix it

BossyGaming YT

Won't let me mod When I go to android and go to the gta3 file then I go to files then gta3 and there's nothing their. Why is this I want know why.

mohammad rizal abdul mulok

This suck why I at car i go to YouTube how to learn img tool I cannot added

phone hacker

This hest sucks so complicated Super complicated i dont recomend it just download. CLEO SA

Mr. Arnovsky

USEFUL TOOL FOR GTA MODDER Its great app. i dont need a pc to replace dff anymore


Great appp I love tha app but I can't replace txd files and it's disappointing because I can't add textures can you please add a txd replacement update

King Gaming

? It won't let me go to data and files for GTA III

Martins okoka

love it but how do u search for txd files

Christian Mulet

Thank you Ok thanks u fixed it but can u make a txd f'cker and work shop

Sujain Rahamat

Gta 3 but not gta sa I can mod gta 3 with it but not gta sa

Ricko Utama

Just a little... we'll hope you release txd tool

Hegar Aryasa

Gta Mod Please add txdf***er

Seno Riandi

Nothing txd format in here!! Please upgrade,i need import txd to my GTA SA

last crazy

Woooow Love this app thnkx very very much

Vgnt Mechanical-C

But how..? How can i use it?

Wahyu Petrucci

Awwesom Please add txd tool


Cant find TXD file Please fix this is this a bug or what? I cant find any txd files only Dff Idk how

Kalves Reyes

Help Its really hard to find txd for gta sa

K Idham

So so Please update with function 'multi auto add/replace' as alci's img tool (PC)

Rio Andara

cannot add file

harsha shadow

Awesome bro

Khairil Danieal

Please make the txdfu**er Please make the txdfu**er because I don't have PC and sorry for my bad English if I made a mistake.

Ra smile

not work when i join GTA3 i dont see any file why????? reply me

Cer Camacho

It works It works I can now mod cars in GTA SA!!! Plss add the txd too cause its hard to use txdf*cker thing

Raven Bashar

Read!!! Tell me how to find the gta3.img folder then I'll rate 5 stars

hanip muhamad ihsan

Can't use in gta vice city , always DIR error


Great! Just for everyone that's afraid of doing stuff with their game, all actual mods are in Android/data location, the game files aren't actually replaced for them to work. In other words, they are present in RAM. Search on internet how it works. Edit; TxdF*cker pls?

Deemy Ihatemyname

good when will txd fvcker be released on mobile? plz make it usefull for viewing 3d dff file. sorry bad english

Alfredo Umayam

It doesn't work for me. I've tried to redownload it 3 times. But still nothing happened. ?

Ayşegül Moral

Is This a Joke ??? what do you think we will do when we cant edit (((txd))) files ?? i sent a message for one year , and still we are waiting for a txd editor tool from you. if its a lie i will report this app.

Sapkota King

I cannot use replaced car . the game crashes itself when I use it. Please fix this pls

Lord Seshomaru

GREAT!!! I hope there is a txd tool for Android

BrickMan ShowPage

HEY Im so confuse how do i backup the dff and txd files?

Amir Hosein Sheikhi

Very Powerful app, but has't good design

MichaelEricson 5199

WHEN? I'm waiting for a loooooooooong time for TXD TOOLS...

gamer Kevin

Good app but we definitely need a txd tool bruh plz make it

Denmi VampireLiar

when are you gonna make the txd tool for mobile

Shahrin Reza

Great Please add txd tool

Mas Rizkii

Nice Please make txd fu to

Sharief Fighter

Nice I loved it

Ken Sardon Lasac

Update this!!! Plsss update this so we can also access the txd files.. Plssss i will rate it 5 stars if you do it..


Great! Just for everyone that's afraid of doing stuff with their game, all actual mods are in Android/data location, the game files aren't actually replaced for them to work. In other words, original game files are launched, only using the modded ones instead of original. Edit; TxdF*cker pls?


Like it but needs txdf*cker We need txd f*cker to import or replace an image or two texture if you release txd f*cker I will rate you 5 star

Dark 52

I searched for the img file in android and have already downloaded two mods but cannot install cuz i cant find the img and plz can u help me ... yes i have read ur description if no good bye to this app

TMBrawl GamingTM

It's very Good It's a nice app but can you make a txd viewer for Android so that we can add the textures and colours to the mods so that they don't appear white. It would mean a lot to me because ma hydra looks like its covereud in milk. Lawl

- MisterFazeDragon -

Awesome But release THE TXD F*cker or TXD Tool for Android, please??(!!!) I NED DAT ZHIET!!!

free apks - games

Can't work When i going to find gta 3 files there is no one.

Shiva Rampersaud

Really great app, but there is one thing: I love this app as much as the next guy, well, maybe more, but there should be a feature that adds a way to copy and paste the files inside the img. That would help to, let's say, switch the Infernos and Taxis in GTA 3 (Just sayin' if it's possible)

Robar Jumaa

fix it??? please how do you make a app without .txd file that's can not working without file. txd because every file mod have two files dff and txd so add .txd for texture please

Immanuel Richie Zakaria

Usefull Thanks Dev for making this app but i still waiting Of TXD fu*ker

rajwinder singh

i'm unable to replace any dff file it shows permission denied please help

Mohammed rizwan

Wow well made I hope u guy will release txd tool

Arfat Bhure

Happy with this tool .. .. .. .. But We want txd tool please .. .. ..

Atharv jack

Awesome I was finding an IMG tool for my gta sanandreas android for my samsung galaxy grand 2 and I finally founded it. GREAT WORK

iday raD

Nice and smooth Very grear gta img tool on Android. Waiting for TXD tool ....

James Hendricks

Nothing in gta lll files When I go into the app I goto gta 3 files nothing there. wow I love this stupid peace of sh*t

Black Spirit

Work fine on 5.1.1 lollipop Can u make a programe that can consume txd and dff file to one dff file.its will be perfect if have itt.

Trying Hard

HALP! Gta3 files are missing. Help me please

divydnya kanitkar

Pls release txd f**cker and txd tools for android pls


We need... Where is txd f*cker for android devices???

265 Games

Please Make a txdf*cker on android man.

Zahid Pritam

Replace option in missing Pls help me I didn't found the replace option

Uchiha Itachi

Gta3 The gta3 files is missing. It should be at the data and rockstar but there's none

Denmi VampireLiar

so when txd f#cker for android

Shahrukh Ahmed

i can't use please sad me a suggetion to use this app

kong sihakudom

It good but where txd f*cker i need it When i downloand sonic skin it dosen't have color it only white color so please make txd f*cker free on android mobile. Thanks(sorry for my bad english)


Good but I have to manually delete files just to replace them! That is annoying so fix it!

Tovuudorj Sugar

It's not working I'm tried to modding my gta 3. It's don't see dff and txd file. I can't mod. Pls help me.

nawand yasen


Richo tasso

I don,t know why i gave this app 5 star though it does not work for me.. ??

Hunter D

Nice work This is helpful tnx for making this app please make a txdf*cker for android.

Faiz Khan

No option to replace txd files -.- When will u add txd files option?

Talha Amir

I install new cars in gta sa using this

Skaro Em

Doesn't even show any images what so ever. Sorry uninstalled :(

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